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April 22, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Clinton uses Pearl Harbor, bin Laden images in new ad

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. #96 New Balance Shoes

    [image]Because white tastes in shoes can change so quickly, it’s not recommended that you ever talk to a white […]

    Stuff White People Like

  3. Vote on These Jones Soda Contest Finalists

    Hai everyone! Here r teh 5 Jones Soda contest finalists.
    Click on the picture to vote for your favorites!
    Click […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  4. Worst Captcha Ever

    I’m trying to download a file from the evil Rapidshare (who make you wait about 2 painful minutes before giving […]

    Depressed Programmer

  5. Jason Beghe Interview

    It was a great pleasure to meet Jason Beghe and his family a couple of weeks ago at their home in Malibu. Jason has a […]


  6. 266 – Where News Breaks

    As any journalist knows, news has to be about people – they either make it, or are affected by it. No people, […]

    Strange Maps

  7. Tun Dr. Mahathir on Hardtalk: “He (PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah) is making use of the system in the worsts ways!”

    Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad today described PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  8. Rock of Love 2 Reunion Episode

    Nothing makes me happier than watching beat downs on reality tv. Today was the airing of the ROCK OF LOVE 2 […]

    The Girl from the Ghetto

  9. Are the Democrats’ negative attacks working?

    Cafferty File

  10. دستشويي ابتداي اتوبان ساوه – نوروز 87

    بدون شرح از منظر اقتصادي ؛ منظر اجتماعي ؛ منظر تکنيکي ؛ هوش ؛ […]

    کليک و دوران جهان


    Anything is possible. See how it can happen.

    Illseed Blog

  12. discovery channel: “i love the world”.

    If you’re a Discovery Channel geek like I am you’ll get a major kick out of this ad. And, if you’re […]

    shape + colour

  13. Tip: Elige automáticamente el repositorio de Ubuntu más rápido

    El ancho de banda es un bien muy preciado, y si lo combinamos con el tiempo, más. Siempre queremos aprovechar al […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  14. Pennsylvania by the Numbers

    With the Clinton campaign in Scranton, Pa.
    Shortly after this post went up, Barack Obama told listeners to KDKA […]

    Major Garrett’s Bourbon Room

  15. Rain is too cool for Seoul

    Rain canceled all his plans in Korea because of the paparazzi. The paranoid star felt that the paparazzi will […]

    POPSEOUL! what’s poppin in Korean entertainment and style

  16. Grim News

    Fake out! Woah, almost had ya there didn’t I?  Okay, okay, I promise that’s the last cheesy joke. Well, […]

    For the Horde

  17. Obama Resists Questions from Press

    Reporters struggle to speak with candidate, who has not taken questions from the traveling press for 10 days.

    The Page

  18. No Shots – Just a Sip

    Barack Obama dropped by the Bethlehem BrewWorks in Bethlehem, PA, to mingle with voters – and to sample some beer. As […]

    FOX Embeds

  19. Club Penguin Mission 7-“Clockwork Repairs” Guide

    Mission 7 was just released. This one’s actually really fun! I made a written walkthrough and a video […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Glitches l Secrets

  20. Sano se suomeksi

    Sano se kuin kone. Ja pamauta viimeinen naula arkkuun.

    ks. myös


  21. Yes… Yes… IN THE FACE!!

    We’ve only played one game… and the Celtics already have one of the defining moments of the […] The Voice Of Celtics Fans

  22. 0901:FFFFFFE0 – Metal Gear Online MGO Beta delayed

    Metal Gear Online Beta got delayed due to heavy traffic and everyone trying to connect are getting error 0901:FFFFFFE0 […]


  23. best of Salone Satellite 2008

    Working as a stylist for the greek magazine MAISON & DECORATION, I had the opportunity to visit Milan […]

    yatzer | designistoshare

  24. Are WE Smarter than the so called experts? the political Pundits?

    We are hearing all sorts of numbers about Pennsylvania’s primary tomorrow…the polls universally show […]


  25. Road trip update: 5 stations, 376 miles

    I surveyed 5 NOAA USHCN stations today, 2 water plants, 1 sewage treatment plant, and two private observers. […]

    Watts Up With That?

  26. I not homeless


    Record your own or Listen to other Audio Clips!

