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  1. Did McCain snub Palin on Leno?

    McCain left off Palin's name on his list of future GOP leaders.

    (CNN) — Did John McCain snub Sarah Palin […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Another Duggar On the Way!


    Looks like there’s not going to be a shortage of Duggars anytime soon.
    Joshua Duggar, 21 – the […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  3. U.S. less safe under Pres. Obama?

    A U.S. Coast Guard machinery technician patrols New York Harbor. (PHOTO CREDIT: Tom Sperduto/U.S. Coast Guard via […]

    Cafferty File

  4. A brick through Australia’s AGW window

    This article from the Sydney Morning herald came with the message from Bruce saying:  “a brick through the AGW […]

    Watts Up With That?

  5. Biden puppy haunts breeder

    From CNN’s Melissa Morgenweck
    There was no need to ring a doorbell when we pulled up to the Wolf Den kennel in […]


  6. Precision Hacking

    I’ve seen a few examples where recommenders, polls and top-ten lists have been manipulated. Generally a central […]

    Music Machinery

  7. GRANDE FRATELLO 9 / QUINDICESIMA PUNTATA DEL 13/04/2009 – SEMIFINALE – Eliminati Siria De Fazio, Alberto Scrivano e […]

    Quindicesima puntata, semifinale, oggi 13/04/09  di “Grande Fratello“, il reality con ascolti altissimi […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  8. The Hills – Season 5 Episode 3: I’m Done With You

    We start out this week with Stephanie going to visit Spencer, and she let’s herself in saying the door was […]


  9. AMERICAN LEGION: An Open Letter to Homeland Security on ‘Rightwing Extremists’

    Editor’s note: David K. Rehbein, an Army veteran and national commander of The American Legion,  sent the […]

    FOX Forum

  10. ACP 2009.04.14 Adam and Jason Calacanis

    Adam peels off a podcast with Big Shot Internet Gazzillionaire Jason Calacanis.

    The Adam Carolla Podcast

  11. Beat 360° 4/13/09

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°?
    Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will join in […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  12. Yesung’s REAL Secret

    With the recent mishap of Super Junior Yesung’s mistaken identity, Elfs and netizens alike must have thought […]


  13. What Next For Banks?

    The case for keeping banks in something close to their current structure begins to take shape.  It’s not about […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  14. Élő közvetítés a REAC elleni edzőmérkőzésről

    Vereséget szenvedtünk a rákospalotaiak elleni felkészülési meccsen. A tovább után kiderül, hogyan. […]

    Üllői út 129

  15. GDragon during shooting of W-inds’ MV

    This is a point where I’m worried for Bong about his health, I know his body is the type that doesn’t […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  16. سپاه پاسدارن از دستگیری مدیران و کاربران سایت بالاترین خبر داد

    سپاه پاسدارن انقلاب اسلامی-واحد عملیاتی -بخش ارتقا امنیت […]

    سـیـنـ مـیـمـ

  17. Tribute to the Glorious Underboob

    Some things in this world are indisputable, like gravity, death and the incredible, inexhaustible awesomeness of […]

    COED Magazine

  18. Video de Oscar De La Renta excusándose con Michell Obama en The View

    Por: Federico Felix S.
    Hoy Oscar De La Renta fue entrevistado en el programa The View de los Estados Unidos donde se […]

    Buenos Dias RD

  19. Forrester: Top 4 reasons IT should support the iPhone

    In the early days of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, when corporate IT managers were taking their first close look at the […]

    Apple 2.0

  20. Placas Motivacionais!!!

    P i r a S >> achados & perdidos da net!

