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November 30, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Bush reflects on legacy: ‘I’m leaving with the same set of values’

    President Bush says he wants to be remembered as a president who stuck to his values. (GETTY IMAGES)
    (CNN) — […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Sarah Palin, sit down and shut the hell up!

    I thought I was done.  Really I did.  Obama won.  Bush is almost gone.  I was ready to sit back and enjoy the […]

    Margaret and Helen

  3. Daniel Radcliffe talks about Twilight

    Daniel Radcliffe was interviewed recently by E! Online where he talked mainly about Equus and filminng the last Harry […]

    Twilight Movie

  4. 10 libros de Ciencia Ficción que deberías leer antes de morir

    La lectura de la novela de David Brin que tengo entre manos, me ha hecho pensar en los clásicos de la ciencia […]

    El Bibliófilo Enmascarado

  5. 225 Demotivational Posters For Your Unmotivated Ass

    Everybody’s seen ‘em and unless you’re a cyborg (which you very well may be…) at least a […]

    COED Magazine

  6. Första delen – gissa videobloggaren

    Här kommer den första tävlingen i min tävlingsserie “gissa videobloggaren”, kan ni gissa vem jag […]


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  8. Tonight – Joran van der Sloot

    Tonight…ON THE RECORD at 10pm …Joran van der Sloot.  To those of you who have interest in the […]


  9. sXe 7.0 wALL Hack Hakkinda [ Zoraki Acıklama ]

    sXe wALL Hack En Yakin Zamanda Sizlerle Olcaktir…  [ 1-2 gün sonra ]
    Sitemizden Bu Konuda Kuskunuz Olmasin […]

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  10. Quem é Lola Melnick? Nem Jô Soares respondeu!

    Até onde eu sei …
    Ela é uma “dançarina?”
    Poisé nessa madrugada ela esteve no programa do Jô que […]

    Garotos São Espertos

  11. Too much is never enough

    Four years ago I wrote about Tom Flanagan’s first book, Game Theory in Canadian Politics. This passage seems […]

  12. iPhone Linux

    Embedded above is a demo video of an iPhone running a Linux 2.6 kernel. The iphone-dev team has created a new […]

    Hack a Day

  13. WordPress 2.7 Release News and Links

    Below is an updated list of articles I’ve found about WordPress 2.7 features and issues to prepare you for the […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  14. Why the Lori Drew Decision Was a Bad One

    Few online events have ended as horrifically as the Lori Drew case. Befriended by a boy on MySpace who later began […]


  15. Fenerbahçe Beşiktaş Maçını izLe – Fb Beşiktaş Derbi Maçını izLe – Bedava Lig tv izLe Fener Beşiktaş Derbi […]

    Derbinin hakemi belli oldu!
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    Fenerbahçe Beşiktaş Maçını CanLı […]

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  16. Natural Born Citizens: Or How to Beat a Subject to Death with a Stick.

    A TD Exclusive by Judah Benjamin

    Copyright © 2008 Judah Benjamin. All Rights Reserved.
    I have been working on a […]

    td blog

  17. Talks are continuing today

    As the title says, talks are continuing today. The University offer is being considered. That is […]

    York Strike 2008

  18. Price Fail

    Submitted by Ryan G

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  19. این ملت سکــسیِ همیشه در صحنه…!

    ظاهرا دیروز بعد از نماز جمعه،جماعت نمازگزار علیه سرائیل و در […]

    یک مشهدیِ خسته

  20. Oops! Sony use Kotaku video store mockup in newsletter

    Written by whoelse Back in March this year, Kotaku wrote an article about a rumored store PlayStation Store revamp […]

    PlayStation LifeStyle

  21. Rosie Live: Words Fail Me

    I’m not very good with emoticons. Does that symbol above appear to convey, “Eyes wide open in stunned […]

    Tuned In –

  22. hooman saved me…

    hooman saved me… so iz watch ovr hims
    rest nao u must, hoomin.
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  23. Transmision Del Juego Entre Aguilas Blancas Vs Pumas Cu

    EL único canal que lo tiene anunciado es el de TVC Deportes y empieza la transmisión a las 10:30 de la mañana, […]


  24. Jo In-sung and Joo Jin-moo do each other for Vogue

    What is going on?


