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September 5, 2008: Top Posts

  1. A letter from someone who has known Sarah Palin since 1992

    Anne is from Wasilla, Alaska. I found this on the Washington Post comment board and have posted it exactly as I found […]

    My 2 Buck$

  2. Here We Go… RNC Watch Open Thread.

    Here we go everyone.  I’m sitting here in Anchorage with  my cocktail, my bucket of popcorn, and my Pepto […]


  3. Server Jump

    I’ve decided we will be doing another server change. The main reason is because of the past server update, […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Glitches l Secrets

  4. No apology from ‘racist’ Ahmad

     “I am not apologetic because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Ahmad Ismail, the Umno division leader from Penang […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  5. How to create Google Chrome Addons

    Google Chrome can save labels to applications and run them without strapping browser, decided to make for themselves a […]

    Google Chrome Addons

  6. Sarah Palin Pictures & Sarah Palin Photos

    Here’s a quick Photo gallery of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin… John McCain’s newly announced running […]

    I Draw Pictures

  7. August RSS Global Temperature – holding steady, still cooler than 1 year ago

    Even though little change has been seen, there is some interesting news in the August RSS numbers. We are still cooler […]

    Watts Up With That?

  8. How did this rubbish get past quality control?

    Update at 3.06pm on 4/9/08 : PKR Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Nordin will be facing the party’s disciplinary […]

    The People’s Parliament

  9. Archive of Sarah, Bristol, Trig Palin myspace pictures

    Click here for archive of the myspace pages (zip file)
    (Best opened on a mac)

    Click here for the myspace page saved […]

    To strive, to seek, to find…


    Oh baby: The National Enquirer is


  11. Sarah Spoke: New Thread


    Did she hit her target?

    The Confluence

  12. Google Chrome privacy worse than you think

    I think Google chrome is pretty awesome. A friend of mine let me in on some info about the secret project about 6 […]


  13. Community Organizers Fight Back

    Organizers demand apology from Alaska governor, say “we’re working to clean up your mess!”
    Community organizers […]

    Community Organizers Fight Back

  14. Arsenal Finally Announce Pedro Botelho Signing + Video

    It may have been 14 months late, but Arsenal have announced the arrival of Brazilian wing-back Pedro Botelho, with the […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  15. Installing Flash Player on Google Chrome without Admin Rights

    Everyone hates the administrator. FACT. They block the best sites, and stop you fro

  16. Naruto 415 Spoilers and My Prediction

    Alright…. firstly, it is impossible to be covered in Amaterasu and be severely weakened but not enough to be […]

    NARUTO YA (Spoiler Translation Raw Pics Download)

  17. Stop Sarah Palin! The Books She Wanted BANNED!

    Update: This list might not in fact reflect the books Sarah Palin wanted banned. As more than one person in Comments […]

    Mike Cane 2008

  18. One Gigantic Crane

    “Yoshida“, located in Japan
    This crane is meant to lift submarines and bridges with a maximum capacity of […]


  19. What does WAR’s success or failure mean for the MMORPG market?

    So, in an interview with MTV, I said that it was important for the MMORPG market for WAR to succeed. Of course, this […]

    Online Games Are a Niche Market

  20. Oded Schramm

    I am very saddened (and stunned) to learn that Oded Schramm, who made fundamental contributions to conformal geometry, […]

    What’s new

  21. 9月9日のアップルイベントは iPod、iPod、iPod・・・

    例によってアップルの招待状にはい […]


  22. En pojkväns lilla hämnd

    På morgonen brukar både Bella och jag vara väldigt stressade och då sköter man sig själv, alltså man ordnar […]


  23. Arsenal need David Dein & Alisher Usmanov

    From Patrick O’Keefe Member of the gooner forum
    David Dein was 100% right, Arsenal need a rich […]

    The Gooner Forum’s Blog

  24. He’ll be a star! / Sign him up Arsene, I wouldn’t say no…

    So it’s official, Mexican wizzkid Carlos Vela says new boss Arsene Wenger will make him a superstar, he loves the […]

    Le Grove

  25. Sarah Palin: Palin Nude Photo Scandal?????

    AS the media storm continues to lash the Republicans…. IS THERE a Sarah Palin nude photo scandal just […]

    The Crazy News Blog

  26. Sarah Palin Speech

    There was nothing unexpected nor new in her speech. She spoke in favor of drilling in Alaska. Criticized “big […]

    WOC PhD

  27. Hasil Quick Count Pilkada Sumsel

    Hari ini kita melanjutkan perjalanan Pilkada kita, dari lampung ke Sumatera Selatan, nengok calon pimpinan daerah […]


  28. Hasil Quick Count Pilkada Sumsel – Final Count

    Ada tiga buah Quick Count yang sudah memberi laporan.
    Menurut hasil Quick Count LSI (Lembaga Survei Indonesia) […]

    This is my Life, my Precious..