    Loldogs ‘n’ Cute Puppy Pictures – I Has A Hotdog!

  27. The Norway Vote – What really happened

    The process which led to Norway’s Yes vote on OOXML was so surrealistic that it deserves to be recorded for […]

    Topic Maps and All That

  28. Ask Aunt Fattie: Can I make my friend go to the doctor?


    Dear Aunt Fattie,
    I have a friend who is heavier than I am, and insists that there’s no point for […]

    Shapely Prose

  29. Download PCMAV 1.2 Update Build1

    Pada tanggal 18 April 2008, update untuk PCMAV 1.2 telah direlease oleh PCMAV dan tersedia di internet untuk di […]

    Catatan Tak Berarti

  30. pete1

    Big Al’s Blog

  31. Master Chief Turns to the Dark Side

    Sometimes two completely different concepts come together to create one absolutely amazing by-product. A recent notable […]

    Hawty McBloggy Invites You to Play

  32. 在巴黎游行集会上:留法学生李洹的精彩演讲全文和录像


    The Project for New Chinese Millennium

  33. Desde Hardy, cambios agradables

    Operaciones con archivos ahora mucho más detalladas. Se ve mucho más profesional.
    Si os fijais hay un icono en la […]

    Mi ordenador es libre…

  34. Question of the day!

    If you watched our 6am hour today, you know this was a hot topic. Here’s your chance to weigh in.

    Alisyn in the Greenroom

  35. Bloggy Giveaways Spring Carnival!!

    [image] Fall used to be my favorite season because it is quite beautiful with all the brilliant colors of the […]

    I Throw Like A Girl

  36. Let the Olympic torch pass, but remember the violence against Tibetans (update with links to recent photos)

    Poster by Cody, According to the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy […]

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  37. Day 15-16: The Grind

    It’s ironic that the day after I decide to become an alchemist, I finally bring down my first deer. To be fair, […]

  38. Ieri e oggi in TV – 21 aprile 2008

    [image]Ecco i dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri domenica 20 aprile 2008, e a seguire le proposte di […] Blog

  39. Que ao menos desmintam!

    Ferreira Fernandes tem procurado trazer para o debate o conteúdo duma carta atribuída a Rosa Coutinho e transcrita no […]


  40. Graham Tells Arsene To Spend – Yeah, I Laughed As Well – And Some Other Stuff About Ins & Outs

    One of the great things about life is the ironies that it throws up along the way. No, not the twee unironic ironies […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  41. BCS Meeting

    Many of you have asked for details from the BCS meeting last Thursday and Friday. The minutes of the meeting will come […]


  42. Victory. Theo. Flamini. Raul Albi-oh-no on the radar. Ade-off?

    So I have been firmly out the loop with Arsenal for 3 days and let me tell you, it wasn’t nice. I had about 6 […]

    Le Grove

  43. Obama the Unready

    That’s what I heard over and over again from Pennsylvanians as I was phone banking yesterday. It usually went […]

    The Confluence

  44. Mustafa Yıldızdoğan – Şahit 2008 (Yeni Albümü)



  45. Why is Gov. Rendell so silent today about Louis Farrakhan?

    Roland S. Martin
    360° […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  46. Hej, vi bor här

    Kvinna, cirka femtio, kulturkofta och en Fjällrävenryggsäck hängande i handen:
    – Ursäkta, har ni inte bakat några […]


  47. Manga: Bleach 105 & Naruto 398

    Traducciones Bleach 105
    Bleach -105 por Robert_Federer Fansub:


    sos friki-geek?

  48. Danks, Nuggets, Blazers and Flames, Oh My!

    April 20th is always a wonderful day of the year, the sky is blue, the trees seem extra green and leafy and in the […]

    The Slanch Report

  49. Welcome to the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival!

    If you are stopping by from Bloggy Giveaways ~ Welcome! Please feel free to take some time and look around. […]

    Mindy Said

  50. Correlation woman vs cry

    Graph by: MakaniMike

    GraphJam: Pop culture for people in cubicles.