  21. The numbers don’t add up

    IT does not take a degree in rocket science to come to the conclusion that Malaysia had (yes, in the past tense), the […]

    BlogCkChew – Stand Up, Be Counted;

  22. Update: Sandra Cantu murder *Melissa Huckaby arrested and charged with her kidnapping and murder*

                            Sandra […]

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  23. Ảnh nóng Minh Hằng : có cả ảnh Nude và Video Clip

    này cho biết, cậu đã nhận được rất nhiều tin nhắn đề nghị gửi riêng
    toàn bộ số hình […]

    Vietnam Celebrity: Live now & Fun forever

  24. Dell mini 9 3G install

    [Rob] sent in his Dell mini 9 3G install. He bought the Dell without the 3G option, but found that he really wanted […]

    Hack a Day

  25. Comentrios sobre a PEC dos Vereadores – Artigo interessante sobre a PEC 20/2008 – Vereadores 4

    Blog do Luciano Nanzer

  26. Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe Maçı Özeti ve Golleri (12 Nisan)

    Dev derbi 4 kırmızı kartla golsüz bitti !

    Ligde 26. hafta sonunda 47′şer puan ve averajla üçüncü ve […]

    YeaH28 – Justin tv İzle

  27. Bo Obama, First Dog

    The Easter Puppy brought a gift for Sasha and Malia Obama this weekend: their eagerly anticipated dog. Who says the […]


  28. Inscrições para Minha Casa, Minha Vida

    Nota atualizada em 13.04.2009 Amigos leitores:
    Muita gente lê a noticia mas tem preguiça ou desconhecimento de […]

    N i l n e w s @ K i m i n d a s

  29. Gs Fb Kavga Video İzle

    Sabri Emre Kavgası (video izle)

    Önce can ciğer sonra gırtlak gırtlağa

    Sabri Emre Kavgası (video izlemek […]

    Canli mac izle,ligtv izle,mac özeti izle,justintv izle,internetten izle,mac skorları

  30. Krisis Umno Terengganu berterusan: Penderhakaan bermula….

    Bukankah ini merupakan satu penderhakaan terhadap Sultan Terengganu yang juga Yang Dipertuan Agong yang telah […]

    Blog Amin Iskandar @ Black

  31. We’re in the fast lane to polygamy

    What’s my line on legalized polygamy? Oh, I pretty much said it all back in 2004, in a column for Ezra Levant’s […]

  32. Fast and Furious 4 – Soundtrack downloaden

    Den Logs entnehme ich, dass viele von euch derzeit nach dem Soundtrack zum Film “Fast and Furious Originalteile – […]


  33. Cassie shaves half her head!

    Cassie has pulled a Britney (sort-of) by shaving off half her head.
    The ‘Me & U’ singer revealed her […]

    The Squealer

  34. Are Most of Us “Bad Parents?”

    It’s official: Imperfect parents are the next proud, new minority to come out of the closet. Or, rather, out of […]


  35. Major Earnings Estimates, A Bar Set Too Low (INTC, AMR, LUV, BTU, GOOG, GCI, HOG, GE)

    We have already seen at least one major upside surprise in earnings season for the Q1-2009 period.  But we have many […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  36. smörja i riktiga medier

    Vissa saker talar för sig själva. Som konversationen (eller vad man ska kalla det) i kommentarsfältet till den här […]

    the real mymlan

  37. BRET MICHAELS Chooses TAYA On ‘ROCK OF LOVE BUS’ Season Finale


    Check out the key highlights HERE. Last season on Rock of Love (sans bus) Bret chose Ambre and we […]

    It’s A Thrall World

  38. JB at Dodger Game

    The Jonas Brohters recently twittered about going to the Dodgers game! The picture above is The Jonas Brothers with […]


  39. Semakan Untuk Panggilan Ujian Medsi Dpli Ambilan Julai 2009

    Pemohon yang telah memohon Diploma Pendidikan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI) Ambilan Julai 2009 boleh menyemak status permohonan […]


  40. El P. MÉramo Responde a La ExpulsiÓn

    Carta a Monseñor Fellay en respuesta a mi expulsión de la Fraternidad Sacerdotal San Pío X.
    Acabo de recibir, el 7 […]

