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December 31, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Inauguration organizers describe day-long endurance test

    Preparations are non-stop for the January 20 event. (CNN) — There are still a host of question marks around […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Let the draft debate begin …

    After a history-making 0-16 season, the only consolation for Detroit are these words: The Lions are now on the […] Blogs

  3. #864 Mastering the art of the all-you-can-eat buffet

    Munch lunch at a Chinese restaurant, brunch at a Holiday Inn, or dinner at a wedding reception, and chances are good […]

    1000 Awesome Things

  4. PEOPLE Readers Sound Off on Pattinson’s New Cut

    Mark Sullivan/WireImage, Finalpixx Call it the haircut of the year! When we asked readers what they thought […]

    Off the Rack – StyleWatch –

  5. Arab States Don’t Trust Iran — Can They Work With Obama to Confront Tehran?

    By Alireza Jafarzadeh
    Foreign Affairs Analyst/ Contributor
    Amid reports that the international sanctions on […]

    FOX Forum

  6. Arsenal Agree To Sign Mirassol Defender Luis Conte

    Arsenal have reportedly reached an agreement with São Paulo based outfit Mirassol for the permanent signing of young […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  7. [SBS Gayo Daejun] Wondergirls dance but barely sing

    The Wondergirls performed their remix version of “Nobody” dressed first in 18th century garb, but then […]


  8. Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17 Preview 4×17 Trailer

    Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17 Sneak Peek , Preview , trailer , Promo video PBS04E17 , s4e17

    Prison Break Season 4 […]

    Prison Break Season 4

  9. Oroscopo 2009 di Paolo Fox su Rai 2

    Mezzogiorno in famiglia-Speciale Oroscopo 2009 questo il nome della trasmissione che andrà in onda stasera (lunedì 29 […]

    Oroscopi Online

  10. Spinning for the scandalers

    The spinmaestro never did get it. The appointment of DYMM Tunku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawer as the XI Yam […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  11. Club Penguin Mission 10 Cheats – Waddle Squad Tutorial

    Mission 10 Guide-Waddle Squad Video

    If the Video does not load, click here to view it.

    Mission 10 Walk Through
    1.Talk […]

    Club Penguin Cheats And Glitches™

  12. Preview of Wonder Girls at 2008 KBS Gayo Daejun

    The program listing for the 2008 KBS Gayo Daejun is out and the Wonder Girls are going to be in quite a few performance […]

    Wonder Girls Wonderland

  13. Free Dress Soon!

    Look what I found on Stardoll Sensations blog (for link see Blogs & Mags page):

    So log in on New years Eve or New […]

    The Stardoll Insiders

  14. Jerry Seinfeld Perplexed By Birthday Parties

    Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash News Online

    Make no mistake, Jerry Seinfeld is no fan of birthday parties. “I […]

    Celebrity Baby Blog –

  15. Foto Bugil Sarah dan Rahma Azhari Mengapit Pria

    Sensasi Sarah Azhari dan Rahma Azhari yang mandi berdua dalam kondisi telanjang bulat, masih terasa heboh. Pasalnya, […]


  16. Lee Jun Ki Resolves Legal Dispute With Mentor Entertainment

    The legal dispute between Lee Jun Ki and his former management, Mentor Entertainment has come to an end after both came […]

    Coolsmurf Domain

  17. Caylee Anthony Case Update: Reward for the Meter Reader?

    I just got this email from OTR Producer Justin Wells: […]


  18. Club Penguin Mission 10 Sneak Peek Cheats

    Update: Club Penguin mission 10 cheats for Waddle Squad here.
    Mission 10 will be ready December 29th, and I don’t […]

    Club Penguin Cheats Guide

  19. Naruto Manga 431 + Breakdown and discussion of Naruto Manga 430

    Naruto Manga 431 -Break down of Naruto Manga 430 is below-
    Hey everyone,
    Surprise Surprise!  The new manga has […]


  20. Step One: Cut a hole in the box…

    Submitted by Nathan W

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  21. NeNe Calls Eviction Reports ‘Huge Misunderstanding’

