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  1. First on the CNN Ticker: Florida senator to resign seat

    Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Florida, will announce that he is resigning his seat.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – Sen. Mel […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Spotted: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

    Dear Bobby Long,
    I went to your show last night and all I got was this lousy picture…

    Who could that be getting […]

    Letters to Twilight

  3. Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages – solar and earth wobble – CO2 not main driver

    From an Oregon State University Media Release (h/t to Leif Svalgaard)
    Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages […]

    Watts Up With That?

  4. ‘True Blood’ first look: Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann!

    When Even Rachel Wood makes her True Blood debut in the August 30 episode, there will be… well, obviously, […]

    The Ausiello Files

  5. Another 10 Bizarre Cases of Mass Hysteria

    Following on from our previous list of ten bizarre outbreaks of mass hysteria, we present our second ten. Mass hysteria […]


  6. Molly Ringwald Introduces Twins Adele and Roman!

    Jeff Vespa/Wireimage/Getty for PEOPLE for use on CBB

    Update: Interview added — pick up the new issue of […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  7. Paula Abdul: Is another reality show in her future?

    Now that Fox has made it clear that American Idol is moving ahead without its popular (but polarizing) judge, is […]

    Hollywood Insider

  8. Apple’s $1.2 billion tablet computer

    Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster took another crack at the Apple (AAPL) tablet computer he’s been […]

    Brainstorm Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  9. BREAKING: Carnahan staffer admits to causing trouble?

    This woman was actually trying to start fights with people in line, waiting to get into the auditorium at […]

  10. Kim, Kristin and More Reality Stars Model Real World Fashion for “O”

    Robert Trachtenberg. Who better to try out fall fashion’s most wearable trends than the women of reality TV, who […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  11. ‘G.I. Joe’: Why hide it from critics?

    Movie critics of the world unite! The Man is out to silence you. But hear this — we will not be muzzled. The […]

    The Movie Critics

  12. Surfer Interview Fail

    Submitted by Austin O

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  13. John Hughes: Friends and colleagues pay respect

    Reacting to the sudden death of writer/director/producer John Hughes at age 59, his colleagues and friends pay […]

    News Briefs

  14. ‘So You Think You Can Dance’: The 15 greatest routines

    15. Pasha & Sara’s West Coast Swing
    Season 3, Top 14, July 11, 2007
    ”Oh, jeebus,” we all (or, at […]


  15. “Thirst” not striking a cord?

    Perhaps Korean lines just don’t translate very well into English. […]


  16. The Girls of Sturgis 2009: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly [PICS]

    Kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy, because it’s time for Sturgis 2009! This year’s massive […]

    COED Magazine

  17. Will loud & violent town hall protests kill health care reform?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    The protests at town hall meetings on health care reform continue to get louder and […]

    Cafferty File

  18. 6 Ağustos Galatasaray – Maccabi Netanya Maçının Golleri ve Maç Özeti

    UEFA Avrupa Ligi 3. ön eleme rövanş maçında temsilcimiz Galatasaray evinde, 6 ağustos‘ta İsrail ekibi […]

    Kişisel Bir Şey

  19. Élő közvetítés a Nyíregyháza elleni mérkőzésről

    Vége. Egy sima, egy fordított eddig. […]

    Üllői út 129

  20. Vollsjömordet: lillebror anhållen för mordet på 19-åriga systern Lottie

    Lottie Helene Minett Nilsson, född 1990-02-10, hittades mördad under natten mot tisdag i ett stall vid familjens […]

    Politiskt Inkorrekt

  21. Tangible holograms

    As you watch that video, you’ll probably find yourself wondering several things about the tangible hologram […]

    Hack a Day

  22. Beat 360º 8/6/09

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°? Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  23. Pub House Portraits

    Photos from patrice panfili, Frederic Poirot, mugley, * Loomax *, Dr Karanka, Cybergabi, and Olivia Singer.

    Flickr Blog

  24. You Do Not Have Health Insurance

    Right now, it appears that the biggest barrier to health care reform is people who think that it will hurt them. […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  25. Another $10.7 Billion For Fannie Mae (FNM)

    For those who want to know how much worse that housing market is getting they need look no further that the quarterly […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  26. TNA iMPACT (6 agosto 2009) – Lashley responde a la Main Event Mafia – Batalla campal en ringside

    TNA Wrestling presenta: TNA iMPACT!
    Desde la iMPACT Zone de Orlando, Florida
    Este jueves en TNA iMPACT, Bobby Lashley […]

  27. A host of posts on case news and emus

    Posted by: gruso
    It was all devs on deck today, with a little video-fuelled excitement on the boards and a bevy of […]

    The unofficial OpenPandora Blog

  28. RESTful Transactions

    I was reading recently in RESTful Web Services (Leonard Richardson & Sam Ruby, O’Reilly, 2007) about how to […]

