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February 18, 2008: Top Posts

  1. Obama jabs Clinton left and right at Wisconsin Dems Dinner

    CNN Political Ticker

  2. Pop Quiz: Which celeb is exchanging money at the airport?

    Despite the fact that no celebrity in her right mind would exchange money at the airport teller, accompanied by […]

    POPSEOUL! what’s poppin in Korean entertainment and style

  3. Rien que pour vous…

    Je vous laisse savourer cette magnifique photo où Ben (yam n°10) sort devant tout le monde […]

    Benjamin Schots

  4. Obama – “Just words?”

    The latest attack on Barack Obama from his main rival, Hillary Clinton, is that he is all talk – and talk doesn’t […]

    FOX Embeds

  5. Humiliated and Exposed – Arsene clearly does not know.

    The teams were announced and I wasn’t that surprised to see the Mancs missing Ronaldo and Tevez. The team Arsene put […]

    Le Grove

  6. “The Coronation of Emperor Obama Is Premature”

    Hillary Clinton backers — who think her husband “has screwed this thing up for her big-time” […]

    The Page

  7. El, por ahora, nuevo wallpaper de Hardy

    Aunque aún queda un tiempo hasta que se tomen las decisiones finales en cuanto a la apariencia de Hardy y sabiendo que […]

    Entre tuxes y pepinos

  8. Halp! Halp!

    oh, hey, 34 centz….
    aktually, is teh way to narnia!
    picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol […]

    Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  9. Vincy rejects Edison’s marriage proposal; Gillian is married?

    We know that Edison’s not coming back to Hong Kong today and word is that the initial news saying he was […]

    Coolsmurf Domain

  10. #69 Mos Def

    [image]In the olden days of white culture, people used to look up to Kings and Princes. These were the people that they […]

    Stuff White People Like

  11. February 16, 2008:


    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

  12. Apple-Sony merger will kill both

    A Bloomberg columnist wonders:
    It really makes you wonder why Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs doesn’t […]

    Sharing the truth one thread at a time

  13. Come ridurre la potenza del segnale WiFi

    Nel vostro router è impossibile diminuire la potenza della vostra portata wireless oppure non siete in grado […]

    Note su LINUX

  14. We Got What We Deserved – A Good Hiding

    Manchester United 4 – 0 Arsenal
    1 – 0 Rooney (16)
    2 – 0 Fletcher (20)
    3 – 0 Nani (38)
    4 – 0 Fletcher […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  15. Smoking, driving and a pair of stockings

    Guest: Ms &&&^^^: 002719967AOwner: (BAAZ) Barbara ZahradnickyCabin: 8350Booking#: 4P43V1
    Added-Changed: 02/15/08 – […]

    John Heald’s Blog

  16. 02.16.08 성신여대직찍이에요 Performance

    02.16.08 성신여대직찍이에요 Performance
    Another performance un-aired. how sad.
    but awsome HQ pics […]

    BIG BANG Fansite


    (Ben Heine © Cartoons)
    [image]When my son Peter (


  18. Jessica Alba et Cash Warren en train de butiner à Los Angeles


    Les Amateurs de Stars

  19. opensuse livecd

    this post is really just an excuse to see whether clee’s fixed the title thing. [image] anyways, I tried out the […]


  20. Were Eboue Not Sent Off, Arsenal Would Have Thrashed United…

    Now that I’ve gone and got your attention with a malicious over-exaggeration of a bad lie, it’s time to […]


  21. [How to] Abordar a una desconocida en un local.

    Bien, permitidme dejar de hablar de mi vida, que seguro no interesa a nadie y hablemos de cosas realmente útiles.
    La […]

    Arte, mujeres y amigos

  22. Ice between Canada and SW Greenland: highest level in 15 years.

    As yet another indicator of the impact January 2008 has had on the Northern Hemisphere, we find this story from […]

    Watts Up With That?

  23. Why I Oppose Barack Obama

    At the rate things are going in this election year, I believe there are two eventual nominees: Barack Obama for the […]

    Braden’s Take on the Matter

  24. Obsolete skills

    Francine Hardaway is here and we’re talking about obsolete skills. Things we used to know that no longer are very […]

    Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

  25. سوتی بزرگ سایت خبرگزاری تابناک

    به نظر شما این مبلغ چقدر است؟به نخبگانی که تلاش کردند و این رق […]

    بید مجنون

  26. Never Give It Up Deafread! (Disappoint)

    [YouTube] people, dont give it up deafread, Very Disappoint!

