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  1. ‘Glee’ teasers: Who goes soft? Who gets a makeover?

    Fox has revealed the titles, and some plot details, for forthcoming episodes of Glee. Spoiler alert: don’t read any […]


  2. Meghan McCain runs into backlash over photograph

    (CNN) – Meghan McCain says she’s ready to quit Twitter all together after generating a wave of criticism […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  3. Top 10 Fascinating Facts About The Romans

    In the past we gave you a list of ten myths about the Romans. Today, to complement that list we are giving you ten […]


  4. Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty in Copenhagen, Claims British Lord Monckton

    Reposted from comments on the new Urban Future thread here
    Originally from the blog Fightin’ Words
    Above: […]

    Watts Up With That?

  5. Exclusive: ‘Gilmore’ girl Lauren Graham on her big TV comeback

    Sometimes the way the TV biz works leaves me scratching my head, going, “Huh?” Other times, I get it… […]

    The Ausiello Files

  6. Kris Allen covers ‘…Baby One More Time.’ Should this be a bonus track on his debut disc?

    So Kris Allen apparently promised a concert to the 540 students of Ohio’s all-girls Seton High School if they […]

    The Music Mix

  7. Michael Weatherly on Tony and Ziva of ‘NCIS’: a relationship would be like ‘Kryptonite’

    There’s no mistaking the serious chemistry between Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Officer […]

    Hollywood Insider

  8. Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 10/15/09

    Tonight a look at the balloon chase that captivated millions. A little boy thought to be on board, but thankfully he […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  9. Free Access to Premium Images

    We all love adding great images to our blog posts, and today we’ve enabled a new Shortcode that […] News

  10. Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty, Claims British Lord

    by Walter Scott Hudson
    The Minnesota Free Market Institute hosted an event at Bethel University in St. Paul on […]

  11. Alison Sweeney Tests Old Wives’ Tale on Megan

    Move over Angel, Cruz and Kingston, there’s a new mohawk in town! Or — at least — there was ever so […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  12. ’30 Rock’: Why does a hilarious show have to beg for viewers as though it had a case of… arrested development?

    UPDATED WITH RATINGS BELOW: “I want to welcome you to Season Four.” With that semi-greeting — Alec […]

    Ken Tucker's Watching TV

  13. Bus Driver Fail

    Video by: Sandra B
    This video is also viewable at: MySpaceTV | DailyMotion

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  14. Shane McMahon renuncia a WWE

    En una noticia más que inesperada, publica que Shane McMahon ha presentado su renuncia a WWE, efectiva a […]

  15. ¿Cuales son las 5 primeras aplicaciones que instalas tras una instalacion limpia de Ubuntu?

    Lo he visto en y me ha parecido muy interesante conocer vuestra opinion. Cuando instalamos Ubuntu hay muchas […]

    Ubuntu Life

  16. Milk Carton Obama

    I love it when political graffiti is subject to interpretation.  Is the artist saying that Obama’s […]

    Mission Mission

  17. Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    A white Louisiana justice of the peace has refused to issue a marriage license to an […]

    Cafferty File

  18. You Tube Miyabi Maria Ozawa Telanjang

    Hahahaha.. Akhirnya berhasil juga saya nampangin You Tube di postingan.. Horeeeee.. hebaaat nyaaak.. makanya saya […]


  19. Bove Still Bullish, A Double For Citigroup (GS, C)

    Calling for more and more gains after what we have seen in the troubled financial sector is a tough call on the […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  20. Heading to the Ground cut short

    It looks like Yun-ho wasn’t enough to keep the drama going.


