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June 16, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Leaked Pictures Of Arsenal’s New Golden Away Kit?

    With Arsenal confirming the new home kit for the next two seasons last week, new pictures are being released of […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  2. ¿Cómo se lo explicas al seguro?

    Son cosas de las carreras urbanas, en concreto de la Fórmula Nissan.

    Paso por curva

  3. Metallica: Death Magnetic

    If you’re looking for any leaks of the recording, get in line and head to Mission: Metallica for the next […]


  4. Fiscally Responsible John McCain

    John McCain’s new Senate Financial Disclosure Form, look like he was either running his campaign off the […]

    Jon Taplin’s Blog

  5. Justin Hoyte Is A ‘Love Rat’ While Tottenham’s Huddlestone Is ‘Rubbish In Bed’!

    Gooner Talk aren’t widely known for laughing at other peoples misfortune (rival teams and clubs […]

    Gooner Talk

  6. Motion Sensor Control for Xbox360 – “Newton” – Could this BE the new motion sensor device for MS’s console ?

    “Newton” – A Slick Motion Sensor Controller for the Xbox 360 . . . ?
    Something a little different perhaps, […]

    XboxOZ360 – Weblog

  7. 2008 Öss Soruları ve Cevap Anahtarları

    2008 ÖSS Birinci Bölüm

    2008 ÖSS Türkçe Soruları Testi ve Cevapları (Tür)
    2008 ÖSS Sosyal Bilimler […]

    Teknoloji Dünyası

  8. Największe odkrycie wszech czasów?

    [image]Przed chwilą serwis EurekAlert (a to źródło bardzo poważne!) podał wiadomość, od której włosy stają […]

    Internetowy Obserwator Mediów

  9. Tarjetas de felicitacion para el dia del padre

    [image]Como dentro de unos días se celebra el día del padre en los países Sudamericanos, creo que también en […]

    Cajón desastres

  10. Euro 2008 Atv Ekranlarında ŞİFRELİ

    uydu şifre Kirmak, Atv sifre kir euro2008 sifresi
    Haziran 7, 2008 in Teknoloji
    atv euro 2008 key, atv keyleri, atv uyd […]


  11. Stinky Shoes – 1 , Cat – 0

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  12. Father’s Day Jokes

    Gift to Dad – Father’s Day Joke
    A lumberjack had raised his only son and had managed to finance the young […]

    Funny Jokes

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  14. Tun Dr. Mahathir: Orang Melayu punya hak tuntut sebahagian kekayaan negara tanpa ambil hak orang lain

    Mantan Perdana Menteri dan Pengerusi BN Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad pagi ini menegaskan bahawa orang Melayu mempunyai hak […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  15. Spore: short creature editor video demo

    Spore has been off my radar a little just recently, but as the creature editor demo date draws nearer we may […]

    Sweet Flag

  16. Dude..


    Microsoft Haters (Putting LinuxHaters in their Place)

  17. 2008 öss soruları cevap anahtarı


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  18. اگه عزرائيل زن بود …

    اونطوري جون دادن زياد هم سخت نبود !


  19. Abdullah-Najib team insults the King

    When Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he and Najib Tun Razak had made a deal about when the latter will take o

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  20. 080615 – Keoltu Public Broadcasting: TaeYang Perform Pray

    080615 – Keoltu Public Broadcasting: TaeYang Perform Pray Fancams and pictures that you DO NOT wana miss.
    cuz trust me […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  21. New BuddyPress Theme

    Mockups of the new BuddyPress default theme. The theme has been designed so that colors and the logo can easily be […]

    Andy Peatling

  22. NBCs Tim Russert Funeral will be closed to the public.

    NBC Tim Russert Funeral will be closed to the public. According to an unidentified source inside the NBC newsroom […]

    POLITISITE: Politics from the RIGHT Side of the WEB

  23. Ubuntu, más libre

    ¿Recordáis el sabor Gobuntu? Recientemente Ubuntu ha anunciado cierta “fusión” de Gobuntu (la versión […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  24. Arsenal’s Van Persie Heading For Inter?

