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August 8, 2008: Top Posts

  1. [VIDEO FIXED!!!]Eva Mendes Naked In Banned Calvin Klein Ad

    Source : Huffington Post
    Eva Mendes is the hottest woman on the planet…[image]


  2. Arsenal Hold Talks With Real Madrid Stopper Ramos

    Arsenal are holding negotiations with Real Madrid for their 20 year old goal-keeper Felipe Ramos Sanchez, and […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  3. CNN Daily Top 10 leads users to site hosting malware

    Following the links in the Daily Top 10 email could lead you to sites that hosts malware. MX Lab detected and […]

    mxlab – all about anti virus and anti spam

  4. Şampiyonlar Ligi’nin 2. ön eleme MTK Budapeşte Fenerbahçe Maci Canli Online Izle

    Tur zamanı!

    Hit Spor

  5. APS Fellow supports Monckton’s position

    The following letter is from an APS member, Roger W. Cohen, and is in support of Lord Monckton’s paper published […]

    Watts Up With That?

  6. WordCamp San Francisco 2008

    It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time for our annual WordCamp San Francisco conference.
    This […] Blog

  7. A incrível história da gravidez por trás! Oral também engravida?

    [image]ABC…ABC… Toda criança tem que ler e escrever…
    Ursinho querido, depois que minha amiga engravedou fazendo […]

    Pergunte ao Urso – Tudo aquilo que você não sabia para quem perguntar


    [image]Fenerbahçe, Avrupa Şampiyonlar Ligi 2. Ön Eleme Turu rövanş maçında MTK Budapeşte`yi deplasmanda 5-0 […]

    Haberin Doğru Adresi

  9. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Trophy Guide

    Written by Phoenix8387 [image]
    With Uncharted being patched a few days ago, it’s about time for another […]

    PlayStation LifeStyle

  10. Ceremonia de Inauguracion Juegos Olímpicos de Pekin 2008

    Roban imágenes de la ceremonia de inauguración de los juegos olímpicos de Pekin 2008. El vídeo fue retirado […]

    Sí… ¡de cojón!

  11. Fischer: Outrage in Idaho: Feds send man to prison for protecting town from flooding

    By Bryan Fischer
    [image]Lynn Moses will be locked up in federal prison next Wednesday. His crime? Protecting the city […]

    Stiff Right Jab

  12. مسلسل نور الحلقة 130 حلقة اليوم من مسلسل نور مشاهدة و تحميل – noor 130

    مسلسل نور الحلقة 130 حلقة اليوم من مسلسل نور مشاهدة و تحميل – noor […]



    디지뱅★@VIPZ got her copy of the “STAND UP” Album… and oh my gak… it’s only […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  14. Grabbkväll

    Jag och min bästa vän Erik har ikväll tränat på Sats Odenplan och sedan ätit Kinabuffé, kan det bli mer grabbigt? […]


  15. Allohu Akbar, Teriakan Histeris Pilot Adam Air, Rekaman CVR Black Box Adam Air

    Ada yang lebih menyayat hati dengan apa yang kebetulan gw temuin di Kaskus pagi ini, Rekaman CVR Black Box Adam […]

    Yuyun Estriyanto

  16. Olimpadas 2008 Beijing. Informaes da abertura.

    Toda a cobertura das Olimpíadas você confere aqui no blog mydreamland. [image] A abertura dos jogos será no dia […]


  17. Lying to the Delegates – Lying to America

    Apparently I should have addressed my morning post directly to Howard Dean. Heidi Li had this to say about his recent […]

    The Confluence

  18. Eligibility Challenge State-by-State: ACT NOW [UPDATE]

    [See Update at end for Sample Script]
    TD Foreword: It’s time to TAKE ACTION IN YOUR STATE.  Dr. Kate, […]


  19. Caso NOD32 Update: Solucin temporal

    Actualización importante (04-08-2008 – 00:50):Solución temporal removida. A continuación, la explicación del […]

    Blog de Jolo

  20. Vince Weiguang Li – ‘Please kill me’

    This is a little off topic but I couldn’t help it but to notice that the crazy fuck that beheaded a […]

    Ask A Chinese – 問一個中國人

  21. Stackoverflow Beta: A Review

    I’ve been playing with the stackoverflow beta since Saturday. Stackoverflow is a project by Jeff Atwood (of […]

    Michiel de Mare

  22. This guy is the headcase we need / Song, is he the CB?

    [image]So mad, he even attacks his own shirt…
    So after seeing that

    Le Grove

  23. Saya telah diliwat…tanpa kerelaan saya.

    That’s what Saiful is alleged to have complained of in his police report of 28th June, as reported by […]

    The People’s Parliament

  24. Morre marido da atriz Isadora Ribeiro

    Morreu no Rio de Janeiro Marchand Marcus Aurélio, marido da atriz Isadora Ribeiro. [image]Isadora Ribeiro
    A atriz […]


  25. Öss Sonuçları Ne Zaman Açıklanıyor?

