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  1. Cheney hits Obama again: ‘Devastating’ economic policies

    Cheney's war of words with the Obama administration continues.

    (CNN) — President Barack Obama’s […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Craigslist Killer’s (Philip Markoff) Wedding Website – 58 SCREENSHOTS –

    FINAL UPDATE for 4/21 at 10:16 pm CDT: Here are all of the screen grabs I captured from before the […]

  3. CBS’ Charles Osgood on the Sun – and a surprising suggestion

    Holy Cow! Charles Osgood, a skeptic?

    I know you’ve already […]

    Watts Up With That?

  4. It’s Game Over for Dancing’s Lawrence Taylor

    It was Lawrence Taylor’s happiest night at the ballroom. The NFL legend was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  5. BOB BECKEL: Miss USA Flap — How About Keeping God OUT of Politics?

    The furor over the anti-gay marriage comments made by Miss California, who was competing in the Miss USA contest were […]

    FOX Forum

  6. OK to use “enhanced interrogation techniques” if they worked?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    President Obama’s national intelligence director says that Bush-era interrogation […]

    Cafferty File

  7. Party Boat Fail

    Original video by cotamayor

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  8. Naruto 445 Spoiler + imagen confiramdo

    Bueno amigos  ya pasaron unas horas y tenemos imagenes spoiler de lo que vendrá el viernes, Declarado 100% […]


  9. Top 7 Part Two: Adam Lambert can do no wrong

    Adam is back to the “clean-cut sans guyliner” look and I dig it.

    His version of “If I Can’t […]

    The Marquee Blog

  10. Accidentally inappropriate graphic design.

    I’m a graphic designer by trade, so I found this logo more than a little interesting. I had a class in college […]

    The BEattitude

  11. Matilda Gets a Grip on Spike Jonze

    Pacific Coast News

    Matilda Rose Ledger holds on tight to Spike Jonze — his forehead, that is! — […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  12. Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear

    A number of well-known brands disappeared in the last year in large part due to economic forces. Many of them were in […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  13. “Ma—we need to talk.”

    “It’s about the foster puppy.” [mini beady eye roll]
    “Maaaaaaaaaaa!” [peck peck]

    Marc at […]

    Cute Overload

  14. Beat 360° 4/21/09

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°? Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will join in […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  15. Meat Council Poster Totally Looks Like WW2 Nazi Propaganda

    Meat Council Poster Totally Looks Like WW2 Nazi Propaganda
    » Think you can do better? Make your own!
    picture: dunno […]

    Totally Looks Like… Famous People and Celeb Look-A-Likes

  16. What to shoot this week?

    If you are looking for a way to improve your photography, having a project is a great way to do it. A random theme […]

    Flickr Blog

  17. The feud

    The thing about the fight that Stephen Harper has managed to pick with Brian Mulroney, the paradox that elevates it […]

  18. Party Pics of Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools – 2009

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official – Playboy has released their list of the top 25 best party schools of 2009. […]

    COED Magazine

  19. Ligaválogatott – AC Milan, kibeszélde

    Itt kibeszélhetitek a meccs történéseit, lehet drukkolni Ferenczinek és Lipcseinek. Időnként mi is […]

    Üllői út 129

  20. Press Statement, 21 April 2009, Kuala Lumpur

    Re: DAP’s anger over the announcement of the resignation of Mohammad Fairus, the Penanti State Assemblyman
    Press […]

    Wee Choo Keong

  21. Mom Orders Bickering Kids Out of Car — Ruining Them for Life?

    Yowza. A mom fed up with her bickering daughters, age 10 and 12, ordered them out of the car in the downtown district […]


  22. TWC to Customers: You Don’t Want Tiers, You Don’t Get Super-fast Broadband

    Updated: Well, I hope all of you who complained about Time Warner Cable’s (s TWC) plans for metered broadband are […]


  23. More Free Stuff for Earth Day

    Turns out that plenty of people are interested in finding out about freebies for Earth Day. I know this from the search […]

    Suddenly Frugal Blog

  24. Justice Breyer’s Public Undressing

    Justice Stephen G. Breyer unwittingly sparked mass tittering at the U.S. Supreme Court this morning when one of his […]

    Washington Briefs

  25. Satu lagi insiden memalukan Malaysia

    Sedih dan malu. Itulah yang dapat diungkapkan apabila membaca berita dari Malaysiakini dibawah.
    Kerabat Kelantan […]

    Blog Amin Iskandar @ Black

  26. Another new 5 member girl group

    As if Wondergirls, Kara, and the once five member group After School were not enough.
    And why 5 members? Why not 7, 9, […]


  27. Forever 21 Plus Size Line

    NEW YORK, NY – Fashion retailer Forever 21 debuted a new line of clothing for plus-sized women, along with the […]

    Weekly World News

  28. The first to vacate Najib’s cabinet should be …

    Hah! There are certainly more than 2 jokers who should not be in Najib’s cabinet. (What is Mahathir babbling […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  29. CELEBRACIÓN DEL DÍA DEL IDIOMA : 23 de abril de 2009

    DÍA: 23 de abril de […]

    Institución Educativa Federico Ángel.

