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April 9, 2009: Top Posts

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  1. Johnston-Palin war of words continues

    Johnston appeared on CBS Wednesday, his second national TV interview this week.

    (CNN) – The war of words […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. BILL SAMMON: When Will Obama Go to Church?

    By Bill Sammon
    Managing Editor, Washington Bureau, FOX News Channel
    President Obama has not attended church services on […]

    FOX Forum

  3. One Piece 539 Manga Spoiler

    Read One Piece 539 (ワンピース) raw spoiler pics and summaries. If you would like to discuss the spoilers or […]

    One Piece HQ [ワンピース]

  4. David Alan Grier Waltzes Off Dancing

    Actor and comedian David Alan Grier won’t be singing for the judges or dancing for the fans anymore.
    The […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  5. Top 8: Adam Lambert has me mad for him

    Adam loved playing dress up as a child.

    That explains so much when it comes to his flair for the dramatic.
    Adam sang […]

    The Marquee Blog

  6. Honor Warren’s a Clapping Cutie!

    GSI Media

    What a happy girl! After some swingtime in the sun, Honor Marie Warren kicks back in the shady sandbox […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  7. Archibald on sea level rise and solar cycles

    Guest post by David Archibald
    Anthony’s post of the Jason data reminded me that I had produced this graph:

    It is […]

    Watts Up With That?

  8. ACP 2009.04.08 Adam and Mike Birbiglia

    Adam and Mike Birbiglia do some podcasting, please enjoy.

    The Adam Carolla Podcast

  9. Terremoto En Italia

    La noticia del terremoto en Italia saca a la luz algo como esto: Guido Bertolaso es uno de esos imbéciles que el […]

    Misterios al descubierto

  10. Spoiler Manga Naruto Shippuuden 443

    Tradução “Google tradutor”
    Spoiler 443
    Naruto mergulha em Pain com o Rasengan”  Pain: – […]


  11. House’s Riskiest Operation Yet

    After the jump, TIME writer and House aficionado John Cloud shares his (spoilery! you’ve been warned!) thoughts […]

    Tuned In –

  12. Abruzzo Earthquake

    Photos from mirkosim. View more in his set of the Abruzzo Earthquake.Thanks to Latente 囧 Il Bipensiero al Governo […]

    Flickr Blog

  13. Naruto 443 | Naruto 443 Spoiler

    Source: Naruto 443 | Naruto 443 Spoiler
    Pain defeat with a Rasengan
    Naruto’s answer is more important to protect! But […]

    Naruto One Piece and Bleach Manga

  14. Gardell får Pol Pot-priset!

    Nådd av nyheten att religionsvetaren Mattias Gardell fått Jan Myrdals nyinstiftade Leninpris vill inte jag vara […]

    Peter Englunds blogg

  15. Altantuya is getting impatient!

    The court is supposed to decide the case of the two accused in the murder trial of Altantuya Shariibuu – on […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  16. Cute


    Drunk Fairy

  17. Fast and Furious 4 – Soundtrack downloaden

    Den Logs entnehme ich, dass viele von euch derzeit nach dem Soundtrack zum Film “Fast and Furious  Originalteile – […]


  18. Terremoto ABRUZZO. 272 Le VITTIME. I Siti Delle Tendopoli Con Servizi E Pasti CALDI.SI Cercano Notizie Di Dispersi: […]

    07.04.2009- Dopo la forte scossa di terremoto di magnitudo 6,3  della scala Richter che ha colpito L’Aquila ed […]

  19. One Piece 539 raw spoiler

    One Piece 539 raw spoiler pics
    Source: […]

    Naruto, Bleach and Onepiece spoiler and predicsion

  20. Beat 360° 4/7/09

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°?
    Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will join in […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  21. Gary Speed a Fradinál?

