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  1. Gingrich: I shouldn’t have called Sotomayor ‘racist’

    Gingrich tweeted last week that Sotomayor is a 'latina woman racist.' WASHINGTON (CNN) – A week […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Another 10 Books That Changed The World

    This is the third installment of our “books that changed the world” series. Be sure to read the previous […]


  3. Anomalous Spike in Ocean Heat Content

    Guest Post by: Craig Loehle
    In the paper
    Levitus S., J. I. Antonov, T. P. Boyer, R. A. Locarnini, H. E. Garcia, A. V. […]

    Watts Up With That?

  4. Cheney says no link between Saddam and 9/11

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    Dick Cheney says he doesn’t think Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 […]

    Cafferty File

  5. Naruto 450 Spoiler ++ imagenes confirmadas

    Bueno spoiler de naruto este número traerá cosas que podían verse que iban a pasar y otras que no… naruto […]


  6. Una ironía que salvó un millar de vidas.

    “Van a ser trasladados por las SS, esa gran organización caritativa al servicio de los refugiados judíos, […]

    Kurioso’s Weblog

  7. Melissa Joan Hart Opens the Doors of SweetHarts

    Jen Lowery/Startraks

    Muah! Melissa Joan Hart receives a smooch from 3-year-old son Mason Walter while balancing […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  8. Top 10 Conservative Women I Love to Love

    I am going to risk a major bro code violation here by being shamelessly lovey, and perhaps dovey, in view of other […]

    Daily Dose

  9. WWDC 2009: 3rd generation iPhone graphical rumor round-up

    Here’s a graphical representation I put together of the dozens of rumors that have been circulating over the […]

    The Green Room

  10. The new iPhone: See all the leaked photos here

    Whether a new iPhone will be unveiled at Apple’s (AAPL) World Wide Developers Conference — which begins a […]

    Apple 2.0

  11. 2009 açık öğretim final soruları

    2009 açık öğretim final sorularına yarından itibaren den ulaşabileceğinizi tahmin […]

    sinav sonuçları,kpss sonuçları,öss sonuçları,ösym sonuçları,les sonuçları,dil sınavı sonuçları,öğrenci seçme sınavı sonuçları,sınav haberleri,puanlamalar

  12. One Piece 545 Manga Spoiler

    One Piece (ブリーチ) chapter 545 spoilers
    Source: himajin via
    Verification: confirmed […]

    One Piece HQ [ワンピース]

  13. Are the new JavaScript engines going to completely change the game?

    Last week, a gentleman wrote on his blog about the performance of CPython, Jython and IronPython in creating an empty […]

    Occasionally sane

  14. Moo Mews

    Meet “Runt”, the 3-week old kitteh.

    He’s got three bros, all of whom are black and white too. I […]

    Cute Overload

  15. Median # of tweets = 1

    Fascinating study in the Harvard Business Review about twitter. It looks at 300,000 users and covers differences in […]

    Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

  16. Trial 1, Wordclouds and Majority Voting

    First, many thanks to everyone who took part in the first trial today.  All of the technology performed well, and […]

    Richard Wiseman’s Blog

  17. Telegraph’s Porter Taking Copy from Downing Street Again

    According to  the Telegraph’s Andy Porter (a close friend of Damian McBride) “Hazel Blears’ resignation […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  18. Pikachu circuit bent goggles

    These nifty looking goggles are actually an instrument. The guts of a pikachu doll have been splayed and mounted to […]

    Hack a Day

  19. Berki Krisztián cáfol

    Sokak szerint idén nyáron csak hálózaton belűli játékosok érkezhetnek klubunkhoz. […]

    Üllői út 129

  20. 13 Most Awesomely Offensive Brüno Moments

    From f**king with frat boys to giving Eminem a taste of his taint, Sacha Baron Cohen’s flamboyantly hilarious […]

    COED Magazine

  21. “Don’t Speak: What We Don’t Want to Hear in Obama’s Muslim Speech”

