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  1. Exclusive: ‘Glee’ boss on Rachel/Puck, Kurt’s new BF, and Madonna!

    Wanna know the best time to hit up a TV producer for spoilers? Take it from me, it’s when they smell a Golden […]

    The Ausiello Files

  2. Friday night massacre: Late-night jokes, and why the anti-Conan, pro-Jay backlash won’t work

    Last night, Jay Leno trotted out his unique new mixture of self-pity and aggression to close out this week on The Jay […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  3. Golden Globes 2010 winners: ‘Avatar’ wins best picture, drama

    James Cameron was again the king of the world as the 2010 Golden Globe Awards were handed out tonight in Beverly […]

    News Briefs

  4. TNA Genesis 2010 (Cobertura y resultados 17 enero 2010) – TNA presenta su nueva gran contratación

    Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, presenta: Genesis 2010
    Desde la iMPACT Zone en los Estudios Universal de Orlando, […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  5. Emily Blunt’s Golden Globe Dress Dilemma: Safe or Brave?

    Michael Tullberg/Getty
    Emily Blunt may be a buttoned-up Queen Victoria on screen, but she is a true Hollywood siren whe […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  6. Spencer: Hide the incline?

    Is Spencer Hiding the Increase? We Report, You Decide
    by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.
    One of the great things about the […]

    Watts Up With That?

  7. Golden Globes backstage: Robert Downey Jr. kids around with his wife, Jon Hamm grows a beard, and James Cameron is […]

    Yes, I was at the Golden Globes, but I feel as if I haven’t seen the show. That’s because the backstage […]


  8. 10 Creatures That Crawled Out Of Your Nightmares

    [WARNING: contains images that might offend – including spiders] We’ve all woken up in a cold sweat. We’ve […]


  9. Sources: Obama advisers believe Coakley will lose

    Washington (CNN) — Multiple advisers to President Obama have privately told party officials that they believe […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  10. Eye bleach! Eye bleach!!!!!

    Bathing Suit Fail
    Picture by: dunno source Submitted by: baconhead2005 via Fail Uploader

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  11. ‘Avatar’ regains lead; wins weekend for fifth time in a row

    Denzel Washington’s The Book of Eli couldn’t hold its early Friday lead, dropping into second place after […]

    Hollywood Insider

  12. Critics’ Choice Awards: Winners and Losers

    Many of last night’s Critics’ Choice award winners were expected (well done, Christoph Waltz and […]

    Dave Karger's OscarWatch

  13. Factfile: New Arsenal Signing – Samuel Galindo

    With Arsenal on the verge of signing Samuel Galindo, transfer rumour and Arsenal sites are buzzing with his name. Yet […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  14. OAB/CESPE 3.2009 – EXAME DE ORDEM (140º Exame da OAB) – 17 DE JANEIRO DE 2010 – GABARITO EXTRAOFICIAL (2)

    O Dogma publicará o seu gabarito às 20h, segundo informações do blog mantido pelo curso.
    Prezados alunos e […]

    mais de 2 MILHÕES de acessos

  15. “One Tree Hill” Star Sentenced To Prison For Fraud

    Actor Antwon Tanner has been sentenced to prison after attempting to sell illegal social security numbers to undercover […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  16. I bought my mom this phone in 1998–she is still using it. So embarrassing!!!

    The Jason Calacanis Weblog

  17. Russian billboard includes a “happy ending”

    It seems someone hacked into one of LED billboards and added porn video clips to the rotation of advertisements. We […]

    Hack a Day

  18. 5 Myths That Can Kill a Startup

    Enroll in an academic program, make friends with some of the other really smart students, drop out of school with them […]


  19. Copa São Paulo de Futebol Junior 2010

    O Corinthians encerrou a sua participação na Copa São Paulo. 
    Nossos garotos perderam por 2 a 1 para a equipe do […]

    Blog do Silvinho

  20. Una cervecería en dos países

    De todas las fronteras extrañas que existen en el mundo, una de las más raras, si no la que más, es la que separa […]


