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  1. Wonder Girls know how to speak English

    Who knew it could happen?


  2. Incontri in “twi-lette”

    Stanche ormai di passeggiare per la piazza di Montepulciano, e soprattutto stanche di non sapere nulla, le vostre […]

    Twilightitalianmoms’s Blog

  3. Renewable energy – our downfall?

    This essay below from Ralph Ellis was posted in comments a couple of days ago, and I decided to promote it to a full […]

    Watts Up With That?

  4. Hayden Kho Video Scandal Full version?

    I am not really into posting of these scandalous issue that Philippines are now facing. But what made me do this is to […]

    EUTS: everything under the sun

  5. Joely Fisher and Her Lovely Ladies

    Albert Michael/Startraks

    Say cheese! Joely Fisher and her girls — Skylar Grace, 7 ½, True Harlow, 3, and […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  6. 56 Insanely Hot Indy Car Grid Girls

    Kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy because it’s race time! This Sunday thousands will converge on […]

    COED Magazine

  7. Anticipazioni Uomini e donne: la scelta di Claudia. Ecco chi ha scelto.

    La scelta di Claudia: ecco come è finito il trono Nuovo appuntamento con le anticipazioni di Uomini e Donne. Oggi […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  8. Conservative group takes aim at Reid

    President Obama is travelling to Las Vegas Tuesday to headline a fundraiser for Sen. Reid.


    CNN Political Ticker

  9. Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2 (Full Version)

    Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2 (Full Version)

    Nakita ko na ang sinasabi nilang “Maricar Reyes […]

  10. 認住呂智偉呢條福佳

    呂智偉,請你亂吹之前,睇清楚你對住乜人講嘢,謝志峰就係當時目擊屠城的香港記者,留 […]

    MO’s notebook 3 to 4

  11. Palm Pre launch plans leaked

    It’s labeled “Sprint confidential information for internal use only,” and accompanied by a warning […]

    Apple 2.0

  12. YOU DECIDE: How Should the U.S. Respond?

    North Korea claimed it carried out a powerful underground nuclear test Monday — much larger than one conducted in […]

    FOX Forum

  13. Library of Congress debuts iconic Great Depression photos

    The Library of Congress has created a remarkable set, FSA/OWI Favorites, which includes the “Migrant […]

    Flickr Blog

  14. Soldering headphone wire

    Many people find themselves frustrated when working with headphones. The tiny coated wire can be a real pain to work […]

    Hack a Day

  15. UPDATED: Conservative ads succeed in moving the numbers!

    New large-sample Quebec poll, taken during the first four days of the Conservatives’ new ad campaign, shows the […]

  16. Júliusban debütálhat az új mez

    Úgy tudjuk, hogy vagy a Sheffield ellen vagy a már beharangozott gálameccsen debütál a csapat új szerelése. […]

    Üllői út 129

  17. Det går i stå for Trå

    Fjellklatrer Trå burde aldri betrådt fjellet Mount Everest, eller Sagarmatha, eller Chomolungma, som fjellet også […]

    Kjetils faglitterære blogg

  18. Loanees – Simpson & Traoré End Loans + Nordtveit

    Welcome to this weekends Loanees Watch – Young Guns’ analysis, reports and updates on the progress of the young […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  19. Oh, PKR ! Is Aminah really qualified for Penang’s DCM post?

    Is Aminah Abdullah (photo, left, from malaysiakini), the independent candidate in Penanti, qualified to be […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  20. Team Fortress 2: AFK and Spectator’s Getting Weapons

    One of the biggest questions we keep getting is exactly how you can achieve the new TF2 weapons. Is there a specific […]

    Online Gaming with LiTi-4

  21. THIS JUST IN! Pillow Gives Birth!

    Sender-Inner Jim S. came home to find a collared Boston Terrier being born in his living room! By the looks of it, the […]

    Cute Overload

  22. In Memory of Dad this Memorial Day 2009


    I miss you every day Dad.
    (John R. Hornberger, Master Sergeant, 5th Army Air Corps, WWII, very top right)

