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  1. Bush takes aim at Obama policies

    Bush criticized a range of Obama policies Wednesday.

    (CNN) – In his most critical comments to date of the […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. بث مباشر مباراة مصر وايطاليا اونلاين مشاهدة ماتش إطاليا+مصر كأس […]

    مشاهدة بث مباشر مباراة ماتش Egypt Vs Brazil مصر و إيطاليا اونلاين على […]


  3. The 4 new iPhone features I use most

    Apple (AAPL) isn’t scheduled to release the iPhone 3.0 until Wednesday, but like a lot of Apple watchers, […]

    Apple 2.0

  4. YOU DECIDE: Super Sensitive or Right On?

    Senator Barbara Boxer did some ordering of her own when she said this to a general at a Congressional hearing on […]

    FOX Forum

  5. Picture that proves Iran election rigging

    Next time they try to fool the people they better not be fools themselves. How can someone’s votes dip while […]


  6. Rain gets stood up by Megan Fox?



  7. When a picture does indeed paint a thousand words

    Last Monday, in Parliament, Karpal asked Najib if he had raised a keris at an UMNO youth rally in Kampung Baru in 1987 […]

    The People’s Parliament

  8. Jon & Kate Gosselin to Make an Announcement on Monday’s Show

    [brightcoveplayer 26737568001]
    “Jon and Kate Gosselin have an announcement.”
    Those are the words that […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  9. Patrizia D’Addario, Intervista Corriere della Sera:”Sono stata usata”

    Il racconto
    «Incontri e candidatura. Ecco la mia verità»
    Patrizia D’Addario in lista alle Comunali
    articoli […]

    Wildgreta Politics: elezioni 2008, politica,programmi

  10. Naomi Watts and Kai Reflect at the Western Wall

    While visiting Jerusalem on Tuesday, Naomi Watts — carrying son Samuel Kai, 6 months — rests a hand on the […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  11. Résultats BAC et BEM 2009 avec Mobilis

    bonne chance à tous les candidats […]

    AcTuAliTé & PrEssE AlGéRiEnnE

  12. HKL medical report: No sign of penetration

    Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers today disclosed that the most important element needed to stick a […]

    BlogCkChew – Stand Up, Be Counted;

  13. Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran Via Twitter

    By chartingstocks

    Right-wing Israeli interests are engaged in an all out Twitter attack with hopes of delegitimizing […]

    Pak Alert Press

  14. Naruto 452 | Naruto 452 Confirmed

    Source: Naruto 452 Spoiler | Naruto 452 Confirmed
    Credits by: Nja, Nightjumper, […]

    My Manga Spoiler | Naruto-Bleach-One Piece

  15. Just where are those grid killing tornadoes anyway?

    John Kerry and Tornadoes – not a good mix
    Warren Meyer over at is a bit fired up over the […]

    Watts Up With That?

  16. iPhone 3.0 tethering is easy

    Did you upgrade your iPhone to 3.0 yet? 9 to 5 Mac has posted a very good reason to upgrade: enabling tethering is […]

    Hack a Day

  17. Kikről beszélhet Bobby Davison?

    Megpróbáltunk utána járni, hogy kik lehetnek a kiszemeltjei a Fradi vezetőedzőjének. […]

    Üllői út 129

  18. Girl Has 56 Stars Tattooed on Face

    BRUSSELS – A Belgian teenager is suing a tattoo artist after she allegedly asked for 3 stars on her face, and […]

    Weekly World News

  19. the forgotten warp drive

    You’ve probably never heard of Burkhard Heim. Not many people have. After all, he was rather reclusive, all of […]

    weird things

  20. USA vs Brazil Model Showdown

    Monday, the US went up against Italy in the first game of the 2009 Confederations Cup, losing to the former World Cup […]

