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  1. Bring Twitter to Your Blog

    Have you become addicted to telling the world what you’re up to in 140 characters or less? If so, we’ve […] News

  2. Buckingham Palace weighs in on first lady’s touching moment

    (CNN) – First lady Michelle Obama did not breach protocol by touching Queen Elizabeth II at a reception for world […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  3. Idol’s Megan Joy Doesn’t Care If Haters ‘Didn’t Get Me’

    Megan Joy knows not everyone was a fan of her quirky style of singing and dancing on American Idol, and the day after […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  4. Suri Cruise: Pretty in Pink!

    Most Wanted

    And ruffles too! Suri Cruise, who turns 3 on April 18th, holds Katie Holmes‘ hand Wednesday as […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  5. Our Government Engaged In EXTORTION With Our Banks!

    By Judge Andrew Napolitano
    FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst
    The Federal government committed extortion and […]

    FOX Forum

  6. ACP 2009.04.03 Adam and Windell Middlebrooks

    Adam and Windell Middlebrooks complete an entire podcast just for you, it would be downright rude to not give it a […]

    The Adam Carolla Podcast

  7. فيديو فضيحة ياسر القحطاني بالاستراحه بالخرج

    فيديو فضيحة ياسر القحطاني بالاستراحه بالخرج
    السلام عليكم ورحمة […]

    مسلسلات, اخبار, افلام, news

  8. Britney Spears’s Hot New Ads for Candie’s Revealed!

    Courtesy Candie’s We already told you that Britney Spears was going to be the next Candie’s girl but now […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  9. Arctic Ice Summer Death Watch: 5, 30, or 100 years?

    Gore says 5 years, now NOAA says 30 instead of 100 years.  Place your bets.
    Ice-Free Arctic Summers Likely Sooner Than […]

    Watts Up With That?

  10. Michelle Obama Touches Queen Elizabeth

    America’s First Lady Michelle Obama broke royal protocol during a reception at Buckingham Palace when she placed […]


  11. Naruto 442 | Naruto 442 Spoiler

    Naruto 442 Chapter | Naruto 442 Raw | Naruto 442 Spoiler
    Verification: Confirmed
    SJ cover is of Naruto( and Sakura and […]

    Naruto One Piece and Bleach Manga

  12. GRANDE FRATELLO 9 / TREDICESIMA PUNTATA DEL 02/04/2009 – Eliminata Vanessa Ravizza con il pubbico che urla “fuori […]

     Tredicesima puntata oggi 02/04/09  di “Grande Fratello“, il reality con ascolti altissimi condotto da Alessia […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  13. Beat 360° 4/2/09

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°?
    Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will join in […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  14. New Afghan law might legalize rape

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    The U.S. has some serious thinking to do when it comes to that democracy we’re […]

    Cafferty File

  15. El Tiempo En Semana Santa 2009. InformaciÓn Y PredicciÓn

    El tiempo que tendremos en la Semana Santa de 2009 es todo un misterio. Desde este enlace tienes información […]

    Asociación Socio-Cultural para jóvenes sevillanos (FETEJU) Ya somos 800.000

  16. Resultados primitiva jueves 2 de Abril de 2009

    En el sorteo de La Lotería Primitiva del jueves 2 de Abril de 2009, existen […]

    La Primitiva | Resultados loteria primitiva

  17. Knock-knock. It’s the gag police.

    Did you hear the one about the queer, the Muzzie and the pre-op tranny?
    No? Well, you’re unlikely to any time soon. […]

  18. ASOT 398 – A State of Trance 398 – Armin Van Buuren (02.04.2009)


    DEEPGOA’s Electronic Sessions

  19. Michelle Obama Breaks Royal Protocol

    After only one meeting, U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama seems to have made such a good impression on Queen Elizabeth II. […]

    Royalty in the News

  20. Minh Hằng thừa nhận có ảnh nóng

    Sáng ngày 1/4, thông tin ảnh nóng của Minh Hằng xuất hiện tràn lan trên các diễn đàn gây xôn xao […]


  21. Detiene Ejército a banda de secuestradores del CAF

    Desmantela Ejército banda de secuestradores del CAF * Luis G. Andrade
    TIJUANA, Baja California(PH)
    Una banda de […]

    Narco Tijuana

  22. Neon Boneyard

    Photos from imericancrayons, pam sattler, Steve_3D, and dynamitemissj.
    View more photos taken in Las Vegas‘ […]

    Flickr Blog

  23. ماجرای صاحبخانه بیوه من و عشوه های شتری…!

