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May 25, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Nasri Transfer Confirmed By France Team Mate

    Samir Nasri will be playing in an Arsenal shirt next season according to close pal and French national team […]

    Gooner Talk

  2. The 7 Most Annoying People On Digg

    Digg has grown over the last couple years from a small community of tech enthusiasts sharing nerdy news to a […]

    A Blog With No Name

  3. Simple VM JIT with LLVM

    I’ve been investigating using LLVM for Rubinius, so I’ve been doing some very small scale experiments. I […]

    evan.musing << current

  4. “where is the hope in the steven curtis chapman tragedy?”

    “Where is the hope in this tragedy?”

    The accidental and tragic death of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth […]

    beauty and depravity

  5. İsmail YKnın yeni şarkısı baz gaza şarkı sözleri ve dinle

    Sıfır kilometre yeni bir araba alırım
    Mahallede kızlara ben havamı atarım
    Sağ çek sol […]


  6. New York Usability Testing

    Or rather, usability testing in New York. If you’re reading this you’re probably a WordPress user. If you […] Blog

  7. News Updates – Jibril / Nasri / Vela / Merida / Pedro

    One of the biggest On/Off transfer stories in recent times will come to a close on Monday, as it is expected […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  8. آگهي پيش فروش املاك در جهنم با شرايط آسان

    هر زنی که خود را بیاراید و خوشبو کند و از منزل خارج شود و شوهرش به […]


  9. BigDogDotCom millionth paw prints

    BigDogDotCom reached its millionth paw prints today. Fifteen months ago, it started with the article on post Perdana […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  10. Silly News 18: Nothing says breaking down cultural barriers like “No Canadians please.” (4 pics)

    Nothing says breaking down cultural barriers like “No Canadians please.”
    The supply truck […]

    Rob’s Megaphone

  11. What the First Team Next Season MUST Be and Why

    Flamini gone, Hleb to follow? 
    With this sale of Flamini, and the seemingly inevitable sale of Hleb, […]

    The”Gooner Forum”Blog

  12. The Time of My Life Lyrics – American Idol – David Cook Winner’s Song 2008 – free download

    [image]Time of My Life Lyrics – American Idol David Cook Winner’s Song 2008
    Submitted by Milou on Wed, 2008-05-21 […]

    Poetry 4 kids : funny poems for kids : poems for children : funny children’s poems

  13. TaeYang “Hot” Poster

    TaeYang “Hot” Poster
    For those of you who ordered TaeYang’s “Hot” album through […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  14. El descuido de Jasmine Lafitte

    Mira que está dando juego el festival de cine de Cannes, es una fuente de belleza y descuidos. Desde luego, ¿a quién […]

    Mundo Demente

  15. اینست جمهوری اسلامی … پانصد تومان پنیر

    آیا هنوز به درستی صدای خرد شدن استخوان را نمی شنوی ؟


  16. You’ll never find the right one,if u never let go the wrong one

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    Rock’Star Layouts

  17. I Liceali, Una gita storica. (Anteprima episodio del 23/05)

    [image]Ritorna lo spazio con l’anteprima della puntata di questa sera dei Liceali. Per rovinarvi la sorpresa che […]

    Secondside’s Weblog

  18. Mahathir Warns – Malaysiakini

    Dr M warns of unrest amid political turmoil
    He warns of unrest in multi-racial Malaysia, and Badawi is not pulling his […]

    Aarvidi’s Weblog

  19. Jibril looking forward to Arsenal trial

    As we told you on Tuesday, Accra Hearts of Oak teenager Tawrik Jibril will spend two weeks on trial at Arsenal […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Reserves and Youth blog

  20. Ezam… oh, Ezam!

    Image – the ezam mohd nor we used to know – from marhean.
    I did get an inkling of it when he

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  21. Anggota DPR Max Moein Akui Foto Syur Dirinya

    Max Moein Akui itu Foto Dirinya
    [image]Akhirnya penasaran dan kegundahan terhadap gonjing gonjang berita syur syuran […]

    …GuBuG JB’l09…

  22. The 31,000 who say “no convincing evidence” for human induced climate change

    Of course the alarmists folks will denounce this as they did the last one, and there are bound to be a few unscrupulous […]

    Watts Up With That?