  30. The Bottom 10% and One Big Reason Why the Celtics are Having Problems

    The NBA season ended last week and now we have (thanks to all the data needed to measure each […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  31. Bleach 355 Chapter | Bleach 355 Spoiler

    Bleach 355 Chapter | Bleach 355 Spoiler

    Bleach 355 Chapter | Bleach 355 Spoiler
    Source: bleachasylum
    Posted by […]

    Naruto One Piece and Bleach Manga

  32. Joss Whedon’s past and the future of “Dollhouse”: Part 1

    The jury is still out for Joss Whedon’s latest endeavour, the Friday night spy-drama Dollhouse. If you’re […]

    Not a Planet Anymore

  33. “Levantaron” a cuatro en la Ruiz Cortines

    Abril 22 del 2009: Se trato de militares deteniendo a un lugarteniente del CAF. Mas info aqui.
    “Levantaron” a […]

    Narco Tijuana

  34. 1,000 calories a day: Officially not torture

    Via Rachel at The-F-Word, the HuffPo is reporting that calorie restriction was a Bush-administration-approved […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  35. 10th Anniversary of the Columbine Tragedy

    By Alicia Acuna
    FOX News Channel, Denver Bureau
    On this day ten years ago, 12 students and a teacher went to school, […]

    On The Scene

  36. Rachel Bilson’s Next Role: InStyle Fashion Editor!

    Gabriela Maj/Getty Fashionistas everywhere envy Rachel Bilson’s effortless street style and always-chic red […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  37. Arsenal (2) V Man City (1) – Yth Cup (2nd Leg)- Preview

    Arsenal’s F.A Youth Cup Semi-Final second leg clash with Manchester City is the fixture which prises Young Guns […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  38. Panhandling Topless

    Plug1 of WHATIMSEEING DOT COM snapped this gem today, had this to say:
    i was wandering around the Mission this […]

    Mission Mission

  39. Perez Hilton Is a Hypocrite

    In case you missed it, there’s a whole bunch of controversy surrounding Miss USA first runner-up, Miss […]

    College Candy

  40. Programa Miercoles

    ¿Alguien se había dado cuenta de que seguimos un concurso del que desconocemos las reglas? Con llamarlo muchas […]

    Fama A Bailar 2 – Más Energy – los videos de las coreos

  41. TaeYang Nylon Interview: The September 2008 Issue

    [from pgeorgie]: This is my translated version of YB/TaeYang’s interview with Nylon Korea. **In case […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  42. Order – Beyond the Sands Guide

    It’s that time again kiddies! Time for another Live Event which means time for Gaar to go explore. Yay!!!
    So, […]

    Gaarawarr Gabs

  43. AI Report Card Top 7 (Again): Tuesday Night Fever

    “DISCO IS DEAD!!” Okay, not really. Disco never died, it merely morphed into the New Wave of the […]

    American Idol Report Card

  44. “Wajah Jesus” Ditemukan Pada Bekas gigitan Kit-Kat

    Seorang penggemar Biskuit coklat,menemukan “wajah Jesus” dibekas Gigitan pada Biskuit Coklat […]

    tidak menarik

  45. Parradais, tjuesjette episode

    I dag har jeg skaffet meg en date til morgendagens parradais og jeg gleder meg som et lite barn. Det er betryggende å […]

    Vittighetens Dyd

  46. Konsumen Suzuki,… milih product yang kueeenceng …!!!

    Well,… memang gue termasuk konsumen Suzuki… dan memilih product yang kuenceeeng… !!! Mau bilang gue […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  47. Truckling to the Faithful: A Spoonful of Jesus Helps Darwin Go Down

    For if we ever begin to suppress our search to understand nature, to quench our own intellectual excitement in a […]

  48. Another patriotic American

    Another patriotic American who plans to give back her Social Security checks and never use Medicare even if […]

    Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more

  49. Official Blog: Bits and Bytes

    Posted by: gruso
    EvilDragon has updated the official blog with a mixed bag of minor updates. First up is a video of […]

    The unofficial OpenPandora Blog

  50. Maybe America Should Take Rick Perry Up On His Offer

    Honestly Margaret, I cannot believe that Susan Boyle went undiscovered for 47 years but that crazy Celine Dion has been […]

    Margaret and Helen

  51. Jim Carrey Goes Solo Against Vaccines

    Jim Carrey wrote an article for the Huffington Post about vaccines.  He’s an actor known for his parts in Dumb […]


  52. Morbidly Obese

    This is what it looks like.  Morbid Obesity.  Death Fat.  A BMI over the recommended 25 or heck even the mildly less […]

    I AM in shape. ROUND is a shape.

