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  1. Palin takes a shot at Kerry’s face

    Gov. Sarah Palin exchanged jokes with Sen. John Kerry this week.

    (CNN) – She’s visiting troops on a […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Michael Jackson’s Funeral

    LOS ANGELES, CA – Plans for Michael Jackson’s funeral have been revealed by his estate.
    Michael Jackson died […]

    Weekly World News

  3. Jordan Chandler admits he lied about Michael Jackson

    After the sudden death of Michael Jackson Evan Chandler tells the truth.
    In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatrist and […]

    Awkward Thoughts

  4. Quote of the Week – bonus extra

    Normally I do this on Sunday or Monday, but this has been an extraordinary week in many ways.

    This QOTW comes from an […]

    Watts Up With That?

  5. Imam Visits Michael Jackson’s Family to Discuss Funeral Arrangements

    UPDATE: Many have asked concerning the below. I heard the report on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s show “The […]

    Imam Johari Abdul Malik

  6. Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 06/26/09

    Tonight on 360°, new details on the death of Michael Jackson. An autopsy was performed today by the Los Angeles […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  7. Wondergirls featured in legitimate American press

    Talk about some actual PR.


  8. Marianne Dupon ingestort na bericht zelfmoord Yasmine

    Marianne Dupon, de ex van Yasmine, stortte in toen ze het nieuws van de zelfdoding van Hilde Rens vernam.

    Talk of the Town

  9. Como Michael Jackson mudou de cor?

    Segundo relatos o cantor sofria de uma doença chamada vitiligo.
    Michael Jackson revelou que possuía a doença no […]

    Blog do Roger Rodrigues

  10. Famous Michael Jackson Quotes

    Michael Jackson Quotes
    If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then […]

    Famous People

  11. Was Michael Jackson a Muslim?

    The question of whether Michael Jackson was a Muslim or not will soon be answered when he is buried.
    I learned a long […]

    Umar Lee

  12. Felbontott szerződéssel könnyebb

    A Honvéd két, a hírek szerint szerint minket is érdeklő játékos szerződését felbontották. […]

    Üllői út 129

  13. USA vs Brazil Model Showdown

    Monday, June 15th, the US went up against Italy in the first game of the 2009 Confederations Cup, losing to the former […]

    COED Magazine

  14. Morte, Velório e Enterro de Michael Jackson

    Representantes da família Jackson declararam que era vontade de Jackson que seu corpo fosse cremado e o pó […]

    Blog do Tony Ramos

  15. Sandra Bullock Says Betty White’s Take on Stepchildren Gave Her Strength

    Steve Granitz/WireImage

    At 44 and 87 respectively, who knew that both Sandra Bullock and Betty White shared so […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  16. Brooke Greenberg, o bebê de 16 anos

    A menina desta foto chama-se Brooke Greenberg e tem 16 anos. Isso mesmo, a garota americana possui um mal que não lhe […]

    %%% Blog CNN %%% – Curiosidades Na Net

  17. Đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 trung học phổ thông môn Toán năm học 2009-2010 và hướng dẫn giải

    Trung tâm bồi dưỡng kiến thức QUANG MINH

  18. Rita Mendes na Playboy

    A Playboy portuguesa escolheu Rita Mendes para capa da revista de Julho. Actual DJ e relação públicas, Rita Mendes […]

    Fotos de Famosas Portuguesas

  19. Michael Jackson buried as Muslim?

    Al Fatihah to Mikaeel.
    Surah 39, Ayah 42 “It is Allah that takes the soul (of men) at death; And those that die […]

    Dunia Kemanusiaan

  20. Brown’s Billions for Climate Change

    Yesterday when Gordon proposed throwing $100 billion at developing countries to help them cope with climate change, he […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  21. Tom Ridge Throws Down Gauntlet On Rush Limbaugh

    Washington—Having had enough of Limbaugh’s criticism of Colin Powell, Tom Ridge laid down the gauntlet on Rush […]

    Elective Decisions

  22. Rumors of Phish Halloween Show at Coachella Grounds Strengthen

    It now appears very likely that Phish will perform at least one show and possibly as many as three shows at Indio, […]

    The Wounded Messenger

  23. All Things Must Come to an End

    After 15 years of leading Mythic Entertainment, my time with the studio (and EA of course) I co-founded with Rob […]

    Online Games Are a Niche Market

  24. Michael Jackson’s Death: Why Cardiac Arrest Is Deadlier Than Heart Attack


    By Theresa Tamkins
    THURSDAY, June 25, 2009 ( — Iconic pop star Michael […]

    Health News

  25. Why Barack Obama is bad for Canada

    When Barack Obama met with Stephen Harper in Ottawa on Feb. 19, his message on the oil sands sounded like it could have […]

