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  1. Avatar Plot Fail or Observation Win?

    Avatar Plot Fail
    Picture by: dunno source Submitted by: dunno source via Fail Uploader

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  2. NBC confirms ‘Jay Leno Show’ leaving primetime

    Raise your hand if you’re surprised by what you’re about to read. NBC Chairman Jeff Gaspin kicked off his […]

    Hollywood Insider

  3. Picabo Street On Her Decision to Undergo the Essure Procedure

    Although she retired from professional skiing in 2002, Picabo Street shows no signs of slowing down. Active in a […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  4. Press Tour Scoop: ‘The Office,’ ‘Heroes,’ ‘Law & Order,’ and more!

    Here are the major highlights from NBC’s just-concluded executive session at Winter Press Tour that don’t […]

    The Ausiello Files

  5. NBC’s new late-night schedule: Brilliant by accident?

    NBC is the media’s piñata, slammed for everything from screwing up the 10 p.m. original-drama slot to ruining […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  6. Two New Stats Things

    Did you ever look at your stats chart and wonder which posts were published on a particular day? Now it’s easy to […] News

  7. Chris Harrison blogs ‘The Bachelor’: season 14, episode 2

    It’s been a wild week in Bachelor-ville and we have a lot to discuss, but first let me thank you for making our […]


  8. In the name of awareness

    If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen the meme going around the past couple of days.  Women the world over […]

    Toddler Planet

  9. Lieberman: ‘I don’t agree with’ McCain’s new ad

    Sen. Lieberman said Sunday that he does not agree with a new hard-hitting ad released as part of friend’s 2010 […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  10. VIDEO: Watch Kate Gosselin’s 20-Hour Hair Makeover

    [brightcoveplayer 61016476001]
    Talk about star treatment! Kate Gosselin skipped the salon for a private, 20-hour […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  11. Top 10 Herbivores You Probably Want To Avoid

    When we think of dangerous creatures, the ones that most often pop to mind are tigers, lions, bears, etc. We almost […]


  12. Mann-erisms: Where did we get that idea?

    Guest post by John A
    It’s always a difficult place for me to deal with interviews with Michael Mann, because on […]

    Watts Up With That?

  13. WWE RAW (Cobertura y resultados 11 enero 2010) – Mike Tyson es el conductor invitado

    World Wrestling Entertainment presenta WWE RAW
    Desde el Target Center de Minneapolis, Minn.

    Cole y Lawer […]

  14. Michael Jackson death certificate ruling homicide appears online

    The amendment to Michael Jackson’s death certificate declaring that his June 25 passing was due to “acute […]

    News Briefs

  15. Arsenal to Sign Striker and Centre Back

    After the disappointing 2-2 draw with Everton, one thing is clear, we miss the likes of Song, Fabregas and van Persie, […]

    Arsenal Opinion

  16. Two ‘new’ signings in – just maybe….

    Ok, we just dropped two points at home against Everton, a team we thought, or rather I thought we would put to bed […]

    Avenell Road

  17. Bauxite Việt Nam đã khai trương trở lại+ Thông báo thứ 3: Bauxite Việt Nam tạm thời chuyển sang […]

    Thế là Bauxite Việt Nam đã khai trương trở lại. Đó là tin tốt lành. Theo một nguồn tin không […]

    Quê choa

  18. No one in but Sol Campbell and Denilson will return soon. I have now seen the light!

    So after the interesting game that saw us win a point against top team Everton on Saturday, fans will have to wait […]

    Le Grove

  19. A Public Service Announcement

    It’s a tragic story:  A busy kitchen, a distracted parent, a curious toddler, and a cupboard carelessly left […]

    Cute Overload

  20. Las mujeres confiesan el color de su sujetador en Facebook

    Haz clic aquí para unirte a nuestro grupo en Facebook ¡Síguenos en Twitter!

    ¡Azul claro! El blanco de siempre. […]

    La colmena virtual

  21. Conan releases statement on late-night situation

    Conan O’Brien released a statement Tuesday afternoon regarding NBC’s late-night situation, and his place in […]

    The Marquee Blog

  22. BB10-Cora: Im Haus will sie mit 2 Mnnern…

    Cora, die erste Frau in der 10.BigBrother Staffel, will offenbar die Nachfolgerin von Annina Ucatis werden. Oder genauer […]

    BigBrother 10

  23. 194 Transistor Clock will blow your mind

    It’s nice to have tip put on our desks that we think everyone, yes everyone can enjoy. The Transistor Clock is […]

    Hack a Day

  24. Why Did Google Build a Phone and a Browser?

    Microsoft was kind enough to comment that Google will have a tough time selling both a phone and an OS.
    Microsoft […]

