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  1. Franken’s first goal: Dogs for vets

    Sen. Al Franken unveiled his first legislative goal Monday.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – Newly-minted Sen. Al Franken, […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. La cocina de los Blogs

    Detrás de un buen blog suele haber una excelente receta, un cocinero exigente y una cocina muy personal. Pero, […]

    Kurioso’s Weblog

  3. Fair to soak the rich to pay for health care reform?

    As the debate over paying for health care reform takes center stage, it seems like the rich could wind up with the […]

    Cafferty File

  4. O Impostor invade “A Fazenda”

    Depois de façanhas inimagináveis como por exemplo entrar em um show de Roberto Carlos e entrar no velório de […]

    TODO CANAL | Audiência da TV

  5. Nordtveit In Germany Ahead Of Nürnberg Move

    Håvard Nordtveit travelled to Germany this morning after Arsenal informed his current loan club, Lillestrøm, that […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  6. Resultado Da 2ª Fase – Oab/cespe/nacional

    Fontes da OAB dizem que o resultado será entregue às Seccionais hoje, sexta-feira.
    Vamos torcer para que publiquem ao […]

  7. McBride : I’ll Get Guido

    As Guido begins a month at Chateau Fawkes, Damian McBride surfaces to give his first interview. Speaking to the […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  8. Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz

    Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has designed a calendar that uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to […]

    We got more bounce in Columbus.

  9. Ferenczinek tetszett Mamics

    A Zalai Hírlapnak nyilatkozott csatárunk. […]

    Üllői út 129

  10. 2PM finally says goodbye

    I know ladies, the stage will not be the same without them. […]


  11. Garden Competition Winners Announced!

    Thank you to everyone who entered the recent Pet Society Garden Competition, there were many truly outstanding entries […]

    Pet Society’s Blog

  12. [Onizuki Aruchu] Maid Bride 05

    Look, 11 months after chapter 4, here’s the continuation (perhaps the actual conclusion this time) of one of […]


  13. Resultado Mega Sena 1091

    Novo > Resultado da Mega Sena  1092

    Resultado Mega Sena 1091 de hoje, Quarta-feira 15 de julho de 2009.
    Acontece hoje […]

    Resultado Mega Sena

  14. Video Evidence: Probable signing Obafemi Martins

    He’s got pace, strength and lethal finishing – qualities that are enough to fill Emmanuel Adebayor’s […]

    Red London | by Randy Osae

  15. Cyclonic dust seperation

    [Don] was having issues with dust when working with MDF. He had a shop vac overheat and die because of it. When […]

    Hack a Day

  16. As coisas mais caras do mundo!

    Aqui vão algumas coisas com preços absurdos…

    Esse cachorrinho aparentemente comum foi vendido por 155 mil […]

    Blog Tubarão Leitor

  17. MACC death tragedy – My untrained CSI techniques

    1. The following writing is done based on assessment of various images and writings on the mainstream media (MSM) as […]


  18. Club Penguin Music Jam 2009 Party – Free Item and Backstage Cheats!

    Hey There Penguins,
    WOOT The Music Jam Of 2009 is here! The rooms are really cool, and there’s so much to do. Here […]

    Lil Maney's Team Club Penguin Cheats

  19. شناسایی قاتل ندا آقا سلطان

    خبر تکمیلی English comment at the bottom of this page
    آرش حجازی که اولین بار موضوع […]

    چشمان کاملاً باز

  20. Hilariante…

    … o primeiro minuto do vídeo.
    A bolsa é igual ao… dobro, quer dizer, é duas vezes mais… não? 5 […]


  21. Cam’ron Regrets Putting Son on Album Cover

    James Devaney/WireImage

    When Cam’ron (real name Cameron Giles) featured his young son on the cover of […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  22. ¿”Ingeniería” del software? Ahora vienen los mea culpa

    Los que leen habitualmente mi blog conocen mi opinión sobre la “ingeniería del software tradicional”, […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  23. Guan Eng, we’re going to hold you to your word, but only if…

    Beng Hock’s family has spoken.
    Yes, they want to know the truth.
    Yes, they want a Royal Commission of […]

    The People’s Parliament

  24. Crafts for (the) retarded?


    Crafts for Retarded: Through their hands they shall learn
    Some librarian spies from the west sent […]

    Awful Library Books

  25. Forty Years of Lunar Lander

    Lunar Lander games abound on every platform. Along with Tetris and Pac-Man, the game–in which your mission is to […]


  26. Canada’s best and worst run cities

    This survey, the first of its kind in Canada, provides citizens in 31 cities across the country with comparative data […]

  27. Paula Abdul May Not Return to American Idol

    Paul Abdul may have a new manager — but she may find herself without her old job on American Idol.
    “Very […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  28. All eyes on Apple’s earnings