  53. Instrucciones para salir a la calle

    Mi hijo ha puesto en la puerta de su habitación estas instrucciones:

    Pero doy fe de que el único punto que nunca se […]


  54. The Missing Witness

    Yesterday’s JEC Hearing on Too Big To Fail did not include any financial industry representatives.  This […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  55. Spoiler One Piece 540 CONFIRMADO

    La primera pinchar encima para verlas enteras, creo que esta casi completo el manga jajaja, salu2


  56. Sometimes, Tim Tebow is Wrong

    It’s not Tim Tebow that’s wrong, per se. (Of course.) But on the April 21st episode of JEOPARDY!, […]

    The Arena

  57. Naruto 445, Bleach 355, One Piece 540 predictions

    Naruto 445 updates
    Bleach 355 updates
    One Piece 540 updates
    Naruto 445 Predictions
    1. This one is going to be a […]

    Latest Manga Updates, Manga 21

  58. Aniversário de Brasília 2009 – 21/04/2009 – Programação completa

    Jumpers, Segue a programação completa do aniversário de Brasília com opcões para as crianças, atividades […]

    Blog da Jump

  59. Actualizar Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) a Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)

    Este proximo Jueves (23 Abril) se libera la version final de Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. Pero si estas usando ubuntu […]

    Ubuntu Life

  60. Stephen Fray: Jamaica’s first Airplane Hijacker

    It has been quite a while since I got the opportunity to publish an article, because of the overwhelming workload that […]

    Dj Ace Koromantyn’s Blog

  61. アナタもワタシも iPhone デベロッパ

    [iPhone プログラミングを始めた Lauren Bernsen | Brant Ward/SF Chronicle]
    iPhone […]


  62. Baba Ocağı 43. Bölüm İzle, Fragmani, 25 Nisan Özeti, baba ocağı 43.bölüm izle,baba ocağı 43.bölüm online […]

    Baba Ocağı 43. Bölüm İzle, Fragmani, 25 Nisan Özeti, baba ocağı 43.bölüm izle,baba ocağı 43.bölüm online […]

    Dizi izle Haber izle

  63. Beastmaster hunter in 3.1

    I touched briefly on the Beastmaster Hunter in my post on my offspec – Beastmaster offspec for tanking and soloing in […]

    steady shot

  64. Liberal EU-debatt hos Neo

    I förra veckan deltog jag i en debatt för EU-kandidater ordnad av tidskriften Neo.
    Som förberedelse hade var och en […]

    Christian Engström (pp)

  65. Manohara Odelia Pinot: Macam mana najib nak jawab soalan wartawan indonesia

    Kerabat Kelantan didakwa dera isteri model
    Model terkenal Indonesia, Manohara Odelia Pinot, didakwa dilarikan oleh […]


  66. Blogs With Bite

    Blogs with Bite is an occasional omnivorous sampling of food blogs and sites we find particularly tasty. Follow the […]


  67. What I’d have liked to have known when I started using Twitter

    This post is inspired by my classmates who are jumping head long into Twitter at the moment.  I really get excited […]

    Mollybob Goes To School

  68. A Fruit Punch Memory

    Isn’t every kid supposed to have that fireside talk with their Dad about the time you first start noticing that […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  69. How Supriem and Hathor Came to Earth

    by Wes Penre, Monday April 21, 2009 at 6:11 AM
    I guess it is high time to tell the story how Supriem and Hathor came […]

    Lucifer’s Redemption

  70. Apple’s Q2: A test of fundamentals

    When Apple (AAPL) reported its fiscal 2009 first-quarter earnings, exactly three months ago, the stock opened the day […]

    Apple 2.0

  71. The Royal Connections: Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together!

    Lately on two separate occasions the Kedah Royal Household Association has made very strong stand on the restoration […]

    The Might Of The Pen

  72. Par våldtog tonårsflickor

    Det började som en trevlig kväll men slutade med att tonårsflickorna blev våldtagna av det äldre paret. En kvinna […]

    Fria Nyheter

  73. I hate the year 1856 but I love big names and great games. Ratings and review

    Liverpool started well. Torres went close early after kolo fell over. Shortly after Fabianski made a great double […]

    Le Grove

  74. Why Alonso still believes he can win the title

    Fernando Alonso interests me greatly, as regular readers will know, particularly his pronouncements and predictions. He […]

  75. One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 20 VOSTFR

    Lӎpisode 20 de la saison 6 de One Tree Hill en VOSTFR :
    ” I Would For You “

    (Cliquez sur […]