    COED Magazine

  21. Hiding In Plain Sight: Israel’s Clean Break From America is in Progress



  22. Brazilian President Says It’s Time For New World Order

    Go ahead and start your new world order. just remember the line starts underneath us
    ASTANA (AFP) – The global […]

    Infidels Paradise

  23. Should illegal aliens collect damages if injured while working in U.S.?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    Three illegal aliens have been awarded a total of $3.85 […]

    Cafferty File

  24. Chairman Frank and Aravosis’s Misstatements

    [Please read on and follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already.  Thanks, Glenn Reynolds, @anamariecox, John Cole, […]

    Law Dork, 2.0

  25. Levantan al hermano de “El Teo”

    Capturan al hermano de “El Tres Letras”
    Sospechan de cártel rival de los Arellano Félix
    El Sol de Tijuana […]

    Narco Tijuana

  26. Pay Points for Political Piggies

    If you see any good expenses spots link to them in the comments and Guido will highlight them here all day:
    Paul Waugh […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  27. Kid Couldn’t Tell the Difference Between Re-spawn and Reality

    I’d like to start off by saying that this kid has more problems than just a video game addiction. That being […]

    Online Gaming with LiTi-4

  28. Fifteen Classic PC Design Mistakes

    There’s no such thing as the perfect computer, and never has been. But in the personal computer’s long and […]


  29. Spoiler Naruto 452 Confirmado + Imagenes

    Bueno, como cada semana aqui estamos con lo mas candente y actualizado del momento jajaja. Conforme vayan apareciendo […]


  30. Arsenal Recall Botelho From Salamanca Loan

    Pedro Botelho’s topsy-turvy loan spell with UD Salamanca has come to an end after Arsenal offical Richard Law […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  31. Naruto manga 452 spoiler confirmado + pics

    Bueno esto lo encontre en “Uyanime” uno de los mejores blog de Naruto, asi que… sera real..
    Mañana […]

    Naruto shippuden y manga

  32. Bleach 362 imagenes

    Semana de La fusion de Stark y Lillynette atacan con su pistola lanza ceros contra los capitanes, parace que va a estar […]


  33. Post-Election Iran as it Develops

    6:32 pm: What’s going on here?
    Earlier in the day, we saw a message posted on Mousavi’s facebook page […]


  34. Watch Part 4 Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes Scandal Video

    There’s an another rumor to watch, the Part 4 of  Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes Scandal Video. Another leak […]

    My Space Of Thoughts

  35. Google is trying to set us up! – BREAKING NEWS – The New Web Project revealed before it’s release!

    Picture: part of the piece of paper we discovered. WHAT WE DISCOVERED TODAY IS HUGE. Glad we made it back.. it was […]


  36. Fotos dos corpos do Air France 447

    Sei que tem muita gente carniceira por aí, até como eu mesmo procurando fotos dos corpos resgatados no acidente com o […]

    :::::::::::::::::: Blog Antimídia ::::::::::::::::::

  37. Assembled RX78 Gundam Part 2

    Now on to part 2 of my assembled RX-78 Gundam coverage. This is the life size Gundam that is being built in Odaiba, […]

    Moé Passion

  38. انتشار سورس کد و خروجی نرم افزار انتخابات توسط وزارت کشور

    وزارت کشور برای رفع هر گونه شبهه در شمارش آراء و در راستای شفافیت […]


  39. Mark Steyn on why the fascists are winning in Europe

    To promote a greater sense of Euro-harmony, the European Parliament—actually, make that the European […]

  40. Push 2G

    Problems with the update to OS3.0
    Users with a “hacktivated” iPhone 2G, that is not officially activated […]

    Bram Bourgonjon

  41. The Obamas: Just like us!

    Jezebel points us to a maddeningly obtuse series of recent articles about the Obamas’ eating habits. […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  42. Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 06/17/09

    Tonight on 360°, we’re looking at the big question on many minds: Is Iran collapsing? Another major […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  43. Update on 2011 Target LaQuinton Ross

