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  1. Britney Spears Goes Brunette: Love It or Hate It?

    James Breeden/Bret Thompsett/Pacific Coast News It’s been awhile since Britney Spears has altered her signature […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  2. NASA GISS: adjustments galore, rewriting U.S. climate history

    Contiguous U.S. GISTEMP Linear Trends: Before and After
    Guest post by Bob Tisdale
    Many of us have seen gif animations […]

    Watts Up With That?

  3. Underwear Fail

    Check out some more people getting caught on camera at Pwned on Camera!
    Picture by: dunno source. Submitted by: Jens […]

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  4. Axelrod: Obama has written Jackson family

    President Obama has written a letter to Michael Jackson's family, an Obama adviser said Sunday morning.

    (CNN) […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  5. Fotos do Velório e Enterro de Michael Jackson

    Representantes da família Jackson declararam que era vontade de Jackson que seu corpo fosse cremado e o pó […]

    Blog do Tony Ramos

  6. Madonna and Mercy Step Out


    Madonna gives her newly adopted daughter Mercy James, 4, a piggyback ride after […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  7. Jordan Chandler “i Lied About Michael, My Dad Made Me Do It, Im Sorry”

    Update 3:15:I have been on every reputable site looking for information on this story  and still nothing. Its 3pm EST […]

    "WandaPhull World"

  8. Resultado Mega Sena 1086

    Sábado 27 de junho de 2009. Resultado  Mega Sena concurso 1086  – Foi sorteado hoje, o concurso 1086 da Mega […]

    Resultado Mega Sena concurso 1086

  9. How much Michael Jackson coverage is too much?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    It’s been pretty much impossible to avoid news coverage of the death of Michael […]

    Cafferty File

  10. 2009 KPSS soruları ve cevapları

    Yüzdük yüzdük bir KPSS döneminin daha sonuna geldik. Birçoğumuz geçen seneden ve birçoğumuz da bu sene […]


  11. Ikea LED matrix

    [Spikenzie] has created an 88 LED array that fits inside an ikea frame. He multiplexed the 64 red LEDs on a PCB with co […]

    Hack a Day

  12. MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE! Pop King faked his death, say sources, adding, ‘Comeback tour will be biggest in music […]

    Copyright (c) 2009 Derek Clontz/4-Page Media, Inc./
    Billions of people around the world think pop […]

    Derek Clontz

  13. Os males dos vídeo gueimes

    Tenho recebido muitas reclamações e relatos à respeito de jovens que tiveram problemas com os vídeo gueimes, que […]

    Igreja Internacional

  14. Michael Jackson: Zweite Autopsie . Beerdigung . Gedenkfeier .

    Laut dem amerikanischen Internetportal soll die Jackson Familie eine zweite Autopsie des verstorbenen Michael […]

    hamburger fishkopp

  15. Billy Mays found dead

    It’s been  a terrible month for celebrity deaths. From Farrah Fawcett and David Carradine to the legendary […]

    Wax Heaven

  16. Michael Jackson Faked His Own Death?

    NEW YORK, NY – Has The King of Pop imitated The King by faking his own death? […]

    Weekly World News

  17. Gillespie a Fradiban!

    Bobby Davison bejelentette, hogy Keith Gillespie érkezik […]

    Üllői út 129

  18. Usmanov to give Arsenal 100m

    A few months ago there was a few press story’s claiming that Usmanov had offered to pay 100 million of the clubs […]

    GoonersWorld the Blog

  19. Wondergirls hit up Portland, Oregon

    How were they received?


  20. Fat Faith?

    First off: Remember this one?? For those that don’t want to click through and read it all again: that was […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  21. อาการ ไข้หวัด 2009 ไข้หวัดใหญ่ 2009 […]

    สัญญานไข้หวัด 2009 […]


  22. [Video] Pasha Ungu Cium Alyssa Soebandono ?