    Dutch Ghetto

  23. Ten 360 Games You Haven’t Played – Part 2

    Ten 360 Games You Haven’t Played – Part 2
    by AXIS of Reality ©2009 Alex Baldwin
    Time for Part 2, […]

    OXCGN – XBox News Reviews and Views

  24. Zahara de los Atunes, la otra Levantá

    En plena temporada 2009, la almadraba de Zahara de los Atunes también nos ofrece bonitas estampas marineras, donde la […]

    [ Apeská ]

  25. Machida vs Evans Video (Rounds 1 and 2 From Youtube)

    Machida vs Evans Video (Rounds 1 and 2 From Youtube)

    You&ve come to the right place if you are searching for […]

    pociwonys Blog

  26. Capturan a 5 jóvenes, armados y con equipo táctico policial

    Capturan a 5 jóvenes, armados y con equipo táctico policial * Luis G. Andrade
    TIJUANA, Baja California(PH)
    Cinco […]

    Narco Tijuana

  27. Beşiktaş galatasaray maçını canlı izle,maç kadroları,maçın golleri,33. hafta

    Tıkla İzle

    Canlı Maç İzle | Ligtv İzle | Maç Özeti İzle | Justintv | justin tv | justintv izle | moviemaç

  28. Fotos da Nova CB 300 R – Todas as Cores da substituta da Twister 2009(vermelha, prata, preta e dourada) Editar

    Mais fotos da Nova CB 300R (substituta da Twister), desta vez as fotos concebidas flagram 4 cores distintas da nova CB […]

    Motokando Dois Tempos 2tMTK

  29. Robert Pattinson is looking for fun

    Good news girls – Robert Pattinson is officially single.
    I waltzed over for a little flirt as soon as I saw […]


  30. naruto 449 naruto 449 PIC

    Below are new pics for naruto 449

    CLICK Images to Enlarge would you be friends with him? For naruto 449 spoiler […]

    Naruto Spoilers | Manga

  31. [Evento] Quer ser GM? #2

    Olá pessoal, o evento ‘Quer ser GM?’ voltou!
    Vamos explicar novamente como funciona para quem ainda não […]

    UnitMU Notícias

  32. Fenerbahçe Konyaspor İzle – Fenerbahçe Konyaspor Maçını Canlı Justin Tv’den İzle

    Fenerbahçe Konyaspor maçı 24 mayıs saat 20:00′da sitemizde canlı yayınlanacaktır.
    Justin.Tv’den […]


  33. Πανελλήνιες 2009: Οι απαντήσεις σε Αρχαία – Φυσική

    Αμέσως μετά τις σημερινές εξετάσεις όλες οι απαντήσεις στα […]


  34. Monaco tunnel

    I just walked home from a party, and couldn’t resist taking the way back through the tunnel… […]

    Formula 1 Blog – BBC Top Gear

  35. La anciana que movió una casa.

    En 1953 las autoridades de High Street Ware, Hertfordshire, en Inglaterra, desahuciaron a May Alice Savidge por unas […]

    Kurioso’s Weblog

  36. Comment Reply via Email Improvements

    Since opening up the comment reply via email feature to everyone last month we’ve been continuing to improve it. […] News

  37. FenerbahÇe – Konyaspor: 4-2 Goller / Video

    STAT: Şükrü Saracoğlu
    HAKEMLER: Yunus Yıldırım, Volkan Narinç, Serkan Gençerler FENERBAHÇE: Volkan Demirel, […]

    Haberin Doğru Adresi

  38. Er det muuulig??

    Okey, nå har jeg hørt verdens desidert dummeste mennesker som kravler på denne jord. Å draaa sååå mye på […]

    Bente goes real

  39. Marinho Pinto versus Manuela Moura Guedes


  40. Asi dizisi 68. bölüm fragmanı


  41. Pilihanraya (Kecil atau Umum) Bukan Satu Pembaziran

    Selepas majlis penamaan calon pilihanraya kecil Penanti selesai, saya terus ke sebuah kedai nasi kandar yang terletak […]

