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  1. Limbaugh to Powell: ‘Become a Democrat’

    Limbaugh took aim at Powell's comments about the GOP.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – Rush Limbaugh fired back at […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Add YouTube and Polls to Comments

    Some of you may have noticed we’ve been experimenting with a new feature in comments here on, […] News

  3. Carrie Prejean Naked Pictures

    LOS ANGELES, CA – Risque photos of Miss USA runner-up and “opposite marriage” defender Carrie […]

    Weekly World News

  4. En cuanto se apruebe la enseñanza del creacionismo….

    …Entonces los astrólogos pidieron el mismo tiempo (para su disciplina)..

    Un planeta con canas

  5. Fake-Auszug: Orhan musste das Haus verlassen!

    Angst, Schweiß und Tränen. Begriffe die BigBrother sonst eher für die schwachen Live-Matches benutzt, waren am […]

    BigBrother 9

  6. The Global Warming Hypothesis and Ocean Heat

    Guest Post By William DiPuccio

    Albert Einstein once said, “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a […]

    Watts Up With That?

  7. Porn star seriously considering Senate run

    She got her start in porn and now she’s thinking politics. Stormy Daniels is considering running against […]


  8. UEFA Champions League : Chelsea vs Barcelona [FIN DEL PARTIDO]

    Resultado Final: Chelsea 1 – Barcelona 1
    Barcelona logró avanzar a la final de la UEFA Champions League, al […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  9. Meet Blakesley Grace Sutter!

    Courtesy Life & Style for use on CBB

    Meet Blakesley Grace! Bachelorette couple Ryan and Trista Sutter introduce […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  10. Naked Pictures of Cassie Leaked!

    Now I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I didn’t post this. I mean, wow.
    R&B ’singer’ Cassie has […]


  11. Who Got Voted Off American Idol On 5-6-09

    And then there were three. Allison Iraheta was sent home tonight.  The remaining top three American Idol contestants […]


  12. Top 4: We now have our final three

    ** SPOILER ALERT: Wednesday night’s blog reveals the contestant leaving the show. Do not visit this entry of the blog […]

    The Marquee Blog

  13. American Idol: It’s Down to Three!

    Idol is now officially heading to an all-male finale. Allison Iraheta, the 17-year-old phenomenon with a vocal strength […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  14. Peggy 2 super pixels

    [Windell] from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories took one of their Peggy 2 kits and gave it a little upgrade. The Peggy 2 […]

    Hack a Day

  15. SNEAK PEEK: Posh Strips Down Again for Armani!

    Courtesy of Emporio Armani After dressing up for Marc Jacobs at the Met Costume Institute Gala, Victoria Beckham bares […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  16. Foto Bugil Rani Juliani dengan Antasari Azhar di Hotel

    Penetapan Antasari Azhar sebagai tersangka pembunuhan Nasrudin Zulkarnaen membuka mata kita bahwa kejahatan bisa […]

    For Your Life and Yours

  17. Legalizing marijuana answer to government’s $ problems?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    It’s time to debate legalizing marijuana in California — so says Governor […]

    Cafferty File

  18. The 7 Creepiest Products Found in an Everyday Drug Store

    We are all uniquely and individually disgusting. This was brought to my attention on a recent trip to the drug store, […]

    COED Magazine

  19. Financials & Direxion 3X Bulls, Recent Highs (FAS, FAZ, JPM, BAC, GS, WFC)

    To call the triple-leverage financial ETF of the Direxion Financial Bull 3X Shares (NYSE: FAS) volatile would be the […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  20. The 6 Most Common Facebook Photos

    People can learn a lot about you from your Facebook profile. By considering your favorite movies, pictures, quotes and […]

    College Candy

  21. Introducing the P2 Theme: Blogging in Realtime

  22. Jazz Hands

    Why Jazz Hands? Why not?!
    Photos from bethechange21, sea turtle and theworldsaddress. Check out a tag search, or […]

    Flickr Blog

  23. Scott Peterson Keeps Blogging


    Sharon Rocha, mother of Laci Peterson, says […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  24. The Dirty – carrie prejean, carrie prejean photos, carrie prejean pictures, miss california, miss california photos, […]

    The Dirty – Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities.