    Design By Gravity

  25. Aneh !! Para Wanita Ini Begitu Menikmati Menjadi Korban Pelecehan Seks

    Normalnya para kaum hawa akan merasa dilecehkan bila bagian dari tubuhnya terutama bagian-bagian yang khusus atau lebih […]

    Ruang Hati Berbagi

  26. ‘Badder Romance’: Watch the Lady Gaga-approved YouTube spoof

    What would a humble fan have to do to earn a mention on Lady Gaga’s official Twitter account? Try re-creating one […]

    The Music Mix

  27. The Ultimate Exposure Question

    This is a tough one. Many readers write and ask me, “What’s the best exposure – all things being […]


  28. Las mantas del Teo

    Las mantas del Teo TIJUANA BC 10 de enero de 2010 (AFN).- El pasado 29 de diciembre, dentro de la “guerra” que […]

    Narco Tijuana

  29. Monstret Ulf Olsson har begått självmord

    Ulf Olsson, född 1951, var en svensk dömd mördare. Olsson dömdes mot sitt nekande 2005 för två mord begångna […]

    Politiskt Inkorrekt

  30. Massachusetts Senate and the Undecided Rule

    There’s been a lot of analysis lately of the various polls in the Massachusetts Senate race that are floating […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  31. Mangnaes Want Scandals

    On the January 9th SBS E!TV “Idol Mangnae Rebellion” the mangnaes (youngest members) of 2AM, U-KISS, and […]


  32. Rumor Has It: New Parts and Supplier Details Emerge for Apple Tablet

    Everything’s beginning to come together for the launch of Apple’s (s aapl) tablet — quite literally, […]


  33. Tienen razón la SGAE, la Coalición y el Ministerio de Cultura

    Largos debates de “amigos” que explicaban que las obras intelectuales no son iguales a la propiedad […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  34. Lloyd Banks Arrested For Assault & Robbery

    The rumor is true. The 1515 Boys have confirmed that Banks and his accomplices are currently detained in Canada for […]

    Rap Radar

  35. “He’s Bonkers”

    Former Labour General Secretary Peter Watt was in charge when Gordon bottled having an election. Over six pages the […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  36. WMaverick akhirnya memutuskan untuk mengusahakan Super Junior

    setelah sukses mendatangkan Rain Desember lalu, WMaverick sempat berniat akan mendatangkan SS501 atau Lee Minho. dan […]


  37. Do you believe Sarah Palin is dishonest?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    Sarah Palin has a problem with the […]

    Cafferty File

  38. West Ham 2-4 Arsenal – Reserves – Match Report

    Neil Banfield’s Arsenal Reserve team ended their run of three successive defeats by beating West Ham United 2-1 […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  39. The Best of CES 2010

    FULL LIST: The Best of CES 2010
    As you can imagine it’s hard to cover a conference like CES — the Consumer […]


  40. Activists Missing After Declaring “War on Leather” at Motorcycle Rally

    Johnstown, PA (GlossyNews) – Local and state police scoured the hills outside rural Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after […]

    Randy’s Right

  41. Lloyd Banks Detained By Authorities For Beatdown…Victim Speaks [Audio Included]

    Reports and further details have come to the surface as G Unit’s Lloyd Banks is now under police custody on assault […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  42. Julia: Which Is It?

    From Jordan’s Twitter: off for brunch with @juliaallison & prom king…starrrrrving.

    From Donk’s […]

    Reblogging NonSociety

  43. Scott Brown Money Bomb

    Click here to support the Scott Brown Money Bomb
    Our good friend Abbey in Cleveland called us last night and said, […]


  44. Cheerleaders of the 2010 BCS Championship Game – Showdown

    First comes Christmas, then New Year’s Eve – then college F’ing football! Now we think, like any good sports […]

    COED Magazine

  45. Good news on Denilson

    Denilson may only need a week to recover from yesterday’s impromptu injury.
    The 21-year-old suddenly slipped to […]

    Red London | by Randy Osae

  46. Your Best Shot 2009: Spirals

    Spiraling Out of Control, a curation of Your Best Shot 2009 by Eavocative.
    Photos from cynicole_b, JacquiJSB, […]

    Flickr Blog

  47. Amici 9, SPOILER sul Serale 2010: ecco gli ultimi ammessi e la divisione in squadre

    Da circa un’ora è terminata la diretta su Canale 5, ma negli studi di Cinecittà proseguono le registrazioni […]

    Zona Reality

  48. Answer to the Friday puzzle!

    The tour is going well, and today (11th Jan) I will be giving an extra talk at “The Love Zone” in Seattle […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  49. Bertrand Cantat tue encore une femme…

    Kristina Rady au procès de son ex-mari Bertrand Cantat, le 16 mars 2004 à Vilnius/Saulius […]


