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  1. Conan O’Brien opens up to ’60 Minutes’ about his NBC exit; is vulnerable — but still funny — in the hot seat

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”CBS” align=”left”] And […]


  2. Hi, Seattle

    On June 11, 2005 TechCrunch was born. Over the last five years the blog has grown from a simple hobby to a fast growing […]


  3. “Catastrophic” retreat of glaciers in Spitsbergen

    I’ve been given a report on glaciers and sea ice in the Arctic that I want to share with readers. There’s […]

    Watts Up With That?

  4. The ‘Family Guy’ 150th episode and the return of ‘The Boondocks’: One of them was brilliant

    Family Guy‘s hour-long 150th episode began with a two-character piece that revolved around Stewie and Brian being […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  5. Actress Lynn Redgrave dead at 67

    Lynn Redgrave, a member of the famed Redgrave acting dynasty noted for her roles in “Georgy Girl” and […]

    The Marquee Blog

  6. Apple vs. Adobe: Is Flash dying?

    The stats seem to support Steve Jobs’ contention that Adobe’s video format is fading fast

    In the Thoughts […]

    Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  7. 15 Great Scenes That Were Unscripted

    Everyone knows that a film has a script, and this script must be followed when being filmed. However, sometimes, […]


  8. Breaking: NBC picks up J.J. Abrams drama ‘Undercovers’

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Frank Ockenfels/NBC” […]

    The Ausiello Files

  9. Official: TSA ramping up East Coast security measures

    The Transportation Security Administration on Sunday ramped up security screening at airports along the East Coast […]

    This Just In

  10. Diddy Visits Lil Wayne In Jail

    While Lil Wayne continues serving his 12 month sentence at New York’s Rikers Island prison, his time behind bars is […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  11. Twitter Files: Amber Rose’s “Sister” Leaves Manager J Erving For Mario

    Mario has a new boo, and it’s his former manager J Erving’s jawn and Amber Rose’s ‘BFF’ […]


  12. Steve Jobs が Flash を嫌う本当の理由

    [App Universe]
    Charlie Stross の注目すべき論考がある。今現在 200 […]


  13. Jim Ross: “Muchos pensaban que Jericho era demasiado pequeño para ser un estelar”

    Ahora que Jim Ross está “en el limbo” (Sin contrato WWE pero con posibilidades de firmar uno nuevo), ha […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  14. Ingiustizia condita di minacce contro Facebook

    Il 9 maggio 2008 Vito Daniele, 36 anni, muore in circostanza mai chiarite, lasciando una moglie e 3 figli piccoli.
    Vito […]

    De-cretino's Blog

  15. Why I Canceled My Facebook Account

    I canceled my Facebook account because it was lowering my capacity for independent action. I joined Facebook under […]


  16. Who Wants a Halo Reach Beta Code?

    Fall in troops!
    So you want a code for the Halo: Reach beta, huh? Well, you’re gonna have to work for it. […]


  17. Mall’s Taking Patron Health Into Its Own Hands

    [linkimage][/linkimage] Submitted by: Voodoo via Submit a Kludge!
    I’m torn. I want a giant pretzel but the […]

    There, I Fixed It – Epic Kludge Photos

  18. Lynn Redgrave dies at 67

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Matt Carr/Getty Images” […]

    News Briefs

  19. UVA Lacrosse Player Killed, Another Player Charged

    Gabriel Falcon
    AC360° Writer
    A men’s […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  20. Street Party Turns Violent – Santa Cruz Riot of May 2010

    UPDATE: FBI probe concludes anarchist group hijacked or planned the dance party to provide cover for their […]

    kill cactus! A Bay Area Student's Blog

  21. United ace explains Arsenal insult

    Patrice Evra claims he labeled Arsenal as ‘babies’ a year ago only due to treatment he received from Cesc […]

    Red London

  22. Freaky Friday Fears Give City Nightmare on Threadneedle Street*

    London’s financial futures exchange will, in an unprecedented move, open at 1 a.m. on Friday to allow investors […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  23. No kids today the titles gone away, and 3rd is all we have to play!

    Yes there was a song in there somewhere!
    Arsene Wenger has promised not to blood any kids today and go for an all out […]

    Le Grove

  24. Qué hacer después de instalar Ubuntu 10.04 LTS paso a paso

    Después de instalar Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, es recomendable instalar una serie de programas que no vienen por defecto para […]

    Slice of Linux

  25. Following the Will of God even when it hurts

    Over the next little while I am going to spend some time looking at the amazing book of Philippians. But before I dive […]

    Journey Deeper Into God's Word

  26. AR4 on “1998 was the warmest year”

    As most CA readers know, a few years ago, I wondered how they knew that 1998 was the warmest year in a millennium […]

    Climate Audit

  27. One Piece chapter 583

    By thefolenangel scanZzz
    Early RAW due GW, working on the other series, enjoy (Downloading from DepositFiles, […]

    thefolenangel scanZzz

  28. We got the beat

    Make that—Maru’s got the beat.

