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December 5, 2008: Top Posts

  1. 2.7 Gets Here in Two Days!

    As promised, here is the advance notice that WordPress 2.7 is coming to, and will go live on Thursday, […] News

  2. GOP congresswoman hangs up on Obama — twice

    Above: Pre-election Obama makes a slightly smoother call.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) –A Florida congresswoman – […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  3. The Life-and-Death Cost of Gun Control

    By John R. Lott, Jr.
    Author/Senior Research Scholar, University of Maryland
    Banning guns is in the news. India […]

    FOX Forum

  4. How Windows Users are Changing Linux and What We Should Do About It

    There is no doubt that people are leaving Windows, many going to the Mac and some are turning to Linux. This is partly […]

    Linux Canuck’s Weblog

  5. Liveblogging the PM’s visit to Rideau Hall

    ITQ will be joining the media stakeout on the Governor General’s doorstep this morning – check back at 9ish for […]

  6. Bell Ringer Fail

    Submitted by David D

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  7. Boa climbs on U.S. Billboard charts

    Whoa. With all the promotions and recent exposure, even if it’s not A-list was enough for Boa’s U.S. debut track […]


  8. Does Gov. Rendell owe Gov. Napolitano an apology?

    Rendell mused that Napolitano would be perfect as the head of the Department of Homeland Security because she has […]

    Cafferty File

  9. “Por favor, quítamelo”

    Salgo de trabajar. Estoy cansado y además me duele la espalda, porque me ha tocado estar moviendo cajas en el taller. […]

    Ñiiiiiiiickkk!!! Brooooummm!!!

  10. On the Record Live Vote!


  11. The Hudsons Were Killed Over This Woman????

    Posted by Bossip Staff

    Get this, prosecutors allege that no-good thug William Balfour killed everyone because of […]

  12. Real Housewives of Orange County: Vicki’s Family Drama

    Tuesday’s episode had the Housewives hopping into a limo and heading to L.A. for a day at a (very expensive) spa. […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  13. The 120% Solution

    Location: Mahalo HQ, Santa Monica, CA
    Monday, December 3rd, 7:30PM PST.
    Word Count: 1,612 (a short one)
    Jason’s […]

    The Jason Calacanis Weblog

  14. 10,000 iPhone apps — for real this time

    Late last week, several news outlets reported that 10,000 iPhone applications had been released on the iTunes App Store […]

    Apple 2.0

  15. Vaporize COMEX countDOWN

    Click the link below for the most recent charts.
    Vaporize COMEX CountDOWN

    Meltdown 2011

  16. Beat 360° 12/03/08

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°?
    Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will join in […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  17. Xbox 360 portable

    A couple months ago we posted [Ben Heck]’s in-progress photos of his Xbox 360 laptop (with links to his other […]

    Hack a Day

  18. SBI Clerk Interview Result – – crpd – –

    SBI Clerk Interview Result – – crpd – –
    Information on SBI Clerk […]

    India Hindu Festivals Holidays Calendar 2009

  19. Poke A 2008 Victoria’s Secret Model…On Facebook

    Want to poke a supermodel? Of course you do! So why not poke the hottest supermodels on the planet – the 35 lovely […]

    COED Magazine

  20. Sarah Palin’s accomplishments are greater because she did it with half a brain.

    For those of you who actually read more than one article deep, you know that I was all ready to leave Sarah Palin […]

    Margaret and Helen

  21. Global Warming is over! once every decade or so …

    It’s true, just like the Deniers say, Global Warming is over … again, and again, and again. Not as often as […]


  22. Why Twitter Didn’t Sell to Facebook — Really

    The New York Times’ Claire Miller attended a Churchill Club function to fete Twitter co-founder Evan Williams […]


  23. Lawn Jarts

    From Wikipedia:
    Lawn darts (also called Jarts or yard darts) is a lawn game for two players or teams. A lawn dart set […]

    Once Upon A Win: Epic Wins from when we were kids

  24. On the Field for Practice – 12/3

    The first December day of practice, crisp and cool. If there was a mood or tenor to practice today, I’d have to […]

    The Official Blog of The Washington Redskins

  25. Herta Berlin – Galatasaray UEFA Maç sonucu, golleri, puan durumu – video

    Galatasaray 2. turda…
    UEFA kupası B grubu son maçında Alman ekibi Herta Berlin ile karşı karşıya gelen […]

    yeni posta

  26. Our Vision for Generation 4 Modular Data Centers – One way of Getting it just right . . .


    Data Centers are a hot topic these days. No matter where you look, this once obscure aspect of infrastructure is […]


  27. Countdown to WordPress 2.7 now features a Countdown to WordPress 2.7 on blogger’s Administration Panels. It is clicking off […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  28. [Links: Futbol en VIVO] Cruz Azul vs Atlante – Dic 3 – Semifinales – Futbol de Mexico

    Links – Streams – Deportes en Directo Live Streams – Deportes en Directo.
    ¿Donde puedo ver el partido de futbol […]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  29. Hey, Alaskans! Sarah Palin Owes Us $8720.

