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May 28, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Monstruos made in Japan

    Alguien más es capaz de ver una sonrisilla impresa en su cara, o es sólo problema mio?. Tras el salto muuucho […]

    ChopSuey Weblog

  2. Sharon Stone:the earthquake is karma

    When asked about the Sichuan earthquake in the Cannes Film Festival, the actress responded delightfully, “Well, […]

    The New Voice

  3. slinkachu: “inner city snail”.

    One of my fave street artists in the galaxy is London’s mind-blowing Slinkachu. His on-going miniature street art […]

    shape + colour

  4. Atlético Move For Trialist Jibril, Grimandi Out Thuram In

    A representative from Spanish club Atlético Madrid is currently in Ghana trying to tie up a deal for Torric […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  5. Nereida Gallardo

    Nereida Gallardo, a mais recente namorada de Cristiano Ronaldo é uma modelo Espanhola.
    Ao que parece o namoro […]

    Fotos e videos de Cristiano Ronaldo

  6. La huella del maltrato infantil

    En el suplemento semanal de el País del domingo 18, venía un reportaje escalofriante sobre “La huella del […]

    El árbol del Monoloco

  7. A Brazilian dude has invented a lightbulb that uses no electricity or batteries

    Human Rights America

  8. Böglyft

    In Sweden a party isn’t complete until at least one of your friends has his hand around your penis and is […]

    Crazy Swedes

  9. Merida brace seals Spain victory

    Fran Merida- Armenia 2 Spain 4
    Arsenal’s Fran Merida hit a second-half brace to ensure that Spain ended their […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

  10. A warning from Najib?

    What kind of attention, Najib Tun Razak?
    Which internet websites and blogs?
    Critical ones or lovey-dovey ones?
    Accurate […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  11. NASA sends “The Weather Rock” to Mars

    When I made a post discussing the weather station on NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander titled “First Weather […]

    Watts Up With That?

  12. Do Arsenal need English players?

    [image]Ashley Cole, England international, and betrayer of Arsenal. Do we really need English players?
    ‘The English […]

    The”Gooner Forum”Blog

  13. Grimandi Rejects PSG Offer

    Former Arsenal defender and current French-based scout Gilles Grimandi has rejected an offer from Paris Saint […]

    Gooner Talk

  14. The 7 Most Annoying People On Digg

    Digg has grown over the last couple years from a small community of tech enthusiasts sharing nerdy news to a […]

    A Blog With No Name

  15. YG Bounce Official Picture

    YG Bounce Official Picture
    These are picture from YB’s first performance of “Only Look at Me” during […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  16. KDE4Daily – testing KDE 4.1 with daily updates

    KDE4Daily, a virtual machine image of KDE 4 with daily updates was released for KDE 4.1. This gives anyone the […]


  17. dsc_2282

    Big Al’s Blog

  18. So is he or isn’t she…..

    wearing panties???  I guess Sharon Stone was missing the spotlight and decided to give the paparazzi something to take […]

    The Daily Piece of Ass

  19. Gallup: Clinton leads McCain and Obama

    Clinton leads McCain 49-45.
    McCain leads Obama 47-45.
    Clinton leads McCain by 3
    McCain leads Obama by […]

    Donna Darko

  20. What happened to the Food!


    Omg OWNED!!$#%$$@! =p

  21. Ashley Harkleroad in Playboy’s August issue?

    Hey there — back from NYC in one piece. I had lots of fun while I was away and I’ll definitely fill you in […]

    tennis served fresh

  22. Tira LinuxHispano: Student’s Peak

    A todos nos ha pasado alguna vez en exámenes…

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  23. ‘Silent majority’ unsympathetic to Hindraf?

    By Helen Ang

    The People’s Parliament

  24. Dima Bilan (Eurovision 2008) uit te kleren

    Dima Bilan, in werkelijkheid Viktor Bilan, won gisteren het Eurovisie Songfestival voor zijn thuisland Rusland. De […]

    Talk of the Town

  25. Colors #73

    Colors Magazine (often confused with Color, a skate mag produced out of Vancouver’s Railtown district) is […]

    The Publics

  26. Tajemnica Gracjana R. – wywiad

    Gracjan Roztocki jest jednym z fenomenów polskiej sieci. Internauci z lubością przesyłają sobie linki do […]



    Wow. I guess we are going to go all the way back to the 60’s as a Fox News report joked about […]

    Illseed Blog

  28. Sweden: Image and Reality

    Sweden is often viewed as either social democratic paradise or lefty hell, depending on one’s political and […]

    Consider the Evidence

  29. Média de público do Brasileirão de 2008 – terceira rodada

    Em parênteses, o número de jogos em casa.
    Média do campeonato: 13.689 pagantes por jogo.


