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  1. Apple vs. Adobe: Is Flash dying?

    The stats seem to support Steve Jobs’ contention that Adobe’s video format is fading fast

    In the Thoughts […]

    Brainstorm Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  2. Steve Jobs が Flash を嫌う本当の理由

    [App Universe]
    Charlie Stross の注目すべき論考がある。今現在 200 […]


  3. New Theme: Twenty Ten

    Over the weekend, we turned on a new theme called Twenty Ten. Twenty Ten is a big deal for us — it’s our […] News

  4. Twitter Files: Amber Rose’s “Sister” Leaves Manager J Erving For Mario

    Mario has a new boo, and it’s his former manager J Erving’s jawn and Amber Rose’s ‘BFF’ […]


  5. Facebook, The App Store, And The Sound Of Inevitability

    “That is the sound of inevitability…“
    I’m reminded of this quote from The Matrix as I read […]


  6. Diddy Visits Lil Wayne In Jail

    While Lil Wayne continues serving his 12 month sentence at New York’s Rikers Island prison, his time behind bars is […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  7. Why I Canceled My Facebook Account

    I canceled my Facebook account because it was lowering my capacity for independent action. I joined Facebook under […]


  8. If Sea Level Was Rising, Wouldn’t Someone Have Noticed?

    Images spanning 130 years show non-effects of sea level rise

    By Steve Goddard

    Above, imaginary alarmist imagery: […]

    Watts Up With That?

  9. Conan was asked to be in Super Bowl ad with Leno and Letterman, and Leno bombs at White House Correspondents dinner

    1. I didn’t think it was possible to come up with a worse comedic performance than Rich Little’s, at George […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  10. If he goes, my support for Arsenal could to…..

    I know I could never stop supporting Arsenal, so its more like any support I have for the manager now will go if he […]

    Avenell Road

  11. How I read the Bible

    Psalm 119: 81,88,89,97: My soul faints with longing for your salvation, but I have put my hope in your word. Preserve […]

    Journey Deeper Into God's Word

  12. Djourou And Ramsey Should Not Be Considered Squad Members Next Season

    The season is practically over and everyone is in the future planning mode. Most of it includes discussions about […]

    Desi Gunner

  13. After last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, should Obama host ‘The Tonight Show’?

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty […]


  14. La señora de la limpieza

    30 de abril de 2010

    Hace un par de meses escribiendo la nota A&R (Efe Eme) recordé un par de episodios de mi época […]

    El Mundano

  15. Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley (Cobertura y resultados 01 mayo 2010)

    Mayweather/Mosley: Who R U Picking? – Desde el MGM Grand Garden Arena de Las Vegas, Nevada

    Floyd […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  16. Craig Short távozik!

    Bő fél szezon jutott a korábbi Premier League játékosnak. Júniustól visszaköltözik Angliába. […]

    Üllői út 129

  17. EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift Named Newest Face of CoverGirl

    Credit She’s already sold more than 10 million albums and been honored as the youngest CMA winner in […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  18. Fotos Mulher Múmia Nua – Playboy da Mulher Múmia Pelada

    Depois do grande sucesso dessas mulheres com nomes de frutas, mulher melancia, jaca, melao, o negocio agora é a […]

    Blog Comedia

  19. Reclaim your privacy from Facebook and other sites who are selling your info!

    Just learned about – a directory website that had three separate listings for me with information […]

    What I Found on the Internets Today!

  20. Hip Hop On Mayweather vs. Mosley Fight

    Same night, same fight. Yesterday, the fight between Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather went down at the MGM Grand in […]

    Rap Radar

  21. Clegg and the Weirdie Beardies

    Guido likes Clegg, his anti-statist liberalism is a welcome change from the more-of-the-same social democrats who have […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  22. Box office: Friday numbers put Freddy Krueger in top spot with a $15 million night

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”New Line Cinema” […]

    Hollywood Insider

  23. Grandma Fail


    72 year old woman meets her grandson after giving up his mother for adoption years before. […]

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  24. The PalmPilots That Never Were

    When HP bought Palm on Wednesday, it got itself a powerful mobile operating system, two phones (plus whatever’s […]


  25. One more point and we’re over the line.

    Ok so with both the mancs and the spuds winning, the press are all talking about them fighting it out for 4th place, I […]

    Le Grove

  26. Custom headphones solve wire tangles

    One complaint we hear about often is ear-bud’s cables getting tangled within backpacks. [Andrew] was having this […]

