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May 29, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Samir Nasri Scouting Report – France 2-0 Ecuador

    Samir Nasri is on the verge of becoming an Arsenal player. Terms have been agreed with the player himself, with

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  2. NASA sends “The Weather Rock” to Mars

    When I made a post discussing the weather station on NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander titled “First Weather […]

    Watts Up With That?

  3. Kanal Biz

    Elhamdulillah yeni kanalımız 25 Mayıs 2008 Pazar günü yayında.
    Aslında açılışı 27 Mayıs günü yapıp […]


  4. Böglyft

    In Sweden a party isn’t complete until at least one of your friends has his hand around your penis and is […]

    Crazy Swedes

  5. dsc_2282

    Big Al’s Blog

  6. Crime: Imagens de menina sendo estuprada circulam pela Internet

    O carpinteiro D.S.R., 42 anos, residente há seis anos em Nova Jersey, nos EUA, recebeu um e-mail, na semana […]

    Diga Não À Erotização Infantil

  7. São Paulino fugindo do P.a.U.? Só aqui mesmo! Leitora inconformada quer saber a verdade!

    Olá Urso, eu conheci um cara e começamos a ficar. A primeira vez que dormimos juntos, não aconteceu nada, […]

    Pergunte ao Urso – Tudo aquilo que você não sabia para quem perguntar

  8. İsmail YKnın yeni şarkısı baz gaza şarkı sözleri ve dinle

    Sıfır kilometre yeni bir araba alırım
    Mahallede kızlara ben havamı atarım
    Sağ çek sol […]


  9. Kanal Biz

    Tuncay Özkan Sky Turk te, daha önce Bizim TV diye açıkladığı kanalın isminin Kanal Biz olduğunu açıkladı. […]


  10. State Bank of India (SBI) Clerical Cadre Recruitment 2008

    Read The Competition Master
    every month to prepare for SBI Clerical Cadre Recruitment Exam
    Central Recruitment & […]

    Competitive Exams India

  11. Have we signed Hatem Trabelsi yet?

    Every summer we are linked with a host of players and all the sites and papers go around and say “its a […]

    The”Gooner Forum”Blog

  12. Austin WordPress Professional Office

    We’re thinking of opening an Automattic office in Austin. Being the only local employee, I imagine sharing the […]

    Andy Skelton

  13. Hleb, Nasri, Other Comings, Goings And The Future With A Dash Of Fiszman Thrown In

    Back in the fold of summer transfer rumours having crossed as many rivers of water in the house as Jimmy Cliff once had […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  14. bulletin de santé du 27/05/08

    Aujourd’hui j’ai eu la chance de voir Benji pour la 3ème fois depuis son accident. Je cr […]

    Benjamin Schots

  15. Coaches Gone….. Wild?

    A few weeks ago, being the visionary that he is, Alabama coach Nick Saban made news by hitting the information […]

    Third Saturday in Blogtober

  16. Pak Lah wants Ezam, Ezam wants UMNO

    Video – Charismatic Ezam talks about corruption.
    And now…Ezam crawls back into UMNO:
    Image from […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  17. Enfin, une autre photo de Julie Couillard!

    [image]Non, je n’ai pas de photos de Julie Couillard, enfin pas celle en grande demande! Si les internautes […]

    Renart L’éveillé / Carnet résistant

  18. maria sue chapman’s funeral service: lessons on compassion

    While Maria Sue Chapman’s death was painfully tragic, it is my hope that it will encourage many of us to be more […]

    beauty and depravity

  19. Arora, a WebKit browser in Qt

    The release of Qt 4.4 came along with the WebKit browser engine which could be tested with an included demo […]


  20. Entrevista a Miguel de Icaza

    El diario español Público ha realizado una entrevista a Miguel de Icaza, conocido entre otras cosas por ser uno de […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  21. The 2008 NBA Draft Preview

    Today’s guest post is by Erich Doerr .  Erich first contacted me prior to the 2006 NBA Draft with a statistical […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  22. 280 – Where the Goblins Live

    In 1976, Dutch illustrator Rien Poortvliet and writer Wil Huygen published ‘Gnomes’, a quasi-scientific […]

    Strange Maps

  23. “WITH U” Album Track Lyrics

    i know, i know. i should spam you all at once. but it’s hard work deciphering! but i got 3 tracks done – […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  24. XFactor: Giusy superstar…il video del suo primo singolo “Party”.

