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August 24, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Tabular Stats

    Today we present to our beloved stats addicts a new way to perceive numbers: stats tables! Tabular data is arranged in […] Blog

  2. Ver en Vivo ARGENTINA-NIGERIA – Videos en Directo por Internet y estadisticas completas en varios idiomas

    Ver Argentina – Nigeria en VIVO – Juegos Olimpicos, Beijing 2008 – Argentina – Nigeria Final Juegos Olimpicos Futbol […]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  3. Khairy Jamaluddin is going to resign as UMNO deputy Youth chief

    “What else does Anwar Ibrahim want?” he queried. “Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s government has […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  4. Fatigue Thwarts Arsenal Youngsters Ramsey & Wilshere

    Their talents may belie their incredibly young years, but Arsenal duo Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere have fallen foul […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  5. August 22, 2008: Firstlies through Eightlies…

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  6. Snickers Urbania en el Zócalo DF.

    Que tal para todos los interesados en espacios para expresarse.
    Este 23 de Agosto será la edición 3.0 de […]

    Muchogrrrande’s Weblog

  7. ‘Swagger Like Us’ T.I. featuring Jay Z, Lil Wayne, & Kanye West

    Due to the fact that nobody has an album coming out before TIP, I am gonna jump out the window and say that this is […]


  8. Soul Eater 20 Released!

    Phew. Long week. 20 is a very nice episode!
    [Tadashi] SOUL EATER – 20 (720p h264-AAC).mp4.torrent
    Translation […]


  9. EN VIVO: Argentina vs Nigeria – Final de Fútbol Olímpico


    Mejor hablar de ciertas cosas…

  10. Saddleback Forum Video & Transcript: Obama / McCain with Rick Warren

    For those of you who missed the Leadership and Compassion Forum, hosted by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church on […]

    Kingdom People

  11. Priceless Meet & Greet moment when David get his Billboard News from a fan!

    It’s pretty amazing when David gets the news from his fans!  Apparently no one told him before this meet and […]


  12. Che Che Che Changes!

    Hi CoolChasers! As some of you may have noticed, we are no longer asking for MySpace passwords and just  giving out […]

    A Blog for Next Small Things

  13. Usain Bolt wins Gold in 200m in Beijing (Video Embed)

    Here’s a previous post of interest…Usain Bolt 100 meters world record (video embed – hi quality)
    HT to […]

    Dark Skies Blog

  14. Saturday: Leavin’ on a jet plane

    Good Morning, Conflucians!  Everybody awake?  I’m headed to my local Starbucks for a Vivanno before I hit the […]

    The Confluence

  15. Det känns som jag ska dö

    Gårdagens restaurangbesök var mysigt men när jag vaknade i morse kände jag att halsen var tjock, mitt huvud värkte […]


  16. Reporting from Permatang Pauh

    These a re some of the links of local bloggers who, i am told are working the ground for the DSAI campaign. These guys […]

    The People’s Parliament

  17. Using Linux for Photography, where we stand

    I promise I will not turn that into a habit, but after quite a few months and more than 100 entries in this blog, I […]

    Linux Photography

  18. Raúl Veleia: el fraude del Gran Premio de Europa

    La fórmula uno va a estrenar este domingo un circuito urbano en la ciudad de Valencia en el llamado Gran Premio de […]

    El mamarrachi


    Apart from the Shot Put which is an Olympic sport which could be traced back to the games of Ancient Greece, the art […]


  20. The Mike Guglielmucci Hill$ong scandal

    * ( Video restored 0045 AWST 23-8-08 )
    The Australian reports…
    “He preached to thousands about his […]

    Group Sects

  21. Metallica – The Day That Never Comes review

    I thought I’d help out the web, because on brief searching I can’t find any informative reviews for […]

    Mo Blogs

  22. [VELO EN VIVO!] Argentina-Nigeria, final del futbol en Beijing 2008

    En una hora y 15 minu

    Pixel o’ Rama Alternativo

  23. Summary of 6th Pay Commission Recommendations: Allowances & Facilities

    The Government of India constituted the 6th Pay Commission to suggest pay revisions for its employees. The […]

    Tarun Reflex

  24. Cryosphere Today Makes Changes – Improves product, drops Gore comment

    In the thread where we have examined the visual discrepancies in sea ice report that concerned a number of people, […]

    Watts Up With That?

  25. Wenger knows, in Arsene we trust… you F*****g muppets

    Are you really surprised that the mighty Arsenal got beat today by Fulham?
    Some people that know a little about […]

    The Gooner Forum’s Blog

  26. Introducing our second son: Morrow John Piper

    Morrow is perfect.

