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  1. Senator says Obama’s appearance with Chavez ‘irresponsible’

    Obama's appearance with Chavez has drawn some heat.

    (CNN) – Sen. John Ensign, R-Nevada, told CNN Sunday […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Instant Findability

    Search engines are the trade winds of the internet. Like the explorers of the sailing age, intrepid web searchers set […] News

  3. Apple: Only good. Dell: Poor and very poor

    Apple (AAPL) can take some satisfaction in the fact that it clobbered the Windows PC manufacturers in the customer […]

    Apple 2.0

  4. Apple Is Approaching a Defining Moment

    Come Wednesday, it will be Apple’s (s aapl) turn to discuss its results for the first three months of 2009. But among […]


  5. 04.18.09 Lotte Family Concert Stalker Pics

    UPDATED with more DaeSung and SeungRi’s Pictures.

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the boys […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  6. Bullseye Over Boulder – Another “Weather is not Climate” Story

    Guest post by Steven Goddard

    “April comes in like a lion, and stays that way.”
    The University Of Colorado […]

    Watts Up With That?

  7. Seal and Leni: Funny Business

    Gardiner Anderson/Carlos Vila/ Bauer-Griffin

    Whoa there! Singer Seal jokes around with daughter Leni as the pair […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  8. Aniversário de Brasília 2009 – 21/04/2009 – Esplanada dos Ministérios

    Aniversário de Brasília Programação:
    17h00 – Sorriso Maroto
    18h30 – Jota Quest
    20h10 – Xuxa 
    21h50 – Jorge […]

    Blog da Jump

  9. Can You Fake It?

    by VorJack
    My first job in the field was pretty boring. Now folks, I’m an archivist. My job is sorting other […]

    Unreasonable Faith

  10. X12 رونمایی شد ؛ معرفی رانا ایران خودرو

    شركت ايران خودرو ، در راستای توسعه برند ملی و پلاتفرم خود ، با […]

    خبرنامه خودرو

  11. Laser cutter plays Super Mario Bros. theme

    from Toronto’s hackerspace HackLab.TO coded the theme from Super Mario Bros. for their laser cutter. He’s […]

    Hack a Day

  12. Terremoto a Torino

    20 minuti fa…qualcuno di voi lo ha avvertito? Una debole scossa ma ha fatto scricchiolare le mie finestre di casa […]


  13. Piraterna kommer inte ta sig in i EU-parlamentet

    Diskussionen kring piratpartiet har tagit rejält fart efter domen mot Pirate Bay. Piratpartiet värvar nu medlemmar i […]

    Kent Persson (m) blogg

  14. I Toddy Taw a Pudding Cake — Hot Toddy Pudding Cake

    Apologies for the silly title. I’m a little punchy. It’s been one of those weeks at work, where I’m […]

    Savour Fare

  15. Susan Boyle – No Makeover Necessary – says Amanda Holden!

    Susan Boyle, out and about – doing some grocery shopping…giving an autograph too!

    Susan Boyle Sings & Inspires America!

  16. Inside the precision hack

    There’s a scene toward the end of the book Contact by Carl Sagan, where the protagonist Ellie Arroway finds a […]

    Music Machinery

  17. McCabe nem adja alább

    A Ferencváros tulajdonosának komoly elvárásai vannak a jövő évi szereplésünket illetően. […]

    Üllői út 129

  18. An Open Letter to the Drunk Girl at the Party

    Dearest Sloptart,
    As much as I would love to silently judge your drunken mistakes, I can’t help but  laugh it off, […]

    College Candy

  19. I feel a shiver down my back!

    Ever get that feeling?

    Heather S., I’m getting creeped out!

