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March 26, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Obama girl pleads with Clinton to stop

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. White Spots – Paris

    This is a new feature where we try to find the locations around the world that are beloved and frequented by white […]

    Stuff White People Like

  3. Gore-led ticket good compromise for Democrats?

    FROM […]

    Cafferty File

  4. Budget woes at NASA to impact Mars Rovers

    NASA officials have directed the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) program to cut $4 million dollars from its $approximately […]


  5. How not to measure temperature, part 54: Los Angeles, the city

    [image]Please click the picture then continue reading.
    This is the city. Los Angeles, California. I study weather […]

    Watts Up With That?

  6. Mahathir MUST apologise (update)

     I can’t believe those who woul

    * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

  7. Live Blog from the Anchor Desk

    Anderson Cooper 360

  8. ¡Contabilízate!

    ¿Recordáis cuando en el colegio o tras un viaje en bus nos enumerábamos nosotros mismos? Vamos a hacer lo mismo […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  9. Call of Duty 4 DLC Is In Certification

    The new Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which is scheduled to be released on Xbox Live in […]


  10. Is this what we can expect from PKR?

    ‘Party-hopping is part and parcel of the democratic process’ – so says PKR Youth deputy chief […]

    The People’s Parliament

  11. Contradictory stories from the ID crowd on the Expelled incident

    I guess they don’t read each others blog posts.
    Over at Post-Darwinist, Denyse O’Leary is quoting Expelled […]

    Playing Chess with Pigeons

  12. Riong Kali: Agenda ‘Bunuh’ Boss untuk Singapura?

    Dilemma perlantikan MB Terengganu kebelakangan ini dan kemungkinan akan merebak menjadi krisis perlembagaan ini […]

    The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….

  13. The Golden Heart Calls Go Out Today

    The biggest contest in RWA for unpublished hopefuls, the Golden Hearts will be awarded at the National Conference in […]

    Judi’s Journey Through American Title III and Beyond

  14. happy easter, eggs

    Slovenian artist, Franc Grom creates eggs using an electric boring tool. The results are stunning and as […]

    momeld – modern living | modern design

  15. Easter Contest Winner

    Just got home and I was about to post saying that I would allow another guess for everyone. But while scrolling […]

    The Phil Hughes Weblog

  16. “HENTIKAN! HENTIKAN! HENTIKAN!!! Pekikan Orang-orang Kampung Chubadak!!! ||| Well, Thanks To MalaysiaKini Then!!! ||| […]

    Pandemonium broke out at a meeting by the property developer and Kampung Chubadak […]

    SUARA PEMUDA PAS ||| perjuangan DUNIA AKHIRAT ||| TAKBIR!!! ALLAH Maha Besar! Maha SEGALANYA!!!

  17. delicious word of the day — “superfluous”

    When I got home from my first day back at work today, Emma Kelly had just gone down for her nap. I seized the […]

    Kellie’s Blog

  18. یوزی و جوات بازی مگه ممکنه ؟

    شاتوت رفیق عزیزم در بالاترین از من خواسته که پرده از تاریکترین […]


  19. Chris Matthews’ Leg Recalls Visiting Pizza Place Under Sniper Fire

    Chris Matthews’ Leg shared memories of some of his more thrilling adventures in journalism with a group of D.C. […]

    Chris Matthew’s Leg




  21. Final BBB8:Bomba! Uol e Terra Divergem em relaçao a quem sera o novo milionario!!

     É amigos parece que na noite dessa terça-feira teremos emoçoes fortes em relaçao a quem sera o grande […]

    Audiência Tv

  22. Easter No Sun Day

    Heidi woke yesterday with a huge smile on her face. I looked at her and thought to myself that the reason she looked so […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  23. Linux Distros That Could Take The Lead Soon

    After more than 15 years of Linux development, the last couple of years have seen an explosive spectrum of progress in […]

    Biguncledave’s Weblog

  24. Scientology Dump

    The Library keeps getting unsolicited texts and DVDs from the Church of Scientology. I can only imagine that this is […]

    @ the Library

  25. ADORE ME


    **Please read my TOU**

    I am using the stunning art of © Jennifer Janesko
    You can purchase her art

    Distinctively Auri

  26. sumtime the bak keep goin

    when the front alredy stop
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol caption: icanhassebastian? » […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  27. The Myth of the Startup Miracle

    I found this old New Yorker cartoon, by Sidney Harris, courtesy of a columnist over at Inc. magazine, and it […]


