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November 3, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Palin tricked by Sarkozy impersonator

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. How to Account for Daylight Savings on Your Blog

    As you know if you’ve ever checked out your stats, your blog is aligned with the UTC time zone. UTC […] News


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  4. Palin Gets Pranked

    RICHMOND, VA –- It’s a good thing she can take a joke because Sarah Palin got pranked today by a Canadian comic […]

    FOX Embeds

  5. [Pop ho] More Boa album cover pictures with Markus Klinko and Indrani

    Boa shows off more of her trunk for her U.S. debut album. The repackaged pop star is working with celebrity […]


  6. We Got Married Episode 32 Picture Summary

    Now some say I should stop doing this. But I am going to keep doing this until otherwise. Not having the urge […]

    Coolsmurf Domain

  7. 間もなく新 Mac Pro、iMac、Mac Mini が発表されるというウワサ

    期日は各説あってはっきりしないが、何やらアップルが新製品を発表しそうな動きがある […]


  8. STAND-UP Concert Pictures | Infinity Challenge: Dress like BIG BANG

    Oh~~ another thing,
    … you know what that day is??? BIG BANG’S COMEBACK PERFORMANCE ON MUSIC […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  9. Signs of the Times in Anchorage. Open Season on Idiocy.

    I had to run an unexpected errand in South Anchorage today. My travels took me to “the Hillside” to one of […]


  10. türksat 3A uydu frekans değişikliği nasıl yapılacak?

    Türksat 2A uydusundan yayın yapan 73 TV ve Radyo’nun yayın frekansları bu gece değiştirilecek. İşte adım […]

    yeni posta

  11. Usefulness of the Internet

    A Melbourne Life

  12. Six legged crawler

    This hexapod was sent to us on the tipline from [Jamie]. If you want to take the six-legged robot a bit farther than […]

    Hack a Day

  13. Elizabeth Dole Just Started a Jihad

    (Seven Posts in Seven Days – Day 6)
    Now folks of all the things that have scared me this year in politics, one of the […]

    Margaret and Helen

  14. İstanbul BB Trabzonspor maçı özeti

    Karşılaşmaya Trabzonspor başladı… İki ekibe de başarılar…
    2. dakika. Maçta ilk dakikalar orta saha […]

    Canlı Maç izle, Dizi izle, sXe 7.0, sXe 7.1

  15. South Park: Season 12 Episode 11 – “Pandemic 2 – The Startling”

    South Park: Season 12 Episode 11 – “Pandemic 2 – The Startling”
    Giant guinea pigs are attacking cities all […]


  16. Python

    One of the downsides of working on a pre-startup project is that you really can’t say much about it. Seriously. […]

    Stochastic Geometry

  17. Gary Tracker And Top 10 Sure-Fire Tips On How To Find Gary!! : )

    Update: Gary finding cheat (if u appear in the plaza he isnt on that server). (if you appear in town it means he […]

    Club Penguin Cheats, Secrets, Guide, Glitches And Hints!! : )

  18. Brazilian GP: pole shot

    Not great, but no disaster. That’s the best way to sum up Lewis Hamilton’s final qualifying session of […]

    Formula 1 Blog – BBC Top Gear

  19. Boca-San Lorenzo, en vivo

    Entre las 17:00 y las 19:15 hacé clic en alguno de los siguientes enlaces y mirá en vivo Boca-San Lorenzo, válido […]

    Dame Pelota

  20. Kes Rompakan, Anak MB Sendiri Terlibat Rupanya

    Bongkar: Kes Rompakan, Anak MB Sendiri Terlibat Rupanya Sebelum ini kami pernah mendedahkan perihal kes rompakan […]


  21. Batman Begins

    When being a child Bruce Wayne had witnessed with his own eyes the fact his parents of millionaire were killed […]

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  22. Sarah Palin Gets Punked by The Masked Avengers

    by matttbastard

    Vive le Quebec! Vive les comedians du Quebec! Vive Nicholas Sarkozy et Jean Charest!

    (Transcript […]


  23. Soul Eater 30 Released!

    [Tadashi] SOUL EATER – 30 (720p h264-AAC).mp4.torrent
    T/L notes:

    永久戦機 (eikyuu zenmai) It’s […]


  24. Atacan otro Yonke: 2 Mueros 1 herido

    La “guerra” sigue
    *.- “Rafaguean” otro yonke en Tijuana; resultan heridos tres
    Por la mañana matan a dos […]

    Narco Tijuana

  25. Obama in Springfield, Mo.

    This conservative southwest corner of the state went nearly two-to-one for George Bush in the last election. Not since […]

    Swampland –

  26. آن دنیا!

