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September 2, 2009: Top Posts

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  1. Pet Society 釣魚簡表[2009.8.29更新]

    按此查看 (Please click here for the new Pet Society […]

    Play Hard, Work Harder

  2. New Theme: Sandbox 1.6.1

    Sandbox 1.6.1 is now available to all blogs.
    Alongside Sandbox 1.6.1 you’ll also find the older […] News

  3. Palin involved in another scheduling mishap

    Palin will not attend an event Thursday at which she was billed to be a top speaker.

    (CNN) – Former Alaska […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  4. ‘True Blood’ season finale spoilers!

    HBO just released a very spoilery detailed description of True Blood’s Sept. 13 season finale. Here it is in its […]

    The Ausiello Files

  5. Akhi (Saudaraku) Jibril, Kami Ingin Menemuimu…!

    Meskipun sudah empat hari, pen’culik’an pimpinan sekaligus pendiri Ar Rahmah Media, M. Jibril Abdul Rahman […]


  6. PELECEHAN MALINGSIA [LAGI], Kali ini lagu INDONESIA RAYA Diplesetkan Oleh Orang Malingsia Dalam Sebuah Forum

    Kembali “Saudara serumpun” kita si malingsia melecehkan Bangsa Indonesia, sebelumnya sudah banyak yang […]

    MyDreams ( Bermimpilah, Bangun, Dan Raih Mimpimu !!! )

  7. DJ AM found dead in his New York apartment at age 36

    Celebrity disc jockey DJ AM, whose real name was Adam Michael Goldstein, was found dead in his New York City apartment […]

    News Briefs

  8. Project Runway’s Kenley Collins: “Jail Inspired Me”

    Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Kenley Collins first gained notoriety with her ’40s-inspired fashion and fiery attitude […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  9. TNA iMPACT (Resultados 27 agosto 2009) – “The Pope” D´Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke) hace equipo con Samoa Joe – Hamada […]

    Total Nonstop Action Wrestling presenta: TNA iMPACT! desde los Universal Studios en Orlando, Florida.
    A continuación […]

  10. Élő a Kaposvár elleni meccsről 0-0, vége

    Újabb 0-0. […]

    Üllői út 129

  11. Shah Alam temple demo: The Malays who don’t understand the essence of Islam

    1. Upon reaching home today at 530 pm, I open up my computer as usual and browsed my favorite online newspaper. I was […]


  12. Professora baiana é demitida só porque dançava “toda enfiada”.

    Uma professora baiana, apreciadora de axé pagode, foi demitida porque estava no ensaio da banda “O Troco” e […]

    Perdido em Salvador

  13. Testing my solar power

    Many commenters have mentioned “The Watts Effect”, whereby within a short period of time after I do a post […]

    Watts Up With That?

  14. (republicação) “Ética para todos” *

    Gerou-se um inopinado alarido estival na Corte para saber se a nomeação de Lobo Antunes para o Conselho Nacional de […]


  15. Why I Don’t Have a Girlfriend

    Why I Don’t Have a Girlfriend
    Graph by: Xen via Graph Jam Builder

    GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them.

  16. Lirik Lagu Indonesia Raya Yang Diplesetkan Malaysia

    Well…, buat para sahabat yang belum lihat / denger / baca lirik lagu Indonesia Raya yang diplesetkan Malaysia […]

    Solo Cyber City

  17. TG GP ’09: the poll

    …so this post turns into an official results list for those that care about the […]

    The Cupholder – BBC Top Gear

  18. Software freedom lovers: here comes Maemo 5

    There are few days in your life where you feel part of something historic. Today is one of these days for me, and I beli […]


  19. Trader Crack: AIG Goes To $100 (AIG, C, BAC, HIG, MET, YHOO)

    The DJIA has risen for eight straight days and the verdict is still out as to how today’s close will go.  With […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  20. Estrazione Superenalotto sistema ridotto per l’estrazione del 29.08.2009

    Si riparte da 38.000.000 milioni di € dopo la stepitosa vincita da record da 148.00.000 € vinti da un anonimo […]

