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  1. Underwear Fail

    Check out some more people getting caught on camera at Pwned on Camera!
    Picture by: dunno source. Submitted by: Jens […]

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  2. MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE! Pop King faked his death, say sources, adding, ‘Comeback tour will be biggest in music […]

    Copyright (c) 2009 Derek Clontz/4-Page Media, Inc./
    Billions of people around the world think pop […]

    Derek Clontz

  3. Meet Marion and Tabitha Broderick!

    Robyn Layton

    It’s the Broderick twins! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick — along with big […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  4. Consumido pela culpa

    Meu melhor amigo, Chiquinho, tem uma irmã com síndrome de down que é quatro anos mais nova que eu. Comigo ela sempre […]

    Igreja Internacional

  5. Sanford should stay, two top South Carolina papers say

    An influential South Carolina newspaper published an editorial Tuesday that said Gov. Mark Sanford should not step […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  6. 10.7 solar radio flux, then and now

    Leif Svalgaard writes in with a collection of points on the 10.7 cm solar radio flux. Being busy tonight, I’m […]

    Watts Up With That?

  7. Goodbye Billy Mays

    They say that Celebrities die in threes…But trust Billy Mays to throw in an extra AT NO ADDITIONAL COST
    R.I.P. […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  8. IDP, 2009 (por enquanto)

    Como é sabido até pelo mundo mineral, como diz Mino Carta, sou processado pelo presidente do Supremo Tribunal Federal […]

    Brasília, eu vi

  9. EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Port Models for Women’s Health

    Thomas Whiteside/Courtesy of Womens Health The City star turns model for Women’s Health’s July/August […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  10. Live blog from the anchor desk 6/29/09

    Tonight we’re following all the new developments in the Michael Jackson story.
    A second autopsy was performed […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  11. Tempers Flare in the Heat

    Ed Balls, denuded of Damian McBride, has to call journalists himself now to make threats. Blogging Speccie hack Fraser […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  12. Taiwan remakes “Full House”



  13. Uitvaart Yasmine op vrijdag 3 juli in Schoolselhof Wilrijk om 13.30 uur

    De uitvaart van Hilde Rens, alias Yasmine, is voorzien voor vrijdag 3 juli in het crematorium Schoolselhof in Wilrijk. […]

    Talk of the Town

  14. Opinion – Walcott Not At Fault In England Failure

    Many will come out and criticise youngster Theo Walcott after his anonymous performance in England’s catastrophic […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  15. Malaysia, pen drives and brain drain

    In the fifties when I was born and in the sixties when i was a teenager studying in high school, Taiwan was a poor, […]

    Dr Hsu's Forum

  16. Firefox 3.5: The Technologizer Review

    Was it really fewer than five years ago that Firefox 1.0 debuted? Its arrival ended the dismal period in which only one […]


  17. Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied About Michael Jackson

    June 27, 2009

    After the sudden death of Michael Jackson, Chandler tells the truth.
    In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatr […]

    The Might Of The Pen

  18. Ah, those flambéed flies with white wine reduction, MWAH!

    They were delicious! My compliments to the chef!

    Don’t think for second that I missed those cute suction-cup […]

    Cute Overload

  19. Nem lesz fehér váltómez

    Korábban egy szurkolói információra hivatkozva megírtuk, hogy az új csíkos mez mellett a jövőben idegenben […]

    Üllői út 129

  20. قابل توجه دوستانی که قصد سفر به ایران را دارند: فیس‌بوک‌های خود […]

    اخبار دریافتی  از تنی چند از دانشجویان و هم‌وطنان ایرانی که طی […]

    موج آزادی

  21. Ask Robert Kiyosaki

    TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty
    His 2000 motivational book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the story of two fathers (Kiyosaki¹s own […]

    10 Questions –

  22. Ex-con: Bernie won’t be too popular behind bars

    Going from a Park Avenue luxury apartment to a federal prison is going to be quite a change for Bernard Madoff. He was […]


  23. Video: Energizer Bunneh!

    chek awt IHAH’s video of a goggie pushing a stroller!
    maek sur 2 nawt thlipp wen ur running arownd.