  30. Breaking News: 5 members of a San Clemente family found dead in their home

    Five Family Members Found Shot to Death in Orange County, Calif. Home 5 people found dead in San Clemente home
    5 […]

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  31. São Paulino fugindo do P.a.U.? Só aqui mesmo! Leitora inconformada quer saber a verdade!

    Olá Urso, eu conheci um cara e começamos a ficar. A primeira vez que dormimos juntos, não aconteceu nada, […]

    Pergunte ao Urso – Tudo aquilo que você não sabia para quem perguntar

  32. Pergunte para o Paulinho

    Tenho tido pouco tempo para interagir nos comentários.
    Confesso sentir falta.

    Blog do Paulinho

  33. Card Preview – MUN222 Beta Ray Bill

    There comes a time in a man’s life when the cosmos recognises his efforts. Some karmic balance is finally tipped. […]

    Lost Hemisphere

  34. El Topless de Angelina Jolie

    Aunque la calidad de las imagenes no es para hechar cohetes me doy por satisfecho…

    Más bellezones en […]

    Mundo Demente

  35. What is a reflow?

    Reflow is the process by which the geometry of the layout engine’s formatting objects are computed.  Last week, […]

    DougT’s Blog

  36. Business and Family accounts released

    We’re proud to release our business and family accounts feature for full general use. We’ve been testing […]

    FastMail.FM Weblog

  37. Kalomira – Secret Combination – şarkı sözleri Eurovision 2008

    Kalomoira – Secret Combination – Greece Eurovision 2008 şarkı sözü
    Can you see it?
    Can you see it?
    You have to […]

    noertz – video klip

  38. Akedemi Fantasia: Apalah Kami Sebagai Siswazah….

    Akedemi Fantasia: Apalah Kami Sebagai Siswazah….
    Tiga, empat hingga lima tahun bertungkus lumus memerah otak […]


  39. I have a petition with 100,000 names demanding Mike Garrison’s resignation

    Now, mind you, I’m not ready to release my petition just yet.
    But I insist that newspapers start citing it as […]


  40. Deutschland vs Weissrussland – Testspiel vor der EM

    [image]“Die Deutschen verpflichten schon traditionell vor großen Turnieren leichte Gegner, um viele Tore zu […]


  41. 20 killer apps for ubuntu linux.

    Ubuntu Linux — you have to love it. After using windows since windows 95 (over 10 years), and trying various […]

    Shannon McPherson’s Web Log (San Mateo, California)

  42. One Piece:Episode 355

    One Piece:Episode 355
    [YouTube] […]


  43. Todd Bentley caught on camera being fraudulent at Lakeland! He lies and lets other lie to millions – why?

    From an account of a May 9th meeeting at Lakeland Airport – […]

    End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Christian Blog

  44. (Malay Mail) Sitting heats up on last day

    Selangor State Assembly > Sitting heats up on last day 27 May 2008 THERE were several angry moments on the […]

    elizabeth wong

  45. iNsidE my hEarT =crOsSOvEr=

    CSS URL:
    Copy the CSS URL and generate the code here

    Astig Layouts

  46. Download PCMAV 1.3

    Antivirus PCMAV 1.3 sudah diterbitkan, silakan jika anda ingin mendownloadnya disini:
    Download by Ziddu


  47. If Blacks Would Just Read These Books!!!!!!!

    Book Reviews
    [image]  Stupid Black Men

    Republican Review of America

  48. David Archuleta takes a bite out of The Big Apple starting today!

    [image] [image]
    First pictures out of New York shows Archie arriving at his hotel yesterday!
    Are you ready w


  49. Eu bebu bagarai

    Quem nunca ficou de porre uma vez na vida, que atire a primeira pedra! Hahahahahaha!
    Compilação com fotos de […]

    %%% Curiosidades Na Net %%%

  50. Você merece ter um cinema na sua casa! Saiba como no Clube do Lar!

    Você merecce uma TV de alta definição. O Clube do Lar pensou nisso e separou a TV de Plasma 42″ Semp Toshiba […]

    Clube do Lar – Pensou em casa, já está nele

  51. Crime: Imagens de menina sendo estuprada circulam pela Internet

    O carpinteiro D.S.R., 42 anos, residente há seis anos em Nova Jersey, nos EUA, recebeu um e-mail, na semana passada, […]