    Estrazione del Superenalotto & del Lotto

  21. 360 Interview: Elizabeth Smart and her father, Ed

    Anderson Cooper | BIO
    AC360° Anchor
    An 11-year-old California girl snatched from the street in front of her house in […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  22. Selamat Datang Bulan Suci Ramadhan…

    Ketika dibelenggu setan durjana
    Ketika dibuka pintu-pintu surga
    Ketika dikekang segala kejahatan
    Ketika dimudahkan […]


  23. Hepsi Grubu Eylül Sayısı Madame Figaro Dergisinde

    Hepsi Grubu yepyeni fotoğrafları ve röportajıyla; “Geri Dönüşüm Projesi” kapsamında […]

    Grup Hepsi | Hepsi Grubu Haberleri – Resimleri – Albümleri – Şarkı Sözleri – Biyografi – Diskografi – Eren Bakıcı – Cemre Kemer – Yasemin Yürük – Gülçin Ergül

  24. To my Hindu brothers and sisters, please forgive them.

    Update at 6.59pm on 28/8/09 : The report of the incident by Malaysianinsider makes it imperative that decisive police […]

    The People’s Parliament

  25. 101 Ridiculously Hot Redheads

    With their fiery locks and stunning light-skinned looks, redheads are that rare breed of beauty capable of making even […]

    COED Magazine

  26. How Big Is the Apple iPhone App Economy? The Answer Might Surprise You

    If I were to tell you that Apple’s app economy was worth more than $2.5 $2.4 billion a year, you would laugh […]


  27. Box office preview: Will ‘The Final Destination’ and ‘Halloween II’ massacre each other?

    Your regular box office prognosticator Nicole Sperling is out for the next few weeks, box office fans, so you’re […]

    Hollywood Insider

  28. Mnet 20’s Choice Awards Wrap Up

    For those of you curious to see what the categories were and who the winners were, check them out~


  29. Congo sues Norway for $500 BILLION dollars!

    In the Republic of Congo, a surreal scenario is playing out: Two Norwegian citizens, Tjostolv Moland and Joshua French, […]

    Erling Løken Andersen

  30. First Bush was Hitler, now Obama is Hitler.

    First Bush was Hitler, now Obama is Hitler.
    Let’s clear something up right now.  All U.S. Presidents are gonna […]

    Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more

  31. Bless the sacrificed cow…

    It’s so clear this is a case of incitement, provocation. (malaysiakini)
    Their targets are not the Hindus, nor […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  32. Drake teams with Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem for ‘Forever’: Hear it here

    Chances are you’ve heard a lot about Drake by now if you’ve been paying any attention to developments in […]

    The Music Mix

  33. Released from prison, but still tormented

    According to a bloody video posted on Facebook today, a 23 year old male committed suicide shortly after being released […]


  34. FENERBAHÇE: 2 – FC SION: 2 maçı özeti golleri

    İlk maçı deplasmanda 2-0 kazanan Fenerbahçe, rövanşta İsviçre ekibi Sion’la 2-2 berabere kaldı ve […]


  35. Meet the Castaways of Survivor: Samoa

    [brightcoveplayer 35574499001]
    CBS has revealed the names of the 20 castaways competing on Survivor: Samoa, the 19th […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  36. Do you notice anything shrivelling?

    The other day CTV reported the astonishing statistic that in the whole of Canada there are just 33 sperm donors. That […]

  37. Official Robert Pattinson 2010 Calendar

    The pics are a bit blurry as I blew them up so you could see them better, but you can go toAmazon here and zoom in […]

    Thinking of Rob

  38. Super Junior di Hongkong…

    di perahu layar (yachts) di Hongkong persis nya, apa yang mereka lakukan disana? mereka sepertinya sedang melakukan […]


  39. ‘Big Brother 11’: Jordan says, ‘I strongly, strongly dislike you with a passion!’

    “Why don’t you drop all that anger and man-up?” Jeff asked Russell.
    “A bald-faced lie,” […]

    Ken Tucker's Watching TV

  40. [Video] OK Eduardo took a dive.But what about this lot?

