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  1. Gregg: ‘This country will go bankrupt’

    GOP Sen. Judd Gregg warned Sunday that the country might be headed for a fiscal crash if spending isn't […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Why Facebook has never listened and why it definitely won’t start now

    My former boss, Jim Fawcette, used to say that if you asked a group of Porsche owners what they wanted they’d […]

    Scobleizer: Technology, innovation, and geek enthusiasm

  3. Aunt Arctic Tracker

    I recently found out that you can meet Aunt Arctic! I collected some tips on how to find Aunt Arctic, and i will […]

    Club Penguin Cheats

  4. Club Penguin Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Penguin Band, and Gary Trackers

    Please note that from 8:00PM PST – 7:00AM PST I will be asleep and will not be able to update the tracker!
    ALERT: AUNT […]

    Club Penguin Cheats

  5. How to lose your job in 140 characters or less

    Via the Thinkhammer blog and the I’m Not Really A Geek blog, this great little cautionary tale / wake-up call for […]

    The BrandBuilder Blog

  6. The Sun: double blankety blank quiet

    Usually, and that means in the past year, when you look at the false color MDI image from SOHO, you can look at the […]

    Watts Up With That?

  7. Club penguin 100% Aunt Arctic Tracker!!!

    Here is a tracker for Aunt arctic!!!! CLICK TO REFREASH I found this tracker doesnt work really well, so here is my […]

    Club penguin cheats and glitches

  8. Boxen: Vitali Klitschko vs. Juan Carlos Gomez (Video)

    Was für ein Boxkampf! So einen wünscht man sich: Spannend bis zur letzten Runde! Das Duell der Schwergewichtler: […]

    Blockbuster und Serien Blog

  9. FAIR PLAY: A Tour of CT Working Familes Party

    I have been reviewing the mob-mentality being generated by the Obama administration and the Democrat-led Congress […]

    Temple of Mut

  10. Marvel Celebrates Wolverine’s 35th Anniversary With Variant Covers And Fine Art

    Marvel Comics has dedicated the month leading up to the “Wolverine” movie’s May 1 release (which is also […]


  11. Daft Punk costumes

    [derektroywest] has posted a detailed step by step breakdown of making a Daft Punk costume. They’ve done a great […]

    Hack a Day

  12. Girls Generation will teach Harvard Law Students

    About law? Hell no.


  13. [HQ] NII Photos Released! | Behind FILA Photoshoot | Pictures & BANGS Updates

    High Quality NII Photos Released!            Pictures Reuploaded. DO NOT HOTLINK!!!

    DOWNLOAD: (03.20.09) […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  14. Ultimate 100% Accurate Aunt Arctic Tracker!!

    Aunt Arctic’s Location: CHECK COMMENTS! (REFRESH)

    DJ Cadence’s Location: CHECK COMMENTS! (REFRESH)
    Penguin […]

    Club Penguin Cheats Online™

  15. Pastor Gets Caught Lying for Jesus

    The other day this comment was posted by an atheist:
    What’s wrong with killing babies? I see no problem with it. I […]

    Unreasonable Faith

  16. Club Penguin Aunt Arctic, DJ Cadence, Gary, & Penguin Band Tracker Cheats & Tips!

    Remember: Refresh each tracker for any sudden updates! (Click here to refresh)
    Know where Aunt Arctic, Cadence, (Gary, […]

    Club Penguin Cheats & Updates by Spq96

  17. This Time I’m Not the One Calling It a Subsidy

    According to The New York Times and the The Wall Street Journal, the Treasury Department is set to announce its plan […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  18. Arsenal Win Their Group After Edging Out Watford

    Arsenal’s Under 18’s edged out their Watford counterparts this afternoon, to secure the final three points […]

    [» Young Guns «]

  19. OT Smith mulling an offer from the 49ers

    While San Francisco awaits a decision from veteran WR Isaac Bruce as to whether he is going to return for a 16th […] Blogs

  20. BALLANDO CON LE STELLE 5 / DECIMA PUNTATA DEL 21/03/2009 – LA FINALE – Vince Emanuele Filiberto con il 75%. Secondo […]