    Radio Cristiandad

  41. Derhaka in Terengganu?

    Revolt in Terengganu, lese majeste as in Derhaka or is it simply revolt in UMNO/BN?
    Says the most “uninspiring […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  42. Tsunami predicted to hit on 22nd JULY 2009

    There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on 22nd July 2009. It is also when there will be a sun […]

    True Colors of Malaysia

  43. Story Behind “The Secret History” Part IV: Library Hours at an Undisclosed Location

    This is Part IV of how I came to write “The Secret History of Silicon Valley“.
    Read Part III first and it […]

    Steve Blank

  44. Naruto Chapter 444 by SleepyFans

    Naruto Chapter 444 of the Naruto Manga has been released by Sleepy fans, and is available for download. Enjoy the […]

    Naruto Manga Spoiler

  45. Cassie’s Radical New Do: Love It or Hate It?

    Courtesy For most women, a bold haircut means new bangs or cutting a few inches off, but for singer […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  46. Until the next post…

    A Note From Matthew:
    My grandmother feels bad that she has not been able to post recently.  She has been a bit under […]

    Margaret and Helen

  47. As 10 melhores estragadas de fotos

    Eu vi que só tem nove, e daí?

    "Sobre um ponto de vista heurístico…"

  48. E3 2009: How [Sony] Could Steal the Show

    You may remember that last year, I wrote an article just before E3 saying how Sony could really blow people away at […]

    GOONL!NE: Jonathan Cullen’s Blog

  49. Nine prospects to attend draft

    Nine top prospects will attend Day 1 of the 2009 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 25, the […] Blogs

  50. Mrs Biodun Kumuyi, wife of Pastor W.F Kumuyi of Deeper Life Bible Church dies at 57

    I heard the news on radio (6pm) yesterday evening. Sometimes I ask myself why do good people have to die too?
    picture […]

    My Pen and My Paper

  51. Caleg Tangerang Stress Mengemis Dijalan Meminta Kembali Uangnya

    Seperti yang sudah diperkirakan, sehabis Pileg 2009 bakal banyak caleg yang mengalami stress berat alias ngak waras […]

    Ada Apa Yep

  52. Ramalan: SBY akan kalah dalam PilPres 2009

    Selama ini, banyak orang memperkirakan bahwa SBY akan menang dengan mudah dalam pemilihan presiden (PilPres) 2009 […]

    M Shodiq Mustika

  53. Naruto 444 | Naruto 444 Raw Spoiler

    Source: Naruto 444 | Naruto 444 Raw Spoiler
    Naruto Chapter 444: The Answer
    Nagato: Yes, kyuubi, I am the real […]

    Naruto One Piece and Bleach Manga

  54. A Causa Do Dia – Santo Onofre

    Para que não se repita. Para que não continue.

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  55. Ejecutan a conductor en Fracc. Residencial del Bosque

    Ejecutan a conductor
    Socorro CASTILLO GARCÍA / Foto: Efrén MOTA CABRERA / EL MEXICANO lunes, 13 de abril de […]

    Narco Tijuana

  56. Instant Findability

    Search engines are the trade winds of the internet. Like the explorers of the sailing age, intrepid web searchers set […] News

  57. DNS Free V3.0 배포합니다 -2009.4.2 업데이트

    안녕하세요? 소라넷입니다. 성자평련이 운영하는 코프리넷(에서 […]


  58. 8 Most Common Ufo Shapes

    A mother ship resembling a giant football, a whirling coin-shaped disk that flashes across the sky, a diamond-shaped […]

    Weekly World News

  59. Dancing POLL: Was Chuck & Julianne’s Rumba Too Hot?

    Season 8’s real-life couple Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough had a tall order on Monday’s DWTS: to show they […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  60. Ada Pohon 5 cm, Tumbuh di Paru-paru !