    Dari Lensa ZI

  42. why you should think before ranting

    I’m not sure why an American far right pundit wannabe, Timothy Birdnow, is writing in a Canadian conservative […]

    weird things

  43. How Long Did It Take for the World to Identify Google as an AltaVista Killer?

    Earlier this week, I mused about the fact that folks keep identifying new Web services as Google killers, and keep […]


  44. Adam Lambert: Chasing off clueless chicks since way before Idol

    Thanks, KC, for finding this gem on Adam Lambert’s MySpace.
    His brother posted this back in January 2008. So you […]

    Top Idol

  45. Atheists in Foxholes

    Giving respect where it’s due is a basic principle not only of etiquette but of just being a decent human being. […]

    Atheist Etiquette

  46. Süper Ligin 33. Haftasında Fenerbahçe, Konyaspor’a da acımadı… Fenerbahçe 4-2 Konyaspor (24 Mayıs 2009) […]


  47. Inilah E-mail Pemerkosaan Sherina yang Bikin Heboh

    Kabar mengejutkan datang dari mantan penyanyi cilik Sherina Munaf. Dia dikabarkan telah mengalami pemerkosaan yang […]

    free software and antivirus bLog

  48. “A Cristiano Ronaldo le gusta que le dominen en la cama…”

    Si antes fueron Letizia Filippi y Nereida Gallardo, entre otras, ahora le ha tocado el turno a Gabriela Edringer, una […]

    Cristiano Ronaldo

  49. Learn to Fly Walkthrough and Cheat

    About Learn to Fly
    Grab your rockets and glider to show the world a penguin can fly !
    Play Online: Learn to Fly [Earn […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  50. How close are Ferrari now?

    Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix saw confirmation that Ferrari are back in business. Kimi Raikkonen qualified within […]

  51. [Pic] 090520 More of Jaejoong at the Shooting Scene

    credit: leebbeuni@blog.naver
    shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
    I just saw her posting this on her blog today. U will […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  52. The end for B..End

    1. Malaysian politics is not unique. It is not different from any other countries around the world that operates a […]


  53. Oh iPhone rumors, how I love thee

    We’re just a little more than two weeks away from the rumored release/announcement of the new version of the […]


  54. Club Penguin 100% Accurate Rockhopper Tracker May 2009 + Rockhopper Background Spoiler & 300,000 Hits Party!

    300,000 Hit’s Party is soon! We are chatting at this link – Click Here to talk to us.
    —This is a […]

    Club Penguin Cheats & More

  55. Mensaje de un Illuminati fallecido

    Mensaje de un illuminati fallecido; Robert Dowing . Canalizado por Jerry Brown.
    Publicado el viernes 15 de mayo y […]

    Trinity’s Eyes

  56. Uomini & Donne: Ecco chi ha scelto Claudia Piumetto

    Sono giorni di fine-trono e di fine stagione, quelli che in questi giorni si respirano a Cinecittà dove si stanno […]

    News Tv

  57. Using vim as a pager

    I’ve talked casually about using Vim as a pager before. However, I’m still surprised to see how many people […]

    Jonathan’s Techno-tales

  58. Safe

    I have pondered for the last several months the reasons why I feel so much safer as part of the atheist group than I […]

    The Redheaded Skeptic

  59. Susan Boyle Advances! “Memories” May 23, 2009 Britain’s Got Talent

    Sister Rose’s My Movies Weblog

  60. Resultados Euromillones 22 Mayo y Lotería Primitiva 23 Mayo de 2009

    A continuación podéis comprobar los números agraciados en el sorteo de los Euro Millones celebrado el Viernes 22 de […]

    Cajón desastres

  61. Men have a biological clock?

    CNN's Jason Carroll reports on a recent study that suggests men have their own biological clock.