    Kabar mengenai kedekatan Alyssa Soebandono dengan Pasha ‘Ungu’ muncul kepermukaan setelah keduanya sempat […]

    Ada Apa Yep

  23. Robert Pattinson is M.I.A.

    …missing in action. Good for him!
    Well, if we haven’t seen or heard from Rob by the time this post goes […]

    Random Acts of Rob

  24. [Video+Berita] Hasil Otopsi Michael Jackson Yang Mengerikan

    Hasil Otopsi Michael Jackson
    Senin, 29 Juni 2009 11:01 WIB Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Media terbitan Inggris, […]

    M Shodiq Mustika

  25. Dear BET: What the F^@k Was That?

    It was around the time that Taraji P. Henson, Tyrese and a possibly drunk Ving Rhames took a Baby Boy sketch too far […]

    Pitts Indeed

  26. [LYRICS] Wonder Girls: Nobody (English Version)

    You Know I still Love You Baby. And it will never change. (Saranghae)
    I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody […]

    ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱

  27. Coup d’État à “Là-bas si j’y suis”

    Des vigiles ont arrêté puis expulsé vers le Costa Rica l’animateur de “Là-bas si j’y suis”, Daniel […]

    Le blog de Philippe V., éditorialiste martyr

  28. Strategically placed

    (Strategically placed ethnic diversity in background)
    (Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe)
    Picture by: dunno […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  29. Micheletti ordenó el asesinato de César Ham

    Organizaciones sociales de Honduras denunciaron desde Tegucigalpa que ya […]

    Guerra Digital para la Resistencia Mental

  30. 2009 Kpss Sınav Soruları ve Cevapları

    Yarın ve yarından sonra yapılacak olan kpss sınav […]


  31. The mayor cordially invites you…

    …to join us as we celebrate the 4th of July and Canada Day this week!
    This update is for Facebook only. Remember […]

    Pet Society’s Blog

  32. Un ‘profeta apocalíptico’ anuncia que un gran maremoto arrasará Chile este lunes

    (Fuente: La Cuarta – Sebastián Foncea M.)
    Una profecía que hace dos semanas anda dando vueltas por el terruño […]

  33. Blundell Ousted from the IEA

    Propeller-Head Wonk Watch: Dale is first with the news that John Blundell has been ousted from the directorship of the […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  34. America’s Corporate Shell Game

    My friend John Seely Brown just sent me a report from his Deloitte Center for The Edge called The Shift Index. They […]

    Jon Taplin’s Blog

  35. Jordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993

    Jordan Chandler Admits was not molested by MJJ in 1993
    According to the Global Grind Jordan Chandler admits he lied […]

    Frank Paul Gambino

  36. Other People’s Rivalries and the Futility of Defending Against the Wishbone

    I’m home alone right now, and great googly moogly is it boring around here. My wife is out of town on some urgent […]

    The Birddog

  37. Quel fantastique 26 Juin 2009 !

    Pourquoi vous faites tous la gueule après le 26 Juin 2009 hein ? N’écoutez pas les sornettes de Papy Elman, […]

    Nj’s Notepad

  38. As Dez Músicas Mais Românticas de Michael Jackson

    1 – You Are Not Alone
    2 – Will You Be There
    3 – I Just Cant Stop Loving You
    4- Ben
    5 – […]


  39. Michael Jackson Funeral|Michael at Funeral Home-yourfuneralguy

    Michael Jackson’s body has been returned to his family and taken to a funeral home.  Some time after the […]

    Yourfuneralguy’s Weblog

  40. Aprehende PEP a ‘cocinero’ del CAF y a policía que lo protegía

    Aprehende PEP a ‘cocinero’ del CAF y a policía que lo protegía
    Gracias a una denuncia anónima se logró […]

    Narco Tijuana

  41. BlackBerry Tour 9630 – July 20

    Been trying this devie out for a little while now on the side.. gotta say – I REALLY like it. Looks like everyone […]

