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July 15, 2009: Top Posts

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  1. Poll: Majority of Republicans don’t think Palin’s qualified for prez

    According to a new poll, 33 percent of Republicans believe Sarah Palin has the ability to serve effectively as […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Bachelorette’s Blog: Jillian’s ‘Heart-Wrenching Goodbye’

    It’s a little harder to write my blog now that there is less fun, juicy gossip and more deep, heartfelt feelings. […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  3. Scarlett Johansson’s Mango Ads Revealed!

    Mario Sorrenti for Mango Ever since Mango first announced that Scarlett Johansson would be replacing Penelope Cruz for […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  4. 10 More Amazing Coincidences

    We all love to read about coincidences – and for that reason we have previously published two lists: Top 15 […]


  5. Nicole Richie: Belly Up!

    Cleyton Vitalino/Splash News Online

    Lookin’ fabulous in a black bikini, head scarf and oversize shades, an […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  6. Real Climate gives reason to cheer…

    Though, a couple of the cheerleaders don’t look all that happy.

    Left to Right: Dr. Gavin Schmidt (NASA Goddard […]

    Watts Up With That?

  7. How to Keep a Secret (according to a Harvard psychologist)

    When there’s an elephant in the room staring you down, it can be hard to refrain from acknowledging it. You try […]

    The Blogs at HowStuffWorks

  8. Wellington Jets In Ahead Of Arsenal Talks

    Arsenal’s pursuit of Fluminense striker Wellington has stepped up a gear after the Brazilian flew into London […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  9. Verizon to Mobile Developers: Can You Hear Me Now?

    Verizon (s vz) wants to build its own app store, and is planning a July 28 event to entice developers to its platform. […]


  10. In defense of BSD licenses

    Zed Shaw just blogged about why he uses the GPL instead of a BSD-style license. His arguments for the GPL are […]

    objects in motion

  11. Élő közvetítés a Hertha BSC elleni mérkőzésről (0-2)

    7-kor kezdődik a “nyár rangadója”, eddig nem vagyunk sokan, a hangulat nyárias. […]

    Üllői út 129

  12. Manhattanhenge

    @flickr noticed that photos of Manhattanhenge are starting to flow in from last weekend. What’s […]

    Flickr Blog

  13. One Piece Spoiler 550 + Imagenes Confirmado

    Tras la semana pasada sin manga de one piece, esta ssemana arranca con todo ya que estan disponible los 1º spoilers […]


  14. Why has the worst recession since the 1930’s had such a mild effect on America?

    One of the oddities of this recession is the widespread opposition to government actions mitigating its effects.  […]

    Fabius Maximus

  15. Observations: Tournament of Champions

    The newest of the 5-man instances at the Argent Coliseum is the Tournament of Champions.  As you step into the small, […]

    Lowered Expectations

  16. Interviewing President Obama in Ghana

    Anderson Cooper and President Obama walking around Cape Coast Castle.

    Anderson Cooper | BIO
    AC360° […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  17. God Bless the Internet

    You gotta love emails like these floating around the IntarWebs. Words and Images sent in by Monica H., from an email […]

    Cute Overload

  18. Etch PCBs with ferric chloride and a sponge

    Etching a printed circuit board generally takes a bit of time and uses a lot of etchant. [TechShopJim] posted a method […]

    Hack a Day

  19. Unscientific Unscientific America. Part 1.

    In Unscientific America, Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum (hencefore M&K) assert that America is awash in a tsunami […]

    Why Evolution Is True

  20. [Exclusive] Eboue and Silvestre linked with £25m move to Man City

    SkySports News sources understand that Man City are in negotiations with Arsenal about the possible transfers of […]


  21. سرانجام ، موسوی ، خوش آمدی به جمع خلق قهرمان ایران ……………. عکس […]

    انقلاب سبز ملت ایران

  22. [Music Video] U “Suddenly” want to “Fall In Love”

    Is that always a good idea though?


  23. Notas De Las Oposiciones De Magisterio 2009. Nº De Plazas Por TRIBUNAL.


    Asociación Socio-Cultural para jóvenes sevillanos (FETEJU) Ya somos 1.000.000

  24. Meredith Whitney turns bullish on Goldman

    All eyes are on Goldman Sachs (GS), which announces earnings tomorrow. What goosed the stock…and then the banking […]


  25. Telegraph Losing £200,000 a Week

    The Telegraph lost £9.8 million last year – which is a pretty good result for them – they lost £30 […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  26. Brock Lesnar Acted Like a Classless Punk

    Brock beat up Frank Mir something pretty bad.
    He THEN proceeded to: threaten ring security, flip off the crowd, curse […]

    COED Magazine

  27. The Amazing World of Version Numbers

    In theory, software version numbers should be about as scintillating as as serial numbers, house numbers, channel […]


  28. ntv7 host ‘reassigned’ over jibby’s bad scorecard

    All her guest did was to give premier Najib Abdul Razak a ‘C’ or ‘D’ rating for his first 100 […]

    BlogCkChew – Stand Up, Be Counted;

  29. 2009 Üniversite Taban Puanları ve Kontenjanları ve Tercihler ne zaman yapılacak ?