    Another day, another ethics challenge for the Palin administration. This one involves (brace yourselves) failure to […]


  30. Too rude?

    Kieran sent me this. I am sorely tempted to use it when people email me to ask, what is your telephone number, mailing […]

    The Edge of the American West

  31. Are we being distracted from asking where is Bala?

    I really see an obvious plan here. A lot of issues grabbing the headlines these days seem to have only one purpose: to […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  32. Report: Tuberville Out

    UPDATE: Here is the official release from Auburn.

    Today just got busier. Or it will, for me. The Birmingham […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke

  33. Publishing Asks Why It Is In a Rapidly Descending Handbasket

    Yesterday I received a few solicitous inquiries from friends and/or fans asking if Wednesday’s massive publishing […]


  34. Svenska skivproducenten/låtskrivaren David Jassy gripen för mord(alt. dråp)/misshandel i Los Angeles

    David Jassy, 1974-04-11, är skriven i Solna, Stockholm.
    David Jassy sitter gripen sedan i söndags morse, 2008-11-23, […]

    Politiskt Inkorrekt

  35. Tis the season for… bokeh!

    It’s that time of year when a gorgeous wash of holiday bokeh flows through the Flickrverse. With a sheet of […]

    Flickr Blog

  36. Did Tina Fey’s scar affect her career?

    You’ve doubtless heard all the buzz about the January Vanity Fair cover flaunting Tina Fey, as photographed by […]

    Work In Progress –

  37. Now that’s a coat.

    What happened to Barack Obama’s coattails?
    Obama must be mad, very disappointed in the State of Georgia and the […]

    td blog

  38. Can I Borrow $.99 for the New Common Album (Mixtape)

    In light of Common selling his upcoming album, Universal Mind Control, for $.99; 247HH and DJ Kid Cut Up team up for […]


  39. Mumbai Terror: Evidence being deliberately ignored!

    Dan Qayyum | Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz .com

    Strange that none of the media (TV or Print) have picked this up at all. […]

    Pak Alert Press

  40. Balacera en Otay: 2 Liberados y 4 Detenidos

    Confirman: cuatro detenidos y dos secuestrados libres
    *.- No se informó de los militares lesionados ni de las personas […]

    Narco Tijuana

  41. Who Wears Their Top Hat Best: Britney, Madonna or Heidi?

    Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin; Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Marion Curtis/Startraks Hollywood is starting to look an awful lot […]

    Off the Rack – StyleWatch –

  42. 120308_wagoner2

    FOX Embeds

  43. Rezultate alegeri parlamentare Romania la 30 Noiembrie 2008

    Descarcati de aici Rezultatele Alegerilor Parlamentare din Romania , dupa centralizarea 100% a voturilor!
    Cine va […]

    Cuibul lui Cip-Cirip

  44. The Answer Is: what is a dress blue weather station?

    You may recall last week I wrote about the NWS Upton, New York Forecast Office that was on the TV quiz show […]

    Watts Up With That?

  45. Decreto ANTICRISI. Bonus Famiglia: Ecco Le Condizioni Per Accedere

    02.12.2008 Riportiamo  un articolo tratto dal sole 24ore che riporta modalita’ ,forme, procedure e requisiti per […]

  46. Profile 2.0 Theme Editor is here!

    Due to popular demand, we now have a new option on our current theme editor to tweak the themes for MySpace’s 2.0 […]

    CoolChaser Blog

  47. Arsenal Shocker: Wenger To Spend Money?!

    Arsene Wenger might not be known for splashing the cash and yet if yesterday’s rumours are to be believed, he’s […]

  48. Quick question…

    Why has YouTube suddenly become so awful? Does anyone know? Search boxes in the embeds…ads popping up while […]

    Why, That’s Delightful!

  49. Não Faz Sentido

    Ministra admite substituir modelo de avaliação no próximo ano lectivo
    «Uma vez iniciada este ano uma avaliação […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  50. Hip-hop Has Been HIJACKED…BY the Free Masons?

    Has Hip-Hop been hijacked by the free masons? A couple big time conspiracy theorists make a compelling argument.