    Cute Overload

  20. Nintendo DSi Camera Comparison

    Ok, so we all know the DSi’s camera is bad and that the miserable 0.3 megapixels is extremely, unbelievably low […]


  21. Financial Innovation for Beginners

    (For a complete list of Beginners articles, see Financial Crisis for Beginners.)
    Kevin Drum pointed me to Ryan […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  22. عکس: “رانا” خودروی جدید ایران خودرو

    رانا ” با طراحى و استاندارد هاى روز ، مناسب براى خانواده ، […]

    بیا اینجا جوان

  23. Resultados primitiva sábado 18 de abril de 2009

    En el sorteo de La Lotería Primitiva de hoy sábado 18 de abril de 2009, existen […]

    La Primitiva | Resultados loteria primitiva

  24. Método definitivo: Cómo validar Windows XP

    Hace unos días explicaba cómo validar Microsoft Office 2007 de forma sencilla y 100% efectiva. Ahora os vengo con la […]

    MundoReal™ 2009

  25. 10 Smart People Who Died in Really Dumb Ways

    1. Aeschylus
    The ancient Greek playwright died around 500 BC when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his noggin. […]

    Intensive Heavily Reading Blog 🙂

  26. When a Treacherous Ruler Honours Thieves and Balls’ Carriers

    Perak thief Zambry Abdul Kadir and three other people head a list of 800 bestowed awards and medals in conjunction with […]

    The Might Of The Pen

  27. Did Susan Boyle have a boyfriend?

    A marketing gimmick or a hard reality? Lets explore
    Was the absence of man in her life a sympathy gimmick or a reality? […]

    Dynamic Updates

  28. Apertura de Chile : Universidad de Chile vs Colo Colo [FIN DEL PARTIDO]

    Resultado Final: Universidad de Chile 1 – Colo Colo 3
    Colo Colo se adjudicó el clásico del fútbol chileno ante la […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  29. Miss COED: Trish Richardson

    Twenty-five-year-old busty blond bombshell Trish Richardson is a fashion, bikini and glamour model from Vancouver, […]

    COED Magazine

  30. Big Bang – Lollipop lyrics + translation

    credits to:xiChopstikz
    Lolli lolli Oh Lollipop
    Lolli lolli oh lolli lolli
    Nah, that’s not how we do it
    Lolli […]

    OKAERI, Minna~ san!

  31. Dollah ass is on fire: Malaysia Scomi names managers; CEO in US probe

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 17 – Malaysian engineer Scomi Group  has appointed a management team pending US State Department […]

    BlogCkChew – Stand Up, Be Counted;

  32. Naruto Chapter 444 – The Rage Within

    Post Author: Bob
    I guess I was waiting for something like this to happen ever since Naruto showed up back in Konoha to […]


  33. Susan Boyle a mulher considerada feia porem com uma voz e coração lindos:

    Susan Boyle é uma senhora britânica de 47 anos, desempregada, que apareceu como quem não queria nada no programa […]


  34. Apakah asas Mahkamah Persekutuan mengisytiharkan tindakan Speaker DUN tidak sah – Dr Aziz Bari

    Mahkamah bertindak di luar kuasa atau ‘ultra vires’ – Dr Aziz Bari Tarmizi Mohd Jam (Hrkh) – Meskipun […]


  35. Smocze Kule powracają w Dragon Ball Kai!

    Dragon Ball wrócił. Większości fanów ta informacja na pewno nie zdziwi, oni już od początku roku wypatrują […]

    Crazy Pumpkin’s Nest

  36. Presiding Bishop … ‘Jesus is not the only way to God’: CEN 4.17.09 p 7

    JESUS is a way, but not the only way to salvation, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the Most Rev Katharine […]


  37. Fast and Furious 4 – Soundtrack downloaden

    Den Logs entnehme ich, dass viele von euch derzeit nach dem Soundtrack zum Film “Fast and Furious Originalteile – […]


  38. The Last Days

    I think that deep down, at some primordial, instinctive level, we all know how it’s going to end.
    It’s […]

    Innocent Bystanders

  39. Cassie’s New Hair Cut


  40. Next they’ll print one about airplane food

    Ah, the New York Times. The old gray lady, the paper of record, the practice workshop for standup comedians. If […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  41. Kecelakaan di Batu, Satu Korban Dievakuasi Dalam Keadaan Tanpa Busana

    Penjaga Vila Sempat Bersihkan Sisa Miras.Kecelakaan maut yang menewaskan sembilan mahasiswa sejumlah kampus di Kota […]

    tidak menarik

  42. Sfânta Lumină s-a coborât iarăşi la noi. Slavă Ţie, Doamne !

    BUCURIE, SFÂNTĂ BUCURIE ! Dumnezeu se milostiveşte şi anul acesta de noi. Sfânta Lumină a venit din nou la […]


  43. خجالت بکشید اقای مایلی کهن…!

