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  1. Sanford’s wife: He’s earned a second chance

    (CNN) — South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s wife Jenny released a statement Wednesday afternoon. Full text: […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Il Firmware 3.0 ha un grosso problema con il WiFi?

    Sul forum ufficiale di Apple ci sono centinaia di utenti che lamentano dei problemi con il WiFi a seguito […]


  3. The best optical illusion I have seen all year

    A few days ago i was sent this amazing illusion (thanks Karen). The illustration below appears to show green and blue […]

    Richard Wiseman’s Blog

  4. Bolivian News Fail

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  5. MATURITA’ 2009: PRIMA PROVA DI ITALIANO. Ecco le possibili tracce del tema di italiano ( in costante aggiornamento )

    Lui è Nicolas Vaporidis , alle prese con gli esami nella saga di grande successo Notte prima degli esami. Eh già , […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  6. 210 ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos

    These days, it seems as though everyone, from your professor to your little sister, has a tattoo. And some of them […]

    COED Magazine

  7. Maturita’ 2009. Ultime Novita’ Sulle Tracce Dei Temi: Su “skuola on Air” Trucchi E Suggerimenti Utili

    23.056.2009- rainews 24-Sono quasi 29 mila i non ammessi alla prossima maturita’, un numero decisamente lievitato […]

  8. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Returns

    Just when you thought the Real Housewives drama was ending — after New Jersey’s table-turning finale […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  9. Naruto 453 Spoiler confirmado ++ imagenes

    YA Esta Confirmado con estas imagenes Sasuke se encuentra con madara que hablada de lo sucedido ademas de un nuevo […]


  10. Should S.C. Governor Sanford be removed from office?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admits he’s been having an affair with a […]

    Cafferty File

  11. Wondergirls are ready for America

    The Wondergirls are ready.


  12. How-to: Build your own spot welder

    Spot welders are used in the fabrication of automobiles, PC cases, power supplies, microwave ovens, electrical […]

    Hack a Day

  13. Copa Confederaciones : España vs Estados Unidos [FIN DEL PARTIDO]

    Resultado Final: España 0 – Estados Unidos 2
    Estados Unidos, que había dejado en el camino a Egipto en la […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  14. EXCLUSIVE: OP’s New Star-Studded Ad Campaign

    Courtesy of OP It may just be summer outside, but OP is already turning their stylish eye towards going back to school […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  15. BSNL JTO 2009 – Answer key

    Below is the answer key for JTO 2009 ……..
    Keep visiting for more info
    Hello friends …….. I have […]

    Bitter Clingers

  16. More Reverse Splits, or Just Closure, Possible or Needed in ETFs (FAS, FAZ, UYG, BAC, BHH, ARBA, IIH, AKAM, VRSN, UNG, […]

    We have been large fans of exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded notes, and other exchange-traded instruments which […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  17. Comcast, Time Warner Team Up to Control TV on the Internet

    Updated: Sometime tomorrow, Comcast and Time Warner will announce a partnership to promote the concept of TV […]


  18. Notas De Selectividad Sevilla Y EspaÑa 2009. Busca Tu PROVINCIA. ExÁmen De Selectividad, InformaciÓn General


    Asociación Socio-Cultural para jóvenes sevillanos (FETEJU) Ya somos 1.000.000

  19. SOTL 2010 – More Than A Peak!

    Vaal bless Margaret Clark’s little ‘ol heart! She has given us a go for throttle up on what I consider a […]

    Drex Files

  20. Fordulat

    Sinkovics Gábor a Nemzeti Sportban osztja az észt. […]

    Üllői út 129

  21. Mengatasi Waktu Load di USM.STAN.AC.ID

    Pendaftaran USM STAN 2009:
    “Kenapa halaman pendaftaran STAN susah dibuka sich?”
    Temen2 mungkin punya pertanyaan […]

    Bahas Tuntas STAN ::

