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October 13, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Palin booed at NHL game in Philadelphia

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Obama Born in Kenya? (New Information) [Update x2]

    Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya
    Update 2, 10/12/08 10:40 AM ET:  Since originally posting this story […]

    td blog

  3. Palin Drops Puck at Flyer’s Game Receives Mixed Reaction

    Sarah Palin has become known as “The Most Famous Hockey Mom in America” for her constant referral […]

    FOX Embeds

  4. My iPhone AC Adapter Replacement Is Here!

    And boy, did it come in a big box!
    When it arrived, I really had no idea what it was. I had forgotten about […]

  5. This will set everyone on fire ….

    Any thoughts when you see this pic? POST right here!


  6. Through the Looking Glass With Sarah Palin.

    If there’s anyone else left out there who doesn’t believe that Sarah Palin can look you in the eye and tell […]


  7. Manchester City Sign Arsenal Defender Nicholas

    Manchester City have signed Arsenal defender Oliver Nicholas on scholarship forms after the England Youth […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  8. Spotlight on Apple notebooks: 1989 to 2008

    On Tuesday, Oct. 14, Apple will unveil the latest addition to a long line of portable computers that dates back nearly […]

    Apple 2.0

  9. Palin booed at Flyers game

    Sarah Palin has just performed the ceremonial puck drop at the Philadelphia Flyers’ game against the New York […]

    The Centrist Voice

  10. We’ve gone from Silly Season to Hate Week. What’s next, Kristallnacht?

    It seems like only yesterday we were talking about candidate’s third grade essays and their political implications. […]

    The Truth Burns Weblog

  11. Behind McCain’s Fall

    McCain’s tracking numbers against the S&P 500 over the past two weeks, with a two-day lag to let the market […]

    The State of the Union

  12. Controversial sms-es suggest Najib interfered in the Altantuya case

    It’s out in the open now – in MalaysiaToday, Malaysiakini, and […]

    *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*

  13. Elizabeth Hurley’s “Safety Pin” Dress Voted The Greatest of All Time

    PHOTOG/IPOL/GLOBE Elizabeth Hurley’s famous safety pin dress was yesterday hailed as the greatest red carpet […]

    Off the Rack – StyleWatch –

  14. ¿Qué tal el portátil Airis Praxis que regalan en El País?

    Esta mañana me ha preguntado mi cuñado que qué tal era el portátil que ‘regalan’ en el periódico […]

    Que PC compro?

  15. iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 For Tuesday?

    For those of you who aren’t in the market for a new laptop, and thought you were going to make it through this […]

    Mac Soda

  16. Arsenal Keeping Tabs on “The TANK”

    His name is Mevlut Erdinc and he plays in France for Sochaux. He is a typical old fashion English center forward. Big […]

    The Gooner Forum’s Blog

  17. Passively cooled computer

    This came in on the tipline: [Ville ‘Willek’ Kyrö] wanted to build a fully passively cooled computer. That means no […]

    Hack a Day

  18. 14 octubre 2008 …Contacto…

    Acabo de leer este articulo en la seccion de noticias del Sr Mausan, en el cual destila la certeza de que a John […]

    2008-2012 La Senda Final de las Profecías

  19. Greeting Card Fail

    Submitted by Arren

    FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments

  20. Ebru Gündeş – Evet (2008)–Ebru_Guende__-_Evet_2008–.rar

    Full New Album Rapid Rapidshare Seri Download Mp3 Film Dizi Music Portal

  21. You’d have to think that threatening to step down if the Tories lose the election would be “something to react to”

    You have no idea how much it killed me to leave that preposition dangling like a kitten by the nape of its neck, but […] Blog Central

  22. پوستر هایی که هیچ وقت منتشر نشدند! (+16)

    تبلیغات تلفیقی است از علم،هنر و فن ، بدون در نظر گرفتن ویژگی های […]