    By Judith Miller
    Writer/Scholar, The Manhattan Institute/FOX News Contributor
    Not since the Sermon on the Mount has a […]

    FOX Forum

  22. Unterschriftenaktion für Michael Rensing und gegen Manuel Neuer

    Unser Torwart!! Bild: nicholas macgowan used under CC License
    Freunde der Sonne, ich hab ein ernstes Anliegen an euch. […]

    Mingablog – FC Bayern München Fan Blog

  23. N.J. Housewife Danielle Says Criminal Allegations Are ‘Embellished’

    [brightcoveplayer 25027533001]
    Danielle Staub is speaking out about allegations that she was involved in a kidnapping […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  24. คนในข่าวร้อน : “เดือนเต็มดวง ณ เชียงใหม่” […]

    โดย กรุงเทพธุรกิจ
    วันอังคาร ที่ 26 มิถุนายน […]

    PAD’s Enemies List : ชื่อพันธมิตรฯ แต่มุ่งผลิตศัตรู!

  25. 2NE1 knows how to keep the fire going

    With the cover of “Umbrella” of course.


  26. The old grey Globe she ain’t what she used to be

    “And now,” the editor of the Globe and Mail wrote in that newspaper’s pages a few weeks ago, “our […]

  27. Speculation Wednesday

    Today is Speculation Wednesday which is just like Speculation Thursday but on a Wednesday. I know, I’m brilliant. […]

    Letters to Twilight

  28. High schooler Bryce Harper on next Sports Illustrated cover

    The next Next Big Thing for baseball has arrived in the mainstream a bit […]

    The Beckett Blog

  29. Avin Airbus 330 de Air France: confirman localizacin de restos en zona brasilea…

    Los equipos de rescate brasileños y franceses, en colaboración con EE UU y España, intensifican su labores de búsque […]


  30. Emmy Rossum für H&M in Dita von Teese Shirt von DAA

    Schickes T-shirt. Das nur für 14,90 Euro. Und das gute daran ist. Das es an einen guten Zweck geht.

    DJane Couture Fashion Dress Room

  31. Naruto 450 | The 6th Hokage Danzou or Kakashi

    Naruto 450 Spoiler [ナルト 450]

    Exhausted, Naruto heads back to the village. There, […]

    Naruto Spoiler | One Piece Chapter | Bleach Manga

  32. E3 2009: Who Really Won E3 2009?

    To say who’s won E3 is kind of a understatement, because it proved two things.
    1 – Motion control is the […]

    GOONL!NE: Jonathan Cullen’s Blog

  33. Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum Top Highest Paid Models List of 2009

    REX Forbes has just released their annual list of the fashion industry’s highest paid models, and there’s […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  34. PSP Go is Real, PS3 Price Cut is … No Go!

    First, the bad news: Sony’s Playstation 3 will continue to sell for $399.
    Next, the sort of bad news: the PSP Go, […]


  35. Red Herring Alert: It is NOT the Birth Certificate

    © 2009 TexasDarlin/TDBlog
    Resist the forces which seek to divert your attention.
    I agree with Bud White that […]

    TD Blog

  36. Hayden Kho Brazilian Model Mariana Del Rio Scandal Video to watch

    Hayden Kho Brazilian Model Mariana Del Rio Scandal Video to watch? Are you familiar this beautiful, young and hot […]

    My Space Of Thoughts

  37. Prita Mulyasari, Indonesia Negara Hukum atau Negara Kekuasaan?

    Negara Indonesia adalah negara Hukum, itulah yang tercantum dalam Pasal 1 ayat 3 Undang-Undang Dasar 1945 Amandemen […]


  38. A cartoon about a special love between a girl and a vampire.

    Digg it | Stumble it | | reddit

    See Mike Draw

  39. Bleach 222 – Sub. Ing / Sub. Esp – El trabajo de equipo ms malfico!? Soi Fong & Ōmaeda

    Ya están las versiones RAW, Subt. Inglés, Subt. Español y un extra, [DD] el video del décimo opening de Bleach. […]

    Anime y Manga Japonés

  40. Inilah Email Ibu Prita Yang Membuatnya Di Penjara

    Inilah email ibu Prita yang membuat dia dipenjara
    RS Omni Dapatkan Pasien dari Hasil Lab Fiktif Prita Mulyasari […]

    MAU BISNIS..???.