    Mama’s doing well.

    I feel hig

    22 Words

  27. There’s something very insulting about Liverpool FC

    Having just had the pleasure of watching Djibril Cisse score the winner against Spurs on his Sunderland debut, I […]


  28. Obama Bin Biden, All Hail…

    Seriously, like how many asshats are we going to have to put up with until they are defeated in November?


  29. Permatang Pauh: Of Bogus Degrees and Lying Politicians!

    Arif drops out of PhD study
    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng & Wong Teck Chi | Aug 22, 08 10:51am
    Barisan Nasional Permatang Pauh […]

    The Dandelions

  30. Revistas de graça?

    Sim. De graça, na net e na íntegra. Essa é a proposta do Mygazines. O site encoraja usuários do mundo inteiro a […]


  31. Philip J. Berg Press Release, No. 08-cv-4083, Philadelphia Federal Court, Obama not citizen, Hawaii, Kenya, Indonesia, […]




    For Immedi

    Citizen Wells

  32. عكسهاي بسيار زيبا از كشتي زنان در المپيك پكن(از دست ندين)


    چه خبر از موزیرج

  33. 308 – The Pop Vs Soda Map

    When on a hot summer’s day you buy a carbonated beverage to quench your thirst, how do you order it? Do you ask for […]

    Strange Maps

  34. Nintendo says Pachter is wrong about the Wii

    PC World has what is essentially a ‘hit piece‘ on the Wii. Instead of looking at the reasons why the Wii is […]

    Malstrom’s Articles News

  35. I Remember how he treated Anita Hill: Joe Biden Obama’s VP Pick

    The VP pick for Barack Obama will be Joe Biden.  I think what stands out most for me about Joe Biden is his abominable […]

    Blackhippychick’s Weblog

  36. My Trip to X08

    As I read the post on Xbox 360 Fanboy about how X08 was coming to Toronto again, I simply thought about how I did not […]

    X3F Fancast Defense Force

  37. Hari Jumaat Cuti Minggu Di Malaysia?

    Salam pembaca!
    Menyoroti solat Jumaat hari ini begitu meletihkan saya. Bukan letih dek kerana terpaksa solat di masjid, […]

    Blues WhereHa

  38. Cadastre-se GRÁTIS e veja gostosas ao vivo no Chat!

    Cadastre-se agora no maior site de namoro, romance,
    casamento, amigos e diversão do mundo!

    Gostosas na Webcam!

  39. Najib, Najib : Sudah curi ayam, sumpah pula!

    posted by Din Merican, August 23, 2008
    BREAKING NEWS: Raja Petra (Pet) and his team of […]

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  40. Below the Belt? You decide.


  41. Les racistes opportunistes

    Un texte intéressant aujourd’hui sur le blogue de l’ami Laga

    Le Dernier Québécois

  42. Sixth Pay Commission update

    Please visit our new website for answers to  pay commission queries

    But the Obvious!

  43. Tony Romo Needs To Have “The Talk” With Jessica Simpson

    Take celeb website stories for what they are.  BUT….gotta like that…
    I read something that just made me […]

    New Dawg Blog


    Singer Ginuwine and retired rapper Sole are focused on raising their four daughters Ginel, Kayah, Story and Dream.In […]

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  45. Unpublished: Joe Biden on Obama and More

    Back last Summer I scored an exclusive interview with Joe Biden, who is increasingly looking like the nominee. This […]

    Dispatches from Seth Gitell

  46. Daily show billboard welcomes RNC

    The Daily Show proves its hospitality by erecting this lovely sky-high billboard in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in […]

    Gina Vivinetto’s Greatest Hits

  47. WOW! Odds”15000 Votes at 3-1″Permatang Pauh

    Why hasn’t any one come out and say that “Don’t vote your future away” When Reuters UK carried […]

    Audie61’s Weblog

  48. 10 Reasons I Love Track and Field

    1. Usain Bolt, Fastest Man Alive

    I believe


  49. The Club Penguin Games 2008!

    Hey Penguins the club penguin games are on today!
    and there are three challenges

    Marathon Tutorial
    OK all you have to […]

    Club Penguin|Cheats|Secrets|Glitches|News|Site

  50. This month’s Dengeki Hobby magazine


    SRW Hotnews

  51. A Quick Education on Joe Biden

    UPDATE: It’s Official — Biden is the CHOICE!!
    OK, so the announcement hasn’t been made as I write […]


  52. Who Is This Fabio Paim?

    Luiz Felipe Scolari has agreed to take Sporting Lisbon’s Fabio Paim on loan until the end of the season. But who is […]