    روزنوشته های امیر اعتماد

  23. Essencial

    Definir objectivos para 15 de Novembro e não os submeter a uma mera lógica de defesa de direitos laborais ou de […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  24. یک گفتگوی عجیب

    برخی روزها اتفاق هایی می افتند که هیچ گاه انتظار نداری چون این […]

    آقا اجازه؟

  25. Valoliiton saapumiseen liittyviä linkkejä

    Tässä uusia uutisia/linkkejä valo-olentojen saapumiseen liittyen:
    Kanadan armeija valmistautuu tapahtumaan
    Blossomin […]

  26. Cộng Đến, Cộng Đi

    Tháng Chín 2008, trong có một điện thư gửi từ Hà Nội, Việt Nam. Tôi đã […]

    Hoàng Hải Thuỷ

  27. “He is a decent person, and a person that you do not have to be scared as President of the United States”: John McCain […]

    I am super proud of John McCain tamping down the more hysterical statements of those at his rallies.
    It reminds me of […]

    Prometheus Unbound

  28. [en VIVO] Ecuador vs Chile – Eliminatorias de Sudamerica – FIFA 2010

    Links – Streams – Deportes en Directo Live Streams – Deportes en Directo.
    Watch Ecuador vs Chile – Live Streaming […]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  29. Canon EOS 50D Review

    I managed to get my hands on a new production Canon EOS 50D since a few days ago and and am doing a review […]

    The World According to Roland

  30. Oamenii din banci. De unde vin si cat de competenti sunt ei? (III)

    In banci lucreaza si oameni pregatiti ireprosabil profesional. Nu despre ei sunt aceste randuri. Extinderea agresiva pe […]

    dan popa’s Weblog

  31. Colombia vs Paraguay [Fecha 9 – Eliminatorias rumbo a Sudáfrica 2010 – FIN DEL PARTIDO]

    Resultado Final : Colombia 0 – Paraguay 1
    La selección paraguaya se afianzó en el primer lugar de las eliminatorias […]

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  32. Det här får jag egentligen inte skriva

    Bella var väldigt ledsen igår och jag tog hand om henne och kramade henne. Hon har tagit på sig alldeles för mycket […]


  33. PwnageTool 2.1 – iPhone 2.1 jailbreak/unlock, iPhone 3G jailbreak

    The iPhone Dev Team has released version 2.1 of the Pwnage Tool, which adds support for the latest iPhone firmware […]

    Decoding the Web

  34. EMERGENCY!!! Suspend the Debates!

    And if that sounds remotely reasonable, think of it as a dress rehearsal, a practice run, a prelude:
    EMERGENCY!!! […]

    Bill Ayers

  35. Jamaica 1-0 México [FINAL]

    Resultado final: Jamaica 1-0 México
    Cuando vaya a empezar el partido mañana, la foto de arriba se cambiará por la […]

    Pixel o’ Rama Alternativo

  36. Huracán Norbert – 10/10/08

    Aviso 9 / 5 pm CTM
    Desafortunadamente el vuelo que estaba programado hoy por el centro nacional […]


  37. Marcel Reich-Ranicki lehnt Fernsehpreis ab

    Der alte Fuchs hat sich wieder einmal zünftig in Szene gesetzt – bisher ist das nur zu lesen (hier bei dwdl). Die […]


  38. Japanese GP: penalty confusion

    You don’t need to be a genius to guess the points of discussion in the paddock here. Choose any one of three […]

    Formula 1 Blog – BBC Top Gear

  39. アメリカ讃歌、iPhone 讃歌

    John Gruber は iPhone がだいぶお気に入りのようだ。
    Daring Fireball: “The iPhone 3G” by John […]


  40. El colapso económico, ¿qué ocurrirá a partir de ahora?

    He traducido este artículo publicado en porque me parece que contiene una visión útil sobre lo que está […]

  41. Maverick my ass!

    I don’t know everyone.  That one was a snoozer.  Halfway through the debate I looked over and Harold was asleep […]