    LaQuinton Ross, a 5 Star class of 2011 prospect (according to & is a highly talented combo […]

    Duke Basketball Journal

  44. Summercat – La canción del anuncio de Estrella Damm (tonight, tonight, I wanna be with you tonight…)

    La envidia me corroe cada vez que veo el nuevo anuncio de la cerveza  Estrella Damm. En este anuncio se muestran unas […]

  45. Como ativar a Função de Tethering no iPhones 3G.

    Neste post mostrarei como ativar a função de Tethering nos iPhone 3G Nacionais.
    O tethering é a capacidade de […]

    Conheça o Mundo Apple

  46. Boys In School: Antsy, Desperate — And Deprived of Recess

    This wonderful Huffington Post essay by Holly Robinson describes her 6th grade son’s misery in school. It sounds […]


  47. Video: Inilah iklan kampanye Mega-Prabowo yang dicekal di televisi

    4 Seri Iklan Mega-Prabowo Ditolak Stasiun TV, Intervensi?
    Rabu, 17 Juni 2009 | 11:17 WIB
    Laporan wartawan […]

    M Shodiq Mustika

  48. Naruto 452 ナルト 452 Spoiler Raw

    Naruto 452 ナルト 452 spoiler raw picture

    Source: 2ch
    Verification: Confirmed
    Credits: […]

    Naruto Spoilers | Manga

  49. iPod touch 3.0のBluetooth機能を試してみた

    iPod touch 3.0になってから、iPod touch 2世代目に内蔵されていたBluetoothが使用できるようにな […]


  50. Sam Dabbles in Arenas

     Go ahead.  Make my day.
    Umm…Yeah right.  I’ll admit I’m a force to be reckoned with in PvP, but […]

    Slice and Dice

  51. [紀錄]第一次佈置展覽~超大的噗浪牆 哈哈哈

    台中新光三越百貨10樓文化會館於 6/18~7/12 […]

    6/20 沒格見面會@台中新光 等你來唷!

  52. Piratpartiet vill förbjuda korv?

    Nätaktivister med kopplingar till The Pirate Bay säkrar Internet för iranier, rapporterar SvD, IDG, Expressen och […]

    Badlands Hyena

  53. One of Danny Gokey’s Cousin-By-Marriage doesn’t like gay people (mainly Adam Lambert)

    Another reason why people should keep their Facebooks private.
    When Scott MacIntyre was eliminated from Idol, some of […]

    Top Idol

  54. My Premonition

    Last summer I got the opportunity to work briefly with Conal Elliott in Belgium. The two weeks I spent there are still […]

    Luke Palmer

  55. Ex-hostage: Do not interfere with Iran

    Moorhead Kennedy, a former American hostage in Iran, tells CNN the U.S. is better off not intefering in Iranian […]


  56. Want to live here?

    This is a lovely illusion created by Roy Lichtenstein. So simple and yet utterly compelling….

    I say we have one […]

    Richard Wiseman’s Blog

  57. Robert Pattinson please don’t ever…

    Update: so I originally wrote this post with a follow Peter Facinelli on twitter twist but then last night it looked […]

    Random Acts of Rob

  58. Entrevista completa a Matthew Fox en “El Hormiguero” y declaraciones del cerebro de Pablo Motos.

    Atención, atención, hemos colocado un micrófono en el cerebro de Pablo Motos. A continuación transcribimos […]

    ¡Oh, cáspita!

  59. Too Big To Fail, Politically

    What is the essence of the problem with our financial system – what brought us into deep crisis, what scared us […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  60. Mr. Squawkie goes for a walkie!