    [image]There’s just no getting away from Mourinho. Whatever country he happens to be in it seems he just can’t stay […]

  25. Plasma idea: Sliding containment

    I have been playing with Plasma lately, trying to figure out how it could improve my computer experience. I came to the […]

    Aurélien’s room

  26. Doctor Who: Midnight Review

    Best of series 4. Definately.
    This episode was fantastic, it was pure brilliance and i was gripped for every […]

  27. Massive Overload

    [image]I started writing a superlong article analyzing all 15 or so new posts at Massively concerning their trip to […]

    Waaagh! A Warhammer Online Blog

  28. Euro 2008 Atv Şifresi

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  29. We Got Married 14 Summary

    Episode 14 began with the re-introduction of Alex and Shin Ae back into the “We Got Married”. We are also […]

    Coolsmurf Domain

  30. 5 years to catch Fire chief..?

    Hannah Yeoh the DAP Subang Jaya Assemblywoman mention that she does not want to participate in any contracts […]

    Audie61’s Weblog

  31. (Mid) Season Finale: Battlestar Galactica – “Revelations”

    June 13th, 2008
    Since New Caprica, Battlestar Galactica has been a series defined by […]

    Cultural Learnings

  32. Ulysses exits with insight into our next solar cycle

    “Ulysses ends its career after revealing that the magnetic field emanating from the sun’s poles is much […]

    Watts Up With That?


    PALERMO – Saranno 145 comuni e 8 province siciliane ad andare alle urne il 15 e 16 giugno prossimi. Ad […]

    Prima pagina casertana

  34. Sujets Bac 2008 Polynésie

    Sujets Bac Polynésie

    Série L/ES
    Majeure Géograp

    Encommun @ Histoire/Géographie/TPE/Ecjs

  35. Opérations escargot le 16 juin à l’appel de l’UNOSTRA

    Carburants: l’UNOSTRA appelle à la mobilisation le 16 juin 
    [06/06/2008 11:30]
     PARIS (AP) — […]

    un peu d ‘oxygène hors du bocal

  36. Saying it like it is

    What a way to start a Sunday morning.
    Rawa thosai and cow’s milk tea for breakfast in sleepy Bentong […]

    The People’s Parliament

  37. Florida Healing Outpouring with Todd Bentley: Fox News Interview on Geraldo at Large (video)

    There were a lot of good things happening in last night’s meeting. The best of which was Patricia King coming out and […]


  38. Humboldt Fire: 65% Contained:Evacuations Lifted

    10:30am Sunday: Cal Fire reports a 65% containment of the Humboldt fire and expects 100% containment by […]

    Newstalk1290 KPAY

  39. The Future of Bobby Z

    Are we having a fire sale, or something? According to various newspaper reports Bobby Zamora is being sold to QPR for a […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  40. Capitulo 473 de Yo Soy Bea – Martes 17 de junio de 2008

    Capitulo 473 de Yo soy bea correspondiente al martes 17 de junio de 2008
    Decidida a valerse por sí misma, Be logra que […]

    ¡Que Movida!

  41. Liverpool’s Torres – one more we can cross off the list

    [image]Liverpool’s Spanish international striker Fernando Torres has pledged his future to the Anfield club, […]

    City ‘Til I Die

  42. 2008 Öss Soruları ve Cevapları

    Aşağıda ÖSS 2008 ile ilgili Sorular ve cevaplarıyla çeşitli yararlı bilgilere ait bağlantılar yer […]

    Jonturkler’s Weblog

  43. Arsenal FC: Behind the Numbers

    Arsene Wenger to recieve larger transfer budget in the future?
    Part II of a Special Report
    By Triplec1988, […]

    The”Gooner Forum”Blog

  44. دانلود فیلم سخنرانی عباس پالیزدار در دانشگاه همدان

    انتشار فيلم و متن سخنراني دبير هيات تحقيق و تفحص از قوه قضاييه در […]

    اخبار فارسی

  45. The Water Party Is Here! 3 Free Items!

    The Yellow Inflatable Duck is available at the Cove. Dance (with just it on) to swim.
    The Ice Cream Apron is […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Glitches l Secrets

  46. Veja Aqui os Jogos do Euro 2008 ( Online ) Portugal (Update)

    Euro 2008 !!
    Tudo o que necessita para apoiar portugal é ligação à internet [image] Todos os jogos de Portugal em […]

    Sem Cafeína

  47. Lescott or Richards? We would dominate next season.

    Morning all, today I’m not only feeling positive, I’m feeling bullish and almost satisfied, why you may […]

    Le Grove

  48. Il Mondo Di Patty (Patito Feo) – Sigla Italiana Con Testo: Un Angolo Di Cuore (Mafy)

    Salve a tutti! Sono tornato domenica… nonno sta meglio e io domani ho… il primo scritto… […]

    Alessandro Iannella – Blog

  49. Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo Self Portrait Pictures (35P)

