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April 14, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Clinton takes a shot . . . of whiskey

    Sen. Clinton enjoyed a shot of whiskey Saturday night in Indiana. (Photo Credit: AP)
    CROWN POINT, Indiana – […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Intelligent Design?

    Thanks to Rafa for:

    The FAIL Blog

  3. Pop Quiz: Who’s the biggest player?

    Entertainment news show, “YTN Star News Ver 2.0” surveyed 150 random people asking them who they thought […]

    POPSEOUL! what’s poppin in Korean entertainment and style

  4. Logo de Ubuntu camuflado

    Y seguimos con estas curiosidades. Si el fin de semana pasado vimos las lechugas ubunteras, hoy nuestro lector Ramón […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  5. 牛!牛人!顶牛人!顶飞机上的牛人!达赖晕倒

    Originally from here
    Well, honestly, I kind of feel bad for him.  His advisors didn’t tell him the new motto of […]

    The Project for New Chinese Millennium

  6. This cartoon is heaven-sent

    Digg it |

    See Mike Draw

  7. What Has Been Cut From Aussie Version Of GTAIV?

    A lot of our readers have been writing in asking us exactly was has been removed from the Australian version of […]

    Playstation Extreme

  8. Could West Ham Soon Be Up For Sale?

    I picked this little snippet up from the West Ham Mailing List…
    Yesterday on the BBC World Service they dedicated […]

    West Ham Till I Die

  9. 265 – Olympic Rings of Fear: Japan’s Air Raid Angst (1938)

    At some point early in the previous century, island nations particularly were gripped with air raid angst. The […]

    Strange Maps

  10. Holy smoke! They’ve made a Bible version of ‘Fitna’

    By Helen Ang

    The People’s Parliament

  11. Carl Bernstein’s View: A Hillary Clinton presidency

    What will a Hillary Clinton presidency look like?
    The answer by now seems obvious: It will look like her […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  12. Sippete pingle

    La meg først si at jeg ikke har fulgt Farmen spesielt nøye, men det har etterhvert blitt vanskelig å ikke få med […]

    Ting jeg er drittlei (og annet 😉

  13. Can new ‘Diego’ deliver the premier league?

    Sven said it, not me. He is no fool though and he reckons he has the talent to be the English Maradona.
    I just watched […]

    Le Grove

  14. April 12, 2008: Don’t judge a book by its drop-dead gorgeous cover


    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  15. Why is Bill Clinton bringing up Hillary’s Bosnia claims?

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:
    Just when talk about Hillary Clinton’s tale […]

    Cafferty File

  16. Hello again….

           Sorry for the lack of posting lately. The travel along with being in hotels makes it tough. I haven’t […]

    The Phil Hughes Weblog

  17. Attachment Stats

    WordPress 2.5 with its new uploader results in a lot more post attachments. Until now, the Stats plugin didn’t […]

    Andy Skelton

  18. Conservatives Now Claiming Obama Hates Small-Town America

    At an April 6 San Francisco fundraiser, he said this:
    “You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and […]


  19. Check this out…

    A 26-Year-Old Secret Could Free Inmate
    AP National Writer
    7:54 PM EDT, April 12, 2008

    For […]


  20. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend


    Record your own or Listen to Audio Clips!

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  21. Chapatis

    I first learned to eat […]

    parsnips aplenty

  22. Pennsylvanians for Hillary

    Hillary attracts a certain kind of supporter. Hillary volunteers and staffers have a vision and a resolute […]

    The Confluence

  23. On the Nature of Time: Implications for Advanced Intelligence and SETI

    I was reading and article in The Economist about lasers that can pulse extremely rapidly. We’re talking […]

    Michael Graham Richard

  24. ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ vs ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’…or ‘Ketuanan Diri-Sendiri’ ???

    I suppose some of you may have read this Malaysiakini ( news item – Tengku Faris: Non-Malays […]

    Guru Maha Graha

  25. 04.12.08 Global Warning Concert in Busan: fancams + stalker cam

    04.12.08 Global Warning Concert in Busan: fancams + stalker cam
    OH EM GEE!!
    I’m about to go INSANE.
    okay. […]

    BIG BANG Fansite

  26. U Me Aur hum 2008

    Download link is now available for U me aur hum, Download u me aur hum hindi movie .. Links are below
    Download U Me aur […]

    Free Hindi Movies online,Bollywood movies, Asian, Hollywood , Telugu movies, MP3, TV Shows, Cricket online

  27. تنها اثر باقیمانده از تخت پادشاهی داریوش بزرگ در کاخ آپادانا! […]

    سنگهای موجود در پایین عکس تنها اثر باقیمانده از تخت پادشاهی […]

    یکی از پشت کوه

  28. Update: Polk County Eight *Dr. Phil bails out Mercedes Nichols; only 2 of the teens still in jail*

                         pictures from the court hearing
    So much has been said about this case, […]

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  29. Gina-Lisa putzt (fast) nackt für Geld!

