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December 11, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Joe ‘The Plumber’ ‘appalled’ with McCain

    Joe 'The Plumber' Wurzelbacher said he was 'appalled' with some of what McCain said.

    (CNN) – […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. The Many Ways to Configure Your New Dashboard

    Back in the day (a week ago), what you saw was what you got when it came to your dashboard. Now, you’ve got total […] News

  3. Broccoli Kitten Demands His Nom Nom

    Translation: Mah brolly! Gimme mah… nom nom nom. There are lots of cats and kittens that like to eat broccoli. […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  4. PengWIN

    Submitted by Kevin

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  5. Carlos en el Messenger

    Este es el nick actual de mi hermano Carlos (de nueve años de edad):

    Y es que las cosas nunca tendrían que dejar de […]

    El último que cierre la puerta

  6. Letter to a Frazzled America

    Do you have the jitters? Are you frazzled over the global economic crisis? Do you worry about your job? Do you fear […]

    FOX Forum

  7. Shin Ae Moving On

    “From now on, fighting!” That was a sentence that accompanied photos of Shin Ae which she uploaded to her […]

    Coolsmurf Domain

  8. On the Record Live Vote!


  9. De echte Bloot foto’s van Do Playboy Sneak-preview!, More Bloot for your Do part 3..

    Wel een beetje Kool.. die shoots..
    Bekijk ook de nieuwe ECHTE NIEUWE PLAYBOY FOTO’S in ons nieuwe PART 4 […]

  10. Your best shot of 2008

    Close your eyes, think back over the the last year and picture (no pun intended) your best photo and/or video. When […]

    Flickr Blog

  11. Liberals right to be upset with President-elect Obama?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    According to a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll, 79-percent of Americans approve of the […]

    Cafferty File

  12. T.R. Knight Asks to Leave Grey’s Anatomy

    Seattle Grace is about to lose another doctor. Grey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight, who has played lovable intern […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  13. The Top 26 Ridiculously Hot Calendars of 2009

    With Detroit failing, Wall Street falling, houses foreclosing and unemployment rising, 2009 is looking like it’s […]

    COED Magazine

  14. [POPspot] Boys over Flowers

    More stills floating around the internet of the upcoming and highly anticipated drama, “Boys over Flowers.”


  15. Now Gravified

    I still remember the post Matt made back when we announced that we’d acquired… “Of […]

    Gravatar Blog

  16. Den största “cover up” i blogghistorien

    Mystiken tätnar, den första bilden ser “ovanligt rak ut” och är förmodligen photoshoppad. Den andra […]


  17. The Portis/Zorn Radio Apocalypse!!!!!!! (Kind Of)

    As I was driving back to Redskins Park from Antwaan Randle El’s charity event today, I was listening to Clinton […]

    The Official Blog of The Washington Redskins

  18. Week 15 playoff scenarios

    Kudos to the NFL officials who sit down and map out exactly what it will take for each team to clinch a playoff spot. […] Blogs

  19. Emo: Older Than You Think

    It comes as no particular surprise that my writing advice to teens occasionally irritates teenagers, many of whom do […]


  20. Raquel de Gran Hermano desnuda en Interviu

    Me acabo de enterar por Mercedes Milá de esta noticia, y como viene siendo tradición entre las grandes hermanas, le […]

    El mamarrachi

  21. 21 spotless days and solar magnetic field still in a funk

    We are now at 21 days with no sunspots, it will be interesting to see if we reach a spotless 30 day period and then […]

    Watts Up With That?

  22. African Tip Drill

    This may be call the African “Tip Drill,” but the pimp-looking chap definitely isnt the African Nelly. In […]

    Illseed Blog

  23. Acrylic tumbler lock

    Sometimes describing how a lock actually works can be the hardest part of teaching someone about lockpicking. [Mike […]

    Hack a Day

  24. Sony Cuts 8,000 Jobs — Time to Cut the PS3, Too?

    With the economy deep in the throes of a recession, the only question these days is who — or what — is […]


  25. O Verdadeiro Menino Guerreiro

    Assim se descobre a fibra de um governante, a sua coragem, o seu poder de choque. Com uma maioria absoluta José […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  26. Genetic Programming: Evolution of Mona Lisa