    Siamo arrivati, dopo due mesi e mezzo di percorso, alla finalissima, oggi 21/03/09,  di questa quinta edizione […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  21. The Dirty F***ing Hippies Were Right

    Dandelion Salad
    This pretty much sums up all the posts on Dandelion Salad.  Thanks, Dave, for the link. ~  […]

    Dandelion Salad

  22. Andrew Firestone Welcomes Son Adam Brooks

    Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

    It’s a boy for the former Bachelor star and his wife! Andrew Firestone and […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  23. Breathtaking, simply breathtaking, 10 out of 10.

    So I am doing the match report because Pedro went to the dark side, yes that’s right, he went to Twickenham, I […]

    Le Grove

  24. Linux alcanza el 4% de cuota en Internet y Firefox supera a Explorer

    Según las estadísticas que mensualmente publica w3schols, Linux continúa creciendo lentamente hasta alcanzar el 4% […]

    La máquina diferencial

  25. [Ratings] Another Good Performance to End an Impressive Month

    So Arsenal end March with another good win, and another good performance. Elsewhere, Chelsea lost as well as Man Utd, […]

    Arsenal Action

  26. オリーブオイルダイエット|シャングリラダイエット・渡辺えりダイエット|ドリームプ […]

    Öl 2
    Originally uploaded by […]


  27. VIDEO: Newcastle 1-3 Arsenal

    Match Report Here

    Arsenal SPOT

  28. سپاه در به در دنبال بالاترين است

    نمي خواهم روده درازي كنم پس ميرم سر اصل مطلب ديشب اول فروردين يك […]

    کلید ایرانی

  29. Naruto manga 441 spoiler discussion + Naruto 440 breakdown and discussion

    Naruto Manga 441 -Break down of Naruto Manga 440 is below-

    Hey everyone,
    Great chapter this week with some character […]


  30. Why you need balls of steel to operate a Tor exit node

    I became interested in Tor in the spring of 2007 after reading about the situation in Burma and felt that I would like […]

    Passion and dalliance

  31. حسادت زنانه در حیات وحش: واکنش شگفت به حضور ماده‌ی بیگانه!

    بخش خبری پایگاه اینترنتی بنیاد نشنال جیگرفیک گزارش میدهد که نوعی […]

    AARYOO’s blogَ

  32. Atrapan a sicarios del “R-7” y rescatan a un hombre

    Atrapan a sicarios del “R-7″ y rescatan a un hombre
    TIJUANA, BC, 21 de marzo de 2009 (AFN).- Jesús Andrés Ibarra […]

    Narco Tijuana

  33. Kedd estére már hét pont előnyünk lehet

    Úgy tűnik már a tavasz közepén ünnepelhetünk. […]

    Üllői út 129

  34. Iowa’s Brent Metcalf Doesn’t Surrender NCAA Title Without One Last Shot

    Look, I got this from YouTube. If Disney or whoever owns ESPN these days says it can’t be used, strike it from […]

    The Hlog, by Cedar Rapids Gazette Sports Columnist Mike Hlas

  35. Aunt Arctic tracker and aunt arctic background!

    Note: All today’s cheats are below this post! I have great news you can find Aunt Arctic in club […]

    Club penguin cheats, glitches ™

  36. Descentralizado 2009 : Alianza Lima vs Universitario de Deportes [¡EN VIVO – EN DIRECTO!]

    Hora del partido : 4:00 PM [Hora peruana]
    Mientras esperas el partido, puedes dar un vistazo a :

    Report Perú
    Haste […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  37. TibiaBot NG 4.8.7 Crack para Tibia 8.41

    Primero que todo agradecimientos para Tibia Facil Blog

    Descarguen TibiaBot NG 4.8.7 e instalenlo
    Descarguen TibiaBot […]

    Victorcx Blog

  38. Crossing the Line in Cook County

    By Glenn Beck
    Host, “Glenn Beck“
    Hello, America. I wanted to start off this column by saying that, mostly […]

    FOX Forum

  39. Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker – Works!!!!!