    Diga Não À Erotização Infantil

  52. You are making the hire

    Suppose for a moment you are in charge of hiring the next Mississippi State baseball coach. No easy task, mind you.
    But […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis

  53. Vasco Rossi Tour 2008, la scaletta

    Ieri sera, a Genova, Vasco Rossi ha cantato fino a tardi per la data zero del tour estivo. Come promesso, riporto sul […]

    |omnia blog|

  54. Even een shirtje kopen, printen en strijken maar…



  55. La Frizziero non ascolta nessuno: sceglie Lele, cioé Christian

    Deprimente la scelta che lunedì vedremo in differita offerta dal trono della Frizziero. La notizia gira […]

    Il nuovo blog di Rembò e Lewis C

  56. Coaches Gone….. Wild?

    A few weeks ago, being the visionary that he is, Alabama coach Nick Saban made news by hitting the information […]

    Third Saturday in Blogtober

  57. What does KDE mean to you? (denouement)

    Last fall, when everyone was envisioning what KDE 4 would become, I asked everyone “What does KDE mean to […]

    Komandeering Developers Everywhere

  58. Site Update

    In the domestic cup final, The Laws Of Nature Albion crushed Structural Engineering United. Spanish starlet Lluvia […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  59. 280 – Where the Goblins Live

    In 1976, Dutch illustrator Rien Poortvliet and writer Wil Huygen published ‘Gnomes’, a quasi-scientific […]

    Strange Maps

  60. Daily Farm Report 5/26/08

    Joe Mather gets a call to the big leagues. Unfortunately, it’s the same call the Chris Perez got initially […]

    Future Redbirds


    —– AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —-
    —– AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —-


  62. Coldplay Announce UK Tour

    So, Coldplay are getting round to touring their Ricky Martin inspired third LP,

    The World of Wingrove

  63. Anggota DPR Max Moein Akui Foto Syur Dirinya

    Max Moein Akui itu Foto Dirinya
    [image]Akhirnya penasaran dan kegundahan terhadap gonjing gonjang berita syur syuran […]

    …GuBuG JB’l09…

  64. [RELEASE] WRHak_dotnet v.1.6.1* + BYPASS {new 24.May.2008}

    Status : UNDETECTED
    Date : 24 / 05 / 2008
    OK here is my 2nd wrhak 1.6 Release after 3hr’s again. the […]

    Warrock hacks – FREE Undetected hacks, cheats, trainer

  65. In Honor of Memorial Day

    [image] by twit
    Bush and his lapdog John McCain argue against the veto-proof support in Congress for a new and improved […]

    The Church of the Apocalyptic Kiwi

  66. The Fat Identity. First Attempt: How is Fat Different?

    [image] posted by fatfu 
    “I will say that fat hate is one of the last forms of prejudice in which even most […]

    fat fu

  67. Julie Couillard strikes again!

    Bon, encore aujourd’hui, avec un retour sur Julie Couillard dans la presse, mes statistiques explosent de […]

    Renart L’éveillé / Carnet résistant

  68. رهبر طي نامه اي از له شدن بسيجي كرجي ابراز تاسف كرد

    رهبر طي نامه اي از له شدن بسيجي كرجي ابراز تاسف كرد وي ضمن […]

    بیست و چل و پنج

  69. Amazonius Criativus.

    Isso mesmo meus amigos, hoje nós vamos aprender a criar cenários digitais baseados em abstrações volumétricas, […]


  70. Download PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.3 RTP + CLN + Update Build 2 (Virus Novi.vbs)

    [image]Update Build2 hadir dengan penambahan pengenal 11 virus baru, yang banyak dilaporkan menyebar di Indonesia. Bagi […]

    akhdian : dian ardiyansah blog

  71. Georgia’s ten most memorable plays of 2007, #7

    Georgia vs. Auburn, November 10:

    Georgia at 6:47

    1st and 10 at GA 32
    Knowshon Moreno rush for a loss of 3 […]

    Get The Picture

  72. Sonia 13: Suponete

    Lunes 26 de mayo.
    Suponete que hacés algo que todos quieren hacer. Mejor dicho: suponete que hacés algo que todos […]

    El diario de un neurótico

  73. You Know You’ve Been a Bad Blogger When…

    …Your own mother suggests that you should post something already. Yikes, I am just riddled with guilt over this- […]


  74. Code Geass R2 : 08 vostfr

    La Fly Away Fansub vient de sortir sa vostfr de l’épisode 8 !
    Les versions LD et HD sont disponibles  […]

    Code Geass : Lelouch de la Rebellion

  75. Wenger and Ribery say Nasri will sign

    Wenger said on Telefoot that we are probably going to sign Nasri
    “It is likely to happen, and if it does happen, […]

  76. Sega Rally 3 – Alpine

    Arcade Heroes

  77. Djibril Cisse

    We might not even be looking to sign the bloke, but here’s a recent compilation of his Marseille […]

    Craven Cottage Newsround

  78. Jaane tu ya Jaane na ~ Music Review

    Would it be Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak once again with the arrival of Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Naa? This is the […]

    Rahmaniac…….Sick ‘o’ rahman !!!