  21. ‘SYTYCD’ judge Nigel Lythgoe wishes Mia Michaels ‘all the best’

    Responding to the news that choreographer Mia Michaels tweeted her exit from So You Think You Can Dance, the […]

    News Briefs

  22. Kim Kardashian on Her Barbie-Inspired Cover: “This Could Be My Favorite Shoot To Date!”

    Tony Duran/Kurv Magazine Heidi Klum might have lived every Barbie-lover’s dream and had a real-life version of […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  23. Sphere bots get some new skills

    Spherical robots , or in this case RC vehicles are pretty versatile. They travel about the same on most terrains, […]

    Hack a Day

  24. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’: Should favorite books be made into movies?

    I’ve made it pretty clear how much I love Spike Jonze’s movie Where the Wild Things Are. But I also feel […]

    The Movie Critics

  25. Inilah Pin Nabi Muhammad yang Dijual Seharga Rp 20.000

    Pin “Nabi Muhammad” Beredar Bersamaan Pin Ali Bin Abi Thalib dan Abu Fadhl Abbas
    MAKASSAR — Bros atau […]


  26. As The BAC Goes Up, So Do The Stupid Decisions

    Every college student’s Saturday schedule is more or less the same: Waste half the day by sleeping until an […]

    College Candy

  27. Linux es muy caro!

    Palomitas y maíz – Webcomic de humor inocentemente pervertido

  28. Balloon Boy on Larry King: “We Did It for the Show”

    For a few horrifying hours yesterday, TV news and its audience thought they might be witnessing the death of a child […]

    Tuned In

  29. อัพเดทๆ: ข่าวลือว่ากษัตริย์ทรงสิ้นพระชนม์

    With Several Updates: Rumors of the king’s demise
    October 15, 2009
    ที่มา – Political Prisoners in […]

    Liberal Thai

  30. A Rob for everyone

    Dear Rob,
    You’re a pretty diverse guy, did you know that? You can go from handsomest creature to have ever walked […]

    Letters to Rob

  31. اسفندیار مشایی: هدف آمریکا از موشک باران کره ماه نابود کردن آثار […]

    چند ساعت پیش یکی از دوستان اهل رامسر (که اتفاقا از اردوی هواداران […]

    دل پیچه

  32. Teams light up Browns’ phone to ask about Cribbs

    Josh Cribbs, the Browns’ Pro Bowl return man, has drawn significant interest from other teams, including the […] Blogs

  33. Thinking about the old Ignatieff

    In Ottawa on Monday, I kept getting asked—including by three stray passersby on Wellington Street—what Beatles song […]

  34. Microsoft Proposes a Browser Ballot for European Windows Users, it is Not Awesome

    (Note: This is my personal opinion and doesn’t reflect Mozilla’s official position or any formal statement […]

    Boriss’ Blog

  35. My perfect New Moon premiere outfit – Contest

    Dear New Moon cast members,
    We are 34 days from the premiere of New Moon and to be honest I’m started to freak […]

    Letters to Twilight

  36. Tornado en San Cristobal

    (Foto Tomada de “Noticias 24″)
    Si, así como lo leen en San Cristóbal ocurrió un tornado o algo así al […]

    Visión Básica

  37. It’s the Friday Puzzle!

    The last couple of puzzles have been a tad tricky, so here is something a bit more straightforward….
    A man enjoys […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  38. 10 Things I Wish I Could Tell Every New Lightroom User

    (Copyright 2006 Rob Sylvan – All Rights Reserved)
    Post by Rob Sylvan – Follow Rob on Twitter
    When I heard that […]


  39. Friday Caption Contest (Boozy Vaizey Edition)

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  40. Pin (Bukan) Bergambar Nabi Muhammad: Ini Sejarah Aslinya!

    Pertama perlu dipertegas dan diperjelas tentang berita yang beredar di media massa. Kebanyak media massa menulis berita […]

    Dahulukan Islam di Atas Mazhab

  41. Tahun 2010 : 66 Juta Penduduk Meninggal Dunia

    66 Juta Jiwa akan Meninggal Dunia pada tahun 2010!! Informasi ini bukanlah hoax. Info ini bukanlah  seperti isu kiamat […]


  42. Dear Lonely Planet

    Dear Lonely Planet
    I came across your entry for Chennai (Madras), and like a responsible citizen coming across a […]

    Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa

  43. T’es une connasse, mais c’est pas de ta faute…

    Cet article est destiné aux petites-amies,
    fiancées et femmes qui nous lisent.