  26. HOT PHOTOS: Rita Mendes na 4ª edicão da revista Playboy portuguesa.

    Rita Mendes, actual DJ ex-apresentadora dos programas televisivos ‘Portugal Radical’ e ‘Curto […]

  27. Get on the floor and dance

    People from all over got together last night to dance and celebrate Michael Jackson’s music.
    Photos from […]

    Flickr Blog

  28. Janet Jackson ‘devastated’

    Janet Jackson’s manager, Kenneth Crear has just released the following statement to Showbiz Tonight:
    “Janet Jackson […]

    The Marquee Blog

  29. Walcott & Gibbs Feature In Under 21 Thriller

    Fresh from having their hair cut by former Gunner Fabrice Muamba, Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs both started for […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  30. Mrs. Bob Villa

    My friend Erin was inspired by my apartment photos to go around and take some of her own. I was inspired by my friend […]

    Shoplifting in a Ghost Town

  31. The Music Stops —Ex Jehovah’s Witness Michael Jackson Dies… (updated 6/27/ 2009 12.00pm)

    Michael Jackson • Jehovah’s Witness • Religion • Dies

    Michael Jackson, 50, legendary ‘King of […]

    Jehovah’s Witness News

  32. BSNL JTO 2009 – Answer key

    Answer key for JTO 2009 Click Here
    Friends …….. I have seen all the comments ,most of are repeatative .I m […]

    Bitter Clingers

  33. Discografia completa de Michael Jackson

    1969 – Diana Ross Presents
    The Jackson 5 @128kbps 1970 – The Jackson 5
    ABC […]

  34. Horoscop Urania 19 iunie-27 iunie

    O alta saptamana,alte previziuni bune sau mai putin bune…ce va spune horoscopul?Intrati aici pentru restul […]


  35. Horoscop Urania 27 iunie – 3 iulie













    Horoscop Urania

  36. شهردار فلورانس به احترام مردم ایران پرچم سبز آویزان کرد

    شهردار شهر فلورانس به احترام مردم ایران و اعلام همبستگی با جنبش […]

    کودتا نوشت

  37. The Sims 3: Type of Plants, Where You Can Get Them, Value, & Tips & Tricks

    Hello fellow Simmers. I’ve made a The Sims 3 planting guide for those who want quality plants but don’t know […]

  38. OS 3.0 Version Still “In Review”

    From the “no news” category of news, we have no update unfortunately since last week when the new OS 3.0 […]

    WordPress for iPhone

  39. Liverpool set to lose Keirrison to Barcelona

    Long-time Liverpool target, Keirrison, appears to be on his way to Barcelona – at least according to his agent, […]

    Pitaco do gringo’s Brazilian football blog

  40. Mission Taco Shirt

    Headline Shirts brings us a new t-shirt celebrating the Mission.  I love the completely unrelated product […]

    Mission Mission

  41. La última foto de Michael Jackson

    Descanse en paz

    Información política confidencial

  42. Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Video Part 5: Sleeping Maricar Scandal

    Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Video Part 5: Sleeping Maricar Scandal
    Skip muna natin ang Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho […]

  43. Ensign Meow has good reason to be concerned

    “Wait a minute! Why am I the only red shirt on this Away mission!?”

    Yes it’s a nerdy Star Trek joke, […]

    Cute Overload

  44. Wayne Ellington On Moving Away From Girlfriend Amanda Altschuler

    “My girlfriend goes to Drexel, so she wanted me to stay local, as did my family. I’m not upset at all, […]

  45. أسباب موت مايكل جاكسون (Michael Jackson)

    اعلنت مصادر طبية أمريكية عن وفاة ملك البوب الأميركي مايكل […]

    مــدونــة ســيــف

  46. Ark of the Covenant to be Revealed in Three Days – UPDATED

    Forget Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Like Dan Brown’s books, a dollop of truth mixed with several […]

    New Wineskins

  47. Three’s a Crowd: Prototype, InFAMOUS & Red Faction: Guerrilla

    The Open World Buyer’s Guide For June
    by AXIS of Reality
    ©2009 Alex Baldwin
    June has been a big month for […]

    OXCGN – XBox News Reviews and Views

  48. Mark Sanford Mistress: Maria Belen Chapur Pictures

    Finally the picture of Mark Sanford Mistress – Maria Belen Chapur, a woman with whom South Carolina’s […]


  49. Onew, poor U

    onew leader shinee ini pingsan saat KBS MUBANK malam ini, dia pingsan saat mubank hampir selesai atw saat pengumunan […]


  50. WoW – Midsummer Fire Festival

    As of today the Fire Festival has begun in World of Warcraft. I did most of it last year so I had to pick up from where […]