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  24. Is Robert Pattinson pretentious?

    Our 2nd class of Roblosophy is in session
    Dear Rob,
    I saw the pictures of you holding a book recently and wondered to […]

    Letters to Rob

  25. Resultado Mega Sena 1086

    Sábado 27 de junho de 2009. Resultado  Mega Sena concurso 1086  – Foi sorteado hoje, o concurso 1086 da Mega […]

    Resultado Mega Sena concurso 1086

  26. Michael Jackson T-Shirt: Michael 09 Is A Must For All Michael Jackson Fans Worldwide!

    Michael Jackson “Michael09″ Tee Pays Tribute To An American Music Legend!
    We all have our Thriller Album so […]

    Viktor Viktoria Vixens’ Fashion Vibe

  27. Esplosione a Viareggio – 29 / 30 Giugno 2009 – Incidente Ferroviario

    Mi sono svegliato di colpo, dopo aver sentito 3-4 botti provenire dal centro città. Ho aperto le serrande e mi sono […]

    Alessandro Iannella – Blog

  28. Owyhee

    The Owyhee Canyonlands cover over 10,000 square miles (25,900 square kilometers) of the western United […]

    Flickr Blog

  29. Ashton te despreza!

    Ontem um grupo de celebridades (Junior Lima, Marcos Mion, Bruno Gagliasso, entre outros)resolveu se reunir para criar o […]

    ::Rabisco Pop!::

  30. Mario Hardcore

    C = Atira
    X = Pula
    Agora é só jogar!! \o/

    Oh My Dog!

  31. % of People who hate Michael Jackson, according to date

    % of People who hate Michael Jackson, according to date
    Graph by: dunno source via Graph Jam Builder

    GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them.

  32. Đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 trung học phổ thông môn Toán năm học 2009-2010 và hướng dẫn giải

    Trung tâm bồi dưỡng kiến thức QUANG MINH

  33. ‘It’s not for me to tell you to be patient.’

    The President of the United States, the leader of the free world, spent 20 minutes this afternoon telling the world […]

    Law Dork, 2.0

  34. Naruto 454 Spoiler confirmado

    Ya hay spoiler de naruto de esta semana, Parece que conoceremos algo de los kages como son y más datos además de […]


  35. [Video] Gadis kecil yang diperjual-belikan sebagai budak seks – Inilah gadis-gadis kecil yang menjadi korban bisnis ilegal oleh para pedagang gelap.

    Dan […]

    Portal Berita Maya

  36. Detroit Refuses Rondo?

    This past week we have seen Cleveland acquire Shaq and Orlando acquire Vince Carter.  We have heard that Amare […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  37. Excelente

    Pronto, também eu – para não ficar atrás de alguns sindicatos – quero facultar elementos para que os […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  38. فركانس‏ جديد BBC فارسي ، VOA Persian و MAATV در ماهوارهاي مختلف

    BBC Persian TV *(توجــــــــه)*
    BBC Persian هم اكنون در فركانس قبلي خود 11117  در […]

    اولين وبلاگ مستقل پس از صدر اسلام

  39. A Gentle Rebuke to Brother John (Updated)

    The remarks that follow highlight areas of significant disagreement so let me preface my remarks thus: I am thankful […]


  40. Things that have caught my eye lately

    In the parallel F1 world, away from FIA and FOTA, there have been a few interesting little developments […]

  41. Very, very weird sewer creatures caught on camera -or- How Bryozoa Work

    Near my home in Raleigh, NC, these bizarre creatures were caught on camera:

    It looks freaky, but is described here as […]

    The Blogs at HowStuffWorks

  42. :: Website Resmi PSB Depok 2009

    Alhamdulillah, setelah lama ditunggu-tunggu, akhirnya Dinas Pendidikan Kota Depok membuat website resmi untuk […]