    Sheffieldi pletykák szerint nem elképzelhetetlen, hogy a nyáron a harminckilenc éves Gary Speed valamilyen […]

    Üllői út 129

  22. Açıköğretim 2009 Ara Sınav Soruları ve Cevap Anahtarı

    Açıköğretim 2008-2009 Ara Sınav Soruları ve Cevapları’na e-öğrenme portalı üzerinden […]


  23. Hey, Lauren! Is Apple’s 17-Inch MacBook Pro Expensive?

    There’s something about comparing the prices of Windows PCs and Macs that makes otherwise cool and collected […]


  24. Dragon Ball Kai con subtitulos en español en descarga directa

    Titulo: Dragon Ball Kai
    Año: 2009
    Calidad: HD
    Subido y Fansubeado: shinichi999
    Es una remasterización de Dr […]

  25. Copa Libertadores 2009 : Universitario de Deportes vs Libertad [FIN DEL PARTIDO]

    Resultado Final : Universitario 2 – Libertad 1
    Universitario de Deportes derrotó 2-1 a Libertad de Paraguay y […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  26. Gorgeous Girls Golfing: Masters Edition

    On Thursday, April 9th, some of the best golfers from around the world will head to Augusta, Georgia for the 72-hole, […]

    COED Magazine

  27. 2009 SBS Hope TV “Republic of Korea Coming!” Showcase Photoshoot

    Bong ahjumma.

    This is probably for a charity showcase by SBS, at first when I saw these pic at first glance, I was […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  28. GRANDE FRATELLO 9: Anticipazioni puntata di stasera 08/04/09

    UPDATE: La puntata sospesa lunedì per il terremoto in Abruzzo va in onda stasera alle 21.15
    Milano, 5 apr.- […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  29. Naruto 443 Spoiler + imagenes confirmadas

    Un poco mas tarde de lo normal pero ya tenemos un spoiler por lo que parece esta semana será algo mas calmado pero eso […]


  30. Nintendo DSi teardown

    Now that the Nintendo DSi has been officially released in the US, the team at iFixit has worked their magic. That […]

    Hack a Day

  31. South Park: Season 13 Episode 5 – “Fishsticks”

    South Park: Season 13 Episode 5 – “Fishsticks”
    Cartman and Jimmy come up with the funniest joke of all […]


  32. Gwyneth and More Get Charitable Designing for Lilly Pulitzer

    Lilly Pulitzer, inset: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireIma She may be about to launch her first clothing line, but Gwyneth […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  33. Kosher for Passover Coke: It’s the Real Thing Baby

    It’s that time of the year again folks — Passover season approaches, and with that comes the annual stocking of the […]

    Off The Broiler

  34. 101 Tea Party Sign Slogans

    by LukeAmerica2020
    The second wave of Tea Party Protests is rapidly approaching. Currently, more than 500 Tax Day Tea […]


  35. มิสป่าตอง … หญิงที่ผูกติดกับภาพในอดีต

    ช่วงเวลาที่ดีที่สุดของใครหลายคนอาจ […]

    Ronakorn: Thai SEO and More.

  36. فيديو فضيحة ياسر القحطاني بالاستراحه بالخرج

    فيديو فضيحة ياسر القحطاني بالاستراحه بالخرج
    السلام عليكم ورحمة […]

    مسلسلات, اخبار, افلام, news

  37. Biden on Cheney: “He Is Dead Wrong”

    The VP takes on his predecessor for saying the country is less safe under Obama, tells CNN Tuesday the Bush […]

    The Page – by Mark Halperin on

  38. Is It a V?

    Yesterday, at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, Mike Mussa and I discussed – and debated – the […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  39. Schindler’s List found in Sydney

    Oskar Schindler helped hundreds of Jews during World War II

    A list compiled by the German industrialist […]


  40. “Dom har sabbat YouTube!”