    “Check what I found when I got home this evening – his dad was sitting on top of my neighbour’s car […]

    Cute Overload

  61. iPhone OS 3.0 Now Available for Download

    If you’re like me, then you’ve spent a fitful night tossing and turning with anticipation, because today is […]


  62. Nhiều tỉnh công bố điểm thi tốt nghiệp THPT

    (Dân trí) – Nhiều Sở GD-ĐT đã công bố điểm thi tốt nghiệp THPT năm 2009. Tạm thời Hà Nam […]

    Hoyo's Blog

  63. Lagi bertambah haru, bila perosak ini membuat kenyataan

    Kerajaan perpaduan: Pas mahu PKR, DAP diajak berbincang
    KUALA LUMPUR: Pas sedia berbincang dengan Umno dan […]


  64. ماجرا آنقدر كلفت هست كه فرماندهان سپاه هم سرشان كلاه رفته است

    نخير،انگار بحث مشاوران روسی جدي است،شب قبل بود كه دكتر محسن […]

    فراغت فكر

  65. Mac の WWDC から iPhone の WWDC へ

    [Moscone West at Night – WWDC 2009]
    John Gruber が WWDC 2009 […]


  66. Is there any talking to be done?

    A tense day ahead at Silverstone for everybody. The teams have proposed that the deadline be moved back to July 1st to […]

  67. LUTO – Morre o Pr. Divino Gonçalves dos Santos

    ° 05/05/1921
    + 16/06/2009
    “Combati o bom combate, acabei a carreira, guardei a fé”
    Pessoal, a Paz do […]

    Mocidade Pentecostes

  68. Things that happen to me that make me think Twilight may be too big a part of my life

    Dear Twilight,
    It’s 12:18 am. I did approximately 4.5 hours of work today at my job although I was there for 8 […]

    Letters to Twilight

  69. One Piece 547 Pics | One Piece 547 Confirmed

    Source: One Piece Chapter 547
    Magellan: “Hell’s Judgement!!!”
    One Piece 547 Confirmed Spoiler Pics

    one piece […]

    Naruto | Bleach | One-piece's Blog

  70. Ahhh, essas crianças!

    Ninguém segura esses figurinhas!

    Veja também:
    » Crianças em ação I » Crianças em ação II
    » Crianças em […]

    %%% Blog CNN %%% – Curiosidades Na Net

  71. Where Were You When You Heard About NightJack?

    I have my sources from the media and publishing worlds. Not quite the “Registered under RIPA” kind, but not […]


  72. Que parada doida é essa?! – Fetiches…

    Tua namorada pede para transarem em local público?!
    Teu namorado gosta de ficar espiando você se depilando?!
    Sua […]

    Cantinho da Éris

  73. Giving Away Vegas To Get Traffic in Vegas (WYNN, LVS, MGM)

    If you have ever stayed at the Wynn resort or the even newer Encore in Las Vegas, you will know that calling either a […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  74. Chemistry coming together for Cowboys

    CARROLLTON, Texas — Many people, myself included, have expressed apprehension about the Cowboys this […] Blogs

  75. Radioamateur

    – Allô… ?
    – Salut Philippe, c’est Jean-Luc.
    – Alors, ça y est ?
    – Ben… pas tout à fait. […]

    Le blog de Philippe V., éditorialiste martyr

  76. [Trans + Pic] 090618 The Secret Code Concert Staffs’ Report

    LOL sorry I got it wrong about the food name ^^;;;
    my friend told me the correct name […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  77. Copa Confederaciones : Italia vs Egipto [FIN DEL PARTIDO]

    Resultado Final: Italia 0 – Egipto 1
    Con gol de Hommos a los 40′ con golpe de cabeza tras un tiro de […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  78. Altair Class – Space Trials

    My art department generated test of the Altair class starship. This sequence was generated as one of several designs […]

    Drex Files

  79. Real Size Gundam

    The big project for making a real size Gundam RX-78 fainlly nearly finished. Here are some photos taken by a US Sailor […]

    K-Log Blog

  80. Marina: Quando Falha o Coração VI – saindo com um duende –

    Veja todos os episódios da saga Marina: Quando Falha o Coração, clicando aqui!