    [EDIT] Added FAQ here:
    This weekend I decided to […]

    Roger Alsing Weblog

  27. Wonder Girls @ 23rd Golden Disk Awards Red Carpet 081210

    The Wonder Girls stepped onto the red carpet at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards Ceremony this evening at 6.24pm. Sun […]

    Wonder Girls Wonderland

  28. Corinthians terá Ronaldo e novo patrocinador

    Leia no link abaixo os detalhes de:
    Entre a apresentação de Ronaldo, na próxima […]

    N i l n e w s @ K i m i n d a s

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    sXe Injected 7.2 yayınlandı.Bu versiyonda yer alanlar;
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  30. Beat 360° 12/9/08

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°?
    Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will join in […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  31. Fenerbahçe Dinamo Kiev Maçı Star TV Biss Keyleri Uydu Şifreleri (10 Aralık 2008)

    Turksat 42.0°E
    11794 H 05632Ident: 1FFF
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  32. Trouble in the (99-cent) App Store

    With 10,000 applications and 300 million downloads in less than four months, Apple’s iPhone may be the most […]

    Apple 2.0

  33. What Shoes Would Jesus Wear?

    Well, the holidays are upon us and many of you are asking about the War On Christmas.  I wasn’t aware the holiday […]

    Margaret and Helen

  34. Qip 8080

    Und wieder einmal versucht ICQ alle alten oder nicht original-ICQ Clients zu entfernen, indem diese sich nicht mehr mit […]

    Flo`s Weblog

  35. Two Games, But One Big Night for Arsenal Youth

    Following 5 weeks of stop-start playing for Arsenal’s Reserves and Youth teams, Gooners can look forward to a double […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  36. Sacan la versión 2 del video XXX de Noelia, es una canallada dice

    Noelia y su marido Jorge Reynoso calificaron como una canallada la aparición otra vez del video donde […]

    La Columnaria Blog /Crítica TV

  37. άρθρο 11 του συντάγματος

    Από χθες το μεσημέρι δόθηκε εντολή στις αστυνομικές δυνάμεις να […]

    Στέφανος Ν. Παπανώτας

  38. Libera Ejército a secuestrado

    Logra Ejército liberación de secuestrado * Luis Gerardo Andrade
    TIJUANA, Baja California(PH)
    Después de un largo […]

    Narco Tijuana

  39. Coldplay, 4 de septiembre de 2009 en Barcelona

    Es una broma, ¿verdad? Yo quiero escribir sobre otras cosas, ¡pero no me dejan! ¿Alguien me explica qué tiene de […]


  40. Wesley Carroll to Transfer

    UPDATE: Confirmed, by a source involved in the transfer, that Carroll is transferring to FIU. Carroll could not be […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke

  41. The Ruby Community Rocks

    The last time we checked in, I was delivering the bad news about having to let a bunch of my team go. I received a lot […]

    evan.musing << current

  42. Dominic Mallary deceased

    Another sad day for hardcore. Dominic Mallary, singer of American hardcoreband Last Lights deceased last night. […]

    Never Go Inside

  43. BlagoGate: Obama’s Burden

    At a news conference just now, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald made very clear that he had uncovered no evidence of […]

    Swampland –

  44. Funny Quotes – Funny Jokes

    Funny Quotes
    Funny Jokes
    In Hillary Clinton’s new book ‘Living History,’ Hillary details what it was […]

    Funny Jokes

  45. Wrotnowski Application Referred to Full Court by Justice Scalia – Distributed for Conference on Dec 12 – Supplemental […]

    PRESS RELEASE: 12.08.08 7:20 pm
    Cort Wrotnowski’s emergency application for a stay and/or injunction as to the […]

    Natural Born Citizen

  46. JMS 2008,… Honda Blade vs Yamaha Vega-ZR …!!!

    Well… mungkin pada ajang JMS 2008 inilah,… terjadi ‘kumite’ antara dua musuh bebuyutan yaitu […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  47. I write Michael Ignatieff’s acceptance speech

    Generally speaking, losing an election sucks. But losing an election as a political aide isn’t all that bad because […]

