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  1. Our Pecora Moment

    By Simon Johnson
    We have waited long and patiently for our Ferdinand Pecora moment – a modern equivalent of the […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  2. Has Steve Jobs gone mad?

    Or is he trying to ensure that Apple apps continue to “just work?” A guide to the latest flap

    The hottest […]

    Brainstorm Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  3. Surprise Me

    It’s the start of a beautiful weekend. Whether it’s raining or shining outside, if you’re reading […] News

  4. Brian Dunkleman Says Ryan Seacrest’s Joke Wasn’t Funny

    On Tuesday’s American Idol performance show, Ryan Seacrest danced with someone in the crowd during Tim […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  5. Mark Zuckerberg’s Coding Skills, Circa 2001

    TechCrunch reader and former Mark Zuckerberg Exeter classmate Nate Chastain noticed our post the other day about […]


  6. Photobomb of the day

    Thanks to Andrew Larson for sending us this gem. Larger version HERE.


  7. アップルはなぜ Objective-C にこだわるのか

    [若き日の Steve Jobs]
    Flash […]


  8. Reply to: “Ice cap thaw may awaken Icelandic volcanoes”

    Guest post by Steven Goddard
    Scientific American has reported that global warming may cause an increase in volcanic […]

    Watts Up With That?

  9. Arsene All But Confirms We’ve Signed Chamakh

    I was listening to Wenger’s pre-Wigan exclusive for ATVO. He was asked about Rodallega as there have been some rumors […]

    Desi Gunner

  10. ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ recap: ‘I can’t believe it.’ Me neither. Did you?

    This week, when most of the high school kids in Huntington, West Virginia, were offered french fries, pizza, or chef […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  11. So You Need A Typeface

    I never usually feature my students but I’m going to make an exception, we had such a brilliant critique today […]

    Inspiration Lab

  12. I ❤ My Subscribers Giveaway

    Hey Guys and Dolls!

    I’ve been doing this youtube thing for a long time now (nearly 2 1/2 years but who’s […]


  13. ‘Castle’ finale exclusive: Beckett and Castle will [spoiler alert]!

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Karen Neal/ABC” […]

    The Ausiello Files

  14. Nicki Minaj Confides To Baby That She Feels Guilty About Kids Listening To Her Music [Video]

    It seems there’s more to Barbie than meets the eye as Nicki Minaj revealed to the Birdman during an interview with […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  15. Arsene on Transfers, The Summer And Those Comments…

    The significance of tomorrow’s match at Wigan will be determined by the results in two local derbies this afternoon; […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  16. Top 10 Greatest Modern Magic Tricks

    Magic has been around for hundreds of years and since the greats like Houdini, many more magicians have set about […]


  17. HuffPo: arrest Richard Dawkins

    Rory Fitzgerald’s latest rant piece at The Huffington Post is called “Richard Dawkins should be arrested […]

    Why Evolution Is True

  18. TopGear spotted at plane-paralysing volcano

    As widely reported in the media this week, James May was spotted in Iceland days before the volcano eruption that […]

    Transmission – BBC Top Gear

  19. Get them both out / The new David Dein is here / Robin starts!

    So Peter Hill-wood has been at it again. Spouting his drivel in the press and upsetting people in the process.
    This […]

    Le Grove

  20. The SEC and the Python

    Last week, the SEC put out a 667 page proposal regarding disclosures for asset backed securities. What I found exciting […]

    Prof. Jayanth R. Varma’s Financial Markets Blog

  21. Twilight

    A story about a girl’s choice between Bestiality and Necrophilia
    Picture by: sharlore Submitted by: […]

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  22. Achik Spin Meninggal Dunia Dalam Kemalangan Ngeri

    Penyanyi Achik Spin atau nama sebenarnya Abdillah Murad Md. Shari, 27, meninggal dunia dalam kemalangan ngeri di KM […]

    best1of4's blog

  23. Kiefer Sutherland escorted from London strip club: Report

    People reports that after a long Thursday night of consuming alcohol, actor Kiefer Sutherland was escorted out of a […]

    News Briefs

  24. [Pics] 100417 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Updates

    AVEX CEO is flooding twitter with lovely pictures!


    fashion follows yoochun

  25. Coachella 2010 Friday: Jay-Z fills the desert with fireworks and diamonds, plus a surprise from Beyonce, LCD […]

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Jeff […]

    The Music Mix

  26. Droid vs. iPhone 3GS: An Update

    As I wrote a few weeks ago, frustration with AT&T coverage in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood led me to put my […]


  27. Obama May Not Be So ‘Amused’ in November

    Maybe President Obama should stop doing fundraisers. Or maybe he should at least keep them closed to the media. Because […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  28. Volcano smoking bands out of Coachella

