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  1. Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on ‘House,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘Grey’s,’ ‘Lost,’ and more!

    Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the […]

    The Ausiello Files

  2. ‘Big Brother 11’s’ Jordan and Jeff: Thanks for the cash, America!

    Did she play the shrewdest game ever? Hell to the no, but Jordan Lloyd – the 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, […]


  3. Pelosi gets emotional about political climate

    (CNN) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who appears to rank only behind President Obama as a top target of health […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  4. Top 10 Bizarre Government Publicity Stunts

    Governments all around the world have used PR to increase their clout. While most of the techniques they use are pretty […]


  5. Shakira On Her Accidental Fashion Faceoff: “You’re Going to Wear a One-Of-A-Kind'”

    Kevin Mazur/Wireimage After seeing double at the VMAs, Shakira took to the airwaves on 102.7 KIIS FM’s On Air […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  6. Can You Please Come Talk to My Class…But Not Look at Anyone?

    Hi Readers — Here’s a note from puzzlemeister Eric Berlin, author of The Puzzling World of Winston Breen. […]


  7. I’m Gonna Let You Finish/Kanye West Contest

    Hey ROFLrazzi! The Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident at the MTV Video Music Awards is all some of us ROFLrazzi peeps […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  8. Michelle Williams: Every Time I Miss Heath, I Look At Matilda

    Courtesy Vogue

    It’s been close to two years since the death of actor Heath Ledger, time which Michelle […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  9. Coldplay settles Satriani lawsuit

    Joe Satriani’s copyright infringement lawsuit against Coldplay has been settled, Satriani’s rep tells Billboard. […]

    The Music Mix

  10. Panama’s Montauk Monster?

    PANAMA CITY – A group of Panamanian teenagers claim to have killed and photographed a monster! […]

    Weekly World News

  11. Kevin Skinner Wins America’s Got Talent!

    No more chicken catching for Kentucky’s Kevin Skinner!
    The unemployed farmhand — and longtime musician — […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  12. RSS in the Clouds

    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it’s a way for people to subscribe to updates to your blog using a […] News

  13. NOAA: Warmest Global Sea-Surface Temperatures for August and Summer

    From the NOAA press release, just in time for Copenhagen. Of course the satellite record for August tells another story […]

    Watts Up With That?

  14. Mit Schmuddelkindern spricht man nicht

    Nach Erscheinen seines Interviews auf der Webseite der Zeitschrift ‘Junge Freiheit’ hat Andreas Popp, […]

    a Pirate’s World

  15. More smooth moves from Russ Carnahan

    When SEIU folks are shown on video beating up a black man in a parking lot after your town hall, when you’re […]

  16. In Just 30 Seconds, You Will Utterly Despise The New York Lottery

    Oh sure, it gets off to a promising start, but just you wait: In mere moments, you will yearn for a plague of locusts […]

    Cute Overload

  17. Download: Jæger – i krig med eliten

    Kunne du også tænke dig at læse den meget omtalte bog Jærger – i krig med eliten kan den frit og kvit hentes […]

  18. Can you explain the magic broom?

    Here is a short news report about a magic broom that appears to stand-up in an inexplicable way…..

    Is it […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  19. We is America

    Margaret,  I haven’t laughed so hard since Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Palin.  A few thousand white […]

    Margaret and Helen

  20. Roster final de Smackdown vs RAW 2010 – Mr. Kennedy y Jeff Hardy están presentes

    Este es el roster final del videojuego Smackdown vs RAW 2010, revelado la tarde de hoy por THQ y GameSpot. Esta será […]

  21. Alicia Keys Pulls A Lil Mama On 106 & Park

    This afternoon, Alicia Keys crashed the 106 & Park stage.  When Terrance and Rocsi asks how it feels to bum-rush the […]

    Rap Radar

  22. Oab/cespe 2009.2 – Recursos – Curso Dogma – QuestÃo 56

    Preliminarmente, há que se ressaltar que a questão 56 de Direito Administrativo apresentou duas assertivas com […]

  23. Does racism have anything to do with opposition to Pres. Obama?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    Former President Jimmy Carter says racism plays a major role in the recent opposition […]

    Cafferty File

  24. Healthy Cooking on the Cheap: Spinach Turkey Burgers, Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers, and More

    By Jenna Weber
    I love the grocery store. OK, I am a bit obsessed with it, actually. I would pick grocery shopping over […]

    Healthy Eating

  25. Drug Deal Fail

    Picture by: dunno source. Submitted by: dunno source via Fail Uploader

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  26. How to replace a Netgear router antenna wanted to use a different antenna for their Netgear mbr624gu WiFi router. Unfortunately, this model comes […]

    Hack a Day

  27. Another Megan Fox letter — and this one sings her praises!

    The saga continues!
    For those of you who’ve fallen behind on your Megan Fox news — here’s a quick […]

