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  1. New Theme: Duotone

    Happy Holidays! To spice up the coming weekend I’m here to present you with Duotone. Duotone is the successor to […] News

  2. 10 Urban Legends that Caused a Moral Panic

    [WARNING: This list contains adult material] Urban legends are often told as true accounts that happened to a ‘friend […]


  3. Charlie Sheen out of jail after posting bond

    Charlie Sheen has now been released from Pitkin County Jail, according to Aspen Police. He posted an $8,500 bond (with […]

    News Briefs

  4. Vic Chesnutt, R.I.P.: Gifted singer-songwriter dies

    Vic Chesnutt died today at age 45, the head of his label tells the Music Mix. The acclaimed singer-songwriter had been […]

    The Music Mix

  5. No statistically significant warming since 1995: a quick mathematical proof

    Physicist Luboš Motl of The Reference Frame demonstrates how easy it is to show that there is: No statistically […]

    Watts Up With That?

  6. Adult Advent Calendar

    Submitted by: dunno source via Submit a Kludge!

    There, I Fixed It

  7. Owen Gleiberman’s 10 Best Movies of the Decade

    I confess, looking back, that I have no great generalizations to make about the movies that came along this decade. […]

    The Movie Critics

  8. Time: No churchgoing Christmas for the first family

    The Senate vote on final passage of health reform almost scuttled their plans, but it looks like the First Family will […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  9. Details of Carrie Underwood’s Engagement Ring: Big, Yellow, and Sparkly All Over!

    Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press/AP

    More details have emerged about Carrie Underwood’s gorgeous engagement ring. […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  10. On the trail of Apple’s ‘iSlate’

    Is that really the name Steve Jobs has chosen for his next computing device? Whois record for […]

    Brainstorm Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  11. Box office report: ‘Sherlock Holmes’ sets Christmas Day record with $24.9 million

    Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes took advantage of Christmas’ falling on a Friday this year to set a […]

    Hollywood Insider

  12. Does anyone else miss Gene Hackman?

    Recently, I caught a pay-cable broadcast of Wes Anderson’s 2001 masterpiece The Royal Tenenbaums, with Gene […]


  13. Queen Pen Releases 2010 Calendar

    Queen Pen is back.  HUH?  That’s what we said too…
    Dr Dre’s rhyme partner on Black Street’s classic “No […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  14. First Look: My 2009 Christmas Wish List!

    As a wise man once said, Christmas is about receiving not giving. It’s in that spirit that I present you with my […]

    The Ausiello Files

  15. Andre is saying what we are all feeling, well done son!

    So Ar, Ar, Arshavin, Arsenal’s greatest love machine, says that when he came here, he expected playing for a top […]

    Le Grove

  16. 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge

    Colossians 2:6-7: As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, […]

    Journey Deeper Into God's Word

  17. This has to be England

    Happy Hour Fail
    Due to physical violence
    Shit face Mondays have been cancelled
    Submitted by: dunno source via Fail […]

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  18. The Facinelli Five’s Merry Morning!

    On Christmas morning Peter Facinelli and his wife, Jennie Garth, look forward to the moment when their three daughters […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  19. If you could spend this weekend watching just 1 TV show, what would it be?

    Lots of people use the holidays to catch up on TV shows piling on their DVRs or TiVos, or plowing through episodes on […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  20. مردم در آستانه فتح پایگاه های پلیس در تهران


    درگیری در سر خیابان رودکی
    مردم با عقب راندن نیروی انتظامی به […]


  21. NYTimes misuses Kindle Review stats to attack the Kindle

    The NYTimes’ Bits Blog has an article using Kindle Review statistics to attack the Kindle. 
    It’s a […]

    Kindle Review – Kindle 2 Review, Books

  22. 한국 최초의 안드로이드폰 XT720 상세 정보 및 의견

    한국 최초의 안드로이드폰, SKT에서 출시될 Motorola XT720에 대해서 알아보겠습니다.

    SKT […]

    Internet Generalist

  23. WOW #iran #Iranelection #ashoura

    Posted via email from Onlymehdi


  24. Previziuni Urania 2010 !!!

    Toţi cei care doresc să afle ce le rezervă astrele în 2010 nu trebuie să rateze previziunile astrologice […]

    Horoscop Urania

  25. 091226 Music Core

    [HQ] Music Core – Idol Special (2009-12-26).avi [705.5 MB]
    Super Junior, So Nyuh Shi Dae, 2PM, SHINee, KARA, Brown […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  26. لطیفه گویی حداد عادل در عزاداری شب عاشورا

    میزان اعتقاد و ایمان یاران  کودتا را  در شب عاشورا ببینید . بیخود […]

    زبان سبز

  27. Greetings from… uh… where are we?

    Can you help the Library of Congress identify these fabulous Commons photochroms they’ve uploaded to their […]

    Flickr Blog

  28. hangeng ingin keluar karena SNSD?

    berita tentang hangeng ingin keluar dari sm bukan hanya masalah kontrak tapi juga karena SNSD. berita ini gw dapat […]


  29. I’ll Take a Whiskey Sour…And Hold the Sour

    Aunt Edna always makes for an interesting holiday.