    It has been […]


  62. ALERT: Indians Fighting In Swat – WARNING: Disturbing Pictures

    Indians Fighting In Swat Warning: Explicit & Disturbing Pictures
    Pictures below contain nudity and are gruesome. […]

    Pak Alert Press

  63. The Morning After: Marking Her Territory

    [One of the greatest aspects of college life is the morning-after recap with friends. You stumble out of bed, grab […]

    College Candy

  64. 22 de mayo, temblor en la ciudad de México

    Se informa que el temblor fue de 5.9 grados y tuvo su epicentro  a 40 km de la ciudad de Puebla. Tehuacan, Puebla, […]

    Información política confidencial

  65. Impressionen

    Der Schäfer-Clan

  66. NHẬN ĐỊNH TTCK ngày 25/05/2009

    Tổng kết giao dịch:

    Phiên giao dịch ngày 22/05/2009, Vnindex giảm -7.93 điểm còn 404.58 điểm.
    Số […]

    BST115 GROUP

  67. Más de 1 mil 500 nikkei se acogieron al programa de retorno “kikokushienkin”

    Hasta el momento un total de 1 mil 600 trabajadores extranjeros de ascendencia japonesa (nikkei) han […]

  68. A yard sale with benefits…

    Rain was forecast all weekend – so, not the best time for yard-saleing.  However, a local church was having an […]

    Great Expectations

  69. Some forum Q&A with Craig

    Posted by: gruso
    Weekend updates are always a treat, even if you have to wait until Monday to get them. Some feisty […]

    The unofficial OpenPandora Blog

  70. movie review: terminator salvation (spoiler-free)

    It sucked sucked sucked sucked SUCKED. 
    I saw it Friday night at Grauman’s Chinese theater in H0llywood, the […]

    Darth Mojo

  71. ADDIO MALDINI, conferenza stampa per spiegare

    Si riporta l’articolo pubblicato sul sito 
    Sarà una conferenza stampa oggi a spiegare cosa […]


  72. 10 Reasons Atheists Are More Moral Than Religious Fundamentalists

    While most atheists are faced with answering how they can be moral without a god, I have a list of 10 reasons that the […]


  73. Σεισμός στην Θεσσαλονίκη 24/5

    Δύο σεισμοί (4.1 & 5.1 R) έγιναν σήμερα το απόγευμα που έπιασαν το […]


  74. Pink Been defeated in KMST

    Update: In Tver 1.2.228, the MonsterBook data was modified. All 43 rewards of Pink Been were replaced with 1 new […]

    Spadow’s Blog

  75. RIP, Jay Bennett (May 23, 2009) Former Member of Wilco

    Jay Bennett
    November 15, 1963 – May 23, 2009
    Jay Bennett was an exceptional, singer-songwriter, […]

    The Music’s Over

  76. “I Cesaroni”: Elena Sofia Ricci (Lucia) lascia il cast nella quarta serie? Alessandra Mastronardi invece…

    Un pò di tempo fa vi avevamo parlato di qualche anticipazione riguardo il cast della quarta serie della fiction di […]


  77. Top 10: Truques das celebridades pra passar batido

    O Brasil entrou na rota das estrelas internacionais, que têm vindo com frequência cada vez maior ao país para […]


  78. ASOT 405 – A State of Trance 405 – Armin Van Buuren (21.05.2009)


    DEEPGOA’s Electronic Sessions

  79. Memorial Day

    Dear Rob,
    Happy Memorial Day! Oh wait, I forgot- you wouldn’t know what that is. Memorial Day is a holiday […]

    Letters to Rob

  80. Resultados del melate sorteo 2240

    Resultados del sorteo melate 2240 (24 de Mayo):
    06 10 12 29 38 50 ( Adicional 30 )
    Resultados del sorteo […]


  81. Video Sherina Heboh Katanya Diperkosa

    Inilah video Sherina yang lagi heboh katanya diperkosa…

    MAU BISNIS..???.