    Open Sourcery

  29. Who Will Win So You Think You Can Dance?

    So You Think You Can Dance held its final performance episode Wednesday at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, where the […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  30. Galatasaray – Netanya 6-0 Gollerİ İzle


    Güncel Bir bLog

  31. Warum Anwälte in Polen nur Vorschuss nehmen!

    Warum Anwälte in Polen nur Vorschuss nehmen!
    Verlangt man als Anwalt in Deutschland von einen Mandanten einen […]

    Rechtsanwalt Arbeitsrecht Berlin Blog

  32. 2009年8月の「Twitterの繁栄と没落」

    さて、8月6日の23時 […]

    The Air of Marr's Blog

  33. The Must-Miss Games Of 2009-10

    It happens every year. With sports journalists on vacation, general managers catching up on lost sleep, and players […]


  34. تیراندازی پی در پی،اطراف میدان نارمک و فلکه اول تهرانپارس

    هم اکنون ساعت از نیمه شب گذشته – 16 مرداد – ،صدای تیراندازی پی در […]


  35. दरबार हत्याकाण्ड मेरो योजनामा…

    दरबार हत्याकाण्ड मेरो योजनामा….

    Canadanepal's Weblog

  36. The Worst Vacation Ever?

    One thing I always promised you and myself from the outset of this blog thingy was that it would contain the good, the […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  37. Update: SEIU/ACORN video added..Team TOTUS recommended tactics already resulting in violence at townhalls…

    Thank you to HotAir for linking Excellent Live Blog report from inside at Frank’s posterous here,partial excerpt […]

    Moderate in the Middle

  38. Orphan Eyes

    Apparently, kitteh “Maxxie” was found as a “lone orphan” in a friend’s backyard. […]

    Cute Overload

  39. Scouting Report: Brede Hangeland, Fulham

    Fulham’s Brede Hangeland is a towering defender but there are question marks about his pace, something he […]

    The Arsenal Column

  40. “Fit” winger ready to face Valencia

    Theo Walcott is back.
    Arsenal’s road-runner had been missing from preseason action this summer but has now […]

    Red London | by Randy Osae

  41. Beredar Video Pasutri Mesum di Depan Anak”

    LANGKAT-DUA pekan terakhir, warga Kecamatan Secanggang dan Tanjung Pura di Kabupaten Langkat, dihebohkan video porno […]

    tidak menarik

  42. Douchehound of the Day: Satoshi Kanazawa

    I’m a little late to this one, but in case anyone missed evolutionary psychologist (really, need I say […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  43. Rebola – O funk do MC Neves

    Feliz aniversário Milton Neves.
    Em sua homenagem, antecipamos o hit deste Verón:
    Dos produtores de “A Queda […]


  44. O dimineata cu BRD. Reportaj pe propria piele.

    In februarie 2006 mi`a luat Dumnezeu mintile si am contractat un imprumut de la BRD. Nevoi personale, 10.000 EUR, fara […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  45. Curso de Redes de Area Local

    Enlace | Todos queremos uno

    Ubuntu Life

  46. Underwater ‘Tails’!

    Hey Pet Society fans!
    “?” was walking a much safer distance away from the water’s edge when hurrying back to his […]

    Pet Society’s Blog

  47. Tis what you get when you apply harsh laws rather than kindness and compassion

    I’ll wager a Balvenie that she’s Muslim, dealing with the police and  religious authorities all on her own […]

    The People’s Parliament

  48. [Rumor] Jaejoong New Tattoo?!

    seeing that Yoochun had a new tattoo, one will wonder if Jaejoong added something new on him.
    Well, dear […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  49. Outtakes: coming soon. Probably.

    For those still waiting for the much-promised telly outtakes on we have good news and bad.

    Transmission – BBC Top Gear

  50. shafted by shatner

    I’m not sure how public this story has gotten, but mere hours after I posted images of William Shatner in 3D, […]

    Darth Mojo

  51. Resultado Mega Sena 1097 – Concurso 1.097

    Resultado da Mega Sena 1097
    Será realizado hoje pela Caixa Econômica Federal o sorteio do concurso 1097 da Mega Sena […]

    Resultado Mega Sena

  52. Resultados loteria primitiva jueves 6 de agosto de 2009

    En el sorteo de La Lotería Primitiva de hoy jueves 6 de agosto de 2009, no existen acertantes de 1ª categoría.. De […]

    La Primitiva | Resultados loteria primitiva

  53. Naruto Manga 459 Español English y Raw HQ

    Ahora si la reunion de lo kage se esta pniendo muy cabrona, pongan sus comentarios porfas para ver que piensan o que […]