  23. Foto Panas Anggota DPR-RI , Mirip Max Moein


    Milist Internet

    Wakil Ketua Komisi XI DPR-RI Max Moein mengaku tak khawatir fotonya yang bertelanjang […]

    Tlaga Ku

  24. Saturday: Are Obama and the DNC working for Hillary?

    As we get farther along in this primary season, I am becoming more and more convinced that the DNC is using Barack […]

    The Confluence

  25. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS vs. Windows XP SP3: Application Performance Benchmark

    Two months ago, I wanted to compare Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux in terms of applications performance. I thought that […]

    Mohammed Saleh Blog

  26. Happy Birthday, Mr. Dylan

    Today Bob Dylan celebrates his 67th birthday. I went fishing on YouTube for some retrospective material on his long and […]

    All Manner of Thing

  27. May DSO Color Challenge

    Yeah! I finally finished this months color challenge at DSO. I have been working on this thing since the first of the […]

    The Blue Side

  28. Carlos Vela Expects To Debut For Arsenal Against Juventus

    Arsenal’s Carlos Vela feels now that he is ready to play for Arsene Wenger’s Premiership side, […]

    Carlos Vela News

  29. Vasco Rossi Tour 2008, la scaletta

    Ieri sera, a Genova, Vasco Rossi ha cantato fino a tardi per la data zero del tour estivo. Come promesso, riporto sul […]

    |omnia blog|

  30. Об “Одноклассниках”…

    Я зарегистрировался на довольно давно, задолго до того, […]


  31. Talentosos trazos revolucionarios

    Un día, una paradoja salta a la vista desde las páginas de un suplemento cultural cualquiera.

    Peinate que viene gente


    ADENDA: 23 DE MAIO 9.45 – ” Cartão de sócio – Selecção nacional de futebol (2) ” – pode ser que […]


  33. SBI Clerical Staff Recruitment Notice 2008 – Apply Online

    Recruitment of Clerical Staff in State Bank of India (SBI) Notice – State bank of India invites online applications […]

    Colleges in India Admission Alerts

  34. Creationists Baffled: Why do their “Facts” Get Shot Down in Forums?

    If you’ve never visited the Answers in Genesis website, don’t worry. You’ve missed little.
    But this […]

    Breaking Spells

  35. DORE shut

    *Important – does anyone know who the administrators for DORE UK are? It could be important for staff & clients to […]

    Brainduck’s Weblog

  36. state of the ZUI

    another thing I’ve been chipping away at for 4.1 is the ZUI. it’s far from complete, but it’s at […]


  37. Scripted Arxin-Plugins and further Development in Shaman

    It has been a long time since the last Statusupdate from me. Sorry for that ;(
    In this time happened very much:
    In […]

    Boom1992’s Weblog

  38. You Just Don’t Leave Certain Groups

    Thanks to Andries for:

    The FAIL Blog

  39. MG Infinite Justice

    Special Phase-Impulse MG Edition PV
    Download (Flv, size 5Mb)

    SRW Hotnews

  40. We zijn begonnen (en weer online!)

    Momenteel is de verhuizing van naar de nieuwe en snellere servers in volle gang. Dat is ook de reden waarom […]


  41. Chikilihartura

    Vaya bombo que le están dando, por Dios, [image] como no gane Eurovisión…. En fin, le deseo toda la […]

    Cucha que te Digo, el blog de la Sor Citroen

  42. گاو و جاده! – محلی داغ برای استراحت!

    جاده پل سفید به دودانگه در ارتفاعات روستای سوته کلا و دامنه کوه […]

    یکی از پشت کوه

  43. ¿Quién ganará Eurovisión 2008? Se admiten apuestas

    [image]El Festival se va acercando (ya estamos a menos de un mes de la Final) y las apuestas previas para determinar […]

    Se acerca Eurovisión

  44. [6]Im so INTO you 4 gurlz

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    Astig Layouts

  45. 276 – Transgenic Corn Linked To Neo-Fascism

    Genetically modified crops are controversial and indeed have been banned in several locations because of concerns that […]

    Strange Maps

  46. Gülben Ergen – Avrupa – Milli Takıma destek şarkısı

    Şarkıcı Gülben Ergen, Milli Takım’a EURO 2008 yolunda destek şarksısı düzenledi. […]

    noertz – video klip

  47. Post Revisions in WordPress 2.6

    Have you ever saved a post on your blog only to realize later that you accidentally erased a critical paragraph? Ever […]

    real ultimate waffe (.net)

  48. Când totul pare imposibil…

    [image]Se spune că fericirea nu se cumpără, dar sunt şi momente în care banii valorează cât o nouă viaţă.