    NeNe Leakes is setting the record straight.
    The star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta says she and her family were not […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  22. Drunk New Year’s Eve Party Girls

    New Year’s Eve is, hands-down, the biggest bash of the year – the night when most of world’s population […]

    COED Magazine

  23. Gamestop pre-order exclusive Killzone 2 demo

    Reserve Killzone 2 and receive exclusive access to the Killzone 2 Demo. You must have access to Playstation Network […]

    All • Games • Beta

  24. naruto mangá – 430

    Olá NERDs Narutomaníacos, este cap está muito foda na minha humilde opinião, naruto botando moral bonito, muito […]

    Tríade Nerd

  25. 5 Question for nurul

    Welcome to the 13th installment of 5 Questions. We’ve traveled far and wide in the last four months, hopping […]

    Flickr Blog

  26. Vaporize COMEX 2008-12-29

    Gold: 48.1% depleted. Delivery notices today: 5,200 oz.
    Silver: 46.3% depleted. Delivery notices today: 5,000 oz. […]

    Meltdown 2011

  27. Sure-Fire Club Penguin Mission 10 Walkthrough(Waddle Squad)! : )

    Update: I will have a party if I get 1 million hits, so keep visiting here!! Comment here if you just completed […]

    Club Penguin Cheats, Secrets, Guide, Glitches And Hints!! : )

  28. Brazilian forward is Arsenal’s first new year signing

    By Randy Osae
    Arsene Wenger’s premier legitimate signing for the new year is believed to be in the form of […]

    Arsenal SPOT by Randy Osae

  29. Os 10 micos brasileiros de 2008

    Os fatos que geraram constrangimento no país em 2008. Veja essa pequena retrospectiva. 1 – Ronaldo e os travecos […]

    *.: Girls Wireless :.*

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    Ang Dakilang Tambay

  31. Arsenal make ‘Homer’ first sensible signing, Arshavin next.

    So all the rumours about us letting Jay Simpson out on loan are bollocks and that’s the best bit of news during […]

    Le Grove

  32. The Worst Climate Predictions of 2008

    And yet to play out, let’s also not forget Al Gore’s 2008 prediction: “Entire north polar ice cap will […]

    Watts Up With That?

  33. kumpulan sms tahun baru – sms ucapan selamat tahun baru lucu unik indah romantis mesra – sms happy new year – sms […]

    kumpulan sms tahun baru – sms ucapan selamat tahun baru lucu unik indah romantis mesra – sms happy new year – sms […]

    Ainuamri’s Weblog

  34. Club Penguin Mission 10 Tutorial and Cheats – Waddle Squad

    Here is how to do Club Penguin’s Mission 10:
    Video Tutorial:

    Note: You may use this guide on your site put […]

    Club Penguin Cheats | Secrets | Glitches | Info

  35. 12.29.08 Big Bang on SBS Gayo DaeJun

    [MQ] DOWNLOAD: Big Bang’s Shocking Stage
    thanks to S님
    DOWNLOADS: 12.29.08 SBS Gayo Daejun
    Download: […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  36. Dear Liberal Party: That’s not actually an answer.

    … At least, not to the (relatively straightforward) question that was asked: 
    A spokeswoman for Mr. Ignatieff […]


    ΤΟ ΣΚΟΤΑΔΙ ΠΡΙΝ ΤΟ ΞΗΜΕΡΩΜΑ(από το Θωμά Γαζή και τη Μάρω […]


  38. SMS para felicitar el 2009

    Quería mandarte algo gracioso, increíble, tierno, sexy, salvaje, dulce, erótico y muy entretenido. Pero lo […]


  39. Live blog from the anchor desk 12/29/08

    Happy Monday! There’s a lot to talk about tonight and we want to hear from you. Join the conversation […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  40. Some guesses about the economy in 2009

    My guess, looking through the fog that surrounds us, is that the global economy is on the edge of a major event.  In […]

    Fabius Maximus

  41. Tor hardware privacy adapter

    The Janus team have published a preview of their new Privacy Adapter. It’s a small two port router. You just […]

    Hack a Day

  42. Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 13 [Fin]

