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May 3, 2009: Top Posts

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  1. Bob Barr: GOP in ‘very deep trouble’

    Former Rep. Bob Barr says the Republicans lack a 'coherent philosophy.'

    (CNN) — Former Georgia Rep. […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. April Showers Bring A Fresh New Theme

    Automatticians in the Bay Area were convinced it was summer this past week, when it rose above 90 Fahrenheit (about 32 […] News

  3. Name 3 clear signs of the coming Thermageddon

    OK, so my art is a bit tongue in cheek. But it does fit the disaster theme of the topic.
    This op-ed piece in the […]

    Watts Up With That?

  4. One Hamster’s Last Day on Earth

    Poor leetle “Bułeczka” the ham recently spent her last day on earf. Before she passed on, her owner Pyza […]

    Cute Overload

  5. Resultados Euromillones 1 Mayo y Lotería Primitiva 2 Mayo de 2009

    A continuación podéis comprobar los números agraciados en el sorteo de los Euro Millones celebrado el Viernes 1 de […]

    Cajón desastres

  6. Menéame no acepta críticas, seamos sinceros

    El primer post que iba a hacer en mis blogs (aquí está el otro: ) . Los […]


  7. Swine flu iPhone app awaiting approval

    Calling all iPhone owners anxious about the spread of swine flu: A potential app, the Swine Flu Tracker, may be on the […]


  8. Naruto 446 spoiler e imagenes confirmadas

    Sorpresivamente aparecen los scans  yo creía por los de la golden week no avisé..Me lo comí pero hay imágenes […]


  9. ‘Roid Week 2009

    Just a few days remain until the Flickrverse begins to celebrate all things instant as ‘Roid Week comes round […]

    Flickr Blog

  10. Why are frequent churchgoers more likely to support torture?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    As the debate about torture rages on […]

    Cafferty File

  11. Élő a Cegléd-meccsről (4-1)

    Kezdünk, Lipcsei a padon! […]

    Üllői út 129

  12. Rebecca Romijn on Life With Twins: ‘It’s Just Fun’

    Sean O’Neill/INF

    The first few months after a baby arrives are tough on almost every mom, and with twins […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  13. Perak: May 7th, beam it to the world..

    1. It is five days to go till the next sitting of the Perak State Assembly. This is an historic sitting. This event […]


  14. JOHN TANTILLO: Miss California USA Should Quit or Be Fired

    By John Tantillo
    Marketing Expert/Founder and President, Marketing Department of America
    It’s time for Miss […]

    FOX Forum

  15. Why does your left testicle hang lower?

    While 65 percent of women have a left breast that is larger than the right, the same percentage of men have a left […]

    Love, Sex, Attraction…and Science

  16. Spoiler Naruto 446 Confirmado

    SORPRESA!!!, quien dijo que habia que esperar a la semana que viene eh!!!, jajaja, pues si, ya estan aqui todos los […]


  17. Bar Refaeli Designs Her “Perfect” Little Black Bikini for Hurley

    Hurley After baring her famous bikini body in sexy ads for Hurley, Bar Refaeli is taking it one step further and […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  18. Fran Merida to get his chance vs Portsmouth

    Arsenal Action has been told that Fran Merida could get his chance and start vs Portsmouth as manager Arsene Wenger […]

    Arsenal Action

  19. Cosas a hacer despues de instalar Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

    Aqui un “popurri” interesante de cosas que podemos hacer justo despues de acabar la instalacion de Ubuntu 9.04 Intre […]

    Ubuntu Life

  20. Shugo Chara Chapter 40 SUMMARY

    Scanlations will be out by 5/3.


