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  1. Acorn Meets Their Waterloo in Commack! They are NOT Happy Campers!

    Another Outstanding Day for Tea Party Patriots!

    ACORN and their new front group Act Now were pwned by Tea Party […]

    Gathering of Eagles: NY

  2. Resultado Mega Sena 1094 – Concurso 1094

    Resultado Mega Sena 1094 de 25/07/2009
    A Caixa Econômica Federal realiza hoje o sorteio da Mega Sena concurso 1094. A […]

    Resultado Mega Sena

  3. 10 Recently Extinct Animals

    Mankind has the honor of quite possibly being the most destructive force to ever hit mother nature. This list looks at […]


  4. 2NE1’s Dara broke the trophy

    Way to take care of your things.


  5. Formel 1: Felipe Massa Unfall Video

    Vor wenigen Minuten hat Felipe Massa beim Formel 1 Qualifying einen schweren Unfall gehabt. Hier das erste Video, mit […]


  6. [Video] Sof could be the man for Arsenal

    As it seems Arsenal have NO CASH to spend on new players.. I have been scouting my local powerleague for talent..The […]


  7. Pelosi: When I take health care bill to the floor, ‘it will win’

    Watch Speaker Pelosi's entire interview Sunday on State of the Union, beginning at 9 a.m. Eastern […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  8. Ian Somerhalder (Boone) returning to ‘Lost’

    Welcome back, Boone! Ian Somerhalder has been cast as a bad vampire in the CW’s upcoming drama The Vampire […]

    Hollywood Insider

  9. Omer Bhatti: Michael Jackson’s secret son?

    Did the man who so famously sang “the kid is not my son” in “Billie Jean” actually have a child […]

    The Music Mix

  10. New episode of Simon’s Cat

    New episode! This one is called “Fly Guy.” Once again, Simon Tofield shows his ability to capture uncanny […]

    Cute Overload

  11. “Deep Cool” – the Mole within Hadley CRU

    As some WUWT readers may have learned from reading Climate Audit, an anonymous source deep within Hadley CRU has […]

    Watts Up With That?

  12. Heidi Klum’s Humpty Dumpty Theory, Explained

    Tom Meinelt/Splash News Online

    In a playful appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly, supermodel Heidi Klum joked […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  13. “Sokan igazolnánk a Fradiba!”

    Egy meg nem nevezett (ne, ne kérdezzétek a nevet!) magyar futballistával beszélgettünk a Fradiról és arról, […]

    Üllői út 129

  14. What Atheism Is…..and Is Not

    Atheism is not a cause, ideology, religion or belief system, nor do atheists share the same world view. Is theism a […]

    Proud Atheists

  15. Choosing a non-relational database; why we migrated from MySQL to MongoDB

    Until recently, our server monitoring application, Server Density, was running using MySQL for the backend. Although we […]

    Boxed Ice Blog

  16. Banderas vs. Sanchez…

    It’s a Tweet War! Julie Banderas responds to Rick Sanchez…(via J$)
    As a wise Latina woman, I have no […]

    Inside Cable News

  17. Arsenal defender makes exit

    Red London can exclusively reveal that Arsenal youngster Kerrea Gilbert is now on the books of League One club Leyton […]

    Red London | by Randy Osae

  18. Estrazione del superenalotto di sabato 25 luglio 2009 concorso n.89

    Vincita più che ragguardevole al superenalotto,all’unico 5+1 con 2.432.540 € con le estrazioni di oggi […]

    Estrazione del Superenalotto & del Lotto

  19. Kalou, Boots And Money Men Getting Antsy?

    Sunday morning brings the usual suspects as transfer targets and a new boy to boot. Wellington – a headline […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  20. The Felipe Massa crash at the Hungarian Grand Prix

    Filipe Massa was in a freak F1 accident when a spring from another driver’s suspension hit him in the face. If […]