  49. Elegante Wallpaper

    Sencillo y limpio. Este wallpaper queda de lujo con el theme de Ubuntu Studio

    Think Ubuntu

  50. Wake-up call: Apple won’t port iTunes to Linux

    Introduction I want to bring iTunes-loving Linux users back to reality. As you can see from the following Ubuntu Forums […]



    Sorteio – Valendo 3 DVD’s e uma camisa de Torcedor do Fla CLIQUE AQUI e Participe…

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  52. Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me (Remix) f. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil Wayne, Nas, The Game & Big Daddy Kane

    This is the Bussa Bus I’m used to. Featuring everybody. Shouts to Ray.
    DOWNLOAD: Busta Rhymes – […]


  53. All this sycophantic Ipswich Town journalism is starting to get on my wick

    Some of the drivel coming out of Ipswich lately is beginning to get on my nerves. On Wednesday we had the Evening […]

    City ‘Til I Die

  54. River-Huracán, en vivo

    Entre las 16 y las 19 de este sábado 24 de mayo, hacé clic en el siguiente enlace:
    Ver RIver-Huracán en vivo
    Otro […]

    Dame Pelota

  55. Open-source PHP applications that changed the world

    From managing databases to shopping, writing blogs to sending emails. Ten years of passion, great software […]

    PHP::Impact ( [str blog] )

  56. Anwar says it again…

    Latest from the men on the Ground : At the launching of Lubok Antu Division attended by over 2500 people (estimated […]

    Audie61’s Weblog

  57. Why I run away from Knuth

    Donald Knuth . Nearly every programmer, at some point of his life has got hit by this name or truly I should say got […]

    My Ruminations on Software

  58. State Bank of India (SBI) Clerks’ Grade Exam Study Plan

    CallingState Bank of India (SBI) Clerks’ Grade Aspirantsas also other Bank Clerks’ Grade and PO Exam […]

    Competitive Exams India

  59. Musique du générique de fin grand journal spécial cannes 2008

    J’ai pas mal galéré mais au final, la voici, la musique du générique de fin du grand journal de canal + […]


  60. Lost S04E13-14 Season Finale [Prev]


    Todo lo nuestro

  61. مقام معظم رهبری:

    “همه‌ی برجستگی‌هایی که برای یک زن در اسلام متصور است، در زهرا […]


  62. Letter to Hleb…

    Dear Alex,
    The Grovers have woken up this morning to the unshocking news that you have decided to leave our wonderful […]

    Le Grove

  63. Which Side of Your Brain Are You Using Right Now?

    This is positively amazing, you’ve just gotta check it out for yourself. The link below will lead you to a […]

    You’re History !

  64. 新しい時代の働き方



    WWDC […]


  65. Vídeo-entrevista a Richard Stallman

    El pasado jueves 22, una televisión autonómica andaluza (España) emitió una entrevista en el programa Tesis a […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  66. #24: A Field Guide to the People of America: Wegroes

    There are a lot of people in America today. That’s why each week, The Panda Page breaks down the anonymity of our […]

    The Panda Page

  67. Vertrag von Lissabon kann noch gestoppt werden

    Ohne die Stimme Berlins hat der Bundesrat abschließend den EU-Vertrag von Lissabon gebilligt. Der Regierende […]

    “Die Dreckschleuder”

  68. Trucchi GTA IV (PS3)

    FONTE: il portale dei trucchi
    Inseriteli nel cellulare di Niko

    Marco e Massimiliano’s Weblog

  69. تصاویری از: طرقــبـــه و باغ پونه

    شهر طرقبه که اکنون یکی از شهرهای استان خراسان رضوی به شمار […]

    پسر آریایی

  70. A charada da Salamandra

    Poucos irão entender.
    Na verdade somente os participantes do “negócio”.

    Blog do Paulinho

  71. Crítica: “Indiana Jones y el Reino de la Calavera de Cristal”

    Vuelve el héroe del látigo y el sombrero, 19 años después, con una nueva aventura y nuevos compañeros. Su […]

    Manantial 3.0

  72. Kanal Biz

    Tuncay Özkan Sky Turk te, daha önce Bizim TV diye açıkladığı kanalın isminin Kanal Biz olduğunu açıkladı. […]


  73. Piłeczki

    Dwuczęściowy program naukowy telewizji FOX, wyjaśniający laikom, co się dzieje w mózgu i ciele mężczyzny, […]

    Hardcore dla myślących

  74. Come sono stato assunto da Amazon!

    Se vi piace, diggatelo!
    Mi chiamo Simone Brunozzi, ho 31 anni, sono italiano.
    La cosa interessante è che sono appena […]