    Illseed Blog

  51. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

    Front view of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Photographed at the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. […]

    Dutch Ghetto

  52. Arsene reads The Goon! Agger swoop possible?

    Well, it looks like Arsene Wenger is a goon fan because i pleaded with him to keep Jay Simpson and it looks like he […]

    The Goon

  53. CONTRAN – Faróis de Xenon estão proibidos

    Os faróis de xenônio, um acessório instalado em milhares de veículos no Brasil está com os dias contados. […]

    Drive News – Consultoria automotiva, novidades, fotos & vídeos

  54. Coup leader Stephane Dion sends video from his bunker (late)

    Unfortunately for Stephane Dion and his coalition of the swilling, sheer incompetence prevented him from getting his […]

    Flaggman’s Canada

  55. Broken Hearts/broken Trust, Broken Like Match Sticks



  56. Pensamientos

    Esta mañana me he despertado con una mala noticia en el televisor: una explosion de gas en Barcelona, y lo que es mas […]

    Ubuntu Life

  57. Nokia N97: the ultimate Facebook device

    UPDATE: here’s a short video of the N97 in action last night at dinner.
    I have a second video that shows the […]

    Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

  58. The bigger picture…

    3903 Strike vs McJobs in the University Teaching Sector
    Published on 30 Nov 2008 at 10:42 am

    Precarious Employment […]

    York Strike 2008

  59. sXe Injected 7.1 | FuLL İndir

    sXe Injected 7.1 yayınlandı.Bu versiyonda yer alanlar;
    * Düzentilen : Modül onaylanması
    * Düzentilen : Windows XP […]

    Counter Strike sXe wALL Hack – Counter Strike Yama – Counter Strike Hackler [ Speed Hack |Aim ]

  60. Efectos ópticos de la relatividad especial

    Una de las grandes dificultades para la comprensión de algunos de los ya de por sí antiituitivos fenómenos asociados […]

    La Singularidad Desnuda

  61. Smrt sina Marine Tucaković – NAJNOVIJE INFORMACIJE

    Iako su pojedini mediji već objavili da je uzrok smrti Miloša Radulovića, sina Marine Tucaković, prekomerna […]

    Tracarenje Blog

  62. Kansas City Star – Just Like Msnbc – Gets the Donofrio Scotus Story Wrong, Very Wrong

    [UPDATE 4:48 pm]
    Rick Montgomery just called me from the Kansas City Star and admitted he wasn’t aware that my […]

    Natural Born Citizen

  63. Alexandra Avram, în **** mea !!! 🙂 Mesaj pentru Adi Despot

    De ieri, clipul ăsta circulă într-o veselie pe mailuri şi pe messenger. Apropo, pe Youtube are peste 200.000 de […]


  64. childhood is short

    childhood is short immaturity is forever
    picture: pocket_rocket. lol caption: Zerana
    » Recaption This

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  65. وسائط عيد الاضحى (( حصري ومتميز )) 2009

    خلوني اسابق الناس .. واعايدكم .. بعيد الاضحى المبارك ..
    واهديكم صور […]

    مدونتي Majeed

  66. Gissa videobloggaren, del 2

    Då kör vi igen, vem är videobloggaren? Den här gången har jag gjort det mycket svårare. Maila mig erat svar på […]


  67. O único “campeão de tudo”

     O Inter era favorito, ninguém discute. Tomou um gol de bola parada e se perdeu em campo. O técnico ajudou, ao meu […]

    Blog do RicaPerrone

  68. If You Want Loyalty…. Get A Dog!

    The brains behind the Ruralshire Constabulary Instant Arse Covering Unit at Headquarters have published their response […]


  69. Proteste ale suporterilor croati la Udinese – Dinamo Zagreb 2-1

    Meciul din Grupa D a Cupei UEFA disputat aseara pe Stadio Friuli intre Udinesse Calcio si Dinamo Zagreb a fost marcat […]

    Un colt ultra’ uitat de lume

  70. Sandra’s Sources | Dress Rehearsal


    Inside the Webster Temporary, a mural by the French artist Christophe Brunnquell.
    T Magazine’s Senior Editor […]

    The Moment

  71. How many Muppets…

    How many Muppets… died for this dress?
    Madonna and A Rod are heating up (via INO)
    picture: dunno […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  72. پارک ضد دین و خلاف اسلام !

    یالعجب !


  73. Joulukalenteri 2008 – Luukku 4

    Tässä neljännen luukun kokemukset.
    Pinja kirjoitti:
    Äitini ja hänen siskonsa oli Tiinalla (nimi muutettu) […]

  74. Open thread The Nancy Grace Show!! December 3rd

    Alright, Alright, folks, here’s the scoop. I’m getting really close to having the new site all configured […]

    Caylee Anthony

  75. Lancer un jeu gravé sur Wii sans puce

    Bon, toutes les consoles ont eu leur petit billet spécialisé. Il manquait plus que la Wii… c’est chose […]

    TrustBe Or Not !