    – Dom har sabbat YouTube! sa min son Fredrik, 9 år, med upprörd röst när han ringde mig.
    – Dom har förstört den […]

    Christian Engström (pp)

  41. Thierrybayor strikes in a game of two halves + Player Ratings and review.

    Don’t ask how that Photo was taken… just accept that it was at about 1400 yesterday afternoon… hail […]

    Le Grove

  42. Studenţii – frica comunistilor

    Stimaţii mei vizitatori, haideţi să ne amintim de nu prea îndepărtatul an 2005. Şi atunci au fost alegeri, cu […]


  43. TERREMOTO ABRUZZO, come informarsi ed aiutare !

    Riporto un articolo utile a tutti quelli che vogliono e possono dare una mano:
    Appello dei Centri di servizio per il […]

    C A N D I D O

  44. Tax for Nri in India

    Very bad news for NRIs
    5% TAX ON FOREIGN INCOME FOR NRI STARTING 2009 -10 Government of India today announced […]

    Collection of Best Stuff Online

  45. 10 Things We Wish Guys Knew

    I recently ran into an article in Cosmo in which a guy listed 10 things he wished girls knew about guys.  Funny, […]

    College Candy

  46. Mini polar bear ventures out of snow cave


    Jorden C., you are officially a Sthuper Sthender Inner. [Handing you […]

    Cute Overload

  47. Terremoto Abruzzo. Scatta la Solidarietà. Protezione civile e Croce Rossa invitano Associazioni, Movimenti & d per […]

     Terremoto Abruzzo. SOS Scatta la Solidarietà. La Protezione civile Protezione Civile e la Croce Rossa Italiana  inv […]

  48. E Deus Falou Com a Gente!

    Sei que disse que deixaria o vídeo motivacional no alto da página até amanhã – mas olha que apareceu motivação […]

  49. Club Penguin April ’09 Clothing Catalog Cheats!

    Full credit goes to Simmer27 at! Hey Everyone!

    Club Penguin released a new clothing catalog […]

    iMmopuk’s Club Penguin Cheats!™

  50. William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens: First Report

    Tonight, Biola University hosted a debate between William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens on the question […]

    Doug Geivett’s Blog

  51. Apple building 5-6 million new iPhones – Analyst

    Adding his voice to the drumbeat of speculation about Apple’s (AAPL) future iPhone plans, Kaufman Bros.’ […]

    Apple 2.0

  52. Comentários sobre a PEC dos Vereadores – Artigo interessante sobre a PEC 20/2008 – Vereadores 4

    Blog do Luciano Nanzer

  53. Reform, or face extinction

    That is the only conclusion UMNO and BN can honestly take from the just concluded Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau […]

    The People’s Parliament

  54. Disturbed and Pathetic

    The PUMA-obsessed blogstalkers are burning me in effigy (again) because I hurt their tender feelings (again.)  There […]

    The Confluence

  55. Menguburkan Che Det di 2 Bukit !

    Kenyataan Media
    8 April 2009
    Mempertahan Kemenangan Rakyat
    Melalui kuasa rakyat, dengan Izin Tuhan Yang Maha Esa maka […]

    Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin

  56. Kebenaran Terbukti Jua…Sebenarnya Rakyat Perak Amat Menyayangi Nizar

    Walau apapun yang dilabelkan kepadanya (Penderhaka, Pak Turut DAP) hakikatnya Rakyat Perak Amat Menyayangi MB Mereka […]


  57. Terremoto in Abruzzo: 260 vittime fra cui 16 bambini, 1500 feriti, 70000 sfollati…- Anche noi possiamo contribuire […]

    Un terremoto ha colpito l’Abruzzo alle 3,30 della notte. La scossa ha avuto come epicentro L’Aquila ed […]


  58. Top 10: Os adolescentes mais valiosos do mundo

    A revista Forbes fez um ranking dos dez principais atores com até 19 anos, levando em consideração talento, sucesso […]

    *.: Girls Wireless :.*

  59. Five Company’s Earnings Could End The Rally (WMT)(TGT)(MSFT)(GOOG)(DOW)(C)

    The assumption is that the earnings for the first quarter from most companies in the S&P 500 will be atrocious. That […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  60. Asi dizisi 61. bölüm özeti

    Kızını Demir’e kaptırma korkusuna kapılan Asi kızıyla birlikte Suriye’ye kaçmıştır. Öfkeden deliye […]