    Margaret and Helen

  42. Una Gran Nave será vista el 14 de Octubre del 2008

    ‘Una gran nave será visible durante tres días en el hemisferio sur el 14 de octubre.’  ‘Esta […]

    Vida Consciente


    After days of watching in silence, McCain calms the crowd at a Minnesota town meeting.
    “I want everyone to be […]

    The Page – by Mark Halperin on

  44. Lack of opportunities the key reason for Oliver Nicholas’s Man.City move

    Defender Oliver Nicholas has left Arsenal to join Manchester City after becoming frustrated with his lack of game time […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  45. The Bane Of Cabbage Patch Kids

    Cabbages & Condoms Thai Restaurant
    Engrish Photo By: Kristine V

    Engrish Funny: Engrish Pictures That Is Your Funny Engrish

  46. Virus Response Lab 2009 (VirusResponse Lab 2009) – Removal Solutions

    The one thing we know for sure about Rogue Security Software is its very smart.
    It’s so smart that it often recreates […]

    Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts

  47. Über den Tunnelblick

    Michael ist recht gut aus dem MSH wieder nach Hause gekommen. Willi hatte ihn im KTW begleitet und ich habe ihn dann […]

    18000 mal Hoffnung

  48. October 11, 2008: Fuuuudge! Upcoming Guests! My Thoughts on Your Thoughts.

    In the immortal words of A Christmas Story’s little Ralphie: “Ooooh, fuuuudge!” A wrench has been thrown into […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  49. Letras Diferentes Personalizadas para orkut/nick

    Se você gosta de escrever no Orkut ou mandar aqueles recados personalizados com fontes personalizadas mas não tem […]


  50. The Cause of Bubbles =Investment vs Financial Engineering

    Let me get this straight.  In 2008, funds trying to squeeze out another basis point or two thought they were being […]

    blog maverick

  51. Barack Obama for Kids

    Bruce Handy , a self-professed Obama fan, reviewed three children’s biographies of Barack Obama for […]

    The Confluence

  52. #54 – “Return to Sender”

    What can I say, welcome to chapter three? I like starting a chapter with one, so you’ll have to bear it […]

    Beyond the Tree

  53. Lowongan Kerja CPNS DEPARTEMEN PENDIDIKAN NASIONAL 2008 – 24 s.d 27 Sept 2008

    Sumber :
    Silakan di download : pengumuman-cpns


  54. اعتیاد در خانواده‌ی خامنه‌ای؛ از شایعه تا واقعیت!

    متنی که در زیر می آید صرفا بازتابی از شایعاتی است که در سطح جامعه […]

    باهوش ترین پسر دنیا

  55. Your Political Exercise For Today

    Just for the hell of it, here’s what I’d like you guys to try:
    1. Tell us something you don’t like […]


  56. O fim do orkut – fatos

    Muita coisa já aconteceu nestas últimas 24 horas após a notícia dada pelo Danilo sobre o final do Orkut. Tem gente […]


  57. Moleques

    O Flamengo, coitado, fez o que achou que podia. Contratou um time tecnicamente muito forte. Entrou pra brigar em […]

    Blog do RicaPerrone

  58. You can buy new PSone games still!?

    Written by devonthedude
    Well they are still being stocked at one major electronics retailer, guess who…


    PlayStation LifeStyle

  59. Deutschland gegen Russland – WM Qualifikation

    Am 11. Oktober findet in Dortmund das WM-Qualifikationsspiel der deutschen Nationalmannschaft gegen Russland […]


  60. The Beginning of the End

    My beloved horse Alibar was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma on September 8, 2008. He was not eating for a few days and […]

    Rock and Racehorses: The Blog

  61. Nederland rouwt om Ernst,België om Leentje!

    Nederland en België zijn geschokt ,door het drama dat zich gisteren in Noorwegen heeft afgespeeld en waar de […]