    امروز كه بیانیه مایلی کهن رو در خبرگزاری فارس میخوندم دوباره به […]

    تلخ نوشته ها

  44. Video of the Day: More From Susan Boyle!

    Susan Boyle’s audition is quickly becoming one of the most watched videos on YouTube.  Now, to follow up that […]

    The Conservative Journal

  45. Policeman killed – NO STORY. Woman slapped – BIG STORY.

    Critically injured Metropolitan Police Officer Gary Toms aged 37, has died from his head injuries after trying to […]


  46. Estrazioni del Lotto di sabato 18/04/2009 – Estrazioni lotto

    Gioco del Lotto: Estrazioni del Lotto 18/04/2009
    Estrazione Lotto n. 47

    62 – 77 – 82 – 68 – 50

    31 […]

    Lotto e Superenalotto: Estrazioni Superenalotto del 18/04/2009, estrazioni del Lotto, Lotteria Italia 2009 – sito Ufficiale Lottomania

  47. 3 minutes with… Ross Brawn

    Ross Brawn’s team has been in the eye of the storm lately, what with the protests over the double diffuser and the […]

  48. Svårt bli brandman om man inte heter Ahmed

    Senast numret av Sveriges garanterat minst politiskt korrekta fackförbundstidning, Swedish Firefighters, har nyligen […]

    Fria Nyheter

  49. Elemental shaman build for 3.1

    3.1 was a bit of a non-event from the point of view of elementalists (elemental spec shaman).  While other class […]

    BobTurkey’s WoW Blog

  50. The Susan Boyle phenomenon

    Dave Schechter
    CNN Senior National Editor
    The Susan Boyle phenomenon is what educators call a “teachable […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  51. Tag, you’re it.


  52. Sự đểu cáng thời vươn ra biển lớn

    Lê Diễn Đức
    Hắn là T., học chung tiếng Ba Lan với tôi tại trung tâm dành cho người nước […]

    Ledienduc’s Blog

  53. Resultados Quiniela 19 de Abril, Jornada 45

    Esta es la combinación ganadora de la quiniela de Fútbol correspondiente a la Jornada 45,  celebrada el fin de […]

    Cajón desastres

  54. Miss São Paulo 2009

    A temporada das transmissões de concurso de Miss começa no próximo sábado, dia 18 de abril de 2009, na Rede […]

    Televisão é Magia

  55. And That’s Why I Quit Smoking

    inhaled burned thrown away.  if it were anything but a cigarette, it would surely be crying
    Engrish photo by Larry R

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  56. Scotland: Then and Now

    The Library of Congress has uploaded an additional 182 images into their gorgeous collection of Photochrom Travel […]

    Flickr Blog

  57. Baby Thor is found in Guatemala

    Thor has been found in Guatemala.
    On Friday Mia got an inportant call from the Police, they wanted to meet with her […]

    Find Baby Thor Wang

  58. Short Questions About Our Discourse on Gender

    On my way to looking up other things, I found the current version of the BYU Honor Code online.  Under the heading […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  59. The Hills – Season 5 Episode 3: I’m Done With You

    We start out this week with Stephanie going to visit Spencer, and she let’s herself in saying the door was […]


  60. Veja todas as edições da Playboy online

    A playboy está completando 50 anos.  E quem vai ganhar o presente  são os internautas! Eles poderão folhear […]

    .:Girls Wireless:.

  61. Comentários sobre a PEC dos Vereadores – Artigo interessante sobre a PEC 20/2008 – Vereadores 4

    Blog do Luciano Nanzer

  62. Arshavin “Upset That One Half of The Stadium Left Wembley Disappointed”

    Andrei Arshavin was as obvious a disappointed man after the FA Cup semi final defeat at Wembley. The Russian was given […]

    Arsene Knows Best!