  25. חשיפה-הטאליבן הפקיסטני מציג : השלל שנלקח משיירת אספקה של נאטו

    בתמונות שפורסמו באתרי ג’יאהד ברשת מציג הטאליבן הפקיסטני את […]

    עין כחולה-מודיעין אינטרנטי וחדשות

  26. TV – Star Simpson, stasera alle 21.05 su Italia 1

    Oggi in onda una serata speciale con la famiglia più gialla d’ america, di chi stiamo parlando? De “I […] Blog

  27. Would You Rather Freeze to Death, or Be a Socialist?

    On Thanksgiving weekend, when Americans are thinking of all they have to be grateful for, many are also burdened with […]


  28. Thanksgiving 2008

    From us at WordPress to you in the States: Happy Thanksgiving! Today, we’ll be passing the turkey and stuffing, […] News

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  30. Stefan Raab: Überheblich, respektlos und verletzend

    Die Rheinische Metzgerfrohnatur erhält den Bambi als bester Entertainer im deutschen Fernsehen. In seiner Dankesrede […]


  31. On the Field for Practice – 11/28

    Well, it may be the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s still just a Friday here. Any confusion about that was […]

    The Official Blog of The Washington Redskins

  32. What is robbed?

    Esta es la historia del robo de algo esencial en el día a día de toda persona. Sin ello nada tendría sentido, o […]

    Historias de-pendientes

  33. Fenerbahçe – Beşiktaş 13.Hafta 29 Kasım Maç Özeti Golleri ödüllü seo yarışması Fenerbahçe – Beşiktaş 13.Hafta 29 Kasım Maç Özeti Golleri..
     Buradan […] ödüllü seo yarışması

  34. Egg Bowl Postgame: A Bit Testy

    Yes, Sylvester Croom talked about Ole Miss and how well the Rebels played. But the real interesting stuff has to do […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke

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    My Weblog

  36. Damien Green is not above the law shock!

    I am sorry to say that I am currently too busy to publish a new post.
    I am spending my time pouring over constitutional […]


  37. Gli indizi che potevano farci scoprire la talpa…

    Ecco un video in cui sono nascosti alcuni indizi che potevano farci pensare a Franco Trentalance come possibile […]

    La Talpa 3

  38. Video Heboh Aborsi Pelajar Siswi SMU Gegerkan Pasuruan

    Kamis, 27 November 2008  PASURUAN, RABU — Diduga karena hamil diluar nikah, pelajar salah satu SMA negeri di Kota […]

    Yang HêBöH™, Yang Únik dan Yang Lainnya ©

  39. samsung bl103 – Review – Find out more… Reviews !!

    samsung bl103 – Review – Find out more..
    Samsung Touch of Color T260HD 26-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor
    Take pictures of family […]

    The Monday Cynic

  40. Fotos da Tragédia em Santa Catarina

    As fotos foram recebidas por email, infelizmente não possuem créditos. Antes das fotos as contas informadas pelo […]


  41. Resultados euromillones viernes 28 de noviembre de 2008

    En el sorteo de euromillones del viernes 28 de noviembre de 2008, hay un acertante de […]

    Euromillones | Euromillon

  42. Swap Flamini for Senderos, we then have our defensive midfielder.

    Before I’m shouted down it is a deal that could make sense, Milan clearly don’t intend playing him as their […]

    Le Grove

  43. Levanton en Infonavit Latinos

    TIJUANA.- Un grupo de hombres con armas de […]

    Narco Tijuana

  44. Остроумни и смешни къси разкази*

    Подгонил петелът една кокошка, а тя си мисли: ако бягам прекалено […]

    Царството на Бу

  45. Obama’s Friends Working to Amend the Natural Born Citizen Requirement

    via LadyHawkke, Count Us Out Reader
    Read this: Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement
    It is obvious BO is not […]

    Count Us Out

  46. El menu de Mac en Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

    Muchos habreis visto el menu de Mac, en el que las acciones se muestran en el Panel y no en la ventana de la […]

    Ubuntu Life

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    BU akşam saat 20:00′da oynanacak derbiyi onlıne canlı ve kesintisiz izlemek istiyorsanız lütfen alttaki […]

    Hertelden blog

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    Скъпи читатели, през месец Август реших да си направя блог. Рекох […]


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  51. Things Christians Should Know Before Talking to an Atheist

    * Hitler was NOT an atheist.
    * Morality is not a “believers only” state of conscience. Morality existed […]

    Proud Atheists

  52. Lancer un jeu gravé sur Wii sans puce

    Bon, toutes les consoles ont eu leur petit billet spécialisé. Il manquait plus que la Wii… c’est chose […]

    TrustBe Or Not !

  53. Modern-day Nero

    MODERN-DAY NERO: Multitasks while California burns.
    Who is that in the picture? Tell us in the Comments
    picture: Time. […]

    Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more

  54. *distracted by shiny object*

    *distracted by shiny object*
    (Christian Bale)
    Chritstian Bale resembles House M.D. in this photo (via […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  55. Why Do We Buy Bottled Water?