    More eggnog, Sarah A.

    Cute Overload

  30. Loanees – Simpson Scores Plus Hoyte & Lansbury

    Welcome to this Boxing Day Loanees Watch – Young Guns’ analysis, reports and updates on the progress of the young […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  31. Letters by a Border Patrol Guard from the game Homeland Defense: National Security Patrol

    The following excerpts are from letters written by border patrol guard Jonathon Yankee, from the game Homeland Defense: […]

    Multiplayer Singleplayer

  32. Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 76. Bölüm Fragmanı-Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 76. Bölüm

    Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 76. Bölüm Fragmanı,Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 76. Bölüm Fragmanı izle,Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 76. […]

    Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu izle-Ezel 12. bölüm izle

  33. A demonstration of the non-commutativity of the English language

    This will be a more frivolous post than usual, in part due to the holiday season.
    I recently happened across the […]

    What’s new

  34. The secret to Susan Boyle’s success

    Is Susan Boyle about to cross over from reality star to singing star? The 48-year-old Scottish woman, who surprised […]

  35. Enough Waiting — It’s Time for Amazon to Buy Netflix

    Like an old sports injury, the rumor of Amazon (s amzn) buying Netflix (s nflx) seems to flare up once every few […]


  36. Völgyi közel a Fradihoz

    Klubunk három győri játékost is tárt karokkal várna az Üllői útra. […]

    Üllői út 129

  37. İntizar Bu Gül Dalı – Hanımın Çiftliği Dizi Müziği

    İntizar Bu Gül Dalı – Hanımın Çiftliği Dizi Müziği
    Bu gül dalı eğilse
    Başı toprağa değse
    Basıp […]

    Klip & Şarkı Sözü

  38. Dear Santa: Get these long shots nominated!

    On this Christmas day, my wish list includes Oscar nominations for the following five dark horse contenders. Are you […]

    Dave Karger's OscarWatch

  39. Kid Gets Revenge By Posting Sister’s “Hook-Up” List on Facebook

    This may just be the most awesome revenge story ever.  Chris, a teen-aged middle school student was  grounded for […]

    COED Magazine

  40. Mathematical Embarrassments

    Mathematical embarrassments are problems that should be solved already Terry Tao is one of the greatest […]

    Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP

  41. Alta scrisoare deschisa iubitului si neasemuitului Romtelecom

    Draga Romtelecoame, Preamarite, mai draga
    Stiu, sunt carpa ta. Sunt un nimeni. Un rahat cu IP. Nu am stiut niciodata sa […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  42. तराई बन्दैछ मरभुमी !!

    तराई बन्दैछ मरभुमी !!

    Canadanepal's Weblog

  43. I’m Sorry, But Julia’s Family is Really Lame

    My dad is READING US POEMS about snowflakes. I am … Incredulous.
    My mom is jumping around the kitchen making egg […]

    Reblogging NonSociety

  44. Aston Villa Preview: A Land Of Opportunity

    The Premier League likes to portray itself as the footballing ‘land of opportunity‘. For Arsenal, it is a […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  45. London sleeping on me, Fondue sleeping on London. Super cute!

    The Jason Calacanis Weblog

  46. War In Tehran Streets on Ashura Day

    Tehran, City Center, Enghelab Street, 2009/12/27
    Fresh clashes broke out between demonstrators and security forces in […]

    Tehran 24

  47. Post Secret for the Holidays (8 photos)


  48. Depoimento Viver a Vida

    Olá pessoal, estou aqui para agradecer o imenso carinho de todos vocês.
    Não sabí amos que meu depoimento passaria […]


  49. Diego Buonanotte sufre un accidente en el que fallecen sus tres acompañantes

    El centrocampista argentino Diego Buonanotte, que milita en las filas del River Plate, ha sido internado en una […]

    La Carabina

  50. Resultados Euromillones 25 de Diciembre y Lotería Primitiva 26 de Diciembre de 2009

    A continuación podéis comprobar los números agraciados en el sorteo de los EuroMillones celebrado el Viernes 25 de […]

    Cajón desastres

  51. Bi hài ‘rác tường’ giữa Thủ đô

    Ở đời có những kẻ rất buồn cười, họ sẵn sàng bỏ hết thời gian công sức, đôi khi cả […]

    Quê choa

  52. DJ Tiesto – Club Life 144 [Special Show – Top 2009 of Club Life] (01.01.2010) | Club Life Show

    download latest episode of amazing trance radio show “Club life 144″ [Special Top 2009 of Club Life] with DJ […]

    Tiesto Club Life – amazing trance radio show.