    Prenons une engueulade de […]

    C'est La Gêne

  44. Penerimaan CPNS BADAN STANDARDISASI NASIONAL ( BSN ) T.A 2009 ( exp : 24 Oct, 2009 )

    Badan Standardisasi Nasional sebagai Lembaga Pemerintah Non Departemen (LPND), yang mempunyai tugas di bidang […]


  45. AP declares Obama “Kenyan-Born”!

    by John Charlton
    (Oct. 14, 2009) — What most […]

  46. Vücudunda Arapça yazılar çıkan bebek

    Az önce Ekşisözlükte gördüm, Rusya’da 1 yaşındaki bir bebeğin vücudunda Arapça yazılar belirmiş. […]

    Şüpheci Melek

  47. गाजाको खेती कस्तो अचम्म.

    गाजाको खेती कस्तो अचम्म

    Canadanepal's Weblog

  48. Dos ejecutados en la Herrera

    Dos ejecutados en la Herrera
    TIJUANA BC 15 DE OCTUBRE DE 2009 (AFN).- Otros dos cuerpos , semidesnudos y con huellas de […]

    Narco Tijuana

  49. Super Junior M – Oppo Phone Photos + Witty Kyuhyun is back!!

    dengan kembali nya Super Junior M di Cina, mereka pun kembali membintangi iklan komersial untuk handphone yang bermerek […]


  50. Serényi: idejét múlt kérdésekkel nem foglalkozom, a Fradi oldja meg, ahogy tudja

    Serényi Péter az MLSZ sajtófönöke egy dolgot nem szeret, dolgozni. Nem kifejteni az igazság minden szeletét […]

    Üllői út 129

  51. داستان زندان رفتن من ( نیکاهنگ کوثر / 1379 )

    آنچه می بینید ، مجموعه کاریکاتورهایی است قدیمی از نیکاهنگ کوثر […]

    مصائب آنا

  52. Pics of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart in Italy – Dots removed

    I removed the dots on all of these pics of Robert Pattinson in Italy with Kristen Stewart. I already did a batch […]

    Thinking of Rob™

  53. Commemorating That Drunken Rage

    Submitted By: Ellyn V
    Favorite Comment: Fixer Ellyn V says, “No libations were involved in the making of this […]

    There, I Fixed It

  54. Going Dutch

    If there is one port that sits atop the ” why doesn’t a Carnival ship go there ” it is of […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  55. Insändare: Den fria debatten på Norrköpings tidningar

    Jag är flitig läsare av Fria Nyheters hemsida, samt även flitig läsare av min hemkommuns tidning […]

    Fria Nyheter

  56. Bryci Lea Crowned Miss COED October 2009

    Congratulations, Bryci Lea – you’ve just been named Miss COED October 2009! The competition was tough, but after […]

    COED Magazine

  57. LA PROVA DEL CUOCO: Elisa Isoardi e Simone Rugiati si innamorano tra i fornelli. Ed Elisa alla conduzione convince e […]

    Un mese fa è partita la nuova edizione de “La prova del cuoco”. Alcune novità apportate nelle varie rubriche e […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  58. Rob-o-lantern? Robert Pattinson pumpkin carving stencils

    So last week Jen over at (where I listen to Rob Radio all the time) told me about this […]

    Random Acts of Rob™

  59. Czy rządzą nami satanisci?

    Czy rządzą nami satanisci?,  Jane Burgermeister 13.10.2009, skrót  tłum. Piotr Bein 14.10.2009, […]

