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  1. Omer Bhatti: Joe Jackson says he’s Michael’s son

    The rumor that 25-year-old Norwegian rapper Omer Bhatti is in fact Michael Jackson’s secret son has just gained a […]

    The Music Mix

  2. Palin not attending California event

    Palin's schedule has been the object of confusion for months.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – Despite an earlier […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  3. Top 10 Amazing Lost Or Suppressed Inventions

    This list looks at some amazing past inventions that have been lost. Some may be cause for skepticism but almost all of […]


  4. Black Hat 2009: Parking meter hacking

    For day two of Black Hat, we sat in on on [Joe Grand], [Jacob Appelbaum], and [Chris Tarnovsky]’s study of the […]

    Hack a Day

  5. On Climate, Comedy, Copyrights, and Cinematography

    The good news: there’s new and exciting opportunities opening themselves to us.The bad news; some people are […]

    Watts Up With That?

  6. Archives Shortcode

    You publish a lot of quality content (trust us, we know). And so we understand that making it easily accessible to your […] News

  7. Zapata,Veloso & Huntelaar to lift the Arsenal fans.

    Now wenger has around £40m to spend lets hope that he works some magic before the end of the transfer window and […]


  8. Megan Fox: Do you want a day without her?

    This is a post about Megan Fox, which means it’ll probably be met with one of two reactions. One: Another post about […]


  9. Penelope Cruz’s Last Minute Wardrobe Snafu: Lost Luggage!

    Eamonn McCormack/WireImage Penelope Cruz may have looked red-hot when she arrived at the U.K. premiere of Broken […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  10. Denilson: Another Wenger Special or Absolute Waste of Space?

    A guest post from Aaditya Gupta this morning:
    Over the 2008/09 season, no player has been more controversial in terms […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  11. Trista Sutter Dishes on Max’s Second Birthday Party!

    Courtesy Trista Sutter for use on CBB

    Reality stars Ryan and Trista Sutter spent last weekend celebrating the […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  12. Débora Montenegro na Playboy de Agosto

    Débora Montenegro é a capa da Playboy portuguesa do mês de Agosto. A revista resolveu abrir os cordões à bolsa e […]

    Fotos de Famosas Portuguesas

  13. What does it mean if organic food is no healthier than regular food?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    Organic food is no healthier or more nutritious than […]

    Cafferty File

  14. ‘Big Bang Theory’ video: The cast being cute and funny

    Squeeze the entire cast of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory onto a tiny couch together and you never know what might […]

    The Ausiello Files

  15. Lee Byung-hun throws party for Hollywood stars

    Nothing like throwing an off the hook mixer to show your American friends a good time.


  16. Summit Entertainment fights back against Rachelle Lefevre

    Now it’s getting ugly. Summit Entertainment is chronicling its version of how negotiations went down with […]

    News Briefs

  17. Box office preview: ‘Funny People’ likely to top charts

    Judd Apatow has become a household name thanks to his past two outings: Knocked Up and The 40-Year Old Virgin. But […]

    Hollywood Insider

  18. Omer Bhatti

    LOS ANGELES, CA – A persistent rumor of Michael Jackson having a secret fourth child has resurfaced after he was […]

    Weekly World News

  19. 30 Temmuz Fenerbahçe – Honved Maçının Golleri ve Maç Özeti

    Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadı’nda saat 21.45′te başlayacak karşılaşmayı Alman hakem Knut […]

    Kişisel Bir Şey

  20. How Productive Was the LetMeGo Immersion?

    When it became obvious that we would not be able to complete LetMeGo on schedule, we chose to move the entire developmen […]

    Alexander’s Blog – The Making of LetMeGo

  21. Fogynak a kapu mögé szóló jegyek – nem bérletek, jegyek!

    Van olyan szektor, ahová már minden hely elkelt. […]

    Üllői út 129

  22. Is Google’s Android Killing Windows Mobile?

    Earlier this morning, I got a chance to catch up with Dr. Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola (s MOT), soon after his […]


  23. Fake scent-tracking dog sends man to prison for 26 years

    Randi Kaye | Bio
    AC360° Correspondent
    A Florida man who was convicted of murder in part because of the work of an […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  24. پای باتوم خورده یک پیرزن

    پیرزن داشت شعار میداد . من خسته بودم و نشستم .کنارم آمد و او هم نشست […]


  25. Yasmin cannot but Kugan can, is it?

    Media statement by Hartal MSM (July 31, 2009)
    How ironic.
    When a tabloid belonging to the Utusan group told the truth […]



    Prima Pagina Casertana

  27. Naruto Manga Capítulo 458


  28. ایستگاه گشایش بخت دختران

    یک فرصت استثنایی برای دخترانی که حس می کنند هنوز شوهر مورد علاقه ی […]

    یادداشت های امین هاشمی

  29. Can you help cheer up the world?

    Today I am announcing the start of perhaps my most ambitious mass participation study yet! In a nutshell, the study […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  30. ‘Nabi Isa’ Muncul di Cirebon, Minta Kiblat Diubah, Sebut SBY Sebagai Pengikut

    CIREBON – Cerita tentang turunnya utusan Tuhan di jaman modern ini, tampaknya belum akan usai. Setelah pengakuan […]

    tidak menarik

  31. Deus abençoe a calça branca

    Branco me dá uma paz…

    Pagos para Vadiar!