    Pohon cemara dengan tinggi 5 cm telah ditemukan di paru-paru seorang lelaki yang mengeluh rasa sakit yang kuat di dada […]

    tidak menarik

  61. ته‌دیگ ته‌لیل‌ت را من بخورم که اینقدر نازی

    (مطلب زیر قدری بلند است. چون در آن به نوعی خاص از خبرنگاری […]

    نگاهی دیگر

  62. Mark Fidrych, 1954-2009

    This 1978 card and another team card from 1977 are the last possible traces in my incomplete collection of the […]

    Cardboard Gods

  63. Quickly: The Amazon Thing

    I wrote about AmazonFail 2009 over at Broadsheet this morning, so if you’ve been dying to discuss it here, […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  64. Duke vs UNC Head-to-Head Recruiting Battles: John Wall

    If you think the rivalry between Duke and North Carolina dies down in the off-season, think again.
    The players might […]


  65. Festival nou: Bucharest Rock Arena

    [Update: E posibil ca la Bucharest Rock Arena sa vina AC/DC si Guns’n’Roses (click pentru a citi mai multe)]
    Update 2: […]

    In Arid Glamor (IceHot)

  66. #100 – “Simpler Times”

    So we go from dream (or partial dream, if you prefer) down to flashback. Now I’m well aware that it makes […]

    Beyond the Tree, the Misadventures of Hani and Tiny

  67. Tinerii care au arborat drapelul Uniunii Europene pe Parlament și Președinție au fost identificați

    Sursa: PRO TV După ce sâmbătă PRO TV întreba într-un un reportaj cine sunt persoanele, astăzi Ministerul de […]


  68. Is bigger better? The MAG Complex

    With games like MAG coming out this year we see the PS3 pushing the concept of “large scale battles”. […]

    Welcome to BulletLAG

  69. Exposing the Atheist

    Religious nutcases are a dime a dozen, but Robert T. Lee outshines the competition. On his site, Society for the […]

    Unreasonable Faith

  70. My Perspective about Video Phones (VP)

    By Jimactor
    Summary: I want to discuss with you about different video phones (vp) that I hear many stories of how my […]

    Fookem and Bug

  71. Detenida mujer que obligaba a prostituirse a sus hijas adolescentes

    La Policía Prefectural de Saga reportó la detención de una mujer de 35 años de edad acusada de violar la […]

  72. รวมคลิปวีดีโอจากบีบีซี

    เรียงจากล่างขึ้นมาข้างบน (บนสุดล่าสุด) […]

    Liberal Thai

  73. Homeland Security Issues a Report Warning of Right Wing Radicals

      Is this how people who oppose this administration going to be characterized? This is truly scary. The department of […]

    America’s Watchtower

  74. Love They Neighbor……My Arse

    Let’s start with the great news that the brilliant US Navy sent Long John Somali Slimeball and three of his fellow […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  75. Significado de las siete palabras de Jesús en la Cruz

    “PADRE, PERDÓNALES, PORQUE NO SABEN LO QUE HACEN” (Luc.23,34) Según la narración del […]

    Inmaculado Corazon de Maria

  76. Game Boy Oddities

    When Nintendo released the original Game Boy twenty years ago next week, wheels of capitalism and creativity […]


  77. Flight Control High Score, Tips & Tricks

    Flight Control is an Awesome game and I am surely not getting bored with it.
    The reason why I decided to write this […]

    iPhone iPod touch App Reviews and Promo Codes

  78. Twitterix: Nubs pwned, spawn point saved

    Posted by: gruso
    A tweet from Craig:
    Looks like the company who designed the nubs has gone tits up, fortunately the […]

    The unofficial OpenPandora Blog

  79. C-SPAN: Forget Obama; It’s time for Green Hell!

    C-SPAN broke away from covering President Obama today to cover Steve Milloy’s presentation of his new book Green […]

    Green Hell Blog

  80. Ubuntu 9.04 arrancando en 17.5 segundos

    Esto es un caso particular claro!! pero tiene muy buena pinta, a algunos nos tardara mas y a otros menos. […]

    Ubuntu Life

  81. Dags att stoppa storebror

    I dagarna har ett nytt nummer av tidningen Nyliberalen kommit ut. Det innehåller bland annat en debattartikel av mig […]