    The Blogs at HowStuffWorks

  21. Arsenal 0-1 Southend – Arsenal 4-0 Fulham – Reports

    Arsenal’s Under 18’s finished third in this weekends Toomey Tournament after a 1-0 defeat to Southend […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  22. Fishing for Dummies in Pet Society – Part 2

    Yippee! Just spent a fun morning fishing in Pet Society. My zen approach is really working: Click to reel fish […]

    Pet Society Anonymous

  23. Staggering Sillyness from Macintyre

    The New Statesman is running an implausible story that relations between Dave and Boris are ‘at breaking […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  24. ‘Forza Felipe’

    FOTOS: Ferrari/Divulgação (FORZA FELIPE, ESTAMOS COM VOCÊ: o hoje solitário Rob Smedley — engenheiro de Massa — […]

    F1 Around

  25. McFit Allstars vs FC Bayern Mnchen 0:13

    Am Samstag, den 25. Juli tritt Oliver Pocher mit seinen “Allstars” gegen den FC Bayern München in der VELTINS-Arena auf […]


  26. 北海道大雪山系 トムラウシ山 大量遭難を考える。

    トムラウシ関連の記事にたくさんコメントをいただいており、また貴重な情報もお寄せい […]

    Sub Eight

  27. Fulya’nın intikam virali

    Yurdumdan bariz viral manzaraları.
    Konu şu şekilde, Fulya sevgilisi olan Mert’ten kendisini en yakın […]

    Bay Bedava – Netten Başlıklar

  28. [Game] Stalking DBSK

    02:33 pm ANSWER below
    Since there’re not many updates tonight. Let’s […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  29. Teoh Beng Hock.. Luahan Yasmin Ahmad Sebelum Meninggal

    Someone please wake me from this nightmare and tell me that this did not happen in my country and that Teoh Beng […]


  30. アップルタブレットは PA Semi のチップを搭載して来年第1四半期に登場するという […]

    [AppleInsider が予想するアップルタブレットの最新画像]
    AppleInsider […]


  31. مشاهدة مباراة ريال مدريد و الاتحاد مباشرة اون لاين

    بث مباشر مباراة ريال مدريد × الاتحاد مشاهدة مباراة ريال مدريد […]

    بث حي و مباشر لأهم قنوات و مباريات العربية و الأجنبية

  32. điểm thi Trường Đại học Bách khoa Đà Nẵng năm 2009

    điểm thi Trường Đại học Bách khoa Đà Nẵng năm 2009


  33. The Secret Behind Twilight’s Newest Vampire’s Sparkle

    Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor If you were bewitched by the otherworldly sparkle that Robert […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  34. Final de la Copa de Oro : México vs Estados Unidos [¡EN VIVO – EN DIRECTO!]

    Hora del partido: 2:00 pm (hora peruana)
    Si no puedes ver el partido, prueba estas opciones:
    OPCIÓN 1
    OPCIÓN […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  35. Exponentiation Types

    A pair colleagues of mine and I have been staring at an interesting riddle, which I’m guessing exists in the […]

    No Ordering

  36. All 12 Songs from The Ugly Truth Soundtrack

    The soundtrack album for The Ugly Truth only has the score from the movie, but you can find all 12 songs from the movie […]

    Reelsoundtrack Blog

  37. Wonder Festival 2009 Summer Coverages – Part 1 (Updated!!)

    (Updated with release dates and prices, not everything yet)

    At last, Wonder Festival 2009 Summer is here and just […]

    Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!!