    Whats going on? Why is the football world now started to look at diving like its something new? This has been going […]


  41. Are There Really Lessons to Learn From The Jaycee Abduction?

    First off, my heart goes out to Jaycee Dugard, her daughters, her parents, step-parents – everyone in her […]


  42. Vote for True Blood on Tweeterwall!

    Here is who to vote for every 20 minutes! Vote daily and vote often!

    Inanimate Objects Patrol

  43. +++ Brown in Afghanistan Visit +++

    Purpose of visit : photo op – note how he carefully refers to the reinforced vehicles posed behind him in the […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  44. Burning Man Machine Tags

    (Updated to add information on the art installation and event tags.)
    For all of those going to Burning Man this year, […]

    Flickr Blog

  45. داستان س ک س ی نفیسه

    قبل از خواندن داستان سکسی! لطفا  ستون سمت راست رو بخونید و متشرک […]

    LOVE داستان های سکسی کون کوس کس فیلم عکس خواهر مادر خاله عمه س ک س

  46. Live Webcast – Watch it Right Here, Right Now

    Hey there, folks. Thanks for tuning in this week. Joshers and I have some pure webcast goodness planned out and we hope […]

    The Blogs at HowStuffWorks

  47. UPDATED: Super Junior in HK ! ALL 13 ^-^ (MORE pictures!!)


    Super Junior

  48. Bishop Tries to Pack Town Hall, Fails!

    NY Congressman Tim Bishop tried to pack his town hall with unions on the ‘take’ for nationalized […]

    Gathering of Eagles: NY

  49. kathmandu मा खुलेआम हतियार प्रदशन

    kathmandu मा खुलेआम हतियार प्रदशन

    Canadanepal's Weblog

  50. 41 Questions To Ask a Potential Church

    Before being called to pastor Ballymoney Baptist Church, I inevitably faced a raft of questions from its […]

    Unashamed Workman

  51. Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem, “Forever”

    My, oh, my. Props to the NMC.
    Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem, “Forever”

    The Rockabye Review

  52. Previsioni Per Sottomarina


     BORA  SUI 15 20 MAX 25 IN […]

    Sottomarina Kite

  53. Causes: Too Much Debt

    Menzie Chinn, one of my favorite bloggers, and Jeffry Frieden have a short and highly readable article up on the causes […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  54. Easy peasy in Europe, new contract for Eboue but no one wants Phil.

    So there you have it, we have got the easiest draw in Europe for once so we can take it easy and rest key players, in […]

    Le Grove

  55. Wenger reveals nearly dropping striker from squad

    Fear over a traumatic response from Eduardo following the prolonged incident against Celtic almost caused Arsene Wenger […]

    Red London | by Randy Osae

  56. Breaking down pics from the set of Eclipse

    Dear LTT-ers,
    With the total lack of any real Twi news or pictures larger than 1 inch by 1 inch, UC and I decided to do […]

    Letters to Twilight

  57. Rì-pót một lần gặp Bọ ở Sài gòn

    Đã có nhiều bài viết rất hay về Bọ được đăng trên chuyên mục “ Viết […]

    Quê choa

  58. Corrupción: Detienen a un hermano de “El Terrible” Morales

    Detienen a un hermano de “El Terrible” Morales
    TIJUANA, BC VIERNES 28 DE AGOSTO (AFN).- Agentes de la Policía […]

    Narco Tijuana

  59. LITG To Broadcast Final Four Games of 2009 Midget Nationals

    I am extremely pleased to announce that just today it was confirmed that Lacrosse Inside The Game will be at the […]

    Lacrosse – Inside The Game

  60. Preparation plan for last three months till CAT2009

    If you have just begun your preparation for the CAT, I would suggest that the first step should be to take […]

    Career Launcher’s CAT Blog

  61. Senator Ted Kennedy Funeral|Memorial Service Program-YourFuneralGuy

    Here is the Senator Ted Kennedy Memorial Service Program-for his “Private” Celebration of Life Service  […]

    Yourfuneralguy’s Weblog

  62. Missionary Dear John Letters

    A significant part of the plot of The Best Two Years revolves around Dear John letters (or tapes) received by two of […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  63. Are the Wizards one of the ten best teams in the NBA?