  63. iPhone アプリを作るアプリ:AppIncubator

    いや増す iPhone 人気のお蔭でついに iPhone アプリを作るアプリが登場した。
    ReadWriteWeb: […]


  64. (VIDEO) Dreptul la replica presei pro-comuniste


  65. As Vantagens Do Debate

    Regresso à ronda pela blogosfera e vou ao encontro de um post do Ramiro em que ele discorda da minha atitude perante a […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  66. Download bocoran semua soal Ujian Nasional 2009 (SD/MI-SMP/MTs-SMA/MA-SMK/SMALB)

    Siapa butuh, silakan download semua soal Ujian Nasional SD/MI-SMP/MTs-SMA/MA-SMK/SMALB tahun ini. Kami mengerti, […]

    M Shodiq Mustika

  67. Pitino says he

    Sports news and notes by columnist Eric Crawford at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky.[More..]

    Breaking San […]

    Severianowkz21’s Blog

  68. Colo colo VS Universidad de Chile ONLINE y GRATIS! CDF Premium gratis

    Se nos viene el partidazo entre Colo Colo vs La U De Chile. Para verlo tenemos las siguientes opciones:
    Intrucciones: […]


  69. Om domen i Agenda 21.15 ikväll

    Ikväll är jag med i Agenda, som sänds i SVT2 söndag den 19 april kl 21.15. Jag diskuterar domen mot The Pirate Bay […]

    Christian Engström (pp)

  70. Edwards insurance? Britt to visit Browns before draft

    It might not have any relevance to the possibility of WR Braylon Edwards being traded, but the Cleveland Browns have […] Blogs

  71. REPORT: Emma Watson To Be The New Face Of Burberry

    PA Photos/Landov Is Emma Watson ditching Hermione’s school uniform for some much more fashionable frocks? WWD is […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  72. Susan Boyle la nouvelle star en Angleterre par Barbie Toi Ma Star

    Cette écossaise de 47 ans n’avait vraiment pas grand chose pour elle!  sans emploi, vivant dans son village […]

    Barbie et Ken Journalistes

  73. Yattara’nın dün attığı muhteşem gol… “Yattara ipe dizdi”


  74. Attention!! This is a Hot Post!!!

    There are NEW PICS LADIES NEW PICS!!!!!!
    FREDDIE STROMA!!!!!!!!

    I AM DYING!!!

    Sugar Covered Quills

  75. [News] When You Hear The Word “Prince”… + Barks Most Viewed Video

    seriously??? Prince???
    is it… Jaejoong… Jaejoong??? THAT Jaejoong? Kim Jaejoong??? DOUBLE […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  76. Kudos to Ashton and welcome to @cnnbrk

    First of all, kudos to Ashton and all those in the @aplusk camp. Now more than ever, the consumer is in the […]

    Behind the Scenes

  77. Ieri e oggi in TV – 19 aprile 2009 (con gli ascolti del 18 aprile)

    Ecco gli ascolti, basati sui dati forniti quotidianamente da Auditel, dei programmi di prima serata di ieri 18 aprile […] Blog

  78. MICHAEL GOODWIN: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand — Democrats’ Newest Rubber Stamp?

    By Michael Goodwin
    New York Daily News Columnist/FOX News Contributor
    NEW YORK — From the moment Kirsten […]

    FOX Forum

  79. Razones para No usar Linux en casa

    No pude evitar el postear esto. Lo vi en el blog No Juegessssss y me hizo reír tanto que me veo obligado a ponerlo en […]


  80. One piece 540 raw spoiler

    Bad News : no one piece  in this week  !!
    If you would like to discuss the spoilers or predictions One Piece 540, […]

    Mangabox’s Blog

  81. Survival in patch 3.1! Pun intended!

    I was so excited about this post, I used two exclamation points in the title. That’s one over my budget, but […]