    Maddy`s blog

  51. Michael Jackson Meninggal Sebagai Muslim?

    Akhir bulan November 2008 media masa banyak memuat sang maestro pop Michael Jackson dikabarkan menjadi seorang […]

    Ruang Hati Berbagi

  52. Must-see video: Boehner Filibuster

    Green Hell Blog

  53. Fantasmas existem

    Você acredita em fantasmas!?? Pois deveria, tudo o que você precisa para vê-los é de um pouquinho de […]


  54. Role reversal: Winners and losers of the 2009 NBA draft

    Face it, Celtics fans — the behind-the-scenes workings of general manager Danny Ainge and his braintrust were not […]

  55. All 14 songs from the Transformers 2 Soundtrack

    There are 14 songs in the movie Transformers 2. You can find the complete list plus downloads and info on the scenes […]

    Reelsoundtrack Blog

  56. Video Ciuman mesra dan Hot pasha ungu dan Alyssa soebandono

    Video mesra antara pasha ungu dan Alyssa soebandono beredar di internet.
    Benarkah pasha ungu dan Alyssa soebandono […]

    Berita Fenomenal

  57. De Testemunha de Jeová a um mito: Morre Michael Jackson

    O cantor, que já foi Testemunha de Jeová e que teria se convertido ao islamismo,
    morre na tarde desta quinta-feira […]

  58. Voley : Copa Panamericana – Perú vs México [FIN DEL PARTIDO]

    Resultado Final: Perú 3 – México 0
    Debut más que auspicioso. La selección peruana de vóley de mayores […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  59. Goodbye to a Legend – Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

    Now I know what our parents felt like when John Lennon died. Michael was one of the most innovative, daring, […]

    Rhymin’ & Stealin’

  60. iPhone 3.0 Battery Draining? Here’s a Possible Fix

    All the goodness of iPhone OS 3.0 aside, the one thing you’ve probably noticed after updating your iPhone or […]


  61. Yasmine hing zich op aan een boom, liefdesbreuk voor holebi’s extra moeilijk

    Hilde Rens, beter bekend als Yasmine, hing zich op aan een boom bij het pleintje Doopput in Edegem, zo is nu […]


  62. Mãe desesperada pergunta

    Sou mãe solteira, tenho 31 anos. Recentemente me submeti à uma cirurgia e agora tenho que tomar calmantes […]

    Igreja Internacional

  63. AJC’s Mike Luckovich, On His Michael Jackson Cartoon

    It’s an attention-getter, that’s for sure. This editorial cartoon in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution […]

    CNN Newsroom

  64. Quartet get the call as England prepare for Euro U19 finals

    As England get set for a European final against Germany at Under-21 level, Brian Eastick’s Under-19’s are […]

    United Youth

  65. The Race for Unplanned Obsolescence

    [NOTE: Here’s a post that first appeared in our free T-Week newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.]
    I’ve […]


  66. The words he’s been dying to hear

    My secret to beautiful skin? I swallow.
    Submitted by: Jessica via Engrish Funny Submissions

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  67. Housewives’ Dina: I Had Everything to Do with Exposing Danielle’s Past

    On the explosive season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina Manzo found herself in the middle of a melee […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  68. 300 de Esparta – matemática –

    Veja mais dos 300 de Esparta clicando aqui!
    Ou veja todas as tirinhas aqui!

    Mundo do Arthur

  69. Michael Jackson |Funeral|Revealed sign Guest book,leave memorial-yourfuneralguy

    Revealed Now, You can sign the Michael Jackson Guest Book, and  read his funeral notice. Michael Jackson died on June […]

    Yourfuneralguy’s Weblog

  70. Did Michael Jackson embrace Islam before his death?

    According to an article in a British newspaper, the Telegraph, Michael Jackson followed the example of his brother, […]

    The Islamic Workplace

  71. Os Dez Melhores Clipes de Michael Jackson

    1 – Thriller  2 – Black Or White
    3 – Beat It  4 – Remember The Time
    5 – The Way You […]


  72. [Pic] Yunho and dancer

    Not too sure when this pic was taken but i think it was recent, in BKK.

    She’s the lady whom he dances checkmate […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  73. Montezemolo calls for calm in fresh F1 row

    Ferrari and FOTA president Luca di Montezemolo has gone on the media offensive in the past 24 hours, putting out some […]


    Hi friends,
    Here we are providing you the EAMCET and ICET last three years allotment details and cutoff ranks of all […]

    CET Counselling

  75. Premiere: Virtuality – “Pilot”

    June 26th, 2009
    After watching the two-hour event that is the Virtuality pilot, I think I can […]

    Cultural Learnings

  76. Governor Mark Sanford and Maria Belen Shapur photos and naughty hottie E-Mails!

    Sanford’s Mistress
    Identified as Professional,
    Passionate and Beautiful

    June […]


  77. Concurso Nail Art – Menções Honrosas

    Hey girlz!
    Demorou, nós sabemos, mas finalmente chegou a hora de mostrarmos aqui algumas das artes que recebemos para […]

    Não tire bife, ok?