    Looking back…
    Shall I say the Vampire Council is no more?  But I hope Takuma is still alive!
    On this note, the […]

    Fairchild’s Raging Domain

  43. Is Wenger About To Bring In Elano? – Arsene Admits Arsenal’s Money Worries

    “We already have many young players so, if we buy, it will be somebody who is ready to play straight away. A loan […]

    The Goon

  44. Bleigießen vorm Jahreswechsel

    Danke, Danke. Dankeschön. Kein Applaus, bitte… Man muss wirklich nicht Nostradamus sein, um ein Szenario […]

    Spirit of Entebbe

  45. 2009 NFL Mock Draft: Version 3.0

    Note: Order based on Standings as of the morning of 12/29/08. Until the deadline passes, I will assume that the players […]


  46. Abundancia y Prosperidad en Año Nuevo 2009

    Este 2009 debe comenzar con el pie derecho. Para esto te entregamos datos precisos y simples para hacer de tus cenas de […]

    5 Elementos – Feng Shui y Astrología China

  47. Kürtçe Kanal TRT-6 Uydu Frekansı

    TRT’nin kürtçe kanalı TRT-6 Türksat 3A uydusunun batı kapsamında test yayınına başladı.
    İşte TRT […]

    ankHaber-BloGlar KraLı

  48. 9X “show hàng” mừng Việt Nam chiến thắng

    Trong không khí nô nức chiến thắng Thái Lan trong trận lượt đi và chuẩn bị mừng chiến thắng […]


  49. لحظة وداع الحلقة 81 مدبلجة كاملة

    شاهد لحظة وداع الحلقة 81 كاملة مدبلجة
    شاهد مسلسل لحظة وداع الحلقة […]

    كليبات اغاني اخبار كرة قدم

  50. Ramalan sifat shio bintang zodiak feng shui tahun 2009

    Ramalan  shio tahun 2009 menurut  anda ramalan ini kusus untuk anda yang ingin diramal shio tahun 2009 di sini sangat […]

    Resek’s Blog

  51. House prices still too high?

    That’s what we’ve been saying, but here’s someone else saying the same thing. Prices are returning […]

    For What It’s Worth

  52. Fat humor that’s actually funny

    I was concerned when I read the first line of this week’s Shouts and Murmurs column in the New Yorker: […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  53. Douglas Barcellos: Morte Misteriosa

    Do Globo Online:
    A família do modelo e ator brasileiro Douglas Barcellos, encontrado morto em Portugal, aguarda para […]

    Cinema é Magia

  54. SMS Ucapan Selamat Tahun Baru 2009

    SMS Ucapan selamat Tahun Baru 2009 yang saya coba kumpulkan dari berbagai sumber dan ciptaan sendiri.  Semoga bisa […]

    Fightto Ohh !

  55. Kollel Man Killed R”L While Driving to Passaic from Baltimore.

    Baltimore, MD – Baltimore’s Ner Yisroel community joined their brothers worldwide in shock and grief upon […]

    Passaic – Clifton Jewish News

  56. No, your name is Lunch

    No, your name is Lunch hello Lunch
    mah Lunch iz in mah belleh.
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  57. A Christmas present from NNT

    Christmas is just a couple days away, and to show our thanks to all of you who’ve supported Novel Novice […]

  58. Pergunte para o Paulinho

    Tenho tido pouco tempo para interagir nos comentários.
    Confesso sentir falta.
    Todas as terças feiras, responderei as […]

    Blog do Paulinho

  59. Ejecucion cerca de la Central Camionera

    Ejecutan a un hombre cerca de la central camionera * Fausto Ovalle
    TIJUANA, Baja California(PH)
    A plena luz del día […]

    Narco Tijuana

  60. Bristol Palin, with insanely ginormous breasts, gives birth to a son.

    What I think is weird about this, aside from her gargantuan breasts, is that she named her son Tripp–which is […]

    girl du jour

  61. Sagopa Kajmer – Pesimist EP 5 “Kör Cerrah” Albüm indir

    Sagopa Kajmer – Pesimist EP 5 “Kör Cerrah”
    1. Sagopa Kajmer – Aşk Yok Artık
    2. Sagopa Kajmer – Ateşten […]


  62. “Solidarity” with “heroic” Gaza…where is our support for ISRAEL?!