    Hack a Day

  27. Tangled Destinies: Taken

    Title: Taken
    Author: Keira Marcos
    Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda Grayson
    Series: Tangled Destinies
    Series Order: […]

  28. New Miley Cyrus, ‘Can’t Be Tamed’: Death to Hannah Montana

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Michael Tran/” […]

    The Music Mix

  29. Capy-pedo away!

    Check out these miniscule Capybara twins, born in the Akron Zoo last month. Capybaras look like giant Guinea Peegs, […]

    Cute Overload

  30. Unutulmaz 43.Bölüm Fragmanı izle

    Unutulmaz 43.Bölüm Fragmanı arkadaşlar yayınlanınca sitemizden takip edebilirsiniz.Unutulmaz 43.Bölüm […]

    Dizi izle ,Şarkı sözleri ,Dizi fragmanları , Günlük Burç Yorumları

  31. Announcing Our Photofocus Spring 2010 Flickr Contest Winner

    Today we announce the winner of our Spring Flickr contest.
    We had a great group of pictures to choose from. I guess we […]


  32. Show and Tell

    Imaginative and elegant pictograms and signage for men’s and women’s public bathrooms by Brazilian […]


  33. Nik Aziz Terima Ugutan Bunuh Dari Pemuda Umno…..

    Saya terkejut membaca Facebook saya hari ini. Rakan-rakan facebook memaklumkan bahawa seorang pemuda Umno mengugut […]

    Herman Samsudeen

  34. Xiah Junsu Intoxication PV Preview

    Teaser dari PV (Promotional Video) solo single-nya Junsu sudah keluar, dan menurut Space Shower TV versi full keluar […]


  35. Logies 2010 red carpet.

    Lets fast forward the fashion foreplay and get straight into the main course… who wore what, and best of all the […]

    Whatshotandwhatsnot's Blog

  36. Theatergoers barred from seeing shows due to Times Square bomb scare

    According to Reuters, many theatergoers were not allowed entrance into Times Square-area Broadway shows Saturday, […]

    News Briefs

  37. Be Careful When Converting Java Arrays to Lists

    Unfortunately not everything that should be trivial actually is. One example is converting Java arrays to lists. Of […]

    Mlangc's Blog

  38. Si Ijo dandan Lagih . . . Pake Footstep Racing plus Led Stop Lamp

    Si Ijo bisa jadi mongtor Ninja 250R paling Tua di Bogor . . . Lha iya wong Si Ijo dulu Indenan Nomor Urut 1 dulu tahun […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle™

  39. Why is Rosli Dahlan being charged when his client was acquitted?

    May 1, 2010
    Why is Rosli Dahlan being charged when his client was acquitted?
    by Din Merican
    Today is May Day or Labour […]

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  40. 100501 Star King

    [HQ] Star King (2010-05-01).avi [800.7 MB]
    Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk (Super Junior), SHINee (excluding Onew), Yuri, Jessica, […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  41. Leno at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner: He’s No Obama

    Our colleague Richard Zoglin files this from Saturday night’s big event:
    Jay Leno was a disappointingly safe […]


  42. Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Makes First Step for Mexico’s World Cup Squad

    El-Tri head coach Javier Aguirre has confirmed today the list of the Mexican players who are currently playing in […]

    Carlos Vela News

  43. How Freddy Krueger changed horror movies

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Everett […]

    The Movie Critics

  44. Who Wants a Halo Reach Beta Code?

    Fall in troops!
    So you want a code for the Halo: Reach beta, huh? Well, you’re gonna have to work for it. […]


  45. Prediksi Umum Senin 3-5-10

    Biyangtogel's Blog

  46. Camera Porn Friday

    Don’t fret, despite the “p” word, this post is totally SFW!
    While other groups may come down on […]

    Flickr Blog

  47. Siobhan’s Post-Idol Plans: Dork Out with Her Boyfriend

    She was known for her quirky outfits and kooky charm, but most of all, Siobhan Magnus made her mark by hitting […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  48. Oh Eduardo!

    Dear Eduardo,
    I must confess the first I ever heard of you was when the official site intimated me that you were the […]


  49. theCHIVE: Take a closer look… (25 photos)

    Click HERE to take a closer look on theCHIVE!