  50. LT on the “LT Slide Electric Glide” video

    Can you talk about the dance video that’s making the rounds on the internet?
    “It was something that Nike wanted to […]

    Chargers Blog

  51. La usura de los “Compro oro”

    Ayer pasé por Valladolid y me encontré que una joyería estaba totalmente empapelada por fuera con carteles amarillos […]

    Blog numismático

  52. Steve Perry is rolling over in his still living grave

    I don’t know how to describe this. The way it all falls apart, the singer dancing like she is trying to regain […]


  53. 10 Tips for Becoming a Smarter, Social Business Person

    The web is filled with social networks: We have Twitter for meeting new people, Facebook for old college buddies, and […]


  54. Rob’s Mailbag: A dude writes Robert Pattinson and Rob writes back

    *Since we write a blog called “Letters to Rob” we receieve TONS of emails (yea, sorry it takes a while for […]

    Letters to Rob

  55. Aşkı Memnu 57.Bölüm Fragmanı

    Aşkı Memnu 57.Bölüm Fragmanı Aşkı Memnu 57.Bölüm Fragmanı,Aşkı Memnu 57.Bölüm Fragmanı izle,Aşkı Memnu […]

    Dizi izle | Film izlesene | Online Bedava Seyret

  56. is the bomb.

    Best unsubstantiated rumor EVAH:
    Sources tell FootballCoachScoop that former Defensive Coordinator, Willie […]

    Get The Picture

  57. Ouch! Conan Slaps Down NBC, Will Quit if Tonight Moves to 12:05

    NBC wanted a decision quick, and it got one: Conan O’Brien says he will quit [Update: or to be precise, all but […]

    Tuned In

  58. خبری باور نکردنی راجع به سابقه مسیحی کامران دانشجو بنقل از […]

    خبری امروز العربیه پخش کرده بنقل از روزنامه کویتی الرای در مورد […]


  59. A Three-Way with Robert Pattinson and um some rocks?

    So I’m sure all of you many of you have seen the picture below that hit the internet last Thursday. Then a few […]

    Random Acts of Rob™

  60. “دوشیرگان آوینیون” نمادی برای نشان دادن باکره بودن روح یک فاحشه؟

    امروز می خواهیم درباره ی پیکاسو و به طور خاص بر روی دو اثر ” […]


  61. You Better Believe I’m Calling You Out.

    Dear Weepinwillow of from US Blackwater Raiders,
    You couldn’t have been any more rude and ignorant.  And […]

    Frost is the New Black

  62. Everton Hit By Bouncing Czech

    Arsenal 2 – 2 Everton
    0 – 1 Osman (13)
    1 – 1 Denilson (28)
    1 – 2 Pienaar (81)
    2 – 2 […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  63. Prisoner of the Playdate: Let’s Help This Mom!

    Hi Readers — Here’s today’s yelp for help from the frontiers of modern parenting. Got any great […]


  64. Ankarbarnet Asif i Filipstad

    Värmlands Folkblad har skrivit en artikel om den ensamkommande Asif Saadat, 17 år. Sedan några veckor tillbaka bor […]

    Fria Nyheter

  65. Pitacos tricolores

    O São Paulo deu prosseguimento a sua pré-temporada neste domingo no CCT.
    Ricardo Gomes realizou um treinamento […]

    BLOG do Marcello Lima

  66. [Pic] 100111 Jaejoong and Hyunjoong in Vancouver

    Scream like a mad girl

    credit: diana922
    shared by:

    fashion follows yoochun

  67. Video: Kittehs Gets a Risky Bath

    wheer iz mah rubber dukkeh?

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  68. Silly you… Were you thinkin’ when you thought of that? (20 photos)


  69. Why Arsene Is A Better Manager Than Ferguson

    The blame game continues at Old Trafford, though, admittedly, it’s not much of a game. Here’s how you […]

    Arsenal Station

  70. GF10, anticipazioni dodicesima puntata del 11/01/2010. Chiarimenti, sorprese, relazioni, provvedimenti sono gli […]

    Dodicesima punata ricca di eventi e di sorprese quella che si preannuncia. Vediamo cosa accadrà:

    Erano stati mandati […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  71. Sarah Palin To Join Fox News, Moving Her Even Further From White House Bid

    If you needed any more evidence that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is far less concerned with winning the White House […]


  72. Earthquake!

    UPDATE IV: From Sidnie Olson:
    The City of Eureka is collecting information about earthquake damaged property. If your […]

    The Humboldt Herald

  73. A klub Csizmadia Csabáról és az átigazolásokról

    A klubhonlapon jelent meg a következő közlemény. […]

    Üllői út 129

  74. A sad day for Malaysian…

    I could not sleep well last night. I don’t really know why but I finally gave up the idea of sleeping at 400am. […]