  25. Ki menjen, ki maradjon? – Döntöttetek!

    Itt vannak az eredmények. […]

    Üllői út 129

  26. GEE” when will it stop?

    Is it really that great of a song?


  27. If You Like It Then…

    Disclaimer: There is a sap fest ahead. Reader beware. I’m treating this as more of a journal entry (that just so […]

    eating bender

  28. RPK- Spins again?

    1. I had been resisting the idea of writing about RPK latest revelation in his blog, MT. This time he specifically […]


  29. “Hamsters are huge online right now!”

    …So says Sender-Inner Lindsey W.
    Doi Lindseeeeh!

    SpotMotorcycle Hamster was not harmed in the making of this […]

    Cute Overload

  30. صور زواج هيفاء وهبي

    صورة هيفاء وهبي في حفل زفافها, صورة زواج هيفاء وهبي, حفل زفاف […]

    حلو الليالي

  31. ALAN COLMES: Who Says the Presidency Requires Faith?

    By Alan Colmes
    FOX Radio and Television/Editor, Liberaland

    President Obama, unlike President Bush 43, but like most […]

    FOX Forum

  32. Kinderpornografie: Polizei ermittelt gegen Ursula von der Leyen

    Bundesfamilienministerin Ursula von der Leyen war in den vergangenen Wochen in aller Munde. Wie bereits vielfach auch […]


  33. Talent star Susan Boyle suffers wardrobe malfunction

    By Cara Sulieman
    SUSAN Boyle suffered an embarrassing ‘wardrobe malfunction’ early today at her home in […]

    Deadline Press & Picture Agency

  34. Pembubaran DUN terpaksa juga dilakukan…

    Eksklusif: Sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak, Speaker Akan Memutuskan Tiga Hingga Empat Perkara Penting Untuk […]


  35. Lawlessness and the Perak Assembly

    (image by malaysiainsider)
    By ALIRAN:
    Chaos has descended upon Ipoh and the rule of law has been savaged by the […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  36. Jerry Remy takes leave to recover from cancer surgery

    NESN announced Wednesday that Red Sox color commentator Jerry Remy is taking an indefinite leave of absence to fully […]

  37. #pornday no Twitter!

    Eu (@rebiscoito), @nikofernandez e @tomcarvalho, criamos o #pornday, que será dia 07/05/2009 no Twitter e estão […]

    Loucuras da Mente de um Biscoito

  38. ¿Qué le ocurre al ADN del donante en una transfusión de sangre?

    Hay  estudios que demuestran que el ADN del donante persiste en el receptor de una transfusión de sangre durante […]

    Pasa la vida

  39. Stress Tests and The Nationalization We Got

    The post was co-authored by Simon Johnson and James Kwak.
    When the stress tests were first announced on February 10, […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  40. “Domani 21/4.09”, 56 cantanti per l’Abruzzo (video e testo)

    “Domani 21/4.09″ è un progetto musicale e solidale voluto da Jovanotti, Giuliano Sangiorgi dei Negramaro […]

    Loriscosta’s Weblog

  41. Barem de corectare al TSU lb.romana semestru 2(2008-2009)

    Peste 400.000 de elevi din toata tara au sustinut astazi teza cu subiect unic la lb.romana.Astazi la ora 10 a fost […]

  42. Diễn viên trong Những nàng công chúa nổi tiếng

    Với diễn xuất tuyệt vời trong sự đối lập về ngoại hình và tính cách, hai nữ diễn viên Lee […] – Chuyen trang chia se thong tin

  43. New Irish Internet Tax?

    The more you look at legislation in this country, the nastier an opinion you develop about it. You’d be able to […]

    Stochastic Geometry

  44. Testing a medium: Results

    Well, yesterday was quite a day. As many of you may know, the James Randi Educational Foundation has a standing offer […]

    Richard Wiseman’s Blog

  45. Swine Flu (H1N1) Symptoms- Protect Yourself, Phase 5 Alert In Effect!

    How Not To Catch the Swine Flu- MUST SEE! (HUMOR)
    Read more about vitamin D’s potential  in prevention of  the […]

  46. Until Death Do Us Part – c.57

    mediafire — megaupload — rapidshare — sendspace — mangahelpers
    Another chapter, you can thank Ancalime for the […]

    Nihil Sine Nefas

  47. Biglietti auguri per la festa della mamma

    Festa della mamma
    Vi proponiamo due simpatici biglietti d’auguri per la festa della mamma.