    Aslında sorunun cevabı basit fakat son zamanlarda basına yansıyan çok fazla haber va

    2008 ÖSS – öss tercih sonuçları, öss yerleştirme sonuçları, öss sonuçları, öss soruları, öss tercihleri…

  26. Nova Yamaha YBR 125 Factor 2009

    Com novo visual e novo conjunto chassi, mecânica e componentes a YBR 125 Factor ganhou melhorias no design, na rigidez […]

    Drive News – Consultoria automotiva, novidades, fotos & vídeos

  27. We Salute You Puan Hakim !!

    The charge against DSAI – That you, on June 26, 2008 between 3.01 pm and 4.30 pm at Unit 11-5-1 Desa Damansara […]

    Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin

  28. OMG, Photo of Edwards with Love Child, In HOTEL

    Im not into tabloid stories, but this is just amazing.  Edwards, denied the charges and blah, blah, blah and now the […]


  29. 6th Pay Commission delayed till 2010?

    The government may defer the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission award by a year or even two to reduce the […]

    But the obvious

  30. Beijing 2008. Fútbol masculino


    Lugares de competición: Estadio Nacional (91.000), Estadio de los Trabajadores (64.000)

    Espíritu Olímpico

  31. Where is the include coming from?

    The includes of the system map out the dependencies of the system, which files depend on which, which subsystem depends […]

    PHP::Impact ( [str Blog] )

  32. گاف فتح الله زاده در برنامه زنده تلويزيوني،اين را مي‌خورم به […]

    [image]علي فتح‌الله‌زاده به شبكه جام‌جم رفته بود تا در يك برنامه ور […]

    انتقادات یک شاکی

  33. Pareto Prediction and the Top Trios in 2007-08

    Every player in the NBA is not an equal producer of wins.  Last summer I noted – consistent with the work of 19th […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  34. Arsenal Supporters Create Carlos Vela Chant

    Arsenal’s supporters have created a chant for Mexican starlet Carlos Vela, where the tune is based […]

    Carlos Vela News

  35. CRUSH scores the nation’s Number 2 spot on Z100’s interactive 9@9

    Results just in for Wednesday, Aug 6th:
    CRUSH drops from the top spot to number two.
    Great job fans… but […]


  36. Victoria Osteen

    For the most recent news (August 7th) Click here: Victoria Osteen Trial – Day 1
    The AP is reporting that a jury has […]

    Pondering Pastor

  37. Eva Pigford and singer Maxwell pose for Explicit photos!!

    [image] ran across these pics of America’s Next Top Model Eva Pigford as she posed for some […]

  38. August 6, 2008: Healing Mind Waves, Dr. Jack Daniel’s Restorative Elixir, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

    Well, I’m still battling this bug and while I am feeling under the weather, I’ve certainly felt worse. In […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  39. Rekaman Blackbox Adam Air Bocor ke Publik?

    Apakah publik memang boleh mendengarkan isi rekaman Blackbox sebuah pesawat yang mengalami kecelakaan? [image]
    Kita […]™

  40. Saiful bersyukur kerana Anwar akhirnya dihadapkan ke mahkamah

    Saiful bersyukur kerana Anwar akhirnya dihadapkan ke mahkamah untuk diadili.Anak guam saya memberi jaminan bahawa […]


  41. مسلسل نور الحلقة الاخيرة


    BuKaH 😉

  42. Five named in England u-17s squad, news round-up

    [image]We’ll start with the news that

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  43. Arsene Wants To Give You Hope And Belief

    The one thing that you can safely say about the Arsenal Academy is that they school the players well; all of them know […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  44. Morre o marido da atriz Isadora Ribeiro

    Marcus Aurelius, marido da atriz Isadora Ribeiro, morreu nesta terça-feira, dia 5, no Rio de Janeiro. A atriz […]

    Nilnews Kiminda’s

  45. Olimpiadi di Pechino 2008, dall’8 al 24 agosto in diretta Rai

    [image]Da domani pomeriggio partono le Olimpiadi di Pechino 2008, che si svolgeranno dall’8 al 24 agosto […] Blog

  46. Cube Runner: Level Packs

    I finally found some places for Cube Runner Level Packs.  There’s a whole forum devoted to the development and […]

    Neutron Dawn

  47. A Unified List of the Best 100 Novels

    This list was generated by merging 10 different ‘top 100′ lists from the UK, US, Australia and Canada, to […]


  48. “BELIEVE ME” ANWAR,”Your Best Friend” is ABDULLAH..