  29. Google Chrome con Ubuntu Linux e WINE. Adesso VA!

    ATTENZIONE: Google Chrome contiene diverse funzioni che – a parere del sottoscritto – violano o limitano la privacy […]

    Guiodic Blog

  30. 2008 Öss ÖSYS Ek Kontenjanları

    Biliyorsunuz ki ÖSYM yerleştirme sonuçları daha önce açıklandı.. Yerleştirme sonuçları açıklandıktan […]

    2009 ÖSS, ÖSYS ve 2009 KPSS Sınavları

  31. I Missed This

    I missed this comment David Alexander wrote Saturday night:
    Hey, no fair. Tonight, I’m seeing a girl!
    Stop the […]

    Roissy in DC

  32. The Two Faces of Harry Redknapp

    “I would not want to say if it is a role I would be interested in, because I have got a job to do at […]

    West Ham Till I Die


    Rapper/Producer Dr.Dre has laid his son to rest after his son Andre Young Jr’s untimely death:
    Dre buried his […]

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  34. Ruby on V8

    Google Chrome looks cool, ok… But what is even cooler for me is V8, the super JavaScript VM.
    JavaScript is a […]

    Marc-André Cournoyer’s blog

  35. Sarah Palin: Sisterhood of the Traveling Catsuit

    Or close enough. Forget the women’s vote. Do you think she’ll get the men’s?
    She might even get […]

    the bruce blog

  36. September 3, 2008: Director Andy Mikita Calls the Shots, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  37. Anwar “Believe Me Now..?” Even SAPP feels it..

    When Lucien aired his views in Vox Populi on Expect more than 40 to defect it […]

    Audie61’s Weblog

  38. Piper Palin licks away the cowlick…awwww

    Did anyone else catch this? It was super cute. This little gal is probably such a big helper. This is the kind of […]

    Peterson People

  39. European PSN Store Update – September 4

    Kind of a boring update… I hope that the US PSN Store update will me more interesting…

    NHL 2K9 […]

    Next Gen News

  40. Palin vs. Obama – Let’s talk about experience and background, shall we?

    The comparison below is the best I’ve seen so far in debunking the “experience” (or lack thereof) […]

  41. “Significant levels” of chloroform found in Casey Anthony’s trunk

    From FOX 35 in Orlando:
    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.  –  Sources close to the investigation confirmed late Wednesday for […]

    Adventures In Frickintardistan

  42. More Stats Charts

    A while back we added charts showing how many views each post got since it was written. Some folks noticed that we […] Blog

  43. Metro Hotel Woking soldier … Notice to all human beings: don’t stay at the Metro Hotel, Woking, Surrey, England.

    It seems the blogosphere is picking this hoo-hah up. Here’s democracyforum…..and here’s […]

    The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG

  44. World Youth Day

    A Melbourne Life

  45. کوروش کبیر , خشایارشاه و سمبل فروهر بر روی پیشانی بانوی آریایی

    فتوبلاگ یک سادیسمی


    The 4th Kanye West album is going to drop in December, watch out for the new single ‘Love LockDown’ about […]



    International weeks are notoriously dull from the club’s perspective; the only real interest is whether or not […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  48. Oded Schramm

    I received today the terrible news that Oded Schramm, the outstanding probabilist, died two days ago in a hiking […]

    in theory

  49. i must have blinked…

    because somehow i am in my 6th month here.  i get into the right side of the car to drive on the left side of the road […]

    sesame ellis

  50. Ridículo! Mas tem novidades…

    O SPFC foi ao Mineirão e piorou a atuaçao de domingo. Ridículo, patético, beirando uma atuação de série B. Mas, […]

    Blog do RicaPerrone

  51. مسلسل باب الحارة الجزء الثالث على ليبيا الشبابية

    القناة الفضائية الجديدة […]