    Apple (AAPL), one of the most closely watched stocks on the Nasdaq — and one of the engines driving the […]

    Brainstorm Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  29. Stuff that makes me think of Rob

    Dear Rob,
    You’ve officially ruined me. I think of you when I see or hear things that have nothing to do with you. […]

    Letters to Rob

  30. Robert Pattinson has the laugh that launched a

    million vibrators.
    Yea I said it LOL.  I have been way too tame lately, time to get on my back for basics […]

    Random Acts of Rob

  31. Frank McCourt: Regular guy, extraordinary artist

    Frank McCourt’s telephone answering machine message always promised that he would return all calls “with […]

    Shelf Life

  32. [Pic] Jaejoong on vacation with his family

    He’s such a lovely little brother and uncle!

    ahhh, so loving

    he admire his brother-in-law or what!


    fashion follows yoochun

  33. رازی که داوینچی در “بانوی صخره ها” پنهان کرد

    این اثر 2بار توسط کلیسا […]


  34. تنسيق الثانوية العامة 2009 للثانوية العامة لمصر 2009 ا

    تنسيق الثانوية العامة 2009 للثانوية العامة لمصر 2009 ا
    تنسيق […]

    Motamiz’s Blog

  35. Lowered Expectations

    MAD TV used to have a running gag called “Lowered Expectations,” which was the name of a dating service for […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  36. Miss Conduct’s Mind Over Manners: A Very Belated Review

    As you probably also know by now, the Boston Globe’s etiquette columnist Miss Conduct, also known as Robin […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  37. Imagem de Michael Jackson no leito de morte

    “O periódico austríaco “Austrian Times” estampou o que se supõe ser a imagem de Michael Jackson morto. […]

    Magazine Wopaaa – Tudo Bom? | Um pouco de tudo ou nada.

  38. حمایت از جنبش سبز ایران توسط مانکن های مزون گاتیونی ایتالیا

    مانکن های مزون لباس گاتیونی ایتالیا هم در حمایت جنبش سبز ایران در […]

    سنگ نوشته های مهزیار

  39. Resultados primitiva sábado 18 de julio de 2009

    En el sorteo de La Lotería Primitiva de hoy sábado 18 de julio de 2009, hay dos boletos acertantes de 1ª categoría […]

    La Primitiva | Resultados loteria primitiva

  40. Goodbye: Malone back to Wolverhampton Wanderers – but for how long? St Johnstone and Ujpest interested

    There’s been a clear out of Les Rosbifs in recent days, what with the transfer silly season in full swing and […]

    Les Rosbifs

  41. Resultados del melate sorteo 2256

    Resultados del sorteo melate 2256 (19 de Julio):
    06 12 33 43 48 53 ( Adicional 47 )
    Resultados del sorteo […]


  42. Semana Grande Santander 2009. Programa De FIESTAS.

    Viernes 17 de julio
    17:45 horas. Gran Circo Holiday, en el patio del Colegio Los Agustinos.
    19:30 horas. Inauguración […]


  43. Video de ataque a Policías Municipales en el Murúa en Abril

    Un lector nos pasa un link al video de youtube donde fueron asesinados 4 policías municipales en el Murúa al salir de […]

    Narco Tijuana

  44. GS.TS Võ Hồng Anh, con gái tướng Giáp qua đời

    GS.TS Võ Hồng Anh, con gái tướng Giáp qua đời

    19/07/2009 09:55:57

    LTS: GS – TS Võ Hồng Anh, con […]

    Quà tặng xứ mưa

  45. Resultados Euromillones 17 Julio y Lotería Primitiva 18 Julio de 2009

    A continuación podéis comprobar los números agraciados en el sorteo de los Euro Millones celebrado el Viernes 17 de […]

    Cajón desastres

  46. [分享]生命中的轉角故事

    (並不是心中放下 […]

    沒格。私。生活 megic my dreams

  47. Ulykker og forebygging

    Når man driver med ulike aktiviter kan det være en del av prosessen å lære å kjenne, behandle og respektere ulike […]

    Norske forhold

  48. La boum avant Addis ?

    Un week-end détonant, mais hélas pas étonnant. Attaques armées et alertes à la bombe : voilà ce à quoi les […]

    Réflexions sur la vie politique malgache…

  49. Rainbow Pride Party Cake

    I think all little kids, at least at one point, have unrealistic ideas about what they’ll become when they grow […]

    17 and Baking

  50. 1701-E

    With the advent of feature films for the TNG gang, a new ship… it’s design ethic influenced by the Borg […]

    Drex Files

  51. 100 anos depois, uma festa com as mesmas cores

    Nada mais justo do que um século depois do ADVENTO do clássico termos uma festa nos mesmos MATIZES. Afinal, era na […]