  32. Naruto 458 ya disponible

    Ya esta disponible el manga de esta semana, ahora descarga tu version preferida de tu fan-subs predilecto.  

    Click […]


  33. Happy Birthday Meg!

    You’re all invited… to Meg’s birthday today!
    //THIS JUST IN Look what the office pranksters did to my […]

    Cute Overload

  34. Tiffani Thiessen is too busy for ‘Saved By The Bell’ reunion

    As you can see from the video below, Tiffani Thiessen is way too busy to join the Jimmy Fallon-sponsored Saved By The […]

    Ken Tucker's Watching TV

  35. Pet Society Fishing Part II – Complete List of Fishes Released July 24th

    Since my last fishing post, I’ve been fishing and fishing in Pet Society and have found all sorts of fish as well […]

    Pet Society World

  36. BBB9: Capa e fotos de Priscila na Playboy vazam na rede

    Segundo a reprodução da capa da Playboy de agosto de 2009 publicada pelo site da revista “Quem” (veja ao […]

    Televisão é Magia

  37. Uncle Walter: not so sadly missed

    On the face of it—and on the face of them—Michael Jackson and Walter Cronkite would not appear to have much in […]

  38. ‘Guess My Gold!’ contest is on now!

    Welcome to ‘Guess My Gold!’ contest!
    This is a FREE contest for any wow players to enter right now!
    We […]

    Wow Auction House Mastery Blog

  39. «ما بیشماریم» اثر میرحسین موسوی

    ?Where are Our Votes


    Berikut pernyataan yang mengaku sebagai Nurdin M Top pada blog :

    Aulia Muttaqin Psi Weblog

  41. The Problem with Profits

    Stephen Carter, one of my best professors at law school and also an accomplished novelist, has an op-ed in […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  42. Splitter 2 Walkthrough Complete Levels 1 to 32

    About Splitter 2
    In Splitter, each level can be solved in a number of different ways. Will you be able to come up with […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  43. Liliana Lago Revista H Extremo Julio/Agosto 2009

    Vaya al fin ya la publicaron aunque se tardaron mucho pero se les perdona Ami la “Liliana Lago” no me […]

    Pasa el rato

  44. Which Robert Pattinson would you…

    So this post was totally inspired by RobCatCdn and a comment she left on yesterdays Around the World with Robert […]

    Random Acts of Rob

  45. Palin’s Polls Plunge Past Pleasing

    In this survey 400 respondents across the State of Alaska were asked about their opinions of Sarah Palin and Sean […]


  46. Conheça 10 coisas que o Google fez e que não deram tão certo

    Nem tudo que o Google toca vira ouro.
    Veja aqui uma lista de serviços que o buscador lançou e que não deram certo.
    O […]


  47. One Piece 552 Spoiler

    One Piece 552 is now out!!! Download ONE PIECE 第552話 ZIP (RAW).
    One Piece [ワンピース] […]

    One Piece HQ [ワンピース]

  48. بهشت زهرا – 8 مرداد 88

    از روزهای قبل برای برگزاری مراسمی به گرامیداشت شهدای وقایع اخیر […]


  49. Ten More Super-Duper Firefox Add-Ons

    I love it when you write and pass along handy ideas. After I wrote about my favorite Firefox enhancers,  I received […]


  50. SYTYCD: Melissa & Ade Barely Miss the Finale

    Even in a So You Think You Can Dance episode as jam-packed with great performances as Thursday’s, it was hard to […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  51. Nature, Science & Art

    “There is grandeur in this view of life… from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and […]

    Flickr Blog

  52. De-Whipped Tory MEP Fights Back Over Polish Group Leader

    MEP Edward McMillan-Scott, the Tory who had the whip taken away for disobeying Cameron over letting Michal Kaminski […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  53. Flying underwear causes power cut

    “More than a dozen houses and a set of traffic lights in Leadenham were affected on Wednesday, with police being […]

    Driver Rob’s selection

  54. Best Birth Certificate Article To Date

    © 2009 TexasDarlin/TDBlog
    “The birth-certificate controversy is about Obama’s honesty, not where he was […]

    TD Blog

  55. Prévia: Estreia de “No Limite” vence “A Fazenda”

    Depois de oito anos fora do ar, a Rede Globo reestreou nesta quinta (30/07) a quarta edição do reality show […]