  78. Farah Fawcett est décédée

    L’actrice Américaine Farrah Fawcett, surtout connue pour son rôle dans la série télévisée Drôles de dames […]

    À la télé de mon salon

  79. Republican Congressmen who voted “Yes” to Cap and Trade

    It’s amazing just how hard it is to find out who voted how on this vote.  The MSM is saying it passed with […]

    Can I Just Finish My Waffle?

  80. دانلود فیلم شهادت ندا، شهید راه آزادی در درگیری شنبه تهران

    جنبش سیاسی سبر ابهر

  81. Tapak Kaki Raksasa Ditemukan di Cilame

    JEJAK kaki raksasa di halaman rumah Nunung Kustini (53) di Kp. Mekarrahayu RT 01/RW 02 Desa Cilame, Kec. Ngamprah, […]

    tidak menarik

  82. Enhance your shopping experience!

    Hey Pet Society fans! The latest update for our Facebook version of the game has just gone live, so sign onto Pet […]

    Pet Society’s Blog

  83. Heidi Hi

    I don’t think I can start today’s blog without mentioning Michael Jackson whom I am now so sorry to say I […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  84. Naruto Chapter 453 – Screw Saturday Morning, I’m Posting This Now!

    Post Author: Bob
    Hi nartudards and narutardettes, it’s good to be back to Shannaro!!! again. My trip was a blast and […]


  85. Sponsored Club number 3

    When you’re from the US or Canada you can just join freely, when you’re not:
    1. Go to or any […]

    The Stardoll Insiders

  86. Send bøndene tilbake til Punjab.

    Dette er egentlig et gammelt innlegg om Stig Bergquist, men det har igjen blitt aktuelt nå som den kjente kriminelle […]


  87. Will the Cat Above the Precipice Fall Down?

    [The following is a guest post from Slavoj Žižek sent to us by Ali Alizadeh who writes, “Apparently the mainstream […]

    An und für sich

  88. : Madagate a de la concurrence !

    Comme vous ne matez jamais la TV comme moi ou que vous êtes à l’étranger, vous n’avez pas du voir passer […]

    Nj’s Notepad

  89. [減肥]11天終於掉了3.6kg了

    6/14 是我人生生完小孩後 […]

    沒格。私。生活 megic my dreams

  90. Free-Range Kids Outrage of the Week: 10-year-old Forbidden to Cross Parking Lot

    Hi Free-Rangers:
    Here’s a note from a mom who just wants her son to NOT be treated like a baby or invalid. […]


  91. Why minimalist software wins at workflow

    Recently I’ve been evaluating software to help support agile/scrum development on our team, and ideally to roll […]


  92. Adam Lambert & Kris Allen on E-News & 20/20 (on Michael Jackson)

    ETA : Here’s video of Adam and Kris on the 20/20 Michael Jackson Tribute

    E! News (with Ryan Seacrest)

    (download […]

    Randomize ME

  93. Especial Mônica Mattos

    Esse especial demorou um pouco para sair, o motivo é o de sempre: a preguiça falta de tempo.
    Môoonica Mattos! Ela […]

    Lamp Burning!

  94. Know Your Rights or You Will Lose Them

    “Most citizens,” writes columnist Nat Hentoff, “are largely uneducated about their own constitutional rights and […]

  95. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and the perils of success

    It was probably 1956 when my classmate Joan Seleznow invited me to listen to the new 45’s her father had been […]

    Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

  96. [PHOTOS AND VIDEOS] Sungmin injured while Onew faints on Music Bank

    Super Junior’s Sungmin was rushed to the hospital after tripping over a stage prop during rehearsal for KBS Music […]

    Soju and other inanities

  97. The Last Games Of The Season, Agent Out On His Arsh and A Bit More

    This weekend marks the close of the 2008/09 campaign for three members of the first team squad, seven or so days before […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  98. Panda’s Big Adventure Walkthrough with All 9/9 Critters Found

    About Panda’s Big Adventure
    On a secret mission Panda discovers a time traveling ‘portaloo’ machine.
    Our hero […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  99. Eyecandy 19

    “D Juxtaposed E”
    I found when putting the cover art together for the Ships of the Line book, that I passed […]

    Drex Files

  100. Dasar Kerajaan Tak Boleh “Flip Flop”

    Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Timbalan Perdana Menteri yang bercita cita besar dan dikatakan oleh penyokong nya jauh lebih […]

    Dari Lensa ZI

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