    Although the summer is not quite over, Chris Mannix of has decided to rank the teams in the NBA right now.  […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  64. Here’s The Tin Opener – Too Late, UEFA Open A Can Of Worms & Old Trafford Beckons

    Platini – Small Man, Even Smaller Mind
    No sooner had the UEFA President spoken than a lackey announced that the […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  65. What To Do When You Get Your First Paying Photo Client – A 10-Step Checklist For New Pros

    The big day is upon you. You’ve graduated from amateur to pro and you have a paying client. Someone is actually […]


  66. Snow Leopard warning: Your apps may crash

    One day before the scheduled launch of Mac OS X Snow Leopard — the latest update of Apple’s (AAPL) flagship […]

    Brainstorm Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  67. Sistema superenalotto ridotto,per le estrazioni del superenalotto del 22 agosto 2009

    BetWay Betting vi offre sistema superenalotto ridotto da 18 numeri e vi invita al grande slam di slot machines con […]

    Estrazione del Superenalotto,Lotto e 10 & Lotto

  68. The Five Stages of Panic Buying

    I talk to a ton of traders, portfolio managers, brokers and high net worth investors, both on and off Wall Street.  […]

    The Reformed Broker

  69. Should government raise taxes to deal with deficit?

    Should the government raise taxes to deal with the deficit?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    With a $9 trillion […]

    Cafferty File

  70. Very Easy Automatic

    Hi all. Bayonetta Director Hideki Kamiya here. At long last, here we go! Gameplay video of Very Easy Automatic Mode […]

    PlatinumGames Inc.

  71. [INFO] Mnet 20’s Choice 2009 Winners List

    Nominees (winners are bolded)
    HOT Drama Star (Male)
    * Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers)
    * Kim HyunJoong (Boys Over Flowers)
    * […]

    ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱

  72. Recopilatorios piratas de juegos para PC

    El que esté libre de haber usado copias piratillas de juegos que tire el primer pendrive. El poder adquisitivo de un […]


  73. گاف جدید احمدی‌نژاد: شکنجه‌ها کار دشمن است

    محمود احمدی‌نژاد که امروز به عنوان سخنران پیش از خطبه‌های نماز […]

    حقیقت نیوز

  74. The New Yorker takes a swipe at everyone

    This week’s New Yorker has a piece by James Wood — “God in the Quad” — that considers the […]

    Why Evolution Is True

  75. Cole ‘splashes out for Burke’s birthday’

    Cheryl Cole has treated X Factor winner Alexandra Burke to a luxury holiday for her 21st birthday, a report claims.
    The […]

    Total Cheryl Cole

  76. Jessica Gets Hit!

    2ND EDIT: According to silis7noy over at soompi, SM has officially stated NO CAMERA was chucked at Jess. Course that […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  77. En Manerbio: La Delbomanía sigue…

    Manerbio, Italia .
    “Trofeo Dimmidsi” sobre Polvo de Ladrillo.
    Desde el 22 de Agosto.

    Q | MD | Pag. […]

    El Tenis Que No Vemos!

  78. Mørkemenn i Kongo

    Aktoratet i saken mot Moland og French nedla i dag påstand om fem dødsdommer hver for de to tiltalte. Dommen […]

    Solami's Weblog

  79. Umineko no Naku Koro ni episode 5: End of the golden witch

    Updated to Part V.
    Good morning.
    It’s a new game by a new gamemaster,
    so please take your time enjoying […]

    {Words of Songs} ~ for the translation of anime & game lyrics

  80. Kennedy’s Great Mistake

    At least, Kennedy thought so: his refusal to cut a deal with Richard Nixon in 1971 on universal health insurance. […]