    :: Depok Kita Semua ::

  43. The Top 10 Reasons I Am Hating Hipsters

    There’s a new plague making its way across college campuses from coast to coast. Take one step into your local […]

    College Candy

  44. Last Week’s Russell Boots Are Today’s Winners (FNSR, SANM, SIRI, VG, BBI, MNI, FRE, FNM)

    Many knew that the huge Russell rebalance stocks was creating huge selling in the names toward the end of last week.  […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  45. Robert Pattinson’s Deep thoughts from the set of Remember Me

    With so many pictures of Rob on the set of Remember Me it sometimes hard to tell them apart. Heehee But every once in […]

    Random Acts of Rob

  46. De Testemunha de Jeová a um mito: Morre Michael Jackson

    O cantor, que já foi Testemunha de Jeová e que teria se convertido ao islamismo,
    morre na tarde desta quinta-feira […]

  47. Ben Brust to make decision ‘maybe tomorrow’

    Ben Brust took an unofficial visit to the Iowa campus Monday and could decide by Tuesday if Iowa City will be his home […]

    Doc’s Office


    VIAREGGIO (LUCCA) – Almeno sei morti e cinquanta feriti, alcuni dei quali in gravi condizioni. Questo il bilancio […]

    Prima Pagina Casertana

  49. Últimas fotos de Michael Jackson con vida

    Esta es una de las últimas fotografías que existen de Michael Jackson con vida. Estas imágenes fueron tomadas dos […]

    No se atrevería…¿o sí? – Porque las celebridades no son intocables

  50. Proctored Mock CAT 2- An Overview

    This is a world full of surprises that defy expectations…It’s an era of the UNEXPECTED!!! It very well […]

    Career Launcher’s CAT Blog

  51. Mike Duffy has learned something while sitting in the Senate

    Decades as a journalist and decades more as a sentient Canadian apparently did nothing to prepare Mike Duffy for the […]

  52. Official Blog: And we’re still alive!

    Posted by: gruso
    An aptly titled update from EvilDragon on the official blog.
    Hi, it’s time again for the weekly […]

    The unofficial OpenPandora Blog

  53. Kanshebbers Ronde van Frankrijk 2009

    Iedereen vraagt zich af: Wie zijn de grootste kanshebbers voor de Ronde van Frankrijk 2009. Zitten er Nederlanders […]

    Tour de France 2009

  54. Imam Siraj wishes to attend the janazah prayer of Michael Jackson

    Today, I spoke to with Imam Siraj Wahhaj, the Amir of the Muslim Alliance in North America and one of the most […]

    Imam Johari Abdul Malik

  55. What’s in your Bag? Camila Coutinho!

    Inaugurando nossa nova sessão “What’s in your Bag?” (afinal, este é um blog de acessórios!) ninguém menos […]

    Diário de Acessórios!

  56. Últimas noticias 30 de Junio en vivo: El Golpe de estado en Honduras. Resistan !!!



    En vivo desde Honduras:
    Gigantesca marcha recorre […]

    Guerra Digital para la Resistencia Mental

  57. Mărturii zguduitoare din viaţa muceniţei Daniela din Bucureşti

    Această floare aleasă a răsărit pe pământul românesc în anul 1967. De micuţă era foarte apropiată de […]

    † Apologeticum

  58. أسباب موت مايكل جاكسون (Michael Jackson)

    اعلنت مصادر طبية أمريكية عن وفاة ملك البوب الأميركي مايكل […]

    مــدونــة ســيــف

  59. Bing and Kayak: Can You Tell Them Apart?

    As a longtime Kayak user, I was shocked when I first saw Microsoft’s (s msft) new Bing travel site. The pages of […]


  60. Jordan Chandler LIED about ‘blow job’ Michael Jackson

    Two days after the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s death, an truly sickening news broke out. Jordan Chandler, the […]


  61. Video Ciuman mesra dan Hot pasha ungu dan Alyssa soebandono

    Video mesra antara pasha ungu dan Alyssa soebandono beredar di internet.
    Benarkah pasha ungu dan Alyssa soebandono […]