    اقا دربه در دنبال یه خونه اجاره ای میگشتم که توی روزنامه خراسان […]

    تلخ نوشته ها

  24. ی* تریپ اتمی از خ*ام*نه* ای


  25. One Piece 538 Manga Spoiler

    Read One Piece 538 (ワンピース) raw spoiler pics and summaries. If you would like to discuss the spoilers or […]

    One Piece HQ

  26. Naruto 442 ya disponible

    Ya disponible versiones en español HQ de Fan subs
    Uyanime siempre al dia y sin vueltas.
    ahora esperemos unas horas […]


  27. Redskins QB Campbell given lesson on NFL business

    I just got off the phone with Redskins QB Jason Campbell, who found himself in the middle of the Jay Cutler saga as his […] Blogs

  28. Twitter, Ruby on Rails, Scala and people who don’t RTFA

    The Register recently published an article titled, “Twitter jilts Ruby for Scala“, prompting a wave of […]

    Ikai Lan says

  29. Michelle Obama Embraces the Queen-much ADO…HUSH-UP!

    MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! The world glowers at Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth’s embrace. At the G-20 reception […]


  30. Ashmore: a Ferencváros külön kategória

    A 100% Fradiban interjú jelent meg James Ashmore-ral. Középpályásunk beszél a csapatról, a szurkolókról és […]

    Üllői út 129

  31. Osman Öztunç-Muhsinler Ölmez


  32. Sagopa Kajmer & Kolera Beslenme Çantam

    [Kolera Verse]
    Bebeklerin kangalları mıncıklamalarına benzer cesurluğun
    İçinde ölü insanlar bulunan bir […]

    şarkı sözleri, şarkı sözü

  33. Brandon Craig: not guilty

    NEW YORK – Brandon Craig has been acquitted of all charges related to the brutal murders of three teenagers, ten […]

    In Session:

  34. Park Han-byul wants to be like Se7en

    How you say?


  35. Hey, Lauren! Is Apple’s 17-Inch MacBook Pro Expensive?

    There’s something about comparing the prices of Windows PCs and Macs that makes otherwise cool and collected […]


  36. Exposição ao sol salva 10 vezes mais vidas por absorção de vitamina D do que causa câncer de pele

    Imagem SXC

    O número de vidas salvas por pessoas que duplicam sua exposição solar pode ser 10 vezes superior ao […]

    Blog da Dieta

  37. Jobless Claims Keep Rising; Is It Really A Lagging Indicator?

    The poor employment data from yesterday is being echoed this morning.  The weekly jobless claims from the Labor […]

    24/7 Wall Street

  38. contacts considered crappy

    Why is contact management implemented so poorly in every software package I’ve ever encountered? It’s […]

    Alternate Seat of TYR

  39. Penguin Style Catalog Cheats April 2009

    Club Penguin came out with a brand new clothing line of fantastic fashion for all penguins around the island!!! : […]

    Club Penguin Cheats World ™

  40. “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is […]

    Itsbashy’s Weblog

  41. Download PCMAV 2.0a (April-Mei 2009)

    Pada rilis terbaru kali ini, PCMAV 2.0a mampu mengenali dan mengatasi 2660 virus beserta variannya yang banyak […]

    akhdian : dian ardiyansah’s blog

  42. Arsenal Release Cup Winning Midfield Pair

    Two members of Arsenal’s successful Under 16 team which won the Atalanta Cup and the Zinédine Zidane Tournament […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  43. [Hot Pic] Mantan Peragawati Dengan Busana Bikini Yang Paling Percaya diri