  81. Why Arsenal will beat Manchester United on Saturday

    Gut feelings are very common in football. You just get a feeling about
    something and proceed to tell everyone you know […]

  82. Mass Release!!! – 4 Onidere Chapters!

    I have done it. 4 CHAPTERS ARE FULLY SCANLATED! (Chapter 54,55, 56, & 57.) Yes, after slaving myself to typeset & clean […]

    Sexyboi Scanlations

  83. Last Day – New ID’s and Parking Decal Renewals

    Please know that today is the last day to pick up your new Southeastern 1Card ID and renew your parking decal with […]

    Around Southeastern

  84. Naruto 460 RAW SPOILER PICS (16 pages)

    NARUTO 460 │ BLEACH 370 │ ONE PIECE 554 Watch Naruto Shippuuden 122 Status: CONFIRMED – RAW SPOILER […]

    NARUTO Shippuuden Blog

  85. * silence *

    Hey Pet Society fans! The latest mysterious items have just been released, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now […]

    Pet Society’s Blog

  86. Memento Mori: Victorian Death Photos

    The invention of the daguerreotype in 1839 made portraiture much more commonplace, as many of those who were unable to […]


  87. Jawapan Saya

    Sejak saya mula “blogging” dua bulan dahulu, komen yang paling banyak dan hangat saya terima ialah mengenai tulisan […]

    Zaid Ibrahim

  88. Aqui Encontraras Los Codigos Del Concurso 100% Fan 100% Jonas

    Si, tratare de publicar diariamente los códigos del concurso de 100% fan 100% Jonas ..
    Para comenzar nesecitare de su […]

    La Zona

  89. Resultados Euromillones 28 Agosto y Lotería Primitiva 29 Agosto de 2009

    A continuación podéis comprobar los números agraciados en el sorteo de los Euro Millones celebrado el Viernes 28 de […]

    Cajón desastres

  90. SOUNDTRACK – Músicas de fim de namoro!

    O bom do tópico de ontem é que na hora que eu fui fazer o set de vídeos, achei tantas, mas tantas músicas que […]

    Consultório do Don Octavio

  91. Do Que As Mulheres Gostam – Parte II

    Após o post sobre as coisas odiosas nos homens, houve uma curiosidade bastante natural dos leitores masculinos sobre […]

    Meninas Only

  92. HACERSE SOCIO DE GOL TV: Engel será el único distribuidor de CAM y con la tarjeta de Gol Televisión costará 90 […]

    Claudio Hernández ( vuelve a publicar información exclusiva sobre el lanzamiento de […]


  93. Lowongan di Bank Mandiri ( exp : 4 September, 2009 )



  94. Antigravedad: Conceptos básicos. Parte I

    Antes de entrar a exponer este área, empezamos, con una pequeña clase introductoria, de la mano de John Maynard, […]

    Misterios de la Astrofísica.

  95. Exhiben fotos porno de Lorena Martínez

    Un nuevo golpe a la imagen del Partido de la Revolución Democrática recibió esta semana tras las imágenes […]

    La Carabina

  96. 23 Gründe Piratenpartei zu wählen

    Ich möchte euch heute 23 Gründe nennen warum man am 27.09.09 die Piratenpartei wählen sollte. Wenn ihr eigene […]


  97. Straw Feminist Weekly: The baby-hater

    Introducing what I hope will be a regular feature here: Straw Feminist Weekly! In which we give a shout-out to the […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  98. Handikappad son fullt frisk – fick ut miljoner i bidrag

    En familj från Halland påstod att deras son var handikappad och lyckades få ut runt fyra miljoner kronor i bidrag […]

    Fria Nyheter

  99. The ‘Cow Head’ Demo in Shah Alam – Another Attempt to Create Disunity and Overthrow of the Selangor PR Government?

    Press statement by MP Klang Charles Santiago in Klang on 29 August 2009
    The rally by some 50 Malay Muslims, parading […]

    Charles Santiago

  100. Ed Anger: Good Riddance, Ted Kennedy!

    I’m happier than a Labrador Retriever at a wading pool! […]

    Weekly World News

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