    Futari Wa Pretty Anon Scanlations

  21. It’s official. TARP is just theft.

    These reports about the TARP must be read to be believed.  Since you are reading this on a screen, I have highlighted […]

    Fabius Maximus

  22. Candy the Naughty Cheerleader walkthrough

    Welcome to amazing new naughty game Candy the Naughty Cheerleader. Shouldn’t cheerleaders use their powers to […]

    Game walkthroughs and reviews

  23. ایا این خانم لی پوش بانوی اول کشور میشود…؟

    کدوم زنی تا بحال در رده های بالای سیاسی کشور جرات و شهامت این رو […]

    تلخ نوشته ها

  24. 2NE1 brings on the “Fire”

    Can they bring something new to the table?


  25. Como fazer inscrições para Minha Casa, Minha Vida

    Nota: com resumo atualizado em 30.04.09
    Para as famílias que recebem entre três e dez salários mínimos, o […]

    N i l n e w s @ K i m i n d a s

  26. Naruto Manga 446 Spoiler Confirmado + Imagenes!

    Yahiko y compañía deciden crear una organización.
    Nagato: “Con Yahiko como líder, comenzamos nuestras […]

    Contenido Pro

  27. Zombie Oligarchs

    At this stage in any economic stabilization process, the state-sponsored lifeboat for oligarchs starts to get a little […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  28. Twitter Is Giving Facebook an Inferiority Complex

    [qi:006] I’m not sure why, but Facebook seems to be completely thrown off its game by Twitter and all the […]


  29. Cubaan bunuh ADUN PKR Kuala Kurau, Pembantu Khas cedera parah

    Cubaan bunuh ADUN PKR Kuala Kurau
    Sebentar tadi..aku menerima panggilan telefon dari Albanjari tentang satu serangan […]


  30. Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 05/01/09

    Tonight on AC360°, we’ll have the latest on the swine flu outbreak.  Plus,  the Supreme Court shake-up. […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  31. Just Dandy

    As far as confections go, marshmallows are fairly simple creatures on the surface. Sugar, some gelling agent, and a […]


  32. Elaine Alden is Today’s Daily Snapshot

    When you think of a smokin’ hot blond, something tells me what comes to mind is someone more or less exactly […]

    COED Magazine

  33. Arsenal are now officially foreign owned. Kroenke owns 28% and Usmanov 25% so why?

    So the Carr family have sold their shares to Stan the man for between £8,500 and £10,500, boy those shares have come […]

    Le Grove

  34. Resguardan comandancia por 3 detenidos

    Blindan Comandancia en calle 8
    TIJUANA, B.C. 01 DE MAYO DEL 2009 (AFN).- Decenas de agentes municipales se mantienen a […]

    Narco Tijuana

  35. Vài nét về cậu ấm Quang “béo”, con tướng CA Nguyễn Đức Nhanh và liên hệ

    Giám đốc Công an Hà Nội Nguyễn Đức Nhanh. Ảnh: Đ.L. –

    Ý Kiến Blog

  36. Prison Break 4×19 Online

    Proximamente se emitira en EEUU el décimo noveno episodio de la última temporada de la exitosa serie carcelaria […]

    ¡Que Movida!

  37. Young Guns Returns + April News Round Up

    After a stop-start month for Young Guns, we are pleased to announce a return to action starting from yesterday […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  38. Inside Steve Jobs’ tear-down mansion

    On Tuesday a California city council will reconsider Steve Jobs’ longstanding request for permission to tear down […]

    Apple 2.0

  39. LayerOne coming soon

    Annual hacker conference LayerOne will be held May 23-24th in Anaheim, CA. They’ve completed the speaker lineup […]

    Hack a Day

  40. Aşk-i Memnu 31. Bölüm İzle, Aşk-i Memnu Son Bölüm İzle, Dünkü Bölümü İzle, Aşk-i Memnu dizisi son […]

    Aşk-i Memnu 31. Bölüm İzle, Aşk-i Memnu Son Bölüm İzle, Dünkü Bölümü İzle, Aşk-i Memnu dizisi son […]

