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April 28, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Obama: ‘I’ve been taking some hits’


    Watch Obama explain why he sometimes takes political punches without firin

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Pot of Gold Fail

    Thanks to Kurt for:

    The FAIL Blog

  3. Repositorios de terceros para Ubuntu Hardy

    Seguimos con estos intensos días de Hardy. Tal y como os prometí os traigo la actualización de los repositorios […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  4. Usmanov worth £5.7 billion, maybe a gift called Villa would swing it.

    So the official Sunday Times rich list is out, with Alisher Usmanov worth a staggering £5,726m which is considerably […]

    Le Grove

  5. Alert: Possibly Related Posts Feature on Blogs

    [image] has activated a feature without warning that has many up in arms of protest, making it one of the […]

    Lorelle on WordPress

  6. A little Emacs experiment

    As I mentioned before, after starting out the new job, in a new city, with a new language, and a new computer, I […]


  7. Is the pendulem swinging from Arsenal to Spurs?

    On the goonerforum we have a few non Arsenal fans that regularly post there footballing views and its nice to […]

    The”Gooner Forum”Blog

  8. Sav-Mor Fun

    By request, here’s a picture of our “food yard sale” savings from this morning:
    My sister […]

    Mill Musings

  9. Carlos Vela Scouting Report – Osasuna 0-3 Valencia

    Carlos Vela played his final away game as an Osasuna player, before he rejoins Arsenal in the summer as they […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  10. CVS Trip Tomorrow

    I have a final exam on Monday (gasp!) in Immunology, so I am going to spend all day tomorrow studying. Obviously […]

    Allison Says

  11. 盲目のプログラマー


    [点字を読む:Reading Braille]


  12. I iz ded.


    Record your own or Listen to other Audio Clips!

    I iz ded. Ded kitties dont need baths.

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  13. Decision Time, Setting The Tone And Hleb Speaks

    The unsettled period hanging over the club is being brought to a head with Arsene believing that the situation with […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  14. More SpongeTOP Thailand Pics.

    More SpongeTOP Thailand Pics.
    do you love it?
    Bong is being too incredibly sexy.
    what a […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  15. Bhajji Slaps Sreesanth!!!

    Harbhajan allegedly slapped Sreesanth after Mumbai Indians lost their IPL match to Kings XI Punjab last night […]

    Joshan’s Weblog

  16. Islam-as I say-tion: Believe only ‘as I say’, do only ‘as I say’, say only ‘as I say’ or else…

    The People’s Parliament

  17. Kerismuddin “Apologises”

    Do you trust this man (picture below) when he says that he regrets the keris incident and now apologies? I […]

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  18. Loan watch: Vela plays full game as Osasuna lose 3-0 to Valencia

    Carlos Vela- Valencia 3 Osasuna 0
    Carlos started the game up on th

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Reserves and Youth blog

  19. Kevin Devine, Jesse Lacey and Andy Hull- Live @ Looney Tunes, West Babylon NY 4/21/08

    Kevin Devine, Jesse Lacey and Andy Hull- Live @ Looney Tunes, West Babylon NY 4/21/08
    So I attended some Kevin […]

    Guys With Record Collections

  20. 30 mille… Nej tack.

    Vilket rikspucko nobbar 30 mille netto…? Man fattar ingenting och gör snabba kalkyler på hur 30 mille skulle […]

    Bättre Hockey 2.0

  21. Cosas a hacer despues de instalar Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

    Aqui un “popurri” interesante de cosas que podemos hacer y aplicaciones que podemos
    instalar justo […]

    Ubuntu Life

  22. Prom Report: Event is underway in Murray for David Archuleta’s Junior Class

    We are covering the Junior Class Prom tonight from a guest’s point of view.  This is a big deal for the […]


  23. Study in Canada. No, really.

    I don’t know how many RCMP officers Diane Finley had around her last week when she made it radically easier for […] Blog Central

  24. The Iraq War’s No-Fault Guy

    Douglas Feith is not to blame for the bungled case for invading Iraq, or for the catastrophically incompetent postwar […]

    Liberty Street

  25. The Great Ubuntu-Girlfriend Experiment

    I’ve toyed with Linux since 2002, when I first installed Mandrake. With the latest release of […]

    Content Consumer

  26. The World Is Black Layout (updated)

    CSS URL:
    Copy the CSS URL and generate the code […]

    Astig Layouts

  27. Candyfloss Horizons Forever!

    ‘It’s just superhero poetry’
    Grant Morrison
    Okay, I don’t have a link to it, but […]