  28. Affirmative Action in Malaysia (AlJazeera)

    Does the NEP really address even the needs of the poor among the Malay […]

  29. STV šokuje!

    STV u mňa už dlhšiu dobu stráca sympatie ale teraz ma naozaj šokovalo.V športe malo príspevok z ceremoniálu v […]

    extra blog

  30. عکاسی و نقاشیهای کیمیا

    خب اولین نوشتم (یا به عبارتی اولین مطلب تو وبلاگم) رو اختصاص دادم […]

    حرفهای خـــــــودمونی

  31. Ieri e oggi in TV – 25 marzo 2008

    [image]Ecco i dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri lunedì 24 marzo 2008, e a seguire le proposte di […] Blog

  32. Wenger Confirms Interest In Ben Arfa Signing

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has confirmed he is interested in Lyon’s wing wizard Hatem Ben Arfa, who has […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  33. Free for Chubbies


    On a lighter note, please enjoy this Vintage ad for Lane Bryant’s kids’ (?) line.

    Shapely Prose

  34. Wird eigentlich in deutscher Sprache ueber Nasrallahs Rede gestern berichtet?

    Bisher konnte ich nichts finden. Dabei war sie so deutlich, dass mindestens ein gewisser Unterhaltungswert vorliegen […]

    Blick auf die Welt – von Beer Sheva aus

  35. Arsene On The Defensive, Flamini & Jens Can Solve The Problem

    International week normally affords some reflection and wish to see players return unscathed. That still stands of […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  36. BB: Naddel hat das Haus verlassen!

    Naddel hat das BigBrother Haus verlassen! Alleine, ohne Hassan!
    Hassan, der vorhin im Matchraum 1 musste, soll dort […]

    CW BlogMixer

  37. Penang school heads told not to invite State Govt leaders as VIPs

    School heads in Penang have been instructed or “advised” not to invite State Government leaders and elected […]

  38. Choosing a development ‘stack’ for Windows desktop applications

    [image]I have have heard plenty of people saying that desktop software is dead and that all future development will be […]

    Successful Software

  39. Park Mellat in Nowruz

    Tehran, Vali-e-Asr Street, 2008/3/23
    About Park Mellat
    Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/200sec, […]

    Tehran 24

  40. A vitória do povo

    A democracia voltou ao Corinthians.
    O próximo presidente do clube será eleito por votação direta de associados.
    Foi […]

    Blog do Paulinho

  41. The Parable of the Bathroom

    Time and time again I find myself having to explain why people shouldn’t take a gung-ho approach to locking, or, […]

    The Simple Part

  42. Jay Barker Maintains His High Winning Percentage

    Jay Barker is just like you and me.  When he wakes up in the morning he puts his pants on one leg […]

    Friends of the Program

  43. Mesmerizing…

    Here’s the backstory behind the hypnotist putting our producer Kelly into a trance and getting her to laugh at […]

    Alisyn in the Greenroom

  44. P – Rättvisans Riddare

    P har gått blivit någon sorts arbetsrättens riddare och tar gärna strid om en kund utsätter honom för […]


  45. Yes to Ben Arfa, no to Martins and Flamini still insists he’s staying

    Okay the Ben Arfa story, Wenger said,
    “He is a great player and Arsenal is a potential destination for any great […]

    Le Grove

  46. I Hate Mornings…

    yoo gotta wake up. iz tyme 4 walkies.
    Caption by: Z3R0OneOne7
    Picture by: loldog builder

    Loldogs ‘n’ Cute Puppy Pictures – I Has A Hotdog!

  47. Come on Down to South Park and Watch the Shows Online

    The web just got a whole lot funnier as the guys behind South Park have made every episode of their hit show available […]


  48. Emilio Navaira sufre grave accidente

    Emilio Navaira se encuentra en estado critico por las lesiones que
    presenta después del accidente del pasado domingo […]


  49. Lina: le applicazioni Linux in Windows e Mac OS X

    Linux è sempre stato considerato, dal grande pubblico, il sistema operativo degli esperti. Proprio per questo […]


  50. Obama Releases ’00-’06 Tax Returns, Calls on Clinton to Follow Suit

    Campaign posts seven-years’ worth of returns and schedules on their website.