    [image]In attesa dell’ottava puntata di X-Factor, spulciando nel web ho trovato il video del primo singolo della […]

    Secondside’s Weblog

  25. Dos Santos in Hleb out? Do we feel lucky today?

    Ok it’s now apparent that Hleb is off, Arsenal football club are about to demonstrate how they play hardball with […]

    Le Grove

  26. Madem Türksün Göster Ürksün!

    Yaptığınız yorumlarda yer alan tehtid ve hakaretler adli makamlara iletilmektedir. Bu blogun neden […]


  27. The Best Star Wars Movie You’ve Never Seen

    Put a group of Star Wars  fans in a room for long enough and I guarantee the conversation will eventually […]

    Darth Mojo

  28. “7 Keturunan Abdullah Aku Sumpah Hidup Penuh Kesialan”

    Orang Johor Tak Kisah Johor Tergadai
    Kerajaan Rakyat menerima komen anti-korupsi yang ditujukan khas kepada seluruh […]


  29. KDE. Don’t look back.

    Back in the archaic age before KDE 4 (I think referred to as “the Dark Ages”, although I only have a basic […]

    Komandeering Developers Everywhere

  30. مردم من ديروز كتاب دزديدم

    بالاخره سكوت نشست!
    چند روز پيش در يك تئاتر مخفي (Invisible Theater) شرك […]

    ثانیه نوشت های یك دیوانه

  31. VIP ACCESS! Fans will get to see David Archuleta perform on NBC

    This might break BROKE an all-time comment record on Fan Blast or any Archie fan site for that matter!
    Chase […]


  32. Classement final eurovision 2008

    Voici le classement final de l’eurovision 2008 :
    1er Russie  272 pts
    2e Ukraine  230 pts
    3e Grèce   218 […]


  33. What It Feels Like for a Girl

    One of the things that we all love about this site, both as writers and readers, is that it’s a place where we […]


  34. slinkachu: “inner city snail”.

    One of my fave street artists in the galaxy is London’s mind-blowing Slinkachu. His on-going miniature street art […]

    shape + colour


    Vanessa Bryant,wife of NBA player Kobe Bryant,is apparently not a role-model. The mom of two daughters Gianna […]

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  36. In Honor of the Beast?

    The following is a pictorial report of the Palm Sunday 2008 Mass at St. Joan of

  37. Ashley Harkleroad in Playboy’s August issue?

    Hey there — back from NYC in one piece. I had lots of fun while I was away and I’ll definitely fill you in […]

    tennis served fresh

  38. Coldplay Announce UK Tour

    So, Coldplay are getting round to touring their Ricky Martin inspired third LP,

    The World of Wingrove

  39. Mombaça: a mais breve capital do Brasil

    Se os políticos pudessem ser classificados por um nome científico, certamente seriam da espécie Homo sapiens […]

    Idéia Fix

  40. One More Reason for Soccer’s Popularity

    Brazil is known for her citizens’ excellence on the soccer pitch and for an equal excellence in attractiveness. […]

    The Slanch Report

  41. Merida brace seals Spain victory

    Fran Merida- Armenia 2 Spain 4
    Arsenal’s Fran Merida hit a second-half brace to ensure that Spain ended their […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth


    Yep, That’s right! After waiting a really long time, all penguins who tested in the Club Penguin Improvement […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Glitches l Secrets

  43. Arsenal Shocker: We Won’t Spend Big

    [image]So, Danny Fiszman, Arsenal director came out yesterday saying the club aren’t prepared to spend big – and […]

  44. [16]howDOyou fiND d rYT oNE iF yu DOnT LEt GO oFd wRONGoNE *request

    CSS URL:
    Copy the CSS URL and generate the code […]

    Astig Layouts

  45. How much weight can one gain in one holiday weekend…

    In my experience, that would be 8 pounds. I think I’m just going to let that sit there for a while.
    Yes, I […]

    Kellie’s Blog

  46. 5 year old voted out of class

    Teacher lets Morningside students vote out classmate, 5
    PORT ST. LUCIE — Melissa Barton said she is considering legal […]

    Lone Wolfs Den

  47. Gears of War 2 Sales Prediction: the game will sell 10million copies worldwide.

    Sale of Gears Of War 2 could eclipse old sales record. by TWODOGSz
    [image] ©2008 Aaron Bertinetti:
    Ed Note: This is […]

    XboxOZ360 – Weblog

  48. Endless Frontier now on sale!


    SRW Hotnews

  49. What the …?

    “He asked for it. He ran over a policeman and he got what he deserved”
    This is what Malaysiakini reports […]

    The People’s Parliament

  50. Dima Bilan (Eurovision 2008) uit te kleren

    Dima Bilan, in werkelijkheid Viktor Bilan, won gisteren het Eurovisie Songfestival voor zijn thuisland Rusland. De […]

    Talk of the Town

  51. Conspiracy theory? Really? Wow!

    I just finished a segment on Bo Bounds radio show in Jackson where we talked about Ole Miss fans thinking Larry […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis

  52. فعالترين نماينده مجلس هفتم؟!