    Inside Sprint Now

  42. Records estranhos

    Maior quantidade de palmas em 1 minuto:
    721 batidas em um minuto. Exatamente. SETECENTAS E VINTE E UMA palmas em […]


  43. [News] 090626 SYC stalking mission (Seoul to Bangkok)

    090626 SYC and DBSK at Incheon airport
    Yeah yeah now our team were on the same plane with DBSK now.
    Changmin and […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  44. All Things Must Come to an End

    After 15 years of leading Mythic Entertainment, my time with the studio (and EA of course) I co-founded with Rob […]

    Online Games Are a Niche Market

  45. Stuff guys say about Twilight and about me meeting Rob

    Dear LTTers,
    I have a confession to make. After 6 and 1/2 months of blogging at least once a day about Twilight-related […]

    Letters to Twilight

  46. Medborgarrätt är viktigare än skattesatser

    Timbrofilosofen Roland Poirier Martinsson ställer en fråga till Piratpartiet i en kolumn i Svenska Dagbladet idag. […]

    Christian Engström, Pirate MEP elect

  47. Robiskie fitting in with Browns

    PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Browns coaches have not routinely addressed the status of jailed and suspended wide […] Blogs

  48. One Piece 549 ワンピース One Piece 549 Spoiler

    One Piece 549 ワンピース One Piece 549 Spoiler and Raw

    From detail of chess4 say: “the warlords of the sea […]

    Naruto Spoilers | Manga

  49. Fazer YBR 250 . . . saatnya YMKI Jual Motor Global

    Brother sekalian Motor ini sejatinya sudah di fit and property test oleh YMKI lebih dari setahun yang lalu, dan […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle

  50. :: Psb Depok 2009

    Musim pendaftaran siswa baru dimulai. Para orang tua dan siswa mulai sibuk mencari sekolah baru. Ketelitian, kejelian […]

    :: Depok Kita Semua ::

  51. No Way Out: Treasury And The Price Of TARP Warrants

    Buried in the late wire news on Friday – and therefore barely registering in the newspapers over the weekend […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  52. سخنان تند هادي غفاري در خطاب به خامنه‌اي

    لينك دانلود

    صداي اسلام

  53. Titanium Prospecting Results (Patch 3.2)

    I brought two stacks of Titanium with me and farmed a third stack on the PTR yesterday.  So I had 3 stacks of ore to […]

    Kaliope’s WoW Crafting Blog

  54. Is the merit-based scholarship Constitutional?

    A Government scholarship scheme will be made available to all, based on merits without taking gender, ethnicity or […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  55. Proctored Mock CAT 2- An Overview

    This is a world full of surprises that defy expectations…It’s an era of the UNEXPECTED!!! It very well […]

    Career Launcher’s CAT Blog

  56. Photo Gallery: Michael Jackson at one of his last rehearsals

    Editor’s Note: In these handout photos provided by AEG/Concerts West choreographer/director Michael Jackson […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  57. Ujian Saringan Masuk (USM) STAN 2009/2010



  58. Bill Mays: Death of a Loud Salesman

    The names of the products he sold could have been comic book superheroes: Kaboom, Samurai Shark, Zorbeez, Orange Glo, […]

    The Cheapskate Blog –

  59. HOT PHOTOS: Todas as Fotos de Rita Mendes na 4ª edicão da revista Playboy portuguesa.

    Hora bem, na minha modesta opinião tenho a dizer que estas fotos estão muito fraquinhas, falta qualquer coisa talvez […]

  60. Answer to the Friday puzzle

    On Friday I presented you with this little puzzle…
    Albert was confronted with three boxes and a note. Each had a […]

    Richard Wiseman’s Blog

  61. Imam Visits Michael Jackson’s Family to Discuss Funeral Arrangements

    UPDATE: Many have asked concerning the below. I heard the report on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s show “The […]

