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November 12, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Palin not ruling out 2012 bid

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. What did you think of the interview (Part 1) with Governor Palin?

    What did you think of tonight’s PART 1 interview with Governor Palin?


  3. October Wrap-Up

    In October, we celebrated our first billion-impression month, and continued plugging away on WordPress 2.7 — […] News

  4. [mini-post #037] Espectacular foto cenital del Golden Gate de George Steinmetz

    George Steinmetz ha fotografiado espectacularmente el Golden Gate desde esta cenital vista para National Geographic. […]

    Ingeniería en la Red

  5. Why is there still so much interest in Gov. Palin?

    Cafferty File

  6. The First 30 Days: Obama Shouldn’t Be Too Eager to Change the Military

    By Oliver North
    Host, FOX News Channel’s “War Stories with Oliver North“
    “We’re the heart […]

    FOX Forum

  7. Tubing Fail

    Video by tylerdaly89
    Submitted by Matthew M

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  8. Adrienne Bailon Shows off Her Cheetah

    Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon has some semi-nude pics running around the net! She dates Robert Kardashian and took these […]

    Illseed Blog

  9. Beat 360° 11/10/08

    Ready for today’s Beat 360°?
    Everyday we post a picture – and you provide the caption and our staff will join in […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  10. Kang In and Chae Jung-an kissed for 10 hours

    Yep. Can you imagine kissing someone for that long?


  11. Palin on Goofiness.

    Welcome to the second installment of dissecting the Palin Wasilla interview. It’s kind of like eating junk food. […]


  12. Easy high voltage power supply

    [rocketman221] wrote up one of the simplest ways to build a high voltage power supply. This one in particular was used […]

    Hack a Day

  13. Cheerleaders of the CFL

    There’s no question the NFL usually kicks the crap out of Canada’s CFL. With only eight teams in the […]

    COED Magazine

  14. *El relato que provoca desmayos de Chuck Palahniuk

    no creía posible q un relato alcanzase tal grado de sugestión e himnotismo, hoy me he dado cuenta de que si es […]


  15. Remembering

    By the time of the Great War, photography was entering a robust seventy-fifth year. The cumbersome equipment and […]

    Flickr Blog

  16. GISS Releases (Suspect) October 2008 Data

    by John Goetz
    Update: Thanks to an email from John S. – a patron of – we have learned that the Russian […]

    Watts Up With That?

  17. 11.11.08 Behind the Scene: FILA Photoshoot | HQ Fall NII RELEASE!!!

    thanks to S님

    Big Bang hasn’t done a FILA ad ever since 2006, I guess they renew their contract and Big Bang […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  18. Harper and the death (for now) of executive federalism

    One sign of Canada’s slow progression away from its worst excesses is that Ottawa reporters no longer even pay […]

  19. Gears of War 2 Collectibles

    I would say ignore this but.. you won’t, will you. Oh well. Doing this for my future reference. I took most of it […]

    Kaonazhie’s Tales of Rage

  20. “Global Cooling” myth gets fried

    The climate change / global warming Denier1 “Global Cooling” myth just get’s more and more obviously […]


  21. Severe problems with WinXP after AVG Antivirus marked “user32.dll” as “Trojan Horse PSW banker4”

    Today reached me reports of Windows XP/AVG Antivirus users hitted by an AVG false positive. That FP marked the Windows […]

    Smokey’s Security Weblog

  22. A Quem Interessa Isto?

    Aos professores não propriamente, a começar por todos aqueles que se preocupam com a imagem dos docentes na opinião […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  23. Video eksekusi bom bali !!!

    Amrozi cs dieksekusi beritanya dengan cepat menyebar ke seluruh penjuru dunia maya. Di  YouTube misalnya ada video […]

    Koran Berita Harian Indonesia

  24. El turrón de Schrödinger

    Ah… ese momento de placer deseado cuando se dispone uno a saborear el manjar insinuado en la fotografía de la […]

    El Club del Tetraedro

  25. 328 – Fuzzy Britain, and Truth in Maps

    “(…) for the last two years, I’ve been taking pictures of Britain on world maps,” writes Ben […]

    Strange Maps

  26. Police – violent, brutal, unpatriotic, liar!

    What??? Now I hear that police tried to wriggle out of their own fiasco by saying they did not arrest people […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  27. Trabzonspor Beşiktaş Maçını Canlı İzle , Trabzon Beşiktaş maçı GOlleri , Trabzonspor Beşiktaş Maçı […]

    Maç tarihi: 11 Kasım Salı
    Maç saati: 20.00
    Trabzon ve Beşiktaş 14 yıl sonra
    Türkiye Kupası’nda son […]

    Kayipdosya’s Blog

  28. How Obama Stole It

    Newsweek has published the first chapter of “Barack Obama: How He Did It“ which is a multi-part series […]