    صاحب خانه میگفت که خانه یه شهید هست! این خانه در منطقه آلاشت هست

    یکی از پشت کوه

  27. “Sustainability” runs amok in my town of Chico

    About two years ago I was asked by my local city councilman Larry Wahl to serve on the city of Chico […]

    Watts Up With That?

  28. Just to Make Things Official About This Election: Obama for President

    By this point it should be obvious to anyone who’s read this site for more than a day, but just in case […]


  29. Sneaky Restaurant Fail

    Submitted by Michelle B

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  30. My Voting Strategy

    Our beloved blogmother has asked all of us Conflucians to “come out” and explain what we are doing on […]

    The Confluence


    Def Jam Executive Vice President, Shakir Stewart was found dead today (November 1), has learned. While […]


  32. I repeat ” Wenger Out ” f**king pathetic

    So the season is now over before it even started.
    We lost 3 games last season and finished 3rd. Now at the start of […]

    The Gooner Forum’s Blog

  33. How will your life change if your candidate loses?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    Voters have a distinct choice between John McCain and […]

    Cafferty File

  34. Special Edition Tech Talk: Christian’s Macbook Air 2.0 Review

    Note: Macbook Air 2.0 Review conducted by Mar’s BF – Christian Bibay. Questions about the Macbook Air 2.0? Leave […]


  35. Trick or Treating with Dad…


    Yes We Can (hold babies).

  36. John McCain and Tina Fey open SNL 11/1/08

    Watch McCain and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on the QVC! 11/1/08.  This is only the 1st clip, check on MAC Chronicles for […]

    MAC Chronicles!

  37. Cronica ultra’ ros-albastra: Dinamo-STEAUA 1-1

    Unicul DERBY. Un meci asteptat de multi de cand a inceput campionatul. Dupa o intreaga ‘aventura’ legata de […]

    Un colt ultra’ uitat de lume

  38. Obama Born in Kenya? (New Information) [Update x2]

    Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya
    Update 2, 10/12/08 10:40 AM ET:  Since originally posting this story […]

    td blog

  39. [Links para Ver en Directo] Almeria vs Real Madrid – Jornada 9 – La Liga BBVA

    Links – Streams – Deportes en Directo Live Streams – Deportes en Directo. ¿Donde puedo ver el partido de futbol de […]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  40. A Marquee Day

    You don’t really get a sense of scale from the pictures — nor do you get an impression of just how colourful and […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  41. FHM High Street Honeys 2009: The Most Important Election of Your Life

    Local British hotties don’t get the respect and awe that they deserve. We all know about the Keeleys, Lucys and […]

    COED Magazine

  42. Rally With Barack Obama – Monday Prince William County Fairgrounds

    Change We Need Rally with Barack Obama
    DATE: Monday, November 3rd … Doors Open at 5pm
    LOCATION:  Prince […]

  43. No one took to mind

    No one took to mind that polar bears don’t read
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol caption: […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  44. Resultados primitiva sábado 1 de noviembre de 2008

    En el sorteo de la primitiva del sábado 1 de noviembre de 2008, no hay acertantes […]

    LA PRIMITIVA | Resultados primitiva

  45. November 1, 2008: Kolya on line one!

    One of the great things about this job is that it’s full of surprises – be it a summer rainstorm during an […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  46. Economia ultimelor 72 de ore, telegrafic

    – Sambata, 1 nov.
    Germania: Cancelarul Angela Merkel adreseaza un apel bancilor comerciale de a apela cu […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  47. #60 – “Someone Should Count Them”

    So it’s a tad late, I know. I blame things having been rather hectic lately, going to be trying to catch up […]

    Beyond the Tree

  48. Chasing away the exam blues..

    My exam is finally over. The questions were so so tough! I am dead 😦 Been thinking of what to bake after the […]

    Fuzzy Bakes!

  49. Pennsylvania Hope for McCain

    Republican must-win state poll from NBC/Mason Dixon:
    Obama 47, McCain 43, Undecided 9
    Dates conducted: Oct. 27-28. […]

    The Page – by Mark Halperin on

  50. Naruto Manga 424 + further discussion of Naruto Manga 423



  51. Questões De Fé Não Se Discutem!

    Valter Lemos: Ministério está a cumprir “religiosamente” o memorando que assinou com os professores

    O […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  52. Weather in Battleground States on Election Day

    Looks like rain in North Carolina, Virginia, Western Colorado and Northern Nevada, but dry in all the other […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  53. Galatasaray – Gaziantepspor Maçı Özeti, Golleri, Tartışmalı Pozisyonları Canlı (İLK YARI)