    Wil en Petri’s Webkrantje

  62. Gryningspyromanen Ulf Borgström aktiv igen

    Den så kallade “gryningspyromanen”, Ulf Borgström (med uppgiven bostadsort Ystad men “adress […]

    Fria Nyheter

  63. Naruto Manga 421 + Tails Group Wallpaper

    Naruto Manga 421  
    Hey everyone,
    As you all know I usually don’t post until Monday but I was so jacked about […]


  64. Back by Popular Demand

    Yes, we’ll have blog favorite John Fund on this morning to talk about voter fraud and Acorn AND to respond to […]

    Alisyn in the Greenroom

  65. Think Your Vote Matters? Think Again

    Editor’s Note: The non-partisan Web site “Opposing Views” offers readers a look at all sides of the debate on a […]

    FOX Forum

  66. Arsene, Hleb on Theo and Goodbye to Sherriff Fatman

    International weekend and whilst none of the European-based players scored, Adebayor hit four which will no doubt lead […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  67. Orange Chicken

    I made this chicken recipe once before, a couple of months ago.  I was having a very bad day in the kitchen that […]

    Annie’s Eats

  68. دختری در حسرت آزادی..

    عکس های زیبا

  69. Balacera en Loma Dorada: Son del Muletas

    Saldo: Ocho detenidos, 20 armas y miles de cartuchos
    *.- Tras la balacera en Loma Dorada
    18.50 HORAS
    TIJUANA BC 11 de […]

    Narco Tijuana

  70. Kanavointi 2

    Mietin eilen taas Federation Of Lightia ja samalla mieleeni tuli, että Suomen kontakti voitaisiin hoitaa esim. niin, […]


  71. Hannity: Barack Obama & Friends: History of Radicalism

    On his October 5, 2008, special edition of Hannity’s America, Sean Hannity used the full-hour program with a […]

    The Real Barack Obama

  72. Crouching dragn sleepin kitteh

    Crouching dragn sleepin kitteh
    dis dragon haz bin slaind.
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol caption: […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  73. Estrazione del SuperEnalotto di oggi Sabato 11 Ottobre 2008

    Estrazione del Super Enalotto di oggi Sabato 11 Ottobre 2008
    Colonna Vincente:07-09-35-61-67-68-
    Num.Jolly 53  Num. […]

    Estrazioni Enalotto & SuperEnalotto My Weblog


    2010 Dünya Kupası grup elemeleri maçında Bosna Hersek’i İstanbul’da ağırlayın A Milli Takımımız, 1-0 […]

    Haberin Doğru Adresi

  75. Brit Lapthorne (Missing Aussie backpacker) found

    Breaking news indicates that an unidentifiable body has been found on a beach Dubrovnik, Croatia: Full article at […]

    ideas are free

  76. Contagem regressiva para a aparição (ou não) de uma nave-mãe extraterrestre em 14-10: choque ou frustração?

    Desde quando postamos dois meses atrás, em 7 de agosto, a notícia que supostamente uma nave-mãe irá aparecer nos […]

    Projeto 2012


    EXCLUSIVEACCESS.NETrecently got a chance to be on the set of DJ Unk’s(pictured in the middle) new video for […]

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  78. Turkiye Bosna Hersek Macin ozetini ve golleri izle Highlights

    Turkiye Bosna Hersek Macin ozetini ve golleri izlemek icin yukaridaki click and watch a basarak isleme sansiniz olur […]

    Hit Spor

  79. סיכום משחק: ישראל נגד לוקסמבורג

    1. יגאל עמיר בהופעת אורח מפתיעה בערב שירה של ‘שלום עכשיו’. […]

    אופניק פלוס לייב UfnikPlusLive

  80. Cheryl Cole Wallpaper

    Cheryl’s sex appeal is practically off the charts. This buxom blonde’s mouthwatering curves have earned her a […] Favorites – Custom Wallpapers for Google

  81. Forgotten

    Photos from Stopped., memetic, and scraff1967.
    View more photos tagged with “forgotten“.

