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August 26, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Jessica Zandén och Cecilia Gyllenhammar: Jämställdheten kväver oss! Ge oss tillbaka den riktige mannen!

    Så länge vi inte tillåter män och kvinnor att vara biologiska varelser är Hamilton männens erotik-substitut. […]


  2. BN, the Indian Ocean beckons!

    Man, did RPK kick ass at the ceramah at Sembilang last night!
    I think what must have really pissed him off was when he […]

    The People’s Parliament

  3. Beijing 2008 Olympics Closing Ceremony (video)

    See the Video HERE
    or on NBC HERE


  4. Upper Wisconsin and Minnesota Forecast: Frost and Freeze Before Labor Day

    We’ve seen a lot of anecdotal evidence of a cooler than usual summer in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Thi […]

    Watts Up With That?

  5. Videoteca: Goles Real Madrid-Valencia (Supercopa 2008, Vuelta)

    Goles del partido de vuelta de la Supercopa de España 2008, disputado entre el Real Madrid y el Valencia CF, con […]


  6. Olympic Tae Kwon Do: Cuba’s Ángel Matos Kicks Ref in Face, Banned For Life – Pics and Videos

    Olympic Tae Kwon Do representative from Cuba, Ángel Matos, kicks the referee in the face out of anger and gets an […]


  7. Arsenal Offered Barça Youngster Falqué + Video

    The agent of Barcelona winger Iago Falqué has offered the services of his client to clubs around the Premiership, […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  8. The Newest DNC Twist to Screw Us Over

    This is unconfirmed. I have only heard it second hand. Apparently, Delegates have been told that they must indicate […]

    The Confluence

  9. “Enquanto estivemos separados ela saiu com outro cara. Aceito ela de volta?” Urso responde!

    Caro Amigo Urso,
    Estou separado da minha esposa a mais ou m

    Pergunte ao Urso – Tudo aquilo que você não sabia para quem perguntar

  10. August 24, 2008: 2008 Olympic Summary

    Hey, the Olympics are finally over. In case you just got back from a two-week round-trip journey to the moon, here’s […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog


    Disputing the Swedish referee’s decision during the bronze medal Tae Kwon Do match, Cuban Ángel Matos kicked […]

    MRod says:

  12. Phantom voters, are you coming to Permatang Pauh?

    Image: suspected phantom voters in Ijok. Will there be similar cases in Permatang Pauh?
    “Khairy Jamaluddin had […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  13. What does it take to get a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence?

    My name is Robin Goldstein, and I’m the author of a new book called

    Osteria L’Intrepido di Milano

  14. Tabular Stats

    Today we present to our beloved stats addicts a new way to perceive numbers: stats tables! Tabular data is arranged in […] Blog


    Haberin Doğru Adresi

  16. Quadro de medalhas FINAL da Olimpíada Pequim 2008

    Você confere abaixo o quadro de medalhas final, que foi atualizado após a conclusão das últimas provas olímpicas […]

    Fernando Morgado Televisionado

  17. Ardent

    All right, so Nancy Pelosi was on Meet the Press, speaking with Tom Brokaw. Among other things, she said:
    MR. BROKAW: […]

    Charlotte was Both

  18. Announcing…

    Morrow John Piper
    Born August 22, 2008 at 12:22 pm
    Weight: 7 pounds, 13 ounces
    Length: 20.5″
    The first time I […]

    The Pipers

  19. Pengumuman Hasil Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) Departemen Keuangan Republik Indonesia

    Berikut ini pengumuman hasil tes TPA Depkeu, bisa anda klik disini


  20. Permatang Pauh: Desperate people do the most idiotic of things

    This is what I read on the Malaysian Insider just 5 minutes ago:
    PERMATANG PAUH, Aug 25 With defeat staring them in the […]

    I Am Malaysian

  21. My Comment Count is Bigger Than Your Comment Count!

    With the push towards a successful blog being defined by its comments, a new WordPress Plugin has appeared that may […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  22. Sixth Central Pay Commission , salary and arrear calculator

    Mohit kiNgsTeCh

  23. jimmy page jimmy page olympics (VIDEO !!!)

    jimmy page whole lotta love ; jimmy page led zeppelin ; jimmy page jimmy paige ; jimmy page jimmy page olympics ; jimmy […]

    Lando14’s Weblog

  24. Did we know what Ustaz Ramlang Porigi did last night?

    The blogs (see, for e.g. here), websites and newsportal were abuzz since early this morning with the Ramlang’s […]

    Mustafa K Anuar’s blog

  25. A message to Permatang Pauh voters

    Tomorrow is the D Day for The mother of all by elections , the Permatang Pauh Parlaimentary seat contest.
    I hope that […]