  21. Bears DE Adams dead at 26

    [nfl-video id=”09000d5d80469660″ contentid=”09000d5d80469660″ related=”home” size=”large” […] Blogs

  22. Disaster Alert: Earthquake in Haiti

    10:59 am Immediately after any international disaster response priorities focus on life saving relief such as search […]

    American Red Cross Disaster Newsroom

  23. Yoona Gets Blood Letter Threat

    Girls Generation (SNSD) member Yoona is the most recent recipient of a blood letter, but this time it’s a […]


  24. Atualização AZBOX – 17-01-2010

     THE SPIRIT  Hoje à 00:41 am
    Atualização – Firmwares Atualizados 16/01/2010
    testado e […]


  25. БТВ спешно сваля от екран “Шоуто на Слави”

    От централата на БТВ буквално преди минути обявиха че спират […]

    Истината такава, каквато можеше да бъде!?

  26. DAVIDE FLAUTO fuori da Amici? Ricoverato nella notte, per presunta crisi di panico.

    Davide Flauto fuori dal serale di Amici? Un  annuncio su Canale5 durante la puntata speciale della trasmissione, […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  27. We’re buying… / If Bolton can’t beat you, they’ll kick, scratch and pull your hair.

    A two part post this week as I wont be about much…
    Firstly, may I just clear up some confusion from the […]

    Le Grove

  28. My Tips on

    Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, that’s creativity.
    – Charles […] News

  29. MA Sen Poll: Brown Leads By 3

    In one of the final public polls we should see before Tuesday’s special election on Massachusetts, American […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  30. Is this the line for the milk dropper?!


    K-riz sends in pics AND rehabilitates them.

    Cute Overload

  31. Victoria Beckham: Sons Are ‘So Different’


    With a hat and some flats, Victoria Beckham says she’s able to enjoy Disneyland just like […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  32. Adam Lambert’s ‘Whataya Want From Me’ video: Whataya think of it?

    It’s probably folly to try to peek into the mind of an artist by watching one of his music videos, and yet the […]

    The Music Mix

  33. Liberals’ troll attacks and harassment have reached new heights over the Scott Brown race

    We’ve never seen the Left so unhinged, not in all of our lives.
    Troll attacks are at their highest — even […]


  34. Seven Things To Ask Before You Take Your Next Photograph

    If you want to elevate yourself from snap shooter or picture taker to picture maker, here are seven questions you […]


  35. What Are the Tories Going To Do for the Middle Classes?

    You have to laugh at the audaciousness of the Brown change of strategy, from a “war on toffs” to fighting […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  36. Uppdatering: affärsinnehavare (syrian) skadesköt rånare (svensk)

    Under ett rån mot en tobaksbutik i Vällingby lördag kväll öppnade mannen i kassan plötsligt eld med ett […]

    Politiskt Inkorrekt

  37. タブレットについてジョブズが語っていたこと

    [Steve Jobs by David Paul […]


  38. Liberan Comando secuestra a niño de 2 años

    Rescatan al pequeño Manuel
    TIJUANA, Baja California(PH)
    El pequeño de 2 años y 4 meses José Manuel Martínez […]

    Narco Tijuana

  39. Poofy: She off somewheres, I drunk

    Hello, peoples. This blergh has be quiet for a day or sos while Yulia and the Smiley One and the Other One go to […]

    Reblogging NonSociety

  40. NY Event Winners

    Hey Vamps!
    The winners of the New York Events have been selected! These lucky players were randomly drawn from almost […]

  41. 100117 Inkigayo

    [HQ] Inkigayo (2010-01-17).avi [700.2 MB]
    SHINee, 2PM, C.N Blue, Women’s Generation (SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara), […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  42. Đời yếm

    Chẳng biết cái yếm có từ thời nào, nghe nói nó có từ thế kỉ 12 triều Lý.  Xưa dân mình […]

    Quê choa

  43. (Sebaj,) van mááásik! – videókkal

    Ezúttal nem hangszer, hanem próbajátékos, a montenegrói Drazen Medjedovics, aki 27 éves és középpályás. […]