      به نظر شما فعالترين  و يا مفيدترين نماينده مجلس هفتم چه كسي […]


  53. Agent – Nasri To Sign In Next Few Days

    Samir Nasri’s agent, Jean-Pierre Bernés yesterday evening told a Marseille’s local television […]

    Gooner Talk

  54. La huella del maltrato infantil

    En el suplemento semanal de el País del domingo 18, venía un reportaje escalofriante sobre “La huella del […]

    El árbol del Monoloco

  55. Секси мацка!

    Така и така сме се заговорили за възпитанието на подрастващото […]

    Царството на Бу

  56. Download PCMAV 1.3

    Antivirus PCMAV 1.3 sudah diterbitkan, silakan jika anda ingin mendownloadnya disini:
    Download by Ziddu


  57. Not what the doctor ordered

    It’s pretty amazing how far the Boston Celtics have come in just a season.
    To think, this time last year they […]

    With Malice…

  58. Tip of the Day: Dusting with Cocoa Powder

    Next time you make a chocolate cake and don’t want to have to frost it to hide the remnants of white […]

    The District Domestic

  59. What the Heck is This?

    [image]Upper Deck has officially picked a winner in the Democratic race for the 2008 presidential nomination.
    This is […]

    Beckett Behind The Scenes

  60. WebElf Report Commentary

    The Sad Thing About It All
    [image]Word has it via Steve Paikin that the SockPuppets– the Osgoode Hall Law […]

    Free Mark Steyn!

  61. En Sonora, 25 alcaldias bajo el control del narco

    Reproduccion integra de reportaje aparecido el dia de ayer domingo 25 de Mayo, en Milenio semanal, donde trata sobre la […]

    Asi como lo oyes

  62. Lil Wayne – Carter III Tracklisting

    Check it out under the cut…


  63. Gallup: Clinton leads McCain and Obama

    Clinton leads McCain 49-45.
    McCain leads Obama 47-45.
    Clinton leads McCain by 3
    McCain leads Obama by […]

    Donna Darko

  64. Kalomira – Secret Combination – şarkı sözleri Eurovision 2008

    Kalomoira – Secret Combination – Greece Eurovision 2008 şarkı sözü
    Can you see it?
    Can you see it?
    You have to […]

    noertz – video klip – şarkı sözleri

  65. Pergunte para o Paulinho

    Tenho tido pouco tempo para interagir nos comentários.
    Confesso sentir falta.

    Blog do Paulinho

  66. Daily Farm Report 5/27/08

    DG continues his series of PostCards with Luhnow, excellent stuff all around. Our own fewgoodcards questioned Luhnow […]

    Future Redbirds

  67. Kobe 1, Snakes 0

    If you thought Kobe Bryant was pretty badass for leading the Lakers to the Western Conference Finals, jumping over a […]

    Bonafide Hearsay!


    Hermosa mujer, que nos muestra sus encantos en la H de Junio 2008.

    Famosas Por Siempre

  69. La compilation di X Factor dal 6 Giugno in vendita

    [image] Come per la versione inglese, anche la nostra edizione di X Factor si concluderà con la vendita di una […]


  70. El Topless de Angelina Jolie

    Aunque la calidad de las imagenes no es para hechar cohetes me doy por satisfecho…

    Más bellezones en […]

    Mundo Demente

  71. In Honor of Memorial Day

    [image] by twit
    Bush and his lapdog John McCain argue against the veto-proof support in Congress for a new and improved […]

    The Church of the Apocalyptic Kiwi

  72. Grazie Tacopina

    [image]Ci sentiamo di ringraziare Joe Tacopina per i continui sforzi affinchè la trattativa prenda il verso che molti […]

    Notizie_asroma_video_gol_web_portale tutto sulla ASROMA

  73. The Dogs That Didn’t Bark, Part III

    3. The West Virginia Bar.
    If you read the report, then you know that Mike Garrison and Alex Macia — both lawyers, […]


  74. Federico y su libertad de expresión

      (Ampliación: Gallardón, su declaración en el juicio, más comentario)
    (22:42h, Segunda Ampliación, el juicio. Al […]


  75. This cartoon is oiled up and ready to wrestle.


    the rut.