    TODO CANAL | Audiência da TV

  56. Berencana Boyong ER6 ke Marih . . . Kawasaki emang Fenomenal !!

    Baru saja saya menulis keluh kesah saya tentang di anak tirikannya Biker Indonesia yang hanya disuguhkan motor-motor […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle

  57. WWE despide a The Brian Kendrick

    El día de hoy Jueves 30 de Julio World Wrestling Entertainment ha despedido a The Brian Kendrick quien estaba en la […]

  58. Arsene knows. Signing players is not the answer.

    First of all, one of our dumped players called one of his suiters Beyoncé, then the other one talks about loving a […]

    Le Grove

  59. Guest Blogger M. LeBlanc: The Fantasy of Staying Exactly As I Am (or, This Far and No Further, This Fat and No Fatter)

    I’ve got a problem. And since I suspect I’m not the only one, I want to start a dialogue about this […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  60. Tire suas dúvidas sobre Infecção Urinária

    que é?
    É uma afecção cacterizada pela presença de germes na urina, quando há acometimento da bexiga chama-se […]

    Via Saudável

  61. [News] Yoochun Jaejoong and Junsu for a lawsuit against SM part 3

    here’s a more or lose thorough look through of the situation that is going on right […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  62. Naruto 458 ENGLISH SCANS – 17 pages

    NARUTO 458: The Five Kage’s Arguement CLICK Images to Enlarge NARUTO Artbook & Calendar 2009
    CLICK […]

    NARUTO Shippuuden Blog

  63. “What If You Are Wrong?”

    I remember telling a Christian about my disbelief in a god or ANY higher power. We used different philosophical […]

    Proud Atheists

  64. Robert Pattinson Pick Up Lines

    Dear Rob,
    I just got back from making a deposit at the bank and of course what should be a normal every day thing got […]

    Letters to Rob

  65. AAR: Tea Party Storms Hicksville July 30, 2009

    Dr. Betsy McCaughey joined the Tea Party Patriots who swarmed Hicksville today!

    The former Lt. Governor of New York […]

    Gathering of Eagles: NY

  66. Photos/Video Obama Town Hall Meeting Protesters In Raleigh, what the media didn’t show you

     Live video of crowd as motorcade went bye, a lot of booing

    Video provided by bubba who was also a protest […]

    Randy’s Right

  67. پشت‌پرده‌ي سقوط هواپيماها و اختلال در خطوط هوايي ايران// همه […]

    دو هفته‌ی پیش زمانی که پرواز شماره‌ی 7908 تهران – ایروان در اطراف […]

    با من بازی نکن

  68. FanFiction and Twilight: Do we or Don’t we

    Dear Twilight,
    I’ve learned a lot because of you.  I know that despite not having a real celebrity crush for 25 […]

    Letters to Twilight

  69. 10 Album Covers Recreated in MS Paint

    MS Paint was the cradle of creativity for many blossoming artists. It was used by millions until Adobe changed the game […]

    We got more bounce in Columbus.

  70. Yakin itu Noordin M Top

    Pernyataan Noordin M Top Beredar di Internet
    Pernyataan yang mengatasnamakan Noordin M Top beredar di internet. Salah […]

    Solo Cyber City

  71. They can take away our jury, but never the power of the people.

    The last jury trial in this country found Mona Fandey guilty.
    Since then, trials in this country proceed with a single […]

    The People’s Parliament

  72. Danni, Dado ou Fabiana ? Quem deve sair de “A Fazenda” ?

    Começa a votação na Fazenda. Danni Carlos já está na roça por que perdeu o desafio de ontem. Como os peões não […]


  73. Hey Kids! Get Away From That Playground!!

    The headline on this USA Today story sums it up: Playgrounds: They’re safer but still can be dangerous.
    As […]


  74. What World of Warcraft players desperately need

    What World of Warcraft players desperately need
    Graph by: WalRoss via Graph Jam Builder

    GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them.

  75. 8 مرداد :اولین نشانه های تزلزل و سقوط حکومت ، امشب در تهران نقاطی […]

    شامگاه 8 مرداد ماه 1388
    مطابق اخباری که میرسد امشب در نقاطی از تهران […]

    انقلاب سبز ملت ایران

  76. Onani Master Kurosawa Omake Stuff

    Here’s an ongoing translation of “after the juvenile (First Day)”, just so people who are curious can […]

    Emergency Exit's Release Blog

  77. Top Day Trader Alerts (ARIA, ANDS, SYNA, NVTL, ABAX, FSLR, ESLR, AVII)

    The following are some of the top stocks to watch for active trading today based on pre-market and after-hours volume […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  78. Naruto 458 ナルト NARUTO 458 Spoiler With Pics