  52. naruto shippuden 118 y 119 sub español online


    Comenta y Disfruta todos los capitulos de NATURO SHIPPUDEN

    Narutoshippuden118's Blog

  53. It Must Be Nice to Be Verizon

    It must be nice to be Verizon (s vz) right now. Free from the intense scrutiny AT&T (s t) receives by having the […]


  54. Moda no seu quadrinho: Definição de cafona

    Essa seção será dedicada exclusivamente para o mundo da moda… Nos quadrinhos – se você ainda não notou […]

    Cada um no seu Quadrinho

  55. siapakah yg sedang berkumpul bersama keluarga nya??

    siapakah yang baru saja kembali ke korea dan berkumpul bersama keluarga nya?? mengacungkan jempol spt itu udh jadi ciri […]


  56. Revista 100% Adevarat

    Aseara am auzit la OTV de revista online 100% Adevarat,revista ce poarta numele unui show tv ce urmeaza sa inceapa din […]

  57. A review of my Top 30

    I’ve been meaning to take a look at my top 30 rankings from this past winter, so I suppose now is as good a time […]

    Phuture Phillies

  58. A Clay Monument To All Your Sins

    I have little to no artistic ability so when I am gathering supplies in an attempt to make something, I grab a ball of […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  59. کوهنوردی سبز – جمعه شانزدهم مرداد

    جنبش ما یک عیب دارد و این است که یک ذره عقبه تبلیغاتی ضعیفی داریم . […]

    شمشیرنامه یک سرباز میهن

  60. “Pânico na Tv” invade A Fazenda

     A informação vem dos bastidores do reality da Record.
    O “impostor” tentou invadir A Fazenda. Ele se vestiu de […]


  61. ¡Ángel, que la liamos, que la liamos!

    En la mañana del domingo 12 de julio, nos reunimos parte del grupo de PESKAMA en Huelva, los amigos; Juan José […]


  62. Bạn văn 26

     Mỗi lần về quê bao giờ mình cũng tót vào Đồng Hới chơi với anh em văn nghệ. Lần nào vào […]

    Quê choa

  63. Lp Italiano Windows 7 7600 (16384)

    E’ disponibile LP italiano per la Build 7600 RTM di Windows 7, sotto il link rapidshare per il download
    DOWNLOAD: […]

    Mondo Informatica

  64. More on PHP performance

    After writing the post criticizing Google’s “performance advice” for PHP beginners, I started […]

    PHP 10.0 Blog

  65. Emma watson Nipple slip

    we almost got a nipple slip here. but she still looks good in this picture . Take this as a sideboob picture or emma […]


  66. Uansvarlig kjøring og følgene som oppstår

    Både VG og Dagbladet skriver i dag at ulykkesbilen holdt 198 km/t gjennom Eiksundtunnelen. En tragisk ulykke hvor 5 […]

    Min sin!

  67. Terrorisme à Madagascar : A qui profite le crime ?

    Le week-end dernier fût pour le moins sanglant mais reste rempli d’anomalies qui méritent que l’on […]

    Nj’s Notepad

  68. Earnings Previews for 11 of 30 DJIA Components This Week (CAT, DD, MRK, KO, PFE, BA, MMM, AXP, T, MCD, MSFT, MO)

    This week will mark the first crest of earnings season as we have 11 of the 30 DJIA components reporting earnings this […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  69. Nepohoda. Kde bude znieť hudba?

    Strávil som niekoľko rokov organizovaním hudobných podujatí a som šťastný, že toto obdobie je už za mnou. […]

    Michal Hvorecký


    HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (Reino Unido 2.009, 155 Minutos, Aventuras)
    Dirección: David Yates.
    Guión: […]


  71. Perma-Bären fallen langsam aber sicher …

    “Der Bär ist tod” … Das sagte zumindest der notorisch bärisch eingestellte Ökonom Roubini heute. […]

    Weygand's Blog für den aktiven Anleger

  72. Macc Says Teoh Was Worth More Alive to the Macc Than Dead

    Kuala Lumpur 19/07/2009: Teoh Beng Hock is “worth more to us alive than dead”, according to the Malaysian Anti-Corruptio […]

    The Might Of The Pen

  73. ABC News Weighs in On Mom Who Let 12-Year-Olds Take Younger Sibs to Mall

    Here it is — looking into the case of Bridget Kevane, the mom who trusted her 12-year-old daughter […]


  74. Notas De Las Oposiciones De Magisterio 2009. Nº De Plazas Por TRIBUNAL.




    Asociación Socio-Cultural para jóvenes sevillanos (FETEJU) Ya somos 1.100.000

  75. ASOS.COM – Socorro!

    É tudo culpa do twitter. Já tinha falado que isso era coisa do capeta. Mas ninguém acreditou. 
    Mais do capeta […]

    Consumo Sim

  76. iPhoneでもEvernoteのWebClip

    何かと便利なマルチメモアプリ「Evernote」ですが、iPhoneでもPCのブラウザと同じようにWebCl […]