    Trdizileri online izle

  41. Gay Marriage. Really?

    Margaret, I just don’t get it.  We’re in a global economic crisis, America ’s fighting two wars, […]

    Margaret and Helen

  42. Negative Dollar

    Cokenoice’s Blog

  43. American Idol Top 4 Theme & Spoilers

    As I reported before, the Top 4 will be performing Rock songs next week.
    However, I’ve also heard the ouvre will […]

    Top Idol

  44. The Master: Joe Sandy vs Limbad

    Akhirnya pertarungan The Master Season II berakhir Jumat kemarin dan Limbad lah yang menjadi The Master untuk season II […]

    Charles’ Notes…

  45. La Liga española : Real Madrid vs Barcelona [¡EN VIVO – EN DIRECTO!]

    Si no puedes ver el partido, prueba estas opciones:
    OPCIÓN 1
    OPCIÓN 2
    OPCIÓN 3
    OPCIÓN 4
    OPCIÓN 5
    OPCIÓN […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  46. So I watched Twilight last night…

    Introduction/disclaimer: I haven’t read the books and had no desire to, so I thought I’d check out the […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  47. Swine Flu Attack Likely A Beta Test

    The latest bioterrorism attack by the New World Order is likely a beta test. Yes, it is a bioterrorism attack. It was a […]

    New World Liberty

  48. Ten Reasons to Love Twitter

    here’s just a few reasons why twitter is so awesome.
    1. meet new people
    totally obvious, but that is so often […]

    100 Musical Footsteps

  49. Antasari Azhar : Dari Pemburu Koruptor menjadi Tersangka Pembunuh

    Pada tanggal 1 Mei 2009, Ketua Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) Antasari Azhar dicekal (cegah tangkal) oleh […]


  50. Donte Whitner might be the fan-friendliest Buffalo Bill ever.

    This just in from Facebook:

    Donte Whitner is about to get another cell phone and call it the Fan Phone…as soon […]

    Dukes of Awesome

  51. Claves de la gripe porcina

    ¿Qué es la gripe porcina?
    Es una infección respiratoria aguda en los cerdos, causada por uno o varios virus de la […]

  52. Aceite De Rateros

    Documento de Referencia Importante que sirve como protección al 99.96% contra Agentes Biológicos Infecciosos como […]

    Contra el New World Order

  53. Beatles:Mensagem Subliminar

    Diversas mensagens subliminares foram encontradas nas músicas e capas de discos dos  Beatles. O fato mais […]

    .:Girls Wireless:.

  54. Join | Big Bang – Lotte Duty Free MV

    Join for the latest news on Big Bang, but the most awesome part about is that this forum […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  55. Must read: Andrew McCarthy rejection letter to Holder

    McCarthy and Bolton – what a team they’d make. From NRO, please read it all. More McCarthy here: The Islamist […]

    Creeping Sharia

  56. Kijk, hier hebben we Karst uit Huissen…..

    Yep, ooit oogde hij wat gezonder, maar nu even niet. Meneer was even wat in de war, en werd wereldnieuws.

    Molijn’s Blog

  57. NovaTux, the first open source videogame of Cuba

    On the morning of March 26, was presented by the FreeViUX team, the first cuban videogame made in Blender: NovaTux, in […]

    Free Videos Using GNU/Linux

  58. Finally, an honest woman

    Step off. I’m having a c*nty day, ok?
    Engrish Photo By: Radical Em

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  59. What a wild ride!

    It has been a wonderful time…
    Being a part of the EQ franchise starting with EQOA and then Champions Return to Arms […]

  60. GRIPE A (N1H1) – (gripe porcina) – Conceptos básicos, prevención y tratamiento.

    La gripe o Influenza es una enfermedad de origen vírico que nos ataca de manera inexorable todos los años en especial […]


  61. Goodbye to the suburban porn star

    Some years ago, at a songwriters’ get-together in New York, I found myself talking to a tanned and rugged fellow who […]

  62. Goodfellas v The Departed

    As far back as we can remember, we’ve always wanted to do a Martin Scorsese movie battle. Swearing, shouting, […]

    Ross v Ross

  63. Últimas Noticias (iii) Influenza Porcina-mÉxico


    NUEVO […]


  64. Rochester girl missing in Myrtle Beach

    Police in Myrtle Beach are searching for Brittanee Marie Drexel of Rochester, N.Y who was last seen on Saturday. She […]

    When a child goes missing

  65. “The Evolution of the Weeaboo.”