    O.k., jetzt also doch. Ein Bericht über Gina-Lisa Lohfink, nicht ganz “Germany’s Next Topmodel” und […]

    Minas-Sairon – Der Turm des Magiers

  30. Bojkocik w Salonie24

    Pisze się i mówi, że internet to miejsce, w którym aktywnie uczestniczą ludzie młodzi, ponad przeciętnie […]

    Azrael – zwykłe pisanie

  31. Apple Income From Google Referrals.

    Om Malik and John Gruber appear interested in what Apple’s pulling down from Google search referrals from […]

    The Small Wave.

  32. Death Knell Or Rebirth – Arsenal’s Title Challenge Will Be Decided Today

    No point in kidding ourselves any longer, the season boils down to one game. Anything other than a win and the title […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  33. LIVE COVERAGE of the Penang Forum

    People in the new Penang now feel more empowered in the struggle for justice
    4.30pm – The world is watching […]

  34. Ieri e oggi in TV – 13 aprile 2008

    [image]Ecco i dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri sabato 12 aprile 2008, e a seguire le proposte di […] Blog

  35. Tebow hype jumps the shark.

    1:51 P.M. EST: ESPN’s Chris Fowler informs a national television audience that Tim Tebow spent Spring Break […]

    Get The Picture

  36. Leaked: Hillary Clinton planning to run as McCains VP!

    Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) will shortly announce their […]


  37. Bill Clinton Takes On the “Cling”

    Former president brings up Obama’s much-criticized comment about small-town Americans right afte

    The Page

  38. Daily Farm Report – 4/12/08

    Let me apologize in advance for this post – I don’t have a witty or informative lead in today because I am still […]

    Future Redbirds

  39. Engla hittad död, tack igen polisen

    Arma mamma, hur klarar man något sådant här! Hur står man ut med att veta att en man tagit och dödat ens dotter. […]

    Syster Yster

  40. Fady Maalouf als schwul geoutet

    Um’s mit Hape zu sagen: „Ich glaube es einfach ni-i-icht!“ Deutschlands Homo-Postille Nummer 1, die BILD-Zeitung, […]

    Samstag ist ein guter Tag

  41. You can find out how much better things can get


    Inspired by a lively thread at Feministe on how to be a feminist boyfriend (and thinking about

    Shapely Prose

  42. Entrevista de MLR à SIC

    A de ontem à hora do almoço, em que o esforço foi por tentar estabelecer uma cortina de fumo sobre o que […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  43. * “Jamen, kära nån då!!!”

    Hanna gav retstickan Johannes en liten smäll på bröstet..
    Johannes hade en bar överkropp.
    När jag satt och sydde […]

    Offer jag? Vad snackar du om? ©

  44. روز عروسی فرح دیبا ملکه سابق ایران

    پ . ن در این عکس فرح دیبا در حال آزاد کردن پرنده ها از قفس می […]


  45. Microsoft: Vista security feature “to annoy users”

    I haven’t written about Vista for awhile, so I’m overdue. From Slashdot:
    “At the 2008 RSA […]

    Watts Up With That?

  46. Plasma Sprint : Porting Plasma API to Qt 4.4.0

    Yeah a little post to explain on what i work during the plasma sprint. I’m actually port our plasma API to Qt […]


  47. From Russia With Much Love……except for St.Petersburg Airport

    If the old days of the Soviet Union are over someone forgot to tell the people at St. Petersburg […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  48. بمب گذاری شنبه شب در شیراز و کشته و زخمی شدن صدها تن […]

    دیشب ساعت 9 شب بر اثر بمب گذاری در حسینیه ثارالله شیراز(نرسیده به ف […]

    نوشته های یه کاکو شیرازی

  49. Confession.

    I bought one of the “Fat Club” t-shirts from Shapely Prose…and I have yet to wear it.  I can tell […]