  51. A Fernanda Cansa

    Eu sei que todos temos direito a dar e vender as nossas opiniões. Que Fernanda Câncio tem todo o direito a […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  52. El porqué los pilotos kamikaze llevaban casco

    [image]Continuando con las cuestiones que pocas personas se han planteado pero que, cuando lo hicieron, no supieron […]

    El sótano del conocimiento

  53. Derek Jeter’s Other Game – A Photo Essay

    This article has been submitted by Alex Jackson.
    I had two ideas about starting this piece. I couldn’t decide which […]

    The On Deck Circle

  54. The Birds and the Big Question

    Deciding that your relationship is ready to be moved to the next level of getting engaged is usually sponsored by the kn […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  55. April 20, 2008: My squibbiest post ever!


    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  56. Alaa… Biasalah tu… MPAJ kan..

    Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with chaired by YBBB (Yang Betul Betul Bekerja) Ronnie Liu […]

    drrafick – Rights 2 Write

  57. In Bloom

    Jennifer Missoni
    Fabiola Beracasa

    Park Avenue Peerage

  58. Club Penguin Mission 7 Cheats Guide

    Mission 7 Cheats Guide

    1. Talk to G. He will explain any and all the problems with the click.
    2. Click the monitor of […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Secrets l Hints

  59. A Fundamental Problem

    I didn’t see Expelled as yet. Even though that gives me no permission to review the internal aspects of the film, […]

    The Seeker

  60. How to Detect a False Prophet

    by Mike Ratliff
    If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or […]

    Possessing the Treasure

  61. Daily Prospect Report 4/20/08

    I was nosing around for some notes on Mark Mulder’s rehab start in Springfield. All I found was Kary […]

    Future Redbirds

  62. Weezer – Pork and Beans

    Weird to say this… but i’m pretty excited for Weezer’s red album.  When I was 12 I went to […]

    eyes for indie

  63. Arsenal 2-0 West Ham – Reserves – Match Report

    Arsenal’s Reserves extended their winning run to six games with a 2-0 win over West Ham this evening, to […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  64. Towards a Microsoft-free Mac: Part I

    Having freed my phone line from the monopolistic clutches of

    Andrew Currie on WordPress

  65. The Cool Kids – Collected & Compiled

    My man Santos hit me up (I think three times haha) about this compilation he put together. He did the Wale […]


  66. On Facebook, Many SMS Apps Find Little Use

    [image]Earlier this morning I met with Sarik Weber, co-founder of Hamburg, Germany-based mobile callback service, […]


  67. 31: My Review on Sweet Nothing In My Ear

    How come I hadn’t updated anything in days? Because I am bored with y’all. Because I can. Because I have […]

    The Countdown To The Resurrection

  68. The 2008 Playoffs by the Numbers

    One of my favorite lines in the Wages of Wins was actually written by Allen Barra:
    “Stat Nerds” they snort […]

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  69. Asian horror movie posters



  70. Seu melhor amigo é um psicopata? Descubra aqui.

    [image]Cinco milhões de brasileiros são incapazes de sentir emoções. Eles podem até matar sem culpa e estão […]

    In Blog – Insight Publicidade – Agência de propaganda, marketing e planejamento estratégico

  71. Ελλάς Ελλήνων Χριστιανών

    Γράμμα από το Ληξούρι: Αναγνώστης Λασκαράτος
    Κύριε Ροΐδη,
    [image] Η […]

    Ροΐδη Εμμονές

  72. Round Two: America’s Hottest College Girl

    Jessica defeated the competition in round one by a margin of 90% to 10%. This round could prove to be more difficult, […]

    umbc underground

  73. Arsenal reserves v West Ham United- Match preview

    Arsenal reserves take on West Ham at Underhill tonight in their final home fixture of the season. Unbeaten in […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Reserves and Youth blog

  74. Misplaced Empathy

    by matttbastard
    Via Daisy: Brand-spankin’ new Feministe contributer Cara highlights a story that FRIDA has […]


  75. Google Video Gets a Makeover

    Google Video has given itself a redesign, adding some nice search tweaks and a fresh new look. Now when you search for […]


  76. Business and family accounts on beta server

    After several months of testing, improvements and feedback from customers, we’re just ready to release our family […]

    FastMail.FM Weblog


    **Please read my TOU**
    I am using the stunning art of ©Jennifer Janesko
    You can purchase her art HERE
    Please […]

    Distinctively Auri

  78. I am back and refreshed and ready to go

    It looks like I had a much better weekend than Mississippi State.
    I had favorable weather, good family time and my son […]

    Inside Mississippi State Sports with Gregg Ellis

  79. Hoygan, vendo portátiles…

    ¿Puede Barrapunto, una web de referencia en el panorama hispanohablante, aceptar publicidad HOYGAN? Sí, puede, y a […]

    Ocurrencias habituales

  80. 10 weeks later …

    and it’s back to the grind – though it’s not really fair to call it the grind since i love my job – and as […]

    Dianthe’s Blog

  81. طبیعت پشت سیم خاردار!