    Leftover 35 pictures from the last batch of Pizza Bingo HQ pictures uploaded last time. There’s no Ye Eun in this […]

    Wonder Girls Wonderland

  50. Battlestar Galactica – Revelations

    Battlestar Galactica – Revelations
    Ok, so let me break into a bit of an episode review (more like a light social […]

    Total Rip-Off

  51. İsmail YK’nın bas gaza adlı klibinin şarkı sözleri ve bas gaza klibi

    Bas gaza video klibi

    Bas gaza şarkı sözleri;
    Sıfır kilometre yeni bir araba […]


  52. 2008 ÖSS Soru ve Cevapları

    2008 Öss Soruları ve Cevap Anahtarları       İNDİRMEK İÇİN TIKLAYIN

    Ahmet ARI

  53. The 500-year flood maps for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City

    From Linn County Emergency Management Agency:
    MAP: Cedar Rapids 100- and 500-year flood plain zones
    From City of […]

    Looking in at Iowa

  54. PAS Pushing for ‘Hardline Islamic Laws’: Beware When the Tiger Unsheath its Hidden Claws

    I am not surprised when PAS starts pushing for ‘hardline Islamic laws’; it’s only a matter of time. […]

    Religious Liberty Watch

  55. TV SAT – Il mondo di Patty su Disney Channel

    Da oggi, in anteprima italiana esclusiva, il canale satellitare Disney Channel propone una nuova telenovela […] Blog

  56. جشن پرشین بلاگ، من بودم اما تقدیر نبود!

    مقدمه: شخصا این وبلاگ را روزنوشت نمی دانم اما با توجه به حجم […]

    یک فتحی

  57. How to Beat Vamp!

    So on my third try, I finally got it. How does one beat Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Easy. Use the […]


  58. June 14, 2008: Archdiocese Spearheads Campaign for Itinerant Hamsters


    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  59. Pictures And Lessons As Lake Delton In Wisconsin Drains Away

    In the end, Mother Nature will have her way.
    That was the main thought on my mind as I stood on what hours before had […]


  60. صور نور و مهند من مسلسل نور

    مهند و نور صور جديده من مسلسل نور

    الصور من مسلسل نور تنفع صور […]



    Lista completa comuni e province al voto

    Wildgreta Politics: elezioni 2008, politica,programmi

  62. Virtual Villagers 3 cheats

    A couple of save game patches are available to download at It’s now in the public area so […]

    Got a minute?


    Venu de ma Province avec des amis pour enfin voir sur scène le plus grand humoriste français du moment, Dieudonné, […]


  64. Why I Will Root For Tiger Today

    Tiger Woods turned in some of the most spectacular golf you will ever see on the back nine at Torrey Pines on Saturday, […]

    The Arena

  65. The Ghost of Violet Socks and Cold-blooded Pragmatism

    [image]The Ghost of Violet Socks at the Reclusive Leftist lays out a very persuasive argument for not supporting Obama […]

    The Confluence

  66. The Book That Changed My Life

    People like to say that a certain book “changed their life”: The quoted phrase “book that changed my […]


  67. Еволюцията при двата пола …


    Eclectical’s Weblog

  68. Gina-Lisa Das Video als Download

    Die ehemalige Germanys Next Topmodel – Kandidatin Gina-Lisa soll auf einen intimen Sex-Video im Internet zu sehen sein. […]


  69. Bear Shaman: Revised leveling build and feat advice

    Blood Fever vs Untamed Regeneration
    With the significant reduction in Untamed Regeneration’s regeneration and […]

    gaming ferv0r

  70. Unnecessary Oil Price Increase In Malaysia

    Why The Malaysian Government Increased

    The Price Of Petrol And Diesel?

    A Total Blog

  71. Naruto Shippuden 63

    Esta puesto el naruto shippuden 63 en […]

    My Weblog

  72. Dissapointing end to loan spell for Fran as Sociedad fail to win promotion

    Fran Merida- Real Sociedad 1 Cordoba 1

    Fran played his last game for Sociedad this evening as Real faced […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  73. Capitulo 473 de Yo Soy Bea

    Proximamente pondremos el video.
    Capitulo correspondiente al Martes 17.
    Sinopsis del capitulo:
    Decidida a valerse por […]

    Nexo Fénix

  74. Daily Farm Report 6/14/08

    The FSL had their All Star game today, East versus West. Daryl Jones and Donovan Solano both went 1 for 2. Tony Cruz […]