  77. Защо Бойко Борисов се държи надменно като генсека, когото […]

    Както си му е в реда на нещата, тия дни се появиха и […]


  78. Feste Dienstzeiten

    sind für die Richterschaft ein rotes Tuch Fremdwort und wären offensichtlich verfassungswidrig.
    Gemäß Art 97 I GG […]

    Im Namen des Volkers

  79. تفسیر سخنان خامنه ای به مناسبت روز بعثت : تهدید به اقدام برای سقوط […]

    29 تیرماه ، از سایت خود خامنه ای :
    خامنه ای در این سخنان نشان میدهد […]

    انقلاب سبز ملت ایران

  80. ESPY Awards: The thrill of victory, the agony of the teleprompter

    The ESPY awards… the annual event where Hollywood celebrities and sports figures collide, and big names like Ben Roeth […]

    The Marquee Blog

  81. Foto de Michael Jackson Morto?

    Reprodução O periódico austríaco “Austrian Times” estampou o que se supõe ser a imagem de […]

    Blog do Tony Ramos

  82. Goli otok

    Ne vem, ali je komu to jasno, ampak če bi bila danes še živa Edvard Kardelj in Josip Broz ter bi še vedno živeli v […]

    Dr. Onyx

  83. São Paulo faz a lição de casa

    O São Paulo conseguiu sua terceira* vitória no brasileirão. Não fez uma partida primorosa no clássico contra o […]

    BLOG do Marcello Lima

  84. Dr. No

    The sun rises in the east. The sky is blue. Bill Kristol advises Republicans to vote against health care reform. The […]


  85. True Blood 2×05 Online (Sangre Fresca)

    En las próximas horas se emitirá el capítulo 205 de True Blood (Sangre Fresca), una vez emitido, nos pondremos al tr […]

    ¡Que Movida!

  86. Beat 360° 07/17/09

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°? Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  87. Ponen foto de monja desnuda en facebook!

    Una novicia italiana, totalmente indignada, acaba de pedir a su abogada, Ana Orecchini, que, denuncie y meta a la […]


  88. Coming in The Air Tonight, Part II — UPDATED

    I’d been holding this one in reserve, praying about it. Right after it happened, some numbers […]

    New Wineskins

  89. Leaking Photos Of Nok in A Bikini

    Leaking photographs of “Nok” Aussanee surfaced today at Gossipstar. The images show photos of Nok posing […]

    Thai Entertainment DIRTII Version

  90. Le immagini dell’inizio dell’Estate Reggina 2009

    E’ tornato il fresco in questo weekend, così come una settimana fa.
    Sul Sant’Elia di Palmi è transitata […]

    LA PAGINA – Peppe Caridi Live News

  91. LÊ DuẨn: Hung ThẦn ViỆt Nam

    Kỷ niệm ngày từ trần của Lê Duẩn, cố Tổng bí thư đảng cộng sản đã được tổ chức […]


  92. Преслава – Пази се от приятелки текст download lyrics

    Преслава – Пази се от приятелки текст download lyrics
    Преслава – […]

    Безплатна музика и линкове за песни

  93. Estrazione del superenalotto di sabato 18 luglio 2009 concorso n.86

    Superenalotto Estrazioni del superenalotto di sabato 18 luglio 2009,concorso n.86
    sono offerte da Everest Casino/Poker […]

    Estrazione del Superenalotto & del Lotto

  94. Great Moments In 1980s Heel History

    As Brett Favre prepares to offer up one of the great double-crosses in sports history by basically turning his back on […]

    Joe Montana’s Right Arm: A Blog Dedicated to the NFL.

  95. 09.07.17~19 Super Show II – Hae, Kyu & Kangin (18p)

    i’m going crazy with Hae’s hair bows on GEE
    am trying to look for the pix of Hae with big purple bow, […]


  96. Trei scenarii sau hai pa!

    Se tot vorbeste despre relansarea economica apropiata, despre scenariile recesiunii in forma de v mic de mana, L mare […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  97. Mais Do Mesmo

    Ministério e sindicatos sem acordo sobre modelo de avaliação
    Os sindicatos de professores saíram hoje do […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  98. Aripa de inger

    Lucretius spunea ca fiecare dintre noi e un inger. Un inger cu o singura aripa. Un inger ce ar putea zbura doar atunci […]


  99. Housing Bubble Sob Stories Are Often Ridiculous

    The housing crash continues.  Despite record low interest rates on 30 year loans, the effervescent bubble prices are […]

    Culture of Life News

  100. Ieri e oggi in TV Estate – 20 luglio 2009 (con i dati Auditel del 19 luglio)

    Nella versione estiva di questo spazio esaminiamo gli ascolti, basati sui dati forniti quotidianamente da Auditel, dei […] Blog

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