  41. Video of the Day: Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Promotes New Single ‘tipsy in Dis Club’

    Pretty Ricky group member Spectacular is a sight to behold in this clip.
    The pink underpants.. the male stripper […]


  42. The View from the Top

    One of our longtime readers recommended “The Death of Kings,” Nick Paumgarten’s “notes from a […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  43. Нончо Воденичаров почина на Филипините

    Страшна вест долетя от далечните Филипини. Днес (събота) сутринта […]

    Стара Загора: Факти и коментари

  44. Youth Player Of The Year Vote + Season Review

    With the 2008-2009 season now at a close, all that remains if for Young Guns’ annual player awards and season […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  45. The Roots of ID

    In a recent document, “The Roots of Intelligent Design” [pdf] posted on their new Faith & Evolution […]

    a simple prop

  46. Go Max, Go!

    Coming to the end of yet another grocery shopping mission, having avoided temptation for the most part, the final […]


  47. Naruto 450 Spoiler Confirmed | Naruto 450 Pics

    From: Naruto 450 | Naruto 450 Spoiler
    Naruto 450 Spoiler Confirmed | naruto 450 Raw
    As Naruto heads back to the […]

    Manga 4 You | Manga News and Spoiler

  48. naruto 450 manga นารูโตะ 450

    – ทางฝั่ง นารูโตะ […]

    naruto dota-allstars clanvamp

  49. Formal royal, Riverdance star among plane’s missing

    The front page of a Brazil newspaper reports on the disappearance of the plane's 228 passengers and […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  50. Seruan Pecas Ndahe

    Prita Mulyasari bukan teroris. Ia tak pernah meledakkan restoran atau mengancam akan mengebom hotel. Ia bukan koruptor […]

    Ndoro Kakung

  51. So What Now?

    (Editor’s note: This post is penned both by LWBH and Rockabye.)
    Well, yesterday was interesting, to say the […]

    The Rookies

  52. The Sims 3 for iPhone: Bring the Franchise to Your Pocket

    It arrived shortly after midnight on Tuesday, the same day as the release of the desktop version, and I was all over […]


  53. Daftar Blogger Yang Bisa Dipenjara Karena Ikut “Cemarkan Nama Baik” RS Omni International

    Hari-hari belakangan ini, masyarakat awam dihebohkan oleh kasus Manohara Odelia Pinot yang katanya mengalami kekerasan […]

    M Shodiq Mustika

  54. Ajudem a Aline, e outras pessoas! SEJA DOADOR

    Quem estiver lendo esse post  e tiver mais de 18 anos pode salvar a vida da Aline Coelho (ela é de Recife) é […]


  55. Soberi (Tangan Kanan Raja Kelantan): “otak rakyat Indonesia yang bodoh”

    Setelah bungkam sekian lama paska pelarian Manohara ke Jakarta Moch Soberi Shafii, JP yang dikenal selama ini jadi juru […]

    Ruang Hati Berbagi

  56. Ana Malhoa Playboy Junho 2009

    A terceira capa desta revista, a Ana “mamalhuda” Malhoa. A Playboy pt tem um conceito próprio do que é […]

    Coisas de interesse ou talvez não

  57. Why Is Congress “Protecting” Children from Books?

    Hi, Free-Rangers: Here’s a really thought-provoking (okay, outrage-provoking) guest blog from Rick Woldenberg, a […]


  58. Naruto 450 Confirmed Spoiler

    Source: Naruto 450 Spoiler [ナルト 450]

    Exhausted, Naruto heads back to the village. There, Kakashi appears and […]

    Naruto | Bleach | One-piece's Blog

  59. The Haskell Platform 2009.2.0.1

    The Haskell Platform 2nd release (June 2009) is live!
    The Platform Infrastructure Team is pleased to announce the […]