    Ultimate 100% Accurate Aunt Arctic Tracker !!! 3 Sure Fire Tips Ultimate 100% Accurate Aunt Arctic Tracker !!! 3 […]

    Club Penguin Cheats | Secrets | Glitches | Tips | Hints

  40. Boys Over Flowers – Episodes 22 & 23 Previews UPDATED (3/21)

    Update (3/21): Go beyond the jump for translated previews and spoilers.
    Thank you to all readers who gave KP the links […]


  41. Messiah

    Stop Blubbering

  42. Tun Dr. Mahathir: Melayu dalam cemas, perlu tolak rasuah & usaha keras untuk ubah nasib dalam cabaran globalisasi


    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  43. La canción del anuncio de BP

    Make my day a little better, Say Hey!
    En España se está empezando a poner de moda esta divertida canción gracias al […]

    The Golden Touch

  44. Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Recipes

    Low-fat chocolate chip cookies? Low-cal mojitos? Celebrity chef Bethenny Frankel is a pro at turning fattening recipes […]

    Healthy Eating

  45. #94 – “Recoil”

    And so we get our first actual glimpse of High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind; I’ve been largely looking […]

    Beyond the Tree, the Misadventures of Hani and Tiny

  46. Resulto Oficial Miss Pernambuco 2009

    Miss Pernambuco 2009 – Isabela Santos Nascimento (UFPE)

    2º Lugar – Fabiana Medeiros (Olinda)

    3º Lugar – Juliana […]

    Misses Estaduais

  47. Loanees- Lansbury assist, Pedro impresses in defeat + Nordtveit preview

    Pedro Botelho- Salamanca 1 Tenerife 2

    Pedro played the whole game as Salamanca surrendered their one-goal lead and […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  48. Ultimate 100% Accurate Aunt Arctic Tracker !!! [ 3 Sure Fire Tips on How To Find Aunt Arctic ]

    Make sure to REFRESH every couple of seconds for accurate locations!!! : D

    UPDATE: Look for RARE PENGUINS on the […]

    Club Penguin Cheats & Glitches

  49. Vídeo da Maíra do bbb transando com o ex marido vaza

    De nada adiantou a preocupação da Ex bbb Maíra Cardi em não aparecer de biquini para as câmeras, em respeito ao […]


  50. Los Hermanos @ Just a Fest, Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro, 20/03/2009

    Confira a participação dos Los Hermanos no Just a Fest, no Rio.


  51. Resultados primitiva sabado 21 de Marzo de 2009

    En el sorteo de La Lotería Primitiva del sábado 21 de Marzo de 2009,  hya un […]

    La Primitiva | Resultados loteria primitiva

  52. Does BN care about the constituents of Batang Ai?

    The photos below were taken from the jetty in the photograph above.

    Most idyllic setting for a romantic weekend, […]

    The People’s Parliament

  53. Vasco x Flamengo – Transmissão ao vivo

    Com dinheiro no bolso, Vasco e Fla se enfrentam no Maracanã
    Após semana conturbada por conta de brigas políticas e […]

    BLOGÃO DO FLAMENGO – O Blog do Torcedor Flamenguista!

  54. Adelanto Lunes

    una cabreada, otro con cara flipao, otro que ve distancias y otra que llora y llora.
    Probablemente no estabas
    mayo […]

    Fama A Bailar 2 – Más Energy – los videos de las coreos

  55. Exclusive: Ultimate 100% Accurate Club Penguin Aunt Arctic, Penguin Band, DJ Cadence and Gary March-April 2009 Trackers […]

    As many of you know, Aunt Arctic and Cadence are roaming around servers and giving out their backgrounds mainly in the […]

    Club Penguin Cheats | Secrets | Glitches | Info

  56. Mengaku MB, tapi tidak dipedulikan rakyat…

    Kesian…MB yang tidak dipedulikan orang
    Kebiasaannya apabila seorang Menteri Besar kemana-mana sekalipun, sudah […]


  57. Killzone 2 and the Gamebattles scene?

    So, Killzone 2 has been out for a month now and while the game still makes blog headlines, it has not conquered one […]