    Mindless Ones

  28. BRUTAL Fair Gaming in Canada: Scientology’s Attempts to Ruin Gregg Hagglund

    Gregg Hagglund has been a civilized and ethical picketer of the Cult of Scientology since the mid-90s. He has picketed […]

    The Frame Problem

  29. Orestes Destrade: MILF Hunter

    It seems that the only thing hotter than Jayson Werth’s bat, is his mom. On Thursday’s Baseball Tonight, […]

    The Slanch Report

  30. Terrence Wheatley

    Wow, the Pats really liked this guy. I know they had shown a lot of interest in Wheatley but I was thinking of […]

  31. Mythbuntu 8.04, trasformare il pc in un Linux Media Center

    Il rilascio di Ubuntu 8.04 ha oscurato l’uscita delle distribuzioni che ne seguono il ciclo di rilascio; […]


  32. Brush Levels in Crawford Becoming Critical

    With President Bush currently preoccupied with Iraq, the housing crisis, a recessionary economy, food shortages, record […]

    Happy Valley News Hour

  33. KällarFånge

    Jaaa som jag redan skrivit några gånger så är världen sjuk – mycket sjuk!
    Jag vet inte om detta är […]


  34. Your Answer… (to the quiz from earlier today…)

    So here is your answer (check the blog entry about 3:10pm earlier today to understand this)!!! Laura Ingraham!!! (and […]


  35. Ieri e oggi in TV – 27 aprile 2008

    [image]Ecco i dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri sabato 26 aprile 2008, e a seguire le proposte di […] Blog

  36. آموزش تصویری نصب CPU بر روی مادربورد

    مواد لازم: مادربورد یک عدد -CPU یک عدد-پیچ چهار سو دو عدد-پیچ گوشتی […]


  37. McCain Says Obama Opened the Door to Wright As an Issue

    In Florida media avail, the Arizona Senator suggests Obama’s “Fox News Sunday” comments are a

    The Page

  38. Code Geass R2 : Episode 4 raw

    Vous l’attendiez tous et bien la voila ^^
    Voici le torrent et le DDL pour la version HD :
    Torrent DDL […]

    Code Geass : Lelouch de la Rebellion

  39. Sunday Bookchat

    Here’s big time Atlantic blogger Matthew Yglesias at the Center for American progress, talking up his […]

    The Opinion Mill

  40. Poor old Southampton – and my god look at Stoke!

    [image]Now that we’re safe I can look at the Championship table in a relatively calm state. No longer am I […]

    City ‘Til I Die

  41. 1828 Miles, 20 stations surveyed, out of 21 attempted.

    The week was productive, 21 USHCN stations visited, 20 surveyed, one dropped due to access problems (Southport, NC […]

    Watts Up With That?

  42. April 26th, 2008: Whispers Day 4 and The Return of Author Jeffrey Ford

    “That’s a wrap!” A collective sigh of relief rose up from everyone on the floor. It was 11:30 p.m. and the cast […]

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  43. Daily Farm Report 4/26/08

    Here’s an article about Tony Cruz and catching. I broke my finger (pinkie finger – my favorite finger) today so […]

    Future Redbirds

  44. Groups want a trimmed-down Suhakam

    18 or 20 commissioners seating in the Human Rights Commission appears unwieldy does it not. A smaller group of people […]

    Aarvidi’s Weblog

  45. How I Do That CVS Stuff

    For those who have been wondering how I get so much for so little, (c’mon you know you want to know) here’s […]

    Mindy Said

  46. Liverpool Confident Despite Lack of Ambition

    [image]This weekend saw a tale of two games, two very different games and two teams with very different levels of […]

  47. every woman has an eating disorder? (take two)

    Self magazine provides a list of habits that can indicate ‘disordered eating’. You could be a disordered […]

    Fat Lot Of Good

  48. Does Reverend Wright’s interview help or hurt Barack Obama?

    Cafferty File

  49. Something louder than Rick from Microloud

    Just once I would like to write “I am on the flight, everything is OK and nothing abnormal has happened.” […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  50. Who’s Your Hammer of the Year?