  60. Honey Blonde, complete!

    The full tankoubon has now been translated, and the editing/typesetting/miscellaneous is finished. Yay!
    Rapidshare:  […]

    Strange Grey Cat's Weblog

  61. The case against homeschooling

    Homeschooling: great for self-aggrandizing, society-phobic mother…… but not quite so good […]

    Teacher, Revised

  62. Das Schattenkabinett der Generation C64

    Ok, der Spiegel hat da einen neuen Claim aufgemacht. Wir sind jetzt also die Generation C64. Ich persönlich fand den […]


  63. Video Terbaru Manohara Dari Seberang

    Manohara: I was treated like an animal


  64. The Sims 3 Issues, Glitches, Patches, Mods

    The Sims 3 game of course has been like a game of Russian Roulette today. The game is having Authorization code issues, […]

  65. เพลงใจเหลือๆ เค้าบอกว่ามีเสียงหญิงสาว […]

    เพลงนี้เคยออกเรื่องจริงผ่านจอมาแล้วนะ […]

    ภาพหลุด ดารา

  66. OXCGN – Crackdown 2: Has It Mutated Too Much?

    And will it sell without any special offer?

    by GrathiusXR
    ©2009 Arthur Kotsopoulos

    After all the mammoth trailers […]

    OXCGN – XBox News Reviews and Views

  67. Forró Caju 2009

    Saiba mais no nosso portal
    Comentário do amigo navegante Vinicius:
    Prefeito anuncia programação do […]

    AAmigos de Aracaju

  68. Python: Some Naughty Features

    Things in Python that I mostly like, but make me feel a bit naughty when I use them. I air my smelly code as a sort of […]

    code monk

  69. Jon and Kate Plus 8: Divorce

    Everyone knows the rumor about Jon and Kate, right? If you didn’t Jon and Kate Gosselin have been saying they […]

    Pretty and Pink

  70. Accidente aéreo de Brasil a Francia

    Hay constancia de que el aparato se encontraba en medio de una fortísima tormenta tres horas y media después de […]

    27 Letr@s

  71. Naruto 450 Spoiler [ナルト 450]

    Naruto 450 Spoiler [ナルト 450]

    Exhausted, Naruto heads back to the village. There, Kakashi appears and lends him […]

    My Manga Spoiler | Naruto-Bleach-One Piece

  72. On a lighter note

    Some comics you might enjoy.
    1. T-Rex learns about calorie counting.
    2. From Indexed (thanks to Shapeling Amy […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  73. Niners’ Bly taking first preseason game seriously

    Dre’ Bly isn’t hiding his feelings. The former Pro Bowl cornerback is looking forward to the 49ers’ […] Blogs

  74. Gobierno culmina proyecto de ley que exigirá experiencia laboral y conocimiento de japonés a extranjeros

    Un equipo multidisciplinario gubernamental culminó la preparación de un proyecto que modificará la […]

  75. The Top Ten Ways to Ruin Young Pastors

    Here are the Top Ten Ways to Ruin Young Pastors. They have also been found effective on other ministry staff!
    10. […]

    Jim Vining

  76. Foto Seksi Gadis dalam Skandal Bapak Menteri

    Silvio Berlusconi, Perdana Menteri Italia yang juga pemilik klub sepakbola AC Milan tersandung masalah. Berlusconi […]

    Berita Hangat Seputar Jagad

  77. Deliver something of value every week

    Stuck in a rut? Can’t seem to ship?
    Try delivering something of value every week.
    Doing this will require you and […]

    Agile Warrior Blog

  78. NHẬN ĐỊNH TTCK ngày 03/06/2009

    Phân tích tóm tắc đồ thị BST1.0:
    Phiên giao dịch hôm nay 02-06-2009
    VNINDEX đóng cửa tại mức […]

    BST115 GROUP

  79. The Revenge of Smalltalk

    Despite recent discussions over what killed Smalltalk, there continues to be lots of interest in the language and in […]