    Mundo do Arthur

  81. Congress tells Army to get new camo – ASAP!

    I, like a lot of other camouflage students and experts, always thought that the US Army’s “Universal […]

    Strike – Hold!

  82. Barbie World Party im BigBrother Haus

    BigBrother hat zu Ehren der Gäste, also der Ex-Bewohnerinnen, eine Barbie World Party spendiert. Moment mal, da war […]

    BigBrother 9

  83. O Mestre dos Anões

    Pastor Silas, o senhor se lembra de quando me encontrou em 1986? Na época eu estava perdido e sem Deus no coração. […]

    Igreja Internacional

  84. Cult Bit: Wallpaper. AutoTunes Jay-Z

    It’s my honor to introduce a furiously banging track by my dear friends in Oakland-based duo Wallpaper. This […]

    Funny Ha Ha.

  85. Acqua acquedotto inquinata a San Felice del Benaco?

    Da ieri pomeriggio a San Felice del Benaco è proibito l’uso dell’acqua dell’acquedotto per usi […]

    Blog di Maurizio Molinari

  86. Win. 7 – New Folder Keyboard Shortcut

    I was playing around on my laptop while trying to get some folders organized. To get a new folder I had to constantly […]

    The Daily Kermit

  87. diploma obrigatório caiu, e agora?

    Em dez anos de docência em Jornalismo, poucas vezes senti um clima tão intenso de perplexidade nos corredores da […]


  88. The Seven People You’ll Meet in Hotel Quarantine

    Having now spent almost 3 days here in Hotel Quarantine, and adjusted to life in the Big House, I’ve noticed some […]

    A Product Guy

  89. Why Olive Oil?

    When we administer blessings we are commanded to use olive oil. A quick bit of research through the scriptures, Church […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  90. Smoking Kills Walkthrough All Cards and Messages

    About Smoking Kills (Game published on 2009-02-01)
    The popularity of sniper games has always fascinated me. After […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  91. Péssima notícia

    O fim da obrigatoriedade do diploma para o exercício do jornalismo é uma derrota para a sociedade brasileira, não […]

    Brasília, eu vi

  92. Robin is still waiting, and so might I add are we.

    There is a lot of talk on this blog that Robin has told Gazidas that he will not sign a contract extension until he is […]

    Le Grove

  93. هر دم از این باغ بری می رسد / حجامت کودکان


  94. Lee Seung Gi – 결혼해줄래 (Will You Marry Me) Digital Single

    This news came as a total surprise for me.  Seung Gi has just released his third digital single […]

  95. Resultado Mega Sena Concurso 1083

    Resultado da Mega Sena concurso 1083 –  Foi sorteado hoje pela Caixa Econômica Federal o concurso da Mega Sena […]

    Resultado Mega Sena 1083

  96. Estados Unidos vs Brasil EN VIVO, 18 Junio [FIN DEL PARTIDO]

    Resultado Final Brasil 3 – Estados Unidos 0
    La selección de Brasil se impuso a Estados Unidos sin apenas pisar […]

    La Maquiniux

  97. [Ayato Sasakura] Tyrant Punish Ch.10, Batch

    10 – More Marking, Less Cheating
    Final chapter, hooray. The first part of this book contains some of the better […]


  98. First Look at the iPhone 3GS Camera

    Photos and post by Andy Ihnatko
    EDITOR’S NOTE: You can see Andy’s entire iPhone 3GS Flickr set here.
    Apple […]


  99. Reason why Costanzo picked up by Browns

    The reason why waived Bills LB Blake Costanzo was picked up by the Browns is pretty straightforward.
    Costanzo was […]

    Inside The Bills

  100. Cartas da Petrobras aos jornais

    O Estado de S.Paulo
    Em matéria publicada hoje com o título “Medidas de socorro levaram a perda de R$ 10,9 bi na […]

    Blog da Petrobras – Fatos e Dados

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