    Grypa666's Blog

  60. Our Kids Get Lessons on Every Danger, And Yet…

    Hi Readers — Here’s a comment that got me thinking.
    Dear Free-Range Kids: My sons came home from school […]


  61. 091015 M!Countdown

    [HQ] Mnet M!Countdown (2009-10-15).avi [1250.0 MB]
    Debut Stage- JQT, M-BLAQ, Secret; 4Minute, Kim Tae Woo, Naomi, […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  62. GOP Blocks Another Attempt to Extend Unemployment Benefits

    In the most under-reported story of the week, the Republican’s have, yet again, screwed over the people who have […]


  63. Vokes signs for Leeds on loan

    According to Daily Mirror Wolves striker Sam Vokes will finally sign for Leeds today.
    Wolves has tried to find a club […]

    Paddytheflea's Blog

  64. #150 – “Her Guiding Light”

    I know, I know, it’s late. Ultimately, this page took me just about all of my evening from getting home until […]

    Beyond the Tree, the Misadventures of Hani and Tiny

  65. تابناک مرگ خامنه ای را تکذيب ميکند

    تابناک : یک نومحافظه‌کار آمریکایی که به مواضع ضد ایرانی شهره است […]

    حقیقت نیوز

  66. ELFs in Shanghai planning to shout “13”?

    i know what you guys are thinking…..It’s not what you think….!! ^___^
    edit: i didnt share this so you […]


  67. Refuzuri simetrice. Liviu Voinea la Finante?

    Negocierile pentru formarea viitorului Cabinet Croitoru au inceput azi, pentru postul de ministru de Finante surse din […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  68. Klaus Johannis, traficant de copii?

    Multe întrebări se vor naşte după vizionarea acestui scurt reportaj;  Că Johannis e mason şi că e sprijinit […]

    Lumea dupa Eufrosin

  69. Quick Hit: Rainbow Bratz

    Okay, I realize I let Epic Posts on Rape Culture Week bleed over yesterday into what is obviously Childhood Toy […]

    Kate Harding's Shapely Prose

  70. Anybody check craigslist yet?

    An alert reader sent me this photo from somewhere not too far from Athens.
    What, no phone number?

    Get The Picture

  71. a grown-up dinner party

    I decided to finally take my last step into adulthood by having real grown-ups over, for a real dinner party. […]

    one cake two cake

  72. PHOTO: Bret Michaels, Cyndi Lauper Join Celebrity Apprentice

    Donald Trump is looking for a new Celebrity Apprentice! The mogul and head judge of NBC’s business reality […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  73. 9 Year Old Hockey Goal

    PORTLAND, ME – A 9 year old boy in Maine has quickly shot to Internet stardom by scoring an impossible hockey […]

    Weekly World News

  74. Future with Robert Pattinson & The Infamous Kiss

    Did someone say sa-wooon? SA-WOOON!
    What does the typical future of a couple entail?
    One with Rob looks very promising […]

    According To My Sources

  75. Tidak Hamil dan Tidak Pernah ML, Seorang Wanita Tiba-Tiba Mules dan Melahirkan Bayi

    Warga Desa Kotanapal, Kecamatan Bungamayang, Lampung Utara (Lampura) geger. Pasalnya, Bekti Wahyuningsih, 21, warga […]

    Ruang Hati Berbagi

  76. The more things change…

    “You know how it is, boss — nothing has changed,” Robin Singh told me.
    He was not talking the day […]

    Smoke Signals

  77. From the Pen of David Horowitz: October 16, 2009

    When homosexuals object to the term “abnormal,” they are objecting to its prescriptive use –  for example […]

    NewsReal Blog

  78. As compras: blushes e etc

    Coisinhas de maquiar a pele:

    Na ordem do relógio, pensando em colunas horizontais! Bronzing Powder cor Laguna e blush […]

    Dia de beauté

  79. The Rise & Fall of a Billionaire Technology Hedge Fund Guru

    About 15 years ago, as a young reporter covering the semiconductor industry for a newswire, I met a man called Raj […]