    Founder Cobra’s Virginia Deaf Bikers


    OPEN THREAD!!!  Guess whose eyes????? This should be an easy guess…..if you can’t guess, roll your […]


  28. In Full Loanees News- Including Vela Match Report

    Stay turned to Young Guns all season for the best in depth coverage of the players on loan, including scouting […]

    [» Young Guns ! «]

  29. le cyclone Ivan a touché terre sur la côte Est de Madagascar

    A 12h locales (GMT+4), le cyclone tropical intense Ivan a touché terre sur les côtes orientales de Madagascar ce […]

    Planète Vivante

  30. Ο Μάκης δεν είναι εδώ

    UPDATE #3
    Ο τίτλος του ποστ άλλαξε γιατί το σύστημα μπούκωσε. Για τα υ […]

    re: everything and anything

  31. Mail day…

    I had a couple requests for a picture of how much mail I’ve received so far so here it […]

    The Phil Hughes Weblog

  32. Jeg er kul og amerikanere er rare.

    Beklager overskriften, men Sonja har nettopp gitt meg en ego-overdose, og samtidig minnet meg på at det jammen er på […]


  33. Player Profile: Luke Freeman

    Picture from: Kent Online
    After weeks of speculation, Arsenal finally clinched the signing of fifteen year old […]

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Reserves and Youth blog

  34. NBA Dunk Contest 2008 (Video)

    [image]“Take off the jersey, loosen up the tie/ Step onto the court, Superman is alive!”
    So I’m out […]


  35. Ieri e oggi in TV – 17 febbraio 2008

    [image]Ecco i dati di ascolto dei programmi di prima serata di ieri sabato 16 febbraio 2008, e a seguire le proposte di […] Blog

  36. Sunday Bookchat

    In addition to coining the brilliant term “E.Coli Conservatism” (discussed in the video clip […]

    The Opinion Mill

  37. Utbildningens förfall

    Ibland undrar jag om det är fel i huvudet på folk i största allmänhet, eller om det helt enkelt inte finns en enda […]

    Basic personligt

  38. Tak šťastnou cestu…

    Včera jsem si přečetl jeden velmi trefný vtip. Kosovský Albánec sedí doma, přijde manželka a říká: […]

    Talk-Resist Weblog

  39. A question

    Let me tell you something about a little activity I like to call Getting Out The Door.
    It ain’t easy.
    If you are […]

    One Thing

  40. Tipsa mig gärna om fler exempel på genusvinkling!

    Idag skriver jag på SvD Brännpunkt om hur media vinklar nyheter så att kvinnor verkar mera drabbade än de är. Jag […]

    Pär Ströms blogg

  41. عکس این هفته نشنال جئوگرافی ( بچه میمون قرمز )

    [image] [ 13 فوریه 2008 ] پادشاهی بریتانیا ، لندن ؛ به گزارش نشنال […]

    پسر آریایی

  42. Ukraina och Kosovo i Bryssel

    Strax går regeringsplanet från Bromma i riktning först Göteborg för att hämta Cecilia Malmström och sedan […]

    Alla Dessa Dagar

  43. Fong quits Batu Gajah

    This is the most damaging news for DAP. At a time when DAP is looked upon as a saviour to all disgruntled voters of […]

    Aarvidi’s Weblog

  44. Lesa Buchanan murder 7/04/05 Franklin, TN *Boyfriend Chris Koulis convicted of criminally negligent homicide, recieved […]

    [image] [image]

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

  45. La brasileña Roberta Murgo es Samus Aran

    Seguramente nuestros lectores ya han visto en el blog esta imágen donde aparece una chava que inspió el […]

    Pixel o’ Rama

  46. Roarke’s Prospect List

    Ask and ye shall receive…
    Before we get to the meat of this post, let me explain a little about my methodology. […]

    Future Redbirds

  47. Apple to iPhone developer: No soup for you!

    [image]Apple’s (AAPL) relations with third-party developers have never been easy, and the little psychodrama that […]

    FORTUNE: Apple 2.0

  48. Zmiany na EIOBA w lutym

    W tym miesiącu prezentujemy poważne zmiany w serwisie. Część z nich została wprowadzona za Waszą namową.
    Oto […]

    EIOBA Blog

  49. ソフトだけでマルチタッチ・ジェ […]


    [MacBook Air trackpad]

    MacBook Air […]


  50. Top 6 apps you should install after installing Ubuntu Linux

    My top 6 favourite applications to be installed on Ubuntu Linux would be as follows:
    It’s a […]


  51. It’s alive! [Statusbar clock release]

    [image] Hello everyone.

    Today I want to proudly present you the first application, that was inspired by […]

    Maemo UI improvements blog.