    Inspired by various friends who have told me all stories about teaching and living in Japan. In other news, Manga […]

    見ないで! ひとり言

  66. One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 21 VOSTFR

    L’épisode 21 de la saison 6 de One Tree Hill en VOSTFR : ” Letting Go “

    (Cliquez sur […]

    F**K 4ever

  67. Off- topic. Nu pricep si pace!

    Sa ma bata Dumnezeu daca pricep. Unu: cum naibii reusesc niste pirati din Somalia sa captureze ditamai navele care trec […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  68. Republicans Uncover Swine Flu Conspiracy

    WASHINGTON, DC – The growing threat of global pandemic resulting from Swine Flu has health organizations worldwide […]

    Weekly World News

  69. VIRADA CULTURAL 2009 (02 a 03/05/09)

    A cidade de São Paulo ganha hoje (sábado — 02/05/09) a partir das 18h a quinta edição da Virada Cultural. Vinte e […]

    A G E N D A C U L T


    PRONOSTICI SERIE A – 34° Giornata

    Bentornati a tutti ragazzi….!!!! Eccoci qua con il nostro solito […]

    – PRONOSTICI SCOMMESSE ITALIA – Consigli Utili per Scommettere

  71. Bandas Bizarras #03

    Antes de mais nada, quero começar admitindo que esse novo post da série Bandas Bizarras não se trata […]


  72. Play Up Arsenal – Portsmouth Preview

    Fratton Park beckons this afternoon with Arsene chasing third place in the Premier League, a race that may yet be won […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  73. Nikkei peruano recibirá condecoración del Gobierno del Japón

    Un reconocido dirigente de la colectividad peruano japonesa se encuentra entre las personalidades que serán […]

  74. Swine Flu Symptoms

    Swine Flu Symptoms
    Swine Flu Jokes
    Tweet This!
    Top 10 Signs of Having Swine Flu
    1. Tears flow from your small […]

    Funny Jokes

  75. Feel the Photograph

    Often times, a photograph goes beyond technique
    Post and Photos by Rick Sammon. Follow Rick on Twitter.
    “I don’t […]


  76. IsraËl : L’opinion Americaine Ouvre Les YEUX.

    Je ne vous apprends rien. Vous êtes toujours très informés en ce qui concerne les mensonges et l’arrogance […]


  77. DD Naruto Shippuden movie 2 subtitulos español Descarga Directa y Online

    Bueno, hasta que por fin salio subtitulada, gracias a todos los que le han dado seguimiento a esta pelicula a traves de […]

    J-Rev’s Weblog

  78. Bajaj pluz KTM,… kerjasama bikin street bikez 125cc …!!!

    Well,… Kerjasama ini nggak heran seeh antara Bajaj dan KTM… untuk memproduksi street bikez 125cc… !!! […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  79. Breaking down my embarrassment

    Dear “artist” who did this, uh, beautiful oil painting,

    Here are my thoughts:

    I’m really 2nd-hand […]

    Letters to Twilight

  80. It’s Saturday and Rob doesn’t know…

    Dear Rob,

    What is it you don’t know?

    Why the sun shines?
    Why beer tastes so good on a hot sunny day?
    How to […]

    Letters to Rob

  81. Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem is Unstable

    Games and economic problems are often unstable Luitzen Brouwer is famous for his seminal fixed point theorem and […]

    Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP

  82. Hero’s Arms Walkthrough, Tips, Hints, Cheat

    About Hero’s Arms Walkthrough
    This is our new game, which is kind of a good-old Zelda-like adventure game. We […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  83. May 1, 2009: Projects Galore!