  61. Terremoto all’Aquila .. sottoscrivere una donazione .. ecco dove e come fare

    Il recente disastro che ha colpito l’Aquila e la provincia abruzzese, ha messo in ginocchio decine di migliaia di […]

    Campi Bisenzio Notizie Blog

  62. Race and the Drug War

    Last Friday, Jonah Goldberg wrote a post at The Corner arguing that there is something “unlibertarian” about […]

    Upturned Earth

  63. Buzz continues to build around versatile QB White

    As the draft draws closer, the number of teams showing interest in West Virginia QB Pat White continues to grow.
    White […] Blogs

  64. Más de 1 millar de “kenshusei” se vieron obligados a retornar a sus países debido a la crisis económica

    La recesión que padece la economía nipona como consecuencia de la crisis financiera internacional no ha […]

  65. Antwerp central station dances to The Sound of Music

    I missed it last Monday, but imagine taking a morning train and being treated to the sound of Music at Antwerp’s […]

    Antwerp Calling

  66. Earthquake Info – L’Aquila Italy – April 06-2009

    my note –
    Over 150 confirmed dead from today’s earthquake in Italy – Rainy night, cold apparently, in light […]

    Cricketdiane’s Weblog

  67. Ver Fc Barcelona – Bayern de Munich en directo Highlights

    El partido que enfrenta a Fc barcelona y bayern de Munich se está jugando y lo puedes ver online haciendo click en el […]

    El mundo de Salva y Reyes

  68. Enquete BBB9: Max, Francine ou Priscila vai ganhar?

    Chegamos a final do BBB9, e aí, quem vai ganhar: Max, Francine ou Priscila?
    Enquete do BBB9 – Quem será o […]

    Blog Resumo do Dia

  69. Murdered Sandra Cantu

    A suitcase discovered by farmworkers at about 10 a.m. yesterday contained the body of missing Sandra Cantu. Her remains […]

    When a child goes missing

  70. Reborns Gundam

    Update more scans from Newtype Mag.


    SRW Hotnews 『スーパーロボット大戦 ホットニュース』

  71. Amazing Bike !! Silver Ninja 250R Modification

    Brader semua, ini adalah poto-poto Ninja 250R Modifikasi from Paris Van Java . . . Bandung, yang saya peroleh dari […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle

  72. AI Report Card Top 8: I (Used To) Love The 80s!

    The most refreshing thing about tonight’s Top 8 Idol performance show wasn’t the “Birth Year” […]

    American Idol Report Card

  73. Maurício Ricardo fala sobre Os Seminovos, Charges, Dimebag e BBB

    Há praticamente uma década fazendo a alegria do público com o, o cartunista e chargista Maurício […]


  74. Resultado final do BBB9 – Vencedor

    Pedro Bial anuncia o grande vencedor da nona edição do Big Brother Brasil: Max. Ele recebe 34,85% dos votos do […]

    Últimas Notícias

  75. Good Week/Bad Week

    I don’t know about you, but I need some light relief after all the heavy duty stuff about McLaren. Here’s a […]

  76. Oh no…

    The news that McLaren has “been invited” to appear before the World Council to answer the charge that it is […]

    Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog

  77. In Sweden, murderers and rapists are celebrated.

    The best way to murder someone in Sweden is to do it while you are drunk and preferably driving a car. A few years ago […]

    World reviewer

  78. Federales detienen a 21 hombres de “El Teo” en Tecate

    Francisco Javier Copetillo Angulo “El Pancho”, prófugo lider de los detenidos y ex Policía Estatal […]

    Narco Tijuana

  79. Civiballs Walkthrough China Egypt Greece All Levels

    About Civiballs
    Choose Greece, Egypt or China and solve the puzzles by cutting the chains.
    If you get stuck, just try […]

    Ayumilove Diary

  80. Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

    Desculpe parece ser a palavra mais difícil…
    Ontem à noite o CQC fez uma matéria sobre o atraso na entrega dos […]