    Puoi stampare quello […]

    Mamma e Bambini …. una grande avventura.

  48. Como fazer inscrições para Minha Casa, Minha Vida

    Nota: com resumo atualizado em 30.04.09
    Leia com bastante atenção e veja lá embaixo se sua cidadee está incluida […]

    N i l n e w s @ K i m i n d a s

  49. Passa na CCJ alternativa para emenda PEC dos Vereadores

    COMISSÕES / Constituição e Justiça 06/05/2009 – 16h53
    Apesar de reconhecerem que esta ainda não será a […]

    Blog do Luciano Nanzer

  50. Traders riot in Bangkok’s Patpong tourist precinct – tourists scurry for cover as shots fired


    Bangkok’s notorious nightlife district of Patpong was turned into a battle ground last night (May 6, […]

    Photo_journ’s newsblog by John Le Fevre

  51. Kindle DX Review

    The Kindle DX is available at Amazon for $489 (just pre-ordered one to get my place in line). Here’s a Kindle […]

    Kindle 2 Review – Kindle DX Review, Books

  52. JCPR Twitter Index

    It’s no surprise that Twitter has reached its tipping point when the number of techies and marketing-folk are […]

    Technobabble 2.0

  53. Jon Gosselin Gets Caught With ANOTHER Woman, Again

    Big surprise!  US Weekly is reporting that Jon and Kate Plus 8 Dad Caught With Other […]

    The Girl from the Ghetto

  54. Lost 5. Sezon 15. Bölümün Türkçe alt yazılı Fragmanını ve 14. Bölümün Tamamını izleyebilirsiniz…

    Türkçe alt yazılı fragman…

    Lost 5. Sezon 14. Bölümün tamamını izlemek için tıklayınız…


  55. Rösta inte på Piratpartiet

    Jag fick häromsistens en fråga om min inställning till Piratpartiet. Som sådana tycker jag att piratpartister är […]

    Johan Frick

  56. Meghan McCain Proud of Her Big, Juicy Ass

    I could not be prouder of Meghan McCain for striking yet another blow for mothers, sisters, and daughters everywhere.  […]

    Daily Dose

  57. Aşk-ı memnu 32. bölüm izle, Aşk-ı-Memnu-aşk, Aşk-ı-Memnu-d, Aşk-ı-Memnu-dizi, Aşk-ı-Memnu-dizisi, […]

    Aşk-ı memnu 32. bölüm izle, Aşk-ı-Memnu-aşk, Aşk-ı-Memnu-d, Aşk-ı-Memnu-dizi, Aşk-ı-Memnu-dizisi, […]

    Dizi İzle Bedava Dsmart Ligtv izle

  58. How Kevin Lynch announced his retirement

    This one comes in two parts. First, here are the talking points Conservative MPs and staffers have been given in case […]

  59. Vistar7, Windows 7 Pack de transformacion para Kubuntu Jaunty

    Much@s me odiaran por esta entrada (Guay!! que se pongan a la cola, que la lista es larga ^^), pero a otr@s les gustan […]

    Ubuntu Life

  60. [Photo] Bendtner thrown out of nightclub at 4am with trousers round ankles

    The Arsenal striker, who came as a 63rd-minute substitute for Theo Walcott during the 3-1 defeat to rivals United (4-1 […]

    Arsenal Action

  61. West Brom 1-1 Arsenal – Reserves – Match Report

    Arsenal’s Reserves played out the first installment of a double header against West Brom this evening as Neil […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  62. ลีซาน 63-64