    Via fan Asaciel on our FaceBook page!

    Cute Overload

  29. Misteriosa vibración de 8 kHz en los haces de partículas del LHC del CERN por causa aún desconocida

    Un misterio que está quitando el sueño a algunos físicos y técnicos del LHC del CERN. Los […]

    Francis (th)E mule Science's News

  30. Around The Interwebz

    Yeah, And You Better Be Barefoot Too! … at Chatroulette Trolling No One Warned Him! IT’S A TRAP!
    So […]

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  31. Spring Break Party Pics

    Here’s pictures from Friday’s Junkies Spring Break Party.

    106.7 The Fan – DC Sportsradio

  32. Family Photos: The Brady Bunch Hits the Park!

    Splash News Online

    Park playtime!
    Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen were spotted taking their little guys to a […]

    Moms & Babies –

  33. Conan O’Brien helps ’60 Minutes’ and CBS post Sunday win

    Conan O’Brien’s much-talked about interview on 60 Minutes was a boon to CBS; the network won the night in […]

    Hollywood Insider

  34. A more powerful boost charger

    [Meseta] built a powerful boost charger to top off his portable devices. He was inspired by the Minty Boost but wanted […]

    Hack a Day

  35. Un largo experimento de 370 días en la cama

    En enero de 1986, en una constante lucha contra los negativos cambios metabólicos que ocurren durante la […]

    El baúl de Josete

  36. Themes and WordPress 3.0 some important changes

    During the development of WordPress 3.0 we have made a number of changes under the hood which will be of interest to […]

    westi on wordpress

  37. The iPad vs. Everything Else

    (Note: This story is republished from, with permission–and is also in the June PCWorld print […]


  38. Answer to the Friday Puzzle….

    Many thanks for all of the nice comments about my appearance on the Frank Skinner show.  You can see the show here, […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  39. [PHOTOS] G-Dragon at Gimpo Airport

    iBigbang Fansite

  40. ‘Hung’ Parliament Guaranteed by Labour and Conservative Decline

    The TV debates aren’t responsible for the Hung Parliament that will follow Thursday’s election as surely as […]

    Election 10

  41. Người Việt xấu xí

     Tham ô hối lộ, mua quan bán chức, buôn bán phụ nữ trẻ em ra nước ngoài, nhập lậu trái phép […]

    Quê choa

  42. [Share] Skutik Dengan Ban Profil Kurus Rim 17 inchi . . . Kayak apa ya?

    Bro sekalian, Skutik emang banyak bikin pemiliknya gemes untuk ngutak ngatik. Salah satu bagian yang umumnya sering […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle™

  43. Mavs Monday

    An eel ate my bottom
    MLB E-brake
    My friend Jeff’s way of announcing wife’s pregnancy
    Classiest intro to a […]


  44. Así se convierte una empresa en “verde”

    Una multinacional decide que quiere transmitir una imagen de conciencia medioambiental fuerte. Por ello, da la orden a […]

    El Teléfono Verde

  45. ‘The Simpsons’ do Ke$ha: Watch the cartoon ‘TiK ToK’ parody here

    Last night on The Simpsons, the animated residents of Springfield acted out the lyrics to Ke$ha’s debauched smash […]

    The Music Mix

  46. Suzuki mulai bangkit,… ngeluarin Titan buat menjegal Vega ZR …???

    Well,…. market share Suzuki yang terpuruk dari 12% menjadi 7%… membuat pabrikan berlogo S ini… mulai […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  47. Insändare: En vidrig Kampsång

    [INSÄNDARE] Nationalsocialisterna hade på 30-talet en kampsång som sjöngs vid alla sammankomster. Sången hade […]

    Fria Nyheter

  48. #136 – Foreign Tattoos

    The bogan is an exotic tiger. One of its great grandparents was French, and it knows how to mispronounce “thank […]

    Things Bogans Like

  49. Pelas lojas novaiorquinas

    Tirei fotinhos e queria dividir com vocês! Fotos clandestinas né porque meio que não pode e eu fico com medo de […]

    Dia de beauté

  50. حسین طائب فرمانده سابق بسیج از طرف یک قربانی تجاوز مورد شناسایی […]

    نامش را نمی دانستم، عکسش را که در اینترنت دیدم او را شناختم، کابوس […]