    The Page

  51. Singer’s bus crash raises legal questions

    NEW YORK – Tejano music superstar and Grammy winner Emilio Navaira is clinging to life in a Houston hospital […]

    In Session:

  52. FBI mystery man identified

    [image]The Federal Bureau of Investigation has

    Securitas Operandi™

  53. Stacy Julian: Stepping Down from Simple Scrapbooks

    From the Simple Scrapbooks BLOG today (? … I guess…it’s not dated…) ++++++++++++++++ Oh the […]

    Scrapbook Obsession

  54. Microsoft looks to cash in on the iPhone


    Microsoft has a profitable business building software for the Mac; now it has an eye on the iPhone, too. […]

    FORTUNE: Big Tech

  55. Florent: “Don’t Cry for Me”

    An update on the imminent closing of beloved Meatpacking District institution Florent, which will soon lose […]

    High Line Blog

  56. Interview with Carl English

    [image] Carl English is a professional basketball player you may not have heard of. Coming from a small town in […]

    The On Deck Circle

  57. Tee Vee Notes

    1. Family Guy – just not funny. Hey! The Kool-Aid pitcher just showed up again for no reason! Yes, I know who the […]

    Liberal Fascism

  58. one of these soldiers is not like the others.

    Here’s a little quiz for you tactical equipment gear sluts out there.
    This is a shot of three U.S. Army soldiers […]

    the munchkin wrangler.

  59. This ground, is coming like a ghost ground..

    A, how shall I put this, ‘limited’ atmosphere at the City Ground isn’t particularly new […]

    Through the seasons before us..

  60. Dessert Parade

    I suppose I should have warned you. The fact that these cheesecake squares are coming a mere 24 hours after […]

    The Kitchen Sink

  61. It’s time to play: Write The Caption!

    Knock yourselves out.
    (photo courtesy Sports By Brooks)

    Get The Picture

  62. Daily Prospect Report 3/24/08

    As we transition back to our daily format, we’ll be moving away from the Prospect Stew’s each Sunday and […]

    Future Redbirds

  63. Vota Ránking Blogs Fútbol Marzo 2008



  64. Is the Sky Falling?

    [image]The Big Lead doesn’t want to go overboard on Duke’s demise, which makes us happy. As a loyal fan, […]

    Big Duke Balls

  65. Ce gândeşte un fost fumător

    Joi se fac 3 săptămâni de când am stins ultima ţigară din viaţa mea. Am lăsat în urmă 15 ani de fumat (cu […]

  66. Study Session: The Dribble-Drive Motion Offense

    First, some required reading: Grant Wahl’s February SI piece on the dribble-drive motion (DDM) offense. […]

    Spartans Weblog

  67. We need a bigger Haka

    I left Harrisburg at 4:00pm. Got a parking ticket. [image] The office was humming along. All the way home in the car I […]

    The Confluence

  68. Setting up Spring Dynamic Modules (OSGi) with Eclipse – A step-by-step tutorial

    I spend some time playing with Spring Dynamic Modules (Spring-DM) and Eclipse (resp. its underlying OSGi platform […]

    brain driven development

  69. Khairy Jamaluddin bersuara akhirnya…..

    Khairy yang lama membisu setelah menjadi punca BN hilang 2/3 majoriti di parlimen akhirnya bersuara. Beliau yang telah […]

    Amin Iskandar @ Black

  70. Deal in the works part 2

    By: J. Speer 
    Lion fans. Believe what you want but Roy Williams will not be a Lion much longer. As I reported […]

    Detroit Lions blog… News, Rumors & transactions

  71. Hannah Montana


    GraphJam: Pop culture for people in cubicles.

  72. Conversations: Ishak

    Ishak has been my family driver since I was…erm…well, since I could remember. He is in his mid-60s.
    On a […]

    Jed Yoong

  73. Amici: dramma pasquale in tre atti

    Marco Carta Diva fa un apprezzamento pesante sul fondoschiena di Marta la Cornacchia, la quale dà letteralmente di […]

    chissenefrega… who cares?

  74. New BBook FREEBIE Set!

    Hi all,
    Betcha have been wondering where I’ve been huh? lol! Well, I’ve been busy [image] BUT today I DO […]

    My Day to Day Life

  75. O μύθος της 25ης Μαρτίου

    [image][image]Μωάμεθ ο Πορθητής, έδωσε τεράστιες εξουσίες και προνόμια […]

    Ροΐδη Εμμονές

  76. Mais Uma Pérola, Como De Costume

    Violência nas escolas é um problema que vem de fora, diz secretário de Estado
    Valter Lemos sustentou a […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  77. The Most Frightening Words

    by Mike Ratliff
    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the […]

    Possessing the Treasure

  78. Ray Davies has hopes for Kinks reunion

    A Kinks reunion? Ray Davies says it could still happen.