  80. whassup,

    whassup, George? bomb squad guy just said “OOOPS!”
    it wuz teh red wire, huh?
    Picture by: stretchnuts […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  81. Underwater World

    If you read my last post from here in Sabah then you’ll be well aware that this part of the globe looks […]

    Timothy Allen | Photography Blog | BBC Human Planet

  82. Do people have “odorprints”?

    p>It’s no surprise that people have unique scents—from your seventh grade teacher’s combination of […]


  83. Quyền hành và lực lượng đều ở nơi dân

    Dũng cảm và sáng tạo nhằm thực thi tư tưởng Hồ Chí Minh về dân chủ với nội […]

    Quê choa

  84. Complete Utter Shambles

    All over Ruraltown the usual sounds of vomiting Chavs, filthy black-smoke belching empty busses and single mothers […]


  85. If You Havn’t Seen The Comments from Blarg….

    Wednesday October 14th. The best night of my life!
    What could be better than a night full of filming, music, and your […]


  86. La sociedad más secreta de todas que conspira para controlar el mundo

    Este documental se tituló “La Conspiración Mundial de los illuminati”.
    Patrick McNee presenta este […]

  87. Pequeño acertijo físico… o informático

    Releyendo mi apunte Seducciones de la informática… me acordé de una pregunta de examen de un instituto de […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  88. Naruto Manga 468 Español

    Y por ultimo aca los dejo con el manga de naruto en español para descarga y online que lo disfruten ONLINE […]


  89. It’s a shame no one told him

    It’s a shame no one told him the 72 virgins are 35 year old Star Trek fans living in their mothers […]

    Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more

  90. Bannato, definitivamente, dal forum di Ubuntu-it

    Oggi sono stato definitivamente bannato dal forum di Ubuntu-it.
    Il motivo è che, dopo le continue lamentele degli […]

    Guiodic Blog

  91. Lufthansa Frankfurt S10 long-haul changes

    As per 16OCT09 GDS timetable display, Lufthansa has adjusted selected long-haul routes out of Frankfurt in the 2010 […]


  92. Ardent War Story 4: You Know You’re Getting Close to Your Customers When They Offer You a Job

    In 1985 Ardent Computer was determined to create a market niche for personal supercomputers. To understand our […]

    Steve Blank

  93. SDT Podcast Show No. 1!

    Hi everyone!  If you’ve been following our site lately, you’ll know that we’ve been working on a […]

    SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!

  94. Beta: Listen in Twitter (Updates)

    Seit heute früh habe ich die Möglichkeit, die neue Listenfunktion von Twitter im Beta zu testen. Ich bin […]


  95. Bebé cae a las vías del tren y sale ileso tras ser arrollado

    El pequeño estaba en un carrito que se deslizó sin que su madre se percatara y quedó delante de un convoy que […]

    El Solitario George

  96. Of course I want you

    Of course I want you to “love” your sister. But, boundaries, Luke. Boundaries.
    (Mark Hamill and […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  97. Bonus Content for Reserved Copies of Mass Effect

    Today we announced that Mass Effect 2 will be shipping Jan 26, 2010 and that you can reserve your copy an receive […]

    BioWare Blog

  98. Kawasaki KLX 140 Di RECALL . . . . KLX 150S Gimana ??

    FYI : Komisi Keselamatan Produk Konsumsi AS (The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) yang berkolaborasi dengan […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle

  99. MUI: Pin Bergambar Nabi Muhammad Haram

    Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) mengecam peredaran pin bergambar Nabi Muhammad SAW yang mulai beredar di Sulawesi […]

    Solo Cyber City

  100. Apa yang kudu dilakukan Suzuki,… menghadapi gajah-gajah di segment motor sportz …!!!

    Well,…. clan Suzuki pernah juara… disegment motor sportz… !!! Masih membekas dimana Suzuki Thunder […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

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