    Hollywood Insider

  28. روز قدس؛ بچه ها در همه جای تهران مشغول شعار نویسی هستن

    بچه ها در همه جای تهران مشغول شعار نویسی هستن چند تا از عکس هارو که […]

    The Great Persian

  29. The 12 Robmandments

    The 12 Robmandments, yes there are 12, it is Robert Pattinson after all & 10 just wouldn’t cover it all Keep in […]

    Random Acts of Rob

  30. Separating the Fact From Fiction in the Yale Murder Case

    One of the challenges in covering a fast-moving story like the murder of Yale grad student Annie Le is separating rumor […]

    On The Scene

  31. Baroness Scotland Has No Defence Unless She “Checked and Copied”

    Baroness Scotland was appointed by Gordon Brown to be the government’s chief legal adviser. Prior to becoming […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  32. First Results from Planck Released!

    ESA has just announced the first results form the Planck satellite. The ESA release can be found here and some more […]

    Blogging the Planck Mission

  33. Beat 360° 9/16/2009

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°? Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  34. Voodoo Cost Savings

    If you really want to know about Max Baucus’s bill, head on over to Ezra Klein’s blog, which is all Baucus, […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  35. Wenger Engineering Steady Rise For Sanchez Watt

    In and amongst the drama last night, many Arsenal fans might have failed to notice an unused, little heard of young […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  36. Cem GarİpoĞlu Yakalandi / Video

    Münevver Karabulut’un katil zanlısı Cem Garipoğlu’nun yakalandığı ve İstanbul Emniyet […]

    Haberin Doğru Adresi

  37. La criatura insólita de Cerro Azul, Panamá (Actualizada)

    ¿Una broma perezosa?
    De nuevo, fotografías de un extraño ser desconocido llegan a la red. En este caso desde […]

    Tejiendo el mundo

  38. Festik a stadiont

    Erről számol be az […]

    Üllői út 129

  39. لبخند عاشق و معشوق ، مرید و مراد ، در اولین جلسه هیئت دولت ، چه […]

    25 شهریور، اولین جلسه هیئت دولت کودتا
    به به ، حظ کردم ، ببینید چه […]

    انقلاب سبز مردم ایران

  40. Happy Birthday, Moo! Yay, PhotoJoJo!

    The wonderful people at Moo are celebrating their 3rd birthday! Woo hoo, Moo! They’re giving away 10,000 packs […]

    Flickr Blog

  41. Sub-Standard Performance But A Win Is A Win

    Champions League Group H
    Standard Liege 2 – 3 Arsenal
    1 – 0 Mangala (2)
    2 – 0 Jovanovic (5 pen)
    2 […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  42. Wenger reveals Song’s change of fate

    Arsene Wenger has revealed he nearly sacrificed Alex Song in Arsenal’s vital comeback at Standard Liege […]

    Red London | by Randy Osae

  43. X FACTOR 3 / SECONDA PUNTATA DEL 16/09/2009 – Allo scontro finale le YAVANNA della Maionchi che sclera e si mette a […]

    Eccoci pronti a seguire la seconda puntata di questa terza edizione di XFactor.
    21:04 Puntualissimo inizia […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  44. Rachelle Leah is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    It’s been a long day here at COED, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to end it with a bang. As […]

    COED Magazine

  45. Hallán extraña criatura en Cerro Azul, Panamá. Con fotos.

    El hallazgo de una extraña criatura en Cerro Azul ha despertado polémica entre la población, pues mientras algunos […]

    Esencia21 Blog

  46. Aftonbladet stoppar SD:s valannonser

    Aftonbladets ansvariga utgivare Jan Helin och Lena Melin deklarerar idag att man har för avsikt att inte vara objektiv […]

    Fria Nyheter

  47. Universal Releases Details of Harry Potter-Land

    It’s not really called that. It’s called “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” I don’t […]

    Nerd World

  48. The DJIA 10,000 Psyche (AIG, C, DIA, SPY, GLD)

    While everyone is stuck talking about the one year anniversary of the Lehman implosion and the real start of the […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  49. Old Operating Systems Don’t Die…

    Now this is good tech news in its purest form: After eight years of development, a new operating system called Haiku […]


  50. Video: I Can Haz Pancakes?

    yay! pancaeks maek me sew happeh!

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  51. Порно по Нова

    –         Свърши ли 19-годишният Пешко в теб? – пита Витомир в […]

    Plameto's Blog

  52. X Factor 3, Seconda Puntata Del 16/09/09 in SCAVICCHIALIVE. Ospiti I Simple MIND. Mara Piange in DIRETTA. Eliminati Gli […]

    Dopo il tiepido accoglimento da parte del pubblico italiano all’avvio della terza edizione giovedì scorso (meno di 2 […]

    Scavicchia la Notizia

  53. Two crashes

    Blogs are about opinions, not just straight journalism… I would rather write of the good things that Grand Prix […]

    Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog

  54. 99 out of 100 can see it, the 100th is Arsene Wenger.