    (More pictures and videos from the protest when you scroll down the page)
    An update on our ‘Hosts’ for […]

    the “silent” majority no more!

  63. Decida o seu réveillon – Rio de Janeiro, 2009

    Como um bom blog dedicado a serviços, não poderia deixar de fazer o meu post anual sobre o reveillon no Rio de […]

    Sem Destino

  64. מטוסי חיל האוויר מפציצים מטרות בצפון הרצועה

    מקורות פלשתינים מעזה מדווחים כי חייל האוויר ממשיך להפציץ מטרות […]

    עין כחולה-מודיעין אינטרנטי וחדשות

  65. Obama

    OBAMA: Because this shot of John McCain is NOT pretty.
    (Barack Obama)
    picture: dunno source, via our lol builder. lol […]

    Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more

  66. The Ticket

    The Ticket
    Sy comes home after his mother’s funeral to try to put the place in order.
    He goes up to the attic to […]

    Funny Jokes

  67. Viação Litoranea – Site.:

    Ou vá diretamente ao site da empresa na lista de Blogs, Litorânea – Acesso Site, ao seu lado esquerdo no monitor.

    CLUBE DO ÔNIBUS (“click” aqui para ver todas as fotos da página)

  68. Uncle Jay Explains: Year-end! 12-22-08

    u gotta see this! Perceptive and Funny!

    Sirlaugh’s Blog

  69. Tụt quần, khỏa thân mừng chiến thắng

    Tụt quần, khỏa thân mừng chiến thắng
    Có rất nhiều cách để ăn mừng bàn thắng của đội […]

    Numbertwo’s blog

  70. Census Projects New Year Population

    The Census Bureau projected today that the U.S. population will reach 305.5 million on New Year’s Day. […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  71. The 20 Best Films of 2008: a sneak peak at Film Comment’s year-end list!

    It’s an annual tradition. Every year Film Comment polls its many contributors and members of the critical […]

    the filmlinc blog

  72. Pitacos 2

    Vou aproveitar o post para acabar com algumas especulações Natalinas que insistem em ficar no ar.
    ·        O […]

    BLOG do Marcello Lima

  73. Der Zeitverlorene Protodrache

    Da ich in den letzten Tagen sehr viele Anfragen bezüglich des TLPD bekommen habe, dachte ich mir, trage ich hier mal […]

    Flauschis verdrehte Welt

  74. Previsões Astrológicas para 2009. Todos os signos.Horóscopo de 2009.O futuro sob uma perspectiva astrológica mundial

    Leia no Blog Época Estado Independente

    The Blogger

  75. Voldelige muslimske innvandrere og norske sosialister hånd i hånd.

    Leser i nyhetene at voldelige muslimske innvandrere og norske sosialister angriper det norske politiet i Oslos gater – […]


  76. La Receta de la Semana: Pierna de cerdo al horno.

    Bueno, ahora si podemos decir que nos contagiamos del aire navideño que se respira en estas epócas. Hoy es el último […]

    Rincón de un Escritor: su vida, su alma, sus pasiones.

  77. GUIA DE SOBREVIVÊNCIA PARA CEIA DE ANO-NOVO: Dicas, receitas, “rituais” e “simpatias” de réveillon.

    Após as comemorações e excessos gastronômicos do Natal, é hora de se preparar para começar tudo de novo: a ceia […]

    Dicas Interessantes

  78. adventures in plasmaland, part 1

    huzzah! I finally fixed all of plasma-overlay’s known bugs, and made the config ui actually work it only took a […]


  79. Staying & Going

    The Sun says we have turned down a £12 million bid for Craig Bellamy from Spurs – double their original bid. Cheeky […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  80. U.K. seeks to rein in Internet

    Culture secretary mulls film-style ratings
    The U.K. government is looking to impose tough restrictions on websites in […]

    Xenophilia (True Strange Stuff)