    Üllői út 129

  44. Chị Hưng vợ Huệ Chi

    (có bổ túc)
    Phạm Toàn
    Năm giờ chiều, tôi tới nhà Huệ Chi. Tôi định bụng hôm nay sẽ ở đây […]

    Bauxite Việt Nam

  45. Rebecca Grant: FOX NFL Playoff Pregame Hottie Revealed (34 Pics)

    If you’ve been watching the NFL Playoffs on FOX you’ve seen this hottie host doing the Verizon Wireless […]

    COED Magazine

  46. Why You Need to be in Silicon Valley

    For years I didn’t believe this. I thought that you could take advantage of the benefits of Boston, Seattle, NY, […]

    Startup Boy

  47. 439 – Australia is BIG!

    We could rattle off some statistics, about size and distance. But sometimes a picture is more eloquent than a thousand […]

    Strange Maps

  48. In which I am defeated by a billboard

    I hate this ad.
    I stood waiting for a bus the other day while another bus idled in front of me. It had this ad […]

    Kate Harding's Shapely Prose

  49. Mantiq’s Musings on 2010

    1. In 2010 Israel will continue to murder Palestinians and destroy their homes with impunity and with the support of […]

    Mantiq al-Tayr

  50. Amici 9, primo serale del 17/01/2010 in diretta: vincono i BLU (59%). Anna eliminata, Matteo ancora in testa nella […]

    Ore 21.34: in un nuovo studio blu comincia il Serale 2010 di Amici. Maria chiude il televoto e introduce i […]

    Zona Reality

  51. Bolton Preview: Stand And Deliver

    A throwback to ‘The Good Old Days‘ this week with two fixtures against Bolton Wanderers, reminiscent of […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  52. Best Letter to the Editor of the Week

    From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: […]


  53. Climatequote, 2009 – Final

    After about 1750 votes in the first round, the competition was stiff. While James Hansen could be declared the winner […]

    the Air Vent

  54. Horoscop Urania 15 – 22 ianuarie 2010

    Puteti vedea predictiile mele aici :
    Horoscop Urania 15 –  22  ianuarie

    Horoscop urania, horoscop 2010

  55. Phoenix Is This Week’s Most Played On KROQ

    Phoenix “1901″

    Rise Against “Savior”

    Muse “Uprising”


    KROQ FM – The World Famous KROQ

  56. Idol Rewind: ‘Pants on the Ground’

    He might not have made it to Hollywood, but General Larry Platt tickled the American Idol judges on Wednesday’s […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  57. Did Sandra Bullock have a wardrobe malfunction?

    There’s only one thing that could possibly make winning the best actress Golden Globe for a dramatic movie less […]

    The Marquee Blog

  58. How big was Apple’s biggest quarter?

    The fourth in a series of previews of Apple’s results for the first fiscal quarter of 2010
    Two weeks ago we […]

    Brainstorm Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  59. My life as a viral-media ‘celebrity’

    When the young man in the pickup stopped to offer me a ride, I was still in shock. I was carrying my 20-month-old down […]

  60. Four thoughts on the Grantham hire

    Even after you weed out all the “agile, hostile and mobile” red meat comments for the fan base, […]

    Get The Picture

  61. Outrage of the Week: Boy Scientist Sent for Counseling

    Dear Readers:  OMG, as I rarely say, because I am over 22.  Here’s the latest crazy thing, according to the San […]


  62. Nossa embaixatriz: notas sobre a atuação diplomática

    Após conversar com nossos colegas do Viva Rio, diante da chegada de novos quadros desta organização em Porto […]

    Pesquisadores da Unicamp no Haiti

  63. Stand back!

    Stand back! Iz goin to do science!
    Itteh Bitteh Science Committeh ascepts ur finings
    Picture by: dunno source Caption […]

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  64. Davide Flauto Ha Lasciato La Scuola Di Amici 9 Per Problemi Personali