    F**K 4ever

  76. Naruto Manga 445 Spoiler!

    Fake oder kein fake? […]


  77. A Beautiful Machine: Two Months On the Unibody MacBook

    After two months of getting configured and acquainted, I’m pretty much comfortably settled in with my first Intel […]


  78. 18 Nisan 2009 Ehliyet Sınav Soruları Sonuçları

    18 Nisan 2009 Cumartesi günü Ehliyet Sınavının 2.’si yapılacak. 18 Nisan günü Ehliyet Sınavına bende sizler […]

    Güncel Bir bLog

  79. USD Law Jumps in 2010 US News Rankings

    After some painful years living in the doldrums of the US News rankings, the University of San Diego School of Law has […]

    The Bright Coast

  80. Could LB Curry be option for Bills at 11?

    With the rapid ascent of USC QB Mark Sanchez into the top 10 and Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin reportedly coveted by […]

    Inside The Bills

  81. Dell and Apple’s Color Confusion

    If the two images above look exactly the same to you, move along; this blog post doesn’t apply to you.
    Note: I […]

    Ben Galbraith’s Blog

  82. Conocida ex-“tarento” se habría suicidado en cementerio de Shizuoka

    El mundo del espectáculo nipón se encuentra de luto por el misterioso fallecimiento de la actriz y […]

  83. A Night To Remember Not Four-get At Anfield

    Liverpool 4 – 4 Arsenal
    0 – 1 Arshavin(36)
    1 – 1 Torres (49)
    2 – 1 Benayoun (56)
    2 – 2 Arshavin (67)
    2 – 3 […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  84. The Real Reason Oprah Cancelled Interview with George and Cindy Anthony


    Oprah Cancels Scheduled Interview With Anthonys
    Go to […]

    Big Mouth Shelly

  85. Dusting Off My Feet

    It is a good thing the church doesn’t publish instructions on how to perform this ordinance, because I would have […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  86. Breaking News: Parente Family Murder-Suicide in Baltimore hotel

    William Parente, 59
    Betty Parente, 58
    Stephanie Parente, 19
    Catherine Parente, 11
    NY family’s […]

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  87. Wah..ternyata Tukul itu orangnya Pelit..!

    Timbul memang sudah tidak ada. Semalam (20/4), digelar acara empati untuk beliau. Tukul ikut ambil bagian. Banyak yang […]

    Lucu, Keindahan, Tehnologi

  88. A Wasted Season for Vela

    There has been a lot of hope and anticipation around Carlos Vela.  He had a good pre-season tour, so we expected to […]

    Arsenal News News News

  89. Challenging the speaker into a corner

    It will be interesting to see how the legal challenge mounted by Gobind Singh against the Dewan Rakyat speaker pans […]

    Mustafa K Anuar’s blog

  90. 16 Halo 3 Forge Art Screenshots About TV Shows

    Power Rangers

    Author: novaBung0307

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  91. McDaniels too sick to attend Sanchez workout

    Broncos coach Josh McDaniels won’t be able to make the trip to the Los Angeles area to work out USC QB Mark […] Blogs

  92. Congrats to Day 26

    The homies Day 26 came in #2 on the Hot 200 Billboard Album Chart and #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Album Chart by selling […]

    Bryan’s Journey…

  93. Ah, the 70s…

    Not to detract from Fillyjonk’s post, but this rant of Meowser’s on the 70s is spot-on. I didn’t know […]

    Living ~400lbs

  94. Também Quero Uma Sondagem

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  95. Will Ulduar Break You?

    So last night was our guild’s third night in Ulduar and our guild leader was forced to sit down and have a little […]

    Holy Dueg!

  96. Um quadro para Arnaldo Branco

    Ex Toto Corde, acrílico sobre tela, 80 x 60 cm.

    Blog dos Malvados

  97. Ieri e oggi in TV – 22 aprile 2009 (con gli ascolti del 21 aprile)

    Ecco gli ascolti, basati sui dati forniti quotidianamente da Auditel, dei programmi di prima serata di ieri 21 aprile […] Blog

  98. Gundam Ace magazine (June)

    Update more scans.

    Gundam 00 movie 2010: Interview with Seiji Mizushima

    SRW Hotnews 『スーパーロボット大戦 ホットニュース』

  99. Death Knight Talent Trees and Skills – Patch 3.1.0 – Unholy

    Surazc – Death Knight Tank
    With 3.1 upon us, I have dove in and looked around at all the changes with the current […]

    I’m Tanking What?!

  100. One Piece 540 Raw Spoiler

    Ivasan: Let’s release him, Mugiwara boy. He would be a powerful addition to us.
    I know you won’t stop […]


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