    Geçen hafta Eskişehirspor’a deplasmanda 4-2 yenilen Galatasaray bu akşam kendi evinde Gaziantepspor’u […]

    aytug akdogan ödüllü 1. seo yarışması ve yurtta barış dünyada barış

  54. Why MGS4 Was Disappointing..

    Before I start, let me begin with the history of the Metal Gear Solid series. Metal Gear Solid has a great blend of […]

  55. La Talpa si nasconde dietro i due coccodrilli? / LA TALPA E’…

    Leggendo il forum RealityHouse mi sono imbattuto in un interessantissimo […]

    La Talpa 3

  56. Wellen

    So, wie gestern meine Katerübelkeit in Wellen aufkam, ist es heute wieder die Traurigkeit, die mich erfasst. Nicht […]

    18000 mal Hoffnung

  57. A mí tampoco me gusta Canonical/Ubuntu

    Adam Williamson hace una interesantisima reflexión sobre lo que ha supuesto Ubuntu para el  software libre y su […]


  58. Kayserispor-Beşiktaş ve Galatasaray-Gaziantepspor Maçını Canlı İzle

    Kayserispor-Beşiktaş ve Galatasaray-Gaziantepspor maçını canlı izlemek için buraya tıklayınız…


  59. Club Penguin Gary Tracker & Finding Guide

    Gary the Gadget Guy is giving out backgrounds in the secret lab across Club Penguin. Here is a guide to help find […]

    The Best Club Penguin Tips!

  60. Changeling – Christine Collins Story – What Happened To Her?

    Wow!   I just saw a fantastic movie – Clint Eastwood’s ‘Changeling,’ based on real events that […]

    Dispatch From the Third World of Los Angeles

  61. Sarah Palin gets punked by the Canadians

    There are those who describe Sarah Palin as just another cheap, corrupt political punk.
    And then there are the Canadian […]

    The Litterbox

  62. Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 45.Bölüm İzle indir

    Kurtlar vadisi tv de yayınlandıktan kısa bi süre sonra sitemizden indirebilirsiniz.
    Yeni Bölüm 6 KASIM 2008 […]

    Yǻrarlﺍ B1r Bloğ

  63. AKB Ltd announce collapse as Arsene fails to deliver once again…

    Late last night, I received an e-mail from the shareholders at AKB Ltd… they’ve announced that due to […]

    Le Grove

  64. Skeptics! Load your google bombs!

    There’s an important task we need all skeptics to perform this week. It is to help one of our own and to help the […]

    Skeptical Software Tools

  65. Loanees – Barazite Assist & Miss – Traoré Subbed Off

    Welcome to this weekends Loanees Watch – Young Guns’ analysis, reports and updates on the progress of the young […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  66. Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.11.02



  67. Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: “Threshold” How Jim Dies…. but lives on…

    I was able to view some pages of the “Threshold” script, where Jim TRULY DIES.
    Read ahead if you want to […]

    Spoiler Junkie

  68. If Razak didn’t order the killing, who did?

    Pix: Altantuya’s bones.
    From the Asia Sentinel:
    If Abdul Razak Baginda didn’t order two elite cops to kill a […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  69. Football Manager 2009 – Demo ON !!!!

    “Como, por nós divulgado há alguns dias atrás, chegou a Demo do Football Manager 2009. A demo terá 2 […]

    Blog do Esmifradito

  70. Loanees- Barazite sees penalty saved in controversial game, Traoré outshone by Kranjcar +Botelho update

    Welcome to Loanees Update, bringing you the latest news on the young Gunners who have temporarily swapped the red and […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  71. Свежият ми ден

    Свежият ми ден би бил като книга игра при която всяко решение […]

    Кажи ми, да ти кажа

  72. Modding the Acer Aspire One – HSDPA

    Welcome to part 3 of a multi-part post on moddng the Acer Aspire One!
    In part 1, I showed how to take the Aspire One […]

    tnkgrl Mobile

  73. novo cd Victor & Léo – Borboletas – baixar mp3 ou comprar

    LANÇAMENTO 2008, CD novo da dupla sertaneja Victor & Léo – Borboletas:
    VICTOR & LÉO – […]


  74. Witching Night Event Information


    This is a quick post to give you the details that I have found out about the current Live Event. It’s […]

    The Garrison of War

  75. Windows Vista com visual do Seven Build 6933

    Imperdível! Deixe o seu Windows Vista com a cara do Windows 7 Pré Beta apresentado no PDC! Créditos do tuto à mim, […]


  76. 324 – The North America Nebula

    The constellations visible in the northern hemisphere, including the twelve signs of the Zodiac, owe their names to […]