    The official Hammer of the Year will be announced at the Villa game. But I thought we’d do our own poll on this […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  51. — ยิ่งเงินทุนน้อย ยิ่งต้องรีบลงทุน–

    เป็นเรื่องจริงที่ว่า การลงทุนนั้น  […]


  52. Obama Continues to Refuse Clinton’s Offer to Debate

    When asked by reporters in Indianapolis this morning about Senator Clinton’s offer to debate sans moderator, […]

    FOX Embeds

  53. Impatience Pays

    Patience has never been my strong suit. I hear it’s a virtue. Maybe so. But it certainly isn’t one […]

    The Kitchen Sink

  54. Online Galatasaray – Fenerbahce Macini Izle


    Hit Spor

  55. Sheih on Sheih: Persona Non Grata years

    I going back after I make big money.
    Why Money? Wanna Bribe you way to freedom.
    No. I’m going to […]


  56. Hoja de referencia de Ubuntu

    [image]Navegando por ahí me encuentro un post sobre una hoja de referencia para Ubuntu. Viene muy bien para los que […]

    Think Ubuntu

  57. How to make your own springloops in PHP

    Springloops is a nice code management service recently came into focus. It helps you to manage the code base of your […]

    The Storyteller

  58. Why Seal Press is Off the Syllabus pt. 2

    This post is long as I try to document key issues and reiterate key points. Headings should help you navigate; of […]

    WOC PhD

  59. Hleb Talks About His Future

    Hleb did an interview today in the Sunday Times, he said this:
    “Who knows what will happen?”“All I can say is […]


  60. Typo dans un mail d’Apple?

    J’viens tout juste de recevoir un mail d’Apple. Ils nous incitent à acheter des produits pour notre maman […]

    Blog de!

  61. Mail Box Scrap Kit

    This is one of my older kits, I cannot remember what I all used from where.  If anything is yours please let me know […]

    An Anonymous Life

  62. Haamutiimi, viimeinen jakso

    Ghost Hunters – viimeinen jakso 26.4.2008
    Crescent-hotellin aavesotilas Kaikkien Haamutiimin ystävien harmiksi sarja […]

  63. Consenso Talvez Seja Demasiado Entusiasmo, Mas…

    Ordem dos Professores gera consenso
    Associação Nacional de Professores retoma a ideia de criar um código ético e […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  64. The Danny Green Decision

    Mountain or molehill?  You decide.

    Tar Heel Fan

  65. Guest Blog: Morgan Ensberg

            Morgan ran across my blog one day and about a week ago asked if he could guest blog. Of course I agreed. […]

    The Phil Hughes Weblog

  66. Come si vota al ballottaggio? Ve lo diciamo noi!

    [image]Dopo il voto al recente Election Day, il ballottaggio dovrebbe essere quasi una passeggiata per gli elettori, ma […]

    Cittadini del XX

  67. Barbados Royal Shop Saga – Rumours and Updates

    We received this in an email today. Once again… this comes from an anonymous and unproven source and should be […]

    Barbados Free Press

  68. Märtha på danskebåten

    Prinsesse Märtha Louise skal lese eventyr på danskebåten i juni, skriver Budstikka
    Det hele skal skje før avgang, […]



    14 yaşın

    Haberin Doğru Adresi

  70. This is what I do. This is how I roll.

    People always want to know what I mean when I say “I went to train for table tennis”. Well I am still a […]


  71. AXIS ? kartu GEREJA setan ?

    baru aja buka epes
    dan liat di bulletin ada post dari ka nining
    forward AXIS!! tolong dibaca!! […]

    obliviousme’s Weblog

  72. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on ASUS Eee PC

    I am very sad to know that Ubuntu 8.04 cannot be ran from SDHC on Eee PC. Don’t look back. Okay, I installed 8.04 […]

    Samiux’s Blog

  73. DSDS: In wen ist Monica verliebt?

    Bei RTL`s “Punkt12″ hat Monica es verraten: ja, sie ist verliebt! Aber in wen? Die Antwort blieb sie […]

    CW BlogMixer

  74. مجموعه لینک دانلود کتب مهندسی

    [image]بدون مقدمه، فایلی که معرفی میشود حدود 650 لینک دانلود کتب فنی و […]

    کوله پشتی

  75. Morosanu a pierdut dupa doar 35 secunde

    Luptatorul roman Catalin Morosanu a pierdut in sferturile de finala ale piramidei de la Grand Prix-ul Europei K1 ce s-a […]

    Sport Mania, blog

  76. Beam Gatling Gun for MG Gundam Unicorn

    Gundam UC novel Vol.4 release!

    SRW Hotnews

  77. Marco Carta: da paperottolo a splendido cigno

    Quando si presentò sulla scena di “Amici”, Marco, e lo dico con tanta tenerezza, […]

    Il nuovo blog di Rembò e Lewis C

  78. My Ability to Win Tic-Tac-Toe

    Graph by: William Hedrick

    GraphJam: Pop culture for people in cubicles.