  53. ギズモードがタブレットのウワサを総ざらえ

    筆者もここ一両日の […]


  54. ดูดวงปี 2553 | ดวงปี 2553 ตามราศี โดย ปู โลกเบี้ยว

    ดูดวงปี 2553 | ดวงปี 2553 ตามราศี โดย ปู […]

    Ronakorn: Thailand SEO and More.

  55. آنچه در داخل حسینیه جماران روی داد (۵ فیلم از یوتیوب)

    فیلم با کیفیت از لحظهٔ حمله ور شدن لباس شخصی‌‌ها به داخل حسینیه […]

    بد حجاب

  56. Rich & Mark’s Christmas View

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  57. Will you support GM if they don’t support Saab?

    Hi everybody.
    The mission for this website is to answer a very simple question: Will you buy another GM product if they […]

    I won't buy another car from GM if they kill Saab

  58. Wenger to Sign Chamakh, Frey and Matuidi in Triple Swoop Spectacular !!!

    ARSENAL BOSS Arsene Wenger has emerged as the leader of the pack in the chase for Bordeax striker Marouane Chamakh for […]

    The Goon Blog

  59. Osman Baydemİr’İn KonuŞmasi / Video

    PKK terör örgütünün sivil yapılanması KCK’ya yönelik operasyona tepki gösteren Diyarbakır Büyükşehir […]

    Haberin Doğru Adresi

  60. 感動のスピード感!MacBook Airの修理顛末報告。

    先日、不慮の事故(?)によって12月23日の夕方にアップルストア渋谷に引き取られてい […]

    The Air of Marr's Blog

  61. The UK Met Office “Subset”

    Around Dec 8, 2009, the UK Met Office released “value added” data for a “subset” of 1741 […]

    Climate Audit

  62. Updated Inside Story on Tiger Woods

    The following is a legitimate message I received from a trustworthy journalist I have known for years. It’s the […]

    Bisher Unleashed

  63. Ejecutan a joven en plena Navidad y dejan ‘narcomensaje’

    Ejecutan a joven en Tercera Etapa del Río Rafael MORALES MAGAÑA/EL MEXICANO viernes, 25 de diciembre de […]

    Narco Tijuana

  64. Scott’s Photoshop Printing Checklist

    I no longer make my own prints. I am just too busy. But I made my own prints for 18 years in a wet darkroom and for […]


  65. Notes toward an elegy: In praise of food

    First rule of nutrition: eat or die.
    Second rule of nutrition: there are no other rules.
    My mother died two […]

    Kate Harding's Shapely Prose

  66. Film artistic: AVATAR (subtitrare in limba romana), o mega productie SF ce promoveaza pe fata reala NOUA ORDINE MONDIALA

       Filmul il puteti viziona la:
       Desigur, cei dati […]

    Saccsiv’s Weblog

  67. [Video] Penampakan Ibunda Almasih Di Mesir

    Sejak dua hari terakhir, masyakarat Mesir, khususnya ibu kota Kairo, digegerkan oleh kabar dan kasak-kusuk tentang […]

    LUMiNOUS Blog

  68. iTumbler

    Starbucks有一種回憶隨行杯是可以抽換裡 […]

    World of Pluto

  69. ♫Catnuts roasting on an open fire♫

    ♫Catnuts roasting on an open fire♫
    just dont gitz 2 close.
    Picture by: kimnes Caption by: rottiluv via Our LOL […]

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  70. Mystical Blues Sephora Look

    Hi Guys and Dolls!
    Here’s the last video I’m going to do in my Sephora Holiday looks sorta-kinda series. I […]


  71. Hey, check this out… USF1 has a website

    The USF1 Team has (very quietly) launched its website, revealing video footage of the team’s first monocoque […]

    Joe Saward's Grand Prix Blog

  72. Configuración cuenta Msn en Ichat.

    Este video fue creado por Valientes.

  73. Kim Kibum Hits the Stage

    and screen without Super Junior.
    Super Junior’s AWOL member, Kim Kibum will be returning to the limelight […]


  74. The Runner

    Title: The Runner Author: Keira Marcos
    Series title: The Sentinels of Atlantis
    Series Order: 11
    Fandom: […]

    in keira’s world

  75. Apple (AAPL) Hits All-Time High: Buy The Rumor….

    Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares hit an all-time high yesterday as they rose to  $209.35 up 3.5%. Most of the […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  76. We prefer faith

    No explanations inside the church
    And none here, either
    Can’t get enough of strange signs? Check out […]

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  77. Wenger reveals names of players he regrets not to have signed

    Despite the accomplished dealer he is in the transfer market, Arsene Wenger does have his own ‘would have […]

    Red London | by Randy Osae

  78. Medlem i kriminella X-team mördad i Södertälje – 18-åring gripen och häktad

    Mohaned Ali, född 1984-11-01, kallad K-Sigge (från Gottsunda, Uppsala) avled efter att ha träffats av fler skott i […]

    Politiskt Inkorrekt

  79. ¿Cual es la verdad acerca del paso de Nibiru?