  82. DSDS 2009: Die Teilnehmer der 7. Mottoshow

    Sarah Kreuz, Dominik Büchele, Daniel Schuhmacher und Annemarie Eilfeld sind weiter. Benny Kieckhäben schied in der 6. […]

    ralf69er bei WordPress

  83. خودزنی

    فکر می کنم این آرم مربوط به منع گوشت خواری و علاقمندان به گیاه […]


  84. All 13 Songs from Crank High Voltage

    Crank High Voltage is a ridiculously entertaining movie, made even more so by the 13 songs from the movie. The score […]

    Reelsoundtrack Blog

  85. Christian Serratos a Fini New Moon Et Ashley Greene Parle De Sa Relation Avec J.RATHBONE

    Wouah !!! Je vais battre le record du titre en longueur moi 😄
    Bien quoi de neuf sous le soleil des tropiques ?
    Nous […]

    Songe d’une Nuit d’été –

  86. Lady Gaga With Her See Through Top

    So the Lady Gaga post did so well yesterday I am posting about her again today.  Not much of a story here, but […]

    Ibelieveinvincep’s Blog

  87. First Impressions of the Viliv S5 Premium UMPC

    I have only had the Viliv S5 Premium UMPC in my hands for 24 hours but I can tell you it hasn’t spent much of […]


  88. Susan Boyle

    Ko sem na tole naletel so mi šle kar kocine po konci pa če ne bi bil tok utrujen bi se še zjokal po mojem… […]

    Anže Čokl

  89. “I Cesaroni 3″: Riassunto episodi 19 & 20: “Campagna acquisti” – “Ninna Nanna nonni”

    Riassunto degli episodi de “I Cesaroni 3” andati in onda Venerdì 17 Aprile.
    Primo episodio: Campagna […]


  90. Thee Star-Struck over working with Noon & fed up with his Rumours

    Former winner of Cleo Bachelor of the year 2007 “Thee” Wanichnanthada makes his first lakorn debut in […]

    Entertainment DIRTII Version

  91. April 18, 2009: @&%#ing Blackberry! And Some Mailbag.

    Amazing. We can put a man on the moon but can’t invent a blackberry that doesn’t accidentally dial 911 on a regular […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  92. Community Games Round-Up: 12 Games

    Every so often (from now on), I’ll go through the list of new Community Games and play them so you don’t […]

    My Secret Online Thoughts

  93. Half-Arsed XBL Matchmaking: Developers, Please Get Just It Right!

    Half-Arsed XBL Matchmaking: Developers, Please Just Get It Right!

    by GrathiusXR
    ©2009 Arthur Kotsopoulos
    We may […]

    OXCGN – Breathing Life Into The Xbox

  94. Susan Boyle (is not mentioned here, except in the headline)

    I like her, too. But this post is about THE Post. The New York Post. I’ve got a column in there today about […]


  95. Noel Gallagher Hong Kong Interview (中譯專訪)

    記者本身也是玩團的,訪問時間應該是在香港開唱前的早 […]

    Gas Panic!

  96. ކަރަޕްޝަންގެ މައްސަލައެއްގައި މުހައްމަދު އިބްރާހިމް ހައިޖެކް […]

    ދާދި ދެންމެ އަކު މައުލޫމާތު ލިބުނުގޮތުގައި އެމްޑީޕީގެ އިސް […]

    The Silent Revolution – ހިމޭން އިންގިލާބު

  97. goplay: Descubre paquetes (packages) interesantes

    goplay es un browser de paquetes que a partir de los DebTags (etiquetas Debian que se usan para categorizar los […]

    Ubuntu Life

  98. Today! A State Of Trance Episode 400 (16-17-18-19.04.09) with Armin van Buuren & Guests

    Live from Club Butan – Wuppertal, Germany
    MYON & SHANE54
    01. Arnej – Dust In The Wind (Intro […]

    Upliftingtrance’s Weblog

  99. குமுதத்தின் கயமை

    எழுத்தாளர் […]


  100. Yesung’s Cyworld Entries 2009.04.19

    Yesung’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.19 00:21
    In the ‘Y.S 진행중 ..’ folder..
    . 김종운 […]


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