    Kokusho’s Blog

  54. Curso de Redes GNU linux

    El curso de redes GNU/linux aprenderemos como crear una red, administrar, montar diferentes tipo servicios de red en […]

    Todos Queremos Uno

  55. Champions League & Arsene On Transfers

    The season edges ever closer with the draw for the Champions League final qualifying round taking place later today, a […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  56. Đừng huyền thoại chính mình

     Tại buổi bàn tròn trực tuyến “Tương lai Việt Nam – con đường của sự […]

    Quê choa

  57. LATEST: Ex-West Ham United player shouldn’t be here!

    It has just been brought to my attention that St Mirren and former West Ham United striker Billy Mehmet has represented […]

    Les Rosbifs

  58. Comolli “Arsenal target Matuidi is not for sale” {Plus Video}

    St Etienne’s general manager Damien Comolli told has been qouted in saying that the Arsenal target Blaise […]


  59. “Levantan”, torturan y decapitan a edecán: capturan a asesinos

    Crimen organizado está detrás de asesinato de edecán: PGJE * Luis G. Andrade
    TIJUANA, Baja California(PH)
    La […]

    Narco Tijuana

  60. 20 Quick Tips for Creating Killer High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photographs

    This is a collection of 20 random HDR tips that you might find useful. These tips are based completely on my own […]


  61. برادر فیروز آبادی رئیس ستاد کل نیروهای مسلح ، چرا موهات یکهو قهوه […]

    امروز از بس دستپاچه بود برای مراسم “تعلیف” که صبح زود که پا […]

    انقلاب سبز ملت ایران

  62. Obama Health Care Logo

    The Gaggle is calling the flap over Rush Limbaugh’s Nazi Comment over the Obama Health Care Logo lame. It is sort […]

  63. İstanbul BŞB vs Beşiktaş maçı golleri canlı izle

    İstanbul BŞB Beşiktaş, İstanbul BŞB Beşiktaş maçı, İstanbul BŞB vs Beşiktaş maçı izle, İstanbul BŞB […]

    Sinema filmleri izle, canlı dizi izle, full film seyret, online sinema seyret, bedava diziizle filmizle, ücretsiz vizyondaki son filimler izle

  64. Seeing Chicago’s North Shore through Hughes’ eyes

    Every time I go home and drive around, it’s like a John Hughes movie. Hailing from the North Shore of Chicago –- […]

    The Marquee Blog

  65. Things my faucet and Mythic have in common

    A leak.
    I’m going to post the leaked 1.3.1 patch notes below. Keep in mind, this is PURELY a leak. It has no […]


  66. A view from a Northern Armchair: Why it could be make or break for Wenger this season.

    A curious sea-change has been occurring in the last few weeks with Arsenal’s transfer policy. Not in reference to […]

    GoonersWorld the Blog

  67. Taranaka Kanosa ve ny Malagasy ?

    Ity lahantsoratra ity dia nosoratan’i Nary, ary atolotra ho antsika mpamangy ny blaogy […]

    Réflexions sur la vie politique malgache…

  68. Faith Healer Benny Hinn Exposed (video)

    Another Christian sheep in wolf’s clothing.

    Proud Atheists

  69. Sin Pistas Sobre Adriana Ruiz

    El titular de la unidad especializada contra la delincuencia organizada de la PGJE, Fermín Gómez informó este […]

    Tijuanapress Blog

  70. George Sodini’s blog: the plan

    Yes, George Sodini, the LA Fitness Shooter. I’m going to preface this with a great big I THINK THIS IS FAKE. […]


  71. Broncos fans’ jeers directed toward QB Orton

    The Associated Press reports that new Broncos QB Kyle Orton was booed by a crowd of more than 13,000 at Invesco Field […] Blogs

  72. 消費者のひどい扱いを見抜く特許

    [Steve Morgan / The Times]
    iPhone […]


  73. Chamakh can join Arsenal in the next 48 hours IF Arsenal are serious about him

    Bordeaux manager Laurent Blanc believes forward Marouane Chamakh could be heading to the Emirates in the next 48 hours. […]

    Arsene Knows Best!