  22. PMQs Live-Chat : Squeaker in the Chair Edition

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  23. Mamma torterade sina barn…

    Med glasbitar och spikar ska mamman ha torterat sina barn i över ett år. Nu har den 30-åriga kvinnan häktats för […]

    Politiskt Inkorrekt

  24. Nobody understands Emo Bun

    Emo Bun is going to put on his skinny jeans and play guitar in the garage.
    Emo Bun doesn’t expect you fascists to […]

    Cute Overload

  25. 消えたスペース

    [Apple – iPhone 3GS]
    WWDC キーノートのときに触れたが、「iPhone 3G S」の 3G と S […]


  26. “چشم ها”، نقاشی تیم اوبرایان برای ندا

    تیم اوبرایان، این پرتره زیبا را برای ندا کشیده است و نام آن را […]

    آقا اجازه؟

  27. CIA has Distributed 400 Million Dollars Inside Iran to Evoke a Revolution

    Former Pakistani Army General Mirza Aslam Beig claims the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has distributed 400 […]

    Pak Alert Press

  28. The Commodore 64 vs. the iPhone 3G S: The Ultimate Showdown

    Sad news: Apple has rejected a Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone. It’s not surprising, and arguably not an […]


  29. Detienen a sicarios con patrullas “clonadas”

    Detienen a sicarios con patrullas “clonadas”
    *.- Y en otro operativo trasladan a “arraigados” a la […]

    Narco Tijuana

  30. Tanya Angus

    LAS VEGAS, NV – Tanya Angus was a perfectly healthy 20 year old woman, when she noticed that her clothes were […]

    Weekly World News

  31. The missing governor and the SUV

    The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division vehicle believed to have been driven by Gov. Sanford to the […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  32. Naruto 453 Confirmed Pics and Spoiler

    Source: Naruto 453 Spoiler Confirmed
    Cover is Naruto.

    Original 480×854 (51Kb)
    Resized […]

    Naruto Spoiler | One Piece Chapter | Bleach Manga

  33. Top 5 – Best Jay Emmanuel-Thomas Positions

    Every day this week (apologies for yesterday) Young Guns will be producing a ‘Top 5′ series of articles with the […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  34. Esami di Stato 2009, prova scritta di Italiano: le possibili traccie della prima prova.

    Ragazzi è arrivato il vostro momento, mancano poche ore all’inizio degli Esami di Stato 2009.
    La prima prova […]

    Squeezer Magazine

  35. The day our MPs voted to screw the public

    As you must have heard, the poorly conceived DNA Identification Bill was passed yesterday, by the majority of ONE […]

    Euphoria in Misery

  36. DJWillis talks Wifi

    Posted by: gruso
    UPS might have the limelight this week, but last week’s hot topic (wifi, for the benefit of your […]

    The unofficial OpenPandora Blog

  37. Naruto 453 Confirmed Spoiler

    Source: Naruto 453 Raw | Naruto 453 Spoiler
    Credits: Yagami1211 from NF
    Verification: pending
    Cover is Naruto.
    While […]

    Manga 4 You | Manga News and Spoiler

  38. If You Like It, Have It.

    While it may be exciting and all to break releases like E-603’s long-awaited new album, let’s go back in […]

    The Animal Show

  39. فيلم شهادت ندا براي دانلود

    لينك دانلود تصحيح شد

    صداي اسلام

  40. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra – Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou

    After seeing Kadokawa milking as much money as possible out of Haruhi series, Tokyo Philharmonic decided to join in to […]


  41. “Extranjeros que respeten la (nueva) Ley de Inmigración recibirán mejor trato en el Japón”

    Para el director general del Instituto Japonés de Política Inmigratoria, el proyecto que modifica la actual […]


    Resultado Final: España 0 – Estados Unidos 2
    Estados Unidos,en representación de la CONCACAF, dio la sorpresa […]