    Dr Hsu’s Forum

  26. Tom Arnold Fires Back: He’s 100 Percent Hawkeye

    It turns out Tom Arnold had a good reason for attending a University of Alabama football practice last week. His […]

    Gazette sports columnist Mike Hlas presents

  27. Code Geass R2 20 – IT’S JUST ENTERTAINMENT

    Give me a Kaguya GOOD END and I’ll be satisfied. This is my last entry I will post from AMERIKKKA! I really […]

    クロス† チャネル

  28. Tormenta Tropical Julio en Vivo- cobertura especial

    11:30AM Hora local – 12:30PM CTM
    La Tormenta […]


  29. Beyond Beyond

    The photorealist work of Argentinian painter Diego Gravinese takes the genre into interstellar overdrive. Have you […]

    The Publics

  30. What the CoS did about Sixth Pay Commission Report?

    A review on the major changes / addition on CPC report by the CoS



    Tarun Reflex

  31. En konversation som säger mycket om oss

    En kort konversation från ikväll när vi var på ica och handlade glass.
    -Titta! En sån här borde jag få samtidigt […]


  32. Guest Blogger Occhiblu: More Problems with Racism and the Fatosphere

    Shapeling Occhiblu sent a version of this as an e-mail to us yesterday, hoping we could post about it. But she’d […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  33. “The Human Camera” – This is truly incredible!

    Often you will hear in the world of photography that one needs to keep a open mind, to learn how to “see” […]

    “Macro Art In Nature”

  34. Nancy Pelosi “Meet the Press” transcript

    Earlier today I posted a brief synopsis of Nancy Pelosi’s appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning. […]

    One Mom

  35. لاجوردی ها و گیلانی ها

    به تاریخ می توان دروغ گفت … ولی تاریخ هرگز دروغ نمی گوید

    قضاوت ب […]


  36. Deixou a mulher no sereno e agora quer reclamar!

    Caro Amigo Urso,
    Estou separado da minha esposa a mais ou m

    Desabafos de uma namorada normal. Anormal são vocês!

  37. When Does the Democratic National Convention Really Start?

    I’ve spent about two hours doing research into the exact time that the Democratic National Convention will […]

    Astrology Mundo

  38. The Wedgie Crew Is After You…

    Here is a compilation of bad wedgies.  Yea, that’s right, one person pulling another person’s underwear […]

    Your Dime’s Up

  39. Coca Cola it’s a (s)hit?

    Przy okazji wakacynych spotkań z emigrantami na mieście, któregoś razu, zupełnie przypadkiem, zwróciłem uwagę […]

    As Tradition Dies

  40. Carla Dualib abre o jogo


    Carla Dualib é publicitária.

    Blog do Paulinho

  41. Philip J. Berg Press Release, No. 08-cv-4083, Philadelphia Federal Court, Obama not citizen, Hawaii, Kenya, Indonesia, […]




    For Immedi

    Citizen Wells

  42. There’s something very insulting about Liverpool FC

    Having just had the pleasure of watching Djibril Cisse score the winner against Spurs on his Sunderland debut, I […]


  43. ANWAR”ONLY 5000 in Permatang Pauh”

    When news like,”No good,Majority reduce by 5000.” filters through from the PKR Intelligence unit of the […]

    Audie61’s Weblog

  44. Colour Changing Mood Light By Shiu Yuk Yuen

    Need a little therapy in your room? Better you get this one, Colour Changing Mood Light by Shi


  45. Do you know any programmers that exhibit these personality traits…?

    I’ve been observing an unusual programmer friend of mine for some time now. (Yeah… a “friend”, […]

    Learning Lisp

  46. Talented Deacon could prove to be a key player as Bould’s options run thin on the ground

    He may have guided them to a 3-1 opening day victory over Everton on Saturday, but under-18s coach Steve Bould faces a […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  47. Giusy:”Il video porno? Non sono io”

    Video Porno Giusy Ferreri
    Da perfetta sconosciuta a star della canzone italiana, il passo per Giusy Ferreri è stato […]

    Tv e Politica

  48. Priest Antonio Rungi wants beauty contest – for nuns

    [Source] August 24, 2008:

    An Italian Catholic priest is launching a beauty contest with a difference – it will be open […]

    Evangelism Exposed

  49. Yaprak Dökümü 2008 Yeni Sezon Fragmanı

    Felaket Film, Dizi ve Klipler

  50. Enhancing Multitasking to Enhance Our Minds.

    Jenny Boriss and the Mozilla Labs team have helped spark a wildfire of discussion. What can we do to make browser tabs […]