    یکی از پشت کوه

  82. Mais uma razão para odiar David Caruso


    Hotvnews 2.0

  83. Did you go?

    I’m mentally wiped out and it might be a couple days before I can recoup. So…you fill in the […]

    Charlotte was Both

  84. 3 days to go – hitting the jump!

    A bluebird day at the Nebelhorn. 1000’s of people came to check out our firts trys at the […]

    Nine Knights hosted by Nico Zacek

  85. Diddy and Kim Porter spotted in beverly hills

    Diddy and his baby’s momma Kim Porter were spotted leaving Trilussa Restaurant in Beverly Hills […]

    Media Outrage

  86. Pequeño resumen del saló en 10 pasos

    ¡¡Hola, chica normal y corriente del siglo XXI!! ¿Tienes problemas de amor? ¿No sabes cómo hacer que tu novio se […]

    El blog de Randy: ¡La guadaña triple viene a por vosotros!

  87. Student and the Google Summer of Code: What is Next?

    The list of accepted students to the Google Summer of Code will be published very soon. If you are on that list, […]

    This week in panospace

  88. Bay Area hit by Matzoh shortage

    Did anyone hear about this? Apparently all over the Bay, people are scrambling to find those boxes o’ […]

    Oy Bay!

  89. Freebie & 1. Blog-Challenge !

    Willkommen zu meiner ersten Blog-Challenge!
    Was sollt ihr tun? Ladet euch mein Freebie “Dear Mommy” runter, […]

    Pixelfairy’s Scrapblog

  90. Armin Only Imagine 19 April 2008, Jaarbeurs Utrecht NL | download

    After full report from Armin Only Imagine 2008 (19 April Jaarbeurs Utrecht), you can download all tracks in Mp3 […]

    A State of Trance with Armin Van Buuren

  91. Watch out! They are still talking about monorail and Porr

    Let’s face it. An underground rail system would be too expensive for Penang and, with 700,000 people on the […]

  92. Ujian Nasional Tinggal Hitungan Jam, Hati-hati Kunci Jawaban dan Bocoran Soal!

    Ujian nasional 2008, khususnya bagi siswa SMA tinggal hitungan jam. Mungkin inilah saat-saat mendebarkan dan […]

    Sultan Habnoer’s Blog

  93. آقای احمدی نژاد خجالت می کشم اعتراف کنم با عشق به شما رای دادم،اما […]

     چند سال پیش که تو جشن نامزدی بچه خواهرم


  94. Nick Saban Does, In Fact, Not Hold the Key to the Fourth Circle of Hell – Part 1: Ian Rapoport Interview

    Oh, the joys of the off-season. This is the time of year where there is very little news about football and what little […]

    Picture Me Rollin

  95. Interview: Grant Morrison

    When you spend a good deal of time discussing work with alternative comics creators, the subject of superhero […]

    The Daily Cross Hatch

  96. Fast text: use a single cache pixmap

    A couple of weeks ago Dave Airlie pointed out to me that Alex Deucher had added RENDER extension acceleration for […]


  97. Direção do Grêmio – Quer ir para a Série B?

    Na Zero Hora de hoje saiu a notícia de que, até agosto, a Direção do Grêmio não pretende contratar nenhum jogador […]


  98. My Heart Belongs to YOU

    Copy the URL and generate the code here

    Astig Layouts

  99. Standard “champion” – vos réactions…

    Ca y est… c’est fait !
    Supporters des Rouches ou des autres… On attend vos réactions au […]


  100. Children in church: Questions for parents further along than us.

    When did your kids start sitting through church services?
    How much noise/wiggling did you allow?
    What helped you keep […]

    22 Words

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