    La Maquiniux

  43. Melo to Sign After Confederations Cup

    Following last week’s declaration by respected French journalist  Philippe Auclair that Arsenal are close to signing […]

    Arsenal News News News

  44. Steve Jobs: The sickest patient on the waiting list

    After three days of ducking the press — and telling the Wall Street Journal that Steve Jobs was not listed as a […]

    Apple 2.0

  45. Caminhar

    Rascunho para uma HQ longa. Ainda estou com as ideias muito pouco maturadas:

    Blog dos Malvados

  46. Optimus Prime, why won’t you leave Earth?

    Hey Optimus, Sam Witwicky here. It’s been a year or two since that whole thing with the All Spark and beating the […]

    Morning, Wood!

  47. Federer’s chances at Wimbledon? Not quite as good as you think

    After Rafael Nadal withdrew from Wimbledon on Friday, many tennis fans assumed that it would be Roger Federer hoisting […]

  48. You’ll Be Keeping My Legend Alive

    A little love on a Sunday. Cody Chesnutt live on the BBC. Here’s a few versions of one of my favorite songs. Cody […]

    The De Mello Theory

  49. On Elitism and Free T8

    As you may have heard, Emblems of Heroism and Valor have been phased out in favor of Emblems of Conquest. Everything […]

    Critical QQ

  50. From the Airplane Window

    Photos from Marclim, ozdenugu, and Stoncel.View more photos in the From the Airplane Window group pool.

    Flickr Blog

  51. عکس هایی جنجالی شادمهر در کنسرت نوکیا کلاب لس آنجلس

    شادمهر عقیلی هنرمند محبوب  و اعجوبه ی موسیقی پاپ فارسی همان کسی […]

    تارنمای آویژه

  52. EU inrättar länkpolis

    Piratpartiet kan komma in i riksdagen, rapporterar Aftonbladet. Aftonbladet/United Minds väljarbarometer visar att PP […]

    Badlands Hyena

  53. Die unsichtbare Behinderung

    Meine Tochter wurde als eine von Zwillingen “ganz normal” geboren. Sie war bei der Geburt zwar ein zartes […]


  54. Sneek-peek on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

    Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen – these […]

    The END

  55. Goldman’s Best Year Ever?

    A reader pointed me to this story in The Guardian citing Goldman insiders saying this could be the investment […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  56. You Will Start to Feel Sleepy

    “What a load of bollocks,” I cried when one of the entertainment staff here on the Carnival Freedom […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  57. Iran updates – June 24

    5:12 pm: Iran’s Interior Minister is accusing demonstrators of receiving financial support from the US government […]


  58. S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford “missing” at Nevada Bunny Ranch brothel?

    COLUMBIA, South Carolina (FOX) – Gov. Mark Sanford will return to his office Wednesday following widespread […]

    Independent Democracy

  59. Bendtner, Ade-bye-bore and The Usual Guff

    One mystery is resolved, Arsene’s interview as quoted in yesterday’s Daily Mirror and widely reproduced was […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  60. Chega de cinza (be sure to wear some flowers in your hair)

    Pink Sherbet/
    Neste inverno, quando as cores mais sóbrias e tristes parecem querer dar o tom, nas roupas e […]

    Blog da Silmara Franco

  61. More details of the deal which saved F1

    The FIA has issued the entry list for next season’s F1 world championship and it features all of the existing […]

  62. Can they pay it back?

    When Peter Schiff was making the rounds on U.S. cable news shows in 2007, warning about the collapse of the housing […]

  63. Blogs With Bite

    Blogs with Bite is an occasional omnivorous sampling of food blogs and sites we find particularly tasty. Follow the […]


  64. birthday tea

    Well, what else can you do when someone gets you a giant teacup for your birthday? This is how I spent yesterday […]


  65. Naruto 453 Naruto 453 spoiler and raw

    Naruto 453 SPOILER IS HERE
    It returns to […]