    مجد سورية : سورية – طرطوس – الشيخ بدر

  52. We get to review our own games!

    Seems like Peter Molyneux is starting a sweet new trend where developers review their own games.  This sounded like a […]

    Ska Studios

  53. Senator McCain caught staring at Sarah Palin’s Boobs

    Now we know why Senator John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his V.P.  Despite her lack of experience and having only met […]

    Independent Democracy

  54. Sarah Palin is an Idiot?


    Apparently, half of the known Blogosphere thinks so.
    I have noticed a huge increase in amount of daily […]


  55. Ver en Directo: Rafael Nadal (ESP) vs Mardy Fish (USA) – US Open – Cuartos de Final

    US Open – Cuartos de Final –
    Rafael Nadal (ESP)[1] vs Mardy Fish (USA)

    Rafa Nadal vs Mardy Fish – US Open 2008
    Fecha […]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  56. Appiah? Please….

    The World’s Least Reliable News Source is linking 27 year old Ghana midfield enforcer, Stephen Appiah to […]

    7am Kickoff

  57. Pengumuman USM STAN 2008

    Penguman hasil Ujian Saringan Masuk STAN akan diumumkan pada tanggal 3 september 2008

    Search Engine Optimization – […]

    Pengumuman USM STAN 2008

  58. Merrill Lynch On-Deck as Lehman Swings Away

    Breaking News 9-4-08 3:00pm PST : 

    Your Mortgage or Your Life

  59. Hurricane Gustav photos from The Associated Press …

    An abandoned vehicle sits in a parking lot near U.S. 90 in Gulfport, Miss., on Monday, Sept. 1, 2008, as the outer […] 9 to 5

  60. Hasil Quick Count Sementara Pilkada SUMSEL

    : 52.14 %



  61. Rachida Dati nos hace un favor con Aznar

    José María Aznar fue como una pesadilla en la primera legislatura de Zapatero, me refiero a una pesadilla para el PP. […]


  62. Sarah Palin Champions Barbaric Aerial Hunting of Wolves

    Just another way Governor Palin shows she is pro-life!
    This past weekend I wrote about Gov. Sarah Palin, and her views […]


  63. Instalar Google Chrome en Ubuntu mediante wine

    Google Chrome es la gran noticia de esta semana. En Linux tenemos el problema de que todavia no se ha liberado y solo […]

    Ubuntu Life

  64. One piece manga chapter 513

    Haha! One piece fan,One piece manga chapter 513 out! Now CLICK HERE  read One piece manga chapter 513 online!

    naruto manga and bleach manga

  65. Newt Gingrich Slams MSNBC Reporter During Discussion on Sarah Palin’s Qualifications

    Here’s a video of Newt Gingrich being interviewed by MSNBC’s reporter Ron Allen.  A transcript is […]

    Republican Ranting

  66. Ya Boy – The Bay Area Bully (Mixtape)

    I guess it’s mixtape on the internets. We dropped our highly anticipated (2)Dope Mixtape: Cadillac Edition, our […]


  67. Caylee Anthony: Is A Shocking New Development on the Way?

    Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla seems to believe so according to Local 6 News in Florida.

    Kreuzer’s Korner

  68. Internet e l’evoluzione della masturbazione

    Anche se risale a circa un anno fa, un video su YouTube fornisce tutta una serie di statistiche interessanti sul porno […]


  69. As Mayor, Sarah Palin Tried to Ban Library Books

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    According to GOP mythology, John McCain’s decision to select Sarah Palin to be his […]

    From the Left

  70. Back from the Rally for the Republic

    Wow!  What a good time the Rally for the Republic was.  I arrived on Saturday to do some pre-rally exploring and […]


  71. Is the Green Party running an anti-semite in Vancouver?

    [The answer to the question in the post is “no”!  The candidate in question has been removed]
    A few weeks ago I […]

  72. Incidentul de la Montepulciano si urmarile sale

    Spre finalul sezonului trecut, un autocar in care se aflau membrii Ultras Romani a fost urmar

    Un colt ultra’ uitat de lume

  73. Larangan Kerajaan Kedah Untuk Penyanyi Wanita!

    Bertemu kita kesekian kalinya…
    Hampir seminggu saya tidak menjengah blog ini dan meninggalkan sebarang artikel. […]

    Blues WhereHa

  74. Open MSNBC Mic: ‘With Palin They Went for BS Pick’

    Last Reporter Breaking News… .