    The Daily Uplift

  56. Elveda Rumeli 50. Bölüm

    Elveda Rumeli 50. Bölüm – 1 Aralık Pazartesi
    Mustafa’nın tutuklanmasının ardından Vahide de Mustafa’yı […]

    Dizi Özetleri

  57. Notice to Tourists

    Notice to Tourists – please do not enjoy the views while walking – smoking is prohibited on the way
    don’t flirt […]

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  58. Download PCMAV 1.9 Update Build 3

    Update Build3 hadir dengan penambahan 11 pengenal varian virus baru. Total virus yang dapat dideteksi sebanyak 2.387 […]

    akhdian : dian ardiyansah’s blog

  59. Wal-Mart employee killed; 2 killed in shooting at Toys R Us

    (CNN) — Three violent deaths in two stores marred the opening of the
    Christmas shopping season Friday.
    In the […]

    The CNN Wire

  60. 11.29.08 Big Bang Sunset Glow Performance in Music Core | Stalker Pics during Music Bank

    11.29.08 MBC Music Core
    Sunset Glow Performance
    180 MB

    Thanks to 아련알섬님

    I’m surprise […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  61. Adi Da Samraj dead of massive heart attack

    I received a forwarded email that was one of a few sent to devotees, informing them of the death of their Guru Adi Da […]

    A Forest Wanderer’s Notes

  62. Alianza Lima vs Universitario de Deportes [¡EN VIVO!]

    ALIANZA LIMA vs UNIVERSITARIO Hora del partido : 3:30 pm […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  63. Naruto Manga 427 + Konohamaru unleashes Rasengan?!

    Naruto Manga 427 –Break down of Naruto Manga 426 below–

    Hey everyone,
    I’m really sorry that the […]


  64. [Links: Futbol en DIRECTO] Getafe vs Real Madrid – Nov 29 – Jornada 13 – La Liga BBVA

    Links – Streams – Deportes en Directo Live Streams – Deportes en Directo. ¿Donde puedo ver el partido de futbol de […]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  65. RIP Jdimytai Damour: Consumerism Claims One More.>associated press story
    Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down
    By COLLEEN LONG Associated Press […]

    Rick Trotter’s Blog

  66. Statistician debunks Gore’s climate linkage to the collapse of the Mayan civilisation

    Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

    This is an email I recently received from statistician Dr. Richard Mackey who writes:
    The […]

    Watts Up With That?

  67. Gamestop Now Selling PSN Giftcards

    I was browsing the gamestop site recently when I noticed that they are now selling a 20 dollar PSN giftcard.
    Until now […]

    Gaming with inferno1321

  68. Nuevos detalles de Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope

    Recién salida Intrepid Ibex y ya sacada la primera alpha de Jaunty Jackalope ya se sabe que incluirá:

    Arranque mucho […]

    Mi ordenador es libre…

  69. Gwen Stefani & Family At The Park On Thanksgiving Day

    Babyrazzi – Celebrity Baby Blog & Pregnancy News

  70. Fenerbahce – Besiktas Derbisi Maç Sonucu, Golleri

    Turkcell Süper Lig’in 13. haftasında dev maçta ezeli rakipler Fenerbahçe ile Beşiktaş, Kadıköy’de […]

    yeni posta

  71. Melodikrysset nr 48 2008

    Det gick bra i dag. Mitt förslag:
    1. Hugh Grant
    6. Lindfors
    8. Stanna
    9. Kan
    10. Röda
    12. Mera
    13. My
    14. […]

    Robert Edlund

  72. Ottos monlog: Ikke morsom, men ikke antisemittisk

    Otto Jespersens monolog på slutten av Torsdagsklubben 20.11 er anmeldt for jødehets.

    Meland Konsernet har sett […]

    Astrid Meland

  73. “Renault Roadshow”: confira o que muda na região do Parque do Ibirapuera neste domingo

    As imediações do Parque do Ibirapuera terão modificações no trânsito com a realização do “Renault […]


  74. Päivän Piristys – Ajatustenlukija

    Akinator-ajatustenlukija tietää ajattelemasi henkilön tai hahmon esittämällä kaksikymmentä kysymystä. Voit […]

  75. Vem är rånaren?

    Polisen i Trollhättan går ut med denna bild i TTELA och vill ha allmänhetens hjälp med att indentifiera rånaren […]

    Fria Nyheter

  76. Oops! I did it again!

    This teenybopper-ish number by Britney Spears is dedicated to all the Tajudins and Tajudins of this world — […]