  53. Mat Rempits making rounds in Permatang Pauh

    Well, what we have all these days since the nomination day till today, the Putera Umno inspired Mat Rempits motorcycle […]

    Towards a Greater Malaysian First

  54. Ade made sacrifices so DON’T be unfair. Oh and 4 nil Arsenal.

    I will start today with the comment made by our leader that Ade made big sacrifices to stay with Arsenal as he was […]

    Le Grove

  55. Plantão – Bronze no Taekwondo!

    Qual o sentido dos jogos olímpicos se não mexer com nossas emoções?
    A cada prova, a cada conquista, a cada medalha, […]

    Bronze Brasil 2008

  56. Fluxbuntu

    Fluxbuntu es una distribución Linux basada en Ubunt

    Think Ubuntu

  57. Video: No engine explosion in fatal Spanair crash

    Smoke rises from the scene of the crash where a plane skidded off the runway and crashed at Madrid’s […]

    RizkiBeo’s Transport Reflections

  58. Food Porn and Reconstructing Our Meals

    I used to look at vegan food porn and think that it was a waste of time. I didn’t understand how it could really […]

    Vegans of Color

  59. Campeonato Brasileiro preview round 22

    We kick off round 22 of the Campeonato Brasileiro with Fluminense as they take on Spor

    Pitaco do gringo’s Brazilian football blog

  60. The 12 Lies of Michael Guglielmucci – Is Church Culture To Blame?

    During Michael Guglielmucci’s time as Youth Pastor at Planetshakers City Church, “Pastor Mike” […]

    Planetshakers Insider

  61. eBook Breakthrough For iPhone Comics!

    I first saw this over at mj’s blog.
    Then I went to the source post.
    Take a look at this video. It is staggering. […]

    Mike Cane 2008

  62. Obama Biden / Osama bin Laden

    Will Obama and Biden get Osama bin Laden?
    This is to much…
    I am voting for McCain!
    experience over speech!

    Missio Dei Scandia

  63. CSN-ekonomin

    Malin “Fotbollsfrun” Wollin kan provocera. Folk älskar att hata henne. Det är lite lustigt faktiskt att […]



    Haberin Doğru Adresi

  65. Amazon’s Elastic Block Store explained

    Now that Amazon’s Elastic Block Store is live I thought it’d be helpful to explain all the ins and outs as […]

    RightScale Blog

  66. Guest Blogger Occhiblu: More Problems with Racism and the Fatosphere

    Shapeling Occhiblu sent a version of this as an e-mail to us yesterday, hoping we could post about it. But she’d […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  67. Cuban Taekwondo Olympian Angel Matos Banned for Life After … (VIDEO !!!)

    But any legitimate concerns about the quality of the judging will likely be overlooked, as the lasting image of […]

    Brainfire41’s Weblog

  68. Nicole Reinhardt – Vom Playboy zur Goldmedaille! (updated)

    Hui, da sagt man oft, im Playboy lassen sich nur die Frauen ablichten, bei denen es im Moment am Erfolg mangelt. Nicht […]

    Minas-Sairon – Der Turm des Magiers

  69. Cube Runner: Level Packs

    I finally found some places for Cube Runner Level Packs.  There’s a whole forum devoted to the development and […]

    Neutron Dawn

  70. 2008-2009 Sınavsız İkinci Üniversite Kayıt Tarihleri

    2008-2009 Öğretim yılı için planlanan başvuru tarihi ve kayıt tarihi aşağıda verilmiştir.
    Planlanan […]


  71. Match report: Arsenal U18s 3 Everton U18s 1

    A Luke Freeman brace added to a Sanchez Watt strike meant that Arsenal under-18s got their FA Premier Academy League […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  72. Biden’s Greatest Hits

    Imagine the Vice-Presidential Debates.

    In One Ear… Out the Other

  73. Programa de Feria y Fiestas de Almería 2008

    Ya faltan muy poco tiempo para que de comienzo nuestra Feria, y seguro que muchos almerienses aún no han visto el […]

    Feria de Almería

  74. Permatang Pauh: Let people decide, says Anwar

    TheSun, Opalyn Mok
    GEORGE TOWN (Aug 22, 2008): Let the people decide the outcome of the Permatang Pauh by-election and […]

    Free Anwar Ibrahim

  75. Malicious and slanderous campaign!!!

    A lorry with number plate KY6627 from Kepala Batas arrived at Bandar Sunway, Permatang Pauh today carrying campaign […]