    Blog do Alexandre Schneider

  81. Portsmouth Upset As Traoré Back At Arsenal

    Armand Traoré was present at Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Manchester City on Saturday afternoon, after returning to […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  82. La Reina De La Semana Santa

    Quisiera disculparme con todos mis lectores por mi gran ausencia pero en los ultimos dias ando medio apesumbrado ya […]

  83. Buffs Spring Practice Recap (April 7)

    -Drew Suppes
    Day 5 of practices.  Helmets, shoulder pads, shorts and no tackling.
    Today was the first time the Buffs […]

    Thin Air Sports

  84. Final BBB9: Francine, Max ou Priscila? Quem Sera o Grande vencedor dessa ediçao? Vote.

    Audiência Tv

  85. The Duke Point Guard Solution No One Is Considering (Yet)

    The search for Duke’s next elite point guard keeps getting more interesting (and dramatic).
    Eric Bledsoe […]


  86. Casey Anthony update 07 April 2009

    The Florida Bar is once again looking into Jose Baez. This time it is about the Dominic Casey that worked for Baez up […]

    ✼HumbleOpinion’s Weblog✼

  87. Sugar Beet Plant

    f 128

  88. How to Detox Your Body


    By Chris Woolston
    From Health magazine
    Every day we put potential toxins into our mouths, breathe them […]

    Healthy Living

  89. The North Korea Missile Launch

    Just saw the (purported) video of the launch of the North Korea rocket.   Release of the video coincided with our 19 […]

    On The Scene

  90. April 7, 2009: SGU Cuts, That Atlantis Movie, and Some Powers Discussion

    Yesterday, we sat down and watched the director’s cut of Air I and II. Even without the visual effects and the music, […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  91. Full Moon in Libra on April 9th, 2009

    Counterpoise; the latest emotional dance craze. Get your Balance on.
    by Dipali Desai

    It’s all about the […]

    Celestial Space Astrology Blog

  92. GM to Unveil 2-Seater, 2-Wheeled Urban Electric Prototype in New York

    GM to Unveil 2-Seater, 2-Wheeled Urban Electric Prototype in New York – Worldcarfans

    The way GM and Segway explain it, […]

    Edwin Conan

  93. Terremoto in Abruzzo, la TV si adegua: niente “X Factor” e concerto di “Amici”, questa sera RaiDue propone ancora una […]

    Mentre le cifre del terremoto che ha colpito l’Abruzzo sono giunte a 207 morti, 15 dispersi ed oltre 17.000 […] Blog

  94. GMX führt Kleinkrieg (Update)

    Der Internet- und Mail-Provider GMX führt, so scheint es, derzeit wohl einen Kleinkrieg gegen die Konkurrenz von […]


  95. Puaaanteeesss,…. Indonesia begitu penting bagi Yamaha …!!!

    Well.. ngeliat angka-angka penjualan Yamaha di jagad ini… jelas banget terlihat bahwa secara salez… Yamaha […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  96. “Revolutia” din Moldova – Schimbarea “KGB-ului vechi” cu “KGB-ul nou”

    AVERTISMENT : “Nu va inselati !” Moldova va avea soarta Romaniei daca nu veti invata din gresesile noastre. […]

    † Apologeticum

  97. Lee Sun Kyun & Jeon Hye Jin are Engaged

    Actors Lee Sun Kyun (34) and Jeon Hye Jin (33) are tying the knot after six years of dating. They will formally […]


  98. Stampin’ Share Night part 2

    This is a monthly series of boxes created with our Stampin’ Up Top Note Die Cut or the Large Sizzix […]

    Where The Rubber Hits The Road

  99. Rimandato il concerto di “Amici” a Lecce

    Anche Maria De Filippi con i suoi “Amici” ha deciso di rimandare il concertone con tutti gli ex allievi di […]

    News Tv

  100. Ad’s Fab Despite The Pain In Spain

    UEFA Champions League Quarter Final, First Leg
    Villarreal 1 – 1 Arsenal
    1 – 0 Senna (9)
    1 – 1 Adebayor (65)
    Were […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

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