  50. بازهم فارس نیوز و سوتی اعجاب انگیز فتوشاپی

    عکس زیر امروز در بالاترین لینک شد.
    در عکس مشاهده می کنید ، که فارس […]


  51. Julia: Part Two Of The Bad Hair Learning Annex Seminar

    Reblogging NonSociety

  52. Way to Be Racist, Dad

    Submitted by: Alex via Submission Page

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  53. Why Do Senators Corker And Dodd Really Think We Need Big Banks?

     By Simon Johnson
    On Friday, Senator Bob Corker (R, TN) took to the Senate floor to rebut critics of big banks.  His […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  54. The Unusual Suspects (BP, DNDN, ETFC, GE, JNJ, NFG, PALM, BPOP, POZN, SIRI)

    Next week is still a deep earnings week, but we tried and tried to keep this weekend’s edition of The Unusual […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  55. Sunday Round-Up

    A quick glance through the headlines shows the usual suspects and culprits as summer targets. Apparently Barcelona are […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  56. I have good rumors and bad rumors…

    Hint: one of them look something like this:

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  57. Rest in peace, Todd Silvestri, Great Football, All-American Wrestler Star

    UPDATE: Link to Facebook page – “In Loving Memory of Todd Silvestri”

    Vincent Todd Silvestri, a […]

    Under The Hill

  58. Insändare: Detta tragiska land!

    [INSÄNDARE] Många gånger har jag tänkt i tankebanor att det hade nog varit mycket skönare att få vara född för […]

    Fria Nyheter

  59. Balacera en la Expo Guadalupe. 2 de mayo.

    Publicado en Youtube el 2 de mayo:

    Mientras que en la página En el Show apareció la siguiente nota:

    El terror […]

    Mexicanos al Grito

  60. TwiSmut Sinday – Fun With Your Clothes On!

    Happy Sinday, ladies!! I think it’s safe to say you all had a fairly strong reaction to last week’s […]

    Random Acts of Rob™

  61. Ma ám

      Chả hiểu sao đàn bà từ tuổi năm mươi trở lên cứ mười người thì có bảy tám người […]

    Quê choa

  62. Mai Dire Pupa, prima puntata del 25/04/2010: i maltrattamenti di Tassinari e la gaffe di Flo: “molti mi prendono per […]

    Per non offendere la sensibilità dei lettori, avvertiamo da ora che in questo post sono presenti  trascrizioni di […]

    Zona Reality

  63. Stapleopolis

    [linkimage][/linkimage] Submitted by: dunno source via Submission […]

    Epic Win FTW -Awesome Photos and Videos

  64. Un largo experimento de 370 días en la cama

    En enero de 1986, en una constante lucha contra los negativos cambios metabólicos que ocurren durante la […]

    El baúl de Josete

  65. Saya tak berniat nak jadi Timbalan Presiden PKR

    Tulisan Syed Jaymal Zahiid dalam The Malaysian Insider tentang kononnya saya akan bertanding merebut jawatan Timbalan […]

    Zaid Ibrahim

  66. MASHUP MADNESS- 2nd edition

    WHAT A SUCCESS the last mashup post had!
    So, due to popular demand, here’s more. Aaaaand I cleaned up my act by […]

    on the spur of the moment

  67. Spotted: Madonna and Lourdes – Girls’ Night Out!

    Peter Kramer/AP

    Back from their trip to Malawi, Madonna and 13-year-old daughter Lourdes hit the red carpet for […]

    Moms & Babies –

  68. Kerberos Nest

    I finally achieved level 32. Unfortunately for me, it is the maximum level. There is nothing much I can do… […]

    Spadow's Blog

  69. brown is the colour

    I’ve been reading lots of knitting / textile-related tomes recently, and thought I’d write about them over […]


  70. Husband Of The Year

    Below are this year’s winners of the Husband of the Year Award.
    This years Third Place Winner:

    The Second Place […]

    Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  71. Here’s to Aristarchy

    I got a phone call from a TRUE friend earlier today. She wanted to know how I handle the few blogs that are so overtly […]

  72. Economics

    Pick your poison.
    Submitted by: dunno source via deMotivational Builder
    » View All […]

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  73. They still miss Richt in Tally.

    I’ve recently come across the FSU blog Tomahawk Nation, and a couple of posts I’ve read there puzzle me, to […]

    Get The Picture

  74. 韩寒评论校园血案:孩子们,你们扫了爷爷的兴

    泰兴幼儿园中的小孩也被人砍了,32人受伤,死亡情况不明。这个新闻因为离开上一次南平 […]


  75. Forget a mass influx at Arsenal

    Anyone expecting a major overhaul at The Emirates this summer is sadly mistaken.
    Manager Arsene Wenger has admitted he […]

    Arsenal Opinion

  76. [Pic] 100430~100501 Stalking Yoochun part 3


    fashion follows yoochun

  77. SHINee supports brave brother Onew

    Like good boys should!