  38. Apple: Another opening, another show

    Apple’s (AAPL) 258 retail stores may be drawing fewer visitors and bringing in less revenue than they did before […]

    Brainstorm Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  39. Вилайят Г1алг1айче: в ходе нападения на дислокацию российских […]

    25 июля, вблизи селения Даттых уничтожено 8 бойцов элитного […]

    Guraba WordPress

  40. Espectacular accidente de Felipe Massa

    Un extraño objeto en pista impacta contra el casco del brasileño

    Espectacular accidente el del piloto de Ferrari, […]

    El Solitario George

  41. A random rumour about Renault F1

    There were rumours in Budapest over the weekend that the Renault F1 team may be on the verge of being sold, with the […]

    Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog

  42. Atrapan a sicario del CAF en Rosarito

    Atrapan a sicario del CAF en Rosarito
    ROSARITO BC 25 DE JULIO DE 2009 (AFN).- Agentes de la Policía Estatal Preventiva […]

    Narco Tijuana

  43. 2009 Yili OrtaÖĞretİm Kurumlari YerleŞtİrme Sİstemİ


    2009 ÖSS | 2009 öss, 2009 öss sonuçları öğren, öss, öss puan hesaplama, öss sıralaması,, son öss haberleri, sonuçları

  44. Puantess…Biaya Ibadah Haji Mahal, Rupanya Ini Penyebabnya ?

    Banyak ‘Tangan Kotor’ di Urusan Haji
    Republika | Sabtu, 25 Juli 2009

    Menteri Agama DR Muhammad Maftuh […]

    Ada Apa Yep

  45. KNOXX’s Anthony “Rumble” Johnson gets attacked by a police K9 dog

    UFC fighter, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson volunteers himself during a Police K9 bite work training session. […]

    Knoxxgear’s Blog

  46. Characters

    Comic, sci-fi, and fantasy fans got together this weekend in San Diego for Comic Con 2009. But it wasn’t […]

    Flickr Blog

  47. Resultados Euromillones 24 Julio y Lotería Primitiva 25 Julio de 2009

    A continuación podéis comprobar los números agraciados en el sorteo de los Euro Millones celebrado el Viernes 24 de […]

    Cajón desastres

  48. Madagascar : Témoignage d’un résident français

    Résident Français à Madagascar
    Je suis les évènements de très près puisque je vis à Antananarivo.
    Depuis […]

    Nj’s Notepad

  49. Rahasia Besar Debus Akhirnya Terkuak !!

    Pernahkah anda melihat permainan debus yg seolah menggunakan kekuatan gaib? Jangan percaya dulu.Berikut saya ungkap […]

    tidak menarik

  50. Obfuscating Inequality

    Will Wilkinson has gotten a lot of Internet love for his article “Thinking Clearly About Economic […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  51. Where Is James Bond When You Need Him?

    It’s another 3 am moment of quietly connecting the dots. Yawn. This past spring FEMA had secret meetings with […]

    Alligator Farm

  52. VÍDEO: “O Impostor” na “Fazenda” da Record

    TODO CANAL | Audiência da TV

  53. Wafatnya Sukarnois Sejati… Omar Dhani

    Jumat, 24 Juli 2009 siang, mantan Menteri/KSAU Omar Dhani meninggal dunia di RS Angkatan Udara, Halim Perdanakusuma, […]


  54. Al-Fatihah: Yasmin passed away

    Today is a sad day especially for Malaysian movie goers who celebrate human and cultural diversity that is manifested […]

    Mustafa K Anuar’s blog

  55. Short Interest Highlights: Out Of Banks And Into GE (GE)

    Short sellers are will to bet, at least for now, that the worst of the banking earning crisis is over. Short interest […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  56. BBB9: Capa e fotos de Priscila na Playboy vazam na rede

    Segundo a reprodução da capa da Playboy de agosto de 2009 publicada pelo site da revista “Quem” (veja ao […]

    Televisão é Magia

  57. Essas fotos são verdadeiras?

    tente adivinhar o que é montagem e o que é real! confira as respostas no final!
    Aqui, uma foto clássica, muito […]

    Blog Tubarão Leitor

  58. The Road to KDE Devland – step 2

    Can anyone give me some pointers?
    After one week with Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, it feels like I have the […]

    Who Says Penguins Can’t Fly?