    2009 yılı son olarak yapılan öğrenci seçme sınavı ( öss ) 15 Haziran da yapılmıştı ve dün yani 12 Temmuz […]

    Siyaset, Politika, Haber, Anket

  30. 6 Things I just discovered about Robert Pattinson

    For the last month or so we have been inundated (not complaining) with pictures of Rob filming Remember Me in New York […]

    Random Acts of Rob

  31. Foto do último ensaio de Michael Jackson teria sido forjada!

    Segundo site a foto do último ensaio de Michael Jackson foi forjada.
    Leia abaixo a tradução literal do Google. Veja […]

    Blog do Tony Ramos

  32. Now that’s what I call a surgeon general

    It appears that Obama and his administration, while educating themselves admirably on health care issues as […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  33. Naruto 456 Raw Spoiler and Translation Confirmed

    Source: Naruto 456 Raw | Naruto 456 Spoiler
    Verification : […]

    Manga 4 You | Manga News and Spoiler

  34. Arsenal set to sign Chelsea striker

    Reports today in the daily mirror have said that Arsene Wenger is set to sign Chelsea’s highest rated youngster in […]

    GoonersWorld the Blog

  35. Sokka and Katara Headshots

    Headshots of Katara and Sokka have shown up online at Der Herr der Elemente, an Avatar fansite, along with two new […] | Live Action Avatar the Last Airbender Movie News, and Media Fan Blog

  36. Great Scenes… Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    On paper, it’s just two guys meeting someone and putting their case on the back of a truck. On screen it is pure […]

    Ross v Ross

  37. خامنه ایی و کفاره جنایاتش

    ما هرگز فراموش نخواهیم کرد. We will never forget
    The names on coffins are Sohrab, Neda and the […]

    توانا بود هرکه دانا بود

  38. Is It All Ade-ing Up?

    When does fact become fiction or fiction become fact? The starting place for these might well be football’s […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  39. It’s Him

    You should probably sit down for this.
    For some, that’s because sitting is closer to kneeling and you probably […]

    New Wineskins

  40. MEAT. It’s What’s for MURDER.

    By Vi Ransel
    It invariably comes down not to “their” eating other animals that have been killed […]

    Thomas Paine's Corner

  41. Sage 4.1 Released

    Sage 4.1 was released on July 09, 2009. For the official, comprehensive release note, please refer to sage-4.1.txt. The […]


  42. [Pic] Mirotic Concert – YunJae

    When we say YunJae in Mirotic, you would expect to see this

    or this right?!

    But you would never expect something else […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  43. 10.07.2009 – VOD – Video of the Day “Katze als Staubsauger”

    more about “10.09.2009 – VOD – Video of the Day “…“, posted with vodpod
    Weil ich […]

    Peter Pan`s Blick in die Welt

  44. The ’66 Dodge Charger | First Love/Wheels

    I bought my ‘66 off a guy up the road for $750 when I was 18.  She’d sat there a good long time, but […]

    The Selvedge Yard

  45. Princess Lover! 2



  46. Naruto manga 456 spoiler confirmado

    Simple Spoiler de Nja:
    Rapidamente Danzou termina la batalla. (Hace sellos y crea algo asi parecido a la comadreja de […]

    Contenido Pro

  47. Atacan a tiros a municipal de Rosarito y a acompañantes

    Atacan a tiros a municipal de Rosarito y a acompañantes
    *.- Perseguían a una persona con un carro que les robaron, […]

    Narco Tijuana

  48. ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ ΤΩΡΑ: Η ισχυρή Ελλάδα του Σημίτη. Αίμα και πλιάτσικο με […]

    Βουτηγμένα στη σήψη και τον τρόμο συλλήβδην τα ΜΜΕ προσπαθούν να […]

  49. Sounds like it’s time to stop dropping acid

    Gos’s brains is being eaten by s*men.
    Submitted by: Frank via Engrish Funny Submissions

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  50. Kids!