  78. We Would Have Won The League If………….

    The radio just announced that the chavs could win the league today if they beat pool and the mancs fail to beat […]

    Arsenal Arsenal

  79. Tụ thủ khuynh thiên – chương 7 phần 2

    Phỡn lên gom 4 phần lại làm 1, hết chương 7 luôn X”D, nên chắc là hơi dài hơn bình thường […]

    .:.Ling Ling's Danmei World.:.

  80. United ace explains Arsenal insult

    Patrice Evra claims he labeled Arsenal as ‘babies’ a year ago only due to treatment he received from Cesc […]

    Red London

  81. Boone Embodies Offseason Work Ethic

    At this time last year, Alex Boone was one of many undrafted free agent working to showcase his talents to the 49ers […]

    Goal Posts

  82. Budget Stylista: 4 Dresses To Get You Through The Summer

    If there’s three things you need for summer it’s a cute sundress, a great sandal, and a cute tote. […]

    College Candy

  83. I Got a Tattoo of Myself, Only Thinner

    Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page
    Most people tack a picture of themselves 20 lbs […]

    Acting Like Animals – Silly Animals. Being Funny is for Humans!

  84. Vapputarina



    Baca Aturan Main di Blog Raja Shio-The Doctor Shi0 SEBELUM ANDA […]

    Prediksi Shio Jitu

  86. Cũ – Người cũ!

    Tình yêu không tự nhiên sinh ra và mất đi, nó chỉ chuyển từ dạng này sang dạng khác..
    Chuyển […]

    Gào's blog

  87. Lansbury ends Watford loan spell on a high with super strike

    Arsenal’s Championship-based loanees completed their stints away from Emirates Stadium as England’s second […]

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  88. Fata de la miezul noptii

    Aseara am dat peste o emisiune live, unde credeti, pe Taraf TV. Nu stiu de cand e emisiunea si nu am mai multe detalii […]

    Mamaiebetiva says!

  89. کشف اولین غلط املایی قرآن توسط شاگردان مصباح یزدی!

    چند روز پیش وقتی با خبر از هک شدن وبلاگ بهاره مقامی, یکی از […]


  90. Luchito Daza, Nuevo Rey Vallenato 2010

    Con muy buena digitación y un gran esfuerzo se alzó con la corona el acordeonero Luchito Daza y se convierte en el […]

  91. £75m and £400k a week is the difference

    That is all it was today. The three City goalscorers cost that much to buy (70% of MON’s total spend) and their […]

    Aston Villa News and Views

  92. Hype Nation.

    As we all know by now, Jason Lee is good friends with JYPE. He had been eyeing Jay for a while when Jay was in 2PM for […]

    Insider 2PM

  93. Aşkı Memnu 72. Bölüm Fragmanı izle 6 Mayıs 2010

    Aşkı Memnu 72. Bölüm Fragmanı yayımlandı. İzlemek için Tıklayın… Aşkı memnu fragmanı izle, Aşkı Memnu […]


  94. Stoopid Cop….

    Stoopid Cop…. Of course I has a license…..Is on my collar at home…
    picture: dunno source, via our lol […]

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  95. Tenis ATP Master Roma: Final Nadal vs. Ferrer

    Nadal estará en la final de Roma tras una trabajada victoria contra Gulbis por 6-4,3-6 Y 6-4 y disputara la final ante […]

  96. 6th Hint!! European Elk

    It’s past midnight now so the day is already gone for the 4th album hint..
    I’m sorry. Today’s hint […]

    Starjunior's 13town 2009

  97. Ratatat’s LP4

    If you didn’t think Ratatat, the New York electronic duo, could expand its fanbase any further, you may have to […]


  98. EXCLUSIVE: Hori USA To Bring A NEW RAP Premium VLX In The US!

    Our resident arcade stick expert (LOL) just received exclusive word that Hori will be bringing a brand new Real Arcade […]

    SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!

  99. Avkoppling och iPad

    WASHINGTON: En vacker första majdag i Georgetown efter de gångna dygnens rätt hektiska program.
    Efter frukost med […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  100. Diskusi Sgp Senin


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