  59. Per Gahrton försvunnen i Georgien

    Den miljöpartistiske politikern Per Gahrton är försvunnen i Tbilisi, Georgien, där han var på en miljöpartistisk […]

    Fria Nyheter

  60. The medical marijuana explosion

    Dan Simon
    CNN Correspondent
    Medical marijuana dispensaries have exploded in California. In Los Angeles, there are […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  61. One Piece 551 Spoiler

    One Piece 551 is now available!!! Download ONE PIECE 551 raw zip or One Piece 551 english scanlation.
    One Piece 551 […]

    One Piece HQ [ワンピース]

  62. Onani Master Kurosawa 27

    Mediafire (it might die)
    News + Random Stuff
    That’s going to be all […]

    Emergency Exit's Release Blog

  63. روز اقدام جهانی: دبی

    تجمع ایرانیان مقیم دبی
    پیاده راه مارینا، شنبه 25 جولای: روز اقدام […]

    هر آنچه که ماندنی است

  64. Neverland Update For July 25th

    Drove out to Los Olivos and Neverland today. The flags are still at half staff in Los Olivos. Incidentally if you look […]

    Wildweezle’s Weblog

  65. edisi akhir Juli: siapakah yang paling bagus??

    SHINee Diva Key atau Dancing Machine Eunhyuk??

    siapakah yang paling bagus pake tuh baju???
    oh ya, edisi lainnya, under […]


  66. Most dangerous 2008 non-playoff teams for 2009

    We all know that anything can happen in the NFL, and last season, the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons were among […] Blogs

  67. Sumarens dårligste artikkel?

    Det er jo sommer og agurktid, det veit me jo alle – men nokon gongar går det over streken til kva som er […]

  68. किन हिन्दी मा सपत.? बरु English मा खायको भय हुन्थो

    किन हिन्दी मा सपत बरु English मा खायको भय हुन्थो

    Canadanepal's Weblog

  69. SS2 VCR-Heechul’s Children’s Tale

    A long long time ago, there was CatHeechul, whom though he looked very cute but his character wasn’t great. He really […]

    Sapphire Pearls || 지켜줄께 슈퍼주니어

  70. Felipe Massa sofre acidente!

    Uma peça que supostamente saiu do carro de Rubens Barrichello acerta o capacete de Felipe Massa fazendo ele perder o […]


  71. Arcane Legions Demo Kit

    I got a hold of a demo kit the other day. Here’s a picture of the kit itself.

    Here’s a picture of some of […]

    Miniature Mayhem

  72. Localizada la enana marrón cerca de Plutón. La otra verdad del 40th aniversario.

    Desde hace dos semanas, Plutón ha sufrido el impacto, calentamiento y perturbación de un nuevo cuerpo celeste […]

    Misterios de la Astrofísica.

  73. How to get the Penguin Band Background or DJ Cadence Background Easily! (Without Logging On) **ALSO WORKS WITH […]


    The Official Club Penguin Cheats & More

  74. More pics of Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con 2009 – San Diego

    Updated with HQ and untagged pics  I don’t know about you but I think these pics are awesome!
    Source: […]

    Thinking of Rob

  75. Si Pesca!

    Oh finalmente questi famigerati pesci sono arrivati! Sono tornata adesso e ho scoperto proprio in questo istante la […]

    Mr Happy on Pet Society

  76. #128 – “Exit, Gate Left”

    It’s interesting to note that now in retrospect after Areen has started taking her place, the biggest […]

    Beyond the Tree, the Misadventures of Hani and Tiny

  77. Heatley Update.

    O.k., for those of you who dislike “rumours”, and “insiders”, and “sources”, […]


  78. Open House in Bình Dương

    Hôm qua, đi cùng gia đình về tận Bình Dương để xem tiến độ xây nhà, giờ mới được […]

    Robbilicious Robbey

  79. Засада. часть 2

    часть 2

    Местные жители
    При длительном пребывании в засаде вы […]


  80. Introducing Gravatar: Your Globally Recognized Avatar

  81. Aneh tapi nyata

    Era teknologi informasi telah membuat kita kewalahan untuk dapat memfilter informasi mana yang benar atau salah. […]

    Think Creative

  82. Staying Thin, Jessica-Biel-style

    This week, I read about one of Jessica Biel’s strategies for staying thin:
    “You have to find a balance, […]

  83. Spaventoso incidente per Felipe Massa: video

    Formula 1, Qualifiche GP Ungheria 25.07.2009: Spaventoso incidente per Felipe Massa.