  76. bilderrätseli

    in unserer wohnung zu saugen ist eine wahre freude – den liebhabern des fröhlischen klickern und klackerns in der […]


  77. Arsene on Loans and Burnley

    The fallout from the Carling Cup exit has been the talk of the Arsenal during the last twenty-four hours. Mikael […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  78. Russell Westbrook is Similar to Derrick Rose?

    On Tuesday – in the midst of my daily scan of TrueHoop – I came across the following item in the daily bullets:
    Per […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  79. Cartoon Particles

    by Markus Hofko. Click the photos to see who they are are!


  80. Slovenia Totally Looks Like Running Chicken

    Slovenia Totally Looks Like a Running Chicken
    Submitted by anon
    » Think you can do better? Make your own!

    Totally Looks Like… Famous People and Celeb Look-A-Likes

  81. Jag erkänner: Jag förstår mig inte längre på lagstiftningscirkeln

    Igår satt jag och läste igenom lagrådsremissen angående den långgående implementeringen av det s.k. […]

    Mårten Schultz.

  82. Thursday: Rove makes a point

    Karl Rove says that McCain couldn’t compete against Obama’s money advantage.  Karl forgets that the media […]

    The Confluence

  83. curtain call

    File this one under lost opportunities.
    I’m very proud of the show we’ve put together for this tour and […]

    Nine Inch Nails – Blog & Media Archive

  84. Cut It Out!

    Like all food trends, Christmas cookies have come and gone throughout the years, as bakers search for the newest and […]


  85. محاصره تماشاچیان در استادیوم

    My Weblog

  86. Nicole & Keith With Sunday Rose

    Babyrazzi – Celebrity Baby Blog & Pregnancy News

  87. Yaprak Dökümü 93. Bölüm

    Yaprak Dökümü 93. Bölüm – 3 Aralık Çarşamba
    Evde büyük bir fırtına kopuyor.
    İşyerindeki mahcubiyeti her […]

    Dizi Özetleri

  88. Wal-mart

    WAL-MART: Giving new meaning to the term “killer deals”
    picture: dunno source, via our lol builder. lol […]

    Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more

  89. Whose Half-sister is This?

    Hint: This is the half-sister of a well known hip-hop mogul’s son.

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  90. Vanesa Carbone se desnudó en Chile.

    La modelo y ex novia de Carlos Tévez protestó sin ropa en la embajada de Japón, en la capital trasandina

    La […]

    Garito Comunicacion

  91. Tuna Noodle Casserole

    I used to love tuna noodle casserole when I was little. Who doesn’t? It’s rich and creamy and delicious! I […]

    The Crepes of Wrath

  92. The Sound Of?

    I truly believe that life now, at the precise second I am writing this blog thingy, is better than it was a moment ago. […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  93. Brown Concedes CA’s 4th District

    Democrat Charlie Brown, running in California’s 4th District, conceded the race to Republican Tom McClintock […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  94. Seiyu inicia una singular campaña de rebaja de precios en todo el Japón

    Con el objeto de incrementar sus ventas y atraer mayor número de clientes la cadena de supermercados Seiyu […]

  95. Updated THUR. A.M.–MIKE Leach-tigers-huskies-tall Agents and Drama, Not Bad for a Wednesday

    Good evening West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were . . .

    The Williams and Hyatt Show Blog

  96. Galatasaray herta berlin canli izle watch online d smart trt justin tv

    Game is gunna start at 21:45 ( Turkey ) 2.45 ( USA )
    You can watch the game at – > or […] Seo Yarışması – Hack Of Turkey illegaL Attack

  97. Chilled Wine?

    I have been forbidden to dress the cats, and I never thought I’d be dressing a bottle of wine, but these are […]

    Knitsburgh: where steel meets wool

  98. Bocoran soal-soal Ujian Tes Seleksi Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil???!!!!! (Bagian 2)

    66. Dalam suatu rapat pimpinan, ada sejawat saya yang tidak sependapat dengan usulan saya. Sikap
    saya […]

    My Name is Faisal Saleh

  99. Portis, Barber sit; Jackson to see more touches

    Running backs are going to be a little dinged up and miss practice this late in the season. And it’s going to […] Blogs

  100. Ak Parti Belediye Başkan Adayları

    Ak Parti Belediye Başkan Aday Adaylarına aşağıdaki haritadan ulaşabilirsiniz.

    Ak Parti Belediye Başkan Aday […]

    2009 Yerel Seçimleri

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