    Mungkin dapat dikatakan inilah satu-satunya wanita yang paling percaya diri  tampil dengan memakai busana bikini […]

    Ada Apa Yep

  44. Iva Rifiuti: Codacons Avvia Azione Collettiva Per Rimborso

    leggi articolo

    Wildgreta Politics: elezioni 2008, politica,programmi

  45. Edmonds Tells Pujols to Join the Cubs!…sorta…

    (copied and posted from the website of the San Francisco Post …)
    Jim Edmonds, long-time center fielder for the […]

    Cards ‘N Stuff

  46. Big Bang & 2NE1: Lollipop MV Released!

    DOWNLOAD: Big Bang & 2NE1: Lollipop MV

    Thanks to 엠와이님

    The girls were being all preppy and sing along to the […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  47. Hülya Avşar erotik sevişme sahneleri çıplak nostalji

    Hülya Avşar erotik sevişme sahneleri çıplak nostalji
    KARANFİLLİ NACİYE filminden muhteşem sahneler. fazla söze […]

    Canli mac izle , Bedava Lig tv izle , Dizi izle

  48. Grande fratello 9: tredicesima puntata: serata di giovedi 2 aprile 2009: esce Vanessa

    Eccezionalmente il Grande fratello è andato di giovedi con normali eliminazioni e ospite d’eccezione Gerry […]


  49. Dr. AbuKhalil Debates Mr. Fascist

    Maybe calling him Mister is giving the Fascist too much respect.
    I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. As’ad […]

    The Mustard Seed

  50. Boys Over Flowers – Final News Review & Comments

    Dear readers,
    So this is it! THE END!
    Actually, I’ve had so little spare time this week that I’m watching […]


  51. Artister rasar mot hemkopieringen

    – Nu går svenska musiker och artister till angrepp mot den alltmer utbredda hemkopieringen av musik, skriver […]

    Christian Engström (pp)

  52. Lindzen on Climate Feedback

    Update- Some changes over the last few hours
    Science is an evolving process. Data, models, and methods all evolve in […]

    Climate Change

  53. Berlusconi rimproverato dalla Regina Elisabetta

    Buckingham Palace: alla vigilia del G20, la regina Elisabetta posa per una foto di gruppo con i capi di Stato e di […]


  54. The worst thing for Twitter

    Yes, Twitter is in talks to be bought by Google, but is that the worst thing that would happen to Twitter?
    No, even […]

    Scobleizer: Technology, innovation, and geek enthusiasm

  55. An updated guide to new Malaysian terms

    Ahh, don’t you miss the good old days, when life was simpler and words meant what everyone understood it to […]

    Euphoria in Misery

  56. First Lady touches the Queen, British media throws fit

    When the Obamas met with Queen Elizabeth II this week, Michelle Obama briefly placed her hand on the Queen’s back […]

    blogging is the new black

  57. کاغذی که میتوانست سرنوشت دیگری برای ایرانیان رقم بزند!

    بعضی‌ وقتا گفتن یک نه ساده چقدر میتونه زندگی‌ آدم رو عوض […]


  58. Did Michelle Obama violate rules? Did she touch the Queen!!

    This is Michelle Obama

  59. Some Fun Facts About The Google Phone

    Robert Dotson, chief executive of T-Mobile USA, delivered a keynote speech this week at CTIA in Las Vegas. It was full […]


  60. Kesamaan “Kata” dalam Berbagai Bahasa

    Entah, mengapa hari ini sedang malas menulis tentang hal-hal yang berbau pemilu, dialektika lintasagama, atau […]

    ruang jurnalisme amatir

  61. UFC 2009 Undisputed KOs Fight Night

    UFC 2009 Undisputed KOs Fight Night
    OXCGN gets all hands-on with UFC 2009 Undisputed
    (Ed: Two OXCGN reps were invited […]

    OXCGN – Breathing Life Into The Xbox

  62. P59 Bkt Gantang – Come Home to Vote !!! BN giving $$$ *pix added*

    Hey Anak Bkt Gantang working/living OUTSIDE !! Come home to Vote!!!!
    Barisan Nasional giving out $$$….. last […]


  63. ‘Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.’