    The Confluence

  29. Help Test WordPress for iPhone Version 1.2

    We’ve been hard at work improving the WordPress for iPhone app based on all the great feedback we’ve […]

    WordPress for iPhone

  30. 2008-2009 AÖf Kayit Yenİleme Duyurusu

    (açıköğretimonline.comdan alınmıştır)

    sinav sonuçları,kpss sonuçları,öss sonuçları,ösym sonuçları,les sonuçları,dil sınavı sonuçları,öğrenci seçme sınavı sonuçları,sınav haberleri,puanlamalar

  31. There’s always next time…

    Life is short.  You realize that even more when you are old.  I have said before that in dog years I am already […]

    Margaret and Helen

  32. An atomic solution to the energy crisis

    Great progress has been made over the decades since America built its last atomic power plant.  These solutions arrive […]

    Fabius Maximus

  33. On the Field for Practice – 11/10

    Hm. I’m beginning to suspect that Reed Doughty wasn’t entirely truthful with me earlier today, as Hall was […]

    The Official Blog of The Washington Redskins

  34. Remembering Sarah Palin

    It’s not that Sarah Palin didn’t want to make herself more available for mainstream media interviews. It […]

    Tuned In –

  35. Barack Obama’s Family Album:pictures of His Parents, Kids, Mother, Grandparents

    A snapshot of President elect Barack Obama’s parents Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham.His parents met in 1960 […]

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  36. Bundesweiter Schülerstreik

    Am 12.11.2008 wird bei einem Bundesweiten Schülerstreik protestiert!
    Protestiert wird für/gegen:
    * Kopfnoten […]

    Lukeeey’s Weblog

  37. Nude Photos of Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon Exposed By Mediatakeout

    I did see some news about this the other day on TMZ and Mediatakeout seems the first to have exposed the pics on their […]


  38. Fitch, lacrimi, sarmalute

    Decizia agentiei de rating Fitch de a retrograda ratingul tarii noastre nu a surprins decat oficialitatile Romaniei. […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  39. O bando que comanda o Corinthians

    Dicionário Jurídico
    Quadrilha ou bando (CP)
    Grupo criminoso, com no mínimo três pessoas que possuem em comum o […]

    Blog do Paulinho

  40. Analyst: Apple’s Q1 will beat Street by $1.2 billion

    Blogger-analyst Andy Zaky, whose earnings estimates for Apple (AAPL) this year have proved considerably more accurate […]

    Apple 2.0

  41. Cosas a hacer despues de instalar Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

    En principio me autoplagio y actualizo este post que escribi hace tiempo:
    Cosas a hacer despues de instar Ubuntu 8.04 […]

    Ubuntu Life

  42. A Brief History of Defunct Electronics Chains in the Form of Old TV Ads

    Today’s news that Circuit City, American’s second-largest electronics retailer, has filed for bankruptcy […]


  43. In what other Austrian city was Mozart born?

    This is today’s question on Marriott world of rewards, and for those like me, looking for the answer to the […]

    Cafe Arjun – Blogging 4 charity

  44. Dancing Recap: Warren Brings the Crowd to Its Feet — Twice

    With a week before the semifinals, the remaining five couples put it all out on the parquet Monday night, performing a […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  45. C++ Code Completion rethought: KDevelop4 in action

    From all the discussions I have had, I have learnt that there is two different types of users for Code Completion. For […]

    Zwabel’s Weblog

  46. Dlaczego kilometr nie ma 1024 metrów?

    Sprawa wydaje się być oczywista, a jednak kogo bym nie spytał, zawsze odpowie mi, że kilobajt ma 1024 bajty, […]

    Takie tam…

  47. [Links: Ver en DIRECTO] Real Madrid vs Real Union – Nov 11 – Copa del Rey

    Links – Streams – Deportes en Directo Live Streams – Deportes en Directo.
    ¿Donde puedo ver el partido de futbol Real […]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  48. Dortmunds next Zopfmodel

    Als Ewald neulich auf den Speicher der Bich-Vierlinge stieg, ahnte er nicht, was für ein Schätzchen er nur fünf […]

    Die Gebrüder Bich

  49. Arka Sıradakiler 51. Bölüm

    Arka Sıradakiler 51. Bölüm – 16 Kasım Pazar
    Sibel, İbo’dan gizli çalışmaya […]

    Dizi Özetleri

  50. #898 Playing old-school video games

    If you’ve ever enjoyed some lazy afternoons just sitting on the rug, passing greasy controllers around, and […]

    1000 Awesome Things

  51. Obama’s 401k Plan Is Nothing More Than a Junk Bond (Or If Obama Is Elected Kiss Your 401k Goodbye!) {Update}

    I am going to do two things in this article, cover Obama’s retirement plan and an overview on 401k loans because […]