    Naruto Spoilers | Manga

  66. آرامگاه ندا آقا سلطان

    فوروم گفتمانراه کارها چیست ؟ جنبش اعتراضی هم اکنون موجود چگونه می […]

    سایت خبری راه کارگر

  67. Gülben Ergen İkizlerini Erken Doğurdu

    2.5 yaşındaki oğlu Atlas’a ikiz kardeşleri beklenenden daha kısa bir sürede geldi.
    Hamileliğinin 7. […]

    ” HK_Bgm “

  68. Estrazione del Superenalotto di martedì 23 giugno 2009 concorso n.75:combinazione vincente e quote delle vincite.

    Estrazioni del superenalotto,con quote vincite e combinazione vincente di sabato 20 giugno 2009 concorso n.74
    sono […]

    Estrazione del Superenalotto,Estrazioni del Lotto e 10 & Lotto

  69. Selama ini Mahkamah tak pernah buat kerja…

    Pagi tadi ke mahkamah untuk menghadiri salah satu perbicaraan kes Protes Harga Minyak. Seperti biasa, belum sempat […]

    Blog Amin Iskandar @ Black

  70. Epic War 3 Complete Walkthrough – Cave of Trials Fire Demon

    About Epic War 3 (Game published on 2009-06-17)
    The most epic entry of the Epic War series. Defeat your opponents in […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  71. Hemma igen

    Förra veckan var jag i Bryssel och registrerade mig som tillträdande EU-parlamentariker, och pratade med […]

    Christian Engström, Pirate MEP elect

  72. Estrazioni del Lotto di martedì 23/06/2009 – Estrazioni lotto

    Gioco del Lotto: Estrazioni del Lotto 23/06/2009
    Estrazione Lotto n. 75

    37 – 78 – 59 – 02 […]

    Lotto e Superenalotto: Estrazioni Superenalotto del 23/06/2009, estrazioni del Lotto, Lotteria Italia 2009 – sito Ufficiale Lottomania

  73. [Pic] 090623 Exclusive with SYC at Timeout Gelato – part 1

    I told you before there’s only one available admin tonight. And don’t forget we’ll be back with tons […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  74. The Chair

    Title: The Chair
    Author: Keira Marcos
    Series title: The Sentinels of Atlantis
    Series Order: 2
    Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate […]

    in keira’s world

  75. YOU DECIDE: Should Governor Mark Sanford Resign?

    South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitted on Wednesday that he’d been unfaithful to his wife. The confession […]

    FOX Forum

  76. Vergesst “Zensursula”!

    Die Partei, die Partei, die hat immer recht […]
    Louis Fürnberg, Lied der Partei
    Die starke Konzentration der […]

    Lumières dans la nuit

  77. Rumours, gossip and transfer snippets!

    I love the summer… especially when I know the best manager in the world has a mini war chest at his disposal.
    Too […]

    Le Grove

  78. فوری/ تجمع ، چهارشنبه ، 3 تیر ، ساعت 4 ، روبروی ساختمان مجلس ، میدان […]

    به اطلاع دوستان و هوادارن مهندس موسوی و همچنین تمامی معترضان به […]


  79. Guest Post: Yuki Learns You Stat Weighting (p1)

    As stated last week, here’s the post outlining how to determine weights to plug into lootrank to figure out your […]

    World of Snarkcraft

  80. Secrets And Glimpses Of The Last Airbender Filming

    Original Article By Meredith Woerner at
    Last Tuesday io9 was a guest of Paramount, along with a few other […] | Live Action Avatar the Last Airbender Movie News, and Media Fan Blog

  81. Li Huiyan of Chongqing China goes fishing in his kitchen!

    Man digs 50 foot
    hole to fish – in his kitchen

    June 22nd, 2009


    A Chinese farmer dug a 50 […]


  82. A derrocada do EMO transviado

    Pastor Silas, não nos conhecemos pessoalmente ainda, mas sou um grande admirador do seu trabalho. Meu nome é Rodrigo, […]