  75. Daily Farm Report 5/23/08

    Shane Robinson still didn’t make BA’s Prospect Hot Sheet, but I think they are getting tired of Cardinal […]

    Future Redbirds

  76. Yo soy bea capitulo 457

    yo soy bea capitulo 457 en


  77. Look at who is interviewing at Central Florida

    Thanks to MSU media relations guru Joe Galbraith’s reading interest while serving as the official scorer at the […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis

  78. Pray for Steven Curtis Chapman’s Family (2nd Update)

    [image] Just read this tonight. Incredibly tragic.
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee authorities say the 5-year-old […]

    Caffeinated Thoughts

  79. Garrison’s Final Pathetic Stand

    In a last-ditch effort to save his own ass, Mike Garrison, Steve Goodwin and Alex Macia are set to release an audit […]


  80. Video: Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Hillary Clinton Kennedy Assassination Remark

    Preach it, Keith!!!!!!!!!
    And all the uncommitted superdelegates need to come out and reply, […]

    Think On These Things

  81. Funeral for Maria Sue Chapman

    I don’t normally click on any of the Top Posts links at WordPress but I noticed this one: tragedy in steven […]


  82. 1 ปี กับ 3 กูรู

    วันนี้ครึ้มอกครึ้มใจยังไงไม่รู้  […]

    Ning’s blog

  83. What would you ask David Archuleta? Post your questions HERE on Fan Blast by Monday

    Archie is flying to The Big Apple next week, so our first involved video Q&A with David Archuleta will […]



    —– AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —-
    —– AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —- AVISO —-


  85. Param cadangkan kerajaan tangkap Dr. Mahathir dibawah ISA

    Param Cumaraswamy bekas rapporteur Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu (UN) mencangkan kerajaan menahan Dr. Mahathir […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  86. Festival Eurovisão da Canção 2008 – PORTUGAL na final!!!

    “Vânia Fernandes, com a canção «Senhora do Mar», conseguiu esta quinta-feira, em Belgrado, […]


  87. [RELEASE] WRHak_dotnet v.1.6.1* + BYPASS {new 24.May.2008}

    Status : UNDETECTED
    Date : 24 / 05 / 2008
    OK here is my 2nd wrhak 1.6 Release after 3hr’s again. the […]

    Warrock hacks – FREE Undetected hacks, cheats, trainer

  88. Dead woman comes back to life after “rigor mortis” sets in


    Human Rights America

  89. Hillary Clinton Hints at a Barack Obama Assassination?

    [image] To tell you the truth I wasn’t even planning to write about this. I thought the whole idea of Hillary […]

    Wake Up America

  90. Goat Cheese, Artichoke and Roasted Red Pepper Pizza

    I have found the Holy Grail of pizza doughs

    Adventures in Shaw

  91. Lost S04E13

    Motivo de não sair o décimo terceiro episódio hoje..
    CONFIRMADO: Final da 4ª temporada terá 3 horas!
    É isso […]

    rafaelk 🙂

  92. What Do Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, and Tim Duncan have in Common?

    The NBA has instituted a variety of caps on payroll.  There is the famous salary cap, which limits how much each team […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal




  94. John Kilpatrick linked to Brownsville on Todd Bentley & The Lakeland Revival

    Thanks to Jon at for this latest news. John Kilpatrick, once the Senior Pastor of […]

    End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Christian Blog

  95. Carnival of Space #55

    We’re happy to host the 55th Carnival of Space, continuing in a great tradition of astronomy-minded […]

    Catholic Sensibility

  96. watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of crystal skull oline free

                     [image]CLICK HERE TO WATCH MOVIES ONLINE
    Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) races the […]


  97. Clinton Begs Superdelegates to Allow Her to Stay in the Race

    Clinton’s appeals to superdelegates are running parallel to her promises not to hurt the eventual winner.  […]

    Information Giant

  98. One Tree Hill Season 5 Episode 18 Season Finale VO

    L’épisode 18 de la saison 5 de One Tree Hill en VO

    Friends 4ever

  99. Os 20 programas mais assistidos da temporada

    Saiu a lista dos 20 programas mais assistidos da temporada e é claro que os leitores do Série Maníacos […]

    Série Maníacos

  100. Viva La Vida / Fish Tacos

    Up until recently, I had considered myself a casual Coldplay listener; not wrapped up entirely in the craze but […]

    All Things Go

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