  79. Czytanki (nie)oszołomów 2008 – 04 – 26

    W ramach czytanek na weekend – coś zupełnie wyjątkowego. Sądzę, że wpisy z tego bloga będą tu zamieszczane […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  80. Rizogalo (Greek Rice Pudding): A recipe

    The other day Lucy from Nourish Me, in a comment asked whether I was enjoying the cold weather. My answer? I mu

    A Life (Time) of Cooking

  81. Welcome to Wisconsin Jordy Nelson, from Packergeeks

    Remember, the last time TT took a 2nd round WR who was relatively unheralded, he picked Greg Jennings – a guy most […]


  82. Back with Ubuntu: An installation review of Ubuntu 8.04

    Cut to the chase: Ubuntu 8.04 is good, not great (from a noob’s perspective). But some things, like internet […]

    Tryst with Linux and other Alternatives

  83. Todd Bentley ministering in Auburndale/Lakeland Florida

    Last night (Friday 25th) I watched Todd Bentley live on God TV speaking at Auburndale (where the meetings have now […]

    End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Christian Blog

  84. Att sila mygg och svälja tigrar

    Utan att värdera de litterära kvaliteterna i Maja Lundgrens respektive Lars Noréns senaste böcker – eftersom jag […]

    Alla dessa karlar

  85. Confronting Socom: Confrontation

    Socom: Confrontation is a highly anticipated title that is being developed by Slant Six. The game has already […]

    Sev1512’s Weblog

  86. Lost (Perdidos): S4E09 “The Shape of Things to Come” [Spoilers]

    English automatic Translation HERE
    O episódio S4E09 “The Shape of Things to Come”(o nome de um livro de H. G. […]

    Q u i n t u s

  87. American Idol News. Battle Over Song Choices for Neil Diamond Week.

    At last the Famous Five can leave behind the influences of the past.
    Dolly Parton. Mariah Carey. The […]

    Pond Culture

  88. New!

    New! Swiffer dog : now picks up more dirt.
    goggies gud at halping arownd da howse.
    picture: dunno source, via […]

    Loldogs ‘n’ Cute Puppy Pictures – I Has A Hotdog!

  89. Seri Berembang Flats – Pelabuhan Klang

    YB Charles Santiago visited the Seri Berembang Flats in Pelabuhan Klang. He had received several complains on the poor […]

  90. Chicago PD Meet to be Scheduled; More High Price Lawyers ; Served

    Friday has become the day for everything to come out like a flash flood, rushing and without warning. I […]

    Larrysinclair0926 Official Obama Drug Scandal Weblog

  91. Rockhopper and Yarr Arr-ival Party!

    If you’re looking for the Mission 7 Guide, GO HERE.
    The Sailer Hat free item has returned at the […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Glitches l Secrets

  92. The Apple Syndrome

    You move your mouse pointer towards the top left corner when you want to close/maximise/minimise your window.
    You hate […]

    绵绵头上飞花, 散聚了无牵挂。。。

  93. 10 reasons why men should not be ordained for ministry

    In light of last week’s two intense posts – Ultimate Fighting Jesus and Conversation with Rob Bell [re: women […]

    beauty and depravity

  94. Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron

    I installed the new version of Ubuntu fresh on my laptop yesterday. This is the Hardy Heron release that is labeled […]

    Brian Darvell’s Weblog

  95. Thank God for the “mega setback” to Penang infrastructure projects

    Today, I just want to thank God for confounding the proponents of the mega transport projects in Penang and delaying […]

  96. [descargar] Naruto Shippuden Capitulo 56 + Pelicula

    NARUTO la película 4 ocurre en la linea de tiempo de NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN en donde Naruto y a sus amigos ya […]

    Tinosoft Blog v5

  97. introducere in lumea reală

    Industria de colectare a părului uman in vederea producerii meşelor este una ft activă. Părul ăla pe care […]

    Sunt piţipoancă, deci exist!

  98. Hur sjuk får man bli?

    Läser om ännu en som aldrig mer kommer att hel i psyket efter att hennes egen pappa hållt henne inlåst i källaren […]


  99. Cartaz Enterro da Gata 2008

    Enterro da Gata 2008
    Dia 10 – Jorge Palma, Gabriel o Pensador
    Dia 11 – Linda Martini, James
    Dia 12 – Rita […]


  100. Harbhajan Singh slaps Sreesanth

    I could not post yesterday because my internet service is down. It is provided by Aircel one of the Super Kings […]

    Indian Premier League

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