  75. Bedtime stories gone awry (really weird children’s books)

    I can still remember my favorite books that I read when I was a child.  Cars and Trucks and Things That Go was my all […]

    A Whole Lot of Nothing

  76. iPhone に雪崩れ込む 200 万の Flash デベロッパ

    TechCrunch が Flash に関する興味深い記事を載せている。
    「アップルが Flash […]


  77. That Takes Me Back

    Unearthed by Krissy today during one of her occasional purges of the house: A floppy disc! From the mid-90s! Which I […]


  78. Speedy Vindication for Rosli Dahlan remains uncertain despite moral victory

    January 11, 2010
    Another Moral Victory for Rosli Dahlan yet vindication remains uncertain
    By Din Merican

    I was in […]

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  79. National Domestic Extremism Team

    Bishop Hill reports here that he was advised today that the UK National Domestic Extremism Team has been called in by […]

    Climate Audit

  80. Miss Double D-cember’s Top Ten Tatas

    As the first Kevin & Bean Miss Double D-cember of the new decade, I feel obligated to give you my top ten favorites […]

    KROQ FM – The World Famous KROQ

  81. monday morning quarterback

    It’s Monday morning, time to evaluate and grow from the sermons you delivered yesterday.  It may be hard to tell […]

    Don’t Stop Believing

  82. مسلمين يقتلون الأقباط ليلة العيد فى نجع حمادى

    آخر الأخبار هنا وبالاسفل الفيديوهات والتغطيات المحدثة:
    تمت إضافة […]

    مدونة بصراحة

  83. A Good(will) Eye

    I get a slew of emails & comments everytime I post about my finds at Goodwill.  Some of the comments are in […]

    Bower Power

  84. iWork Is Apple’s Thermonuclear Bomb

    On September 26, 2007, I posted this: Apple To Rewrite Computing Again
    My timing was waaaaay off because Apple wanted […]

    The eBook Test

  85. Big Journalism Part II

    Patrick Courrielche of Big Journalism posted part II of climategate. Patrick, in a startlingly brash move, took the now […]

    the Air Vent

  86. M Shadows Talks New Record To Kerrang In Dec 31st Issue.

    In the December 31st issue of Kerrang! they posted a “50 Albums You Must Hear In 2010″ special that […]

  87. Snow-blanketed Britain seen from space

    By Michael MacLeod THE extent of Britain’s winter whiteout is revealed in a stunning picture from space, received […]

    Deadline Press & Picture Agency

  88. First rule of USSM/Lookout Landing event…

    …well, everyone should know what it is by now, but in case you don’t, you may never find out, as I […]

    SECTION 331

  89. Parliament: who needs it?

    Government sources say they are contemplating formally shutting down Parliament at the end of every year, so the […]

  90. Resultados e tabela da Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior 2010

    Jogos de Ontem 08/01
    São José-RS 3 x 2 Botafogo-SP
    Taboão da Serra 1 x 2 […]

    Planeta Boleiros

  91. Merida says future is undecided but decision to leave would be justifiable

    Arsenal youngster Fran Merida has stated that his future at the club is undecided, despite intense speculation emerging […]

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  92. Upgrading Ford (F)

    Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) is probably one of the only ways to bet on the big Detroit Auto Show this week, but the stock […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  93. Michael Cera, old soul

    Just because I think Youth in Revolt is less than daisy fresh as a coming-of-age story doesn’t mean I don’t […]

    The Movie Critics

  94. La Europa común: Mismo artículo, distinto precio.

    Que la globalización ha llegado es indudable. Diferentes cadenas de distribución están apostadas por todo el mundo, […]

    Sin Futuro y Sin Un Duro

  95. Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden, 1917-2010

    Obamas attend funeral mass for Jean Biden Tuesday in Delaware.
    DETAILS: Attendees list here.

    The Page by Mark Halperin

  96. A decade of decadence

    Steve Sailer has nailed an important newspaper datum:
    All those boring end-of-year / end-of-decade articles that […]

    Blithe Spirit, the Blog

  97. No se Fía Chicharrones.

    Usted sabe lo que conlleva tener un negocito, el esfuerzo de levantarse temprano para echarlo hacia adelante, […]

  98. 100110 Family Outing

    [HQ] Family Outing (2010-01-10).avi [1007.13 MB]
    Jo Han Sun, Kim Sung Su, Daesung, Lee Hyori, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Soo […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  99. Overrated Celebrities of 2009 Caption Contest Winners

    2009’s behind us, but let’s take a brief look back at our favorite overrated celebrities and moments in pop […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  100. Is it time to reimagine your product / service?

    In his on stage interview with Michael Arrington (at the Crunchies), Mark Zuckerberg made the most insightful […]

    Rashmi’s blog

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