    On July 20th I wrote Anwars”Best friend” is PM Abdullah. In the aftermath of the much publicised […]

    Audie61’s Weblog

  49. Mujeres y hombres y viceversa. Pedro besa a Marisa… ¡¡y viceversa!!

    ¡¡Por fin!! Supongo que media España “femenina” estará contenta […]

    Arte de Seducción

  50. L’effetto Brunetta e’ una bufala

    Il Corriere della Sera da qualche giorno (qui e qui) annuncia entusiasticamente che le assenze nella pubblica […]

    Innovatori Europei – St Louis’s Weblog

  51. Funny Joke

    When my youngest son was three years old, one of his finches died. It was winter so we couldn’t bury the bird, so […]

    Funny Jokes

  52. Jaw Drop Drool Alert: Mac OS X On Asus EeePC 1000H!

    Asus eee pc 1000h OSX Kalyway 10.5.2
    All I kept saying after the bootup was GTFOH!!! That wee Asus EeePC […]

    Mike Cane 2008

  53. lilwaynesdaughter2

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  54. Tuto xWinPwn : jailbreak iPhone 2.0 et iPod Touch très simple.


    World is small.

  55. Gunbarrel Wildfire Photos 08/02/08

    Photos of the Gunbarrel Wildfire between Cody, Wyoming and
    Yellowstone National Park in the Shoshone National […]

    2bluedogs’ blog

  56. Miss Televisa Monterrey 2008. Para desconectarse el cerebro

    Lo que quedó en el tintero/Crítica TV Monterrey
    Este miércoles nos pusimos cómodos en el sillón y […]

    La Columnaria Blog /Crítica TV

  57. Naruto manga chapter 412


    naruto manga and bleach manga

  58. Match Report: Huddersfield Town 1-2 Arsenal

    Huddersfield Town celebrated 100 years as a football club today with a fairly uneventful game against a Arsenal […]

    Gooner Talk

  59. Weird creature washes up on Long Island beach

    A strange looking creature was found washed up on a Long Island beach and has the public baffled.  The creature looks […]


  60. Blogger Penarik Beca ditahan polis

    Bakar di bawa ke Pejabat Jenayah Komersil, Bukit Aman menurut blogger Jiwo Kelate yang berhubung dengan […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  61. Craigslist is My Dealer (Reprint)

    Ok Mixtapers.
    I don’t know if the summer heat is getting to you all, but I’m getting A LOT of questions […]

    Mix Tape Therapy: You bitch. I mix. Problem solved.

  62. البوم محمد حماقي الجديد (ناويها ) 2008

    بعد طول غياب البوم محمد حماقي الجديد ناويها
    اكتر من […]


  63. 800 Degree Ventura Hot Spot Puzzles Experts

    From the Los Angeles Times
    Ventura County hot spot puzzles experts
    A two-acre patch of land north of Fillmore heated up […]


  64. ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews Dating the Defensive Line of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers

    ESPN confirmed today that side-line reporter Erin Andrews is romantically involved with the entire defensive […]

    Sports Cucumber

  65. Lowongan Kerja Bank Indonesia (3-12 Agustus 2008)

    [image] Peluang Berkarya
    Bank Indonesia mengundang profesional muda yang berintegritas dan […]

    mA$ Fajar Bl0g

  66. MOSCA: bmw new serie 7


    Point of View

  67. Juegos Olímpicos Beijing 2008. Fútbol. Fixture

    Grupo A: Argentina, Australia, Costa de Marfil y Serbia

    [image]Australia vs. Serbia (7 de agosto de 2008).Costa de […]

    Soy donde no pienso

  68. Lluvia de sangre en Colombia – video


  69. Shafee Abdullah: Fixing Anwar Ibrahim and Finishing Off Raja Petra

    In this special police operations centre in Umno lawyer Shafee Abdullah’s law firm is a whiteboard and on […]

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  70. KEY Ödemesi İtiraz Dilekçesi Formu

    Aşağıdaki form yerine özel sektör çalışanları ve kamu görevlileri içinde ayrı ayrı dilekçe örnekleri […]

    Key odemelerini Öğren

  71. El Gran Colisionador de Hadrones del CERN. Comienza la cuenta atrás

    El próximo dia 8 a las 11.58 horas, coincidiendo con el comienzo de las Olimpiadas en Pekin se da el pistoletazo de […]

  72. Is the internet doomed?

    The world of SEO is spiraling out of control Every user is a troll
    Scroll, click, click, comment, scroll,
    *sad […]


  73. What will the Magistrates do?

    What do today’s underclass do when a lady asks them to stop smoking on the railway platform?
    1. Apologise and […]


  74. Beijing 2008: Terra transmitirá los Juegos en vivo por internet

    El portal del grupo Telefónica será protagonista de una de las movidas más fuertes en el mercado local de […]


  75. Ladybug

    Of the roughly 350,000 species of described beetles, and the estimated 5-8 million undescribed beetle species, the […]