    Strange Maps

  77. AC/DC: Concierto en Bilbao

    Parece que últimamente lo único que hacemos es anunciar conciertos. Y es cierto, porque parece que todos los […]


  78. Va voir à Dien Bien Phu si j’y suis…

    C’est ce que j’avais dit une fois, lors de mes études en France dans les 90s, à un étudiant français […]

    Ibn Kafka’s obiter dicta – divagations d’un juriste marocain en liberté surveillée

  79. Derbyul din tribune

    Dintotdeuna traim unicul derby la intensitate maxima…indiferent de consecinte

    Real sau virtual, clasicul: Muie […]

    Nu vom renunta

  80. São Paulo x Internacional – Transmissão ao vivo

    Mais perto do topo, São Paulo encara mistão do Inter sem esperar moleza
    Tricolores acreditam em partida difícil e […]

    Blogão do São Paulo FC – SPFC

  81. Kentucky-MSU: Postgame Quotes

    Head coach Sylvester Croom:
    • On Adam Carlson’s blocked PAT: “We knew they were going to overload in the […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke

  82. WBA 2 United 3: Academy back to winning ways at West Brom

    West Bromwich Albion U18s
    Manchester United U18s

    More details as they become available…

    United Youth

  83. Ieri e oggi in TV – 2 novembre 2008

    Ecco i dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri sabato 1° novembre 2008, e a seguire le proposte di […] Blog

  84. Solving Wireless Issues with Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

    The good news is that wireless worked way….better for me in Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex than it did ever before […]

    Begin Linux Blog

  85. Watch Live: Barack Obama with Bruce Springsteen in Cleveland, OH and Joe Biden in Gainesville, FL

    Scroll down to see livestream,
    Check the times when the events happen and then check back here because they will be […]


  86. با Wallis خانم ها بیشتر از آقایان عمر خواهند کرد!

    شاید زمانی بعد از انقلاب صنعتی و گسترش تولید انبوه ، رقابت در کمیت […]

    روزنوشته های امیر اعتماد

  87. Skifte i Moskva

    Småmulet och höstgrått i Moskva denna morgon. Jag blickar ut över Kreml och den plats där förr det förfärliga […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  88. دانلود فیلم خوابیدن حاج آقا گلستانی با زن همکارش!

    ابتدا دو مطلب اين دوستمون كه در اين مورد خيلي جالب موضوع را تشريح […]


  89. Lowongan Terbaru Bulan November 2008 Lowongan Kerja Loker Lowker

    PT Panin Life Tbk, one of the leading life insurance companies with annual revenue of more than IDR 1 trillion, invites […]

    Lowongan Kerja Terbaru | November 2008

  90. How You Doin’

    Often when I cook I daydream. This practice usually results in burns on my body, food resembling charcoal briquettes, […]

    The Cynical Chef

  91. Gary Tracker!

    Coolgindara – I haven’t Seen Gary yet. I am Changing Servers to servers, and Its 5 Hours Finding! Cannot find!! I […]

    Club Penguin Cheats | Glitches | Secrets

  92. Tenis|Catálogo Babolat 2009

    Perdiendo el tiempo, me topé con las fotos del nuevo catálogo de Babolat para el próximo año. Los tenis están […]

    Deportologo Blog

  93. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? It’s going to be like New Year’s Eve in Times Square on Nov 11th

    If you thought David’s AT&T autograph session at The Gateway Mall during Homecoming Week was something, wait […]


  94. Arka Sıradakiler 49. Bölüm

    Arka Sıradakiler 49. Bölüm – 2 Kasım Pazar
    Oktay ve Gamze’nin en acı gecesi..
    Gamze Saffet ile öpüştükten […]

    Güncel Klipler

  95. دانلود آهنگ جدید شادمهر عقیلی بنام تقدیر با دو کیفیت

    خب امروز نوبت به آهنگ بسیار زیبای شادمهر عقیلی بنام تقدیر رسید که […]


  96. Leonard Padilla To Arrive On Thursday

     Leonard Padilla and one of his Bounty Hunter teams will arrive at the Orlando International Airport on November 6, […]

    Caylee Anthony

  97. Circle Starts

    Descarga | Gnome-Look

    Ubuntu Life

  98. Sarah Palin Pranked by Montreal Radio Hosts

    Uh-oh. The Canada Press (the Canadian version of AP) reports: MONTREAL — A Quebec comedy duo notorious […]

    Strategy ’08

  99. New iPhone update: What’s still missing

    There’s a little joke at the end of Charlie Sorrell’s nicely illustrated 8 Things to Expect in the Next […]

    Apple 2.0

  100. I’m John McCain…

    I’m John McCain and I approve this ad.
    (Ian McDiarmid) Check out more politicians at […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

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