    Berita Fenomenal

  62. SBY Mengaku Sudah Tidak Bisa Menahan Diri Dengan Kritikan Yusuf Kalla

    Yudhoyono Sesalkan Komentar Kalla Soal Boediono
    Minggu, 28 Juni 2009 | 15:17 WIB

    TEMPO Interaktif, Balikpapan – […]

    Ada Apa Yep

  63. YOU DECIDE: Over the Line or Just for Fun?

    The print ad for the “BK Super Seven Incher” — a limited time promotion in Singapore, a society known […]

    FOX Forum

  64. Discouraging FOSS

    Linux users have been aware for some time that Microsoft does not share their love for their favorite operating system, […]

    An alien’s viewpoint

  65. El golpe en Honduras y el papelón de CNN en Español

    Hablando de apoyar golpistas, no seré el primero en decir esto, pero lo de CNN en Español es un papelón. Se quedaron […]

    The Daily DG

  66. Recap | The Pop Up Flea

    The first ever A Continuous Goldberg Pop Up Flea (known in some circles for better or worse as the Man Flea) was by all […]

    A Continuous Lean.

  67. Quel fantastique 26 Juin 2009 !

    Pourquoi vous faites tous la gueule après le 26 Juin 2009 hein ? N’écoutez pas les sornettes de Papy Elman, […]

    Nj’s Notepad

  68. The Sims 3: Type of Plants, Where You Can Get Them, Value, & Tips & Tricks

    Hello fellow Simmers. I’ve made a The Sims 3 planting guide for those who want quality plants but don’t know […]

  69. No Way Out: Treasury And The Price Of TARP Warrants

    Buried in the late wire news on Friday – and therefore barely registering in the newspapers over the weekend […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  70. No Need To Get Arshy On A Quiet Day & Under 21 Woes

    Quiet mornings are de rigeur during the close season, even the hacks have to take a break from the speculation every […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  71. Pirate Bay kan bli skivbolagsvapen

    Med blandade känslor läste jag dag på flera olika nyhetssidor att The Pirate Bay köps upp av ett mjukvaruföretag. […]

    Calandrellas blogg

  72. Was Michael Jackson a Muslim?

    The question of whether Michael Jackson was a Muslim or not will soon be answered when he is buried.
    I learned a long […]

    Umar Lee

  73. Skal vi innføre begrepet selvmordskjørere?

    Fem personer mistet nylig livet i en møteulykke i Eiksundtunnelen på Sunmøre. VG hevder i dag at etterforskernes […]


  74. When Sandtrap Attacks!

    Upon hearing the phrase “eaten alive,” one of three things typically comes to mind – your favorite […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  75. courage or herd mentality?

    Take three minutes to watch this video from the 2009 Sasquatch Music Festival from our very own, Washington State. One […]

    eugene cho

  76. Would You Buy a Roomba For Love?

    Vacuum cleaners are kind of a sore spot in my house, mostly because of a major lapse in judgment I made about a year […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  77. Meeting the Man!

    In 2007, my brother and I had the incredible honor of meeting President George W. Bush when we premiered a video […]


  78. On air: Does it matter if Michael Jackson was black or white?

    This is what Jamie Foxx said at yesterday’s Black Entertainment Awards in LA. “We want to celebrate this […]

    BBC World Have Your Say

  79. Waxman-Markey’s chances in the Senate

    What are the chances of the Senate signing on to Waxman-Markey (or something like it)? Here are the top ten reasons to […]

    Green Hell Blog

  80. Pasar skutik Yamaha,… hati-hati digerogoti kompetitor …!!!

    Well,… memang semua tahu bahwa perkembangan skutik akan menggilas motor bebek … !!! Sekarang saza sudah […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  81. The Pontén Bay

    The Pirate Bay säljs till ett mjukvaruföretag, rapporterar SvD, DN och Aftonbladet. Peter Sunde säger att han är […]