    Mustafa K Anuar’s blog

  77. 17 Fakta Unik Seputar ” MR.P “

    Merawat dan mengetahui organ intim adalah keharusan bagi semua orang, entah itu pria ataupun wanita. Apalagi organ […]

    Agoesramdhanie’s Weblog

  78. Bocoran soal-soal Ujian Tes Seleksi Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil???!!!!! (Bagian 2)

    66. Dalam suatu rapat pimpinan, ada sejawat saya yang tidak sependapat dengan usulan saya. Sikap
    saya […]

    My Name is Faisal Saleh

  79. Pour les Droogies

    “Eh t’as entendu, Teki a un nouveau freestyle pour tous les amis!“
    Allez vous chercher un verre de […]

    Rooftop Fistfights

  80. BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Mike Kemp Reported to Have Passed Away

    At about 1 am GMT, I received word that Dr. Mike Kemp has passed away. A member of Gallaudet University’s […]

    We Can Do

  81. Más de 30 mil “arubaitos” perderán su empleo en los próximos 3 meses

    El ministerio de Trabajo dio a conocer una encuesta que revela la delicada situación viven los empleados a […]

  82. Jezersko, Sinji slap (WI3, 150m)

    Včeraj popoldne po faksu in službi smo se ob 12:30 odpeljali iz Ljubljane na Jezersko in se po zasneženi cesti […]

  83. Не стига, че си биете негрите…

    През изминалата седмица Световната конспирация най-сетне […]

    Pеалността е въпрос на гледна точка…

  84. Prosecute Bush No Matter What the Political Cost

    by Scott Creighton
    Barack Obama is never going to prosecute George W. Bush for authorizing the use of torture, or so […]

    American Everyman

  85. Stop the Presses

    By Matthew Yglesias
    I followed a link from Tyler Cowen promising “questions about bagels”. There are some […]

    The Internet Food Association

  86. توبيكات لعشر ذي الحجة – توبيكات الحج

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    صور وسائط – توبيكات – صور ماسنجر

  87. Segredo: Quatro Rodas desvenda a picape do Peugeot 207

    A edição de dezembro da revista Quatro Rodas traz como principal destaque na seção “Segredos” a […]

    Pit Stop

  88. سرکوزی وارد عربستان شد (این بار بدون مشکل دوست دختر)

    نیکولا سرکوزی، رییس جمهور فرانسه امروز وارد عربستان سعودی شد. این […]

    آقا اجازه؟

  89. Trampled to death in a Wal-Mart stampede

    Anderson Cooper 360

  90. Naruto manga 426 [Español]

    Primera publicación oficial de Wobu…….

    Para leer el manga en español: Click aquí [via Submanga]
    Para […]


  91. Mas Porque Deixaram O Pedreira?

    Notícia do Expresso de amanhã.
    Eu até percebo a táctica, mas o problema é que o Pedreira também está claramente […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  92. توبيكات الحج !! (( مميزة جدا ))

    عشر ذوالحجة .. أفضل الايام ..
    نسعى فيها جميعا لكسب الاجر .. بكل […]

    مدونتي Majeed

  93. לעבוד עם מערכת הפעלה לא מוכרת*

    אני כבר עובד הרבה שנים עם הפצות לינוקס שונות, והחלטתי לאחרונה […]

    לראות שונה

  94. Jag publicerar åtalet mot skådespelaren Mats Helin

    Jag har i vanlig ordning raderat personuppgifter, namn på vittnen och målsägare osv.
       Läs mer här

    Cecilia Beckroth

  95. Our Man in Dubai

    I returned home from breakfast this morning with mate Danny and, when I entered the house, I thought we had been […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  96. Video Aborsi Siswi SMA di Pasuruan

    Warga Pasuruan, Jawa Timur di gemparkan oleh beredarnya Video Aborsi Siswi SMA kelas XI IPA di Pasuruan. Berikut adalah […]

    Aku dan Hidupku

  97. Veniti la vot

    Patru ani. Atat a trecut de cand victoria noastra in alegeri a fost furata. Ceea ce a urmat stiti cu totii: au preluat […]

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  98. Black Friday Shooting At Toys ‘R’ Us Leaves Two Dead In SoCal

    SoCal Toys ‘R’ Us Shooting Leaves Two Dead
    GILLIAN FLACCUS | November 28, 2008 09:24 PM EST | PALM […]


  99. We are Devo!

    Tonight’s episode features some bad language.  I do apologise. (Channel 4, 10.00pm.)

    Why, That’s Delightful!

  100. Working off the gravy

    I worked off the last of the gravy today.  B. and I went to the local Y and did elliptical, weight machines, 10 […]

    The Confluence

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