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July 22, 2008: Top Posts

  1. 8 Insane Nuclear Explosions

    A nuclear explosion occurs as a result of the rapid release of energy from an intentionally high-speed nuclear […]


  2. Passenger strips nude, tries to open an emergency exit door mid-flight

    Craig Tornberg, general manager of the New England Revolution Major League Soccer team, shows a bottle of […]

    The Open Piehole

  3. Nutty Story of the Day: “Global Warming” is Killing the Penguins in Antarctica

    This picture is my own choice – it is not related to the UK Mirror story
    You have to wonder how the press […]

    Watts Up With That?

  4. Son Tae Young Getting ‘Abuse’ from Marrying Kwon Sang Woo

    Son Tae Young is currently hurting after fan objections to her impending marriage to Kwon Sang Woo on 28th September at […]

    Coolsmurf Domain

  5. Malay unity or UMNO unity?

    There are 44 differences between UMNO and PAS, says this blog: malaysian-choice. (see image too).
    I see people […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  6. Wenger – “The Youngsters Are Close To Being Ready”

    Arsène Wenger has challenged the star performers from Saturday’s 2-1 win over Barnet, by claiming many […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  7. Como se livrar de um folgado que invadiu a sua casa? 10 dicas para vencer a guerra!

    [image]Quando o sujeito é cara de pau, tem que descer a porrada mesmo!
    Olá Urso!! Estou namorando com um meliante há […]

    Pergunte ao Urso – Tudo aquilo que você não sabia para quem perguntar

  8. Python for Executives

    I’m very happy with our choice to use Python as one of our core development languages. It has proven to be a […]

    Evil Fish

  9. Bright Nights

    Way back in 2005, I was living in Tokyo working as a menu translator slash photographer’s assistant and I […]

    The Publics

  10. Ask Aunt Fattie: Where can I find fat friends?


    Dearest Aunt Fattie,
    I need fat friends. As soon as possible, please.
    Over the past year I’ve […]

    Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose

  11. Crítica: Batman: El caballero de la noche (The Dark Night, 2008)

    Lo Bueno: La actuacion de Heath Ledger es mas que excelente.
    Lo Malo: Doblaje al español y que la gente no entienda […]

    Videogames, Electronic Music, NBA, Movies & More

  12. More YB Concert SPAM – Pictures

    yea… this is hot. really hot.
    makes sad ppl turn happy. [image] [image][image]
    i would link you my favorite one […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  13. My Emacs Story

    Diving Into…
    I started using Emacs as a Linux IDE for a C++ project. At that moment I was also using IntelliJ […]


  14. Clothes Horse…?

    It’s not like me to single out people over their wardrobes or fashion tastes. But this has been bugging me […]

    Inside Cable News

  15. WoW 2.4.3 Private Server

    im looking for some good wow 2.4.3 private server. high and/or funrate.
    Private Server
    Ich bin auf der suche […]

    Game Cheating/Hacking Blog

  16. Tormenta Tropical Dolly – 21 de Julio 2008- I

    AVISO NÚMERO 5    2:00 AM CTM.
    Las últimas imágenes de satélite muestran a Dolly ingresando en la […]


  17. July 20, 2008: Tipping the scales, okinomiyaki no-show, and mucho mailbag

    [image]Prisoner portion.

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  18. Nicklas Bendtner v Jay Simpson- Battle of the strikers

    It has been well documented that Saturday’s friendly with Barnet was a classic game of two halves. Whilst […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  19. Vintage CLOS

    [image]I’ve been playing with CLOS again these days (after finding it specially apt for one of my pet projects […]

    programming musings

  20. New song titles revealed! “My Hands” and “Ruined Me”

    As the release date of David’s first album grows closer, more and more album spoilers are being revealed! […]


  21. 2008 ÖSYS ve ÖSS Tercih Kılavuzu ve Aday Bilgi Formu

    2008 ÖSYS Tercih Kılavuzu ve Aday Bilgi Formu
    Ösym, ösym tercih kılavuzunu ve aday bilgi formunu yayınladı. […]

    aytug akdogan ödüllü 1. seo yarışması ve yurtta barış dünyada barış

  22. Getting Close

    Just a quick update that we’ve successfully uploaded the app to the iTunes Store, and the status message […]

    WordPress for iPhone

  23. Primele rezultate

    Facultatea de Drept este prima care a postat rezultatele admiterii pentru studiile de licenţă.
    ultimele medii sunt: […]

    Info Studenti UAIC iasi

  24. 2008 ÖSS Tercih Klavuzu yayımlandı 21 Temmuz

    ÖSS’yi kazanan adayların okul seçimlerini yapmaları için gerekli olan tercih klavuzu internette […]