    A volcano in Iceland is playing havoc with a music festival more than 4,000 miles away.
    As CNN’s Denise Quan […]

    The Marquee Blog

  29. Jay-Z x Beyoncé “Young Forever”

    Apparently, the Doc wasn’t in the house last night for the Coachella Music Festival. Damn you, Chef Jeremiah. […]

    Rap Radar

  30. Interviewee FAIL

    Submitted through the FAIL Uploader
    This video is also viewable at: YouTube | DailyMotion | MySpaceTV

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  31. Bonus premium content

    Vomiting on a guy’s daughter: Extreme sorriness or the continuing kick-assification of America?
    Interesting […]


  32. TNA- Rob Van Dam comenta sobre la llegada de Paul Heyman

    Rob Van Dam fue entrevistado por el periodista Brian Fritz, acerca de que opina de la posible incorporación de Paul […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  33. 구글서치 추천검색어의 정교함

    미국에서 인터넷을 쓰면서 가끔씩 감탄하는 것은 로컬타겟팅의 정교함이다. 각종 […]

    에스티마의 인터넷이야기

  34. My Summer Wish List

    Maddy’s Note: I am really tickled at some of the responses I got to this post. I have been accused of being shit, […]


  35. Verizon: Here’s the Truth About Sprint 4G

    Today is a historic day in Mobile Tech Manor. It is the first day in a decade that I have no service on the Verizon (s […]


  36. Paulson Inadvertently Kills Gold (GLD, NG, KGC, AU, GFI)

    We aren’t going to bother telling you the news on Goldman Sachs being charged by the SEC with fraud over mortgage […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  37. Roundup: 49ers reportedly have interest in Clausen

    Sources have told Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News that the 49ers “most certainly” will pick Notre […] Blogs

  38. ‘Kick-Ass’ underwhelms; box office likely to be off 10 percent from last year

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Dan Smith” […]

    Hollywood Insider

  39. Spartacus Blood and Sand 1. Sezon 13. Bölüm izle

    Açıklama : Spartacus Blood and Sand isimli dizinin 13. bölümünü fragmanını sitemizden online […]

    bölüm izle,fragmanı izle,full izle

  40. Welcome to my humble abode

    Please! Make yourself comfortabuhls!

    Amanda D., please remove your shoes upon entering.

    Cute Overload

  41. Julia Allison: Liar

    Christ, I just read this:
    The final episode of TMIweekly!!  We actually taped this way back in December, and have been […]

    Reblogging NonSociety

  42. New Media Addict Begins (Excuse the Mess)

    So how does one start a new media blog? It’s a little odd when starting a blog such as this, because to refer to […]

  43. Bukti Pelecehan Terhadap Armand Maulana dan Istrinya di Tritter

    Siang tadi sewaktu saya kembali mengecek pesan-pesan terbaru dari kawan-kawan saya di twitter, saya mendapati tweet […]


  44. Prosegue l’eruzione del vulcano Eyjafjallajokull in Islanda

    da – Non accenna a diminuire, dopo quasi 48 ore, l’eruzione del vulcano Eyjafjallajokull, […]

    LA PAGINA – Peppe Caridi Live News

  45. Virtual windows that track a viewer’s position

    Winscape will let you replace that garbage-strewn ally view with just about anything you want. The two windows above […]

    Hack a Day

  46. Images satellites du panache de cendres du volcan Eyjafjöll (Islande)

    Depuis hier, jeudi 15 avril 2010, les autorités du Royaume-Uni, d’Irlande, de France, de Scandinavie ont […]

    Planète Vivante

  47. #TV10 Tactical Voting Against Labour

    If Labour drops a few more points in polls and is confirmed as the third placed party, it represents an historic […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  48. America’s Obesity Epidemic: Bringing Sideshow Freaks Into The Discussion

    There has been a lot of very thoughtful discussion lately about the obesity epidemic facing this country. All I have to […]

     Modeled Behavior

  49. The day’s most popular stories

    The five most popular stories during the last 24 hours, according to Newspulse.
    Mysterious fireball lights up […]

    This Just In

  50. Comunicado Urgente

    Última actualización: 17 de abril 2010/ 22:00
    Spanair informa que las autoridades aeroportuarias han cerrado los […]

    Spanair Informa

  51. Sittin’ on a fence post

    Ron Cummings’ master bedroom. Haleigh’s mattress shown in lower right. (Image Courtesy of MSNBC.)