    I’m well into the rewrite of Space, episode #11 of Stargate: Universe, and finally got it down to a full 46 pages […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  84. Resultados euro millones viernes 1 de mayo de 2009

    En el sorteo de Euro Millones del viernes 1 de mayo de 2009, no hay acertantes de 1ª […]

    Euro millones | resultados euro millones, noticias, botes

  85. Interviu cu un tonomat

    Ideea nu are nimic nou. Nenea Cosmos a făcut asta înaintea mea. Şi a făcut-o bine. Înaintea lui au făcut-o […]

    Moshe & Mordechai blog

  86. Fake Fake IPL Player Blog post

    As I was Titan watching the DLF IPL, It Ford Pickup struck me as CBS Dan Rather unfortunate that Bharti Indian cricket […]

    Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa

  87. [Pic] Zoom in Tohoshinki Lotte May’09 Calendar

    Catch up with the original pic
    I can’t help it.. I have to post ^^ Today I am into 2U lol
    source: […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  88. Bird Rock Bandits- Justice Served

    Here is an old story I found on the Bird Rock Bandits… What a sad story. This proves the importance of critical […]

  89. Is comment really free?

    When was Polly Toynbee granted the unique privilege of having comments disallowed on her Comment is Free pieces? I […]


  90. Ieri e oggi in TV – 2 maggio 2009 (con gli ascolti del 1° maggio)

    Ecco gli ascolti, basati sui dati forniti quotidianamente da Auditel, dei programmi di prima serata di ieri 1° maggio […] Blog

  91. Reportagem Especial AO –> E agora?: Felina vira a maior ameaça para jogadores e artistas no Brasil!!

    Ela se tornou a maior ameaça para as celebridades. Se era fama que ela queria, ela conseguiu !! Imagens de vários […]

    Audiência Online -_ Minha Audiência-_

  92. Shoujo Sect Episode 3 is OUT!!!

    Actual audio was censored so we guessed what Handa was trying to say.
    Here you go folks, the final episode of Shoujo […]

    SHiN-gx Fansubs

  93. ¿Por qué la gripe porcina mata en México y no en otros países?

    Continuación del post Peste porcina en México:
    La influenza porcina se ha cobrado por el momento 152 vidas en México […]

    Misterios al descubierto

  94. Naruto 446 – Confirmed Spoilers (Discussions and Predictions)



    Anime Manga

  95. Danny Gans, Las Vegas entertainment legend, dies

    Danny Gans, the legendary singer, comedian and entertainer, passed away in his sleep early Friday morning at his Nevada […]

    Flavour of the day

  96. Tearful Charm Runs To Channel 3 – After Khun Dang Humiliated her in Public

    It seems Channel 7 is starting to fall apart with so many leading actresses heading their way out the door and into […]

    Entertainment DIRTII Version

  97. Lost 5. Sezon 15. Bölümün Türkçe alt yazılı Fragmanını ve 14. Bölümün Tamamını izleyebilirsiniz…

    Türkçe alt yazılı fragman…

    Lost 5. Sezon 14. Bölümün tamamını izlemek için tıklayınız…


  98. JPMorgan Cuts Banks: Reflections on Its Own Business (JPM, BAC, C, USB, WFC, STI, BRK-A)

    J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) has issued a negative bank research call for the major money center and […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  99. Jaakko Mattila

    Watercolor paintings by Finland-based Jaakko Mattila.



  100. Download PCMAV 2.0a (April-Mei 2009)

    Pada rilis terbaru kali ini, PCMAV 2.0a mampu mengenali dan mengatasi 2660 virus beserta variannya yang banyak […]

    akhdian : dian ardiyansah’s blog

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