    آسمان همه جا آبی نیست

  51. New Villa shirt leaks

    From the excellent website Football Shirt Culture a little sign of the new shirt OK it is a Man U shirt but just […]

    Aston Villa News and Views

  52. Külföldi tréner érkezik

    A Nemzeti Sport mai száma szerint biztosra vehető, hogy nem magyar edző irányít majd nyártól. […]

    Üllői út 129

  53. 艾米:一路逆风(21)

    宝伢子终于来睡觉了,站在床前脱衣服,与丁乙刚才梦见的一模一样,但因为没开灯,她看 […]


  54. Logies 2010 red carpet.

    Lets fast forward the fashion foreplay and get straight into the main course… who wore what, and best of all the […]

    Whatshotandwhatsnot's Blog

  55. What happens to water if it’s not allowed to expand when frozen?

    You Asked:
    What happens to water if it’s not allowed to expand when frozen? — Tony, Cut Off, La.
    Marshall […]

    The Blogs at HowStuffWorks

  56. From Beach Babes to Bikini Designers–the Kardashians Launch Swimwear!

    Albert Michael/Startraks
    When the Kardashian sisters aren’t glamming it up at a Hollywood party, the sexy trio […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  57. Poll on Real Climate Blog Effectiveness

    This post is a bit long winded, but sometimes the passion to write comes in waves.
    Words have immense power in our […]

    the Air Vent

  58. Radio★Super Junior

    Tahun 2008 silam, ada pernyataan mengejutkan dari media entertainment korea tepatnya di akhir bulan Mei  2008. […]

    Starjunior's 13town 2009

  59. [020510] Stalking the boys~

    Eunhyuk, Shindong, Donghae  + 2 pictures that Donghae and Shindong uploaded on twitter of the fans outside SM […]


  60. Funeral for a friend

    Now that I’ve said it publicly, and judging by DM’s agent Doven’s reaction, I reckon my statement […]

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  61. El hombre que le puso edad al Universo

    Lucas es un joven científico argentino que como tantos otros emigró para hacer ciencia en otro país. Es profesor e […]

    MZA Blog

  62. If he goes, my support for Arsenal could to…..

    I know I could never stop supporting Arsenal, so its more like any support I have for the manager now will go if he […]

    Avenell Road

  63. Why Robert Kubica must be going to Ferrari!

    Readers of this blog will know that I do not have a great deal of time for people who sit at home and make money by […]

    Joe Saward's Grand Prix Blog

  64. sometimes …

    Brooke had a hard morning. The kind of hard morning that left me tempted to write a four word post reading SOMETIMES […]

    a diary of a mom

  65. Spiegel Secret Recording Of Copenhagen – Obama: “…much more important business to take care of”

    Germany’s online Der Spiegel reveals it has secret audio recordings of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen from last […]

    P Gosselin – NoTricksZone

  66. Blackburn v Arsenal: Starting line-up and match prediction

    Onto the most pointless game of the season so far, away to Blackburn, with absolutely nothing to play for whatsoever, […]

    Arsenal Opinion

  67. New Video: Wale “Diary”

    Shot in the heart of Brooklyn comes Wale’s new video, “Diary”. Directed by Rik Cordero. Frustration […]

    Rap Radar

  68. My candidate can kick the crap out of yours…

    There were two great orators of antiquity. One was Cicero, there other Demosthenes.
    When Cicero was done speaking, […]

    Manila Review

  69. Avenged Sevenfold Will Cause An Uproar!

    Though we posted the news last night it’s now official. The Rockstar Uproar website has gone live and Avenged […]

  70. Economics

    Pick your poison.
    Submitted by: dunno source via deMotivational Builder
    » View All […]

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  71. “Most Observers” Do Not Agree With Larry Summers On Banking

     By Simon Johnson
    What is the basis for major policy decisions in the United States?  Is it years of careful study, […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  72. Leno at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner: He’s No Obama

    Our colleague Richard Zoglin files this from Saturday night’s big event:
    Jay Leno was a disappointingly safe […]


  73. Really, Grits? You’re going to drag the Governor General into it?

    This is just outrageous. I cannot remember any opposition party, ever, politicizing the appointment of a governor […]

  74. Để Hội Tính

    Đố bạn, cặp mông trần trong phim thuộc về ai? Mời xem đáp án ở cuối bài viết. ^^Đã coi […]

    Robbey McNificent

  75. Mamadou

    Mamadou a 4 ans, tant pis s’il rentre chez lui à Boissy St Léger il a décidé qu’il allait à Aulnay […]

    l'inconnu du métro

  76. L’histoire de ma vie. Et de la tienne, aussi.

    Parce qu’on est lundi, qu’il est 9h27 et qu’il est temps de t’y mettre.
    Parce que ton crayon […]