    Future Redbirds

  75. افشاگری عباس پالیزار در دانشگاه بوعلی همدان

    دبیر کمیته تحقیق و تفحص قوه قضائیه روز شنبه 14/2/87

    من و شما

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  77. Leyes Cachondas de los diferentes paises del Mundo

    TOMA 1

    “molestia nacional” Si anda en una noche de suerte porque en un típico pub inglés […]

    Blog Smith Dude

  78. May Wrap-up

    Another day turns into another month and brings us another wrap-up post. I’m currently in a remote undisclosed […] Blog

  79. بزرگترین سکه طلای جهان

    بزرگترین سکه طلای جهان به ارزش اسمی یک میلیون دلار کانادا برای […]


  80. BarPanel, un pannello alternativo per tutti i Desktop Environment. Ecco come sostituirlo allo gnome-panel

    [image] [image]
    Oggi, casualmente, sono venuto a conoscenza di BarPanel, un pannello alternativo per il nostro Linux […]


  81. RIM announces Blackberry Bold release date, prices leaked

    UPDATE ON JUN 12: Engadget has reported that the Blackberry Bold now has it’s own promotional page on AT&T, the […]

    The Addicted Weblog

  82. father’s day

    I took a stab at innocence the other day, and yes, it’s as violent as you would think it would be.
    I sat on the […]

    six elaborates…

  83. Java Swing Frameworks and Libraries

    Today I am looking around which library or framework could make my life easier while developing with Swing.
    For Swing I […]

    Java and more …

  84. Happy Father’s Day letter from JEFF ARCHULETA

    Forwarded to FanBlast: Here’s a post courtesy of jwipe/AI Forums:
    Topic: Message from Jeff Archuleta
    Posted: Sat, […]


  85. 44.25 Hours & Counting

    For newbies to this blog, here’s some quick background info: Three weeks back, I decided to do an experiment. I […]

    48-Hour Launch

  86. Euro 2008: Do You Think We’re Being Missed?

    I don’t know about you but I’m thoroughly enjoying Euro 2008. It’s not just the absence of […]

    And Todays Football Is…..

  87. Platform Problems

    Earlier today I read a TechCrunch article (had been reddited) on Google Gears and its position as a direct competitor. […]


  88. Portland Naked Bike Ride and Jousting | It’s Pedalpalooza Time

    Here is a video of last year’s Bike Jousting in Southeast Portland. The music is NSFW. Pedalpalooza is less than […]


  89. What is it About Pole Vaulting?

    Everyone by now is well aware of the hotness that is Allison Stokke, and I already brought you the joy that is Melanie […]

    The Slanch Report

  90. Super Robot Wars Z release date

    play-asia set release date for Super Robot Wars Z to 11th September 2008.

    SRW Hotnews

  91. The Inevitability of Open Source Windows

    The FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) Community knows, thanks to leaked Microsoft internal documents, that since about […]

    An alien’s viewpoint

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  93. Capitulo 473 de Yo Soy Bea

    Decidida a valerse por sí misma, Be logra que Caye le dé cancha: si consigue entrevistar a un personaje notorio, […]

    Mr. Nolla

  94. This is funny

    and true:
    The Soup: M Night Shyamalan’s Twist Ending Generator!

    I like being tragic

  95. Can Arsenal afford to lose Adebayor at any price?

    Recently, there has been talk of Milan chasing Adebayor to solve their problems in the strike department. They are […]

    My thoughts, opinions & experiences

  96. Its Starting Already – Presenting, the Obama “Monkey” Doll

    You know it was only a matter of time before some inbred conservative starting the real campaign against Obama […]

    Capitol Street

  97. Second part to Daddy’s Day freebie!

    Happy “almost” Father’s Day to all of the Daddy’s out there! This is going to be a quick post, […]

    JenLin Designs Digital Scrapbook Supplies

  98. Naruto 404 PL

    Kolejny chapter przygotowany wraz z grupą skanlacyjną Fordibben Fan-skans PL

    Pobierz spakowany chapter 404 PL:
    1. […]

    Ukryta Wioska

  99. Code Geass R2 : 10 raw

    C’est l’heure du 10 ! Comment va tourner la bastion entre L’OdCN, chinois et les britanniens […]

    Code Geass : Lelouch de la Rebellion

  100. Nokia N79, N85 and 5800 XpressMedia (Tube) Pictures Revealed!!!

    While browsing through flickr I have discovered images of possible new additions to the Nseries portfolio. Clear […]

    Talk About Nseries

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