    ลีซาน จอมบัลลังก์พลิกแผ่นดิน […]


  63. Ch-ch-changes demanded – will they be forthcoming?

    The reaction to the Champions League exit has ranged from the rational to the hysterical to complete and utter sh*t […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  64. A Bite of Life…

    When I think about my family’s history with the Mayo Clinic, I immediately think of the kitchen ceiling in my […]

    Sharing Mayo Clinic

  65. Asi dizisi 65. bölüm özeti

    Demirin ateşle imtihanı

    Hasta olduğunu öğrenen Demir, kızına babası olduğunu açıklamaktan şimdilik […]


  66. Lickliter names captains, talks about recruiting

    MARSHALLTOWN — Iowa’s basketball captains for next year are junior post Jarryd Cole and senior guard Devan […]

    Doc’s Office

  67. Hoe meer kritiek, hoe meer zalving!

    “Hoe sterker de geest van kritiek zal worden, hoe sterker de zalving op jullie zal toenemen!” Een […]

  68. Cartões dia das mães

    Em mais uma reunião super produtiva com minha sócia, resolvemos criar cartões com a frase da Rita Lima e a da Nine […]

    Creative Day

  69. Naruto 446 | naruto 446 Chapter

    Naruto 446 Confirmed Spoiler Pics And Summary.

    Yahiko, Konan and Nagato decided to form a organization and fight with […]

    Spoilermanga’s Blog

  70. Derecho de réplica, libro de confesiones de Carlos Ahumada

    Ahumada acusa a Carlos Salinas de Gortari y a Diego Fernández de Ceballos de urdir un complot contra Andrés Manuel […]

    Información política confidencial

  71. Antasari: Catatan Seorang Wartawan (Bagian 2)

    Setelah didahului pembicaraan dari wartawan yang menelepon saya, pria berjaket kulit hitam itu mulai mengutarakan […]

    Jurnal GoBlog

  72. AI Top 4 Results: Allison, Your Aim Is True*

    *lyric from Elvis Costello’s “Alison”

    It could have been Hurricane Katrina, Brooklyn style, […]

    American Idol Report Card

  73. To Do List After installing Ubuntu 9.04 aka Jaunty Jackalope

    This post is a follow up of this. In Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope , as you would expect from any upgrade, the packages are a […]

    The Indexer

  74. OXCGN E3 Search: 12 Games Gone MIA

    Games we need to see at E3
    by dkpatriarch
    © 2009 David Hilton:- 2IC-Sub Editor

    We get some game announcement that […]

    OXCGN – XBox News Reviews and Views

  75. Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring – First Impressions

    A few days back, Mandriva released the newest version of its operating system, Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring. As I had […]

    B Space

  76. Keterlaluan! Soal Ujian MAN Lecehkan Megawati!!

    Soal Ujian MAN Dinilai Diskreditkan Megawati
    Selasa, 5 Mei 2009 | 08:38 WIB
    SUMENEP, —Anggota DPR asal […]

    M Shodiq Mustika

  77. Naruto 446 and Bleach 356 Confirmed spoilers

    Naruto 446 updates
    Bleach 356 updates
    Naruto 446 spoilers
    1.Yahiko and the others decides to creates an organization […]

    Latest Manga Updates, Manga 21

  78. GD’s Europe vacation might end sooner than expected?

    지용군, come back home whenever you’re ready!
    picture below was posted earlier at Sookyeong’s […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  79. Oprah KFC!

    Oprah has a free KFC offer today at and! The free chicken coupon at is […]

    Hot World News!!!