    C'est La Gêne

  77. All 11 Songs from The Losers Soundtrack

    There are only 11 songs in the movie The Losers. They did not release a soundtrack album for the film, but you can find […]

    Reelsoundtrack Blog

  78. The Big Ten’s Fab Five?

    The latest Big Ten expansion rumor du jour: a 5 -team expansion with Missouri, Nebraska, Pitt, Syracuse and Rutgers.  […]


  79. dear god

    14bikeco’s Blog

  80. China And The Deepwater Horizon: Oil’s Inexorable Move To $100

    Oil trades up near $87 today, and it is bound to move toward $100 this month. The estimates for the Deepwater Horizon […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  81. Ratatat’s LP4

    If you didn’t think Ratatat, the New York electronic duo, could expand its fanbase any further, you may have to […]


  82. With the success of ‘Nightmare,’ what can Hollywood do for a horror encore?

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Everett Collection; Bob […]

    The Movie Critics

  83. One Of Those Small Ironies

    It is: After being exiled from my office for the last couple of months and consequently doing most of my work on […]


  84. The Best For The Last

    As you guys most probably know,our girls has ended their promotion of ‘Oh!’ and ‘Run Devil […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  85. 100502 Family Outing

    [HQ] Family Outing (2010-05-02).avi [800.83MB]
    Yoona, Tiffany (SNSD), Heechul (Super Junior), Ok Taecyeon, Junho […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  86. Prediksi Umum Rabu

    Teman2 yg baik
    Sementara sagala jenis PH ditiadakan dulu

    Mulai Rabu 5-5-10 admin dipegang oleh : Bung Mercury n PRIma […]

    Biyangtogel's Blog

  87. PREDIKSI SHIO&2D SGP-SENIN,3-05-2010

    Baca Aturan Main di Blog Raja Shio-The Doctor Shi0 SEBELUM ANDA […]

    Prediksi Shio Jitu

  88. Why Telugu Film critics love the rating 3/5 ?

    PLAGIARISM ALERT : has plagiarized the entire content of this blog post! Would request you to pass on […]

    Waking Life in 24 Frames

  89. 2010 5.sınıflar (PYBS) Parasız Yatılılık ve Bursluluk Sınavı Soruları ve Cevap Anahtarı

    2 Mayıs 2010 tarihinde yapılacak olan PYBS (Parasız Yatılı Bursluk Sınavı) Soruları 2 Mayıs 2010 Pazar günü […]

    Dizi izle ,Şarkı sözleri ,Dizi fragmanları , Günlük Burç Yorumları

  90. Balacera en la Expo Guadalupe. 2 de mayo.

    Publicado en Youtube el 2 de mayo:

    Mientras que en la página En el Show apareció la siguiente nota:

    El terror […]

    Mexicanos al Grito

  91. Macで作業効率を高めて成績も上げましょう

    半休眠状態 […]

    田園 Mac 〜Mac Pastorale〜

  92. What The Authorities Can Do If We “Take Our Children to the Park…And Leave Them There”

    Hi Readers — This essay is long, but so powerful it blew me away.  As we near May 22′s  ”Take Our […]


  93. Learn From Fate’s Fail

    When you hear a noise in the bathroom and come around the corner with your pistol ready, make sure that the man […]

    Learn From My Fail #LFMF

  94. And, I Would Imagine, A Few Of The Boys

    If Snape had looked like this, *all* the girls would have begged to be in slytherin.
    (Alan […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  95. Gönülçelen 11.Bölüm Fragmanı İzle,7 Mayıs 2010

    Murat Hasret’ten hoşlandığını istemeyerek de olsa belli eder. Fakat üstünü kapatmaya çalışır. Hasret ve […]


  96. Advice: Feet are ugly. Don’t draw attention to them, K? (31 photos)

    [chivegallery size=”full” columns=”1″]
    Click HERE to see more hilarious tattoos…


  97. Fan-Abstimmung: Wochenaufgabe verloren

    Über die aktuelle Wochenaufgabe durften die Fans auf Big etwa 7 Stunden lang abstimmen. Soeben wurde den […]

    BigBrother 10

  98. What Do You Have on Tap?

    Submitted by: Cyberkedi via Submission Page
    Um, you know what? I think I’ll just have water, thanks.

    Poorly Dressed People of the World – Fashion Fails

  99. OH Sen Poll: Fisher +20

    With one day left until the Ohio Senate Democratic primary, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher has pulled out to a 20-point lead […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  100. Xem online Mỹ Nhân Tâm Kế – Vietsub Tập 11

    Xem online Mỹ Nhân Tâm Kế – Vietsub Tập 11 tại đây


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