    Cosa è successo a Davide Flauto, l’artista emo tanto criticato di questa edizione? Nella puntata di Amici del […]

    Scavicchia la Notizia

  65. Scott Brown is a more liberal Republican than Dede Scozzafava

    A special Senate election is being held next Tuesday in Massachusetts to finish Edward Kennedy’s term. The candidates […]

    Boris Shor, PhD

  66. Bolton 0-2 Arsenal: Player Ratings

    With the added pressure of both Chelsea and Man United winning yesterday, this was a game in which Arsenal really had […]

    Arsenal Opinion

  67. 5 things Blender should do to be succesful in the industry

    1. Solve one problem

    Blender should focus in solving one single production problem. Now it is a jack of all trades and […]

    3D Soul' blog

  68. Prediksi Senin,18 Januari 2010

    Angka Hadir :24689
    Colok Bebas :8,4n2
    pola 2D :
    4x 6x 2x 8x
    x4 x6 x2 x8
    Angka jadi dalam 2D:
    65 60 67 69 66 61
    46 41 […]

    toggelbidik Blog

  69. Det här med kristendom & namngivningsfest

    Jag vet att jag är lite tidigt ute… men jag är så j****a otålig! Kan inte sluta smida planer för bebisen i […]

    Livet på Söder!

  70. Informe señala que “Terremoto experimental” de Estados Unidos devastó Haití

    Un reporte preparado por la Flota Rusa del Norte estaría indicando que el sismo que ha devastado a […]

    Contra el New World Order

  71. Haiti मा भूकम्प ! भूकम्प खतरा भित्र नेपाल पनि

    Haiti मा भूकम्प ! भूकम्प खतरा भित्र नेपाल पनि

    Canadanepal's Weblog

  72. Mas Fotos del Terremoto Haití, dramáticas imágenes

    Mas Información   en este enlace.
    Siguen enviando por la red imágenes que dan la idea de la magnitud de la […]

  73. Pick me up, Monday

    How about focusing on Cowgirls instead?
    I know you are sad about the Cowboy loss, like Jerry, but you should keep […]


  74. TwiSmut Sunday – Monsters & other Cold Creatures

    It’s Sunday pervs YEAH! JAG here, posting for Larac today who has taken some much needed time off ((hugs))
    First […]

    Random Acts of Rob™

  75. Beginilah Jika Bumi Hanya Di Huni 100 Orang Saja

    Sungguh menarik jika membayangkan bahwa bumi hanya di huni oleh 100 saja.  Coba Likat! Jika seluruh populasi penduduk […]

    dream indonesia

  76. SEIU flips Obama the Purple Finger of Fate; campaigns for Scott Brown (no, I’m not kidding)

    H/T to Gateway Pundit by way of RedMass for the heads-up on this eye boggling turn of events… As this crazy old […]


  77. Lampo, el perro que tomaba trenes

    En la estación de Campiglia Marittima situada en la región de Toscana en Italia, hay un pequeño monumento que […]

    El baúl de Josete

  78. Exame de Ordem 2009.3: A prova e os gabaritos extra-oficiais

    Caros (as) leitores (as) do blog,
    Para acessar a prova, clique aqui.
    Correção da Prova pelo LFG, clique […]

    Blog Brasil Faz a Justiça!

  79. For Twitter or For Verse

    The following article originally appeared in exchange4media’s Impact magazine. Special thanks to Pradyuman Maheshwari […]

    PR Oh – it's not what you think!