  80. 50 Berita Kronologi Antasari, Nasrudin, dan Rhani [updated]

    Dalam 4 hari terakhir ini, berita seputar pembunuhan Direktur PT Rajawali Putra Banjara Nasruddin Zulkarnaen (NZ) mampu […]


  81. Denuncian a empresa contratista por obligar a sus empleados a presentar su renuncia “voluntaria”

    Una empresa contratista en la ciudad de Shiga obligó a más de una docena de haken (trabajadores […]

  82. [Pic] Tohoshinki – The secret code in Kobe (P.5)

    At last, we got to see quite a number of Yunho’s pic.
    Well, apart from the you-know-what pics i mean!


    fashion follows yoochun

  83. Next Stop: 128.194 Mitzeichner

    Warum denn nun genau diese Zahl “128.194″? werden manche fragen. Dazu möchte ich hier nur den Wikipedia […]

    MissbrauchsOpfer Gegen InternetSperren

  84. Descarga el partido Real Madrid 2 – 6 FC Barcelona [DVB – Español]

    Aunque esto no entre en el temario habitual de este blog, es un fenomeno de masas, en el que yo tambien me incluyo […]


  85. The Daily Show as Legitimate Journalism

    From Ryan Lizza’s recent profile of Peter Orszag,
    “For two months, I watched and listened to him interact wi […]

    In One Ear… Out the Other

  86. Series (Season?) Finale: Scrubs – “My Finale”

    “My Finale”
    May 6th, 2009
    ABC made a decision last year to save Scrubs, which at the time seemed like a […]

    Cultural Learnings

  87. ACORN Official Plays Race Card, Gets Thrown Out of FOX Studio

    Revolting. This guy is exactly what I would have imagined a national ACORN official to sound like.

    Open Wednesday […]

    TD Blog

  88. United 3 Blackburn 2: Glimpse of the future as U18s round off season with a win

    May 6th 2009, 5.15pm
    Trafford Training Centre, Carrington

    Manchester United U18s
    Blackburn Rovers […]

    United Youth

  89. Baremul tezei cu subiect unic la Limba şi literatura română, clasa a VII-a, semestrul al II-lea

    Îl puteţi descărca de aici. Download-ul este în josul paginii acolo unde scrie “Save file to your PC”.

    Fotbal, jocuri şi altele

  90. Palm Pre Plan Choices

    Due to all the fuss about having to swap to a new plan (for some) in order to activate a Pre, here’s a breakdown […]

    Inside Sprint Now

  91. Waduuugh,… pagi-pagi udah ngajak ngojeeeck race …!!!

    Well,… kalau dipagi hari kadang,.. gue ketemu temen gue … yang hobby nya ngojeck race… !!! Opo kuwi […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  92. جواب آيت‌القمه هدايتي مدير مسئول شبكه جهاني روافض(سلام) به يك […]

    اسلام وب

  93. World of Warcraft Totally Looks Like Swine Flu

    World of Warcraft Totally Looks Like Swine Flu
    » Think you can do better? Make your own!
    picture: dunno source, via […]

    Totally Looks Like… Famous People and Celeb Look-A-Likes

  94. Every calcified party is calcified in its own way

    In the whither-the-GOP conversation, it’s often remarked that today’s Republican Party has reached a state […]


  95. Subiecte / barem Limba si Literatura Romana 2008 – 2009 Semestrul 2

    Subiecte / barem Limba si Literatura Romana 2008 – 2009 Semestrul 2

    Petrache Alex

  96. Anticipazioni Uomini e Donne: il trono di Federico e Jonathan. Ecco cosa accadrà nella puntata di venerdi 8 maggio. […]

    Nuovo appuntamento con le anticipazioni di Uomini e Donne.Come sempre, grazie al nostro UnDueTreBlog, potrete leggere […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  97. Contractions…..My Arse

    What a load of old baggage. I say this because yesterday someone sent me a link thingy which has some comments on it […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  98. More details on the new Ferrari

    Both Ferrari drivers will have a major upgrade this weekend, but Kimi Raikkonen will have a new chassis which is 10kg […]

  99. Преслава – Зле разпределени

    Преслава – Зле разпределени Преслава – Зле […]

    Безплатна музика

  100. Hugh Jackman visita o Brasil

    O ator aclamado Hugh Jackman veio ao Brasil divulgar o seu novo filme X-Men Origens: Wolverine. Não vou entrar no […]

    O verso do inverso

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