    Flickr Blog

  82. Weekend Bookchat

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen an American presidential candidate whose own writing could stand […]

    The Opinion Mill

  83. ¿Dónde está el dinero de las mascotas?

    Un prestamista tiene cuatro millones de euros iniciales. A. Mira qué bonito perro tengo, vale dos millones de euros. […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  84. Club Penguin Mission 9 Spoiler

    Talk about 2 sticky penguins. These 2 penguins seem to be in one sticky situation. I wonder what happened? It seems to […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Secrets l Glitches

  85. Why does Levi Johnston’s sister refer to Sarah Palin as the mother-in-law in this picture?

    There are some out there like me who do not believe it was Sarah Palin who gave birth to Trig Palin on April 18th in […]

    White Noise Insanity

  86. Skrämmande – får dagens tistel

    Det är verkligen skrämmande att bilister resonerar som kvinnan som sträckte sig efter sin mobil och körde i diket […]

    Oväsentligheter … Μη σημαντικός

  87. 2008-ÖSYS Yükseköğretim Programlarına Ek Yerleştirme Kılavuzu Çıktı

    2008-ÖSYS Yükseköğretim Programlarına Ek Yerleştirme Kılavuzu Yayınlandı GENEL BİLGİLER TABLO-3A […]

    2009 ÖSS, ÖSYS ve 2009 KPSS Sınavları

  88. Vandy-MSU: Postgame Quotes

    Sylvester Croom quotes:
    • “I’m happy for our players they won, but I’m more proud of them for the men they […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke

  89. Meet Sarah Palin’s Radical Right-Wing Pals – Extremists Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll

    We have survived another week of Gov. Sarah Palin’s dangerous character assassinations against presidential […]

    Sarah Palin Truth Squad

  90. I Reveal Myself

    Don’t assume I’m easy just because I like to wear full body spandex.

    Roissy in DC

  91. Club Penguin Spy&Seek Mission 9 Walkthrough/Guide/Cheats

    The new mission, Spy & Seek, is here! CP took it down (fixing bugs) but it should be up really soon!

    Club Penguin […]

    Club Penguin Cheats|Hints|Secrets|News

  92. Wetzlar: Polizei setzt NPD-Demo durch / zeitweilige Blockaden an einigen Stellen der Route / erneut massive […]

    Etwa 320 Nazis der NPD und verschiedener Kameradschaften aus Hessen – nicht aber Autonome Nationalisten – konnten heute […]

    Anti-Nazi-Koordination Frankfurt a.M.


    The internet is crazy. Anybody can get a name, by saying […]

    Illseed Blog

  94. Saints WR Colston to play vs. Raiders

    Saints WR Marques Colston is officially listed as questionable on the injury report, but it has been confirmed he will […] Blogs

  95. Vídeo: Resumen GP de Japón

    [A. Alonso]

    Sólo Fórmula 1

  96. david maisel: library of dust.

    In his new book, “Library of Dust”, photographer David Maisel documents one of the most other-wordly, […]

    shape + colour

  97. But Soft…

    But Soft… What light frrom yonder window breaks?
    (Darth Vader)
    picture: dunno source, via our lol builder. lol […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  98. Red and white turns to white as Usmanov goes home and Ade bags 4.

    So according to reports Usmanov has been hit hard by the stock market collapse and has decided to go back to somewhere […]

    Le Grove

  99. From ministerial Mondeo to back bench

    THE Mail on Sunday have today published a slightly edited version of an article they commissioned from me on the […]

    And another thing…

  100. Brasil X Venezuela Transmissão

    Na volta de Kaká, Brasil tenta se vingar da seleção da Venezuela
    Derrota na última partida interrompeu a maior […]

    TVZÃO – Seu Blog de TV Esportiva!

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