    Christian Engström (pp)

  82. Ad Hoc Compression Methods: RLE

    Suppose you have been sub-contracted by a video game company, say Nintendo, to come up with an low power, low-memory, im […]

    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

  83. X FACTOR 2: la finale anticipata al 13 Aprile 2009 su RaiUno. In Rai temono il GF9! UPDATE del 03 aprile 2009: Anche il […]

    Aggiornamento del 03 aprile 2009: Mediaset ha deciso di anticipare a lunedì 13 aprile 2009 la semifinale del Grande […]

    News Tv

  84. The Prime Minister of Malaysia Apologized to the Call of the Mighty Pen!

    We wish to inform all readers that both Bernama and Prime Minister Najib have made amendment to their respective […]

    The Might Of The Pen

  85. Street Art


  86. Breaking Dawn Şafak Vakti Türkçe Oku

    Breaking Dawn-Şafak Vakti Türkçe Çeviri Bölüm 1(Nişan)

    Kimse sana gözünü dikip bakmıyor diye söyedim […]

    Twilight | Twilight Fan | Twilight İmages | Robert Pattinson | Kristen Stewart

  87. What Ferrari’s reshuffle will mean

    Ferrari F1 team boss Stefano Domenicali said after Malaysia that its worst start to a championship since 1992 was […]

  88. UEFA Champions League : Chelsea vs Liverpool [¡EN VIVO – EN DIRECTO!]

    Si no puedes ver el partido, prueba estas opciones:
    OPCIÓN 1
    OPCIÓN 2
    OPCIÓN 3
    OPCIÓN 4
    Mientras esperas el […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  89. Bunny Invasion 3 Easter Special Walkthrough Hints Tips

    About Bunny Invasion: Easter Special
    It’s a bunny blasting frenzy as Bunny Invasion returns for an Easter Special. Mr […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  90. Gundam 30th Anniversary “Three Decades”

    From Newtype Mag.

    SRW Hotnews 『スーパーロボット大戦 ホットニュース』

  91. Kisah kisah Caleg yang gagal / kalah dalam Pemilu 2009

    Kalah, Caleg di Tangerang Mengamuk
    Seorang calon legislator daerah pemilihan Tangerang, di perumahan elit Alam Sutera […]


  92. We Got Married ep.51 [Eng Sub]

    Vinchenzo79’s Blog

  93. Oi, it’s your ball so keep it Arsenal, they had it last week.

    Let’s start by saying that Marcos Senna was right to say we can dominate Europe for years to come, astute, very […]

    Le Grove

  94. Remembering Marilyn Chambers

    Marilyn Chambers died today.
    Tomorrow the newspapers will call her a “former porn star.”  They will […]


  95. Casey Anthony update 13 April 2009 and Death Penalty

    The state of Florida is asking for the DEATH PENALTY in the case against Casey! The state is citing “sufficient […]

    ✼HumbleOpinion’s Weblog✼

  96. How Apple Put Everyone In an App State of Mind

    Sometime in the near future, Apple (s AAPL) is going to announce that a billion little apps have been download for use […]


  97. Thalon Bruce Myers

    I have never before read this blog, but someone else’s post sent me over there today.  As I sit here, bone tired […]

    Wheels on the bus

  98. Aubrey Miles finally admits having son with former boyfriend JP Obligacion

    Pag-uwi mula sa Boracay ng TV host na si Boy Abunda ay dumiretso siya sa Astoria Hotel, kung saan nagbigay ng exclusive […]

    Mini BloGGy

  99. تصاوير بازيگر نقش ملكه (مادر تسو) سريال افسانه جومونگ



    فری بلاگ – ویژه نامه نوروز 88

  100. Terremoto in Abruzzo – Sospensione immediata di tutti i versamenti fiscali e tributari – Stop ai mutui per chi ha perso […]

    Con la firma del decreto della Protezione civile, che delimiterà la zona colpita dal terremoto, scatterà la […]


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