    Welcome to BulletLAG

  58. The New Scientist has no shame–again!

    When  New Scientist published its “Darwin was WRONG” cover a few months ago, several of us wrote in to […]

  59. Najib Confirms Perak Belongs to Pakatan Rakyat!

    Don’t be too engrossed in winning party positions that Umno loses the support of the people in leading the nation. In […]

    The Might Of The Pen

  60. BSG Watch: A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Spoilers for the series finale of Battlestar Galactica coming up after the jump:

    Tuned In –

  61. Sommartid 2009, den 29 mars så är det dax..

    Vi har diskuterat fram och tillbaka och kommit fram till att det är inte dax ännu. Nästa helg så går vi över […]

    Eva, Mojje & Busan tittar på världen

  62. That’s the Spirit

    A colleague of mine has an Eye Phone………………………. and he also has […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  63. Bathing Suit Season

    The magazines have started. We are now in the pre-season — the  ”unless you’re already quite […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  64. Ferrari vs Lamborghini: the big battle.

    I’ve just arrived in Tenerife to drive the new Gallardo LP560/4 Spyder (more on that when they eventually let me […]

    The Cupholder – BBC Top Gear

  65. Naruto 441 – Confirmed Spoilers

    Good day EVERYONE! Are you excited for the next chapter of Naruto manga? Again, again, again, I wll post confirmed […]

    Anime Manga

  66. Dear President Obama #62: Far from the just plain mad crowd

    Reporter’s Note: The President of the United States wants suggestions on how to run the nation. I, a citizen of […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  67. VampireS 663 Power Record MP3 Update 21/03/2009

    VampireS 663 Update 21/03/2009 [Power Record] พร้อมปก ดูรายชื่อเพลง […]

    โหลดเพลง, โหลดmp3, ดาวน์โหลดเพลง, ดาวน์โหลดmp3, โหลดเพลงฟรี

  68. Penguin Play Awards Famous Penguin Tracker

    The rumors are true, you can meet Famous Club Penguin Penguin’s at the Penguin Play Awards including Aunt Arctic and […]

    Club Penguin Cheats Site™

  69. Smartphones 1, Hackers 0

    There were several $10,000 prizes at stake — as well as some free mobile phones — but at the end of the […]

    Apple 2.0

  70. Nasri and Arshavin Don’t Let The Absence of Walcott Felt as Arsenal Thrash Newcastle – Match Report and Analysis

    We just can’t stop winning now can we! Yet another brilliant performance from the Arsenal as they gain a 3 point […]

    Arsene Knows Best!

  71. ரேப் (கற்பழிப்பு) கேம்

    அழகான நடுத்தர வயது அம்மா, தன் இரு மகள்களோடு […]

    சிவா பக்கங்கள்

  72. TV Kritik . Wetten dass . Leber- und Milzriss ? O sole mio .

    Bei Gottschalk plätscherte es heute so dahin. Iris Berben sah wieder einmal top aus (wie macht die das?) und musste […]

    hamburger fishkopp

  73. South Park: Season 13 Episode 1 – “The Ring”

    South Park: Season 13 Episode 1 – “The Ring”
    Kenny takes his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers’ concert […]


  74. Video Caseiro da Maíra do BBB9

    Eu sei que você não veio aqui pra ficar me ouvindo falar de BBB, não é mesmo?

    Então toma os vídeos pra você […]


  75. Best Car Ad Ever?

    What do you think? Via Jalopnik

    CarDomain Blog

  76. Vagabond – c.267

    mediafire — megaupload — rapidshare — sendspace — mangahelpers
    We have once again caught up with the raws. We […]

    Nihil Sine Nefas

  77. Asi 59.bölüm fragmanı


  78. Wings of Spring

    …so heißt unser neues Forumskit, was unsere User rechtzeitig zum Frühlingsbeginn erstellt haben! Habt viel […]


  79. Ashley Greene our new BFF

    Dear Ashley,
    Friday night was a night of amazing luck.  Not only did my flight get in 52 minutes early, but Moon […]