    Four Humours

  50. Obama on “Flare-up” – “I Didn’t Say It As Well As I Should Have”

    MUNCIE, Ind — Barack Obama didn’t back off his argument that blue collar, small […]

    FOX Embeds

  51. “aKatsuKi”

    CSS URL:
    Copy the CSS URL and generate the code here

    Astig Layouts

  52. Social Injustice: Alton Logan

    *Editor’s Note: THIS is the type of stuff I’m talking about. There are SEVERAL cases like this that […]

  53. N96, N78, N82 Black release date confirmed!

    We had a close talk with someone inside Nokia, and we got a confirmation on the launch date! The best thing is […]

    Symbian World

  54. Why Obama fights bitter cynicism

    Bittergate? It’s not surprising we’re bitter, is it? It’s not surprising Obama’s opponents […]


  55. Rockhopper, New Play, and Much More!

    The Pyramid pin is in the Book Room on the table on the right.
    The a ‘Quest for the Gold Puffle’ […]

    Club Penguin Cheats l Glitches l Secrets

  56. Secret of the iPlayer’s Success: No DRM

    It’s been a great week for the BBC’s iPlayer project: The Beeb has just announced that the iPlayer is now […]


  57. Afobe & Deacon Goals See Arsenal’s Under 16s Win

    Benik Afobe continued his fantastic goal scoring form this season, by getting on the score-sheet again as […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  58. DSDS: Fady ist schwul und verheiratet mit einen Mann

    Bei vielen Teenies ist er die No.1 bei DSDS: Fady! Süß, schnuckelig…. Und wie man jetzt erfahren kann: […]

    CW BlogMixer

  59. Engla är en ängel

    I det längsta hoppades jag att de skulle hitta dig vid liv.
    Nu går mina tankar till din familj och dina […]

    Kronberg skrattar och ler

  60. K.A.R. – Gay-Unit v.1 (Hosted by Fat Joe) (Mixtape)

    New tape from Fat Joe’s goonies, taking on Curtis and the Unit. I’d say more but I gotta head out. […]


  61. As 10 piores receitas de bilheteira do cinema americano

    Quando lemos e ouvimos notícias dos milhões de receita bilheteira que alguns filmes geram, ficamos a pensar […]

    Hotvnews 2.0

  62. NYTW Production Staff FIRED

    Received a stunning email from Michael Casselli, production manager of NYTW, and one of this blog’s sustainable […]


  63. Sunday Bookchat

    The many readers who mourned the death of Kurt Vonnegut last year now have an unexpected gift: a new […]

    The Opinion Mill

  64. What did you see and hear, Shepherd One Edition

    I was walking through the church parking lot this evening, and I thought, “Huh, Good Shepherd Sunday. […]

    Charlotte was Both

  65. Dr. Hand (2005)

    “Dr. Hand” (2005) there are 10 parts, scroll down to view them. invite your kids and enjoy the movie!
    Part […]

  66. Fiddling Around

    I entered this photo in the Click! Au Naturel Event!
    What’s your favorite mythological creature? Unicorns? […]

    Straight from the Farm

  67. Msg 2 Anonymous

    Cool!  I’ve become the head of a terrorist organization — or a hate group – or something.  At […]


  68. La guia básica del nerd

    ¿Comics? ¿Manga/Anime? ¿Gadgets? ¿Música? ¿Hacker?
    Pues aquí tenemos una pequeña guía en la que se […]


  69. Dis…


    Record your own or Listen to Audio Clips!

    Loldogs ‘n’ Cute Puppy Pictures – I Has A Hotdog!

  70. Protesting Jack Cafferty…

    The Legal Immigrant Association has created an online petition denouncing CNN’s Jack Cafferty for remarks he made […]

    Inside Cable News

  71. Fluid – website-spezifische Browser herstellen

    Auf den ersten Blick ein kurioser Ansatz: mit Fluid kann macht man sich aus jeder Website ein eigenständiges […]

    OS X Freeware – Kostenlose Mac-Software

  72. O Mentiroso Nato, o empresário e o centroavante


    Os últimos devaneios do Mentiroso Nato me obrigam a recontar uma história já publicada na metade do ano passado […]

    Blog do Paulinho

  73. Loan watch: Vela plays 70 minutes as Osasuna win

    Kieran Gibbs- Ipswich 2 Norwich 1

    Kieran came on as a late substitute, bu

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Reserves and Youth blog

  74. Download PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.1 RTP + CLN + Update Build5

    Sejumlah 12 virus baru yang banyak dilaporkan menyebar di Indonesia berhasil diatasi pada Update Build5 kali […]

    akhdian : dian ardiyansah blog

  75. Elezioni: Come si vota

    Siamo arrivati al voto. Grazie agli speciali di Corriere.