    Imam Johari Abdul Malik

  62. Naruto 454 Spoiler and Prediction

    Source: Naruto 454 Raw | Naruto 454 Spoiler
    Naruto 454: Preparing for the Kage Summit
    (The Scene starts at Konoha, in […]

    Manga 4 You | Manga News and Spoiler

  63. Next Hot Tech IPO: LogMeIn

    Updated: The almost moribund market for technology initial public offerings might make a comeback if Woburn, […]


  64. bloggersprache – schwere sprache?

    am wochenende entbrannte bei frau mutti in den kommentaren eine diskussion. sie hatte nichts mit dem thema an sich zu […]


  65. Things Atheists Believe In

    Simply because we do not possess a belief in gods, does not mean we are incapable of believing in other things. We are […]

    Proud Atheists

  66. میرحسین موسوی دستگیر نشده است

    از دقایقی پیش در صفحات اینترنتی فیس‌بوک و تویتر شایعه‌ای مبنی بر […]

    موج آزادی

  67. وفاة مايكل جاكسون

    توفي نجم البوب الشهير بوم الخميس 25 يونيو 2009
    وكان قد اشيع انه اعلن […]


  68. Show Me The Money, Fred’s Not Dead & Melo Feelings

    So the plan by Sherrif Fatman to become a Man of the People is to be given serious consideration this week at the Board […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  69. Stephen A. Smith Heckled at the 2009 NBA Draft: The Final Chapter.

    Deadspin H.O.F. Class of 20??
    I am quite pleased with the way this turned out.  There wasn’t a lot of great […]

    Rockin’ Steady

  70. Billy Mayes Dies

    TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead at Florida home
    FILE – In this Dec. 6, 2002 file photo,TV pitchman Billy Mays […]

    Strange things

  71. Muhyiddin Perlekeh Dan Menghina Calon PAS

    Muhyiddin Perlekeh Dan Menghina Calon PAS
    Ketika mengumumkan calon BN. Timbalan Presiden UMNO, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd […]


  72. Perguntas e Respostas

    Amigos leitores vamos a mais um Post de Perguntas e Respostas.
    Em razão do pouco tempo nesta segunda-feira,vou mudar […]

    BLOG do Marcello Lima

  73. Dell (DELL) Becomes An American “Also Ran” (HPQ)(AAPL)

    The New York Times recently made the point that Acer may soon pass Dell (DELL) as the world’s second-largest PC […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  74. iPhone 3.0 Battery Draining? Here’s a Possible Fix

    All the goodness of iPhone OS 3.0 aside, the one thing you’ve probably noticed after updating your iPhone or […]


  75. Resultado Mexico Vs Guatemala

    En el último partido de preparación antes de competir por la Copa Oro, la selección mexicana se enfrenta esta noche […]


  76. On air: Does it matter if Michael Jackson was black or white?

    This is what Jamie Foxx said at yesterday’s Black Entertainment Awards in LA. “We want to celebrate this […]

    BBC World Have Your Say

  77. Cis is hostile terminology? Really?

    A regular (a cis gay man) at Pam’s House Blend expresses that he feels “cis” is offensive and […]

    Questioning Transphobia

  78. Vorschau auf “BigBrother – Die Entscheidung” am 29. Juni

    Hier wie gewohnt die Vorschau auf “BigBrother – Die Entscheidung”, auf RTL2 am 29. Juni um ca. 21.10 Uhr zu sehen […]

    BigBrother 9

  79. “I can’t give you anything but love”

    … et je crois que je ne suis pas la seule…
    I can’t give you anything but love

    Le blog TOP MOUMOUTE de Chapeau Péruvien

  80. Trecutul nu se repeta, ci rimeaza

    Un bancher central e intotdeauna destul de bine plasat pentru a comenta despre crize. Cand bancherul central vine din […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  81. Elizabeth Taylor ‘broken’