    Haleti Ruhiyye

  25. Puana değil, başarı sırasına göre tercih

    [image]AKŞAM – Tüm Özel Öğretim Kurumları Derneği (TÖDER) üniversite adaylarına yönelik hazırladığı […]

    Jonturkler’s Weblog™

  26. Day 26: Gambling Man

    I’m standing in the Office of Imperial Commerce in the Market District of Imperial City, listening to a […]

  27. Building a Winner in New Jersey?

    The New Jersey Nets announced Sunday that they have signed Keyon Dooling.   Dooling is coming off his best season, […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  28. Loveparade 2008 – Fotos u. Videos


    [Gunnars Blog]


    Whew. That was a great movie. One must give it up to Heath Ledger:
    [image]Heath Ledger as The Joker
    There was a rumor […]

    Illseed Blog

  30. #31 – “I’a Hydra”


    Beyond the Tree


    I’ve gotten a bit sick of Will Ferrell lately, but his acceptance speech during last night’s Espy’s […]


  32. مراسم تشییع جنازه خسرو شکیبایی، از منظری دیگر

    من هم مثل دیگران درگذشت هنرمند خوب ایرانی ” خسرو شکیبایی ” […]


  33. MotoGP Laguna Seca USA : Rossi 1st, Stoner 2nd, Vermeullen 3rd

    sempat jatuh namun masih dapat finnish ke 2
    Pertarungan Super Seru Stoner Vs Rossi
    Pertarungan antara juara […]


  34. Blackhawks name Toews captain, give him new playpen

    At 20 years and 79 days, Jonathan Toews is now the third-youngest captain in NHL history.
    Yesterday, […]

    The Two-Line Pass

  35. Monday: Save the Party. Nominate Hillary.

    [image]Save Us Hillary
    This is a year of wonders.  We saw a woman take on two foes, the Republicans and her own […]

    The Confluence

  36. little gold statues

    Yes, it’s that time of year again – school’s out, burgers are on the grill and everyone gathers […]

    Darth Mojo

  37. UEMA Vestibular 2008: gabarito da 1ª etapa

    Confira o gabarito oficial divulgado hoje (21):

    Blog do Maurício Araya

  38. 299 – Niam Niam: the Cannibal Map of the World

    (click on map to enlarge)
    In this day and age, cases of cannibalism are quite rare (or medium, or well done […]

    Strange Maps

  39. Adebayor, Theo And Other Bits ‘n’ Bobs

    A return to training for all of the first team squad today apparently and for once not a whisper from Barcelona about […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  40. YaYa or will it be Barry? Shut your gob Flem.

    Okay, so Arsene said there will be blood! well he actually said there will be a player or maybe two coming in that is […]

    Le Grove

  41. Adakah Benar Saiful Diliwat



  42. Acts 2:38

    Acts 2:38
    A woman went into her kitchen to find a burglar loaded down with a bunch of stuff he was stealing from her […]

    Funny Jokes – Very Funny Jokes

  43. Free Club Penguin Membership

    Do you miss not being able to buy clothes, decorate your igloo, and show off some cool fashion? Well now is your chance […]

    Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets

  44. Andy & Solbi Episode 19 Translation — Part 1

    [image]Rings = Lovers!? (click to […]

    London Face

  45. Match Preview: Szombathelyi Haladas v Arsenal – (Pre-Season Friendly)

    After coming from behind to beat regular pre-season opponents Barnet 2-1 on Saturday, Arsene Wenger takes his […]

    Gooner Talk

  46. Rezultate admitere 2008 la Facultatea de Informatica din Iasi

    Sunt disponibile online rezultatele privitoare la admiterea la Facultatea de Informatica (documente PDF), inclusiv […]

    FII Student


    Per tutti i neo-diplomati ed i disoccupati e precari in attesa, è stato finalmente pubblicato il Decreto Ministeriale […]


  48. Yamaha, Ducati dan Suzuki,… berjaya di Laguna Seca … !!!

    [image]Well… praktis dengan absentnya Dani Pedrosa, … membuat squad kubu Honda… agak sedikit […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  49. Pity the Child

    It’s rare that I get a chance to pick on true vintage crochet but.. this is just too horrible!
    For today’s […]

    What Not to Crochet

  50. Code Geass R2 : 15 vosta

    La GG a fini !
    En tout cas, voici le fichier des sous titres :

    Code Geass : Lelouch de la Rebellion

  51. Zaki past the post and then reform the judicary? Is that the gameplan?

    Missed you people!
    Thanks for the kind thoughts, the gentle admonitions and the ‘kick in the cigarette […]