  82. Kraftig ökning av finlandsfärjevåldtäkterna

    Antalet anmälda våldtäkter ombord på finlandsfärjor har tredubblats de senaste åren. Enligt polisen kan varken […]

    Fria Nyheter

  83. Ieri e oggi in TV – 25 maggio 2009 (con gli ascolti del 24 maggio)

    Ecco gli ascolti, basati sui dati forniti quotidianamente da Auditel, dei programmi di prima serata di ieri 24 maggio […] Blog

  84. The Next Catastrophe For Banks: $3.5 Trillion In Commercial Real Estate Debt

    In a long, analytic article about commercial real estate, The New York Post points out that the debt backed […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  85. New SHINee Romeo Mini-Album Pictures

    But oh god, the cute ;~;, I couldn’t resist.
    {credit: […]

    Let’s all eat candy

  86. SNEAK PEEK: Heidi Invites Lauren to Her Wedding on The Hills

    [brightcoveplayer 24047866001]
    While the world now knows Heidi and Spencer have, for better or worse, become man and […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  87. O sucessor de Bruce Wayne

    Imporante! Este post possui spoilers by the source – official blog of DC Universe.
    A partir de julho a Panini Comics […]


  88. Foto – Foto Terpilih Dari Penanti


  89. 2009 NBA Mock Draft – Version 1.0

    With the lottery completed and the order decided, it’s time to try my hand at an early mock for this […]

    Boston Celtics: The Big Green Machine

  90. Resultado da Maratona, Revezamento e Rústica de Porto Alegre 2009


    Correndo com Saúde

  91. Jessica Pace – Upcoming Model

    Meet Jessica Pace, a gorgeous model who also goes by Jessiqa Pace She has done a ton of ad campaigns including several […]

    Latest Modeling News – Celebrity Gossip – Top Models Pics

  92. Robert Pattinson Au Restaurant Avec Kristen Stewart En Italie

    Ah Ah ! ils ne peuvent échapper à personne et ce malgré les consignes un peu bizarre de l’équipe. Enfin bref […]

    Songe d’une Nuit d’été –

  93. Disco voador sobrevoará o Rio de Janeiro

    Se na noite do próximo sábado, dia 23, você estiver no Rio de Janeiro e vir um objeto não identificado sobrevoando […]

    Respire Turismo

  94. Grattis! Ni är vidare!

    Nu är följande klara för slutcasting nästa vecka! Till alla andra vill vi säga, grymt jobbat och ge inte upp! Att […]

    SVT Andra Avenyn-bloggen

  95. Robert Pattinson in Italia e riprese “New Moon” a Montepulciano

    Robert Pattinson arriva oggi in Italia per le riprese del film “New Moon” a Montepulciano.
    In un comunicato […]

    Twilight Fans – Il sito italiano sulla saga Twilight – New Moon – Eclipse – Breaking Dawn

  96. Dorismar en H Exremo

    Pues como ya es fin de semana es dia de cumplir peticiones y como el buen Marco nos lo pidio encontramos las fotos de […]

    El lugar donde quieres estar

  97. Windows 7 Build 7140!(AGGIORNATO)

    Sta per arrivare una nuovissima build di Windows 7, fonti attendibilissime hanno diffuso la notizia, e risulta che […]

    HiM7x’s Blog

  98. Venda de ingressos para Vasco x Corinthians começa nesta 2ª-feira

    Terá início nesta segunda-feira (25/05), a venda de ingressos para a partida entre Vasco x Corinthians, que será […]

    Portalvascodagama – Tudo Sobre o C.R. Vasco da Gama….Noticias….Videos….Fotos

  99. Piratmamma som vågar tro på barnen

    Idag blir det den först gästbloggen hos mig. Den som får gästblogga är min mamma. Also in english.

    Vuxenvärlden […]


  100. Option Pricing for Beginners

    For a complete list of Beginners articles, see Financial Crisis for Beginners.
    I’ve had two posts so far on the […]

    The Baseline Scenario

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