    A victory is a victory is a victory… however, I’m not subscribing to that game being something to be […]

    Le Grove

  55. 骨盤体操・骨盤ダイエット・骨盤開き度チェックまとめ|ザ・ベストハウス123



  56. Resultado Barcelona Vs Inter De Milan (champions 2009-2010)

    BARCELONA 0    VS   INTER DE MILAN 0     Final

    Geety Images
    MILAN – El campeón de Europa Barcelona […]


  57. Penerimaan CPNS DepHUB ( exp : 24 September, 2009 )

    P E N G U M U M A N  :
    Nomor :  PM. 11 Tahun 2009


  58. iPhone の名前が変わる?

    Jason Kottke が大変刺激的なエントリーを投稿している。 “Your company? […]


  59. Jay Leno, Night 2: Tom Cruise does not go nuts, Michael Moore condemns capitalism

    The centerpiece of Jay Leno’s second night was his interview with Michael Moore, out promoting Capitalism: A […]

    Ken Tucker's Watching TV

  60. The Weapons of Bayonetta – 2

    Hello all, Bayonetta weapon designer (all of them) and CG modeler Muneyuki “Johnny” Kotegawa here.
    It has been a […]

    PlatinumGames Inc.

  61. Lost In Translation? Fox Anchor Tells Weatherman To ‘Keep F*&£ing That Chicken’

    Perhaps you’re familiar with the work of FOX5 WNYW presenter Ernie Anastos. Maybe he does this all the time. Or […]

    Jon Bernstein

  62. Bài học đó, chúng ta không thể quên

    (…)Cũng là sự kiện chiếm đất giành giật chủ quyền, liên tục mấy tuần gần đây, báo […]

    Quê choa

  63. Why No More Retarded Policeman?

    SAP & Ponce here…
    We want to say, with all sincerity, that we love the Retarded Policeman series.  It was […]

    Theperryboys Blogmaggedon

  64. Skousen in Dialogue

    You may have read the Salon article on Cleon Skousen, a great influence on the thought (?) of Glenn Beck. The article […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  65. Win My PAX ’09 Swag Bag!

    Video game conventions are incredible for two primary reasons- the abundance of women dressed in suggestive video […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  66. What men notice on women

    What men notice on women
    Graph by: Aqp via Graph Jam Builder

    GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them.

  67. Graduatoria nominale Test d’Ingresso Medicina e Chirurgia 2009/2010 Università di Palermo

    Dopo la graduatoria anonima, oggi sono uscite anche le graduatorie nominali per l’ammissione ai corsi di Medicina & […]

    Logopedia (UniPa)

  68. یک روز قبل و بعد از عید فطر تعطیل شد

    پارلمان‌نیوز: هیات دولت برای رفاه حال کارکنان دولت مقرر کرد: […]

    حقیقت نیوز

  69. Gängkriget i Malmö – mordet på Mirtez: en gripen ur den motstridande falangen

    Gängkriget i Malmö har pågått sedan 2007. Briserande handgranater, skottlossningar, bomb mot en krog i Lund, […]

    Politiskt Inkorrekt

  70. Toronto: The buzz film ‘Collapse’ showcases a gripping pundit of economic doom

    I said in my first post from Toronto that you could feel the anxiety of the economic crisis in any number of the films […]

    The Movie Critics

  71. Ask A Dude: Why Won’t He Sleep With Me?

    Got a guy question that’s tearing you up inside? Don’t trust your girl friends to give you honest advice (because […]

    College Candy

  72. Four Apparent Suicides/Deaths in 48 Hours – CEO-Financiers-Fundraiser

    Rockefeller & Co’s CEO committed suicide: report
    (Reuters) – James McDonald, chief executive officer of […]

  73. 10 Traits You Should Possess if You Want to be a Good Photographer

    Both Rick and I have recently posted on what makes a good photo. But what about the other side? What makes a good […]


  74. کجا هستند فلسطینی‌‌ها که ببینند سربازان اسرائیلی چقدر با شرفند؟

    اینجا ایران است نه فلسطین، حالا کی‌ برای کی‌ باید تظاهرات […]

    بد حجاب

  75. President Obama and the First Lady Learning to Fence in Support Chicago 2016!

    I’m so giddy I can barely write, but here goes!
    Daria Schneider and I went to the White House today for an event […]