  74. 2009 Kpss Alan Bazında Sıralama

    KPSS ile ilgili Tüm Sorularınız için:

    Kamu Personeli Seçme Sınavı sonuçları 30 Temmuz günü […]

    Edremitt’s Weblog

  75. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spotted at a Bobby Long concert – 06/08/2009

    If you know me well then you know that I don’t think this really means anything. Anyone can go to a concert […]

    Thinking of Rob

  76. Cuarta Lista de Ceses Colectivos

    Pautas para ex trabajadores incluidos en la cuarta lista

    Law&Iuris Perú

  77. Shock Video: Man Tasered at Baseball Game in Oakland

    We have another taser incident at a sporting event. It is unclear why the man was approached. Some reports suggest that […]


  78. GF1 Imaging ? Welcome to the New LX3

    (This image courtesy of
    Given that there’s been so much new camera activity lately […]

    LX3 Imaging

  79. What’s Behind T-Mobile USA’s Big Bet on Google Phones

    A quick scan of T-Mobile USA’s second-quarter earnings report, released earlier this morning, makes clear why the […]


  80. Why Michael Ignatieff is hard to find these days

    We are pleased with reports that the New Democratic Party is thinking of dropping “New” from its name. This is […]

  81. Manufactured Protesters Are Killing Democracy

    With all the “tea bagging“, “birthers“, and corporately organized protests, I’m tempted […]


  82. 6 Agosto 2009 – Cassino Forte Scossa Di Terremoto

    Una forte scossa di terremoto e’ stata registrata alle 17,36 nella zona di Cassino. Il sisma, di intensità […]

    TAGGIA ARMA LEVA' tre realtà, un solo futuro.

  83. Willy ‘Mink’ DeVille dies at 58

    Willy DeVille, an integral figure in the late-’70s New York City punk scene, died of pancreatic cancer on Aug. 6 […]

    The Music Mix

  84. Sabtu 8AGUSTUS2009

    Contoh 2d untuk sabtu
    Pengeluaran sebelumnya 3745
    Diambil kepala 4, maka untuk 2D diambil kotak yang […]

    Togeler's Blog

  85. Mircea Cartarescu: Cri de coeur

    (Evenimentul Zilei, vineri 7 august 2009)
    „Din […]

    Memorie, libertate, moderaţie

  86. StarTime:out now

    After an incredibly lengthy and torturous submission process, StarTime, our Star Trek clock homage, is finally […]

    Chilli X Blog

  87. It’s the Friday puzzle!

    I had my favourite interview with a journalist yesterday. Half way through she asked, ‘So how long does it take […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  88. รศ.ใจ อึ๊งภากรณ์: […]

    August 6, 2009
    รศ. ใจ อึ๊งภากรณ์
    ที่มา – […]

    Liberal Thai

  89. FDA Hits Small Family Food Ministry for $100K for HyperLinking to Health Research

    Thursday, August 06, 2009. She told me tonight, in a nutshell, at their 30-employee health food store, the local honey […]

    Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health

  90. The Great Astroturf War of 2009

    The traditional August recess during non-election years is usually like going cold turkey for political junkies (and […]

    The Confluence

  91. vanity of vanities: my new hairstyle

    What do you think?
    Minhee and the kids want desperately for me to cut my hair. They can’t wait till One […]

    eugene cho

  92. Super Junior Heechul new drama “천만번 사랑해”

    Super Junior Kim Heechul yang mulitalenta akan kembali berakting sejak 1 tahun lalu dengan drama terbaru nya […]


  93. Biografi WS Rendra dan Sajak Sebatang Lisong……

    WS Rendra bernama asli Willibrordus Surendra Broto Rendra lahir di Solo, Jawa Tengah pada 7 November 1935. Rendra […]


  94. Thông báo nội bộ của Văn phòng Chính phủ về thông tin 150 triệu USD

    Hà Nội 4/8/2009 – Văn phòng Chính phủ đã có Thông báo nội bộ, do Bộ trưởng Chủ nhiệm […]


  95. Pet Society – Newest Mysterious Items 最新寶箱物品 (2009.8.6)

    Pet Society – 釣魚大揭秘 (Fishing Database) [2009.8.7更新]。
    最新寶箱物品 […]

    Play Hard, Work Harder

  96. مسلسل دقات قلب الحلقة 55 – الحلقة 55 من مسلسل دقات قلب مشاهدة و […]

    مسلسل دقات قلب الحلقة 55 – الحلقة 55 من مسلسل دقات قلب مشاهدة و […]

    مسلسل ميرنا و خليل

  97. 26 Tahun dikubur, jasad seorang kyai masih utuh….

    Trans TV, Reportase Sore.
    Tangerang – Banten. Jasad seorang alim yang telah meninggal dan dikubur selama 26 tahun […]

    Darsono’s Memo

  98. The White House could have a disaster of epic proportions on its hands

    Just wow.
    The video above is 8 minutes long but worth the watch. 
    It’s an AARP meeting in Dallas wheren […]


  99. خبری که بعد از لحظاتی از سایت مکارم حذف شد

    آيت الله مکارم شیرازی از مراجع بزرگ شیعان بعد از گذشت روزها  با […]

    اسلام راستین

  100. スローステップ運動・スロージョギングの疑問|ためしてガッテン(NHK)

    8月5日放送のためしてガッテン(NHK)では、大反響だったスロージョギングに関する3 […]


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