  81. Valeria Mazza & Family At The Beach

    Babyrazzi – Celebrity Baby Blog & Pregnancy News

  82. Simpson signs new contract ahead of Baggies loan move, + Barazite, Conte and Wellington

    Arsenal confirmed yesterday that Jay Simpson has signed a new long-term contract at the club prior to his loan spell […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  83. A Derby Countyval tárgyal Bobby Davison

    A hétvégén felmondott Paul Jewell, a Derby County menedzsere. […]

    Üllői út 129

  84. Patrocínio 2009: LG x Emirates

    Vou resumir sobre os patrocínios  a 2 dias do fim de 2008.
    JJ afirmou que a LG está perto de renovar.
    Porém, ele […]

    Blog do Zanquetta

  85. Social Media stats and demographics for 2008

    The questions came up again and again last week on Twitter: Does anyone know how many people use Twitter? Which cities […]

    The BrandBuilder Blog

  86. Buon Anno Glitter

    Buon Anno Glitter !!
    Dopo gli Auguri di Buon Natale non potevano mancare gli auguri di Buon Anno Glitter.
    “Appy […]

    Glitter Scritte Glitterate

  87. Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000 filtrado

    Vía un comentario aparece un torrent de un Windows 7 Build 7000, espero que sea real, pero me extraña que se haya […]

    Windows 7 Blog no oficial

  88. Foto Bugil Sarah Azhari Bersaudara

    Lagi!!! Dua foto kakak-beradik Sarah dan Rahma Azhari berpose tanpa busana. Foto-foto tersebut kembali beredar di […]

    Djokerz’s Blog

  89. The Playstation 3: My Rant

    It has been a while since I last posted anything on Rumble My Joystick, but lately I’ve been having a lot of […]

    Rumble My Joystick

  90. Iltalehti ja sensuurin mustat pilvet

    Alla olevassa kuvassa on kaappaus Iltalehden nettisivusta 24. joulukuuta kello 13:04:03 (GMT). Asiassa ei ole […]

    Octaviuksen ajatuksia

  91. 50 Cent Mp3 Dinle Yeni Son Albüm Şarkıları Dinleme

    50 Cent’in şarkılarını dinlemek için tıklayın: 50 Cent Şarkıları
    Bu da alternatif bir bir link.. […]

    Albüm Dinle Şarkı Dinle Müzik Dinleme

  92. Saipull Liwat Kembali… Dekat Nak PRK ?

    Saiful: “6 bulan lalu paling mencabar dalam hidup saya” Pengalaman sejak Jun lalu bagaikan […]


  93. Predictiile mele pentru 2009

    Leul va cunoaste o evolutie descendenta in fata euro, pana la (probabil) un curs de 4,3-4.5 . Asta va duce la o […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  94. Here, Rashid, one more defendant if you dare sue!

    Star online reports today that ‘past the expiry date’ Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman’s hastily extended […]

    The People’s Parliament

  95. Pengumuman Hasil Seleksi CPNS Seluruh Kabupaten dan Kota se-Jawa Tengah

    Hari ini, Rabu 31 Desember 2008 adalah hari yang ditunggu seluruh peserta ujian CPNS di 35 kota dan kabupaten […]

    Creative Computer

  96. Hedgies Still Hearing “Redemption Song”

    “Redemption Calls“, sung to the tune of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.
    Old clients, yes they call […]

  97. More on the origins of Hathos

    From a guy who ought to know:
    This is Alex Heard, coiner of the word “hathos.”
    Great Web site. Could you do […]

    The Hathos

  98. sXe 7.4 indir

     sxe injected 7.4 çok ğeçmeden sizinle.
    Sxe 7.4

    Download […]

    sXe 7.4 | sXe 7.5 | sxe injected,download,indir,son,sürüm,full,rapidshare

  99. O Convite

    Um mapa:

    O mapa impresso em papel vegetal ficou assim: […]

    Mulheres (Im) Possíveis

  100. Ktunnel & Vtunnel – Youtube Giriş Yöntemi – Özgür İnternet

    M.S  999 yıllarında yasaklanan internet siteleri arasında en çok takip ettiğimiz gibi sitelere […]

    Haleti Ruhiyye

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