    En esta entrevista de Setiembre del 2008 realizada por Kerry Cassidy del Proyecto Camelot en Arizona a Bob Dean, éste […]

  80. Saturday Read: 4 & 1/2 Books for Break

    So you’re home for break. And it’s wonderful. But what are you going to do with all that downtime for the […]

    College Candy

  81. Twilight Saga 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

    We’re back again this year with a Twilight Saga Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for 2010 (after the huge success of […]

  82. Rosa Acosta’s KING Spread

    Last week, we teased you with the cover. Now, here are the scans from Rosa’s photo shoot. The issue is on […]

    Rap Radar

  83. Motor-Motor Eksotik yang ditunggui Penampakannya di tahun 2010 (bag Ke 3) . . . D’tracker 150 dan Fazer 250

    5. Kawasaki D’Tracker 150
    Sebenarnya Nama D’Tracker 150 belum lah secara resmi disematkas ebagai varian […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle

  84. [Spazz] TVXQ Compilation Quotes

    A collection of quotes that is so heartwarming ^^
    reminds us of how close our boys’ relationship is, how they […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  85. Stoppa bortförklaringarna

    Unga med invandrarbakrund och dess destruktiva beteende kan och bör inte längre bortförklaras. Det menar lektor […]

    Fria Nyheter

  86. عکس:سرانجام قوم الظالمين

    آخروعاقبت قوم الظالمین ( برای بزرگ نمایی روی عکس کلیک کنید) […]

    حقیقت نیوز

  87. Montreal goes from glamorous to a corrupt, crumbling, mob-ridden disgrace

    VOTE for this article.  Support more articles like this one.

    by Martin […]

    The Canadian National Newspaper Exopolitics Headlines

  88. Mais um poster de Alice no País das Maravilhas!

    A Disney tá de sacanagem com a gente, só pode! Em pleno Natal, o estúdio americano divulgou mais um poster de […]


  89. За селянията в София, “кореняк” Софиянците и избиването на […]

    Всяка година преди Рождество и Великден се случва едно и също […]

    Блогът на Светослав Александров от “Големият избор”

  90. Naruto Chapter 477 – ZOMG! It’s Itachi-san!

    Post Author: Bob
    Hey now, this was a surprise, I really wasn’t expecting chapter 477 to come out this week since the […]


  91. São Paulo virou refém do “iraniano”

    O São Paulo pode ter mais problemas em janeiro.
    Giuliano Bertolucci, ligado a Kia Joorabchian, trama uma ação […]

    Blog do Paulinho

  92. Šťastný a veselý Madagaskar (2009)

    V hlavní roli vystupuje opět parta zvířat, která se už pěknou dobu snaží dostat z Afriky a jejího okolí […]

    Veselé vánoce a štastný nový rok

  93. Twi-Smut Sinday – Carpe Noctem & Fiat Lux and Incubus Anomaly

    Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and getting some rest, I know I am. As much as I love XmASS and the holiday […]

    Random Acts of Rob™

  94. سید محمد خاتمی شب عاشورا در جماران چه گفت؟

    این جمله ای بود که پس از آن گروه فشار ادامه کلام خاتمی را بر […]


  95. Estatisticas De Acesso 24-12-2009

    Novamente conseguimos um numero fantástico de acessos. Gostaria de agradecer aos amigos que estão ajudando a divulgar […]

    ST Informática

  96. How to solve terrorism in one easy step

    Sitting here thinking about the latest attempt Muslims made to destroy a commercial airliner and murder everyone […]


  97. Mesaje de Craciun – Sms – uri de Craciun – Urari de Craciun 2010 – mesaje scurte

    Mesaje si Statusuri de Craciun Amuzante

    Cu ocazia sarbatorilor de iarna îti doresc ca niciunul dintre visele tale sa […]

    Datini si Traditii | Sfintele Sarbatori de Iarna | Craciunul | Ajunul | Mos Craciun | Revelionul

  98. Salespeople and Programmers

    Tyler Cowen asks why pay across software programmers is not more unequal. He cites John Cook, who argues that […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  99. The World’s Top Tweeters Might Surprise You

    The world’s top tweeters have been announced by Teqnolog and the 2009 statistics might surprise you. The tweeters […]


  100. Nicolas Bruni et Carla Sarkozy à Marrakech !

    Le président français Nicolas Bruni et son épouse Carla Sarkozy sont arrivés  à Marrakech (sud), au Maroc, hier […]

    Allain Jules

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