  52. Mofándose de Miguel Ángel Silvestre

    Hoy publica El País una entrevista a Miguel Ángel Silvestre (el buenorro de Sin tetas no hay paraíso), […]

    La tele que me parió

  53. McCain grilled on Clinton remark

    (CNN) — Appearing Sunday on a political talk show, Sen. John McCain
    sought to qualify his remark from 2005 that […]

    The CNN Wire

  54. A Gluten-Free Chocolate Sheet Cake

    [image]This was inspired by the Pioneer Woman Cooks site, you can see how Ree does it from here.  This cake turned […]

    A Gluten-Free Day

  55. The Album Title

    I am having the worst nightmare trying to name my new album. I have suggested so many titles and each time I ask […]

    Madonna Blog

  56. B/Vlog: Carl, CCB & Culture Shock

    Just as I was ready to log off and get in my warm cozy bed, I had to check out a few things on – and I was […]

    Tactile The World

  57. 2 weeks

    posted by Trent Reznor at 10:08 pm, from los angeles
    comments @

    Nine Inch Nails – Blog Archive

  58. Liberalism’s Impotency in Dealing with Guilt

    Watch this brief clip from a recent episode of ER called “Atonement.” The clip features a man dying of […]

    Kingdom People

  59. Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: “More Coming …” Toyfair 2008

    Well, the show doesn’t officially open until tomorrow.
    Here’s an interesting quote, […]


  60. The 10 best SEC games of 2007: #10

    October 27, 2007: Tennessee 27, South Carolina 24 (OT)

    4th and 10 at USC 26
    Tennessee penalty 5 yard false start […]

    Get The Picture

  61. kvinnor som curlar

    En artikel i aftonbladet  belyser kvinnor som curlar sin man/familj. Handlar om en kvinna som fått nog !
    Jag har […]

    Blottad Bitch

  62. Green Cordelia

    She is a Wissenschaft Agent from Gabriel . the best sniper of the world
    [image] [image]

    Anima Tactics-Unofficial blog

  63. Pocher & Schmidt: “The Next Uri Geller”-Verarsche TEIL 2

    Wieder was zum Lachen! [image] [image] Die 2. Verarschung von “The Next Uri Geller”, die natürlich aus der […]

    * Urigellertricks – Next Uri Geller Tricks entlarvt *

  64. Isn’t It Ironic?

    This post ought to make the Happy Hospitalist’s skin crawl.
    I was waiting in line at a drive up window to pick up […]

    WhiteCoat Rants

  65. Inte bara jag

    Jag är tydligen inte ensam om att ha lämnat IOGT-NTO. Enligt både Dagen och DN rör det sig om ca 1.200 medlemmar […]


  66. Fenced In Fail

    Thanks to Adam for:

    The FAIL Blog

  67. Gioco della settimana: Tower Bloxx

    Il gioco di questa domenica si chiama “Tower Bloxx” ed è davvero divertente.
    Lo scopo è quello di […]


  68. “Obay..from the makers of WhyBecauseISaidSo”

    Keep your eyes pealed in the next couple of weeks for some very interesting, and otherwise unorthodox advertising. If […]

    Great Dane’s Blog



    Jogos Para Celular

  70. Et mørkt barn blev gjort fortræd

    Jeg vil starte med at sige, at jeg synes at det er dybt bekymrende at helt unge  nydanskere ned til 13 år, reagerer […]

    Helen Latifis small talk

  71. No More Tasting: It’s a Bad Year To Be a Registrar

    The companies that handle domain registrations have built businesses around hosting, domain speculation and wholesale […]


  72. Pennsylvania: Check Your Political Sanity At The Border

    [image]Pennsylvania: Check Your Political Sanity at the Border
    Satire by Shawn Goodwin
    It has been an interesting week […]

    PA Pundits

  73. A Shining Example of Bi Bi Education in Action

    Okay, as many of you already know, my 7-year-old daughter attends Indiana School for the Deaf and her 1st grade class […]

    Indiana Deaf Mother’s Babblings

  74. Win a $50 Notecard/Notepad Set from The Queen Bee Paper Company

    The Queen Bee Paper Company offers an array of personalized stationery, notepads, invitations, and […]

    Mama Loves Giveaways

  75. Julia’s birthday!

    Our Valentine’s Present.
    Thursday February 14, 2008
    19″ long
    7 pounds 11 ounces
    Apgars of 9 […]

    Rabbat Photography

  76. * نه نماز شبگير كن، نه آب توي شير كن / ضرب المثل هاي فراموش شده […]

    حرف ‏ف:
    * فرق است ميان‌ آنكه يارش در بر/ با آنكه دو چشم انتظارش بر د […]

    در دامان دامون

  77. Laskeutunut UFO

    Yksi parhaiten dokumentoituja tapauksia.
    Helikopteri, vai UFO?