    The original Kinks get together in 2005 at the UK […]

    The Marquee Blog

  79. The Rinku Sachdeva I knew

    How does one grieve over the shocking death of Rinku Sachdeva a 28 year old who you knew as a teenager, whose […]


  80. Orgazm poprzez słowa?

    [image] Potrafią zmieniać świat. To, co i jak mówimy jest niezwykle ważne w naszym codziennym życiu. Są […]

    Blog Lafiryndy

  81. Linden Lab: YOU MAY NOT SAY OUR NAME!

    …without a trademark symbol! [image]
    Missing a “TM” and “R”.
    Get this – they’ve […]

    Shopping Cart Disco

  82. Where is the Deaf Voice in Politics?



  83. Poetic Justice

    A week or two ago, NPR did a story about medical bloggers.
    Part of the story involved an interview with Dr. Deborah […]

    WhiteCoat Rants

  84. Okunskap eller pengar under bordet?

    Jag kan inte undgå att fråga – är dagens IT-journalister vid Aftonbladet och Dagens Nyheter är köpta av Microsoft, […]


  85. Drop Jeppe Kofod-hetzen – læs her om en anden S-skandale

    Kofod ser godt ud, er begavet, og den 15-årige pige har intet at skamme sig over. Men det gør hun måske alligevel […]

    Borgerlig bums

  86. Photo Porno Model Aline Tumbuan kembali beredar lewat sebuah Koran di Jakarta lebih panas….ho…

    Kali ini sebuah photo porno kembali beredar lewat media massa yaitu sebuah Koran di Jakarta, dengan dimuatnyanya sebuah […]

    Melayu Bertuah…!

  87. Don’t Like the Price? Just Haggle

    A New York Times article from earlier this week kind of freaks us out. Apparently you can go into a big-box store like […]

    Counter Culture

  88. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Top 5 Lies to Voters on the Campaign Trail

    “Obama’s best hope is that Democratic voters aren’t as dumb as Hillary and Bill Clinton think they […]

    Think On These Things

  89. I’ll pass on the Peaches thanks…

    The other day I came across an article that actually made me smile. This is not something that happens often thanks to […]

    Fat Lot Of Good

  90. Rome, Part I

    Let’s get the unplesantries out of the way first shall we? One major annoyance happened on this trip, and one […]

    blood sugar

  91. Bebek Sportz dibanderol Rp. 17-an jeti,… oaaalaagh leee… pasar bakalan merespon negatif…!!!

    [image]Well… kabar tersiar bahwa Honda Bebek Sportz yang baru bakalan dibanderol Rp. 17-an jeti…!!! […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  92. Pick My Party Dress…Again!

    Last time I did this you guys really helped me out. So I’m enlisting you again. I have a wedding to go to next […]

    These Little Moments

  93. Kemelut MB Terengganu (5) – BN Bakal Kehilangan Satu Lagi Negeri

    Jika sekiranya berlaku pembentukan kerajaan campuran ADUN bebas dan ADUN PAS di Terengganu nanti, maka BN akan […]

    Ibrahimbaba’s Weblog

  94. McCain claims Dems are in denial about Iraq

    Chula Vista, CA– Sen. John McCain slammed his Democratic rivals Monday for their continued calls for withdrawal […]

    FOX Embeds

  95. Are We Entering the Post-Reader Era?

    We’re certainly fans of RSS (and Atom) feeds here at WWD; our own full content goes out, we’ve reviewed […]

    Web Worker Daily

  96. Dancing With the Stars

    Steve Guttenberg – i didn’t think he id as poorly as the judges did – it did look like he was off a lot though – […]

    Dianthe’s Blog

  97. Why the GPS Party Is About to End

    [image]SiRF Technology (SIRF), a San Jose, Calif.-based maker of GPS chips, this morning said it was cutting jobs and […]


  98. HipHopDX Presents: Independent As F*ck 2 (Mixtape)

    Last year, Shake and HipHopDX put together a mixtape full of music from all the artists that would be attending […]


  99. .45 ACP or 4.6 Crown Vic PI

    Kind of counter-intuitive to the male morons, but sometimes the best tool for the job isn’t carried in your […]

    Innocent Bystanders

  100. How to make a spiral xaml asset with Design

    This is going to be a simple post BUT I thought I’d share it because I have been racking my brain for […]

    Online Advertising, Web Development & General Rantings

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