  80. Road Test Ride – Aprillia RS 125

    Siip, Lengkap sudah duo Varian Aprillia RS 2 tak saya Test Ride. Dulu Aprillia RS 250 milik Mas Triatmono sempat saya […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle™

  81. Hybrid option Nicklas Bendtner can present a new dimension to Arsenal’s attack

    Karthik (KV) explains how Nicklas Bendtner can bring back a much-needed presence to the Arsenal attack following the […]

    The Arsenal Column

  82. [Pic] 100116 Stalking Yoochun

    SYC finally found the MAN IN MISSION ^_^
    credit: as tagged
    shared by:

    fashion follows yoochun

  83. ORESTE si PAVEL CORUT: elogiu masoneriei, new age si Noii Ordini Mondiale

       Am fost rugat de unii cititori sa fac o analiza a “invataturilor” lui Oreste si Pavel Corut. In acest sens, ma […]

    Saccsiv’s Weblog

  84. Haiti: A community responds

    One of the things we love most about the Flickrverse is their passionate response to world events around them. Lane […]

    Flickr Blog

  85. Wyclef’s response to accusations against Yele Haiti

    Statement by Wyclef Jean:
    “My commitment to Haiti is a unique and everlasting bond.” “I formalized that […]

    Wyclef Jean's Blog

  86. Curry Reviews Lindzen and Choi

    As per a request initiated by Bender, here is a critique of the recent Lindzen and Choi paper. Citation: Lindzen, R. […]

    Climate Audit

  87. Haiti Earthquake Conspiracy, HAARP, EISCAT Experiments on January 12, 2010

    UPDATED 1-17-10, Revisiting HAARP Patents and Arecibo Observatory at […]

    Ahrcanum "ahR-Kah-noom" > secret secrets

  88. Haïti séisme : nouvelles cartes des dommages (16 janvier 2010)

    Le 15 janvier (hier soir) le SERTIT a produit 2 nouvelles cartes à partir des images satellites GEOEye-1 :
    1) une […]

    Planète Vivante

  89. The quick Dan Brown foxes and jumps over lazy reader dogs

    My first Dan Brown book was The Da Vinci Code, which when translated fully to English curiously becomes “The Of Vinci […]

    Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa

  90. What You’re Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be)

    by Carl Lindskoog

    In the hours following Haiti’s devastating earthquake, CNN, the New York Times and other […]

    Pak Alert Press

  91. The World is Changing – Should The Church Change?

    John 17:14-17 I have given them your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am […]

    Journey Deeper Into God's Word

  92. Selamat Datang Sobat Qu..!!!

    Riset Membuktikan Banyak Teman Panjang Umur……..

    kata Rebecca G. Adams, profesor sosiologi di Universitas […]

    Planet Togel

  93. I’m really not feeling very threatened

    Looking like a rapist
    You’re doing it rite
    (Daniel Radcliffe)
    Picture by: dunno source Caption by: Stevie866 […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  94. Reflexiones sobre el Terremoto de Haití:La clave de profundidad del terremoto de Haití.

    Una vez más nos encontramos con un dilema ya conocido: El terremoto de Haití.
    Analicemos los datos de todos […]

    Misterios de la Astrofísica.

  95. Lusa borrou a pintura São Paulina

    O São Paulo começou o campeonato Paulista conhecendo logo de cara sua primeira derrota em casa no ano.
    Foram dois […]

    BLOG do Marcello Lima

  96. Shrimp Toast

    Here is another appetizer I love to have when eating Chinese. When I was younger my mom would try to get me to taste […]

    "The way to his heart…"

  97. Ice Recordings Updated

    Since Tim Prebbles fantastic blog the music of sound pointed to my post about “dispersion of sound waves in ice […]

    silent listening

  98. Hot, Putra Muammar Qaddafi Booking Beyonce Rp 11 Miliar Satu Malam (Hot Picture)

    Menyanyi dan menghiburlah di pesta tahun baru untuk Mutasim-Billah, putra Muammar Qaddafi, penguasa Libya. Sebab, […]

    Ruang Hati Berbagi

  99. Ngumpul Bareng18-1-10

    Teman2 yg mau ikut PH :
    – Sertai Post Anda dengan Prediksi : AI, Mc, Jitu Ekor/ Kepala/ Kop/ As
    Otomatis Anda […]

    Biyangtogel's Blog

  100. Moment in Time

    Awuzhuzhu ELF back in ACTION ! Setelah 13 gambar sketsa Sorry Sorry Super Keren hasil karya tangan Super talented, […]

    Starjunior's 13town 2009

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