    The Weekly Squeak

  80. [Pic] Ricky – Park Yoohwan

    I got this from one of SYC fans and yeah…why not share them right ^^ and for SYC fanvid background pic, […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  81. How To Bubble

    This flowchart is thanks to Kivuli, who said, and I quote, “post my flowchart zomg”.  If you can’t […]

    I Like Bubbles

  82. Race-free Multithreading: Ownership

    Since ownership plays a major role in race-free programming, it will be the first topic in my proposal for a race-free […]

      Bartosz Milewski’s Programming Cafe

  83. Inilah Email yang Membuat Prita Mulyasari Ditahan

    Gaya Penipuan OMNI International Hospital Alam Sutera Tangerang
    Saya tidak mengatakan semua RS International seperti […]

    just … nurman

  84. New Moon-la Bande Annonce En Francais

    Artemissia l’a demandé, Ody, la grande , la sublime magnifique ODY l’a fait (n’hésitez pas à […]

    Songe d’une Nuit d’été –

  85. Je ne comprends pas la question!!!

    *Lunettes + écouteur= Bonne réalisatrice!!!
    On peut voir dans le Coup de pouce de ce mois-ci un article sur […]

    La clique du plateau

  86. A Season In Review (Part 3) – Midfield

    In the pre-season, much was hoped for in terms of replacements for the recently departed Mathieu Flamini, Gilberto and […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  87. Najib’s slow boat to China

    All Najib Tun Razak can do in China is cling on to his daddy’s name.
    My father this and my father that. The point […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  88. لم يتم منع عمروخالد من دخول مصر

    عمرو خالد لم يمنع من دخول مصر و يكذب المصري اليوم
    عمرو خالد : أعود […]

    إبن عاطف

  89. Imagem misteriosa da Marvel

    A Marvel liberou uma imagem um tanto quanto intrigante hoje:

    Vemos na imagem Osborn analisando alguns dados com […]


  90. Rekaman 911 Jelang Kematian Puteri Tyson

    PHOENIX, – Situs entertain, mempublikasikan rekaman yang dramatis dari ibu puteri Mike Tyson […]

    tidak menarik

  91. Have Arsenal Signed Vermaelen

    Early, as yet unconfirmed reports, are stating that Arsenal have agreed a fee with Ajax for Belgian international […]

    Arsenal News News News

  92. Aggiornato lo speciale graduatorie di istituto 2009\2011

    Aggiornato lo speciale graduatorie di istituto 2009\2011 […]


  93. Miljoner att tjäna på assistansersättning till handikappade

    ”Att fajtas för att alla funktionshindrade ska få tillvarata sina rättigheter”. Med dessa ord beskrev den […]

    Fria Nyheter

  94. Ayúdanos a encontrar a Lía Nasser Gaviria

    Siempre he creido que estos grupos (Facebook) tienen que servir a sus miembros, y no al contrario, por eso extiendo a […]

    Solitario George

  95. Which One is a “Real Christian”?

    Have you heard a Christian making an excuse for someone that commits an immoral act by claiming that person is […]

    Proud Atheists

  96. Danielle Staub: Who Busted Her?

    Beverly Merrill,aka Danielle Staub, stated in the last episode that “only one person knew about the book”.  The […]

    Absurd to Sublime

  97. I Think There Will Be Rain TONIGHT.

    This is a difficult announcement to have to write, and one we’d have hoped we’d never need to, but it is […]



    Mukhriz wife was expecting and the baby was due any day. Mukhriz was very confident it would be a boy and was looking fo […]

    The Might Of The Pen

  99. Pandora Cube?

    Posted by: Butterman

    Pandora’s Box?
    Craig has posted an interesting poll on the forums. He asks us if we would […]

    The unofficial OpenPandora Blog

  100. GM’s Concept Car: The 2010 ‘Obama-wagen’

    From an unknown source:
    GM (Government Motors) proudly introduces the 2010 Obama-wagen: Runs on hot air and broken […]

    Green Hell Blog

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