    The People’s Parliament

  52. Entrances and Exits: Thoughts from Laura Bell Bundy (the Renaissance Woman)

    [image]Laura Bell Bundy has been the envy of women (and a few men) everywhere for being able to embody pop culture […]

    The 8th Avenue Observer

  53. Alişan – Sordun Mu 2008 Yeni Albüm

    Alisan – Sordun Mu 2008 [Yepyeni Albümünden]
    Video fuat49 tarafından gönderildi
    Alisan – Sordun Mu […]

    noertz – video klip – şarkı sözleri

  54. Nuova maglia Milan 2008/09

    [image]La nuova maglia del Milan

    Ben’s Blog


    Oggetto: Indizione procedura terza fascia delle graduatorie di circolo e di istituto per il conferimento di supplenze […]

    I Riformisti Coraggiosi Irpini

  56. Possible Money Laundering Claims hit OLINT

    Nationwide news is reporting that David Smith led, Olint is now the subject of a USA Federal Money Laudering […]

    Real Investments For Life

  57. {Sneak Peek & Treasure Hunt}

    Tjuvkik på Nya Höst-stämplar
    Vi börjar med två nya stämplar ur vår School Collection 2008, En hög med böcker […]

    Magnolia Inspiration


    Malaysiakini portal carried this report: Anwar muses need for Malaysian […]

    Audie61’s Weblog

  59. Loveparade Dortmund (19.07.2008)

    lots of short, but nice sets [image]


  60. KEY hesapları ve key ödemeleri için bu adresi tıklayın

    [image]7 Temmuz’dan sonra ödenmesi beklenen KEY hesapları ile ilgili bilgilere adlı intern […]

    haberler spor medya siyaset

  61. The 2000 Washington Huskies respond to The Seattle Times

    It was during a 2004 interview with former Washington coach Don James that I asked him who he blamed for the downfall […]

  62. Naruto Chapter 410 Prediction

    What is going to happen in chapter 410 ?
    Naruto’s training and the battle between Sasuke against the 8-tailed beast […]

    naruto manga and bleach manga

  63. Taylor, Brennan, etc.

    Okay, a few things:

    Jason Taylor – I heard about the trade when I was on the road, hence the delayed post.  It seems […]

    The Official Blog of The Washington Redskins

  64. Porno mit Gina Lisa gefaellt mir.

    Nach dem Frühstück surfte ich heute mal auf mein liebstes Amateur-Portal, um ein paar Schnecken anzugraben. Unter den […]

    Auf meinem Bildschirm rekeln sich schoene Frauen

  65. پز عالی و جیب خالی! / بنام خالق زیبایی ها، تولید افتخار ماست!

    برای دیدن عکس بزرگ بر روی آن کلیک کنید!
    صفحه های روزنامه رو ورق […]

    یکی از پشت کوه


    oks icin yapmaniz gereken herseyin anlatildigi rehber icin burayi tiklayin
    Adaylar, 8 Haziranda gerçekleştirilen […]

    Fatih Simsek Kalkan | bilgisayar teknik bilgiler

  67. Commercio: intesa separata per il rinnovo del c.c.n.l.

    Il 18 luglio 2008 la Confcommercio e le organizzazioni sindacali Fisascat Cisl e Uiltucs Uil hanno sottoscritto […]

    Studio Legale Mei & Calcaterra

  68. Biting the hand…

    I knew this was freakin’ coming.  I knew it.  I just didn’t know who would institute it first.
    Dateline […]

    Get The Picture

  69. Open Letter to Don Fowler and Alice Germond of the Democratic National Committee

    by William
    Dear Ms. Germond and Mr. Fowler, I have read your very recent letter. I must confess, I had difficulty […]


  70. Lowongan Kerja D3-S1 Di PT PLN (PERSERO) 2008 – 12-26 Juli 2008

    Sumber : —-

    Untuk mengisi formulir online silakan klik di […]


  71. Reader Mailbag

    I often get emails from readers asking me for advice on game, dating, or relationships (along with sexual proposals […]

    Roissy in DC


    A woman in Germany has given birth to fraternal twin boys. The first baby named Ryan has lighter skin and blue eyes;the […]

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  73. Pictionary

    Pictionary is the dumbest fucking game on the face of the planet. To prepare to host a game, you take the following […]

    Stuff Black People Hate

  74. Lessons from Custer’s Last Stand

    [image]On June 25, 1876 a distant relative of mine, Major General George A Custer, met his end leading 210 troopers […]

    Jeff’s Post

  75. Naruto Shippuden 67 (ver online)

    De momento parece que este capitulo no esta disponible, lo pondre cuando asi sea. Aqui teneís un avance del capitulo. […]