    Joe […]

  52. Using Plug-ins With Aperture 3.0X

    The good news: Aperture now supports 64-bit operation. The bad news: Most of the plug-ins designed to work with […]


  53. Imagini de la eruptia vulcanului din ISLANDA, norul de cenusa ajunge in Romania

    Eruptia unui vulcan din Islanda afecteaza lumea intreaga  * Meteorologii spun ca  norul vulcanic va pluti deasupra […]

    2blackjack1$'s Blog

  54. 2AM and Han Hyo Joo for Elle Magazine

    kalo sodara mereka, 2PM lagi sibuk”nya nyiapin buat comebacknya, 2AMgk kalah sibuknya dengan CF dan pemotretan […]


  55. Alice no País das Maravilhas – a beleza!

    Ontem fui na pré-estreia de Alice no País das Maravilhas, oferecida pela Seda, no Shopping Eldorado. Amei o filme! […]

    Dia de beauté

  56. Apple removes Scratch from iPad/iPhone/iTouch

    A real bummer — Apple removed Scratch from the iTunes store, so it’s no longer available for iPad, iPhone, […]

    Computing Education Blog

  57. Le ultime volontà

    La morte non è niente. Sono solamente passato dall’altra parte:è come fossi nascosto nella stanza accanto. Io sono […]

    Pulkumari's Blog

  58. 【iQ mirror】+【iPad】プレゼントキャンペーン!開始!!

    先日、スタジオルーペ作品「iQ mirror+」と「iQ mirror […]


  59. Important information

    Last update: 17 de abril 2010/ 22:00
    Spanair informs that the airport authorities have closed the airspace in several […]

    Spanair Informs

  60. A nap képe

    “Cicó! Lám, elhúztuk a nótátokat!” […]

    Üllői út 129

  61. Katherine Heigl: Motherhood Brings Out My Emotional, Protective Side

    Cheyenne Ellis/AP

    As her daughter Naleigh takes her first steps and begins talking, Katherine Heigl is learning […]

    Moms & Babies –

  62. Un nor vulcanic sinistru: feţele din el

    Ştim cu toţii despre erupţia vulcanului din Islanda, care a paralizat traficul aerian în mai toată Europa. Asta […]

    Lumea dupa Eufrosin

  63. Chung kết say xỉn và khoe…

    Say xỉn là một đề tài không mới. Nhưng một cuộc chung kết say xỉn, thử xem ai xỉn hơn ai, […]

    Quê choa

  64. Predikdi Umum Minggu 18-4-10

    Biyangtogel's Blog

  65. Eruzione ISLANDA. Allerta Geosismica: Si Sta Svegliando Un Altro Vulcano

    16.04.2010-Aumenta il livello di allerta geosismico in Islanda, dopo l’eruzione del vulcano Fimmvorduhals. Le […]

  66. Open Letter to Tea Party Protesters

    Dear “proud Tea Party protester”:
    You say you love freedom, but you never protested in 2006 when George W. […]

    Half Wisdom, Half Wit

  67. Artigo de Caio Luiz de Carvalho – Presidente do comitê Paulista para Copa de 2014

    Autor: Caio Luiz de Carvalho
    Fonte: Folha de São Paulo
    Desde que começou a corrida pela Copa de 2014 no Brasil, o […]

    BLOG do Marcello Lima

  68. What Apple’s Lack of Support For Flash Really Means

    Thank you, Internet.

    (via Walyou)


  69. Cats and Pizza

    Sneaky kitty. Sneaky, sneaky kitty.
    Photos by Many Cats 4 Me, elisabethp, Siggav, gajbatton and BeachStorm.

    Flickr Blog

  70. Ciao Darwin 6 – La Regressione / Quinta puntata del 16/4/2010- Aldiqua vs aldilà. VINCE L’ADILà

    Ieri sera alle 21.10 su Canale5 nuovo appuntamento con Ciao Darwin – La regressione, lo show […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  71. Hard to Say I Love You Ep. 1

    [HQ] Hard to Say I Love You Ep 1.avi [970 MB]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  72. Anatomy 101: Robert Pattinson

    By Contribut-h00r RobCatCdn
    Hello my sweet PattinAngels and Pattinh00rs!
    Today’s class is Anatomy 101, examining […]

    Random Acts of Rob™

  73. Det oprovocerade ungdomsvåldet

    Tre unga pojkar var inne i Malmö för att gå på bio. Innan bion började gick de till McDonald’s för att äta. […]

    Fria Nyheter

  74. 你好 少女時代 – Nihao Girls’ Generation [Updated]

    [Updated w/ Fan-accounts] + [Updated w/ Jessica’s gifts + concert banners]

    As part of their Asia Concert Tour, SNSD […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  75. No end in sight for havoc of Icelandic volcano

    The Icelandic volcano eruption that has thrown the entire European airline industry into crisis this week—when a […]

  76. Pinky Speaks “Don’t judge me”

    The hottest news right now is non other than the scandal involving leading actress “Pinky” Savika and […]