    Get latest naruto 448 spoiler pics and summaries here.
    Source: Naruto 458 Raw | Naruto 458 Spoiler

    naruto-458-pics […]

    Naruto | Bleach | One-piece's Blog

  79. Goose sworn in as new opposition leader

    Citing the importance of robust opposition to a healthy democracy and the Labour party’s poor performance in […]

    The Dim-Post

  80. New Club Penguin “Star Reporter” Book Code Unlock!

    Blaxerx5 was able to send in some Club Penguin Star Reporter Book Codes for us, which will allow you to unlock the Blue […]

    Spq96's Club Penguin Cheats Blog

  81. EkstraBladet: Rigmor Zobel indblandet i narkosag.

    Der er godt nok navneforbud, men de har dog allerede lækket […]


  82. گزارش تصویری از مراسم 8 مرداد، چهلم شهدای جنبش سبز، اصفهان Esfahan 30 […]

    این تصاویر توسط یکی از همکاران وبلاگ در اصفهان تهیه و ارسال […]

    چشمان کاملاً باز

  83. Busdriver/Friendly Fires/Arctic Monkeys

    OK, this post has put me in some real shit. But, it remains, apologies to arctic monkeys/domino, but when i remove a […]

    real Horrorshow tunes

  84. Lansbury Scores & Sends U19’s Into Final – Video

    England continued their Under 19’s campaign today with a semi-final against France. Henri Lansbury managed to shake […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  85. Manager paves way for Chamakh’s move to Arsenal

    Bordeaux manager Laurent Blanc has paved the way for Chamakh’s move to Arsenal saying he will not let the […]

    Arsene Knows Best!

  86. The Beer Heard Around The World

    Four men sat at a table drinking beer–the most photographed beer in the world. That is pretty much all there is […]


  87. Neil Gaiman: Why vampires should go back underground

    For this week’s cover package about vampires (on stands today!), we chatted with writer Neil Gaiman about how […]

    Shelf Life

  88. Bernama Bhd sues Bernama TV for debts

    Why must the staff become the victims of mismanagement?
    With the involvement of Yg Bhg Datuk Mohd Suhaimi bin Abdullah […]

    Wee Choo Keong

  89. CNN Campbell Brown — Beer Summit Loss for Leftwing Racists

    Campbell Brown had two African American leftists on a panel with Bill Bennett discussing the Beer Summit. One of them, […]

    NewsReal Blog

  90. الحلقة الاخيرة من مسلسل السجينة

    لتحميل من  هنا

    شذى الورد

  91. ماجرای شگفت انگیز توقیف ۱۸.۵ میلیارد دلار پول ایران توسط ترکیه

    ویدیو اصل خبر را که به زبان ترکی‌ می‌باشد میتوانید اینجا دنبال […]

    من وبلاگ نویس نیستم

  92. Club Penguin Cheats Exclusive: Club Penguin Series 4 Treasure Book

    Make sure you click here!

    Club Penguin Cheats Latest:
    Lil Suad Posting!
    Hey guys, Lil Suad here (:
    I have exclusive […]

    Club Penguin and Planet Cazmo Cheat, Glitches and Secrets

  93. under construction

    we are busy building the new blog. please check back in the coming days to see what we have done and get ready to add a […]

    sesame ellis

  94. Tertangkap Basah Kamera Tersembunyi Nge-Seks Dengan Kuda [ Video ]

    Adalah Rodell Vereen berusia 50 tahun di South Carolina telah melakukan hal aneh dengan seekor kuda yaitu menyetubuhi […]

    Ruang Hati Berbagi

  95. Peace Cup: Venerdì 31 luglio in diretta su La7 Juventus-Real Madrid e Aston Villa-Porto

    Venerdì 31 luglio La7 trasmetterà in diretta le semifinali del prestigioso torneo “Peace Cup”: a partire […]

    Tutto Tv

  96. Bạn văn 27

    Mình quen thằng Nguyên ( Phạm Xuân Nguyên) năm 1986. Hồi đó mình chỉ có […]

    Quê choa

  97. บุปผาราตรี 3.1 ( มาสเตอร์ )

    บุปผาราตรี 3.1 ( มาสเตอร์ )

    ดู หนังออนไลน์ Download Movie Free Download Game Pc Full free watch movie online

  98. Seinfeld Cast Reuniting. For Real This Time.

    The cast of Seinfeld is reuniting. But not on Seinfeld. A fictional, yet real, meta-reunion of the classic sitcom is […]

    Tuned In

  99. He’s back!

    Michael Schumacher is all set to make a Formula One comeback at the Euro GP in three weeks.

    Formula 1 Blog – BBC Top Gear

  100. Will Pryor Be Pryor? Doesn’t Sound Like It

    I was going to write a column for next month’s football preview issue of Buckeye Sports Bulletin with a request for […]

    Rea’s Day Blog

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