  48. Piratpartiet har inte en chans

    Det spekuleras i om Piratpartiet kommer ha en chans att ta sig in i EU-parlamentet. Jag tror fortfarande inte de har en […]

    Kent Persson (m) blogg

  49. Blagojevich Arrested

    Via CBS2, Chicago:
    Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich and his Chief of Staff, John Harris, were arrested today by FBI […]

    td blog

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  51. An airport-inspired puzzle

    I was recently at an international airport, trying to get from one end of a very long terminal to another.  It […]

    What’s new

  52. Breaking Knicks News!


    Bread City Basketball

  53. FOTO: Espirito Santo leva Beleza na Comunidade Brasil

    Após 2 anos de testes e 135 garotas selecionadas, o Concurso Beleza na Comunidade Brasil, idealizado pela top Ana […]

    MINHA AUDIENCIA DE TV-Nosso Objetivo é Você!!

  54. Ver Real madrid Zenit San Petesburgo gratis y en directo, (futbol online)

    Aquí os dejamos ver el partido de la ultima jornada de la fase de grupos de la Champions, grupo H el Real madrid se […]

    La órbita cínica

  55. B.o.B. Gets Nintendo Love

    So B.o.B.’s “Created a Monster” is the song of choice for the new Nintendo DS commercial. While the […]

  56. N-au luat sapte

    Gabi Muresan poate sa doarma linistit. N-au luat sapte. Au luat doar doua pe finalul unui basm european la care au […]

    Nea Caisa

  57. The President-elect has not yet been exonerated

    According to Peter Flaherty, President of an ethics group, the National Legal and Policy Center, Obama cannot distance […]

    The Confluence

  58. Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune
    Graph by Bengal_Tigger, via our GraphJam builder.
    » Wanna make your own? Go for it!

    GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them.

  59. WTF

    WTF: Sometimes there is no explanation. This is one of those times.
    (Tina Turner)
    picture: dunno source, via our lol […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  60. Scrisori din banci. “Daca ma disponibilizeaza?”

    Tot mai multi oameni din banci imi scriu, speriati ca pe fondul crizei economice globale, ar putea ramane pe drumuri. […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  61. [ATUALIZADO DE NOVO. Agora com novos pôsteres] Veja um trailer vazado sei lá de onde de Dragonball Evolution

    Fomos pegos de surpresa. Tem um vídeo do filme no ar e ninguém sabe da onde surgiu! Agora já sabemos da onde surgiu […] | Cultura Pop para Lisos!

  62. QIP und ICQ 5 funktionieren nicht mehr

    Seit heute ist es nicht mehr möglich sich mit ICQ 5.1 und QIP einzuloggen. Wenn man sich versucht einzuloggen kommt […]


  63. My Craigslist Pickup Ad

    It’s time to reveal the Craigslist ad I use to successfully pick up chicks online. This isn’t a template; […]

    Roissy in DC

  64. “SÅNN er det motsatte kjønn!”

    For litt siden kom jeg over en forum-diskusjon gjennom en link på Dagbladet. En dame fortalte om mannen sin som ikke […]


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  66. Dear Oprah

    Dear Oprah,
    Please just stop. Please. And I don’t mean that in a nasty way (though some of my commenters […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  67. Αλέξης Γρηγορόπουλος ένα παιδί, ένα κλάμα όλη η χώρα

    Αλέξη να είσαι ο τελευταίος.
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  68. Who is Mr. Pizza?

    love for women – who is mr. pizza – who could have made this fresh, chewy, and light tasting pizza – mr pizza knows […]

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  69. FIRST LOOK: Ellen DeGeneres’s CoverGirl Ads!