    Dame Elizabeth Taylor, one of Michael Jackson’s closest friends and confidants, is breaking her silence over The King […]

    The Marquee Blog

  82. Confira qual foi a audiência do Fantástico e do Pânico na TV neste domingo (28/06)

    Segundo o colunista Daniel Castro da Folha de São Paulo por meio de seu Twitter, o humorístico Pânico na TV marcou 9 […]

    TODO CANAL | Audiência da TV

  83. Video ciuman pasha ungu dan alissa subandono

    Video yang menampilkan sosok mirip Pasha ‘Ungu’ tengah berciuman bibir dengan seorang gadis mirip Alysa […]

    Lerry060183's Weblog

  84. Romulan Bird of Prey – Enterprise

    Bird is the word – The updated classic made the episode “Minefield” a special event  for fans and […]

    Drex Files

  85. İlköğretimde kayıtlar yarın öğrenilebilecek, kayıt parası almak yasak

    Yeni eğitim-öğretim yılı öncesi 1 Haziran’da başlayan otomatik kayıt işlemleri tamamlandı. Sistem […]

    e kayıt,e-kayıt Sistemi

  86. Plantilla provisional de respuestas 1º ejercicio de Gestión procesal

    Plantilla provisional de respuestas

    1º ejercicio de Gestión Procesal

    (28 Junio 2009)

    Os facilitamos a […]

    Edicto digital

  87. Ma reggel börtönbe zártak.

    Ma hajnalban két rendőr jelent meg a kapunk előtt, s Androvics K. Balázst keresték…

    Hoolie Scene

  88. شورای نگهبان خر خودتی کره خرم اون جنتی…

    شورای نگهبان باباتم بیاد بگه تقلب نشده همین آشو همین کاسه […]

    نوشته های پسر 18 ساله

  89. Eeteuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.06.29 (II)

    Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.06.29 04:45
    In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ […]


  90. Uitvaart Yasmine op vrijdag 3 juli in Schoolselhof Wilrijk om 13.30 uur

    De uitvaart van Hilde Rens, alias Yasmine, is voorzien voor vrijdag 3 juli in het crematorium Schoolselhof in Wilrijk. […]

    Talk of the Town


    Sunday 28/06/2009: Jermaine Jackson became the official spokesperson for the Jackson family yesterday and he told how th […]

    The Might Of The Pen


    Hi friends,
    Here we are providing you the EAMCET and ICET last three years allotment details and cutoff ranks of all […]

    CET Counselling

  93. Mărturii zguduitoare din viaţa muceniţei Daniela din Bucureşti

    Această floare aleasă a răsărit pe pământul românesc în anul 1967. De micuţă era foarte apropiată de […]

    † Apologeticum

  94. Moonwalk politique

    Le décès de Michael Jackson est une raison nécessaire et suffisante pour que je me permette de sortir (le temps […]

    Réflexions sur la vie politique malgache…

  95. YK tukee huumausaineiden dekriminalisointia uusimmassa raportissaan

    Täyskäännös! YK tukee huumausaineiden dekriminalisointia uusimmassa raportissaan.
    YK ylistää avokätisesti […]


  96. Who Does Kangin like?

    KBS Champagne 090627- Kangin picks which girl he likes more.
    Tiffany vs. Yoona  = Yoona WINS!

    Yuna vs. Yoona = Yoona […]

    Sapphire Pearls || Super Show II

  97. blencathra

    Guess where I’ve been? We had an amazing weekend (more on the fest shortly) but I thought I’d begin with […]


  98. Katherine Heigl Returning to Grey’s Anatomy

    Her friend T.R. Knight might be leaving Grey’s Anatomy, but Katherine Heigl will still be sporting scrubs come […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  99. Upgrade WordPress 2.7 to 2.8 in CPanel

  100. Michael Jackson’s spirituality

    Amid the whirlwind of talk and writings about the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, after his death last […]

    CNS Blog

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