    [This post summarizes the Iowa Supreme Court marriage decision in Varnum v. Brien.  Another post, updated throughout […]

    Law Dork, 2.0

  64. Un “fals” de la 1903 despre “libertatea” (şi cea a presei!) de după 2000

    Redau aici un fragment din “Protocoalele înţelepţilor Sionului” apărut pentru prima oară în Rusia în […]


  65. South Park: Season 13 Episode 4 – “Eat, Pray, Queef”

    South Park: Season 13 Episode 4 – “Eat, Pray, Queef”
    Someone plays an April Fool’s joke on the boys and […]


  66. Top 20: famosas mais gatas que utilizam o Twitter

    Mesmo que a principal pergunta do Twitter (”o que você está fazendo?”) ainda não tenha sido respondida pela […]

    *.: Girls Wireless :.*

  67. Sócrates processa João Miguel Tavares

    O desespero tem destas coisas. O primeiro-ministro de um Governo que já não faz mais nada do que tentar […]


  68. Método definitivo: Cómo validar Windows XP

    Hace unos días explicaba cómo validar Microsoft Office 2007 de forma sencilla y 100% efectiva. Ahora os vengo con la […]

    MundoReal™ 2009

  69. Whitmarsh admits team told Lewis to lie

    A sensational press conference has just concluded here in Sepang, where new McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh […]

  70. Greetings!

    Hello everyone around the world. Welcome to the PlatinumGames website! I’m Hideki Kamiya, director of Bayonetta.
    If […]

    PlatinumGames Inc.

  71. Banks told they can ignore the market. The market rejoices. Huh?

    The Financial Accounting Standards Board decided today to go ahead with its previously announced plans (albeit with […]

    The Curious Capitalist –

  72. Parradais, sekstende episode

    Jeg trodde at det å være seg selv gikk av moten i 2002, sammen med Kråkeslottet. Men deltagerne har mast noe […]

    Vittighetens Dyd

  73. Os Melhores NetBooks

    Um netbook é um laptop com uma tela que encolheu, um teclado nanico e um processador tão lento que provocaria risadas […]

    Cara de Pau – A Cara é de PAU, Mas a Madeira é de Lei

  74. Vive Le Pere

    My preparation being a parent continues and Heidi has decided that to help me along I should read a glossy magazine […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  75. Casey Anthony update 02 April 2009

    The depositions continued today! Baez has questioned SGT. Billy Richardson, supervisor of the female jai detention […]

    ✼HumbleOpinion’s Weblog✼

  76. CNC music factory Still Alive

    With some careful programming and probably tedious testing, [Tim] was able to get his CNC router to play [Jonathan […]

    Hack a Day

  77. New Club Penguin Unlock Items Online Books Codes

    Hey Penguins,
    Club penguin have just made two new books that will be available in shops soon, if you have the books you […]

    Ojoc’s Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets

  78. Macam Ni Baru Hebat Seorang Menteri..

    Macam Ni Baru Hebat Seorang Menteri…
    Tak Payah Nak Kelentong lah.. Di kelantan sebagai contoh,bukannya tak ada […]


  79. Người tung loạt ảnh nóng Minh Hằng là một teen 9x

    Lược lại toàn bộ sự cố
    Như các bạn đã biết, ngày 1.4 vừa qua, những hình ảnh riêng tư […]

    Funny Video clip sex online

  80. Debate This: Glitching

    Debate This is an ongoing feature which provides an opportunity for open discussion on various video game-related […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  81. Rob’s mailbag is getting heavy

    Dear Rob,
    Tonight my friend Dave was over. This was our conversation:
    Dave: What are you doing?
    Me: Kicking […]

    Letters to Rob

  82. คลิปไคโยตี้เด็ก 10 ขวบ โชว์รูดเสาโผล่ […]

    คลิปไคโยตี้เด็กรูดเสาโผล่ […]

    Ronakorn: Thai SEO and More.