    Permatang Pauh By-Election

  76. Food waste and green smoothies

    Here’s what I wasted in addition to the beans I posted about earlier. It’s about 1/4 cup of green onions […]

    The Frugal Girl

  77. TV – Su La 7 Miss Agathe – Con lei non si scherza

    Da questa sera, ogni sabato alle ore 21.10, La 7 trasmette una nuova serie tedesca in 5 episodi di circa 90 minuti […] Blog

  78. Vídeo: Volêi Feminino do Brasil é OURO em Pequim

    Pela primeira vez na história dos Jogos Olímpicos, o Brasil ganha a medalha de ouro no vôlei feminino. A seleção, […]

    Fernando Morgado Televisionado

  79. مسلسل نور الحلقه الاخيره حلقه كامله من مسلسل نور مشاهده و تحميل

    لمشاهدة و تحميل الحلقة الاخيرة من مسلسل نور على الرابط التالي :


  80. In 7 Days…A New Era Begins!

    West BY GOD Virginia

  81. Cesvi aponta automóveis mais seguros do País

    Cesvi Brasil (Centro de Experimentação e Segurança Viária) divulgou recentemente os resultados de seu mais novo […]

    Pit Stop

  82. Outside the arena

    posted by Rob at 4:51 pm local time, via mobile (cleveland, usa)
    comments @

    Nine Inch Nails – Blog & Media Archive

  83. Cuban Taekwondo Olympian Angel Matos Banned for Life After … (VIDEO !!!)

    But any legitimate concerns about the quality of the judging will likely be overlooked, as the lasting image of […]

    Brainfire37’s Weblog

  84. Michael Guglielmucci – An Appropriate Response

    My friend John Finkelde gives an appropriate response to this situation below:

    Russell Evans, Planetshakers Church […]

    This is Not a Test

  85. Sevda -Annem Gibi


  86. T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne – Swagger Like Us

    Off T.I’s Paper Trail
    T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne – Swagger Like Us


  87. Phoonk – Movie Review

    Classics and Duds notwithstanding, Ram Gopal Varma’s movies always have an air of expectance around them and the […]

    My Wierd Wired World

  88. Ridiculous: Norm MacDonald’s Bob Saget Anti-Roast Gets Left on Cutting Room Floor

    UPDATE: Comedy Central’s CC Insider Blog has FINALLY released the Norm clips, to which I added to this entry. […]

  89. Philadelphia Democrat Big Wig Attorney Philip Berg Files Suit Seeking Injunction against Barack H. Obama’s Candidacy […]

    Democrat attorney in Philadelphia, Philip Berg, is not a popular man with the Obama folks these days, because he filed […]


    Red Bull Arena construction is now moving along after the first piece of steel was laid in place this past Tuesday, […]


    É em portugues (também), tem mais de 600 canais, é minimizavel ao ponto […]

    /o/ GO!!!

  92. More concerned about z’s than lbs

    We all know how important sleep is for health. That’s one of many reasons that insomnia can be so maddening. I […]

    Worth Your Weight

  93. Deeper

    I felt it slowly slide between my legs. Moving from mid-thigh up towards my ass. Was I awake? I couldn’t be. But […]

    Defending the Raven

  94. 23 Agustus 2008, Pengumuman Tes CPNS Depkeu dan Deplu

    jakartaPengumuman hasil tes CPNS Depkeu dan Deplu akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 23 Agustus 2008…nggak tau kenapa […]


  95. Lowongan Kerja Bank DKI – 16 Agustus 2008 pukul 00.00 s/d 24 Agustus 2008 pukul 23.59

    Sumber :

    Untuk mendaftar online klik : Daftar Di […]


  96. Olympic Thoughts XI: Inexperience means nothing, Taimazov one of the best, Cejudo face of Wrestling and Finding a bride

    Here is my latest blog about the final day of wrestling. Coming Monday will be my freestyle awards. Young and […]


  97. Another topics,… bagaimana menaklukan wanita… ???

    Beberapa temen gue … ntah cowok ntah cewek… yang merasa seolah-olah surga telah berpaling darinya.. ketika […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  98. rok – A – XXI Niedziela Zwykła

    Iz 22:19-23
    Tak mówi Pan, Bóg Zastępów do Szebny, zarządcy pałacu:
    Gdy strącę cię z twego urzędu i […]

    Kazania i Homilie

  99. Is Abrams Leaving MSNBC?

    TVNewser adds an update to a piece yesterday on Abrams last show. Read into it what you will…
    Update: A tipster […]

    Inside Cable News


    No, verdaderamente, no había pasado mucho tiempo.
    Bien visto, apenas poco más que una generación de las largas de […]


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