    Tim Morehouse

  76. Comment of The Week . . . . Moncer Bicara Tentang Yamaha Byson a.k.a FZ-16

    Saya posting komentar Bro Mocer  untuk mengapresiasi komentarnya pada artikel YMKI Ragu YMKI Rugi. Patut di perhatikan […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle

  77. Cem Garipoğlu teslim oldu (İşte Cem G.’nin Son Hali)

    Münevver Karabulut’un cinayet zanlısı Cem Garipoğlu 197 gün sonra İstanbul’da teslim […]


  78. Finally! Hannah Giles bikini photo

    To see it, you have to go here. to The Other McCain, it is worth it! Plus, as a bonus, if you click right now, I will […]

    The Daley Gator

  79. Tembak Menembak di Solo : Diduga Penggrebekan Teroris

    Saat ini warga diungsikan menjauh dari TKP.
    Suara tembakan beruntun yang sempat mengejutkan warga RT03/11 Kampung Kepuh […]

    Solo Cyber City

  80. Und noch ein Leichtmatrose

    Jens Seipenbusch, Bundesvorsitzender der Piraten, hat der Jungen Freiheit kein Interview gegeben, sondern – noch […]

    Im Namen des Volkers

  81. The People of Dragon Age: Origins – An Interview with Sten, Wynne and the Tower Guard

    Part 1 of 1, by Sheryl Chee and Mary Kirby
    Q: Hi there. Thanks for giving this interview.
    Wynne: It’s a […]

    BioWare Blog

  82. Cerro Azul Monster

    Cancel any trips you are planning to Cerro Azul, Panama, pronto people. Well at least until they find out what the hell […]

    The Friggin Loon

  83. This is for the Jedi Knight in You!

    In the history of LucasArts, those who loved their first-person shooters had their Star Wars fix fulfilled with the […]

  84. f(x) is Vogue Girl

    kurang dari seminggu setelah mereka debut, f(x) the monster Rookie, sudah menjadi model majalah Vogue Girls edisi […]


  85. Investigan a siete agentes de la Policía Municipal

    Investigan a siete agentes de la Policía Municipal por sospecha * Luis Gerardo Andrade
    TIJUANA, Baja […]

    Narco Tijuana

  86. How to be a fun celebrity

    Dear Twilight cast members who are absolutely no fun (read: Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson),
    What’s your […]

    Letters to Twilight

  87. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

    The Edge of the American West

  88. Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ breaks first-day records

    Dan Brown’s latest historical/conspiratorial/symbological mystery had a stellar first day, selling more than one […]

    Shelf Life

  89. Creo que “Estoy muy mal”…

    jeje ^^

    Ubuntu Life

  90. Around the League: Belichick’s plan for Jets

    [nfl-video id=”09000d5d812ae178″ contentid=”09000d5d812ae178″ ads=”2″ related=”home” size=”large” […] Blogs

  91. Karmic Koala Alpha 6 liberado, que esperamos para la primera beta?

    Cómo todos sabemos, según el riguroso calendario de desarrollo de Karmic Koala, en el día de hoy se presenta la 6ª […]


  92. Patrick Swayze: Lesley Anne Down remembers her ‘North and South’ co-star’s passion and happiness

    Lesley Anne Down, who co-starred with Patrick Swayze in the 1985 mini-series North and South, spoke to EW following his […]

    News Briefs

  93. Buffett: Economy Has Leveled Off — and I’m Buying Stocks

    Warren Buffett has made several public appearances in the past day or two, including this one on CNBC in which he says […]

    The Guru Investor

  94. Skype Founders Sue eBay — Big Surprise

    Skype co-founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis have sued eBay (s EBAY), the company that acquired their Internet […]


  95. La razón del sufrimiento

    Me gané una bronca de puta madre por aquello. Vale que entre amigos suelo ser de titular fácil: primero condenso y […]


  96. When Do People Make Fat Hating Comments?

    I just ran across this post over at BoingBoing: Terrifying Huge Breakfast is Free if You Eat it in 20 Minutes.  As of […]

    I AM in shape. ROUND is a shape.

  97. Time Lapse Aerial Video of 9/12 Protestors

    I dunno if that’s 2 million.  But really, who the hell cares?  Put any number you want on them.  The video […]

    The Rhetorican

  98. خيانت مجيد مجيدي به موج سبز؟!

    معادلات سياسي و اجتماعي و روابط انساني مثل معادلات رياضي نيستند، […]


  99. ‘MJ-is-alive source’ answers your questions – all you have to do is ask

    Copyright (c) 2009 Derek Clontz/Your World Report. All rights reserved. Cassandra Gretchen-Sims – the source […]

    Derek Clontz

  100. Name That Cat: What Breed Should OS 10.7 Be?

    Now that Snow Leopard is on the prowl, thoughts turn to what Mac OS 10.7 might be called.
    When it was announced that […]


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