    Badlands Hyena

  82. Sebastien Bassong set to sign for Arsenal?

    We have been given information that  Sebastien Bassong is set to sign for Arsenal.
    Bassong is one of the top earners […]

    GoonersWorld the Blog

  83. Apa ni!! Belum lagi hari Penamaan, macam-macam berita dah keluar…

    Calon BN nafi dakwaan salahguna kuasa dan rasuah
    Calon BN bagi pilihanraya kecil DUN Manek Urai, Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat […]


  84. Iran updates – June 29

    6:18 Plurality of American voters support Obama’s response to Iran

    A plurality (42%) of U.S. voters believe […]


  85. Dicas para manter suas roupas com cara de nova por muito mais tempo.

    Dica retirada do Blog Amélias
    Quem aqui não tem em seu guarda-roupas aquela peça especial? Seja por ter um caimento […]

    Clube do Lar – Pensou em casa, já está nele

  86. HawkeyeReport: Hoch picks Hawkeyes is reporting that Harlan defensive end Matt Hoch, a 6-foot-5, 230-pounder, has committed to the Iowa […]

    On Iowa

  87. Elezioni in Albania: fra propaganda e retorica politica

    Il test elettorale in Albania, cruciale per la futura adesione nell’Unione Europea, pare sia stato superato: le […]

    Appunti Geopolitici

  88. [日本]自由行第三天:竹下通+原宿

    潮就是自以為是 […]

    沒格。私。生活 megic my dreams

  89. Alex musste das Haus verlassen!

    Vielleicht dachten die verbleibenen Bewohner, sie wären sicher im Finale… So war es aber nicht!

    Alex erhielt die […]

    BigBrother 9

  90. Wanessa maravilhosa

    A Leticia encontrou ela e pediu pra ela tirar uma foto pra mim! olha que riqueza!!!!
    Wanessa, te adoro!!!!! :****

  91. The Appreciation or Depreciation of Michael Jackson

    Good Lord Margaret.   I had no idea Michael Jackson was this popular.   I realize now, of course, that it was as […]

    Margaret and Helen

  92. Ujian Saringan Masuk (USM) STAN 2009/2010



  93. DFB Pokal 2009/2010 – Mit einer großen Überraschung – ARD zeigt Düsseldorf – Hamburger SV Live – UPDATE

    Hallo liebe Leser,
    wie ich eben im Forum von gelesen habe, werden die Bayern in der ersten DFB […]

    Planet of Sports

  94. El Rey Cigarra quedó fuera de concurso

    La familia de la niña L.C. está siendo investigada por la Audiencia Nacional por un posible delito de injurias al […]

    Republicanos de la Zona Sur

  95. 138 Zeichen und die Gerüchteküche Brodelt: Ballack zum HSV?

    Twitter ist schon ein Phänomen. Da sitzt einer im ICE und am Nebentisch unterhalten sich 3 Männer über einen […]

    Nur der HSV!

  96. Stephen A. Smith Heckled at the 2009 NBA Draft: The Final Chapter.

    Deadspin H.O.F. Class of 20??
    I am quite pleased with the way this turned out.  There wasn’t a lot of great […]

    Rockin’ Steady

  97. Michael Jackson: Zweite Autopsie . Beerdigung . Gedenkfeier .

    Laut dem amerikanischen Internetportal soll die Jackson Familie eine zweite Autopsie des verstorbenen Michael […]

    hamburger fishkopp

  98. Melo snub leaves Wenger on lookout

    One player who will not be arriving at The Emirates this summer is Felipe Melo. Check Arsenal Column’s scout […]

    The Arsenal Column

  99. Firefox 3.5 Final Disponible

    Y por fin y despues de tanta espera, ya se encuentra disponible la version 3.5 de Firefox. Espero vuestras […]

    Ubuntu Life

  100. Again and again

    Disclaimer: The content of this blog post expresses only the position of its author, and not the position of anybody […]

    Stories of a KDE programmer

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