    Igreja Internacional

  83. Lowongan-Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Perbankan (D3/S1 semua jurusan, Juni-Juli 2009)

    Lowongan Kerja IT di Bank Syariah Mandiri (S1, 21 Juli 2009)
    Lowongan Kerja PT Bank Rabobank (S1, 21 Juli […]

    M Shodiq Mustika

  84. T-Mobile HTC My Touch 3G – Magic/G2/Sapphire : The Future

    For all you G1 fans out there, there will be a successor to the G1 and its going to be called My Touch 3G. I found out […]

    Thoughts, Desires, and a hobby.

  85. Wenger: I’m fed up with people calling me tight!

    Arsenal manager ARSENE WENGER insists he is not a tight with the clubs money, and says he just has not got the money […]


  86. Mom Reveals Pinky Couldn’t Eat From Stress

    After the announcement of Aum Atichart and Pinky Savika’s troubled romance, Pinky’s mom Sirinya […]

    Thai Entertainment DIRTII Version

  87. Steelers’ Starks deal won’t help Bills’ Walker

    Steelers OT Max Starks just signed a 4-year $26.3M deal according to ESPN’s John Clayton. For those that […]

    Inside The Bills

  88. 49 ans de gâchis

    26 juin 1960 – 26 juin 2009 : dans un an, elle aura cinquante ans. Si elle était une femme, elle serait en […]

    Réflexions sur la vie politique malgache…

  89. HEROES: A Behind The Screens Look At What Is Going On (Or Why Did Bryan Fuller Jump Ship?)

    In October of 2008 NBC finally panicked.  They had ignored Season 2 numbers and were still confident that Tim Kring […]

    The Nick C Blog

  90. Production halts on ‘Jon and Kate’

    TLC is temporarily shutting down production on Jon and Kate plus Eight in order to let the family have some time to […]

    The Marquee Blog

  91. Keistimewaan Puasa Bulan Rajab

    Assalamu’alaikum Wr..Wb..
    sahabat-sahabat yang dirahmati Allah SWT .
    Bismillaahirahmanir rohiim.
    Wahai […]


  92. 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

    As official videographer for the U.S. government, Kurt Sonnenfeld was detailed to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, […]

  93. Terremoto a L’aquila – Oggi Mercoledi’ 24 Giugno 2009


    DA IL CENTRO QUOTIDIANO D’ABRUZZO Abruzzo, la terra trema ancora tra la gente […]

    TAGGIA ARMA LEVA' tre realtà, un solo futuro.

  94. Join Dr. Gupta’s ‘Four Months to Fitness’ initiative!

    By Dr. Sanjay Gupta
    CNN Chief Medical Correspondent
    Today, I am starting something I have wanted to do for a very long […]

    Paging Dr. Gupta

  95. Motor Penyebab Macet !! . . . kata Ahlinya Jakarta

    Bapak Fauzi Bowo, pejabat Gubenur Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Yang saat pencalonan gubernur dulu melaporkan […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle

  96. Dolores Park Street Fight

    From reader Amy Y.:
    [O]n Sunday afternoon I witnessed this guy getting the crap beaten out of him in Dolores Park. I am […]

    Mission Mission

  97. More on Peter Bernstein

    Australian executive Rob Ferguson sends me a link to an appreciation he’s written of Peter Bernstein. Which […]

    The Curious Capitalist –

  98. The Long Road to BioWare: A Designer’s Origin Story, p4

    Part 4 of 4, by David Feltham
    In this article Dave discusses what a Level Designer does and how Level Designers work […]

    BioWare Blog

  99. Euro U21s: Despair for Tošić as Serbia crash out

    Fraizer Campbell had already booked his place in Friday’s UEFA U21 European Championship semi-finals with […]

    United Youth

  100. Who will be the top fantasy receiver in SF?

    The Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s Matt Maiocco wrote that this might not be the best group of receivers the 49ers […] Blogs

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