    Letters to Twilight

  80. Corinthians x Santos – Transmissão ao vivo

    Duelo de gerações em alto nível marca clássico Corinthians x Santos
    Consagrados Ronaldo e Kléber Pereira dividem […]

    Blogão do Futebol – Notícias e Jogos do Campeonato Brasileiro de Futebol

  81. Gnomes Gone Mad: the Free Ride is Ending


    Old Senate […]

    Culture of Life News


    Tras vencer en semifinales a Roddick por 6-4 7-6, Rafa Nadal se medirá hoy domingo 22 de marzo, a las 22:00 horas, a […]

    Asociación Socio-Cultural para jóvenes sevillanos (FETEJU) Ya somos 600.000

  83. Gundam 00 saison 2 – Épisode 49 / 24 : RAW

    Pour l’instant, je continue malgré le licenciement de la série en France, à poster toutes les semaines des liens […]

    Kidō Senshi Gundam 00 –

  84. Toaru Majutsu no Index 1-4,13-24

    Torrent (mkv): 1 2 3 4 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

    Torrent (avi): 1 2 3 4 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 […]


  85. Naruto Manga 441 Spoiler

    Naruto Manga Chapter 441 Spoilers is ready to talk.
    Like we all know, a Naruto talk with Hokage 4th (his father) what […]

    Oghex’s X-Files

  86. Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.21 (I)



  87. طيحة نبيل شعيل في حفلة هلا فبراير 2009 بالفيديو

    طيحة نبيل شعيل في حفلة هلا فبراير 2009 بالفيديو
    للمشاهدة اضغط >> […]

    برامج, مسلسلات, افلام, صور, العاب

  88. Sublinhando O Óbvio

    Mas é curto e confirma a ideia que eu tenho  – e não é só minha – que há muita gente que só deitar isto para […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  89. Dora Grows Up

    FLORIDA COAST – A favorite of children everywhere, Dora the Explorer has been teaching Spanish on Nickelodeon for […]

    Weekly World News

  90. Sebuah Foto yang Berjuta Makna

    Terserah apa yang bisa kalian tafsirkan dari sebuah foto ini […]

    kisah dan tawa

  91. And They Say Fat People are all Lazy and not Fit

    Today’s Saturday Fluff comes as a You Tube video, with lots of thanks to my friend Miss Kitten.  The video […]

    A Day in the (Fat) Life

  92. A Qui Ce Bebe Noir a L’elysee ?

    Au couple présidentiel bien sûr.

     Selon le Dailymail, après son voyage aux pays des hommes intégres à […]


  93. Anna’s (Guest) RP Friday Five: Items of Significance

    Guest post by Avonar over at Too Many Annas today, with another Friday Five set of questions.  I’ll do these for […]

    Achtung Panzercow

  94. [NEWS] Kim HyunJoong, “It is Still Quite Awkward Between Me and Goo HyeSun Noona”

    Boys Over Flowers Kim Hyun Joong confessed that he wish to get closer to co-actress Goo Hye Sun.

    ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱

  95. Whatever happened to that “new kind of politics” stuff?

    So, Obama has been attacking former Vice President Cheney in recent days, including his appearance on 60 Minutes to air […]


  96. AZ – Feyenoord Live 22 Maart

    De wedstrijd op deze superzondag is natuurlijk AZ – Feyenoord! De Rotterdammers raken langzamaaan in vorm en AZ droomt […]

    Wedden op voetbal en sport

  97. Nightwish til Norge – NEI TAKK!

    VG Nett kan melde at Nightwish tar turen til Norge i sommer, på selveste Norway Rock Festival.
    Er det en ting jeg […]


  98. xmonad download statistics

    Here are the download statistics for source tarballs and the darcs repository of xmonad, going back to April 2007, when […]


  99. Download ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.34 Update 12 Maret 2009

    Download ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.34 Update 12 Maret 2009.

    akhdian : dian ardiyansah’s blog

  100. What money can buy..

    Would you believe me if I said this boy (pictured above) grew up to become a hot model? Believe it or not – but the […]

    Entertainment DIRTII Version

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