  78. bitter.sweet.alive

    “Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.”- […]

    slow like honey

  79. عکس کمیاب ثریا، همسر محمد رضا پهلوی در سنین پیری


    پی سی وب p30web

  80. Entertainer, il Media Center del futuro

    “L’obiettivo del progetto è quello di creare il miglior media center disponibile per tutte le […]


  81. Jeyamohan vs Anandha Vikadan – Backgrounder, Tamil Blogs, MGR, Sivaji et al

    எல்லாப் புகழும் ஜெயமோகனுக்கே – புள்ளிவிவரப் […]

    Snap Judgment

  82. One Tree Hill Season 5 Episode 8 Preview

    Deux extrait en VOSTFR  de l’épisode 8 de la saison 5 de One Tree Hill

    Friends 4ever

  83. In Which The Cultural and Aural Wisdom of Kanye West Takes Us Over

    The iTunes Playlist: Kanye West
    If you have not read it, Kanye’s blog is one of the great things […]

    This Recording

  84. yes, i has a mutton

    ..plz respect our alternitif lifestile
    caption by: Rancourt
    photo from: loldog builder

    Loldogs ‘n’ Cute Puppy Pictures – I Has A Hotdog!

  85. Sovereign Kosovo raises questions for Hungarian minority

    Hungarian Abstract/Magyar kivonat: A nyugati média meglehetősen sokat foglalkozott Koszovóval, az albánok által […]

    Kanadai Magyar Hírlap

  86. Cyclone Ivan

    Each year, Madagascar gets “attacked” by a few cyclones. We were lucky during 2006 and 2007. Although there […]

    Jandré in Madagascar

  87. O Grande Intolerante

    Os relatos que chegam da reunião na sede do PS entre o PM, a equipa toda do ME, e mais de uma centena de professores […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo


    Well, the simple answer is that he could be a primary candidate for Vice-President, like he was in the John Kerry […]

    22rants’s Weblog

  89. UNC 92 Virginia Tech 53

    Payback sucks doesn’t it Hokies?

    Tar Heel Fan

  90. Q&A with Nokia N78 & N96 Product Managers

    In Barcelona we had the opportunity to talk with the Product Managers of the N78 and N96. Frank over at WOM […]

    Symbian World

  91. En nation av mesar

    En grekisk sportjournalist frågade en gång en grekisk volleybollspelare
    – Du har skämt ut den grekiska nationen. Vad […]

    Alla dessa åsikter

  92. Si sos virgen, desvirgate vos misma. חינוכי

    Obviamente, si no sos virgen no tiene sentido que leas este post.
    La mejor manera de desvirgarte es haciéndotelo vos […]

    Coscorrones sexología empírica סנוקרת בראש

  93. FINAL: Auburn 90, Ole Miss 78

    Ugliest it’s been here in a long time, certainly ugliest under Kennedy. Read it in Sunday’s Daily […]

    Parrish Alford on Ole Miss Sports

  94. Effetti 3D per Openoffice, ma solo su GNU/Linux

    Su Ninja ecco spuntare un video interessante che riguarda Impress, l’applicazione della suite […]

    Ispirazioni informatiche

  95. Θύμα ξυλοδαρμού Ελληνίδα Δασκάλα στον Έβρο

    [image]• Κόρη του προέδρου του Αρείου Πάγου, που η παρουσία της […]


  96. Norman Faria (Guyana’s Honorary Consul) Responds To Indo-Guyanese Debate

    [image]At the risk of being subjected to the abuse of being called racist we have decided to continue with our analysis […]

  97. Porno na Hradě

    Česky vylepšená demokratická volba: Urob si sám!
    Stejně mi to nedá, abych se […]

    Vladimír Ondys – Z konce světa

  98. A Deaf kid who adopted a big sister!!!

    Video part one
    Video part two
    Here are the 3 pictures of me and Maria… 

    Rita’s expressive vlog

  99. Dwight ‘Superman’ Howard gano el concurso de mates del All-Star

    IMPRESIONANTE lo que anoche sucedió en el concurso de mates. Un center lo ha ganado con todo merecimiento. Aqui teneis […]


  100. Men jag är i alla fall allra mest kränkt

    Obligatorisk läsning i dagens DN är Maciej Zarembas artikel om påstådda kränkningar på Lärarhögskolan. Zaremba […]

    Mårten Schultz.

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