    Courtesy CoverGirl Ellen DeGeneres has been gearing up for her first beauty campaign as the face of CoverGirl and […]

    Off the Rack – StyleWatch –

  70. Obama: ‘No Contact’ With Blago

    Speaking briefly to the press pool this afternoon at his Transition headquarters in Chicago, President-elect Obama said […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  71. “I Want to Do What I Do in My Heart” by Orison

    Orison has been writing songs lately in which the title is all the lyrics.
    Here’s what’s topping the charts at our […]

    22 Words

  72. Holy Crap!!

    Holy Crap, you never think an international news event is going to happen right in your own neighborhood. I was on the […]

    Sandy Huffaker Jr. Blog

  73. Me despido

    Bueno, mucho trabajo me ha costado tomar la decisión, pero al final creo que aparcaré Think Ubuntu de forma […]

    Think Ubuntu

  74. Esclarecimentos sobre a MP nº 449/2008 (que trata de anistia, remissão e parcelamento de dívidas tributárias […]

    Esclarecimentos sobre a MP nº 449/2008 (que trata de anistia, remissão e parcelamento de dívidas tributárias […]

    RFB Além dos muros corporativistas

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  76. CÓmo Rellenar La AutobaremaciÓn Para El Concurso De Acceso a Personal Laboral FIJO. Boja 239 De 2 De Diciembre De 2008

    En el punto […]

    Asociación Socio-Cultural para jóvenes sevillanos (FETEJU)

  77. It’s Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas

    I am so in the doghouse…….not just a little bit ………….a lot. Apparently, I […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  78. Stop Sharing Your Twitter Credentials

    This post is mainly a response to this: […]


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  81. Senate Sets Deadline for Resolution in December.

    The Senate just released an update that says, essentially, unless a resolution is met before December 15th there will […]

    York Strike 2008

  82. La lámpara de seguridad

    En 1813 se reconoció a Humphry Davy, el científico más extravagante de aquellos días, como el verdadero inventor […]

    La ciencia de tu vida

  83. Sorteio

    Achei que precisava de uma glamourizada para comemorar a recém inauguração do blog, então resolvi sortear um […]

    Coisas de Diva

  84. Soulja Boy Disses Charles Hamilton (Video)

    How ironic is it that thisiscurtis pushes this beef after all the bullshit that was pulled on the latest Charles […]


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  86. Perfect Defender 2009 – 3 Removal Solutions

    Here we go again, or should it be – here we go still!
    Add Perfect Defender 2009 to the massive number of rogue security […]

    Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts

  87. Open Thread Nancy Grace Show 12/9

    Caylee Anthony

  88. Let there be joy to everyone this Christmas!

    “Joy to Everyone This Christmas” is a free music video with a message of hope that all people experience […]

    Joy to Everyone this Christmas

  89. Porto in the Carling Cup tonight. Big game little team.

    Ok you could be forgiven thinking we are playing in the Carling cup tonight, Simpson, Merida, Hoyte, Ramsey, Randall, […]

    Le Grove

  90. Hitachi, Canon, Toshiba y Honda prescindirán de empleados “no regulares”


    La crisis financiera global sigue cobrando víctimas en el archipiélago japonés. Esta vez, Hitachi, Canon, […]

  91. Daddy’s Little Girl

    Rapper T.I. a.k.a Clifford Harris is pictured with his daughter Deyja Imani Harris. In all T.I has five other […]

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  92. Dragonball: Evolution – Trailer + Poster Oficiais

    Assista abaixo ao trailer completo de Dragonball: Evolution.

    Trailer legendado em português-BR:

    Legendas por: […]

    Dragonball o Filme

  93. Russia getting ready for action in the Middle East

    Russian navy squadron sets off for Mediterranean

    Navy spokesman Igor Dygalo announced that two flotillas from the […]

    Godssecret’s Weblog

  94. Trailer Japonés de Dragon Ball: Evolution

    Desde /Film aparece un nuevo trailer de Dragon Ball: Evolution que califican de ridículo.  ¿Qué piensa mi […]


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  96. Chris Petersen Aftermath: An Interview with Sparty

    In case you weren’t around on Friday last week you may have missed the frenzy that was created in all of Idaho […]

    Sparty & Friends

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    Ak Parti Belediye Başkan Aday Adaylarına aşağıdaki haritadan ulaşabilirsiniz.

    Ak Parti Belediye Başkan Aday […]

    2009 Yerel Seçimleri

  98. Attunement to Dalaran (or How to Get to Dalaran, According to Chat)

    Welcome to […]

    Critical QQ

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  100. Pão e Circo

    “É claro que foi uma contratação eleitoreira”
    “O Andres Sanches contratou o Ronaldo apenas para se […]

    Blog do Paulinho

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