    The Fallen

  76. Najib Abdul Razak Should Attend Court – Malaysiakini
    Karpal Singh, a real King in the midst of our lawyers, wants Najib and PI […]

    Aarvidi’s Weblog

  77. Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough (Spoilers & Screens) Day One

    Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough
    Day One
    Task #1 Assignment
    Wake up in Venice.
    Explore your room.
    Leave […]

    Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough

  78. Cold War

    Recently a reader suggested that during first half of the 20th century temperatures in the arctic were about as warm as […]

    Open Mind

  79. Sporting 1-3 Sunderland (Friendly)

    more about ” Sporting 1-3 Sunderland (Friendly)”, posted with vodpod

    Laget i mitt hjärta: Sporting Clube Portugal

  80. “We’re Fat Because…”

    I was looking through last Monday’s LA Times and found an article in the Health section that boiled my blood. […]

  81. Eye on Malaysia – Bail out or promotion?

    Source : Hansard 17.7.08, page 121
    Puan Fong Po Kuan [Batu Gajah]: Ya, saya akan teruskan.Saya tahu ini peringkat […]

    Charles Santiago

  82. Sefip – Versão 8.4

    Em breve estará disponível no site da CEF a versão 8.4 da SEFIP.
    As principais alterações são;
     Criação do […]

  83. Oporto Beach Party


    Programa de Festas

  84. KEY hesabınızı bu adresten öğreneceksiniz

    Key ödemeleri için sadece Tc No yeterli !  7  Temmuz’dan sonra ödenmesi beklenen KEY hesapları ile ilgili […]


  85. The True Australian Xbox Experience: – Is it worth it . . . ? You decide.

    The True Australian Xbox Experience
    Do Microsoft offer any real value for Australians?
    By DarkArmada
    © 2008 […]


  86. Fated to Love You Episode 20 Previews + BTS

    Preview: Just to add a pinch of salt on Anna’s newly slit wound, acquired two years ago, her dance class is in […]


  87. Pożegnanie Geremka

    Dziś nastąpi pożegnanie Bronisława Geremka. Pogrzeb państwowy, ze wszystkimi władzami, salwą honorową, […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  88. Azirha Şimdi Dinle Şarkı Sözleri

    Bir Hesap Vereceksin
    Benim Sende Hakkım Var
    Gençliğim Ne De Yalan
    Yazık Sende Kaldılar
    Bir Daha […]

    şarkı sözleri

  89. Summer style: Héroes de acción (por Blue Ray)

    Antes de entrar en materia, preguntémonos ¿qué es un héroe? (pregúntenselo, vamos). Bien. Todos tenemos en mente […]

    El blog de Randy: ¡¡Nunca más será un nintendero!!

  90. Um belo jogo

    O torcedor que foi ao Morumbi, seja ele tricolor ou alvi-negro, ficou feliz com a partida que viu. Talvez não […]

    Blog do RicaPerrone

  91. Hillary Clinton’s 2012 Domain Buy: A “Flow Chart” of Scenarios That Cross the Mind (With BIG UPDATE 1X re: PUMA/HRC […]

    At least they’ve been crossing my mind…
    OK, so we see reports like the one in the LA Times on July 19th […]

    InsightAnalytical — Watching Our World

  92. Jesus Talking

    [image]For years, my wife has been concerned about me because I am pretty much a prayerless guy. It’s true that […]

    Jesus Shaped Spirituality

  93. دکترجون آب هویج داری ؟!

    تا وارد شد گفت ببین دکتر من هیچی ام نیست اما نمی دونم چرا اینقدر […]

    رهــــــرو زنـــــدگـــــی

  94. l09

    El trepidante mundo de SinFUL

  95. Vieni anche tu ad insegnare all’universita’?

    Ormai e’ ufficiale: chiunque puo’ insegnare all’universita’.
    Non hai particolari […]

    Rete Nazionale Ricercatori Precari

  96. Myself; Yourself DVD Special is OUT!!!

    This is a DVD special from the Myself; Yourself anime featuring the full version of Tears Infection by KAORI. […]

    SHiN-gx Fansubs

  97. Posterizing

    Our friend Wiz (anyone that ever links us is automatically a BFF) is busy posting assorted schools’ season […]

    Third Saturday in Blogtober

  98. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    The NRA apparently sent some wheelbarrows full of cash to Bill Amend’s house:
    [image]Curse that Bill Amend.

    VPC Blog

  99. Hari ini 95.000 orang ikut ujian STAN 2008

    Hari ini 95.000 calon mahasiswa STAN (Sekolah Tinggi Administrasi Negara) mengikuti seleksi ujian masuk di Gelora Bung […]

    Anjar Priandoyo

  100. Tally ho!


    Why, That’s Delightful!

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