    Ms Placed Democrat

  52. ULBRA: contas bloqueadas professores em greve

    Matéria mais recente: ULBRA entram em greve …leia aqui
    Leia aqui Matéria desta sexta-feira 07/11/08
    O Jornal […]

    N i l n e w s @ K i m i n d a s

  53. Koleksi Syekh Puji


    Syekh : “Hallo murid-murid SMP dan TK, siapa yang mau nikah sama  ane ?” (Ada uang abang […]


  54. Eksekusi Amrozi CS Menghabiskan Dana 22 Milyar (Reportase Video Eksekusi Amrozi CS,Download Video Eksekusi Mati Amrozi […]

    Dana yang dibutuhkan untuk proses eksekusi Amrozi CS dan pengantaran mayat sampai ke kampung halamannya menelan biaya […]

    Berbagi Pengalaman

  55. Keith Olbermann’s Monday Special Comment: Prop 8

    Monday, November 10, 2008


    Tonight, Keith Olbermann’s much-loved Special Comment segment will take on […]

    From the Left

  56. To All Our

    fank u 2 dis heero 2.
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  57. Jack of All Trades, Masters of None

    Sometimes we’re Texas Tech with 5 wideouts, sometimes we’re channeling 1970 in a single receiver, […]

    West BY GOD Virginia

  58. McAuliffe’s Competition

    Should Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and a former DNC chairman, decide […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  59. #113 Halloween

    When it comes to holidays, there are few that white people like more than Halloween.  This is in spite of the fact […]

    Stuff White People Like

  60. Recommend some reading that you bet we’ve never heard of.

    What’s a book that you’d suggest people read, but that you’d also guess most of us at this blog are unfamiliar […]

    22 Words

  61. One campus’s solution for “Squirrels Gone Wild!”

    Squirrels at the University of California-Davis have it made.
    5300 acres of lush habitat.

    The eastern fox squirrel […]


  62. Report: Obama Team Wants Solis Doyle for White House Post

    Associated Press: The presidential-elect’s aides have approached Clinton’s former campaign manager about […]

    The Page – by Mark Halperin on

  63. Handsome is that handsome dose!

    Handsome is that handsome dose!
    Engrish Photo by Clayton S

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  64. Garnett + Calderon=Return Of Matty G

    Regular readers know Matty G was once a regular contributor.  Circumstances have drawn him away from Red’s Army, […] The Voice Of Celtics Fans

  65. Sara Gilbert & Family Out For Lunch With Toby Maguire

    Babyrazzi – Celebrity Baby Blog & Pregnancy News

  66. Bring our voices together

    Dean Drummond has agreed to have an interview with YorkStrike2008. The flood of emails his office is receiving is […]

    York Strike 2008

  67. Open Thread The Nancy Grace Show 11/10

    For those of you watching the Nancy Grace show while at your computer. Here’s your thread to discuss the show while […]

    Caylee Anthony

  68. Stray thought upon being awakened by a 2:45 AM wrong number…

    You know, you’ve got to admit that if you totally disregard the circumstances leading up to it, that last […]

    Get The Picture

  69. Panathinaikos 0 – 0 Olympiakos Piraeus


    Un colt ultra’ uitat de lume

  70. The Eternal Now

    Have you tried my current affairs? Stay informed.
    Also, fiction and poetry. Foretelling the future is one of the […]


  71. Shoulder Surfing a Malicious PDF Author

    Ever since I read about the incremental updates feature of the PDF file format, I’ve been patiently waiting for a […]

    Didier Stevens

  72. Younger workers will survive? No kidding.

    So says a new article in CIO Magazine. Meridith Levinson, a self-described “scrappy, do-it-yourself latch-key […]

    Work In Progress –

  73. Things I’ve learned in China so far

    Just some quick impressions.
    1. If you want to compete with your web service and keep copying from happening, do two […]

    Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

  74. Kejadian2 Unik seputar Jenazah Amrozi dkk

    MUI : Imam Samudra dkk tidak mati syahid
    Abu Bakar Ba’asyir : mereka mati syahid
    Dibalik pro dan kontra dibalik […]

    Rudi Wahyudi

  75. Adrienne Bailon Nude Pictures

    UvT supplemental

  76. Condoms for Barack Obama, John Mccain and Sarah Palin doesn’t get all wrapped up in politics, since we are a decidedly cultural operation. We come […]

  77. Raiders players ponder jumping ship

    Last summer, Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker offered to return his bonus money in an effort to leave Oakland.
    If […] Blogs

  78. November 10, 2008: Necroscope, by Brian Lumley – and Please Join My Raccoon Literacy Drive

    Long before there was Ghost Whisperer or The Sixth Sense‘s Cole Sear, there was Brian Lumley’s Harry Koegh, the […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  79. T-Gaming NightFall 3.0.3 Private Server[Full instance+Perfect Quest’s]


    Free wow 3.0.3 private server – Wow NightFall

  80. Have I seen you somewhere before?

    Have I seen you guys somewhere before?