    Animal Review

  76. Key Ödeme Sorgulama

    key, key odeme sonuclari, key odemeleri
    Key Ödemelerinizi Buradan Öğrenebilirsiniz

    Efemolla’s Weblog

  77. I’m Moving To Prague

    All U.S. adults could be overweight in 40 years.
    When the last remaining slender American woman walks the earth, even […]

    Roissy in DC

  78. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

    I’ve been searching the net since morning to know what will be the start time of Olympic Games in China tomorrow […]

    Life in Kuwait and Beyond

  79. hohes scheisselkramaufkommen

    wenn einem die tochter am frühesten morgen klobürstenschwingend und laut gackernd auf dem flur entgegen kommt, dann […]


  80. Lowongan kerja bank terbaru di Bank Indonesia (BI) th. 2008 untuk lulusan D3

    Peluang Berkarya
    Bank Indonesia mengundang profesional muda yang berintegritas dan berdedikasi tinggi melalui program […]


  81. Ver Partidos de Futbol de los Juegos Olimpicos de Pekin 2008 – Jueves 7 de agosto 2008

    Jueves 7 de agosto, 2008
    11:00 Fútbol (olimpiadas): Italia – Honduras
    [ Link ]
    11:00 Fútbol (olimpiadas): Brasil – […]

    Pagina Web de Futbol Gratis en Directo por Internet. Streams, Links.

  82. 3SIB Exclusive: New Tennessee Vols Road Uniforms

    3rd Saturday in Blogtober has stumbled across the new Tennessee uniform specs sent from adidas to EA Sports this year. […]

    Third Saturday in Blogtober

  83. Emma Kelly at the beach!


    Kellie’s Blog

  84. First Step to Drawing Your Very Own Manga Character!

    [image]Mood – Worn out
    3rd August 2K8, Sunny Sunday.
    Good […]

    Paper Diaries

  85. Presiden Pecas Ndahe

    Seseorang tibat-tiba datang dan mengajukan pertanyaan aneh. Saya bilang aneh karena ia bertanya begini.
    “Ndoro, […]

    Ndoro Kakung

  86. Piglet with monkey’s face / Holoprosencephaly / Homer’s Cyclops

    [image]Curious locals flocked to the home of owner Feng Changlin after news of the piglet spread in Fengzhang village, […]

    Xenophilia (True Strange Stuff)

  87. Big Bang 2008: El fin del mundo?

    “Analizando el experimento del Big Bang”.

    El Big Bang, es una teoría de la relatividad […]


  88. Bigfoot Body Found In Georgia?

    I’m taking this news with a rather sizable grain of salt, but a Rick Dyer claims to have […]

    Cool Aggregator

  89. Yo me pregunto: Amare, scopare

    Cuando dos personas que se conocieron virtualmente se encuentran, ¿qué pasa? ¿Es sólo espanto? ¿Es, en el mejor de […]

    El diario de un neurótico

  90. 6/49 Lottery Prize is 43 Million for August 6, 2008

    6/49 Lottery Prize is 43 Million for August 6, 2008
    The recent 6/49 winning numbers drawn are:
    2, 9, 26, 44, 47, 49 – […]

    My Lottery Picks

  91. A (brief) Tale of Three Sites

    There’s been quite a bit of discussion about CO2 data lately. Most of it has centered around Anthony Watts’ […]

    Open Mind

  92. Voetbal: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar heeft de intentie om bij te tekenen.

    [image]Momenteel zijn de onderhandelingen tussen Huntelaar en Ajax gestaakt, maar de aanvaller heeft nog steeds de […]


  93. WTF! – Eva Pigford and Maxwell

    There’s something to be said for trying to generate some much-needed media attention and then […]


  94. Soul Eater 18 Released!

    Nice episode this week, some nice developments [image] [Tadashi] SOUL EATER – 18 (720p […]


  95. Deleted comments from Cindy & Casey Anthony on Myspace

    Casey Anthony left her parents residence with her daughter Caylee on or around June 9th. While the family suggests […]

    Caylee Anthony

  96. Performance Finale: So You Think You Can Dance Season Four

    “Performance Finale”
    August 6th, 2008
    I haven’t blogged about what I deemed the […]

    Cultural Learnings

  97. This month’s Newtype magazine


    SRW Hotnews

  98. Earnings Error Has Been Resolved

    Earlier today we noticed a glitch in our system that was causing earnings to be reported incorrectly. We have fixed the […]


  99. Luz Elena Gonzalez Revista H Agosto 2008

    Aqui os traemos otra revista. Esta vez os presentamos a Luz Elena Gonzalez. Aqui teneís las fotos de la revista no […]

    Super Nova

  100. Which Dress?

    Number 1?
    Number 2?

    Molliesworld’s Weblog

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