    DIRTII Laundry

  77. Hanımın Çiftliği 27.Bölüm Fragman izle 23 Nisan

    Hanımın Çiftliği 27.Bölüm Full izle, Hanımın Çiftliği 27.Bölüm, Hanımın Çiftliği […]

    Herkes büyür bir biz büyeyemeyiz

  78. Will Startups Get Squeezed by a Tech Hiring Binge?

    Hiring activity in the technology sector is heating up rapidly, according to the Wall Street Journal and other sources […]


  79. Ginn Jr. Ready for ‘New Start’

    Ted Ginn Jr. doesn’t think he ever “fell off.” The Miami Dolphins apparently did. They sent the former No. 9 […]

    Goal Posts

  80. 艾米:一路逆风(13)

    姐姐的一席话,对丁乙来说既有打气的作用,又有泄气的作用。打气是局部的,泄气是整体 […]


  81. Pain In The Ash

    Yesterday Iceland farted on the UK.
    And as ash spewed from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. This caused the men and women […]

    John Heald's Blog

  82. Volcano Ash Cloud Conspiracy; Photo of Alien Face and UFO

    The Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in Iceland has not only spewed ash clouds and lava, but conspiracy. 
    Floating ash […]


  83. アップルがもたらすウェブの福音

    いつまでたっても文系ガジェット批評のスタンスは崩さない(というか当然崩せない崩し […]

    田園 Mac 〜Mac Pastorale〜

  84. …but they steal the limelight (and the camera).

    When a diver shooting video of a nearby octopus is attacked, it quickly becomes apparent that this cephalopod is more […]

    Animals don't think…

  85. Why a blog/Twitter account/Facebook page?

    I’d like to take a moment to address some questions about why Alicia’s family and friends have put together […]

    Alicia Parlette

  86. The End of the iPad: Is the Tablet Already Obsolete?

    The iPad rush is on: iPads, iPad cases, and new apps abound. But does this novel gadget really offer us anything new?
    A […]


  87. Dear Liberal Democrats

    Hello. How are you? Bet you’re feeling a bit chuffed at the moment. Everyone will be all sucking up to you and […]

    Hopi Sen

  88. Невероятни фототапети

    Официален блог на ДариНел ЕООД

  89. WJXT: sources: 2 cinder blocks pulled from river in Haleigh search

    WJXT is reporting that two cinder blocks have been pulled from the Saint Johns River in the search for Haleigh […]

    Nancy Grace

  90. China – Toro Rosso upright failure

    As you can see, the upright failed towards the top mounting (top right in this picture) where the top wishbone and […]

    Scarbsf1's Blog

  91. Suaram Seeks Justice for Altantuya and Accountability for M’sian and French Tax Payers

    By Dr Kua Kia Soong, Director of SUARAM, 17 April 2010
    SUARAM has been forced to seek justice for Altantuya Shariibuu […]

    dr dzul's weblog

  92. Imagine dere no hoomuns, is easy if you tries

    Imagine dere no hoomuns, is easy if you tries no more canned petfoods, cheezburgers all teh time
    all u need iz […]

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  93. Coachella: Kevin’s Coachella Backstage Tour

    It’s become KROQ tradition that the night before Coachella, I grab a camera and jump on a golf cart with Kevin […]

    KROQ FM – The World Famous KROQ

  94. Soon To Be A Human Interest Story


    Submitted by: oceros via Submission Page

    Probably Bad News: News Fails

  95. Chemtrails, Haarp und Eyjafjallajökull

    Die Indizien verdichten sich bei diesen Themen immer mehr in Richtung meiner Thesen – leider .
    UPDATE 17.4.10 Es […]

    lupo cattivo – gegen die Weltherrschaft

  96. دردسرهای یک دیکتاتور با 63 % اقتدار

    مطالب مرتبط:
    ارسال به: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::


  97. Rat is an Ass, and Now He’s On One

    The waterlogged, burned and ripped copy of the latest Pearls book, 50,000,000 Pearls Fans Can’t Be Wrong (plus, […]

    Pearls Before Swine

  98. Examples of “TEA PARTY VIOLENCE” at San Diego Rally!

    Dear Readers: Please check back through the day on this post, as I am diligent planning to provide information on the […]

    Temple of Mut

  99. Dal Mondo- Allarme Eruzione vulcano Islandese Fimmvorduhals: allerta per possibile risveglio di un altro vulcano. La […]

    Il vulcanologo: «L’ultima eruzione durò un anno e sprigionò gas letali». La nube di cenere causata […]

  100. Yunho says “Goodbye My Love”

    To his fictional love, not to Dong-bang-shin-ki (DBSK).


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