    K Bites

  81. baixar CD Novo Zezé di Camargo & Luciano – mp3 download

    A dupla sertaneja de maior sucesso no Brasil está de volta com um novo cd. O nome do cd é só Zezé di Camargo & […]


  82. Pasca Eksekusi Alm. Amrozi cs (Mui, Kpi, Polri, foto dan Video? Kronologi eksekusi)

       Pasca eksekusi Almarhum Amrozi, Muklas dan Imam Samudra ternyata masih ramai dan […]

    Edy MH’s putera desa Kluwan

  83. Al-Fatihah : Perginya seorang sahabat dan pejuang

    Panggilan telefon pada jam 2 pagi, ahad, 9 November 2008 memang mengejutkan saya. Saya dimaklumkan oleh Zul, abang Aziz […]

    Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin

  84. iJustine signs on as spokesmodel


    I’m not making this up. iJustine, aka Justine Ezarik, the crazy Mac fangirl blogger vlogger Steve Jobs […]

    Real Dan Lyons Web Site

  85. Fenerbahçe 4 Galatasaray 1 Maç Özeti izle Maç Görüntüleri Golleri izle

    ~~~~TIKLA Fenerbahçe Galatasaray MAÇInı İZLE Özet Ve Golleri %100~~~~
    Galatasaray – Fenerbahçe maçının […]

    Maç Özeti izle-Dizi Özeti izle-Justin Tv izle

  86. Democrats Discuss Taking Over People’s 401K’s

    If you don’t think an Obama, Pelosi, Reid run government would result in a dramatic swing to the left, read US […]

    Purple People Vote

  87. Gears Of War 2: BOTS of War!

    Gears Of War 2: Epic’s BOTS are Back
    by dkpatriarch:
    ©2008 David Hilton:

    Thank you Epic.
    Thank you for the […]

    OXCGN – Breathing Life Into The Xbox

  88. Apple Cider Caramels

    Along with baking, I love making confections, especially chocolates. It’s the right combination of fussiness and […]

    Sugarpunk Desserts

  89. Insetos em origami

    Uma belíssima sequência com imagens de insetos reproduzidos com a arte japonesa de dobrar papéis, o origami.

    By […]

    %%% Blog CNN %%% – Curiosidades Na Net

  90. Il decreto sui concorsi è uscito in Gazzetta Ufficiale …segue qualche commento

    Cari dibattenti (fratelli, amici, compagni, cugini)
    Ecco il link alla Gazzetta Ufficiale
    Trovate di seguito anche una […]

    Rete Nazionale Ricercatori Precari

  91. Anjana The Chimpanzee’s Bond With Two White Tigers

    A couple of the most popular posts of all time, here at, have been the cute-overload-esque ones, such […]

  92. Another County Heard From

    In 2004, Darke County, in which I live, went 70% for George Bush. While I was under no illusion that Obama was going […]


  93. Prep Hidalgo – Programa De Resultados Electorales Preliminares De La ElecciÓn De Alcaldes En El Estado De Hidalgo



  94. Una collezione di immagini con “affinità visive” / A collection of images with visual similarity

    © 2008, Pieke Bergmans, Light Blubs © 2008, Fish flops © 2008, Dress For Dinner Napkins © 2008, […]

    un progetto di sensibilizzazione per stimolare l’immaginazione attraverso l’ “arte”

  95. Exclusivo: Sul-Americana deve levar à Libertadores ainda em 2008

    Não será surpresa se a Confederação Sul-Americana de Futebol (Conmebol) anunciar, antes de quarta-feira, a […]


  96. who needs a menstral cycle…

    who needs a menstral cycle…when you can FLY!
    Who is that in the picture? Tell us in the Comments
    picture: dunno […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  97. Wigan, Arsene and Cesc

    Wigan pitch up at The Emirates this evening to play in the Fizzy-Water-Posing-As-Lager Cup and in Arsene’s words, […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  98. Yet Another Reason Civilization Is Doomed

    An educator friend of mine forwarded me this gem via email. How would you pronounce this student’s name: […]

    I Read Banned Books

  99. 1000-word Fan Report from Outside NBC’s TODAY: Kaitlyn’s poster of David brings a special moment

    Hello Fanblast,
    This is Kaitlyn! I want to thank you for the amazing opportunity at the Today Show! It was amazing. […]


  100. Tyche Downgrades Us Credit

     This is an old advertisement for selling lottery tickets in England 200 years ago, just before lotteries were […]

    Culture of Life News

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