    Just before I get into the nitty gritty of today’s blog thingy I want to talk to you about […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  51. Digging through our ‘Letters to Rob’ mailbag

    Before we get on to the “serious” posts by grown-up Rob lovers, we thought we’d share a fun letter […]

    Letters to Rob

  52. (video) Misshandlad av anställd på McDonalds Avenyn i Göteborg

    McDonalds vill få dig att tro:
    Snabb, trevlig service i rena, fräscha lokaler och god mat till ett lågt pris är […]

    Politiskt Inkorrekt

  53. Saba Tümer Seks Görüntüleri izle

    Güncel Haberler Videolar Haberi İzle Görüntüler Flaş Haberler

  54. One Piece 550 Spoiler

    From —–
    Part […]

    One Piece HQ [ワンピース]

  55. Moblin v2.0 beta VS Ubuntu 9.04 Boot time

    Comparando y usando el mismo hardware, evidentemente moblin arranca mas rapido. Habra que esperar a Ubuntu 9.10 para […]

    Ubuntu Life

  56. [VIDEO] Hantu Michael Jackson Berkeliaran di Neverland

    Baru dapet nih…. Konon Hantu Michael Jackson tertangkap kamera crew CNN ketika sedang meliput di Neverland […]


  57. Sky ‘understands’ City offer for Ade & Gazidis’ no.2 man

    The top story today is a possible shock move from Man City for Emmanuel Adebayor. It’s only really been Milan […]

    The Cannon

  58. Backlash: feminism considered harmful

    We have a problem in the way that women in free software are regarded and treated. If this is news to you, I encourage […]

    We'll see

  59. Demolition City Walkthrough Complete Levels 1 to 20

    About Demolition City
    Destroy each building and tower with your dynamite. Each level has limited dynamite and […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  60. Resultado Mega Sena 1089

    Novo > Resultado Mega Sena  1090 de  11/07

    Mega Sena Concurso 1089 – A Caixa Econômica Federal realiza nesta […]

    Resultado Mega Sena

  61. Inútil perguntar para o Paulinho

    Na semana passada perguntamos ao Blogueiro Que Tem Medo qual foi o resultado da sua queixa ao Ministério Público. […]

    Blog do Silvinho

  62. El papel de los agujeros negros en la formación y evolución de galaxias

    Todas las galaxias masivas conocidas presentan un agujero negro central con una masa entre millones y miles de […]

    Francis (th)E mule Science’s News

  63. Michael Jackson Ghost Video

    LOS ANGELES, CA – Fans across the Internet have been speculating about the possible appearance of Michael […]

    Weekly World News

  64. Munster: A guide to Apple’s guidance

    Apple (AAPL), as we’ve said many times before, guides conservatively — which is to say it low-balls its […]

    Apple 2.0

  65. The Problem with Software

    Phillip Longman has an article on health care information systems with the provocative title, “Code Red: How […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  66. A stubbornness in the face of fact that is unbecoming of an academic.

    (Before I get started, I want to acknowledge that I know Ann Althouse is an attention fiend, and as such revels in any […]

    The Edge of the American West

  67. Banks and Brokers… Major Earnings on Deck (GS, JPM, SCHW, BAC, C)

    This is the real week for earnings season where the floodgates open.  That is particularly the case for some of the […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  68. The Fastest Way to Get Your Carryon Off The Plane

    Yeah.  That would work.
    Story here.

    Innocent Bystanders

  69. Warming, Interrupted?

    A recent post on RealClimate explores a new approach to understanding some of the natural variability in the climate […]

    Open Mind

  70. Husband Wife Man Woman

    Just back from running errands, I kicked my shoes into the basket by the door, and dropped my keys on the piano. […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  71. ĐỀ VÀ ĐÁp Án Thi ĐẠi HỌc 2009 MÔn ToÁn- KhỐi a

    ĐÁP ÁN […]

    Toanhoccapba’s Blog

  72. Words, words, words – I’m so sick of words …

    … I get words all day through,
    First from him, now from you,
    Is that all you blighters can do?
    It is? Well, fine, […]

  73. PRK N41 Manek Urai – Live dari pusat mengundi

    Untuk REFRESH berita terkini, sila klik URL atau REFRESH.

    8.26pm: A grim-looking PAS candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah […]

    The Blog Of My Life

  74. Madagascar : Et si les légalistes marchaient sur Ambohitsorohitra ?

    Qu’est ce – qui pourrait se passer si les légalistes faisaient une marche pour reprendre le palais […]

    Nj’s Notepad

  75. Creationists: Crybabies & Nancy-Boys

    YOUR Curmudgeon is feeling especially grumpy this morning. Why? Check out this column by David Klinghoffer, which is […]

    The Sensuous Curmudgeon

  76. SuicideGirls +18

    Hoje vou falar de uma coisa bem legal, fotos eróticas, mas não pensem que é igual aquelas da PlayBoy & cia.  As […]

    Fly Carrot

  77. More on PHP performance

    After writing the post criticizing Google’s “performance advice” for PHP beginners, I started […]

    PHP 10.0 Blog

  78. Around the Rink – July 13th Edition

    Photo Courtesy of Rena Laverty
    The Detroit Red Wings concluded their annual development camp on Sunday, ending a week […]

    Official Blog for the Detroit Red Wings

  79. ‘True Blood’ shells out tantalizing twists

    On HBO’s “True Blood,” flipping away from the bloody goodness a minute too soon can hurt.