    Squeezer Magazine

  84. 5 Minutes baby!

    5 minutes made SNSD this shocked and happy?
    (Credit: sara22 @ soshified + sosiz)

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  85. Khun Dang Prepares To Promote New Stars

    In the past channel 7 has been bombarded with many scandalous rumours from Weir’s drunkenness to Pu […]

    Thai Entertainment DIRTII Version

  86. naruto shippuden 119 sub español

    bueno ya tenemos el capitulo de naruto shippuden 118 y 119 online espero que lo disfruten


    Narutoshippuden118's Blog

  87. บุปผาราตรี 3.1 ( มาสเตอร์ )

    บุปผาราตรี 3.1 ( มาสเตอร์ )

    ดู หนังออนไลน์ Download Movie Free Download Game Pc Full free watch movie online

  88. An urgent request from Jane Burgermeister US EXERCISES NLE 09

    If you live in the US, please email/fax this to all military bases/major law enforcement stations in your region after […]

  89. Khoe còm he he

    Từ Ngày bọ mở blog có rất nhiều cái còm hay, nhiều còm viết kì khu như một bài phê bình […]

    Quê choa

  90. Pet Society Fishing Part III

    I found a few new fish today in Pet Society.  I added them to the list of fishes here.
    I caught a bluegill with a […]

    Pet Society World

  91. Basta! El “Caso Mascherano” es una publicidad de Fiat

    Ya van 2 veces que me junto con mis amigos y sale el tema del Caso Mascherano. Muchachos, el Caso Mascherano es un […]

    Todo de nada.

  92. For en tragisk lørdagsnatt! Hva skjer’a?

    Mens jeg har sovet min tyngste søvn i natt har det tydeligvis skjedd mye i vårt langstrakte land. Overskriftene som […]

    Min sin!

  93. Club Penguin July 2009 DJ Cadence & Penguin Band Trackers Cheats & Tips!

    Keep refreshing for DJ Cadence’s or the Penguin Band’s current location! (Click here to refresh)
    Know where […]

    Spq96's Club Penguin Cheats Blog

  94. Já Agora, Senhora Ministra, Já Alguma Vez Foi Avaliada?

    A entrevista é interessante, por acaso…

    Defende a avaliação mas durante a sua carreira académica não foi […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  95. Film Porno terLaris Sepanjang Jaman

    Menurut Adult DVD Empire yang juga menjual koleksi video-video ini, ada dua puluh judul film porno yang mencapai angka […]


  96. One kid slammed in print . . .7 more to go

    What a wonderful momento for Mady’s scrapbook! As parents, it is our job to protect our children.
    Guess what, […]

    Tvsnark's Blog

  97. Yasmin Ahmad Dies

    Kuala Lumpur, July 25, 2009: Renowned film and advertising director Yasmin Ahmad died here at about 11.25 pm Saturday […]

    The Might Of The Pen

  98. Horoscop Urania 25 – 31 iulie













    Horoscop Urania

  99. Võ Nguyên Giáp và 4 điều tiết lộ về cuộc chiến Việt Nam

    Ngay thời kỳ còn là giáo viên trường làng, với tư cách là con của cựu chiến binh, một người […]


  100. Oude erfenis claimen bij Ministerie van Financiën

    Gisteren in het nieuws, maar zonder deze link: zoekformulier consignatiekas.


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