    C a n d i d o

  76. Color Challenge at SAS

    Here is my entry for the color challenge at SAS. I would like to thank all of those who have left comments. I […]

    The Blue Side

  77. למה להתחרות כשאפשר לגבות כסף ?

    מאז נכנסה נכנסה המילה “צ’רלטון” לחיינו, הפכו ימי שבת, שבעב […]

    עומדים בשער

  78. Kina-spelet

    Inför statsministerns resa till Kina har det varit stort inrikespolitiskt spel centrerat kring frågan om hur våra […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  79. Mystery Man Obama (deleted at mydd)

    By TexasDarlin
    Re-posted 4/13/08
    Introduction courtesy of cjbardy:

     The following Diary is one that ha

    TexasDarlin Blog

  80. Cmo atraer clientela?


    Peccata Minuta


    **Please read my TOU**
    I am using the stunning art of © Jenifer Janesko
    You can purchase her art HERE
    Please […]

    Distinctively Auri

  82. 3rd test india vs south africa live sopcast online free

    check out
    for free live sopcast links to watch live india vs south africa 3rd test […]


  83. Hallmark Hall of Fame Sweet Nothing in My Ear Trailer Captioned

    from posted with vodpod

    bill creswell – captioning the internet one video at a time

  84. Eindrücke Nokia N95 8GB Firmware 20.0.016

    Ich habe gerade das Firmware Update für das N95 8 GB durchgeführt und möchte kurz meine ersten Eindrücke […]

    S60 inside

  85. Goodbye Katie Couric – Goodbye CBS News

    BLATANTLY PANDERING UPDATE: Welcome to ConClub Freepers! Feel free to browse around while you’re here.
    It appears […]

    Constitution Club

  86. Oratorical Gestures

    Images of the Delsarte system of expression, popularized in the 1880s
    and found in the volume: The Popular Entertainer […]

    Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities

  87. Alla ni som ropar på dödsstraff…

    Jag skulle gärna få veta vad ni har för föredöme. Ge mig ett enda exempel på ett enda land med dödsstraff där […]


  88. Boosta hjärnan snabbt

    Hjärngympa kan göra en starkare, skriver DN. Men träningen måste bestå av många repetitioner och utföras […]

    Badlands Hyena

  89. Come si vota alle regionali siciliane?

    Alla Regione sono talmente incapaci che ancora c’è gente che non ha capito come si fa a votare per le […]





  91. zoo und martin – levin

    wir kommen im zoo an. gemeinsam mit 2000 anderen menschen. die kinder schön verpackt in zwei buggys, wobei ben […]


  92. Nereida Gallardo (C. Ronaldo girlfriend)



  93. Druids den near traditional den site

    I’m still at Yellowstone and there is interesting wolf news.
    The Druid Peak Pack, after using alternative […]

    Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News

  94. Det styggeste bygget i Oslo er åpnet

    Det nye drivhuset er åpnet i Oslo
    Hardt tiltrengt sikkert for Oslo’s befolkning for stort andre enn dem […]

    Kritikern i Oppland

  95. One Tree Hill Season 5 Episode 13 Preview

    Deux extraits de l’épisode 13 de la saison 5 de One Tree Hill
    Demain, […]

    Friends 4ever

  96. Nike Hyper Dunk

    Ever imagine yourself wearing the lightest ever pair of basketball shoes? Well, this might just be your chance. On the […]

    Life Is a Box Of Chocolates

  97. Stall Purge Promote

    Great article today by Jeff McLane at the Philadelphia Inquirer. He tracked down Jerry Sandusky for comments about Joe […]

    Run Up The Score

  98. افتابه لگن هفت دست ! شام و نهار هیچی …!

    یه عده از ماها فقط عادت کردیم به گذشته افتخار کنیم ! هی باد به غبغب […]

    تلخ نوشته های یک مشهدی

  99. Chi vincerà le elezioni? Il Partito Democratico

    In questi giorni molti si affannano a trovare una risposta a questa domanda, tralasciando che non capisco il senso di […]

    Frammenti Nomadi

  100. When Your Neighbours Take 3 Years To Build A House…

    We are currently dealing with Town and Country Planning and hope to get satisfaction, but we would like to share our […]

    Barbados Free Press

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