    Sunday’s episode, […]

    The Marquee Blog

  80. Hindsight

    You should have dated the smart one
    (Tina Fey)
    Picture by: dunno source. Caption by: tbinns via Poster […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  81. Odom, Lakers close to new deal

    The Los Angeles Lakers won a title with Lamar Odom playing a key role in the team’s success. And after a period […]

  82. Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips

    According to a former 31-year IBM employee, the highly-publicized, mandatory switch from analog to digital television […]

  83. Need an Extra $15,000?

    Need an extra $15,000?  I have a proposition for you.  Recently I purchased 5000 copies of the Spanish edition of 48 […]

    Dan Miller’s Blog

  84. SNSD’s Incoming Army

    Okay, if you don’t know about Kkangpae Shidae by now, just do your own research in SNSDKOREAN :p

    If you […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  85. Draft Review – Pittsburgh Pirates

    Here’s my pick-by-pick analysis of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 2009 draft, keeping in mind talent, draft value, and […]

    Andy Seiler's MLB Draft Blog

  86. หม่ำ on stage

    หม่ำ on stage

    ดู หนังออนไลน์ Download Movie Free Download Game Pc Full free watch movie online

  87. Windows 7 final: build 7600

    De acordo com alguns sites, a Microsoft finalizou o desenvolvimento do Windows 7, e a versão RTM (que é a versão […]

    WinExperience 2009

  88. Slogans de Motel

    1 – Motel Leilão:
    Dou-lhe uma, dou-lhe duas, dou-lhe três!
    2 – Sinuca motel:
    Aqui seu taco não […]

    Oh My Dog!

  89. LEAN Works. Not.

    After reading both the Association for Size Diversity and Health’s press release and Laura Frater’s post on […]

    Living ~400lbs

  90. Drogas Licitas ou Ilícitas?

    A legalização das drogas sempre foi muito discutida no mundo, mas existem usuários que consideram o assunto […]

    Magazine Wopaaa – Tudo Bom? | Um pouco de tudo ou nada.

  91. Tirinha 51

    Tirinha original publicada em 9 de maio de 2006
    Nesta tirinha decidi não traduzir o jornal e a revista que […]

    Jesus and Mo – traduzidas!

  92. Ieri e oggi in TV Estate – 14 luglio 2009 (con i dati Auditel del 13 luglio)

    Nella versione estiva di questo spazio esaminiamo gli ascolti, basati sui dati forniti quotidianamente da Auditel, dei […] Blog

  93. Akhirnya Misteri Hantu Jacko di Neverland Terkuak

    Rekaman sekelebat bayangan di bekas rumah Michael Jackson, Neverland Ranch yang dilansir situs YouTube, menggemparkan […]

    Solo Cyber City

  94. Windows 7 RTM è qui !

    La notizia che tutti stavate aspettando è qui ! Windows 7 RTM è stato rilasciato e il download dalle reti torrent  […]

    Mondo Informatica

  95. Meena Actress Marriage Wedding Reception Photos, Stills

    Meena Marriage, Wedding reception photos, Stills, Pics, meena wedding reception Photos, Stars @ meena marriage […]

    Meena marriage , wedding, reception, Photos,stills, Meena Marriage event Event, function Photos, Stills, Meena actress marriage groom photos, meena in wedding bells, Meena married photos, Actress meena wedding Pics, Meeena South ACtress Marriage Gallery, Mina Marriage Photos,Minna Wedding Photos

  96. Tina Brown: Take off ‘Clinton’s burqa’

    Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of calls Hillary Clinton 'Obama's other wife.'

    When […]


  97. Ce cred bancherii despre ei si despre munca lor

    Reiau o parte dintre concluziile unui studiu recent comandat de o banca de top, cu privire la starea de spirit a […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  98. Mesti Baca! Umno menukar calonnya di saat akhir kepada JAMBATAN

    Manek Urai UmNo letak Jambatan sebagai calon
    Umno menukar calonnya di saat akhir kepada […]


  99. Do men need protecting from themselves?

    UPDATE: Hi all, Ros here. just a reminder that this isn’t a discussion about sharia law or Islam.  It’s […]

    BBC World Have Your Say

  100. در خانه اگر کَس است یک حرف بس است

    امشب داشتم عکسهایی را که طی چند ماه گذشته گرفته بودم و پراکنده […]


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