  79. Le MCO en deuxième division: émeutes et dégâts à Oran

    [image]Aujourd’hui pour la première fois dans l’histoire du football algérien, la plus prestigieuse […]

    Adel Life Blog 2.0

  80. Read the David Berger essay

    I already mentioned it once but I’ve just completed it. It’s fantastic. The piece is beautifully written, […]


  81. UPSC – IAS General Studies Prelim 2008 – Question Papers & Answers Key

    Download Question Paper ( 856 KB ) : <

    Vision IAS

  82. Danny says we have the money and Arsene can spend it …if he wants.

    So Danny Fizman has come out and said exactly what we said yesterday and have in fact been saying for months.
    Fiszman, […]

    Le Grove

  83. My toast in the UPA party

    I wanted to go to the UPA party, and since I do not belong to any party which Congress can form a coalition with, I had […]



    [image]Rapper XZIBIT is mourning the death of his newborn baby son Xavier Kingston, who died on Monday May 26th,just […]

    BLACKCELEBRITYKIDS- Black Celebrity Kids,babies,and their Parents

  85. Making of Wonder Girls So Hot MV

    Basically this is like a music video but instead of scenes from the MV, you get to see how they actually filmed it […]

    Wonder Girls Wonderland

  86. Lettre ouverte à la Gouverneure Générale du Canada

    Madame la très honorable Michaëlle Jean, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D. Gouverneure Générale du Canada


    Le Carnet d’Ysengrimus

  87. The Underrated in 2007-08

    Who is the most “underrated” player in the NBA?  As I noted a few days ago, the answer to this question […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  88. Fated to Love You Episode 12 Preview

    Preview 1
    Short Shanghai Scene
    Shanghai Scene BTS
    Looks like Cun Xi doesn’t need that long to decide who […]


  89. Ett normaltillstånd sjukdomsförklarat

    “Jag skulle inte karaktärisera detta som en sjukdom – i så fall är 80 procent av världens befolkning sjuka. […]


  90. Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Speak

    Every now again my diet mind (Dr. Jekyll) and I (Ms. Hyde) have a conversation. Usually it takes place in my idea […]

    Hyde and Seek

  91. The Best Star Wars Movie You’ve Never Seen

    Put a group of Star Wars  fans in a room for long enough and I guarantee the conversation will eventually […]

    Darth Mojo

  92. Pack Elementary, de lo mejor que he visto

    Hace tiempo os hablé de los iconos Elementary. Eran muy buenos salvo pequeños detallitos (como los iconos del Network […]

    Think Ubuntu

  93. You Just Don’t Leave Certain Groups

    Thanks to Andries for:

    FAIL Blog – Fail Pictures at Failblog.ORG

  94. Dead Woman Comes Back to life! Doctor’s say Medical Miracle!

    The Dead Raised again! Woman Suddenly Comes Back to Life, Doctors Call it a “Medical Miracle”

    by Aimee […]

    Realms of Glory

  95. Amica 1.23 Online – Filmato demo

    A poco più di un mese di distanza dall’aggiornamento precedente ecco la versione 1.23, portatrice di importanti […]

    Amica 2007 – Il blog

  96. Post Revisions in WordPress 2.6

    Have you ever saved a post on your blog only to realize later that you accidentally erased a critical paragraph? Ever […]

    real ultimate waffe (.net)

  97. Solbi quits Life Special Investigation Team citing “Marriage”

    Solbi recently “tendered” her resignation and left the filming of MBC drama, “Life Special […]

    Coolsmurf Domain

  98. WordPress Party in San Francisco

    For those of you in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you should join us this Tuesday, May 27, for a birthday party to […] Blog

  99. Halo 3 ModTage

    Modding has quite the negative reputation amongst the general gaming population, primarily because of all the random […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  100. The Latest Obamaism

    From a Memorial Day speech that Obama gave in New Mexico:
    On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line […]


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