    Essays by Danielle Fong

  51. Öss (üniversitede) 2. Yerleştirme–Ek yerleştirme–Ek kontenjanlar

    Öss (üniversitede) 2. Yerleştirme–Ek yerleştirme–Ek kontenjanlar
    Nedir başvuru şartları […]

    Beyin Fırtınası

  52. Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony – random live thoughts

    Update 25/08/08: Photos courtesy of
    Just like what I did with the Opening Ceremony, I’m going […]

    Trylobyte’s Corner

  53. Haris’ Report from Permatang Pauh

    Haris Ibrahim in Simpang Ampat, Permatang Pauh
    August 25, 2008

    Man, did RPK kick ass at the ceramah at Sembilang last […]

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  54. gaziantepspor – fenerbahçe maçı özeti, golleri, videosu

    fenerbahçe sezonun ilk maçında gaziantep karşısında mağlubiyete uğradı.
    7 yıldır fenerbahçeyi yenemeyen […]

    yeni posta

  55. Musas dos Jogos Olímpicos de Pequim em fotos sensuais e flagras

    O Brasil não foi tão bem nestes Jogos Olímpicos, mas “nossas vistas estão mais limpas” diante do show […]

    Notícias do Brasil e Mundo

  56. Yung Berg Rumored To Have Got Into A Scuffle In Detroit

    The rumor is Yung Berg went to a Detroit for a concert and before reaching the venue went to a local club and then […]


  57. Turkcell Super Lig 1 Haftanin Tum Ozetlerini Izle

    Turkcell Super Lig 1 Haftanin Tum Ozetlerini Izle maclarin ozetin

    Hit Spor

  58. 23 Agustus 2008, Pengumuman Tes CPNS Depkeu dan Deplu

    jakartaPengumuman hasil tes CPNS Depkeu dan Deplu akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 23 Agustus 2008…nggak tau kenapa […]


  59. Games Workshop New Product Seminar at LA Games Day

    Jes Goodwin and Phil Kelly held new product seminars at the recent LA Games Day held on August 23rd.  Cameras were not […]

    MiniaturePeddler’s Weblog

  60. Professional Development (Part I)

    Tim once mused that Bob is so terrible at his job because he just doesn’t care enough about it. I thought that […]

  61. yup, im an idiot…AGAIN!

    I have been dreading writing this blog every since 2:00am Friday morning. Ive thought about these events over and […]

    Big Al’s Blog

  62. marylouiseparkerfamilyouting

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  63. Exclusivo: Chevrolet Vectra ganha retoques para a linha 2009

    Quando lançado, em setembro de 2005, o Chevrolet Vectra impressionava pela beleza e porte, fazendo com que o até […]

    Pit Stop



  65. Las mejores fotos de la clausura de las Olimpiadas Beijing 2008

    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  66. Ultimate Zelda Humor

    You will only get this joke if you are a Nintendo/Zelda fan, even so this is extremely nerdy humor at its best. But it […]

    Anime Life And Everything Else

  67. Evangelio del dia Domingo 24 de Agosto


    JeSúS AmIgO

  68. The Defensive Midfield Question

    Since Flamini has left, there has been to many fans a gaping hole in the position right next to Cesc. Throughout the […]

    The Gooner Forum’s Blog

  69. Quadro de medalhas manipulado-Olimpadas 2008 Beijing

    Ao que parece, os EUA não admitem que outro país tenha vencido as Olimpíadas e, por isso, os principais jornais […]

    Recanto das Palavras

  70. Threads Don’t Scale, Processes Do

    With the multicore explosion in the making, are we going to be running hundreds of thousands of threads in a single […]

      Bartosz Milewski on Programming

  71. T-Pain – Pree Ringz (Da Mixtape)

    T-Pain and DJ Lil Boy link up for a pre-album type mixtape in anticipation to T-Pain’s upcoming album, Three […]


  72. Beijing 2008 – Ceremonia de clausura

    Las mejores fotos de la ceremonia de Clausura de los Juegos Olímpicos de Beijing 2008:
    Crédito de las Fotos: […]

    Dame Pelota

  73. Video de cubano matas taekwondo arbitro

    Aqui les pego el video de el cubano matas cabreado y le mete una patada al arbitro de […]

    Capitulos de Naruto Shippuden y mas Manga

  74. 2008 Beijing Olympics – India Gets First Gold Medal

    2008 B

    Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love & Spirituality

  75. Rush Limbaugh Ponders: Is Michelle Obama Pregnant?

    On his radio broadcast this morning, Rush Limbaugh speculated that Michelle Obama may have an announcement to make in […]

    NObama – Not Now, Not Ever

  76. Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony Pictures

    S i l e n t R e m e m b r a n c e ‘ s W e b l o g

  77. Michael Guglielmucci TV interview tonight

    Adelaide Now (Adelaide Advertiser) reports…
    “It took 11 days before an Adelaide pentecostal church exposed […]