  76. Quick hit: What about the mens, indeed


    While Kate, FJ, and I freak out about our busy lives, head to Shakesville and check out the

    Shapely Prose

  77. Photo de Julie Couillard (ex-conjointe d’un Hells Angels et d’un Rocker) et Maxime Bernier, ministre conservateur

    Photos de Julie Couillard (ex-conjointe d’un Hells Angels et d’un Rockers) et Maxime Bernier, ministre […]

    Reflet de Société / Journal de la Rue

  78. Remaja dibelasah teruk oleh Polis di BMC

    Gambar ehsan Malaysiakini. Chang Jiun Haur terlantar dihospital selepas diganasi polis.
    Sedih apabila membaca […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  79. Georgia’s ten most memorable plays of 2007, #6

    Georgia vs. Vanderbilt, October 13:

    Georgia at 2:00

    1st and 10 at GA 7
    Knowshon M

    Get The Picture

  80. Iran off the table? Israel falling from grace?

    by Stefan Fobes

    Over the weekend four very strange events happened. First, Israeli jets were scrambled to intercept a […]

    A War of Illusions


    Over the last few months, Keith Olbermann’s unwaivering bias, and support, for Barack Obama has become all too […]

    Chicagoans Against Obama

  82. -SINGOLO DELLA SETTIMANA- “Non ti scordar mai di me” di Giusy

    Seconda classificata a X-Factor Italia, Giusy potrebbe davvero sfondare… A patto di non vivere all’ombra di […]

    Il Teatrino di Ranabottola 2.0

  83. Några viktiga problem med att bygga om Stadion

    Centerpartiet i Stockholm föreslog häromdagen (DN 26/5) att Stockholms stadion skulle byggas om för att anpassas […]

    Från huvudstad till världsstad


    I know many of these pictures have been circulating around the Internets for awhile, but like rocky road ice […]

    MRod says: Is the crew ready? Like spaghetti.

  85. این هم از اعتراض ِ من به جعل ِ نام ِ خلیج ِ همیشه فارس

    رژیم جمهوری اسلامی، از بام تا شام، مشغول بذل و بخشش ثروت های ملت ای […]


  86. Download Kaspersky Serial and Kaspersky Crack

    I don’t know why lots of people are craving for this Kaspersky Crack and Kaspersky Serial. I found lots of virus […]

    Blog ni Mojics

  87. Capitulo 460 de Yo Soy Bea – Jueves 29 de Mayo de 2008

    Aquí tenéis un capitulo mas de Yo soy Bea, el capitulo 460 que será emitido por  Telecinco el Jueves 29 de Mayo.
    Ya […]

    ¡Que Movida!

  88. Yoo Bin Will Not Rap after Straining her Vocals

    The Wonder Girls are set to make its comeback on tv this weekend (31st May) on MBC “Music Core”. But there […]

    Wonder Girls Wonderland

  89. The Corporate Takeover of Jay-Z

    (Photo: DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)
    (CORPORATE TAKEOVER) – Last month, in […]

    CORPORATE TAKEOVER Magazine | The Mouthpiece For Hustlers

  90. Alex and Shin Ae confirms their return to We Got Married

    After all the hoo-ha of are they coming back being played out over the past few days, the romantic couple comprising of […]

    Coolsmurf Domain


    —– AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —-
    —– AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —-


  92. Bajsmannen

    Okej, det här faktiskt bland det ÄCKLIGASTE jag sett på länge….
    En kollega till mig sa ”hade det […]

  93. The Forecast of One Piece 501

    One Piece 500 was a great chapter as usual! It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when Luffy meets Law […]


  94. GOOOD sharky!

    This photos have been animated using, and they have been borrowed form

    Virus In Training

  95. 20 killer apps for ubuntu linux.

    Ubuntu Linux — you have to love it. After using windows since windows 95 (over 10 years), and trying various […]

    Shannon McPherson’s Web Log (San Mateo, California)


    [image]Richard Abowitz, the author of Vegas blog Movable Buffet, lost his cool this week about UFC media policies. In […]

    Mr. Sunshine

  97. Bill Henson’s Artworks are Innocent

    One of the Controversial works by Bill Henson
    Photograph from the Age

    Jennie’s Palette

  98. CBSE Results and Bihar intermediate results for 2008

    CBSE result 2008 for class 10th are out on 27 may 2008.
    visit the following links for the […]

    See through my eyes

  99. 6.Türkçe Olimpiyatları İlk 10 Şarkı -Oy Kullan- Sms gönder

    İlk 10 Şarkı: SMS Göndererek Birinciyi Seç
    Şarkıları tamamen dinlemek için aşağıdaki videolara […]

    video Arşivi

  100. Sous- France…ou souffrance?

    Je reviens fort déçu d’un petit périple en “métropole”, comme disent les habitants des […]

    En forme à Sion

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