  83. Chris Brown should get his ass kicked!!!

    I just heard this new song on the radio it’s about well you read the title of the, Chris Brown should […]

    conversations with an unapologetic black liberal

  84. How many of Arsenal’s team would make it into Manchester United’s starting eleven?

    This is a guest post by sports writer Thomas Rooney
    As much as the end to the current season could be extremely […]

  85. One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 18 VOSTFR

    L’épisode 18 de la saison 6 de One Tree Hill en VOSTFR


    (Cliquez sur l’image pour voir […]

    F**K 4ever

  86. G20: Berlusconi “grida”, la Regina lo riprende

    Siamo di nuovo qui a parlare di una gaffe del “vostro” Premier, Silvio Berlusconi. Questa volta il teatro […]

    C A N D I D O

  87. Programa Viernes

    Comentario impertinente del día:
    Mismo jurado, mismos hechos, mismas frases resumidas en: “has bailado […]

    Fama A Bailar 2 – Más Energy – los videos de las coreos

  88. naruto 442 ENG

    Gdsnox’s Blog

  89. BBB 9 – Vídeo de Maíra fazendo boquete cai na net.

    Pergunta 1: Por que o espanto? Toda mulher (tá, ok, quase todas) faz… Porque uma que vai encontrar a família, […]

    Caverna do Anão

  90. Nominations for the 2009 Joe Shuster Awards

    Preface: It’s important to reflect as you review this list that in most cases COMICS ARE A COLLABORATIVE MEDIUM, and […]

    The Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards

  91. Nikki and me

    In 1994, when I was 23, Melissa and I adopted a kitten from a stray that someone from work had taken in, and named her […]

    Oldskooler Ramblings

  92. Comentários sobre a PEC dos Vereadores – Artigo interessante sobre a PEC 20/2008 – Vereadores 3

    Blog do Luciano Nanzer

  93. Estrazioni del Lotto di giovedì 02/04/2009 – Estrazioni lotto

    Gioco del Lotto: Estrazioni del Lotto 02/04/2009
    Estrazione Lotto n. 40

    03 – 66 – 83 – 73 – 71

    46 […]

    Lotto e Superenalotto: Estrazioni Superenalotto del 02/04/2009, estrazioni del Lotto, Lotteria Italia 2009 – sito Ufficiale Lottomania

  94. Delia Matache filmata Goala in baie

    Delia a fost filmata goala in baie. Filmuletul il gasiti aici.
    Sursa imagini: libertatea.r


  95. A Comissão Administrativa Provisória De Santo Onofre

    Eis os nomes da equipa que aceitou ser nomeada com alguns dados curriculares do domínio […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  96. Slow and Stop

    You know us via our file size (99.25 mb) and our file name […]

    Megaloverapid Blog

  97. “Sweet Surrender,” fotos y argumento del 5.20

    Hoy es jueves, pero no hay Anatomía de Grey en USA. Nos sentimos un poco huérfanos, pero es lo que hay y lo que […]

    [Seattle Grace Hospital] Todo sobre ‘Anatomía de Grey’ en español

  98. I knew something was weird about that President Bush

    Small Face, Lovely Breast
    Engrish photo by Kara M

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  99. TV Review: Isla del Drama (Total Drama Island)

    Isla del drama (Total Drama Island) es un reality show animado producido por Teletoon, el cual se trata de que 22 […]

    Lejano Oriente a la Vuelta de la Esquina

  100. Naruto 442 english scans out raw spoilers confirmed

    Naruto 442 english scans are out click here
    Here are naruto 442 raw scans download
    I tried a failed joke on April 1 […]

    Latest Manga Updates, Manga 21

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