    Group Sects

  78. Eight . . . Yep . . . I said it

    Eight wins last year and a bowl bid. Not shabby.
    But that was last year. Now the question begs: Can Mississippi State […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis

  79. Tudo que sei

    Tentando responder 200 perguntas num só post:
    – O Alex Silva se reune hoje com empresário dele para ouvir as ofertas. […]

    Blog do RicaPerrone

  80. Bareng DDOCI,… diundang FX… wiii… banyak selebz…!!!

    Well… hari Minggu ini, memang gue bersama rekan DDOCI diundang oleh pihak FX Plaza… ikut meramaikan […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  81. Sainsbury’s August Bank Holiday Opening Hours

    Sainsburys in Castle Vale will be open from 9a.m till 7pm on Bank Holiday Monday 25th August 2008.
    click here for Asda […]

    Vale Mail


    Estas son las imágenes de las olimpiadas, pero los falsos medios de comunicación no te las darán.
    George W. Bush, lo […]


  83. Email is dead. Long live Email.

    According to the Radicati Group, the number of email users worldwide will reach 1.6 billion in 2011 from an estimated […]


  84. ÖSS’de ek yerleştirmeler 1-8 Eylül tarihlerinde olacak

    ÖSYM Başkanı Prof. Dr. Ünal Yarımağan, ÖSS’de ek yerleştirmeye ilişkin takvimin henüz belirlenmediğini, […]

    2009 ÖSS, ÖSYS ve 2009 KPSS Sınavları

  85. ‘V’ for Rakyat, ‘V’ for Anwar Ibrahim

    On the ballot paper for P44, Anwar Ibrahim is the second candidate.
    For us, it symbolises ‘V’ – for victory […]

    elizabeth wong

  86. خیلی احمقیم اگر در انتخابات دوره بعد ریاست جمهوری شرکت کنیم


    میرزا کسری بختیاری

  87. Brasil ganha sua primeira medalha de ouro nas Olimpíadas de Beijing 2008 com César Cielo nos 50 m nado livre

    Sim, nosso nadador César Cielo arrematou a primeira medalha dourada nessas Olimpíadas de Pequim, e pulamos da 42ª […]

    Leitura Dinâmica 2.0

  88. August 25, 1938, Preston Hall

    Everything in Suffolk is much more dried-up than in Kent. Until the day we arrived there had been no rain for many […]


  89. Tainted Olympics: China says mistake over gymnast’s age due to “bad paperwork”

    A paperwork mistake. Of course. And it’s only 1 gymnast? What about the others that were underage?

    From the […]

    the bruce blog

  90. Djevelens advokat

    En advokat fra Asker er pågrepet i forbindelse med “asyl-skuddene” i Asker – melder VG. Politiet pågrep […]

    Azitro’s raljeringer


    Life is about involvement. Yes, there is legitimacy in leisure, rest, sleep, even standing still. But only in the […]


  92. آیا قوانین تابعیت کشورمان را خوانده‌ایم؟ (این مطلب طنز نیست)

    اگر قانون می‌دانید لطفا قدری من خنگ را راهنمائی کنید که آیا برداش […]

    نگاهی دیگر

  93. Wipeout HD Details and Gameplay Video

    O.k., so we’ve got some Wipeout HD details for you guys!

    The game will run on 1080P @ 60FPS
    It will have […]

    Next Gen News

  94. Mike Guglielmucci: Official Statement?

    From the Adelaide Advertiser today:
    The statement was read to a packed congregation at the pentacostal church his […]

    Planetshakers Insider

  95. The Ladies Wax On about Waxing Off

    This week’s Waxing Off topic at Deadspin was… disturbing. And gross. And demeaning to the women asked to […]


  96. Mall of the Marijuanas

    It seems as though there was a small fortune in pot growing at Mall of the Americas in Miami. Check out this dazzling […]

    Counter Culture

  97. La muerte de un burócrata vegano

    Vídeo Youtube muerto “secuestrado”,La Vega

    ¿Vio Película Muerte de un Burócrata?
    Los burócratas y los […]

    Bono Cimarrón

  98. As cidades que sediaram os jogos olímpicos da era moderna

    Não é do autor do blog, fonte no final.

    Atenas, 1896
    Umas 80 mil pessoas lotavam o Estádio de Atenas […]


  99. Travel photos albumified

    Some Akademy attendees were flat out prolific in their documentation of the conference through both images and video.  […]

    Komandeering Developers Everywhere

  100. Vantagem garantida no filtro do cigarro

    The Newest Batalha
    Parece que todo jogo do Grêmio nos Aflitos está destinado a ter pitadas de nonsense. Com um […]


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