    Ever wonder want pundits really say when the mic is off? Well, an open mic on […]

    The Last Reporter

  75. Winpwn 2.5 – iPhone 2.0.2 jailbreak/unlock, iPhone 3G jailbreak

    Features: – QuickPwn Support for 2.0/2.0.1/2.0.2 – Root partition resize support – Installer support – Basic / […]

    Decoding the Web

  76. New Pay and Arrears Calculators based on approved Sixth Pay Commission (14 August 2008) Report

    After much wait it’s time for New Pay and Arrears Calculators based on Pay Commission report approved by […]

    Tarun Reflex

  77. Current Sarah Palin Scandal

    Alleged “hottie” Sarah Heath (Palin) in 1982, #22
    You would think Senator John McCain would have picked […]

    Your Morning Cup of Coffee

  78. Jessica Zandén och Cecilia Gyllenhammar: Jämställdheten kväver oss! Ge oss tillbaka den riktige mannen!

    Så länge vi inte tillåter män och kvinnor att vara biologiska varelser är […]


  79. Assustadora realidade

    Blog do Paulinho

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  81. Bristol Palin’s fiancé Levi Johnston

    Bristol Palin’s fiancé is called Levi Johnston. Levi apparently has a sister, who has a MySpace. (I think you […]

    Amused Cynicism

  82. Arrogância E Pesporrência

    Albino Almeida na RTPN, igual a si mesmo, ma

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  83. Aöf bütünleme soru ve cevapları

    Anadolu Üniversitesinin açık ve uzaktan öğretim yöntemiyle eğitim veren Açıköğretim, İktisat ve İşletme […]

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  84. What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick — Sarah Palin

    I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a “community organizer,” except that you have

    The end of elite liberal media empires and rise of citizen journalism

  85. …MORE Sarah!!! Whew (check out these pics)

    By- Basheert @ 10:40 AM MST
    Posted Sunday 9:57am
    A Hotties in the News:  BLOG exclusive –
    Saturday, August 30, […]


  86. Why Google Chrome Isn’t My Default Browser

    Google Chrome has been public for all of about 30 minutes now. I am very impressed with how fast it downloads and […]

    // Internet Duct Tape

  87. See Full Video of Sarah Palin’s Acceptance Speech

    See the full speech at The Political Voices of Women

    See Full Video of Sarah

    Informed Voters

  88. Sarah Palin – Blog Comments from Alaska – Business Partner Scott Richter and More


    The Palins also own a couple of

    2 Lesbos Goin At It

  89. Madonna no Brasil – Quem conseguiu comprar ingresso deixe comentário aqui!

    Tô há uma hora e meia tentando comprar meus ingressos pro show da Madonna no Rio de Janeiro no site da Tickets For […]

    Planeta Bizarro

  90. 10 Reasons Firefox won’t be worried about Chrome

    Oh internets, you hysterical zeitgeist, please simmer down. Google Chrome is not the end of Firefox. Another […]

    Boriss’ Blog

  91. Did Sarah Palin Have An Affair With One Of Her Husband’s Business Associates?

    Source:The Washington Post
    But even as the campaign sought to put the vetting questions behind them, it elected to make […]

    The Palin Report

  92. Jillian Grace Hot Photos


  93. Ann Coulter digs Sarah Palin

    Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain’s choice of a running mate, Sarah Palin, has certainly struck a nerve […]

    Last Row

  94. Round 27 Previews

    Here we are at last, the final round.  Four out of six matches with some meaning attached to them and for several […]

    XIII Oceans

  95. Sarah “Boobs” Palin, moose meat, & driving a minivan to hockey games

    If Sarah “Boobs” Palin was really pregnant with Trig, then why did the Alaskan government almost […]

    White Noise Insanity

  96. Quick Django Trick

    Recently while playing around with a Django model in the always awesome iPython shell I discoved a neat feature of the […]

    Sean’s Software Blog

  97. people calling me racist…

    I cannot belivie people are calling me racist? my mom told me they would even show one black person on tv tonight and […]

    My life as willow palin Weblog

  98. Video of Pierre

    Filmmaker Michael Tauchert has shared his videos of Pierre on this Web site:

    Remembering Pierre and Marie Colas

  99. Conventional Thoughts

    I confess that I actually like Mike Huckabee. He’s fundamentalist as all get out, but he’s genuine. […]


  100. Last Tomato of the Season

    Barky’s time in the sun is over too!


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